Alex Smith on the O-line: “A great group.”

SAN FRANCISCO – Alex Smith was the last player to speak at his locker this evening after the game.

Here’s what he had to say.

Q: Tough to get into a rhythm?

ALEX SMITH: Yeah, I mean, the first couple series, you know, we got one first down, and then that’s about it. Yeah, we put ourselves in third downs and couldn’t convert.

Q: Did you think the offensive line had solved their issues last week?

ALEX SMITH: You know, yeah, I had the couple sacks there, and then felt, obviously, the pressure on the pick, but, you know, good hit. I’d have to look at it, it’d be hard for me to say at this point, you know, who knows what happened? I don’t want to rush to any conclusions or judgments or anything like that. I mean, obviously, it had to do with all of us. So we’ll see what the film says. I mean, I know it kind of sucks at this point just after the game, but it’s kind of the truth, you know, it’s tough to see what’s going on sometimes.

Q: You don’t usually show a lot of emotions, but after getting hit two times you were frustrated. Why?

ALEX SMITH: Well, you know, you go back out there, you know, coach told me to potentially get out in some 2-minute situations, that I was going to go back in, and to go back out there, I wanted to get in a rhythm. It was frustrating. I felt like at that time it’s just tough getting the ball out. But, you know, it’s just what happens in a game. It’s an emotional game. A lot of us are playing for our football lives at this point.

Q: Where would you say the offensive line is right now?

ALEX SMITH: You know, it’s not something I’m worried about, to be completely honest with you. We’ve got a great group up front of guys that work as hard as anybody. They’re talented. Protection doesn’t always just fall on them, it’s on everybody sometimes. We’ll look at it and see. I think a couple times guys got on the edges, and it can be tough.

Q: I ask because there’s so much movement on the line. Would you like it to be set in stone by this point?

ALEX SMITH: I mean yeah, we had some moving parts during the game, and I think they wanted to get those guys some reps and some film and see how they do at some different spots. No excuse though.

Q: You were put in and taken out of the game in the first half. Would you have liked to stay in and get into more of a rhythm?

ALEX SMITH: You know, under normal circumstances I would say, you know, maybe I wanted to play a little more, but to be honest with you, Coach has done such a great job in practice. We get so many reps in throughout the week. It’s the way he wanted to do it. In years past we’ve put a lot of stock in the preseason and put up real good numbers and win a lot of games and, you know, two weeks into the season no one really cares. So Coach took a different approach to it a little bit, and I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing. Obviously we took our lumps tonight, you know, there’s a lot of film for us to look at and get better.


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