Aldon Smith: “I think we can all look into our lives and find something that we need to work on.”

SANTA CLARA — Aldon Smith spoke at his locker Tuesday afternoon. Here is a transcript.

Q: What has all of this been like for you?

ALDON SMITH: It’s been a process since I left and being back now.

Q: Do you feel healthy in mind and body and everything?

ALDON SMITH: I’m getting there. Every day is a step closer to getting where I want to be.

Q: Did you get the sense from the organization that they cared about you as a human being and not just as a football player?

ALDON SMITH: Yeah, I’ve gotten a lot of support from my family, friends, the organization, teammates and everything. It really says a lot that people care about me outside the field and they care about me as a person.

Q: Did you feel that there was something in your personal life you needed to get in control?

ALDON SMITH: I think we can all look into our lives and find something that we need to work on. I’ve taken my time and I’ve done that. If anything it’s just one day at a time and just working toward that goal.

Q: When you say you’re getting to where you want to be, where do you want to be?

ALDON SMITH: To maximize my potential. I’ve got a lot of things I can do and a lot of goals I want to reach. Just taking those steps to get where I want to be is the goal of mine.

Q: What facility did you go to and how long were you there?

ALDON SMITH: I was out of state. I was there for I want to say, I got back on the 28th so I was gone for a while but I’m back now.

Q: You do not want to disclose where you were?


Q: Did it take a while for you to accept being away from the team?

ALDON SMITH: I mean of course I don’t want to be away from where I live. But it was good for me to get away and get my mind together and work to get to the positives that I need to be at.

Q: Did you watch any of the games the 49ers played without you?

ALDON SMITH: I caught some of the game, some that were broadcast over there. I was able to keep up with the guys and chime in here and there and wish them good luck.

Q: Could you workout?

ALDON SMITH: I was actually able to get a real good workout in a couple times a week. We’ll see how it works out.

Q: You might be able to play Sunday?

ALDON SMITH: It’s crossing my mind. I’m taking it one day at a time, getting back here, being around the guys, just getting my life back at home. I’ve got a 10-month-old son so I’m doing the father thing. I’m just trying to make sure I’m all ready to go.

Q: We’ve heard you say this before that you’ve grown up and you’ve fixed things. Was having football taken away from you for five weeks what it took?

ALDON SMITH: I’ve said I’ve grown a lot and I’ve been growing. I came in the league on the young side of things. I’ve taken every free chance I’ve gotten to get better and grow. I think everybody should take time just to grow and get to where they want to be.

Q: How did make the decision to go away?

ALDON SMITH: It was a combination of what was best for me and once again, where I wanted to get at and bettering myself as a person. That’s what seemed like that best thing to do at the time.

Q: Was it difficult?

ALDON SMITH: Like I said, being away from football and being away from my teammates, the guys who are here in this locker room, that’s difficult but it worked out and I was able to get away and clear my head.

Q: This team took some criticism for letting you play in that game against the Colts. Was playing in that important to you?

ALDON SMITH: As far as that, I don’t call those shots. Any time I’m able to play, I’m going to play.

Q:  We know you have some court appearances coming up. Will that affect your practice schedule?

ALDON SMITH: I should be here. If I’m able to put on the cleats and snap the helmet up, I’m here.

Q: How have you felt the past couple of days in practice?

ALDON SMITH: I felt good.

Q: Have you talked with the Commissioner?

ALDON SMITH: Not directly.

Q: Did you have to commit to anything?

ALDON SMITH: An agreement.

Q: Such as?

ALDON SMITH: Making sure this doesn’t happen again.

  1. “What facility did you go to and how long were you there?”

    “You do not want to disclose where you were?”

    It’s absolutely no one’s business what facility he went to, and where it was located. Stupid questions.

    1. Exactly I really hope he is right now I don’t know his answers really didn’t satisfy me. I know we don’t deserve anything from him and we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors but he just didn’t seem really apologetic.

      1. I think that it is impossible for him to satisfy whatever you are craving. He doesn’t need to apologize to anyone but the person whose front lawn he destroyed, despite clAiming that you understand that you aren’t owed anything you seem to be judging for some reason…

    2. I think he went home to St Louis, MO….It could explain the visit Harbaugh had from Aldon’s Mama when they played the Titans.

  2. I think the crown jewel of stupid questions at an interview had to be when someone asked Doug Williams how long he’d been a black quarterback….

    1. I never really understood how that Presser continued after that moment. It seems like everybody should’ve just raised their eyebrows and then gone to get a drink and some Dim Sum. That was Super Bowl Media Day as I recall.

    2. I remember that as one of the all time great stupid questions right up there with grants kid asking rathman is he had heart lol !

  3. With the performance of Skuta in the base defense while he was out I can see them using him in a role similar to his rookie year for a couple weeks.

  4. Some of these questions sound so weird… as if they were meant to be recited by William Shatner (accompanied by jazz bongos)

    “When you say you’re getting to where you want to be, where do you want to be?”
    “What facility did you go to and how long were you there?” (or… “whats the frequency Kenneth?”)
    “You do not want to disclose where you were?”
    “Do you feel healthy in mind and body and everything?”
    “Did you feel that there was something in your personal life you needed to get in control?”

    1. Agreed. The person asking the questions could have gained a lot more by coming across as more compassionate instead of the beating a dead horse approach.
      It’s times like this when you could truly build a relationship with a player and become a trusted.

      I would have said,
      “Aldon, I got the feeling from the fan base that as much as you were missed on the field, that they truly cared about your well being off the field”.
      Followed up with, “Aldon how exciting is it knowing that Michael Crabtree is close to coming back to help the offense?” Questions that will get a player to let his guard down…..

  5. Don’t forget guys, this was Aldon at his locker, perhaps fractionally not as prepared for questions as at a true Presser. He’s a young guy trying to figure stuff out. He’ll be facing the legal ‘music’ soon enough. In the meantime let’s judge him by his actions. Did he f*^#-up? Oh yeah.
    If my brother got popped for DWI, would I shun him, or check in on him?
    Would I talk to Sean Hannity about it? Nuh-uh. My family is Anglo, but we could go all Sicillian with The Press as needed! LOL! Yours too? Hahaha.

  6. Possible ways for the Niners to express their support
    for Aldon. Let’s get specific, okay?
    1. Everyone agree to weekly random drug tests
    (to include an alcohol swab or puff-a-lizer).
    2. All commit to having zero contact with known
    drug abusers or alcoholics.
    3. Universal attendance at a three-hour conference
    regarding prescription medication abuse (this week).
    4. Everyone begin to have a once weekly conversation
    with a person who is qualified to serve as a “sponsor.”

