Assessing Kyle Shanahan’s staff hires — low experience, high comfort level

In the matter of the assistant coaches of Kyle Shanahan, head coach, San Francisco 49ers.

This investigation has found that Shanahan’s choices:

1. Were restricted by the lateness of his hire, as other assistant coaches took jobs elsewhere while Shanahan still was coaching the Atlanta Falcons offense during the playoffs.

2. Mostly worked with Shanahan in Atlanta, which is good.

3. Mostly lack experience, which may not be so good.

Brief bios of each assistant follow.

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  1. Good read Grant. Saleh is the one that worries me the most, although I’m excited about running a 4-3.

    Bobby Turner is a gem. He will help Hyde make the Pro Bowl this year.

    1. Cook would tan Hyde in this offense. I think Cook would have a legitimate chance to run for a grand and catch a grand in this offense….

      1. I agree, but we have too many holes to take another RB early. That’s why I don’t see McCaffrey at 34 either. But Shanny does like to have two quality RBs so…

        1. McCaffrey is a receiver in the NFL. No way in hell he could run for a grand as a running back in the NFL. Nothing against him, but I’d rather not draft any more short receivers. 6’1″ or bigger is what I’m looking for at that position. At least early….

          1. Oh I agree. I’ve said for months that I wouldn’t touch McCaffrey before the 3rd round. But in our offense, Hyde would still be the primary ball carrier. McCaffrey would get just enough carries to keep Hyde fresh.

        2. Too many holes for 2000 all purpose yards from one guy? Hyde is a back up. A complimentary back, like Coleman. Cook has the chance to be a generational talent in this offense. Remember the Weird Science movie? I think if Shanny Cooked up a running back, he’d be like Dalvin….

          1. Razor my man, did you just say Carlos Hyde is a backup? That my friend is definitely not a fact. I give u that he was injured, but there is no running back that’s coming out this year that would make that man a backup. This man accomplished what he did, although little because of injuries, with one of the crappiest offensive lines in the league. Imagine if he actually had a decent line. I just don’t agree with that statement. In my eyes, that’s insane..

            1. I’d also like to add imagine if he stayed healthy. This man is injured alot because of his hard running style. So if your saying this because of injury history, then I’d give a little leeway, but besides that, Hyde is a monster.

            2. He runs too upright, and consequently can’t stay healthy. Maybe he proves himself under Shanny, but his goose would be Cooked if we drafted Dalvin….

              1. I seriously doubt doubt that.. This man has thrived against kids and NFL defenses. Nobody coming out would dethrone him

              2. We’ll have to agree to disagree. There’s a reason Mr. Hyde lasted until round 2, and a reason Cook is top ten. In fact, he is Mr. Mayock’s top running back in a very deep class….

              3. Shanahan likes the run from the outside zone. Hyde likes to run toward the outside. A good fit. We can draft a receiving HB to compliment Hyde in the late rounds.

              4. Nonsense Razor. Most of the opinions I have heard from NFL insiders is that the consensus around the league is that Hyde would be a top 5 NFL RB behind a good OL.

                Secondly, there is a huge chunk of scouts who don’t even think Cook is the best RB in this class.

                Add in his character issues, and he’s outside the top 10 on many, many draft boards!

              5. Don’t get me wrong Razor, I absolutely love Dalvin’s skill set. He’s a Complete RB. I have no doubt he’ll be a fantastic RB. And I also like NFL.COM’s Pro Comp for him, Edgerrin James. Very simiar running style, size/body type.

