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  1. They could still be shopping Lynch, I think they would rather trade him then as you say the Hawks picking him up off of waivers. Too good for waivers but ‘maybe’ not wanted by the Niners. Eh who knows.

    1. Under,
      I agree. And Lynch would flourish in Seattle because they have so much talent on defense.
      At the moment AL is still our best pass rusher and until someone else steps up the 49ers won’t unload him.
      Plus, as our young front D-line players continue to develop Lynch can begin to prosper.
      My hope is that either Lynch takes his job seriously or that other players on defense make him expendable.

  2. Love the periscope shots! Finally figured how to make it work. Love the info on Joe Williams. Love your analogy on juice, hope the cut FB makes the practice squad. Good to see quality start to show its self . Karly was good but not special. Thank you Grant!

  3. Is there any chance that they look at bringing Alex Boone back? I see that the Vikings released him today. From what I remember, he didn’t leave on good terms, by that was under Baalke’s management.

  4. Good analysis. Hard to fault their selections. Sure is nice having two guys who actually know football and how to assemble a team.

  5. A look at the FS position via scouting reports.

    Ward “Size is just adequate — lacks ideal bulk and is built more like a cornerback than a safety. Bench-pressed 225 pounds just nine times at the combine, second fewest among DBs. Gets snagged on blocks and struggles to disengage. Can be a tick late diagnosing pass, gaining depth and digesting route combos. Ability to stay healthy in the future given lack of size and durability is the biggest concern.”

  6. Jerome “Lacks desired NFL size. Teams will want him to add weight to hold up to his physical style if his frame allows it. Scouts question his overall speed after a spring timing of 4.62 in the forty. Is a little bit tight hipped and he barely lifts his feet off of the ground when he runs. Benefitted from playing in slot, but may not be able to do that in NFL. Will grab receivers around the waist and hang on when beaten in a route. At times, gets so wrapped up in taking the ball away that he will get lax with his technique.”

  7. Well this has been an eventful day ,alot to take in . Need to take a look and see why we are ,if we are ? Looking to make a trade , or rooster addition. And what possibilities we will have for the practice squad. That’s a big list to digest . Anyone have a practice squad list , wish list ,or your best guess list . Would love to hear it.

  8. Colbert ” Might not offer enough value as a defensive back to warrant a roster spot. Has registered very few starts at either Texas or Miami. When he’s played, has an alarming amount of missed tackles because he fails to gather his weight and center his targets. Needs to improve his overall strength.”

    That’s just the weaknesses. All of the have some good traits. Colbert seems to be only a STs guy that can play DB in a pinch.

    1. 80,
      I agree that the typical NFL measurables don’t favor Jerome. But the report provided a very good positive for Jerome – “Has outstanding instincts and ball skills.”

      If Lorenzo can translate those instincts and ball-hawking abilities in the pros that will more than make up for the “lack” of measurable.
      You may not necessarily need 4.3 speed to catch up to a receiver when you already know where he’s going to be.

      1. Absolutely. I think Jerome should start over Ward.

        “If Lorenzo can translate those instincts and ball-hawking abilities in the pros that will more than make up for the “lack” of measurable.”

        I think he has shown enough this month to suggest that his skills will translate. I’m really high on him.

    1. Jack are you going to be posting more now that the season is starting? Would like to see read your insights, rather then some of the drivel that is posted here.

  9. Yeah, you’re right that the thought of just two TEs were crazy. Last year the Falcons ran 89/534 (16.7%) pass plays out of two or three TE sets. And Celek, while not a master of anything, is at least a decent journeyman at everything.

    Rookies — Probably an expansion team, like the Bucs, who came into the NFL prior to the expansion draft mechanism. But when you look at roster churn, it’s not really unprecedented. With an average career of 3.3 years, roster turn-over is the name of the game.