    One of the results of such tangible moves is this:
    at least one other member of the organization may
    “come out” (perhaps just to the team, not the public)
    and admit to having a drug or alcohol problem.
    In addition, Aldon’s chances of success go up by about
    3,000 percent…………. or more.

    1. 1. No other team does that so why should my team?
      2. Dumb statement. PERIOD.
      3. Why?
      4. Again, why?

      And finally this: your post loses all credibility with your new invention the puff-a-lizer. No, scratch that. Your posts never have had any shred of credibility to them.

    2. AS,
      when your parents chose your particular sperm sample at the bank, it’s unfortunate that they didn’t have some futuristic form of idiot testing. It could have saved the world from having to deal with the likes of you. It’s a shame that there are folks like you that wander the world unmedicated…

      1. Houston,
        my buddy takes all of his almost empty bottles in his bar, mixes them together and calls it ass juice. He brings it when he and his college buddies go bird hunting.
        I have a feeling the fertilization bank in question did the same thing with their half empty vials. The result was Alex Smith ( still undefeated ). At least this douche will have to change his name now.

        See the Chiefs will lose two out of the next three for sure. I’ll make a self imposed bet on it. Should the Chiefs win two of three or three of three, I will leave the blog for a week. That is how sure I am that the Chiefs are pretenders. Then once that happens, Alex Smith ( on this blog ) can change his name. Here are a few options.
        Alex Smith ( still don’t have a FAT HEAD )
        Alex Smith ( Clutch! Still doesn’t have a 1000 yd rec )
        Alex Smith ( Keeping da seat warm for my replacement )
        Alex Smith ( Uhhhh, I just love him that’s why )

    3. The Alex Smith bantor still goes on here….can’t believe it! He’s gone to Kansas City, having a good season there, and I say ‘good for you and the Chiefs, Alex’….
      One thing I’m a little perlexed about though, is how little the 9er offense has changed since Kaepernick took over at QB…the 9er’s have the 32nd ranked pass offense in the NFL…still runnin the ball, the defense is still dominating games and CK is doing what the coaches ask him to do….are things gonna change when Crabs and Manningham return?…I doubt it…Harbaugh will contnue to run the ball, and rely on the defense like he has…..the only difference I see is that CK posts a dual threat when the 9ers have the ball….other than that, its business as usual, smash mouth, and stop us at the point of attack….next season might be a different story…..

  7. I was hoping to do this last week, but my internet service failed yet again. Who could be looking for a new gig at the end of this season and why? Here are the coaches that I believe will be doing so:

    Jason Garrett
    Jerry Jones has a new ‘it’ boy and anything less than a Super Bowl title will result in a quick dismissal.

    Leslie Frazier
    The Vikings has taken a huge step back this season and have zero answers at the QB position despite the signing of Josh Freeman.

    Mike Smith
    There is no excuse for a team with the type of talent they have on offense to be this horrid. His job was safe as long as Matt Ryan and his supporting cast were winning. Now…

    Greg Schiano
    Why does this guy even still have his job? With him at the helm, the Bucs have managed to look like an even worse train wreck than the Jaguars.

    Mike Shanahan
    A quick turnaround by the Redskins could save his job, but as of right now, the move of keeping RG3 on the sidelines all preseason seems to have backfired on him BIG TIME.

    Jeff Fisher
    The team spent a lot of money and energy this past offseason at upgrading an anemic offense with the result being an even worse offensive output this season. The fact that they couldn’t win a game in which the Seahawks were trying their absolute best to lose is the cherry on top. The top of a cow pie that is.

    Joe Philbin
    Here is another example of a team that spent big money to upgrade their offense and have had little to show for it. The Martin-Incognito fiasco that happened under his watch does nothing to help his cause either.

    Mike Tomlin
    He just seems to be losing control of the Steelers more and more with each week that goes by.

    Dennis Allen
    He was doomed the moment the Raiders hired him. Add that he has to coach in the tight AFC West and the future looks bleak for this guy.

    Two names that are missing off this are Gary Kubiak and Tom Coughlin. I just don’t see the Texans letting go of a guy that just had a mini stroke on live TV (at least not this season) and Coughlin has control of his own destiny as the Giants HC.

    1. The only one on your list I agree with for sure is Schiano and at this point he is the only candidate with high certainty. Other possibilities for me include:

      Kubiak: Was a very high candidate for removal before his stroke. He might get one more chance. Although he probably shouldn’t.

      Rivera: He’s looking good now but if the 49ers destroy them and the team starts to tank he could lose his job.

      Tomlin: The Rooney’s have proven to be very loyal to their coaches but that team is in a death spiral right now and if it starts to show in the ticket sales expect the team to make a move.

      Schwartz: He’s in the Rivera boat. Looking good at the moment but if the team tanks the second half they’ll be looking for blood.

      Smith: I think he probably should be on the hot seat but I have a feeling that they will call this a mulligan year in Atlanta given the recent and consistent success before it. If they struggle again next year he’s gone for sure.

      Allen: If Pryor can show progress throughout the rest of the season I think McKenzie will keep Allen around for at least one more season. If the QB looks like he’s regressing the coach is a goner.

      I believe all of the other coaches on struggling teams are safe for at least one more season.

    2. You may be right about all but Jason Garrett….I don’t see that happening, since he bares an uncanny rexemblance to Jerry Jones, and I really can’t see Jerry Jones firing himself, or his alter-ego…

  8. question for MidWestNiner

    Please share your sobriety strategy with us, willya?
    We normally have an overabundance of opinions,
    slicing and dicing the pure football/sports agenda.
    Everybody has a theory (or two) about how to win.
    So tell us, if your son or daughter, or your wife,
    is trying to achieve long-term success in overcoming
    a drug or alcohol habit… please advise:
    which item on my list has no value in your mind?

    This much is for certain; practically all of us (me too)
    have at least one addict in the family. The question is
    what did we (you and me) specifically do to support
    their effort (before, during and after formal treatment)?

    P.S. Aldon got off easy. My cousin just finished his
    15-year prison term for a drug-related murder.

    1. None of it has value when it comes to a team. An individual yes, but a team no. And comparing a drug-related murder to what Smith has done is ridiculous to say the least.