                However: “Fumbles and arrests are a bad combination. He’s got a lot of ability but he’s got on the field problems with ball security and multiple arrests off of it. You have to decide if he will be responsible with more money and more time on his hands. If you have any doubts, just wait around for another running back because there will be plenty this year.” – NFC executive

              6. Wait …… Hyde runs too upright? LMAO!!! SMH!!!

                Such phony bologny. Here is one of many assessments of Hyde’s style coming out:

                MATT WALDMAN – The Rookie Scouting Portfolio: Hyde is a big, strong back with enough burst to get outside on designed runs. Once he gets outside, he gets down hill in a hurry. He has the burst to win the edge and the balance to bounce off hits or extend his body forward for additional yardage. Hyde is a decisive, short-yardage running back capable of getting down hill fast, keeping HIS PADS LOW, and attacking the crease to split defenders. He finishes a lot of runs with good extension for the yardage and the first down marker.

                NFL.COM: Hyde punishes linebackers with his downhill running style, and almost always falls forward after contact. Superb contact balance and finishing strength — does not go down easily and can barrel through arm tackles.

                SB NATION: If there is a Frank Gore comparison for Hyde, it is because of his power running style. Like Gore, Hyde GETS LOW and wide around contact. And it happens often. Hyde is the type of running back who will seek out defenders because he can often get past first contact. When he’s running between the tackles in a pile, Hyde will keep his legs moving to churn out extra yardage.

              1. I followed Hyde throughout his OHIO ST. Career, and obviously his pro career. I’ve never once heard a genuine scout knock Hyde for having an “upright” running style! IN fact, it’s widely known throughout the scouting community that Hyde has prototypical pad height, moving downhill through creases, and finishing his runs leaning forward.

                The reason Hyde is always banged up is because of his PUNISHING style,. He’s often trying to run through defenders, and always fighting for extra yardage as he finishes his runs.

                His injury have absolutely nothing to do with pad level. You might need a new TV Razor! Or corrective lenses. Seriously.

            3. “I give u that he was injured, but there is no running back that’s coming out this year that would make that man a backup.”

              I would argue there are at least 3 running backs that would make Hyde a backup. Fornett, Cook, Mixon, and Foreman all could unseat Hyde.

            4. Steel

              I wouldn’t worry too much about Razor calling Hyde a backup….two days ago, he called three of our four Centers backups…and Marcus wasn’t one of them…I think that until FA opens up, it’s just his theme…I expect to hear more of it until next month….

          2. It’s a rough sport. 60% of all running backs, WRs and TEs find themselves, on any week, on the ‘injury list.’ 40% of all running backs, WRs and TEs find themselves missing at least one week per season due to injury. 25% find themselves missing 4+ weeks per season due to injury. There is no position in the NFL that drops below 35% chance for a player to miss at least one game due to injury per season.

            But that includes non-starters and back-ups that don’t get little, if any, work. You get to starters and significant back-ups and it’s worse:

            Top-80 WRs — 46% to miss one week.
            Top-70 RBs — 49% to miss one week.

            Serious injuries:

            Top-80 WRs — 33% to miss more than one week.
            Top-70 RBs — 42% to miss more than one week.

            Hyde’s injuries:

            2014 — Ankle Sprain: Foot caught in turf during back-wards bending tackle (2 games though he could have played if we really had to have him in the last week, but since were out of the playoff hunt, it didn’t matter.)

            2015 — Fractured foot. (Stress fracture.) (9 weeks)

            2016 — Shoulder strain (2 games)
            2016 — Concussion (pre-season. 1 game missed)

            Nothing there but run-of-the-mill injuries and some bad luck.

            It’s not like Gore and his balky knees that got hurt most of his college career and every few years with the 49ers. To the point that in first his first six years with the 49ers, he completed just one season.

            Also, FWIW, your 2,000 all-purpose yards argument doesn’t mean anything. The NFL is where college stars come to fail. Here’s a recent failure we experienced that is much like the one you’re touting:

            LaMichael James. You know, the guy Harbaugh got wood over and demanded Baalke draft because he tore up Stanford in 2010…

            1714 Rush/Rec in 2009
            1939 Rush/Rec in 2010
            2015 Rush/Rec in 2011

            NFL – Fail Sauce… Just because you succeed in college, even with big stats, doesn’t mean you’re going to make in the NFL. I mean, really, when I say the NFL is the place where college stars come to fail it’s what happens. Almost all those kids drafted were college stars of one-level or another. And yet the fail because the NFL is a HUGE leap from college.

