Anthony Davis: “The 49ers should draft an Offensive Tackle in the top 10.”

Check out these tweets that Anthony Davis just posted:

How do you feel about these tweets, and how do you feel about Davis?

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  1. At some point he needs to learn to be an adult and have an adult conversation. It appears he isn’t at that point yet. No amount of wishing will make it so. His mental conversations and self talk appear to be negative and he is making himself the victim.
    There isn’t much you can say to that. Mike Singletary said it best: “Can’t win with them. Don’t want ’em. Don’t need ’em.”

      1. That’s possible. I think a big factor last season was the coach and the offensive game plan. I defer to your football depth though.

      2. I think Brown’s arrow is up. I think he had one hurry in 33 pass attempts against Dunlap(10.5 sacks). All he needs to do is show consistency and prove he can handle the conditioning required for that uptempo offense. He’s got great feet and balance for a guy that size….

          1. I believe he can because he played running back, linebacker, receiver and even quarterback. He also played guard in basketball. He’s a moving Skyscraper….

            1. Razor, this is a fantastic addition to the conversation and a great image you’ve provided. He is also quite prolific on Twitter himself.

      3. Jack

        Not buying it…he was only one of many whom we did without….he’s not a football player anymore…and I don’t expect him to be ever again.

    1. I agree tje guy qoute on his team not the Front Office. Do not trade him make him sot at home and lose money. He sill be brole in two years.

  2. Twas The Night Before Draftmas, and all through the house, there was a creature stirring and his name was Baalke Mouse….

    #7 DeForest Buckner DL Oregon – Big guys protect little guys

    #37 Deion Jones ILB LSU – Gil Brandt’s favorite and is a poor man’s Myles Jack

    #68 Sean Davis CB/S Maryland – Boom, boom, out go the lights

    #105 Kolby Listenbee WR TCU – Played through groin injury suffered from game 3 and on

    #133 Kevin Hogan QB Stanford

    #142 Darrell Greene OG San Diego State – Wrecking ball

    #145 Roy Robertson-Harris OLB/DE UTEP – Starter potential & that’s all you can ask here

    #174 Moritz Boehringer WR Germany – Jawohl

    #178 Devin “Rockhead” Johnson RB Marshall

    #207 Austin Blythe C Iowa

    #211 Jared Norris ILB Utah – Finally went to Jared’s

    #213 Matt Weiser TE Buffalo

    Really enjoyed everyone’s mock draft, and I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and open the first present….

    P.S. I told you “Bam” was loco!

    1. First three picks – yuppers. Not that I am just enamored with the names, but its more about the positions they play – Defense. You also included a center, nice.

  3. You forgot his tweet that he paid back 2 million to sit:

    AD Verified account 
    You are crazy as hell if you think I paid $2Million to avoid a coach. lol

    1. I’d do that trade for Ramsey. He’s worth it, but I think the Chargers take him. Plus Jerry would probably take him for himself if given the opportunity….

    2. – I’ve heard rumors the 49ers are enamored with Ramsey.
      – I can see how the 49ers (might) have Stanley a notch above Tunsil because of his pass pro and zone suitability. I think Tunsil’s run blocking would make him more attractive to Baalke. Baalke also might be spooked by the quick footed Marcus Martin who has yet to develop enough strength to stop the bull rush.
      – Nice to see Jones and Billings on your radar. Two candidates to be taken in a trade-back situation. I like Ogbah too.
      – Garnet at 64? Could be. I know Garnett and Kelly hit it off at Stanford pro day. Like old buddies.
      – I think Baalke might have Correa and Kaufusi a little higher.

      Most of my comments are from tidbits of internet echo chamber stuff over the last few months, so I’m sure my guesses turn out to be just that… guesses. Did many have Tartt on their radar in round two last year? I didn’t.

      – I get killed for this, but I’m not against trading up for Stanley or Tunsil. How many chances does a team have for a great player?

    3. Ramsey, Ogbah, Lasco, Hogan, Reader works for me. Can’t comment on Smith cuz I have no idea. Not familiar with the rest of those guys.

    4. Nice.

      I’m surprised you have Thuney so high on your big board for the 49ers (much higher than most sites) but don’t have the 49ers taking him. If he is there in the 3rd round, would have to think the 49ers would strongly consider trading up for him in your draft scenario.

    5. Also, posted this in the other thread in response to 49reasons mock, but applicable here too.

      I see pretty much everyone is on Ogbah in the 2nd round. For mine this is well below where I think he should get drafted.