    2. You need to quit while your behind Mr. Politically Correct – Holier Than Thou.

      What’s important & factual is Aldon has & IS doing everything (within Reason) he has to do to becoming a better person.

      And he certainly doesn’t need some one like you to pile on & start making demands. Who in the hell do you think you are anyways?

    3. One day at a time is the only thing that works. Aldon looked great at the presser. The questions only confirm why Harbaugh has so little respect for the press…

    4. Once again twisting reality and other people’s real life issues somehow into another of your deranged agendas. You’re one sick puppy. I’d imagine your cousin really appreciates you making his personal Hell a bullet point on a football blog to try to make some unintelligible point with people you don’t know who f——- dispise you. Family values, axeho? Karma; wait for it.

    5. Why do you guys even respond to this twit? Grant, if we take a vote and enough people participate, can we ban this tool? I’ll start it out.
      +1 for banning him.

      1. What if we took a poll to ban you Bay? How many people on here do you think would be happy to see you go along with your fantasy football perspective?

      2. If we could get a 2 for 1 and have him take his boyfriend 23, I’m all in for banning the 2 clowns who pollute this blog!

      3. Until he screams fire in a crowded theatre, I can not in good conscious vote to ban said tool. Freedom of stupidity clause…Although saying Fock the Cowboys will not be tolerated by Grant.

      4. FDM continues to post and none of it is football related.
        As for you primeslime tell us again why you post under two different names on the same thread? Could it be that its the one way you found to get someone to agree with you?

      5. What’s the purpose of posting to talk to you Bay, or should I say Raphael? All you want to do is talk about Alex Smith and trying to relate fantasy football to the NFL, sorry no thanks.

      6. It’s funny that the two people that voted are probably the two most likely to next get booted themselves.

      7. What’s even funnier is when people jump in and talk $hit when it’s none of their business.
        Did I do something to you this morning C of C? Or any other morning to be exact?

      8. No Baydouche you didn’t do anything wrong, you are just the biggest moron on here who tries to talk football but you have no clue. Hence everyone all over you everytime you open your mouth!

        +1 to ban Bay and his boyfriend!

      9. Relax man, nobody takes me serious around here. I was only poking you guys a bit no need to get worked up over it.

        I can’t type in blue text or put enough emoticons to let people know that 99% of the stuff I put on here is done with a wry smile.

      10. Is it really that difficult to ignore AS(su)? When the commenters collectively ignore him, his comments slow to a trickle. It’s only when other commenters give him the attention he craves that he posts with any regularity. Ignore him, and he will gradually disappear.

        Plus, I’m not a big fan of banning commenters just because you don’t agree with the content of their messages.

        By my count, that’s two votes to ban him, two votes to ban bay, and one to ban jordan. Depending upon how you read coffee’s message, it could be 2, 3 and 2.

        It’s a good day for fans of irony.

        p.s.: bay wins my vote for quickest-panties-in-a-bunch.

      11. If you have ever been banned from any blog, why would you harass Grant and continue to post knowing every post is going to be erased? Would an alleged Canadian real estate attorney that bills on the dirt cheap do sometbing like that? What alleged real estate attorney would antagonize anyone and preseveryone in an effort to defend alex smith? A discount rate real estate attorney still cant generate enough business to keep him off of an american football blog?

        Prime time is the Richie Incognito of the 49ers blog of the Press Democrat. He simply wont go away and cant be banned. His new nickname. ” The Canadian Cockroach.”

        Prime time, the Richie Incognito of the

      12. >>What’s even funnier is when people jump in and talk $hit when it’s none of their business.

        Gee bay, we must have missed the “private” designation on this thread.

      13. 23welcher I thought I recall you saying that if you ever addressed Prime Time again you would leave the blog? Hmmm, is this another attempt at being the biggest welcher/dishonorable jerk ever?

      14. ribico:

        Coffee clearly was confused. He thought the call for everyone to vote on banning AS(su) meant that Bay was soliciting everyone’s opinion on the subject. That view was, of course, silly. Bay was soliciting only the opinions of commenters who agree with him. Everyone else should have known it was none of their business. Nosy buttinskies.

      15. Big P,

        That is crazy, but Kwame Kilpatrick has set an unreachable bar for corrupt Mayors.

        Let’s end the banning talk. Nobody should be banned and it’s easy to just ignore the posts and not address them. The irony I see is that all of you are capable of talking football but seem to prefer the after school drama instead. I’ve got a buddy who complains non stop about how bitchy his wife is, yet he keeps going back for more and even instigates it. He likes it both because of the drama and the fact he can complain too others about it. I think that is what we have going on here in our little football fraternity.

    6. You have a lot of questions, unclear questions. Congrats to your cousin though for winning that fight dude,but hey, he got off lucky though instead of 15 years he could have gotten 6 feet right ?
      Rocket man, I think you are seeing something.

  9. Dwayne Bowe has been dropped in two of the Fantasy leagues I’m participating in. I cant recall in recent years seeing that or ever seeing him available this late in the season. I wonder what’s change that has made him less relevant as a fantasy player??

    1. Coffee,

      His starting QB does not throw the deep ball. He does not target Bowe in the red zone. He does not attempt to satisfy the highest paid player on his offense. Bowe is having the worst year of his career. He can say that his team is 9-0. He knows that he hasnt had much to do with it. I heard bowe is considering switching to cornerback. The get the ball thrown to them more than he does. Lol.

      1. 23 welcher you obviously don’t know the game either. Ask Dwayne Bowe if he would rather have a 1000 yards receiving right now or trade that for a chance at the playoffs?
        You guys don’t get it. These athletes play for the money and to win. He got his money, now he has a chance to compete in the playoffs and maybe win a Superbowl.
        Now does that resonate with you or are you all about fantasy numbers and stats too?

      2. FDM not all athletes play for the money and to win , there are those idiots out there who play for stats and ego case in point ex 9er T.O.

      3. FDM,
        now I see why you don’t talk football on this blog. Cause you don’t know anything about the subject.

        WR’s are the biggest prima donnas on the field. The want the ball and they want to get paid. The majority of the time, the only way a WR buys in to the “team” concept is later in their career if they haven’t won.

        Aside from that, quit being a know it all pretending to know how Bowe feels about his diminished numbers. You don’t know and neither do I. What I do know is this, Jordan is correct about Bowes numbers. Career lows. If he were in San fran, the Alexcuse group would be saying that Bowe has lost a step.
        I bet that Andy Reid didn’t envision his offense being dink and dunk. And while dink and dunk is getting it done, I bet you this, Reid is already scouring the draft boards for Smith’s replacement.

