Anthony Dixon avoids head trauma

SANTA CLARA — Anthony Dixon narrowly missed sustaining a serious head injury today in the 49ers locker room.

He was walking from the equipment room to his locker when a cameraman almost took his head off.

The cameraman was standing in the middle of the locker room, holding his camera on his shoulder, looking for someone to shoot. He spotted Frank Gore, so he spun himself towards the running back.

As he spun, Dixon happened to be walking right behind him, and the cameraman would have slammed the back of his camera into his noggin if Dixon hadn’t bobbed his head out of the way at the last moment.

A bunch of reporters gasped. The cameraman had no idea what happened, so he started interviewing Gore. Dixon walked the rest of the way to his locker as if nothing happened.

One reporter rushed to Dixon and asked if he was OK. Dixon smiled innocently and said, “Yeah, why?”

The reporter reminded him that a cameraman almost took him out.

“That’s nothing,” Dixon said. “I’ve got them skills,” and he demonstrated in slow motion how he evaded the camera.

Then he popped a candy in his mouth and tossed one to Moran Norris a couple lockers down.

“What’s this?” Norris asked.

“It’s a Jolly Rancher,” Dixon said. “It’s good, too.”



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