Aldon Smith says the 49ers’ upcoming game in Seattle is “just another game.”

SANTA CLARA – Aldon Smith spoke at his locker Tuesday afternoon. Here’s what he said.

Q: What’s the advantage of playing you both on the right and left sides?

ALDON SMITH: It gives me a chance to move around a little bit.

Q: Does it give opponents to think about in a week, that you could be on either side?

ALDON SMITH: Yeah, it gives them something to game plan for.

Q: Are you as comfortable playing next to Ray McDonald as you are playing next to Justin Smith?

ALDON SMITH: We all know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Being able to move around helps out.

Q: What did you see on film from the Seahawks in their first game of the season?

ALDON SMITH: We’ve just got to make sure we’re on top of our stuff – defending the run, defending the option and then defending the pass. This week we’ll make sure we focus on those things so when game time comes, we’re ready.

Q: What are your recollections from last year in Seattle?

ALDON SMITH: We lost the game.

Q: They were very physical last year. Does that stick out? Your team doesn’t get pushed around very often and that seemed to be happening.

ALDON SMITH: Yeah, I don’t think we got pushed around. We didn’t play our best football. This team we’ll have two physical teams meeting up, we’ll have enough time to prepare for each other so we’ll see the results after the game.

Q: You didn’t have Justin Smith against the Seahawks Week 16 last year. Do you think having him back and being fully equipped will be a big difference?

ALDON SMITH: The more time you have to game plan, the more it increases your odds of winning. We’ve got a good week to prepare, everybody is focused so we’ll see how it goes in the game.

Q: What kind of challenges does Russell Wilson present you?

ALDON SMITH: He’s a mobile quarterback who can run around and he can throw the ball also.

Q: Does having B.J. Daniels in practice give you a nice Russell-Wilson-type player to go up against this week?

ALDON SMITH: I think so. B.J. and Russell are kind of similar. They both use their arms and their legs. I’m sure we’ll find a way to get B.J. to give us a good look this week.

Q: Obviously every game is important, but is it cool to have the two division heavy-weights slug it out early, maybe set the tone a little bit?

ALDON SMITH: I think it was just kind of seeing where we were at, coming out and playing an opponent that was really good, a quarterback that was really good, a team that is two years removed from the Super Bowl.

Q: I’m talking about this week, you guys and Seattle going at it Week 2.

ALDON SMITH: What about it?

Q: Is it cool to have the two division heavy weights…

ALDON SMITH: It’s just another game.

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      1. Very true BigP. However, I’d like to add that the law isn’t doing a good job of keeping “crack dealers”, or especially crime syndicates, from getting their hands on illegal weapons.

        Per Mr. Smith, if Aldon fired the gun into the air, (or into the crowd as I’ve seen some on here claim), he needs to be punished. Unless you are defending yourself, or there is a zombie outbreak, you don’t fire weapons in the suburbs.

  1. The Seacocks are so overrated ….They have the best homefield advantage in the NFL cause of two giant amplifying flaps on top of the stadium..Trust me Seattle is anything but rowdy its been consistently voted top five of worst sports cities in America..Theyre the 26th most popular team of 32..They have a great secondary, runningback and qb..Thier o line is trash no pass rush and looked pretty wack last week…We are thier superbowl..Thier jealous cause they live in a city and root for a team that is irrelevant and always in SFs shadow..Niners will be pissed ..Were not losing to them Sunday..

    1. “two giant amplifying flaps” Thank you for noticing. There is a difference between normal fan noise and the clear unfair advantage due to their stadium design.

      Seattle’s fan noise is artificially amplified and re-directed onto the red zone. Perhaps not electronically, but certainly mechanically. The re-directed sound has made a farce out of offensive football. The NFL should consider…
      - Having them sound insulate the “rain” flaps
      - Reinstate the Delay of Game penalty when the crowd noise goes above x decibels
      - Allowing SeAdderall’s opponents to amplify sounds equal to CenturyLink Field’s when they are on the road?

      1. Yeah, when you go 8-0 at home and 3-5 on the road its obvious that its not talent that is giving them home wins but the inability for the other teams to run plays due to deafening sound. Maybe retired players that are hard of hearing should sue Seattle for ear injuries…lol. All fans cheer their brains out but designing the stadium to amplify noise seems a little unfair from a competition standpoint. That being said, the Niners will just have to work around that obstacle.

      2. BTW…does anyone think that the 12th Man’s attempt to set the world record for crowd noise is actually proof that its the stadium not the fans? That dumb stunt may work against them in the future if the NFL really wants a level playing field.
        Maybe the Niners should add some shade flaps to thier new crib. Or maybe a mechanical lift under the playing surface that tilts the field up hill when the opposition has the ball.

  2. “…..Q: Does having B.J. Daniels in practice give you a nice B.J.-Daniels-type player to go up against this week? …..”

    u-hhh … you wanna run that past me one more time .. ?

  3. Last years loss was a tough game for us. We just came off the NE game that we almost threw away. I hope coach keeps the pressure on when we are up this year.