      I had him as #9 in my draft big board the other day. I’m a little higher on him than most, I acknowledge, but I would be pretty surprised if he makes it out of the first round. He’s very raw, but despite this he was extremely productive. And when he gets his technique right he is a monster to deal with. His #9 overall rating from me is based on what he could be with the right coaching. He reminds of Ziggy Ansah in terms of raw talent.

  4. He’s got a beef with Baalke apparently. Hard to make a judgment when we don’t have a clue as to what’s been said between the two of them. I didn’t expect him back so no big surprise.

    1. I thought his beef was originally with Harbaugh who wanted him taken off the field quickly when he was hurt.

    2. Once you retire it means you’ve lost a little passion for the game. He can say it was about injuries but injuries heal. He could have gone on IR. Why would anyone want him? Good player but big mouth and immature. Trade him if you can.
      For tomorrow, my prediction the Niners take the CB Ramsey.

    3. How hard is it to make a judgment about a guy who quit the team at the worst possible moment for the team, after the draft, and who then talked smack about Joe Staley’s play from his sofa?

      This guy is a grade A douche.

  5. Shut up and go play football Davis your getting paid more than you deserve ;if you don’t think so go get a real job see how that works with all your tweets

  6. I don’t care how much the OL misses Davis, he is virtually begging to be cast off the team by his comments.

    Btw, Davis is not in position to dictate who the FO should draft.
    Even if Davis decides to play for us and make a vow to turn off his twitter account, it would not have changed my mock draft from last week of taking Stanley with number 7.

  7. Since he’s still under contract with the team, he has no leverage. My question is, legally if he wants to play, do the Niners have to re-instate him?

  8. Final mock. used fanspeak with no trades and comp board.
    7. Buckner
    37. Floyd
    68. Garnett
    105. Perkins
    133. Fahn Cooper
    142. Evan Boehm
    145. Kevon Seymour
    174. Aziz Shiltu
    178. Kevin Hogan
    207. Mike Thomas
    211. Avery Young
    213. Dadi Nicolas.

  9. Hmmm, AD’s tweets say a lot, and they fit the narrative I have been postulating.
    This FO is toxic, and their emo behavior just show that they do not get it. It is infantile the way they do business, and players would rather retire than play for them. These past actions of the FO are hurting the team, and they really need to grow up and behave in a more mature manner. The way how the FAs avoided the Niners like the plague should have sent red flags aloft.
    If the FO really wanted to win, they would have swallowed their pride, and welcomed AD back with open arms. Instead, they stabbed him in the back so much, he does not want to come back and would rather stay retired. This FO is lowering expectations, and do not want to make a push for the Super Bowl. Maybe they want to be rewarded with a high draft pick, so they will not even try to win.

    1. It would not surprise me if AD just does not want to do OTAs and training camp. Given his potential, he could be angling to file for reinstatement with just enough time lag so that he would be back in around the 2nd preseason game. Then he gets ready at his own pace and is not beat up at the start of the season. If the 49ers don’t want him, they have to release him and then he can make a deal with another team (the Raiders?). It’s pretty clear that AD is a thinker, and he does things “my way”.

      1. Sorry, but those tweets said a lot. AD is not happy with the FO, with good reason.
        It is no mystery why Baalke was blind sided by AD retiring last year. Baalke did not communicate well enough, just like this year when he has not even talked with Kaep.
        Baalke may do it by the numbers, but there are human relations to think about.
        Baalke must learn that he needs to treat players like men, not chattel.
        I wish the FO had an ounce of class, but I guess that is asking for too much.

        1. It seems to me that Davis does not want to play again — for any team. Otherwise, he’d be here to get in shape and get traded. If he were a loyal soldier he’d have trade value. They way he’s orchestrated this, no one will want him. Despite whatever personality traits Baalke has, Davis is the only player under contract doing this. That tells me he just can’t get along.

          1. No, His original posts sounded like he was coming back, until Baalke gave him a headache. AD has earned 26 mil, so he does not have to work another day in his life, but he sounds like he wants to play again. Just not for this FO.

            1. Well, we’ll see if someone is willing to give Baalke a pick for his rights. Btw, do you have inside knowledge about this? If not, how can you respond, No? It’s never sounded to me like he was coming back.

