Anthony Davis out, Michael Crabtree questionable for Cowboys game

The 49ers just released their game status report:

Out: Anthony Davis (hamstring), Marcus Martin (knee)

Questionable: Michael Crabtree (calf)

Probable: Chris Culliver (ankle), Vance McDonald (hamstring)

Here is the Cowboys’ game status report:

Out: Anthony Spencer (knee), Darion Weems (shoulder)

Questionable: Zack Martin (foot), Terrell McClain (ankle), Terrance Williams (back)

Probable: Tony Romo (back), George Selvie (shoulder)

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  1. Crabtree is rarely healthy. I’m not so sure signing this guy up on a long term deal is best for the Niners, unless its with heavy incentives and not a large pot of guarantee money.

    1. Neal,
      You might be right, but the 49ers would be wise to see what they have in Stevie Johnson, Q.Patton, and “The Bruce” Ellington as the season progresses before they make such a decision.

      There’s been some talk that the two parties have been weighing numbers so if that’s confirmed, then it would seem that the 49ers still have an interest in Crabtree.
      We’ll have a much better gauge on this by mid-season.

      1. AES,

        I agree time will tell with Crabs, CK needs to develop chemistry with Ellington and Johnson that he has with Crabs. Boldin got two more good yrs left, maybe three, he should be used more effectively, especially in the red zone.

  2. They do not need Mr. Crabs to win this game. Kaepernick will have numbers similar to the opener against Capers, 38-17 49ers!!

    1. Razor,
      I hear ya. I hope you’re right as well. Last year there was a topic about how elite QB’s can make any receiver look good.
      Drew, Tom, and Payton can do still make do with interchangeable parts. I’m hoping CK7 can make some progress in that area sooner than later.

        1. “Last year there was a topic about how elite QB’s can make any receiver look good.”

          Unless they playing Seattle’s defense. j/k AES :)

          1. ricardo,
            Yup, those guys looked less effective then CK has against the c-hawks. But the above mentioned QB’s can consistently put their teams in the playoffs and give their teams a chance to win the big one.

            CK has been able to get his team to the playoffs and beyond in his 1 1/2 yrs as a starter so I’m not complaining.
            As I said earlier, I just want to see him make all his receivers (whoever they might be) look good like the elite QB’s do.

    1. I hate ’em so much …
      … I’ve NEVER bought
      the Madden games !

      and … it would tickle to watch a freight train..
      (named Hyde) .. hit Sherman so hard ..
      he swallows the football !

      1. That was hilarious. I hate the Seahawks so much I almost hate seeing them win as much as I hate seeing the niners lose. Not quite but almost.

      1. When I think of Congress I’m reminded of the closing scene in the movie The Magic Christian.
        I’ve got no love for the Seatards, but at least they’re good at what they do. Congress? Not so much.

  3. Lotta Niner fans on the Plane coming out. Oddly two Cowboys fans engaged me in conversation trying to convince themselves why the Cowboys are going to win thus game.
    It’s easily 100 degrees out here.

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