    Remaining players in April 2014 that were on a team’s roster in 2011:

    Team Number
    Indianapolis Colts 7
    Jacksonville Jaguars 9
    St. Louis Rams 9
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9
    Chicago Bears 10
    Kansas City Chiefs 12
    Oakland Raiders 12
    Arizona Cardinals 13
    Cleveland Browns 13
    New Orleans Saints 13
    Carolina Panthers 15
    Dallas Cowboys 15
    Detroit Lions 15
    Houston Texans 16
    Miami Dolphins 16
    New York Giants 16
    New York Jets 16
    Philadelphia Eagles 16
    Pittsburgh Steelers 16
    Buffalo Bills 17
    Tennessee Titans 17
    Baltimore Ravens 18
    Denver Broncos 18
    Minnesota Vikings 18
    San Diego Chargers 19
    New England Patriots 20
    Atlanta Falcons 21
    Cincinnati Bengals 22
    Seattle Seahawks 22
    San Francisco 49ers 24
    Washington Redskins 25
    Green Bay Packers 25

    So in three years not one team had turned over less than 50% with the Packers and Redskins turning over the least at 53% of their rosters while the Colts turned over 87% and the average team turning over 67%. Which, despite the irrational belief of some fans, is the normal process of the NFL. Most draft choices and FAs don’t really pan out. Teams constantly churn, even playoff teams.

    1. Most teams do not pay 2.8 million to cut a player before week 1. Then draft a 4th rounder to stash him on IR without any real cause because he has ball security issues and never panned out. I will credit him for finding Raheem. He is a better back than Williams.

      Two big misses already for a new GM 1 nice find. +/- 4 games. Someone please tell me how Seattle was able to trade for a top notch DE with no cap room but the team with money to flush can’t get any real help at CB or Safety.

      Some real head scratchers here.

        1. Paul DePodesta had zero football experience which is the reason that this sort of deal can materialize. He comes from a baseball back ground having worked for the dodgers padres and mets and was voted one of the top 10 innovators under 40. I’d say this sort of out of the box thinking is exactly how the Browns will turn around their franchise.

              1. Here is a list of successful 2nd round picks (from 2000 or newer) all worth well over 16 million:
                Le’veon Bell
                Jordy Nelson
                Clinton Portis
                Drew Brees.
                Rob Gronkowski
                Anquan Boldin
                Calais Campbell
                Eric Weddle
                Andrew Whitworth
                LeSean McCoy

                I’d say a second round pick with the collection bargaining agreement putting a salary cap on the pick is a great long term investment. The second round contract is an average of 5.1 million over four years with only half guaranteed. So, you can add 4 million to the contract over 4 years and still be under 12.8 million average of a mid 1st round choice.

              2. we’ll see about how well that “out-of-the-box-thinking” works when we see the how this 2nd rd. pick plays out— and how it stacks up to that impressive 17 year list you’ve thoughtfully provided… TBC
                … and the albatross, well whoever that 2nd rd. pick is, he’ll be surgically attached to Osty’s deal that brought him there…if he’s awesome, no prob….if not, well…that’s tough.

      1. It’s kind of simple. They had almost enough cap space. Then they restructured Doug Baldwin’s contract by converting nearly $7 million into bonuses and they saved $2.2 million when Kearse went away. That took them to over $16 million. RIchardson costs $8ish million.

        And it’s not like they don’t have cap space now. They $8.8 million in cap space and nearly $20 million next year.

        The fact is the Seahawks rarely do the base-to-bonus re-structure having seen how the 49ers, Redskins and some other teams routinely abused this cap management method and, because of it, ended up in cap hell for years. So, on occasion, when they really need to do it, they can do it and walk away from it as soon as the next year.

        It’s just solid cap management. Something most teams do now.

  10. Boone got sick of Harbaugh. Don’t know why he would hate Jed York. I’m sure everyone hated Balake, how could you not. Would he not be big improvement at guard for us? Love to see him back!

  11. Wish Grant would have discussed the cornerbacks more. In my opinion, the weakest
    part of the 9er defense by far. Don’t know why Reasner is still on the roster. Any pickup
    would be better.

  12. Niners have not seen Ward play a down, so far.
    Maybe it would reduce the possibility of injury if they move him to CB. Then he will be marking WRs, instead of making him take on blockers.
    At FS, Tartt played in that third game, but Jerome did well in the other games. Both are logical options.
    Colbert is a versatile option, but if Ward is moved to CB, maybe Dontae Johnson can fill that FS role.

  13. I find it annoying when people say Baalke could not scout offense or that he was a fine scout for defense, using his picks as proof.

    Because the draft is not the Gm’s personal scouting exercise. They have a scouting team, afterall. It is not a one man’s job.

    1. Baalke refused to give the scouts any credit. He had his envelope in his pocket with his pick, to show everyone how prescient he was. Some scouts wondered if he was using their scouting reports as toilet paper.
      Baalke was a megalomaniac and control freak. It was amazing his head could fit in an elevator.
      John Lynch, on the other hand, publicly praised Paraag, Mayhew , Peters and the scouts. He worked closely with the coaches, and valued their input. It was truly a collaborative effort. A shining team effort that produced a grand slam in the draft.
      I was jumping for Joy.

