Alex Smith in-game quotes

The 49ers just e-mailed me in-game quotes from Alex Smith, so I pass them along to you.

On the team’s performance in the first quarter:

“At this point, offensively, you know struggled, obviously didn’t get anything going early on. There was some miscommunication, missed balls on passes. It just wasn’t good. I didn’t feel that great about it. Obviously, it’s the first preseason game. A lot of us have only had five or six practices under our belt, 12 for some of the guys that have been here all of camp. We have to learn from this. We have to get better. We knew it was going to be tough, potentially it was going to be a little sloppy, but some things have to get fixed and we will. That’s what these games are for.”

On anything particular that was tough tonight:

“Obviously, they were pressuring us quite a bit, if anyone could not see that on the TV, but heavy, heavy pressure. First preseason game, you usually don’t expect to see that kind of pressure, but they brought it. It will be good film for us to watch and learn from.”

On whether he expected things to be tough tonight because the team is installing a new offense:

“No, I didn’t. I definitely envisioned a better performance than that for myself, obviously, and for the team. Like I said, you just have to learn from it.”

On whether he expects the issues on offense to be fixed:

“Absolutely, the more reps we get under our belt, the better we’ll get.”

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