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  1. Boldin doesn’t belong on our team. Hes 35. He belongs on a legitimate Super Bowl contender, like the Pats. Hes passed that mentor stage, I tjnk he wants one more title. All he would do here is sufer in a bench role. It would be a magnificent insult. Let the man go for another title. The right team will call soon enough! One Luv Anquan!

  2. Here are some fun facts about the 49ers receiving corp:

    1) 7 out of the 12 receivers on the team have never caught a pass in an NFL game.

    2) The combined stats of the 5 that have caught a pass in a game are(Rec/Yds/Tds) 453 7217 46

    3) Anotonio Brown’s stats for his 6 year career(Rec/Yds/Tds) 526 7093 38

    4)Two players account for 87% of the teams receiver statistical production; Torrey Smith and Jerome Simpson, Simpson as you know isn’t currently a starter on the team.

    5) Not including Jerome Simpson(because why would you?) outside of Torrey Smith the 49ers receivers have a combined TD total of 3.

    Considering the horrible receiver draft classes that have come through the NFL draft in the past couple seasons it’s understandable how Baalke has struggled to fill the ranks…

    1. Nicely done CFC. Our only hope is that one of these guys can play besides Smith. Does Chip’s offense help receivers as much as it helps QB’s? What do you think of Grant’s take on Kelly’s 3rd down option?

      1. I re-watched the Eagles/Giants game just now and 7 times they were within 2 to 6 yards on 3rd down and none of those times did the receivers run routes similar to what he described. Keep in mind it’s just one game but if he doesn’t do it with 7 opportunities in a single game my guess is that it’s not something that he does nearly as often as Grant suggests.

        The most commonly run play in those situations(in that game) was to run a read-option/option-read and hand it off to Murray.

        1. Your probably right Coffee, another thing Grant fails to mention is that coaches have different game plans for each opponent the way Grant seems to analyze Chips offense is as if Chip does this on every game lol Still I’d prefer Chips offense over Christ/Tomsula anyday of the week.

          1. I wouldn’t be quite as dismissive. He does his homework. Keep in mind again that I only checked one game. I’m far from infallible and it’s entirely possible that at least one of those pass attempts had a situation that Grant described and I simply didn’t recognize it, although I’m pretty sure there wasn’t. Still, not perfect.

            One game isn’t enough to describe a trend. I did see Bradford take the snap and only look one way many times but the receivers were usually running very different routes and Bradford didn’t appear to only be waiting for one of them. You have to keep in mind how highly subjective all of this is. Without being in the mind of Bradford or in the room when they learn the play no one can say for certain what was going on in each play. Was it an option pattern or was he just running a five yard out?

    2. Ballky has had many, many opportunities over the past several years to draft a receiver-or any offensive skill player for that matter-and he has failed miserably.

    3. C4C

      Not to be argumentative, but how many of those 12 receivers had a catchable pass thrown their way ?

      To be very honest, I find the congregate of receptions, …yardage,… and TDs pretty acceptable measured against Antonio Brown …A Brown is one helluva receiver.

      maybe someone would explain the lack of love for Jerome Simpson…? He was acquitted of some (case), and has continued to keep his nose clean, and play football…He’s probably our second best WR, big fast and motivated

      I’m still concerned with who is THROWING the passes…..

      1. My point was to illuminate just how little experience our current set of receivers has. The comparison to Brown was to show how the combined stats of all of our receivers with experience matches the production of a single player.

        There’s no love for Simpson because he’s dumb and he’ll have an even harder time making it Chips system. Million dollar body with a ten cent head. On the option play Simpson is the one that will turn the wrong direction each time.

        1. C4C

          I did get what you were intending (illumination) and I liked the the comparison…I wonder how many targets Antonio Brown had, and how many targets “the dirty dozen” had…..

          I hadn’t heard about Simpson’s IQ, but I do know that ‘Chip’ likes more reflex than overthinking oneself…

          Good post C4C

          1. Simpson is a physically gifted athlete but there is a specific reason the Bengals & Vikings were willing to let him walk and that he’s not starting on one of the worst receiving squads in the NFL.

      2. And how much experience did Victor Cruz have when he got started. It’s not always about experience. I believe Ellington will have an awsome career, as will Torrey Smith. Instead of speculating, I prefer watch and see.