      1. Baalke suffered from OCD. That along with his inexperience created the inevitable destructive dynamic that brought this team down. I posted that right after the 2013 roster cuts. I find it interesting that teams will do psych evaluations on players but not one a person they hire as GM. Also anyone with any sense would have recognized that personality types like Baalke and Harbaugh would eventually clash. Instead it took the cause and effect destruction of the franchise for ownership to finally recognize the obvious.

        1. willtalk–

          you said it…..except these judgements on how to put a mgmt team together came from the York’s, specifically Jed. In the private sector, people like him get fired all day long. He may never really know how fortunate he is.

  14. Cardinals cut Harlan Miller, a CB/S, and Scooby Wright, who I really liked in the draft.
    Hope the Niners look closely at them, and they might help to get good intel on the Cards.

    1. Seb, put me on game. You say you really liked this man in the draft. I’ve also heard you say that about others. Question, I understand you liked them in the draft, but doesn’t getting cut so quickly mean the team made the right choice in Not drafting these guys?

      1. Steele, I am just going on utube tape that I watched during their draft time. I really have not seen them in this preseason, nor will I say that they are a slam dunk. I certainly will not say that the Niners have to select those players, but that they may be upgrades.
        There are a ton of players on the cutdown lists that I have very little to go on, so I am just putting out names I recognized, looked up their draft scouting stats, and remember film on.
        Yes, all those players were cut, but maybe they were caught in a numbers game, and the other team had superior players that allowed the teams to pass on them. I mentioned players from playoff teams like O linemen from Dallas, DBs and defensive players from the Cards and Seahawks.
        Kasen Williams WR, is another player who the blog posters said did really well in the preseason, may be a candidate, and by obtaining him, the Niners will be weakening an opponent, while also gaining good intel on the team strategy and locker room dynamics.

        1. I remember Scooby Wright, who played at Cardinal Neuman, a local school, and had him on many of my mock drafts.
          However, I also remember Baalke stating that he did not see the need to draft an ILB, and we all know how that ended up.

        2. I understand that Seb. Because I honestly Loved Laquan Treadwell. Thought he was the best WR in the draft. And it was solely on YouTube tape.

  15. Nice stuff Grant. I got 49 of 53 right… didn’t see the Williams and Blair I.R. and Kerley waived moves so had a chance at 100% but it made me appreciate your humility in this exercise. This is an art, not a science. Well done. WZ

    1. The Vikes OL is problematic for them. If they release Boonie when they need help there……….yeah, I know money, but…..seriously?

        1. He was good in a power blocking scheme. Do not know how he would fit in a KS Outside Zone Blocking system.
          He also burned bridges, and it was not only Kaep that he was referring to.

          1. Alice Boone cried at the top of the mountain, when real champions and leaders look for the next mountain to climb. Why would anyone want that trash back here?

              1. CW,
                This blog has many people who have no problem name calling. Never ceases to amaze me how the courage level for some posters rises when they know there are no repercussions.

  16. Hoyer making it through the whole season is doubtful, history bears this out. When u factor in that his back up is a very raw rookie, seems like a foolish decision to go with only 2 qb. Perhaps a sign the door remains open for #7…..if KS is as good as advertised(which I seriously question), he should have little trouble getting Kap up to speed…..especially if you consider KS success with Rg111.

    1. DReed… Did you just say, “You doubt Kyle is as good as advertised”? No disrespect brother, but name a place Kyle Shannahan has been, that his offense wasn’t better after he arrived. In Atlanta, he finally had Top notch personnel offensively. And look how good they eventually became. You can dout this man’s leadership as a headcoach, because it’s his 1st go around,but can’t doubt this man as an OC. He’s the definition of offensively gifted.

      1. and the rookie season sacrifice of RG3 to get DC into the playoffs can’t be laid solely at the feet of the Shanihan’s — Snyder played the major part in forcing a read option offense and making RG3, carry the team, which has very possibly ruined his chances of playing again in the NFL.

        1. Snyder forced MS to play RGIII, even when he was injured, so he became injured even more.
          Jed may be bad, but Snyder and Haslam make Jed look like a choirboy.