      4. Coach I am pretty confident in saying that 90% of all pro athletes play for money and to win. The individual stats they play for helps them get their money and winning always helps them get their money through bonuses and marketing deals.
        Do you really think numbers alone mean anything to these guys with a dollar $ bill beside it?

      5. Bay you say “I bet you this, Reid is already scouring the draft boards for Smith’s replacement.

        So I cannot say what Bowe is thinking but somehow you know what Reid is contemplating in next years draft?
        Do you ever think before you open your mouth and see if it makes sense or if you are being the most hypocritical jack a$$ this blog has ever seen?

      6. Personally I can understand why some may follow a player they like to another team, but the hatred and ill-will for his success borders on obsession.
        23 Jordan,
        Why can you let it go? You get on people on call them Smithers, and his team has a better record then the Niners regardless of who they played. They will come back to earth but right now it’s a great story, and somehow you like to assume you know what Dwayne Bowe is thinking.
        Bowe had a better numbers last year, and they lost, with Cassell fumbling or throwing picks. Right now Andy Reid has Smith on a leash, and the team is winning.
        That’s the stat that matters.
        Sure the Chiefs will lose some upcoming games, and they will also win a few.
        Let it go. Stop hating. Start loving CK and be done with it.

      7. FDM,
        Bowe still has almost $30 million in non guaranteed base salaries over the next four years. There is a reason why the Chiefs gave him a huge contract and there is a reason why his numbers have fallen off this year. Of course Bowe wants to win, but he also wants to be productive and earn his money. At least he got paid before Smith came to town and can’t be called a bust like Crabtree was a couple of years ago. “Ask Dwayne Bowe if he would rather have a 1000 yards receiving right now or trade that for a chance at the playoffs?” No, ask him why his numbers have dropped off. There is no reason why he should be less productive now that the team is better and has an offensive minded coach. There is no reason why he shouldn’t put up big numbers in Reid’s offense. Smith is a big part of their turnaround, but he is also a big part of their ceiling as a team.

      8. FDM,
        you are the king douche here. I said ” I bet “. Meaning it’s a guess. It’s what bloggers do.
        You on the other hand mr king tool said you are confident that 90% of athletes play for money and to win.
        See the difference.
        FDM, you at least used to talk football. Now it’s all piss and vinegar with you. You’re post would have more value if you were blind and typing on the keyboard. Angry bastard….

      9. In that case Bay, you have been guessing the entire time regarding anything football related because in reality, everything you say is out of left field.
        Stay down Rafael, you got nothing.

      10. Big P says “There is no reason why he shouldn’t put up big numbers in Reid’s offense”
        Its an offense that plays to the running game, field position and its elite defense. Why bomb away when it does not suite your personnel?
        You guys really need to get away from comparing real NFL football to fantasy numbers. Wake up, they are two different things and to argue fantasy stats with winning, which is all that matters in the “NFL”, well you are simply lost.

      11. Big P,
        great point. When Smith was here the “smithers” would say, Crabtree isn’t a true number one. We had to wait until another QB trusted him and got him the ball to realize his true value.
        Then he moves to KC and another number one receivers numbers drop. Now the excuse is, so what. It’s part of their plan. And Bowe doesn’t mind either. He just wants to win.
        Lets remember, the winningest coach in the last two years used to call him “clutch”, and pro bowl worthy lol. And then replaced him during a superbowl run.

      12. Bayarea Crabtree was’nt a #1 for all those years because of health, primarily his feet. He did’nt regain his speed untill last yr where he was a completely different player. I only hope it wo’nt take another 3 years for him to return to lasts years form. For all of Smiths weaknesses you ca’nt blame everything on him it weakens all your other arguements.

      13. Ribico,
        The point I was making is that players want to be productive and make plays, regardless of the teams overall success. It’s not an either or situation. There is absolutely no reason why Bowe shouldn’t be more productive in Reid’s offense, but he isn’t. I was responding to FDM’s comment “Ask Dwayne Bowe if he would rather have a 1000 yards receiving right now or trade that for a chance at the playoffs?” Why shouldn’t he have 1000 yards on the way to making the playoffs? They signed him to a huge contract because he is a very good receiver and they aren’t getting their money’s worth. Ask Jerry Rice if he would rather have 1,000 yards or make the playoffs, I guarantee you that he would say both. If Rice was playing in K.C. right now he would be throwing a fit.

      14. bay:

        … quit being a know it all pretending to know how Bowe feels about his diminished numbers. You don’t know and neither do I.

        If you don’t know, maybe it’s because you don’t want to know. It took less than 30 seconds to find this article:

        But while the 2010 and 2011 seasons helped Bowe cement his status as one of the NFL’s best receivers, it appears the Chiefs’ miserable 8-24 combined record in 2011 and 2012 had an equally profound effect on his outlook.

        “This part of my career … this should be everybody’s mind-set: It’s not about numbers, it’s about letters,” Bowe said, referring to his desire to get “W’s.” “You want to reach the ultimate goal? You gotta sacrifice some things.”


        “You’ve gotta look at the big picture,” Bowe said. “Everybody’s getting involved, everybody’s contributing and everybody’s making this thing work to where we’re at right now, 6-0. I just want to tell everybody I am very, very happy and excited about where this team is going.”

        So, it looks like FDM was right. Tell us again how he is the one who doesn’t know what he is talking about.

      15. old coach, to your credit you’ve stayed above the “hater-smither” fray. IMO it’s probably not the best time to jump in with points that will get you labled as not a “real fan” by the more excitable posters here.

      16. >>Ask Jerry Rice if he would rather have 1,000 yards or make the playoffs, I guarantee you that he would say both.

        I guarantee he wouldn’t. There is not a coach in this league that will tolerate players clamoring for individual stats over the team’s success. That is the quickest way to find yourself on the waiver wire, big contract or not.

      17. FDM,
        I’m not talking about FF, I’m talking about production. “Its an offense that plays to the running game, field position and its elite defense. Why bomb away when it does not suite your personnel?” Nobody said anything about bombing it away, I’m talking about a competent passing game. Why did they sign Bowe to a huge contract during the offseason? To see his production drop significantly? Right…… You can spin it anyway you like in defense of Smith, but his reluctance to pass the ball downfield has impacted the team and Bowe’s production. If their defense wasn’t so dominant, you would be blaming Bowe for the teams lack of a passing game. S.S.D.D.