              1. Cant trade him until he is reinstated. Just remember his first tweets, do not have inside information.

              2. He does have to reinstate before the 49ers can trade him. The team holds no rights over a retired individual.

              3. “The question now is @ Bam Davis, really coming back to the squad?”
                ‘AD- “Guaranteed”

    1. When Baalke is your GM the draft is like getting Christmas presents from relatives that know nothing about you. The thought is nice but nothing that they bought makes sense or is anything you would want.

    1. I think they will draft Stanley here. It makes too much sense, because their biggest need is RT in my opinion. Brown might be suitable there, but in a zone scheme it would probably play to his strengths by moving him inside. Adding Stanley would make a line of Staley – Beadles or Thomas – Kilgore – Brown – Stanley. Then, ASSUMING Beadles or Thomas holds up, they add a power back to supplement Hyde (my pick was Henry), we’ve got the foundation for a move-the-chains offense that Gabbert can more easily manage. Baalke has to put seats in the stand, and IMO a functional offense is the best way to do that.

  10. JPN- I hope it was clear that it was a troll trashing you yesterday not me.I have nothing but respect for additions here,

  11. Wiki on the name Elliot – “The origin of the surname is obscure, perhaps due to much of the genealogy of the Eliott clan being burnt in the destruction of the castle at Stobs in 1712 AD”

    Obscured by fire. Like a smoke screen.

    Is Elliot really going top 7?

    1. “Unfortunately for Niners fans, San Francisco’s most recent drafts have been trending downward, with the fourth-worst AV per pick in the last five seasons after ranking eighth from 2006 to ’10.”

      Ouch. This is a what have you done for me lately league. Jed York should take note and keep Baalke on a very short leash. If Kelly coaches well but the draft doesn’t produce then you could be in a situation where Kelly stays and Baalke goes.

    1. The only moves worse then drafting Buckner at #7 would be a) drafting Ramsey at #7 or b) trade up to draft Ramsey.

      One S/CB is really going to solve our problems. Good grief.

      1. If you had to bet on one player from this class to make the Hall of Fame, who would you choose? I’d choose Ramsey.

        1. Jaylon Smith is the only player in the draft that on the surface appears to have the makings of a HoF player.

          Ramsey is so over-hyped it’s almost criminal.

            1. I don’t think he has the hips. Speed receivers are going to burn past him because he wont be able to turn and accelerate with them. He’s a FS/Nickle back. I don’t have any problem with him being taken at the end of the first and on but giving him top 20 consideration is a huge mistake.

              1. Sources Tell Us
                “Some scouts on the road think he’s overrated and some think he’s the next Richard Sherman. We all agree that he’s going to win the combine and that (Mike) Mayock won’t stop talking about him.” –­ NFC director of football operations

                Could there be some indifference on where Ramsey should be drafted?

              2. He runs a 4.37 and is no less agile than Sean Smith. Ramsey will be a Pro Bowl cornerback if a team plays him outside.

              3. I swear you’re the love child of Al Davis with your covetous need for players that can run fast in a straight line while not wearing any football related gear.

              4. Ramsey ranks in the 99th percentile in terms of cornerback SPARQ scores. He is the best athlete in the draft.

              5. That’s possible but being the best athlete doesn’t mean he’s the best NFL player in the draft.

              6. ” How do you measure that?”

                What measurement system were you using when you said this;

                “He has better hips than Xavier Rhodes who plays outside.”

              7. We’re not disagreeing that he’s a good athlete. Good athletes tend to do well at the combine.

                When Ramsey faces a receiver that puts on the speed move Ramsey has shown on film to struggle in opening up his hips and getting his body completely turned around around to start running with the receiver. He’s much better at slowing down and changing directions laterally. This is what will make him better as a Nickle corner.

              8. I believe it was said on ESPN Sport Science draft show, that Ramsey has unusual ability to rotate his hips very quickly, while maintaining an unusual amount of his speed.

                Whether or not this shows on film, is another question.

              9. I think Ramsey is more in danger of being beat by in breaking routes and comebacks. He’ll need to learn how to be physical without giving away penalties to slow guys down out of their breaks.

          1. Lance Zierlein says Smith will fall to a Day 2 or even a Day 3 pick due to injury concerns. Smith failed multiple physicals and then went back for a follow up physical and failed that too. Apparently, Almost all teams have red-flagged Smith. Which of course means, Baalke will pick him at #7.