    As for this week’s game. I would think an easy win but we need the pass rush and d line to play at a top level. I believe we will exploit match ups in the secondary and another WR and McDonald will have a coming out party.

      1. Agreed,

        The 49ers need to get their Running Game going for this one to be a “W”. That’s crucial to combat the Crow Noise.

  4. If our pass.rush is as bad as it was last week, Russell will destroy us. We need to send bowman more and we have to watch their fullback out of the backfield. Our DB’s have to get their heads around to see the football. Russell made some incredible throws in that Carolina game under some real pressure. All w3 need is some heat on the QB. We’re gonna unleash Patton this week. Kyle disappears against Seattle. Vernon us the key this game. He has to dominate and catch the deep ball.

    1. The key to this game is really our secondary. I’m expecting not 1, not 2, but up to 3 spectacular catches against our secondary again this week. Of course, week in and week out, our DBs are the worst at playing the ball at the point of catch. It’s like a pass comes sailing in and they think “Oh he won’t catch that!” and then boom! 50 yard gain. They don’t fight for the ball nor do they even attempt at knocking the ball away. They often let opposing receivers get feet inbounds because they didn’t hit the receiver at the point of catch. They seem to rely highly on just trying to blanket the receiver and force the opposing QB to throw elsewhere. Maybe they’re being coached to avoid PI penalties at all costs. I don’t know, but it’s not working. I’d like to see the CBs play as physical as the rest of our defense (D-line, LBs, Safeties).

      1. Great observations F&A. Only Whitner played smart. He made several key plays, pushing Lacey from behind early to stop a TD (they got it anyway, but he would have run straight in otherwise), forcing a receiver out of bounds late in the game and an inbound game saving tackle of Cobb to keep the clock running, again pushing from behind.

        The others, as you say….seem to be looking a lot. Also, giving too much cushion forcing them to come up late on tackles, thus creating too much space in the open field, which caused most of the missed tackles.

  5. Just like Kap, Wilson is the real deal. He can hurt us because our nickel focuses on taking away the first read. If he can scramble our secondary can suffer breakdowns. We need a pass rush from both sides, or Wilson will hurt us the same way Kap does to other teams. The trenches where we should hold advantage, could well sway the balance

    1. That was good article. For me the pressure is all on SEA. This is a must win in so many ways for the Hawks. The first is Wilson proving he can beat a healthy elite defense.
      The second is can Carroll and staff out coach Harbaugh and his crew. Both teams have had this game marked for awhile. As much as each team was focused on week 1, week 2 was a very close thought to each and every coach and player.
      Lastly a SEA win makes them the big story and the best team in the NFL. A loss crushes their confidence and puts doubt in them and inspires every team they play at home as not invincible.

    2. I think that writer is correct in saying Seattle should consider themselves the challenger in this situation, but I wonder if the team itself looks at it that way. They act they have already arrived. Also, I actually think Seattle has more to lose than the 49ers. Everyone knows that is a tough place to play and so homefield means even more. A close loss up there doesn’t really answer many questions. We know both teams are good, if the home team holds serve, we haven’t really figured out who is better. If the 49ers win, that will be a big blow to how they are perceived nationwide. They not only need a win, but a very convincing win, like last time, to really change the dynamic.

    3. This is a must win for Seattle. They are not a great road team so every home game is more important. They also have the tougher road schedule compared to the Niners so this game is huge in the long term division race. If the Niners are able to pull this out they control everything.

      1. I agree F’ing. I think the Niners have a chip on their shoulder in this game and can physically take it to Seattle. I think they may have been actually looking past GB last week and have been waiting for this game all off season. I bet JH has been saving a few things for Petey…hahaha.

        Sully… you are correct. Seattle’s O Line is a bit suspect. The D line isn’t 100% either so this game may come down to who dominates the line of scrimmage.

    1. Im not confident right now in saying the Niners will win or that they will lose. The reason being is Im not so sure Russell is the real deal. This game to me will sway me one way or the other. As much as Kaepernick is a good QB, it’s hard for me to say Russell is in that same category as everyone says he is.
      This will be a great game and too difficult to predict. I’m just gonna watch and cheer and just see what happens. It’s a prove it game for me.

      1. I think Russell is indeed the real deal, but like you say, I don’t know that he is as good as CK. Last year I would say he was better, but CK has shown to be a real special talent. Still, RW is going to be a fantastic QB in this league for a long time.

      2. Russell is the truth. Kap has more arm strength and clearly has more speed. Russell is more elusive. He makes pass rushers look silly chasing him around. He looks like Fran Tarkington out there. Russell got away with a lot of tgrows last week. Our secondary has to learn to turn around and look for the football. Good thing Russell’s velocity is not like Rodger’s. If we get our heads around, we shold get a pick or 2 off of Russell. We definitely need Patrick or Bowman spying on Russell.