    2. Reed, I really appreciate your input. I, too think that Kaep is way better than any rook QB, almost every backup, and half the starters in the league.
      I also think that Kaep, with the coaching of KS, and all the team upgrades, could win games. I like Hoyer and will root for him to succeed, but will also acknowledge his injury tendencies, and wonder if he can last through those first 4 games.
      With Hoyer, I think the Niners could win 8 games. With Kaep, maybe 10 and a shot at the playoffs.

      1. The caveat to this Kaep success argument is that Shanahan uses play action passes to go down the field in his offense. Kaepernick lacks the deep ball accuracy for this to even be successful. The offense was ranked 20th in the league with PA success while Atlanta was 7th.
        Now Kaep could generate success in the read option, but most NFL defenses have learned to cover the read option with scrape exchanges and double A gap blitzes.
        Shanahan needs an accurate deep ball which eliminated the need for Gabbert or Kaepernick as neither had that sort of consistency and brings SF to a career backup in Hoyer.
        It wouldn’t matter if Kaepernick were free, he is not coming to SF. He probably will not play another down in the NFL but the Canadian football league may offer him a spot.

        1. That argument does not hold water, because Kaep did not have the same weapons as Ryan. Freeman made the other teams worry about the run game, and Julio Jones will make any QB look good. Niners had the worst ranked WRs in the league.
          Too many times, the defense would stack the box to stop the run and dare them to pass. The play action would not work because Kaep had no time to throw, because the defense would scheme to keep him bottled up in the pocket, and the O line were turnstiles.
          Players were amazed that Hoyer had a strong arm and could throw the deep pass. Kaep never once had anyone question his arm strength, since he could throw the ball the length of the field. 59.8 % career completion rate shoots down the inaccuracy myth.
          Team defenses learning to stymie the Read option, thus making it obsolete, can also be said for every other offensive scheme. Even the WCO. That is the nature of the game. The offense will come up with a new wrinkle, and the defense will eventually figure it out. It is a constantly evolving situation, so declaring that the RO is dead is premature, since many teams still use it, at times. Niners did it last game.
          Kaep, if allowed to roll out, presents a dilemma, Will he run or will he pass. That dual threat makes him so hard to counter. With Hoyer, he will never threaten to run, so they only have to worry about covering the pass.
          The obligatory screed that Kaep will only play in the CFL is specious, because coaches like Pete Carroll thinks he is supremely talented and capable of leading a team to championships. Aaron Rodgers thinks Kaep is a formidable foe, especially since Kaep has beaten him so many times. AR was the opposing QB when Kaep ran wild for 181 yards, so he knows Kaep very well. Even John Lynch has stated that Kaep has done some amazing things, and KS has admitted that Kaep has been very productive.
          The Seahawks have cut Boykin, so they need another QB. If the Niners wait too long, Kaep may sign with Seattle, and I fully expect Pete Carroll will allow Kaep to play in the second half against his old team, just to show the Niners how wrong they were about Kaep.

          1. Sebbie… Kaep isn’t coming back to the 9ers. He’s gone Sebbie. I know [sniff…], I know it’s hard [sniff, sniff…]. Seems like it was just yesterday that he was romping through the Green Bay Secondary [sniff].

            He stole your heart…

              1. Sebbie… How can you mend a broken heart? Listen to the Bee Gees. It’s okay to cry Sebbie.

                Keap was everything you hoped for… Sniff….

          2. And on that day are you coming out as a hags fan? Kap is not a 49er. Your constant ranting on them releasing him is tiring. With most of the league carrying on 2 QB’s do not see him getting picked up soon.

            1. No, I want the Niners to preclude that scenario, by signing Kaep. Kaep, on that Seahawk team gives me nightmares, because that may doom the Niners for years.
              What is tiring is the constant repetition that Kaep is a one read QB who cant read defenses, is inaccurate, and is obsolete.
              Even the screed saying that Kaep is un American for dissing the flag may fit the narrative that Trump supporters like, but there is a grand tradition of peaceful, non violent protest in America, and Kaep is courageously advocating for social justice. In the end, Kaep will be allowed to play, and the blackballing, which is giving the NFL a black eye, will be stopped.
              Then I hope Kaep could lead the Niners to win multiple championships. I certainly do not want the Seasquawks to do that.

              1. Must be nice living in your dreamland. Not going to happen. If Hoyer gets hurt, we are bringing back Barkley or promoting whomever is on the PS. Kap is done as a 49er. He may be done in the NFL, who knows. It does not look good for him at this time, just like RG3.

