Alex Smith says 49ers laid an egg against Vikings and Giants

Mike Florio interviewed Alex Smith on Pro Football Talk Live Friday morning. Florio asked Smith what the 49ers learned from their losses to the Vikings and the Giants, and here’s what Smith said.

ALEX SMITH: “What it takes to win. I really feel like before those weeks we were feeling good, we had won back-to-back games, we got off to a great start against Green Bay and Detroit, and then to kind of go to Minnesota and lay an egg – not to take anything away from them, obviously they beat us. We just didn’t prepare and play as well as we were capable of.

“Then to put two great wins together after that, and then another one with the Giants. The thing that stuck out about the Giants game was that it was so uncharacteristic of our style of play, especially offensively. Just inefficient, turning the ball over, not doing all the little things it takes to win games.”

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