    2. Even with all the Davis stuff going on??? Our OL needs are becoming more and more glaring. Maybe Brown will be okay but that still does nothing for our interior OL. We draft a Stanley or Tunsil and push Brown to RG. Once Staley retires or traded we push Brown back out to RT and Stanley/Tunsil to LT.

      Ramsey is a tremendous talent but OL is more important imo.

      1. I don’t think they plan to move Brown around. They try to groove in young players at one spot, like Aaron Lynch. If the Niners draft Stanley or Tunsil, that probably means they’ll trade Joe Staley.

        1. Seems like a seamless transition from RT to RG to my ignorant eyes, especially since he played OG in college. Much like the Boone switch.

  12. “Fans understand that you have to make tough decisions sometimes. It’s life.”

    Yea, cause I need some lazy millionaire 20 year old trying to tell me life is hard sometimes. Hey kid, go F yourself.

  13. It seems to me that AD is trying to win a PR battle that only he appears to be fighting. What is not clear is what his end game may be, if he even has one.

    If he wants to stay retired, he could do so with no explanation or need to win a PR battle.

    If he wants to play for the 49ers again, he is proceeding about it quite poorly.

    If he wants a trade, he is likely damaging any trade prospects through his comments.

    Often when the manifest behavior of a person is at odds with stated desires or makes no sense to an observer given the context, it is because the observer is missing one or more necessary bits of information needed to understand the behavior. This appears to be such an instance, as the actions of both the team and AD seem to make no sense given the team’s need and the stated desire of AD to play again. I would guess that the missing information concerns money and/or conditions that the 49ers would place on his return.

    1. I think you may be right JPN. Money is the likely culprit. Perhaps he’s fighting for some of the money he lost last year, or some he could lose this year. So he’s trying to portray it as the Niners must not want to win if they will not pay him what he wants to get on the field.

    2. I’m not certain that the confusion surrounding this situation involves a missing bit of information on the part of the audience at this point JPN. I think we have an incredibly immature individual that was likely hoping to be wooed and begged to return and the indifference he has received has caused him to act even more immaturely, like a child that isn’t receiving the attention it wants.

      He’s also displaying the characteristics of someone that knows that they don’t really want to return but likes the attention of people anticipating it or likes the attention of being considered an NFL player but doesn’t want to actually have to do the work.

      1. ” I think we have an incredibly immature individual that was likely hoping to be wooed and begged to return and the indifference he has received has caused him to act even more immaturely, like a child that isn’t receiving the attention it wants.”

        That is a good point, CFC. That would explain why I see no logical endgame for his behavior based on the information we have — he may not be behaving in a logical manner.

        1. JPN,

          Do you know if the 49ers are obligated to accept A Davis’ request to be reinstated, in the even he files his application?

          1. My understanding is that the NFL, not the club, would reinstate him. If he were reinstated by the NFL, the club could then enforce the existing contract, trade him, or release him, the same as any player under contract.

            1. I couldn’t find anything specific about the contract. I found some information that seemed to infer that the club and player would work out a new deal. That made sense to me because in the case of Davis, he certainly isn’t worth the contract that he was playing under when he left in his current condition.

              1. I could be wrong, Coffee, but I think they can enforce the current one or work out a modification. I agree that it would not make sense for the team to merely enforce the existing terms given the changed circumstances.

              2. Here is Section 16 of the standard NFL player contract from the CBA (

                16. EXTENSION. Unless this contract specifically provides otherwise, if Player be-comes a member of the Armed Forces of the United States or any other country, or retires from professional football as an active player, or otherwise fails or refuses to perform his services under this contract, then this contract will be tolled between the date of Player’s induction into the Armed Forces, or his retirement, or his failure or refusal to perform, and the later date of his return to professional football. During the period this contract is tolled, Player will not be entitled to any compensation or benefits. On Player’s return to professional football, the term of this contract will be extended for a period of time equal to the number of seasons (to the nearest multiple of one) remain-ing at the time the contract was tolled. The right of renewal, if any, contained in this contract will remain in effect until the end of any such extended term.

          2. Davis files his reinstatement through the league and since he didn’t do anything wrong they have no reason to not reinstate him. At that point the 49ers would own the rights to negotiate a contract with him. They would likely only offer him a short term prove you can still play type deal with little to no guaranteed money. The next question is would he accept such a deal.

        2. JPN,

          Do you know if the 49ers are obligated to accept A Davis’ request to be reinstated, in the event he files his application?

    3. JPN

      Great to see you on here a little bit these days.