              1. I’ve read it two ways: That Harbaugh didn’t want him. That Harbaugh had wood for him.

                I’ve also read that Harbaugh promised James the starting role. And this got back to Gore and prompted Gore to say that he wasn’t going quietly and expected to be the starter during a press conference in 2012.

              2. “A source close to the team”, right Grant?

                If Gambled indeed demanded drafting LaMichael James, then I don’t trust his talent evaluation acumen.

              3. Grant

                I was unaware that Gamble fought so hard for LaMichael James, but it raises my opinion of his personnel accumen. Yes, we did have Gore in ’12 when we drafted LaMike, and the two of them couldn’t have been more different….James speed and quickness through the line , and Gore’s power, patient straight-line running. I heard that Harbaugh was vindictive over their college games and wouldn’t play him except to return punts which he did lead the league doing. Too bad…He would have been a nice option in the Super Bowl….

            1. Good stuff MosesZD.

              Again, it’s widely known that it’s Hyde’s relentless, punishing style that has led to nagging injuries throughout his young career.

              Not, and I repeat, NOT his nonexistent “upright style” you speak about Razor.

              You’re simply, unequivocally wrong in your assessment Razor, once again!

      2. I’d be ok with Cook, but I think you are under valuing Hyde Razor; especially in the system Shanahan and Turner are going to install. This type of blocking scheme is made for him.

        1. I was very high on Mr. Hyde coming out, but it’s become apparent he’s not an elite back. I think Cook is and I’m not alone. Just my opinion….

          1. “it’s become very apparent”.. According to who? Yourself? Well your opinion is yours sir, but like you said, we will agree to disagree!

            1. It is very apparent that Hyde runs too high, and takes the big blows, unlike Gore who has had a long career because he does not take on big hits. Hyde will be out of football in 2 years

          2. You don’t need an elite back to win. The Superbowl participants, over the past 15 years, have averaged the 17th best rushing attack in the NFL. HOWEVER, the winners have averaged 19th.

            In short, the losers have been better rushing teams than the winners. And most of them have not been good at rushing regardless of winning or losing.

            Rushing to win is from the 1960s and college. Rushing is what you do when you lead by 10 or more points in the second half. Especially the 4th quarter. But it’s not what you do to win.

            The NFL is a QB league. You need a passing-QB who is good from the pocket. You need a good pass defense to stop the opposing QB. If you can’t do at least one of those two things, your chances of wining are reduced.

            Under Harbaugh we had the elite defense. And when we didn’t, we went 8-8 and washed out because we had no QB. A man who, when the burden became his, folded like a house of cards.

          3. Razor,

            I was very high on Mr. Hyde coming out, but it’s become apparent he’s not an elite back. I think Cook is and I’m not alone. Just my opinion

            You are entitled to your opinion but I’m puzzled as to why you have soured on Hyde after he just produced his best season? Sure you’d like to see him stay healthy for every game, but there aren’t many RB’s who play every game anymore. He also had a YPC of 4.6 which ranked him 8th overall in players with over 200 attempts. The fact that the Niners had one of the worst run blocking Olines last year makes that even more impressive. In a system like Shanahan will install, I think Hyde will have a big year. I agree that we need to add another RB to share the load, but using our first pick on one is questionable at best imo. While I like Cook a lot, this is a very deep draft at the RB position and whoever they draft will share the role with Hyde meaning 200 touches at best. I don’t think that is worthy of the #2 pick personally.

      1. Why do you think that? And it’s not that I wouldn’t love that… But it’s just so much wishful thinking.

        Fangio got burned here. And while Baalke’s gone, York could have forced the interview. Even forced the hire. I know I would of… And if Baalke balked, I’d have fired him then.