              2. Sebbie… Recall your post on blackballing…

                sebnynah says:
                August 27, 2017 at 6:18 pm
                If Hoyer can play like that, I will not mind if Kaep is blackballed. Looks like the defense is playing NINER FOOTBALL.

              3. You are the absolute definition of a zealot, Seb. No matter how many times you ram the Titanic into the iceberg, you’ll still find no fault in the captain……….its manufacture……….

                Now, how can you get yourself all worked up in a lather when i say you have the same zealotry as a nazi-knowing full well I did not call you a nazi?

                You are no different than a Jim Jones follower! They found no fault in him, either. None.

                How do I know your a zealot? For one, to try to pretend that Kap throws as nice a ball, as accurate as Wilson…………its just delusional.
                Kap is fast. Wilson is elusive. There’s another.
                I’m going to find the medical term for what you have………….

              4. Saw, you should reserve casting aspersions about Nazis to the real Nazis. You have crossed the line, and should be banned forthwith.

          3. its September 2017, and still some sad sack is pining for Colin to return to the 49ers? How sad is that?
            Don’t much care where else he lands because, you know, this is a 49ers fan site. Well, it is for all but the weak minded and obsessed.

            1. I just want the Niners to win, and if you think Hoyer is a superior QB to Kaep, then I say your football acumen is lacking.
              Physically, it is no contest, and Kaep has accomplished so much more than a journeyman QB, who threw like the DBs were the intended receivers for 4 picks in his only playoff game.

              1. You should call Shanahan who specifically thought Hoyer was superior to Kap. I guess you think you have superior football acumen to a working NFL football coach and for that matter many others.

                You have some nerve! Take your binky and your emo outbursts move to the CFL or the Arena league or wherever and let us football fans enjoy the sport.

                If you are all about simply winning you’d pine for Brady or Rogers who are way superior to Kap and are actually SB winning QBs. Stop your nonsense and join the rational human race.

              2. Sebbie… Hurry and book your trip to Yellowstone. Get into the back country and relax. Say hi to the bears you come across. We’ll hold a memorial service for you when it’s determined you unselfishly fed the bears. We’ll also retire your avatar.


              3. But……as East pointed out, an actual professional coach (and not just him among his peers) would rather have Hoyer than Kap, would rather pay Hoyer than Kap. I don’t think Shanny or Lynch would be too concerned with your kindergarten-level disapproval even if they knew about it. Even among the amateurs here your opinion carries no weight. You will babble on and on, but…….
                (Wait for it…..)…..
                Not coming back here.
                And did you see Tom Coughlin’s remarks?
                Search You Tube for the original rendition of “I’m so lonesome I could cry”

              4. Kap can’t even find his open receivers on a consistent basis e.g. the Rams game!!!!!

                Walsh would have had a BM right there on the sideline!

          4. I KNOW there’s a medical term for Seb’s love fest with Kap-seeing nothing but positives, no negatives. I’ve never seen a QB yet that didn’t have something of a weakness-all of them.

            Is this a Freud thing? A chemical imbalance, desperately needing a ceasar to cling to? Like the Jim Jones followers from S.F? A pro ball player who is never at fault-it’s ALWAYS somebody else’s fault?

            Here’s some sacrilege……I have even seen Montana screw up!

            Never seen anything like it…………

            1. Ore, glad you are reading them. Too bad you cannot help yourself.
              I repeat those comments because new readers can see them, but also, I have indelibly imprinted those points in your psyche.
              Advertisers do the exact same thing, that is why they repeat them over and over.
              My suggestion for you is to ignore them. Of course, you may not have the control and discipline to do that.

      2. 10 is for sure too much. 8 maybe, iso 5. Shanny is the only one whi can save Kap’s career. But is it worth? Or maybe it’s worth to have 1-2 years of pain and learning curve and then CJB to be our next general?

  17. I still can’t believe the stance hg of you guys took with the, Williams is better than Hyde, or the he will be the starter by week 6 blah blah blah. In my opinion, Carlos is a great running back. He ran for his life the past couple of years because the offensive line was garbage. This man can be coached, and after running away from holes that were supposed to be open, hopefully these coaches can coach up the o line so Hyde can actually run through open holes. Injury prone, yes, bad for this scheme, I seriously doubt it.