      3. J,
        I’m not convinced he is the real deal just yet. I watched the Carolina game. I’ll tell you what impresses me about Russell. He has a real quick spin move in the pocket and has an uncanny ability to spin, lose sight of his receivers and then quickly find them again and get them the ball.
        I think it’s part luck part skill. In the Carolina game, he spun, was being chased and chucked it up three different times and completed all three. Two were prayers. That won’t bode well for him over time. Carolina’s D beat him down that game. Unfortunate that the Panthers couldn’t generate any offense that game. They easily had them beat. Greg Olson was T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E. He had three big drops. One was a TD and one was a 40 yarder that had them in field goal range. Add to it the DeAngelo Williams fumble inside the 10 and there you have it. The Seapunks Oline was bad all day. BAD.
        I know it’s only one game, but they sure didn’t look like the team that scared the NFL last year…..

      4. Bay,

        I saw that game pretty much the same way you did, but the problem is Seattle is a completely different team at home. Biggest home field advantage in the league because of that noise. Russell Wilson is a great player. I think it’s wishful thinking to hope he isn’t, but I believe if they can keep him in the pocket they can minimize the damage he can do. He’s at his best when the pocket breaks down and he’s playing sandlot ball on the outside. He has incredible instincts in that regard.

      5. A couple of things on the Carolina-Seattle game.

        * The Carolina defense was in the top 10 overall in the league last year and tied for 9th in sacks, so the fact that they were in Wilson’s kitchen repeatedly should not be looked at as a surprise or that the Seahawks offensive line was bad.

        * Wilson has a knack for making big plays when it looks as though he is just throwing the ball up for grabs. Often when he is throwing it up it is a one on one situation where he trusts his receiver to make a play.

        * The Panthers had a good offensive plan against Seattle, but Newton is not consistent enough as a QB to execute it.

        * Gotta give credit to the Seahawks defense for making the play and knocking the ball loose for a fumble at the end of the game. Those guys do a good job of bending but not breaking.

        * Russell Wilson is good. Let’s hold off a bit on calling him great after just 19 games.

      6. Don’t take it literally Jack. I just meant he is not a flash in the pan imo. He is very smart and talented, but most importantly has the work ethic and desire to be great. I don’t know what his ceiling is but he’s good enough to cause a lot of problems and in that Stadium that’s more than enough.

        As to the Panther game, I don’t think the offensive gameplan was very good at all. They took very few shots down the field. I think I read a stat that said there were only 3 passes over 10 yards attempted all day. They trapped themselves in a box with that kind of playcalling. Newton needs to be given a better chance to display his athleticism than what Shula called on Sunday imo.

        I agree with your points on defense. The Panther Dline really gave Seattle problems and we need to see that from the Niners Sunday night.

  6. With all the talk about how good the Seattle secondary is, imagine the difference had Kaepernick hit that shot to Manningham to open the game.

      1. They took their shots against Lane, but Kaepernick just missed.

        Seattle dominated them at the point of attack on both sides of the ball. They always seemed a step or two ahead.

      2. Sherman and Thomas are all-pros, no question. Browner is great against bigger WRs but struggles against quickness. Chancellor can’t cover at all. So the Seattle secondary is really, really good. But I don’t see it as impenetrable.

  7. Prime, good call in just seeing how this plays out. We beat a playoff worthy team in the Pack, the Hawks do have something to prove here but I am also interested in the resolve of the Niners and how their game plan changes from that of last time we played them.

  8. Not this time, Jack ..

    I’ll be wearing my “Kaepernick Knows” T-Shirt under
    my #7 jersey come Sunday night …
    and if the Niners don’t clobber the Sea-Chickens
    (as I suspect they will)

    then .. I’m gonna be feelin’ … well .. lets just say ..
    not very happy ! ;)

    (remember … it’s only weird .. if it doesn’t work !)

  9. I know we won’t win every game. That’s why I’m picking the seahaks to win this one. If it wasn’t their home opener I’d be swayed the other way. I could bet against the seahaks when they are away from home. Last year the 9ers came from the east and won a tough game then had to go into Seattle for another tough one. That split was still a huge deal. We just happened to lose to a divisional enemy. I have to say I don’t think we win this game. I had us splitting the season with them. If I’m wrong… Then ill take it. One thing we can’t do is get blown out. THEN the questions will start rising about this 2013 team. Ill still be rooting though.

  10. hmm, he’s saying, “it’s just another game”. he’s thinking, “oh boy I have got to kick some @$$!
    Aldon has a real knack for stating the obvious

  11. Seattle’s D is a little short handed minus Avril & Irvin and Clemons working his way back from a knee surgery. They looked average against the Panthers in both run & pass. Not bad but not great. So I think the Niners can move the ball & control the clock.

    Their O line struggled against the Panthers as well, no real run game and as some have said Wilson pulled a few rabbits out of the hat with heaves under pressure after the plays broke down. Those can result in TOs as well.

    Turn Overs can’t be predicted but whoever wins that battle along with ST big plays could determine the game. I think Carolina gave some tape & a blueprint on how to defend the Squawks. Kap just needs to show up & do his thing and we should be able to score. 24-17 Niners.

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