        But that’s because I really like Fangio and defensive excellence. To me the perfect game is winning X – 0 where X is however many points we score. Even if it’s just a safety.

  2. Good investigative reporting, Grant. I can’t help but believe a lot of these guys are place holders unless they prove their worth with their opportunities. I like the fact that Shanny will concentrate solely on the offensive side of the ball. Now about that 4-3 Under…;>)

  3. You’re not a journalist. You never report on news, but instead offer up your inexperienced thoughts. Just a blogger who has the platform of a newspaper because of his father.

          1. That’s my understanding as well. However, the reason I added the words, in a practical sense, is because it seems as though the lines of demarcation are very blurred in today’s world.

          2. In the United States, journalism is produced by media organizations or by individuals. Bloggers are often, but not always, journalists. The Federal Trade Commission requires that bloggers who receive free promotional gifts, then write about products, must disclose that they received the products for free. This is to eliminate conflicts of interest and protect consumers.

            In the US, a credible news organization is an incorporated entity; has an editorial board; and has a clear division between editorial and advertising departments. Credible news organizations, or their employees, belong to one or more professional organizations such as the American Society of News Editors, the Society of Professional Journalists, Investigative Reporters & Editors, or the Online News Association. All of these organizations have codes of ethics that members abide by. Many news organizations have their own codes of ethics that guide journalists’ professional publications. The New York Times code of standards and ethics is considered particularly rigorous.

            When they write stories, journalists are concerned with issues of objectivity and bias. Some types of stories are intended to represent the author’s own opinion; other types of stories are intended to be more neutral or balanced. In a physical newspaper, information is organized into sections and it is easy to see which stories are supposed to be opinion and which are supposed to be neutral. Online, many of these distinctions break down. Readers should pay careful attention to headings and other design elements to ensure that they understand the journalist’s intent. Opinion pieces generally are written by regular columnists or appear in a section titled “Op-ed.” Feature stories, breaking news, and hard news stories are generally not opinion pieces.

            Many debates center on whether journalists are “supposed” to be “objective” or “neutral.” The idea of “journalistic objectivity” has become an obsolete concept.

            Nowadays, journalists are people who produce news out of and as part of a particular social context. They are guided by professional codes of ethics and do their best to represent all legitimate points of view.

              1. Must be a slow day around these parts when the topic turns to the difference between journalist and columnist – sheesh

      1. I think you’re point about the 49ers and Kyle being late to the game filling out their coaching staff, because of the postseason, and the way the process played out, is a solid point.

        In fact, other than the typical poaching of previous coaching staffs, you probably could have stopped there.

        1. Here’s another name: JEFF ZGONINA: On Tuesday, Matt Maiocco confirmed that Zgonina, last season assistant DL coach for the NY Giants, is expected to coach the 49ers defensive line.

          This is a good hire, and oustide of your investigation Grant.

          Zgonina is a veteran defensive lineman with 17 years NFL playing experience (Pittsburgh Steelers, St. Louis Rams, Houston Texans [while Kyle was on Texan’s coaching staff]). Zgonina retired in 2009, and joined the Houston Texans coaching staff in 2013. He spent three seasons as their assistant DL coach, and then one season as the New York Giants assistant DL coach.

          The entire defensive coaching staff faces a huge challenge, and it will start up front with the defensive line. The 49ers are switching from their base 3-4 to a 4-3 under front. They spend more time in their sub-packages, but it is still a notable change. Saleh learned defense from coaches like Gus Bradley, Dan Quinn, and Pete Carroll. They mixed and matched fronts in their base looks, and it will be something the 49ers defensive line will be expected to become adept at. Zgonina will be an important coach to watch in that regard.

          Thumbs up!

