Ahmad Brooks in-game quotes

SAN FRANCISCO – Here are in-game quotes from Ahmad Brooks, courtesy of the 49ers

Talk about what you saw in that first play there picking off  Houston Texans QB Matt Schaub:

“I just really reacted to the play. I got to the play kind of early and I saw that he dropped back kind of far and I recognized that the offensive line, they were starting to go down the field. Recognized that it was a screen and I just saw him throw the ball and I caught it.”

What are some unique difficulties that Texans offense presents for the defense?

I mean they have good receivers, the offensive line is decent. Got a good quarterback. I went to school with Matt Schaub, so I’m very familiar with his game play and they just, I think as a unit, they execute very well, and that’s one of their strengths.”


How would you say the defense has played overall right now?

“We got a lot of work to do. We were out there on the field a little too long the first two series. I believe the first series we were out there maybe eight to ten plays, and the second series might be the same. We just want to get off the field as early as possible, not really give up so many third down situations. Just get off the field, three and outs, get off the field.”


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