      18. Big P says “You can spin it anyway you like in defense of Smith, but his reluctance to pass the ball downfield has impacted the team and Bowe’s production”

        Really, 9-0 is impacting the team? And you think Bowe is kicking himself every time he sees his bank account and says ” we are winning, but Im not getting the ball?
        You have no idea what you are talking about. He is getting paid, playing for a winning team. Still playing a sport for a living and essentially is the #1 WR on the team. Man, he should be talking to his agent about a trade. STFU Big P, you are embarrassing.

      19. FDM,
        You are such a loser bro. You always get personal when defending Alex Smith, even if he isn’t being attacked. Are you going to threaten to slap me again? Lol. Will you then lie about threatening to slap me so that somebody else shares the link, proving that you are full of it? You are a loser that lacks the self control to prevent himself from unraveling on a football blog. Good for you, I’m sure your self esteem is through the roof. You’d have to jump and swing upwards just to touch my knee.

      20. Ribico,
        The Niners used to shadow Rice with a P.R. person after games where he didn’t have a huge day because he would openly complain to the media about his lack of opportunities or the play calling. He would even do this after a win. He was the hardest working and greatest football player I have ever seen, but he was also the ultimate diva. Sometimes it goes hand in hand.

    2. Here’s some information to ponder:

      This is the first year of a new system for everybody. It takes time to become cohesive and learn everybody’s strength and weakness’. It doesn’t happen in 8 games.

      Now having said that, what you see in KC right now is what Andy Reid’s offense is. It is about throwing short passes, getting the receiver in space and letting him make a play. Now that changes periodically depending on the style of receivers Reid has – with DeSean Jackson there were more shot plays attempted for example, while early in Reid’s tenure, pretty much everything was like it is in KC right now.

      Here’s something else to ponder while debating how unhappy Bowe must be and how there is no excuse for a receiver like him not getting to 1000 yards unless the QB stinks.

      In Andy Reid’s 14 years coaching the Eagles, the number of receivers he had reach 1000 yards was 4. So for 2 thirds of Reid’s time in Philly, there were no 1000 yard receivers.

      Another fun fact: A RB was either first or second in catches every year he was there.

      So to summarize, Andy Reid is not upset at Alex Smith because this is Reid’s offense and it’s early in the process. Bowe is not getting angry because as he stated, it’s about W’s for him now and KC is getting them. These players aren’t playing fantasy football. They are playing for a chance at a ring. In the first season of a new Coaching staff and QB, they are 9-0 a year after a 2 win season. Nobody with the Chiefs is upset. The only ones who are stressed over the way KC is playing is Fantasy Football fans and Media who can only focus on how they don’t think the team can hold up playing this way, when in reality it’s be done many times.

      Carry on.

  10. I wish A. Smith all the best and hope he can become a good citizen and father. The reality is he is an addict and there will likely be slips and it has nothing to do with character or morals. It is a very powerful disease, I hope he can conquer it the first time out of the gate but it usually does’nt happen that way.

    1. An addict? Look Alex Smith likes the Check Down but I don’t think he’s addicted to it!
      Wait! What? Oh, ALDON Smith? Hmm, everything else has been about Alex, so who knew?
      More seriously, I thought Aldon said the right things. His challenge is day to day from here on. As Cris Carter said, its about your choices when nobody’s watching.

  11. Lets start the list of idiots that said AS was the answer and Crabtree was not the answer…..
    This right after the NFC Championship game. By Hof the king Smither who said he was a “49er fan”. Alex is gone, and so is Hofer. Hmmmm

    Hoferfan67 says:
    January 26, 2012 at 7:32 pm

    Bay, the players, JH, and JY support AS. Your opinion is not going to change anything. Why would JH speak so highly of AS all year during the pressers and then make a switch once everything is moving upward. When asked during a presser about BE being the long term answer at WR, JH said, “we’ll see.” A couple of weeks later BE was released. See the difference!??

    This year the offense gets a whole offseason of OTA’s, they now know the playbook, and they will find the missing piece WR in FA or in the draft.

    The 9ers are a WR away from the Superbowl!

    1. Here we are in 2013 waiting for the biggest missing piece to our team to get back on the field. Our #1 playmaker WR Crabtree.

      Here is primeslime categorizing him as a bust after Smith’s terrible game against the Giants.

      Prime Time says:
      January 26, 2012 at 6:57 pm

      Hof, I’m starting a new campaign if I can trademark your idea, “were 2 WR’s away from a superbowl” Bwahahahaha!

      1. Hmmm,
        why didn’t Prime mention Crabs? Because he wanted to replace him with Bowe. Uh, look at Bowes numbers now son….. Guess Harbaugh replaced the right piece.

        Prime Time says:
        January 26, 2012 at 8:14 pm

        Adam you get two starting WR’s,one in the draft and one in free agency, your idea of flanking VD outwide is money! He can go vertical. Crabs inside and Morgan and a Jeffrey or Jones with a Dwayne Bowe or Colston sprinkled in, that is a top 10 offense next year and dont forget our running game.
        What’s also great is we don’t have to spend a lot of cap space to do it. Rookie and free agency.

      1. Trades are more baalke’s bag that time kap hadn’t started yet and didnt look good in practices at that time the press would say..but then again…he was practicing wit third and fourth how can u really judge him in practices then? So ultimately they didnt know what they had then claude…and were open to a trade

      2. deezybee:

        I don’t think the proposed trade said anything negative about their opinion of Kaepernick. I do think, however, that it said something positive about their opinion of Smith.

    2. >>Lets start the list of idiots that said AS was the answer and Crabtree was not the answer…..

      As of now, the number of rings either posess is…. zero. It’s a little premature, even for someone as blustering as you, to declare who is an answer and who is not

  12. When Hofer said add a few more playmakers, did he mean a new QB lol

    Hoferfan67 says:
    January 27, 2012 at 8:02 am

    Sean, well said. JH knows the QB position and if he thinks taking a step back by adding a new QB will help the team, he will do it. I don’t think he will go in that direction. AS is only 27 and has done well in this system and can continue to get better by elevating his game under JH tutelage. Add a few more playmakers on offense and this 9er team can be set for the playoffs for 3-5 years.