      2. Trotsky spent some time going to catholic school. When he went back for a reunion the mother superior ask all the alumni what they were doing for a living. Trotsky answered that he was a communist. The mother superior fainted dead away. When they revived her she again ask Trotsky ” What did you say you were doing? He again answered that he was a communist. To which the Nun replied ” Thank God, I first thought you said you were a columnist “

    1. That’s not fair. I’m sure Grant has put in a lot of work to get where he is right now. Speaking for myself, I appreciate his input and respect his football acumen. Although, I admit if it weren’t for the family of commentators in here, I probably wouldn’t be here at all….

      1. I could be wrong but I think that Grant could write a one word column and there would be 400 posts with 10,000 words of….I can’t think of the words to describe what goes on here.

    2. Chris, back off. There are posters on this site that like Grant, and deems his writing style to be original and refreshing.

      Grant may write things that I totally disagree with, but he frames his arguments in a logical and cogent manner.

      Gee, when was the last time I have heard the Lowell angle used. While I do see some similarities between the two, Grant is his own man and is standing on the shoulders of his father, not riding his coat tails. Both are irreverent and challenging, but Grant knows how to add his own style into the narrative.

      Sometimes I think Grant is trolling me, but that just means that he is being very effective.

      Attack all you want, but just expect some blow back. You seem like you like to hurl insults behind the cover of anonymity. That sure is not a profile in courage.

  4. Great teachers are born they are not developed. Bill Walsh was a great teacher when he was the frosh coach at San Jose right out of college. Now we have to hope that Shanahan hired some young natural born teachers to go along with the one really old one.

  5. Another coach that you can’t wait till he fails so you can dump all over him. You are a miserable human being. It no wonder Walsh despised the local media.

  6. The problem with a “placeholder” DC is that he seems to run a very different defense than Fangio. Lots of complications if Fangio returns in 2018.

    I’m guessing place holder or not, some variation of 4-3 combined with single high safety coverage is in the cards for the long run.

    1. The front 7 is pretty similar. The main difference is at the back end and how Fangio prefers to play coverage vs the Seahawks preferred cover 3.

      1. The front four being Armstead at LDE, Buckner and Dial at DT and Lynch at RDE. How do you decide who plays LDE and who plays RD? Is it dependent upon whether or not the opposing QB is right handed or left handed?

          1. So the 5T DE Armstead will switch sides depending upon if the strong side is on the left or right? I guess I’m going to have to start watching more closely, but what happens if the TE switches sides just before the snap (i.e.while the QB is barking out the “whatever you call it”). Thanks.

            1. More likely the players will shift roles, rather than sides. That’s the benefit of having Buckner and Armstead. Both guys can fill 3T or 5T roles.

              1. Makes sense, but who makes the call to switch roles. Does the MLB call that or do the guys on the line work it out.

              2. It’ll mostly be determined by how the offense lines up. Buckner, Armstead and the NT I would expect to mostly remain in their general position (i.e. Buckner on the right of the NT, Armstead on the left). But their role will somewhat be determined by what the offense does. If it shifts the strong side to the left of the offense, then Buckner likely takes on the 5T role, the NT shifts to being over the left shoulder of the centre, and Armstead shifts to 3T.

                The LB roles may be a little more fixed though, shifting positions but maintaining their role.

              1. An over front has the two DEs as true edge rushers. Red Bryant was not used as a true edge rusher. I doubt they try and use Armstead (or Buckner) like one either.

                The under front really isn’t much different whether playing a 3-4 or 4-3.

              2. Not necessarily. An over front simply means the 3t is on the tight-end side of the formation and the 1t is on the non-tight-end side. An under front is the opposite.

              3. Fair enough. But not switching things up pits the strength of your pass rush against the strength of the OL and the weakness of your run D against the strength of the OL.

              4. Against 21 personnel, the Seahawks went heavy to the weakside with their DE, and their Rover went to the 3t side, while the Sam/Nose are set to the split end….

              5. A quick glance at the all 22 shows that they(Seattle) rarely line up the same way two plays in a row. In the Saints game they were putting 5 men on the los at times, 3 LB’s and 2 DT’s. On one over front they had one DT in the weak side A gap and the other almost heads up on the strong side guard with the two DE’s almost playing 7t’s.

