Alex Smith says he has not lost confidence

SANTA CLARA — Alex Smith spoke at his locker Thursday afternoon. Here’s what he said about his injured finger, and the perception that he has lost confidence.

Q: After the Seahawks game, there were a couple of national stories written about you and your confidence.

ALEX SMITH: How’d they say it is?

Q: Not good.


Q: They said your confidence was shaken in that game. What’s your reaction to that?

ALEX SMITH: I think people are just reading into a lot of different stuff and have no idea of what’s going on around here. My confidence is no different than it was a week ago, than it was a month ago, than it was a year ago. No different. Games change week-in and week-out. There are people who expect the same thing over and over again. That was a good defense we played on Thursday night. We played them on a short week. Look at what they did against a lot of good quarterbacks this year. Look what they did against Aaron [Rodgers]. They beat Tom Brady. Look at what they did against [Tony] Romo. I think people are thinking…I don’t know what they’re thinking. [My confidence is] no different.

Q: How about your finger? How is that doing?

ALEX SMITH: Getting better. Getting better every week. It’s just something you deal with. It’s not something I think about a whole lot out there, or try not to.

Q: Is it able to improve given that you have extra time off this week?

ALEX SMITH: For sure. Not having to do a ton with it, letting it rest over the weekend was nice.

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