  13. And look at this douche bag. He really knew what he was talking about huh

    FDM says:
    January 27, 2012 at 9:16 am

    You would take just about any other QB that can walk as long as its not Smith. Too bad that you will have to construct more arguments against Alex for the next 3-4 years as he will be extended and I dont see CK beating him out for the starters job in that time frame.
    Have you considered the o-line is intact, we have a great short to mid range passing game, and with an offseason to upgrade the WR positon and fully install the play book which will include an indpeth vertical passing game, how can AS lose the job?
    Think about it, when the Niners go 4-5 wide with a potential lineup of Crabs, VD, (BOWE/Colston-Free Agents) Rookie- Jeffrey?- and Morgan,thats a top 10 offense next year. you know Baalke will get this offense some serious playmakers through free agency or the draft so pal, arrow up with AS behind the controls for a long time!

    1. I see you are pulling out the Big P card with comments made 2 years ago. I thought we discussed this already Bay? Do you really want me to search the blog for idiotic comments you made 2 years ago till now?
      Wait I have a life and I would be copying and pasting 24/7. Like I said, stay down Rafael, you got nothing.

  14. FDM,
    talk out of both sides of your mouth much?

    FDM says:
    January 26, 2012 at 3:54 pm

    I agree you with you somewhat Hof but the nature and history of the WR position entails a lot of ego and me first attitude. All the greats have it in one way or the other. Its a very competitive position. However, I do think the right free agent would definately come to SF because they know that these type of coaches game plan and utilize a system based on all the players strengths.

  15. Does the Smither group remember that the blog writer is on the “hater” side…

    bayareafanatic says:
    January 27, 2012 at 8:38 am

    IYO does a big name free agent WR come here if we do not overpay?
    Grant Cohn says:
    January 27, 2012 at 8:40 am

    No, not if Alex Smith is the quarterback.

    1. >>Does the Smither group remember that the blog writer is on the “hater” side…

      Does the “real fan” group remember the blog writer is also pimping a Cowboy championship?

      JFC bay, what is point behind this moronic display? To show us who has the most free time of all the posters?

    2. Lmao… Old wounds are hat to heal. Pimp slapping these gentlemen.
      Maybe next you can find that smith jersey ribico threw up to try and rub it in th faces of the “haters” when he bought the Harbaugh talk on smith. Lol

  16. Love this Alexcuse. NFC Championship game, Kyle Williams wide open… Cue it…

    Prime Time says:
    January 24, 2012 at 11:30 am

    That throw to Williams was Overthrown because it took him forever to get open, did you see the safety just wait in the middle of the field for Williams! C’mon on with Alex BS again, if VD was getting open, why couldn’t everyone else?

  17. Gee no agenda’s here…. This is the crap the Smithers would throw out….

    Hoferfan67 says:
    January 24, 2012 at 7:02 pm

    The 9ers need to make a move and I agree with TK. Be bold and trade CK for a high pick and receive a high draft choice (or two) to help build the offense. AS has proved he can be clutch – Detroit, N.O. playoff game, 4 td passes to the only big play receiver on the team. Add a RB and WR, and this team can be set for 3-5 years.

  18. So who here is really the hater? Me for wanting a second rate QB gone, or Hof for disparaging our number one WR and wanting to build around the second rate QB?

    Hoferfan67 says:
    January 24, 2012 at 7:53 pm

    Jordo, these WR’s are terrible. MC can *only* get open by throwing him open? lol!

  19. So FDM,
    just say you were wrong about Crabtree. Here the entire Niner nation waits for him to get back and according to you, we lost the NFC championship game because in spite of AS’s greatness, the WR’s were too slow. The same WR’s that got us to the Superbowl with a better QB…

    FDM says:
    January 25, 2012 at 8:05 am

    Wow, a 14-4 season and 2 home playoff games and still no respect for Alex Smith. You take the Giants receivers, put them on the Niners offense and that game is not even close. You go 1-13 on 3rd conversions because when faced with 3rd and long, you dont have any outlets cause the WR’s on the 49ers cannot get open in man coverage or zone because they are slow!

  20. Hater right? So Prime, are you excited now that Crabs is coming back? Or are you still hating on him and giving your support to a QB that isn’t even with the team anymore?

    Prime Time says:
    January 23, 2012 at 10:03 am

    For me playoffs showed who the prime time players were. We seen people step up in clutch situations and we seen players crumble and under perform in pressure moments. We know what we have and what we need moving forward. Alex is someone we can build around, Crabtree, Williams, Ginn, and Gore have maybe identified that it’s time to move in a different direction. I love Gore but he might not be healthy enough moving forward. We need playmakers at WR’s, it’s that obvious.

  21. I’m sorry i’m in and out of my office so its hard to keep track of the thread but i see Hofers name quite a bit. Is Hofer back? You have been missed man, welcome back.

    1. You can find him on the chiefs blogs. He’s a buster. Use to have a little respect for him. We didn’t see eye to eye all the time. But to come in here and claim 49er fanhood, when it was a farce the whole time and it was only about Alex smith. He gets the biggest all time douche award. And that’s big if he beat out old 3 strikes onelame.

  22. Prime,
    man brother, you pretty much just hated on everybody BUT alex huh…

    Prime Time says:
    January 23, 2012 at 11:43 am

    Guys like I said, I love Gore, we dont win 14 games without him but there are clear cut signs that he is wearing down. He just does not look like the work horse of old. He was battling something all year and did not look right. Maybe the surgeries and age are catching up. All im saying is that drafting another successor could not be such a bad idea.
    Roman went away from the run in the 2nd half, couls it have been because gore was ailing and they dont have enough confidence in Hunter?

  23. Once again,
    who’s the hater? At least the guy who I disliked is off the team. Prime, the ENTIRE NINER NATION IS WAITING FOR CRABS TO COME BACK AND THIS IS WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT HIM.
    Why do you spend time in a Niner chat room when you bash one of our best players?

    Prime Time says:
    January 23, 2012 at 7:56 am

    @DS maybe Im still upset but when you look at the “body of work” considering MC, he is a bust! He’s not a legit threat becuse he lacks speed. Sure he has great hands, but he cannot get seperation on anything over a 10 yard route. We need to revamp our whole WR core. Keep Morgan, get Dwayne Bowe or Colston, and draft 2 more WR that can return kicks and play as a 3rd WR.

    1. See the pattern here? At least Hofer packed his bag and left with AS. Why are you still here Prime? Talk out of both sides of your mouth much?

