Ahmad Brooks says he’s in the best shape of his NFL career

SANTA CLARA – Starting outside linebacker Ahmad Brooks spoke in the media tent on Wednesday and discussed what he did this offseason, the level of his current conditioning and the progress of the young outside linebacker, Aldon Smith. Here’s a transcript.

Q: What went into your offseason?

BROOKS: I really wanted to stay out here and stay close to the guys. Coming off a good season last year, I thought it was imperative to stay in good shape and not get out of shape in the offseason. Usually when I go home I start hanging out and eating good cooking from my mother. I just wanted to stay out here and work out with Justin (Smith), Ray (McDonald) and Tavares Gooden.

Q: We’ve heard multiple times that you’re in the best shape of your life. Do you feel that way?

BROOKS: Best shape of my NFL career? Yeah. I think I’m about 16 percent body fat, about 270 (pounds). My bench press definitely went up, my squat went up. I haven’t squatted in two or three years. I feel a lot more in shape on the field play-to-play running to the ball. I’m feeling a little bit more swift out there.

Q: What was your body fat last year?

BROOKS: Probably about 20 percent.

Q: And you weighed more than 270 pounds?

BROOKS: No, I was about 265 pounds.

Q: How do you see Aldon Smith progressing as a starting outside linebacker.

BROOKS: He’s a beast out there. He’s out there working hard and having fun with it. He’s definitely going to make the defense excel and make other guys better.

Q: What specifically have you been able to help him out with the transition to outside linebacker?

BROOKS: The biggest thing is for him to know where he’s going. When’s he dropping back, (he needs) to know what zone he has to play. I think that’s all he needs. He doesn’t need too many bugs in ear – just let him go out and play the game.

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