        1. It’s not about the experience of one player but the collective lack of experience of the entire squad.

    4. In 1981 the combined stats of Dwight Clarke (3rd year) and Freddie Solomon (7th year) was a pathetic 239 receptions. Of these 239, 130 of those receptions happened in 1980. Add in another 43 career-to-date receptions for Mike Schumann and what you had was, on paper, one of the worst WR corps in the NFL and they were expected to be a non-productive liability in the NFL.

      Obviously ‘on paper’ was wrong. And while I’m loathe to think Kelly is a Walsh to make ‘scrubs’ and ‘lightly regarded players’ into pro-bowl level offensive weapons, my belief is that the current 49ers offensive group is not significantly worse than the Eagles group from last year. And they finished 13th in scoring.

      So I’m cautiously optimistic we’ll have an average offense this year. Especially if they cut ties with Patton and Simpson, both of whom are close to useless roster filler.

    5. I find it amazing anyone is trying to defend the receiver corps, CfC. Great post, really highlights where the team is at right now. Lots of young guys with next to no NFL production/ experience, and little fanfare (aside from Smith and Simpson, its 3 4th rounders, a 6th rounder and a host of UDFAs). There could well be some diamonds hidden in the rough, but no matter which way you look at it, its a big gamble going with this group.

      Personally I am looking forward to seeing how the young guys go, and which (if any) emerge.

    6. Wow! Brown only has 38 TDs in 6 years?!!! That makes you marvel at what Jerry Rice did even more. What a freak he was!

  3. Physical Comparison:

    Height/Wt /40 /Bench/Vert /Broad/Agility
    OBJr 71.2 198 4.4 7 38.5 122 10.63

    Edleman 70.4 195 4.54 14 36.5 123 10.54

    Ellington 69.4 197 4.45 15 39.5 120 10.64

    Grant, Kelly likes to throw to his running backs as well, so maybe Hyde/Draughn are a different option on 3rd down. If Ellington goes down, who do you see backing him up in the slot?

    1. Draughn will run a ton of option routes on third-and-medium as well. Draughn and Ellington will be the sticks receivers on either side of the field while Smith, McDonald and Patton run deep routes to clear space underneath.

      If Ellington goes down, White or Treggs will back him

  4. Interesting take, Grant. I’m not sure it’s any more accurate than so many other missed guesses you’ve taken over the past few years, but it seems plausible and reasonable.
    My question is this: What ever happened to the coaching philosophy where you take the players you’ve got (which, in ANY sane world would certainly include last years’ best receiver, the best receiver from the previous year, and the guy who would be our best receiver this year, if he were on the roster — all of whom have the initials AB), and coach to THEIR strengths? When did the coach’s philosophy/ego become more important than the number in the win column? Having Anquan on this team seems like such a no-brainier to me that I’m in something like a state of shock.

      1. Chip says he adapts the offense to suit his players strengths, but you are right. Kelly’s a system coach. I like Trent Brown, but I’m afraid he will be a system casualty.

  5. Love Q but he’s 35 and we need to know if any of the young WRs can become something…teams like the pats and steelers do it all the time and one of the younger WRs steps up. Boldin isn’t the future we aren’t winning anything with or without him this season time to see what the guns have.

  6. As I’ve been saying since the draft, this year the 9ers will build strong O and D lines while looking at all the young athletes they have at WR and DB. Next offseason [possibly with a QB in place] will be all about adding skill position players through the draft and free agency. Boldin has no place on this yrs 9ers because he really has no place on the 2017 9ers and that’s what they are building towards. 4 wins this year if Kaep doesn’t get rid of the yips and 6 or 7 if he can get out of his own head. 2017 season it will be back in the playoffs. imho

    1. 2017 is a good time to get free agents. The young players will have more snaps under their belts. A good time to bring in veteran experience.

      1. B2 W

        I agree with you that this could be a perfect time to acquire free agents….a lot of disappointed 5 year vets with no place to go will be looking for a place to land. I am assuming that TB and ‘Chip’ are scanning the roster looking for holes to fill ….there aren’t many ‘needs’…5 or 6 at the most….

  7. If anyone else is watching the Canadian football game tonight on espn, take a look at #94 on Winnipeg. He is a D lineman and a pretty amazing looking athlete.

  8. Through the process of attrition, some playoff team will need a WR. Boldin, with his SB experience, would be a logical replacement.

    I concede that Boldin may have lost a step, but I think the Niners should re-sign him for his leadership qualities..His hands are like glue, and people have overlooked his blocking skills.