      Hoferfan67 says:
      January 23, 2012 at 9:55 am

      Jordo, can’t disagree. But I will debate this whole MC issue. He isn’t elusive and he isn’t fast enough to get separation. He doesn’t fight for the ball a la CJ and AJ. It is ludicrous to even agree that even though he didn’t have separation that he will make plays. Based on what? He hasn’t won those battles all year. He has made some good catches but when has he consistently won those battles? There is no team in his comments.

  24. Lets start the list of idiots that said AS was the answer and Crabtree was not the answer…..

    Gee no agenda’s here…. This is the crap the Smithers would throw out….

    A huge double standard if I do say so myself.

  25. Buahahah. I totally forget Smith’s passes that he bounced in the 4th quarter versus the Giants. Funny how the Smithers never mention those….

    Grant Cohn says:
    January 23, 2012 at 1:43 pm

    Off the top of my head – Smith bounced a pass to Vernon Davis in the third quarter and he bounced one to Crabtree in the fourth.

    1. And yet, Harbaugh/Baalke remained confident enough in Smith to consider trading Kaepernick to the Eagles.

      What were those idiots thinking?

      bay, why are you spending so much time arguing with people who aren’t here? And how is it that you continue to lose those arguments?

    2. Lmao… Keep it going bay. I’m getting laughs. Poor Claude don’t like you infringing on his move. The old archives. Should have trademarked it Claude.

      1. ninermd:

        Once again, you demonstrate your inability to comprehend what is going on. When have I argued against someone who left the blog months ago? And lost?

  26. Listen to this douche bag…

    LSX says:
    January 22, 2012 at 9:36 pm


    That is my point. Crabtree isn’t good enough to be lined up against a great CB every single game. We need someone better/faster than Crabtree that can be our true #1. Think of it like baseball; Crabtree is like a setup man playing closer. If you get a legitimate stud as your closer, your 2nd best reliever doesn’t have to act like a closer. Then your setup man (Morgan) can go back to being a middle inning guy where he belongs.

      1. Jack from a casual observer (and not that my opinion really means anything anyway) I think you’ve stooped quite a bit yourself. You used to provide a pretty good analysis and opinion on what’s going on. Now I think you spend half your time hurling insults or looking for historical garbage on the blog to prove that person X was wrong back on May 16th, 2013 or whatever. Get back to the basics and I and maybe others might go back to reading your own blog as well.

      2. Not that Jack needs defending but have you looked at the two articles he wrote yesterday? He’s providing more content than the guy running the blog officially.

      3. I’m really not on here to try and stir things up so if that’s how you feel, so be it. It’s really getting old here on this blog. Regardless of whether it’s me, or Bay or Jack or whoever, we could get back to being a single fan base and having good quality discussion about the team.

      4. And Jack… Bay is basically doing what you use to do to some of these chumps. Smacking them. Hey Claude. If you can’t beat them join them right? Lol now you’re riding jacks walnuts.

      5. md,

        Please show me an example of where i have gone back and brought up comments made almost 2 years ago by commentors who are no longer involved with the blog.

      6. Bay was ranting MD. He made a point to show that he was taking a swipe at people who supported Alex Smith and then later claimed that he had no agenda. He took the cake when he started including posts from a blogger that is no longer here.

      7. Hammer have you even been here for two years? Why are you including yourself in this pimp slapping?

        Midwest….. You read any different subject on this blog, an you will see Claude copy and pasting others words. Numerous times!!!! Bay was on fire. Whether you call it a rant or not. It was absolutly hilarious. I even had two friends who read and don’t comment text me saying he’s pimp slapping them. That’s how I found it. Hilarious how the truth comes back up and slaps some in the face. Buahahahaaaa

      8. Bay on fire? He looked like an idiot and if you thought that was hilarious MD you and our friends are equally lost.
        Bay, 23clown and yourself have lost so many debates its only natural you defend the tittle of loser. Well done!

      9. I have yet to see where Claude brought up the posts from a person who is no longer on this blog. The fact that Bay did that proves that he was ranting and nothing more.

      10. Prime… First of all. Calling out people you don’t know is cowardly. Btw my boy says if you want to meet someone at candlestick he will meet up with you.

        On the other hand. Lost debates? When? This is an opinion based blog. Debates are far and few. Alex smith is gone. It must suck when someone brings up the comments that were wrong from the past and slaps you in the face with it. So many have tried to bury the comments they’ve made in the past and try to turn it around as if the “haters” are the crazy ones who keep bringing up Alex smith. Both sides being him up because its an angry bunch on here. I’ve tried multiple times to bury the hatchet and stay away from the smith talk. And yet I read my name thrown in a few times when I didn’t comment on anything smith related. So I figure if I get dragged into the “hater” circle again might as well start doing what I do. Smacking hypocritical clowns around.

        Midwest…. What’s the difference in Claude bringing up post after post of what someone has said in the past compared to what bay did? Absolutly nothing. He and others can’t take their own medicine. So many called out MC when all along it was the qb that sucked an didn’t get him the ball. I stated tons of times he was missing MC being open and took check down passes, due to the fact I was at every game. Got laughed at and was told you can’t see more on the field at the game than you can on tv. Until Grant was at a game and confirmed it. Long history of trolls who won’t contribute to football talk and just want to look for certain posters to argue. Do me a favor and go back and tell me the count of how many times Claude started his own comment about football, compared to how many times he copies and pastes others words just looking to get a rise out of them. His sidekick ribico is the same way. Absolutly NO 49ers talk compared to trolling on someone else’s post. Period the end!

        I will try one last time to extend the olive branch and talk 49er football instead of the same old Alex smith talk. I think he’s a bum, and he’s not a 49er so I could care less about him. That’s my stance. Whoever thinks he a great qb, great guy, great team player, that’s fine. To each their own. I would like this blog to turn into faithful fans who can keep it real and root for their team. Taking apps now. I’m done with the bickering over an ex player. Whoever I had a problem with before ill forget about the past and talk 49er football. Any takers???

      11. Ninermd says “Prime… First of all. Calling out people you don’t know is cowardly. Btw my boy says if you want to meet someone at candlestick he will meet up with you.

        Who’s your boy? Another tough like Big P and Bay that run their mouth? If your boy is tough, have him come on here and I’ll slap some football insight into him like I do with you fantasy football junkies! Then we will see if he is worthy. I love the guys who throw stones from afar but don’t have the stones to come forward.