    1. just because Hyde MIGHT not be a good fit for the outside zone run scheme– this doesn’t condemn his abilities in other systems.
      He needs to have some space in the lanes to operate–his play the 1st 3 games will need better Oline coordination, physical push, and staying on their blocks….Hyde may need the lanes to be wider or stay open longer…
      if you see the good (non-fumble) runs Williams had against the vikes, you could see the lane open for a second– he sees the lane opening, sprints thru, keeping upper body compact and slicing thru, all within 2-3 secs.– so the potential is there….for 2018.
      If Hyde and the line get it going, it should shut up his critics…we just need to see it happen– wish we could have seen some evidence of this in 1st 3 preseaon games…

      1. I see that point. But my point is, joe was doing that against backups. With that said,Hyde did the same kind of damage against back ups. It was clearly pointed out by Grant. He made it his mission to undermine Hyde being any good in this system unless he did it against backups. So u can’t give credit to one without the other.

      1. Hyde needs to hit the hole with reckless abandon, his happy feet worked at osu not so much here. Supremely gifted, hoping he breaks out and eases the burden on tim rattay, I mean brian hoyer.

          1. I think Bourne, Magnussen, Pita, Blair and Colbert all made it by the skin of their teeth. The rest were kinda expected.
            I was surprised that Flynn, Jackson and Sunseri did not make the team.

            1. How do you like cutting Dial? He could be a reserve for all 3 inside positions… He was among our better players last year. Personally, I don’t like it. Also, I wonder why we didn’t get a chance to Redmond. With, say, Reaser, we know what we have. With Redmond, we don’t know.

              1. He was waived/injured. Hurt two years in a row. They may pick him back up on the practice squad if he’s eligible. But if you’re not on the field showing what you’ve got, especially on team that went 2-14 the year before under a different coaching staff…

                You’re just not going to catch a break.

              2. Dial was caught in a numbers game, and Blair could get to the QB.
                Redmond I did not care about, because he was a Baalke ACL pick, and they rarely work out.

          2. Roster overall is decent, but not good enough to mask a dire qb situation. Dial and Brooks were head scratchers for me because they were useful pieces, replaced by question marks. Who’s our best pass rusher now? Reports are they are searching for a versatile d lineman….um, isn’t that exactly what Dial was?!! Are these guys getting cut specifically because they are hold overs, certainly feels that way……I just don’t see how these moves benefit the squad.

            1. Pass-rush: Buckner. He was the best last year.

              Brooks: Most of his sacks the past few years have been coverage or QB flushed sacks. And I think a lot of people have seen that. This being touched-on tangentially (from October last year) by others:

              Ahmad Brooks: Leading the pace with the only two sacks registered by the position. Brooks, 32, play has shown flashes at times he still has juice left in the tank, but at the same time, it hasn’t translated to more production on the field. Brooks sets the edge well in the run game and is a sneaky pass rusher but needs to be more consistent and leaves much to be desired overall. His pro focus rankings for pass rush is 36.3 and run defense is 56.4. {240 snaps played.)

              Basically, he had some flashes and, if you gave him time, he could get in, so he wasn’t a complete waste, but he wasn’t really a threat either.

              Dial: He’s a clogger. He’s a big, 3-4 DE clogger. Great guy to have on your team to take snaps if you’re running a big 3-4 defense like we did the past six years. We need a DT that’s got better burst on that can go forward in a single-gap rather than clog-up a double-gap.

            2. I think the emergence of Armstead, Buckner and Thomas made Dial expendable, and Blair is an upgrade even though he is injured. In 4 years, Dial had 4.5 sacks, so he is not that great of a pass rusher.
              Brooks is a cap casualty, but he was also undisciplined. Too many times, he would line up offsides, which drove me crazy. Then, when he jumped offsides and gave the offense a free play, I wanted him benched right then and there.
              Brooks is a low character guy for lashing out at Tomsula, and his handling of women issues. If JL is starting to develop a winning culture, getting rid of Brooks was a step in the right direction.

              1. Agree absolutely on Brooks. However, Dial… I don’t know. Of course, he is not that great of a pass rusher. but, neither was, say, Justin Smith. I know that there is a difference between 3-4 and 4-3 defense, but I think that Dial was the best nose tackle after Michell (he is not that great of a pass rusher either). Who will jump in if Michell gets injured? Young Jones is, well, young. And, since you mentioned a character, Dial, as opposed to Brooks, seems to be a very nice person. I know that Niners are a professional football team and not a social institution, but I do miss Dial. And I miss Kap, as well…

          1. ?% FALSE. Kevan Barlow had a good Oline. The difference is, Frank Gore followed his line. Kevan tried to dance behind it. If Hyde tried to follow his blocks, he would have literally gotten his azz kicked. Not gained 900 plus yards in a 12 game season. Truth is in the run block grades of every NFL metric. The Niners Oline sucked lolipops

            1. And that’s why this line will make or break Hyde, he needs more time to see the lane open, then to commit quick to it. That lane will need to stay open longer too.