    Chip Kelly would be able to use Boldin, and his veteran savvy play. Of course, sending him out on go routes would not be wise. However, Boldin could find the seam in the Zone. He could run past the sticks for the quick button hook, or a slant, and use his body to shield the defender from the ball.

    I hope Boldin would help win another ring, if not on the Niners, then on a serious SB contender.

  9. Because our offenses had been such touchdown machines with Boldin and Harbaugh’s tough guy WR game. And Crabtree the Weapon. There again, Vernon was fast but didn’t contest space much, so I take your point. Patton and Ellington are not inspiring, I’ll give you that. Someone will show up this year. Maybe not 1000 yards worth, but a couple of targets hitting 600-700 yds each plus spreading it around to RB and TE regularly, can move the sticks.
    It’s time to try a new offense. I’m excited.

    1. I Forgot

      I am in agreement with you….in fact, I’ll go a little bit farther, I believe that by spreading it around, I believe that we’ll avoid some of those injuries that have mauled us over the years. Let’s see what Deandre Campbell can do,…Dres Anderson, DeAndrew White, among others. Torrey Smith is going to be all-pro this season. With this kind of speed, and a reinvigorated Oline…Chip’s offense will thrive….at least be fun to watch….

  10. Did Tomsula/Christ use option routes? Steve Logan really likes option routes. I guess he didn’t have much influence over the play calling.

    1. No. And when Kaepernick was still the QB, most of the time they were they were running 1-read passing plays. It was a HS offense for a HS QB.

      And it’s not like it was much better under Harbaugh. Harbaugh’s passing attack would be considered simple for a college team as it lacked option routes and route combinations. And some of the plays were incredibly stupidly conceived as they bunched WRs in the same area instead of challenging the defense horizontally and vertically.

  11. AB is old and slow but he still is physical. I love physical football but the game is changing and with Kelly its smarts before brawn.

    We have a new Niner fan, my grandson named ‘Grant’ was hatched last night.

        1. Well … good for you .. UC .. but ..
          ya still got a ways to catch up with me ..

          (have 8 “grands” .. atm.. soon to be 9
          2 “greats”)

          1. That is very cool! My kids are 22,16 and 10 so ihope grand kids aren’t’ to soon but i am happy and jealous for those Gramdpa’s out there!

    1. Hey Grandpa…

      Congratulations…was there any arm-twisting about that name ? ‘Having a virtual cigar in Grant’s honor

    2. Congrats! Is this your first grandchild? Wish you lots of happy times! Hope no one in the family is a cowboy fan!

  12. Let’s assume Kap continues to meltdown and Gabbert ends up being the Niner’s QB.

    Blaine Gabbert’s primary fault since becoming a 49er has been throwing SHORT of the sticks on 3rd down.

    How is this “skillset” going to work for us if Kelly’s go-to play in 3rd and medium is the option route with the receiver posting up at or past the sticks?The ball will just hit the ground, go out of bounds, or get picked off every time this scenario arises.

    1. Gabbert has good chemistry with Ellington and Draughn, which will help them on option routes on third-and-medium.

      1. I hope yoiu’re right this time Grant.
        It would be awesome if we didn’t have to utilize our infamous 2015 fifth round pick more than once or twice per game. Let’s also hope Kelly/Modkins’ are more inclined to be “afraid to punt” than our last genius of a Head Coach was.

        1. Indeed. On third-and-long receivers have to run longer routes, so the offense has to keep a running back or tight end or both in to block.

  13. Speaking of timidity, and not being afraid to punt, I hope the Niners stop using metrics, and go bold. If they are inside the 10 on fourth down, they should not settle for a field goal. Green Bay, in their last NFCCG, settled for 2 field goals, and lost to the Seahawks. Niners lost home field advantage when they settled for field goals, and lost during the 2013 season.

    I also hope to see a Chip Kelly led team go for the 2 point play more. I hope that he will make the Niners competent enough to be able to gain at least 2 yards. I also hope they are confident enough to make those 2 tough yards.

  14. Before worrying too much about going for 2, keep in mind a touchdown must be scored in order to have the go-for-2 option even possible. Scoring touchdowns is the issue, not what to do for extra points.

    1. Well, I am saying that they need to score more TDs, and not settle for FGs.

      I guess I am more optimistic than you. I truly think that with a healthy Kaep and Hyde, and an improved O line, the Niner offense will not be pathetic like last year.

      I really like Chip’s offensive strategy, because it seems like they concentrate on running to the open space and weak spots in the defense, instead of plowing into the teeth of the defense.

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