      Today, AD followed yesterday’s barrage with something about him playing in a lot of pain through what was to later be diagnosed as a torn bicep. Apparently at the time of the initial MRI evaluation, team doctors stated the MRI was inconclusive because it was “fuzzy.”

      Piecing together all that we’ve seen–i.e., this latest tweet, the one to Kap, the one about renting his body to dishonest people, and the one about giving up $2M–I believe AD’s main grievance is that he believes he was lied to by the medical staff (blames Trent), and his secondary grievance is that perhaps his promised return has received with what he perceives is less than fits a #11 draft pick.

      To prioritize as such makes sense if you take into consideration that AD left the game to “heal his mind and body” and in so doing returned $2M. I believe that he values his health over the money. Who knows what Harbaugh put his guys through? It wouldn’t surprise me if there was a very militaryesque, tough guy attitude, and when the dangers spread from AD’s biceps to his brain (concussion in 2014), he made a decision for himself.

      The irony in all of this is that Chip Kelly is notorious for his demands for conditioning, which include ensuring that his players do everything they can to be in the best possible health when taking the field, to the point that players who come to practice not ideally hydrated are forbidden from partaking.

      It all paints a picture that is “fuzzy,” to borrow from AD. Kap is known to be disillusioned by how the 49ers treated his injuries; Borland retired early; Willis retired early; and AD “retired” for a year, clearly with the intention of (hopefully) returning.

      That an NFL player wants to have a lengthy career is not enough to ensure such. He must stay in top condition, and his most formidable tool is his body. If he depends so heavily on his team to take care of that body, and it comes to light that there has been a pattern of dishonesty about player health, then the thinking player (AD) has every right to question (publicly) his FO.

      In many ways, AD may be acting as a whistleblower, and if that’s the case, he’ll soon come to realize that he has allies, especially given the massive publicity recently garnered by the CTE discussion. What I’m leery of is whether he realizes that the 49ers likely represent the vast majority of NFL practice when it comes to injuries.

    4. “Often when the manifest behavior of a person is at odds with stated desires or makes no sense to an observer given the context, it is because the observer is missing one or more necessary bits of information needed to understand the behavior.” As always, you provide wise counsel that should be heeded by all who read these posts. I could not begin to state what you did so eloquently but I would think that we both can agree that there is probably more than meets the eye here.

  14. Posters are talking about immaturity, but maybe they should look at the FO.
    Posters are criticizing AD for retiring due to his concussions, and all I can say is that he is the best judge to decide how he wants to proceed. Taking a whole year off is perfectly understandable because the lingering effects of concussions can be alleviated over a long time. Maybe the Niners should have placed him on a medical leave, then welcomed him back with open arms. Instead, they insisted he come back to play, so he retired. Now posters are speculating why he has not asked to be reinstated. Maybe Baalke is saying that Brown is the starter and AD must take a pay cut with no assurances that he gets to play.
    AD posted this tweet- ‘FACTS- Integrity. No matter how educated, talented, rich or cool you believe you are, how you treat people ultimately tells all.’.
    I wonder who he was talking about.

    1. AD has to apply to the league for reinstatement. The Niners retain hisrights under his old contract. Maybe they should just cut him like the Panthers did with Josh Norman, and let him become a FA. But no, Baalke wants to hold him hostage and prevent him from playing unless he kowtows to the FO.
      If Baalke would just cut AD, I bet he would get a job within a week. He was the 11th player drafted in 2010, so he does have value, and is only 26.
      Obviously, he feels slighted by the Niners, so it is churlish and mean spirited for them to keep him from playing, just because they are able to do it.

      1. They’re not keeping him from playing. He hasn’t filed yet. If he files and they then file a grievance against him, you can talk then.

    2. >>AD posted this tweet- ‘FACTS- Integrity. No matter how educated, talented, rich or cool you believe you are, how you treat people ultimately tells all.’.
      I wonder who he was talking about.


      “Nature Boy Ric Flair flew into this s—hole to show us some love,” Davis tweeted.

      After receiving unhappy responses to his initial tweet about Appleton, Davis took to Twitter once again to disparage the town.

      “Ok everybody that strongly disagrees w me can you defend your argument on this place not being a s—hole? lol btw that is not Rhetorical,” Davis tweeted.

      And you wonder why we are commenting on his immaturity?

      1. Appleton? Isn’t that the place where Gov Scott Walker signed a controversial bill limiting collective bargaining? Maybe the shade was justified.

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