Are Thursday night games dangerous?

SAN FRANCISCO – About a week and a half ago John Madden said on the radio that the NFL should discontinue Thursday night football games because they’re unfair for players. They don’t get enough rest between games, so the Thursday night game becomes dangerous.

I asked Vernon Davis and Donte Whitner, two of the team’s spokesmen, if they agree with Madden.

Here’s what they said.

Q: Vernon, do you agree with Madden?

VERNON DAVIS: I do with him on the too little rest because it’s a short turn-around. But I don’t think like that. I’m a warrior. I’m a competitive guy. Anything dealing with the game and helping my team, I’m up for it. I’m gonna pack my bag, grab my boots and all my bullets and I’m coming.

Q: Donte, do you agree with Madden?

WHITNER: It depends, because some guys get pretty banged up on Sundays. To ask them to be ready for a Thursday game would be tough. Sometimes when you force yourself to go out there you hurt yourself even more. So, I think in that aspect, yes. As far as being a football player, I don’t think so. Football is football. If you’re going to get injured you’re going to get injured. Sometimes things unfortunately happen out there, but I think it’s pretty good. Me as a player and as a fan, I look forward to Thursday night games.

Q: Do you think there’s an increased risk of injury?

WHITNER: No increased risk of injury. You have four days off to get ready. Thursday during the week anyway, your body is pretty much back to where it should be, so I don’t think there’s any increased risk. I actually like Thursday night games.

Q: Why do you like Thursday night games?

WHITNER: We really don’t have nothing to do on Thursday nights except flip on a game.

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