    2. Steel,
      JWill could still be a good RB for us in the future, but he was not ready and perhaps he really does have an ankle issue.
      I just like giving everyone a benefit of a doubt.

      But I said leading up to the draft (when Williams name was being bandied around) that Williams had a great O-line in college that seemed to consistently open holes for him to run through and definitely padded his numbers.
      I want to see JWill get his chance, but if Breida gets the opp to shine this season, Williams may be hard pressed to get on the field.

      1. AES… I never doubted Joes’s potential, I just seriously never expected that man to beat out Hyde. Hyde is a rb who created a lot of his own yards because of a poor Oline. But alot of you guys wanted to throw him to the woods because “he doesn’t fit the system”. Says who? It’s not Kyle or John. He is an injury risk, but so is every other rb.

        1. Steel,
          I hear ya. But my take is that JWill got a lot of the credit in college that should have gone to his O-line.
          When we drafted Hyde, we thought that we were getting a RB that could create yards by using his size and speed to “hit the hole” and be a tackle breaking RB like he was at OSU. Hopefully, our O-line can help create some openings allowing Hyde to run free this year.

  18. still worried about the TE’s the most,a rookie with a ? about his hammy,a blocking TE,and a guy who is just meh.Is anyone else surprised by how many rookies we kept over vets?

  19. Former Denver Broncos safety T.J. Ward will sign a one-year deal worth $5 million with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a source told ESPN’s Josina Anderson.

    Puts an end to that line of speculation.

  20. Reed,
    Shanahan was the best OC in the game. Basically everywhere He has gone the offense has gotten better. And he believes that Kaep is poor fit to run his offense. I trust his judgement. I expect the offense will improve this year largely because Hoyer will make the right reads more often and will go through his progressions faster.

  21. With 14 rookies on this team there are still a lot of unknowns on this team. It could go either way this season or see-saw a lot.

    1. EC9,
      Lynch and Shanahan had to clean the house of the Baalke era. There are still many players from the last regime but by year 2 of the Lynch/Shanahan era those players could be off the books.
      A 2-14, 2016 record will also demand changes to be made.

      When Shanahan was hired it was the general consensus here that it would take 2-3 years to see a highly competitive team likely vying for a playoff birth.
      I’m excited for the new regime and the new players. The foundation for perennial success is being laid before our eyes!

      1. Perhaps AES, but this a young team and a lot of the players are very raw. Raw players will have steep learning curves. How successful this regime is remains to be seen.

        The early Baalke years showed lots of promise too. I saw things in the preseason which pointed to a better tomorrow and others that said this could be a very difficult season.

        The offense had challenges moving the ball. The OL had serious difficulties. The run game was lackluster. The passing game was at times very pedestrian.

        The DL was much improved though our defensive backfield gave up yardage like French army in full retreat.

        We still have trouble in the red zone and our Special Teams are anything but in coverage.

        That does not make for a competitive and complete team in my opinion. The mounting injuries are also a concern because the depth in this team is just not there.

        1. “That does not make for a competitive and complete team in my opinion.”
          ~ EC9

          Agreed. We are 2-3 yrs from this team making some serious noise. I believe that most of our wins this year will take place in the 2nd half of the season when players are more acclimated with the new scheme. But I expect to see some players really develop during this time.

  22. Analyzing the roster, there are 6 players who could be replaced with superior talent from the league cutdowns,
    Mostert, even with his nice run. Beadles, Bourne, Coyle, Reaser, and Lynch, who may have weight and motivation issues.
    Do not know if the Niners could find that needle in the haystack, but I sure hope they are scouring the waiver wires.
    I could have mentioned a 7th, but I am letting KS play his favorite. However, I reserve the right to criticize, and am not too optimistic that he will shine, even though I hope he does, because that would mean the Niners are winning.

    1. I agree on everyone but Lynch. Lynch is the best pass rusher on this team left and if you look at his production it is sound. If you look at his preseason games he performed very well. Had this been any other player we would be lauding him but because he had that label around him like an albatross he gets the stigma.