      12. ninermd:

        I’m going to go ahead and bet that you did not do too well on the GED exam. First, until bay’s meltdown today, no one has ever engaged in a debate with a commenter who hasn’t posted comments here in 10+ months. bay is the first and only person to do so. Second, bay isn’t pimp-slapping anyone. He’s actually losing arguments to long-departed commenters. If you or your GED classmates possessed first grade reading comprehension skills, you would understand that. Unfortunately, you do not.

      13. It’s unfathomable to me that people on a blog actually talk about meeting and throwing down….Hilarious man! I liked to get stupid and box in H.S. and college but on a blog, a freakin 4th grader could kick my ass.

    1. No chumps… That’s called being on fire. And since you root for mediocre play. You wouldn’t have a clue. He’s pimp slapping the *hit out of you. Ha ha haaaa.

      1. There no pimp slapping md, only 6th grade crap slapping That’s a stream of hypocritical BS that only shows a lack of confidence in ones self. That is exhibit A of the pot calling the kettle black.

        It looks like for the benefit of all of us, he who cannot be named is done. At least for now.

      2. Bray… How long have you been on this blog? What Bay did was put names to the hypocrites on this blog. If you weren’t here more than 3 years. You’d have no clue on the pimp slapping he just layed on them. It’s funny they’re going nuts over it. Trying to call it a rant or crazy. It’s hilarious because they have no answer, no excuses. Those two are their go to plays.

  27. WOW some of us just ca’nt handle a bye week. Sundays game ca’nt come fast enough. Maybe we can discuss Newton VS CK without anyone having a serious stroke.

  28. So Prime,
    is that Dwayne Bowes issue now? He’s not getting open for Alex?

    Prime Time says:
    January 22, 2012 at 8:23 pm

    Jed/Trent, go get Dwayne Bowe and draft 2 wideouts in your draft to compete for a starters job. It was clear today that we have no explosive passing threat outside of Vernon Davis.
    This playoff experience will serve us well in the future. How hungry will Culliver, Aldon, Bowman be for next year?
    This team is in great shape once it gets a new look at the WR position. The Alex doubters, give me a break! You give Alex a receiver who can get open and separation, the Niners win that game. Crabtree is a bust, if VD can get open why can’t Crabtree? Slow, and not very motivated to being in SF, trade maybe?

    1. Once again, who’s really the hater here? I’d say the guy that left the blog with his tail between his legs…

      Hoferfan67 says:
      January 22, 2012 at 7:34 pm

      Imagine trying to win with MC and KW as the WR’s…not!

      1. Once again, who’s really the hater here? I’d say the guy that left the blog with his tail between his legs…

        Really? I’d say it’s the guy who can’t stop arguing with the guy who left the blog.

        Seriously, Hofer hasn’t commented here in > 8 months. And you are running around digging up his old comments and taking shots at them? You’re clearly trying to compensate for something. Did some election not go your way yesterday?

      2. Douchebag fanatic,
        What was your point in all of this?
        I’m lost. You were so peaceful for the past few days? Who set you off?
        Did Summer’s Eve decide to offer more money to 23 Jordan to be their new sponsor or something?
        Smith is long gone, and when you really think about it. No one was right because we didn’t win it all last year. It doesn’t matter what the numbers are if the team lost, and close doesn’t count.
        Colin had a chance to be a legend, he failed.
        Now to this year and you’re pulling up stuff that people posted. No one has your idle time to dig out all the lame things you’ve said.
        I would rather hear you compare Cam Newton to Colin.

      1. ribico says:
        November 6, 2013 at 12:44 pm
        A fan who has the team’s QB as his avatar. Shocking, I know.

        NO how about a punk who ran out and threw it up to try and rub it in. You know when Harbaugh pulled the wool over your eyes. Lol that avatar came back to slap you in the face, and you had it up still when smith was gone. Hmmm what kind of “fan” does that? Buster!

    1. >>Lol that avatar came back to slap you in the face, and you had it up still when smith was gone.

      Nope, that’s a lie. But what can I expect from a Liar?

      1. Yes you did. But you can say what you want. But I remember asking you why it was still up right after he was traded. Lay off the weed my dude. I remember perfectly.

      2. I don’t lie. No need to. The problem you have is I remember and you don’t. I remember calling you out on it VERY clearly. Again my dude. Lay of the trees

      3. ninermd:

        It should be easy to prove, so go ahead and prove it.

        Unless you are, once again, completely full of sh!t.

      4. That Avatar was for sure still up when Smith was already gone. Rib you caught crap for it. Said you would take it down when you were ready….

      5. You are too ignorant to even know when you get completely smacked down. You are a master flip flopper, disloyal double posting hater. Fine piece of work you are douche.

      6. Half a dozen people called you out for acting like a child. One guy on here who is notorious for being confused said what you wanted to hear. Now tell me Baydouche, are you mentally challenged or just flat out dumb?

    1. That is an interesting thought I had today. Good call. IMO Brock has earned his stripes this season. Although I thought he wasn’t as good as Nnamdi. He stepped up and outplayed him from his first snap in the regular season.

    1. I agree, Fourth & Alex. But obviously the 10 or so people who post on this blog all day dominate it, which makes Grant’s “following” look good to his employers. Though if his employers ever read what’s being posted they’d realize it’s just an incestuous blend of bashing and placating one another. I’ve switched over to SacBee.

  29. Hey guys, I think there’s a little confusion going on here. We’re talking about the wrong A. Smith.

    Al-don, not Al-ex. Al-don. Say it with me: ALDON. We could argue about whether he’s an OLB or DE. Wouldn’t that be more fun?

      1. Not at all. I know it’s hard to catch sarcasm on a blog. But it was. Old man ain’t never did nothin to me. That’s my “old man” talk. Sarcasm.

      2. Ninermd no snitching needed there are no secrets here its a public forum but I have to tell you after working over 40 years with at risk kids how much I hate that word it teaches young people if they observe a grown man beating a child they should keep their mouths shut not to have any social conscience because they all no snitches get stiches.

  30. C’mon guys. When me and DS would have our disagreements and carry on, many here would ask me and DS to cool it.
    I had enough respect for this blog and other fans who wanted to keep it sane to at least try to change my ways.

    Hey, I believe that I’ve kept my end intact even when a couple of other posters would try to bait me into a confrontation.
    1.I found that it was a total waste of my time engaging in endless arguments.
    2. No one wins.
    3. Many times the arguments escalate beyond debates to the point of bashing family members which should be completely off limits.

    A look at the present arguments usually deal with a player (AS) who is no longer here. And now validating a player (MC) who no longer needs our validation.

    What a waste!

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