      1. EastCoast9er

        You are right on the button for my money…this is just another case of Grant throwing out statements like Lynch being ‘overweight’ ….and Seb following his lead by brown-nosing Grant…Lynch showed up at his preferred weight (270), and in the third preseason game graded out as the best in the league….what the hell are they asking for ? Boy Scout Jamboree…? magazine models ?…Let’s get a little bit real folks….

    1. Also you only qualify for the free agent waiver draft if you have less than 4 years experience , those like ward with more than 4years experience than can immediately sign with anyone after being cut.

  23. Niners should look at Ben Bouleware ILB, who was just waived by the Panthers.
    I know he is not elite, but he would provide good intel on their first opponent.

  24. Seb, a couple of things. Though it would be a nice gesture to sign a local kid like Scooby (Newman by the way, not Neuman), it’s not going to happen. Scooby, who I know personally, is too slow to play in the NFL, and even if signed by someone, which is a possibility, will be nothing more than a special team player or a garbage time replacement. I think he will end up in the Arena Football League myself. One of the most overblown myths in the NFL is getting “intel” from former players of upcoming opponents. You really thing there’s anything that Bouleware or any other player is going to tell KS or any other coach anything of significance they don’t already know? Come on. These teams know each other backwards, forwards, and upside down. What, are they going to debrief him in the interview room? So Ben, what play are they going to run on third and 8? Swing pass? Draw? Long bomb? What does Cam like to eat for breakfast on gameday? Does he wear boxers or briefs? Meh…..

    1. Seahawks have grabbed many former 49ers. The recent winning streak of the Seahawks over the Niners amazingly coincided with that trend.
      Believe what you want. I am just connecting the dots.
      Knowing the team’s locker room dynamics may seem unimportant to you, I just think it may be the difference between winning and losing.

      1. The Seahawks have much better talent than the Niners do at this moment, Seb.
        All things being equal, locker room dynamics could certainly provide an edge. But between those teams, all things are not equal. Not even close-yet.

  25. Matt Maiocco
    Matt Maiocco @MaioccoNBCS

    Teams may begin to form their 10-player practice squads at 10 a.m. (PT). Waiver claims must be submitted by 9 a.m. (PT).

    1. Maiocco tweets Cooper was 49ers “one and only” only waiver claim. I guess Lynch and Shanahan like what they have, or have a trade in the works.

            1. Sept 2 12:57 PM. sebnynah
              Browns released Xavier Cooper. I liked him in the draft, and wonder if the Niners will kick the tires on him.

  26. I do somewhat agree with you Seb concerning the importance of lockeroom dynamics. This is part of the reason why Kaep is still unemployed! That noted divisiveness, combined with his mediocre skills, equals no job. Let me preempt your inevitable “He won the Eshmont” award argument by reminding you that the vote was anything but unanimous. It was not much more than a majority. I call that divisive, just like JL. That’s why he said “There’s the open door, don’t let it hit you in the rear on the way out!!”

    1. Juan, I enjoy our back and forths, and unlike others who call me a Nazi and Jim Jones follower, you I actually respect.
      Yes, locker room dynamics are important, and players can become divided with infighting. However, last year, even with all the losing, the Niners stayed together, when many other teams would have flown apart. They were dealt a poor hand, but they handled it like professionals.
      Considering that the league is 70% black, I expect the locker room vote followed those lines, because many black players have felt the sting of racial profiling, and have know people who have endured being treated as less than human. Yes Kaep won the Len Eshmont Award, and you cannot deny that reality. It does not matter if he won by one vote, he won.
      Maybe you want to continue to call it divisive, but JL walked back that term, and said that he did not mean to use that word to describe the situation, because of the negative connotations.
      If JL wanted to never re-sign Kaep, he would have never felt the need to apologize to Kaep about the continued leaks and smears. The fact that he apologized, just means he is keeping the door open. He could have burnt more bridges, but instead, left the door open for his return.
      The blackballing of Kaep is beyond reasonable behavior. It is a test for the Niners, and so far, they are not passing. It is very telling that the NFL will allow players who commit DV, yet ostracizes a player who advocates for social justice. History will not be kind to the NFL, and their petty persecution, because it has not had the desired results. Instead of cowing the players into standing, players are still kneeling. Since they are continuing to protest. Kaep has succeeded, even without playing. Until he does play, the NFL will continue to have a big black eye. They are making him into a martyr, and highlighting the hypocrisy.

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