                No matter how you argue they line up just keep watching because eventually everyone is correct.

              6. Well, against the Falcons they had Sherman come off of Jones and follow him(TE), man to man and the rest of the secondary was in zone. I think that was a busted play….

              7. CfC, I would be more interested to see how the Jags played this year than the Seahawks. Or how the Seahawks played under Bradley.

        1. I wish we could agree on strong and weak versus right and left cause I never know if someone is speaking from the perspective of the MLB or the QB.

    2. Once again I think the blog Is over-thinking this one. Perhaps Shanny wanted others, but he signed Saleh. He got the best guy he could get and now: ‘Let’s roll!’
      The place holder notion is contrived and complicated. It’s not impossible, but for mine highly improbable. The simplest explanation is often the true one.

      On another note, if Grant simply posted:

      ” On the quarterback question, it’s clear what the forty Niners should do, and there can be little arguement.”

      Just that, nothing more.
      The blog could argue over that for two or three days

  7. “Now, as far as Kyle Shanahan and what he would like to have in a quarterback, he would love to have a guy that can read the field, that can make throws, that can run the type of offense that Matt Ryan was running and that’s an intricate offense. And the knock on Colin Kaepernick is that he has not been able to read the field. He has not been able to go through those kinds of progressions. It wouldn’t seem like he’d be the kind of guy that would fit into a Kyle Shanahan system.”

    1. Boom!

      Fitting Colin Kaepernick into Kyle’s system is a lot like the old “square peg, round hole” dilemma.

      Mix in a long delivery (or as Prime would say, “Ye Old Windup”), big nose, below average accuracy, eyes down, knee down, headphones on but ipad unplugged, tunnel vision, cabin fever, hostile interviews, and lack of accountability, and poof, it all goes up in smoke!

  8. One of the concerns I had seen raised by “league sources” regarding Shanahan is he doesn’t like to go outside his comfort zone in terms of who he works with. The staff he assembled puts some weight to that line of thinking. Lots of young, trusted lieutenants that won’t have the weight of experience to challenge Shanahan’s way of thinking.

    As to whether that is a good or a bad thing… who knows?!

      1. htwaits

        I agree…sort of how Mike Nolan tried to build his staff, he kept getting poached for his OCs….It’ll happen to Shannihan too…as soon as his assistants begin showing promise…

      1. Scooter, you just got ninja’d, but that just means that they liked Jones as much as you did.

        Good call, too bad he got locked up.

  9. “Saleh will act as a second head coach, the head coach in charge of defense”

    Say what Grant? I don’t understand the analogy, can you explain further?

    Atlanta Head Coach Dan Quinn has never been involved with operations on the offensive side of the ball. Did that make Kyle Atlanta’s second HC? If so, then Kyle certainly has more Head Coaching experience than you give him credit for, no?

  10. Oh look, Lynch and KS are thinking about keeping Kaep.

    Kaep should just tell them to spend all of the cap space before they ask for Kaep to lower his salary. Otherwise, the Niners are just looking cheap and miserly.

    Considering Cousins, Tannehill and Palmer are getting more, and Cousins, Cutler and Osweiler are getting almost as much, Kaep’s salary is not too high.

    I wonder what Prime is thinking, or does he just have a bludgeoned look on his face.

    1. SEB

      Probably what all of us are thinking….a 1 and 20 record over his last 21 starts isn’t what your aforementioned QBs are getting paid for….

      1. Browns did not spend 50 mil in cap space, and had a 1 win season. Niners saved 46 mil in cap space and had 2 wins. Did not matter who the QB was, those teams were doomed from the flip of the coin.

        Overall, Kaep has a 32-32 win loss record, and that includes a 4-2 road playoff record. Last season, he had 18 TDs and threw only 4 picks. He had a QB rating of 89.7, so KS will see that. He will also see Kaep gain first downs with his legs, something no other QB did for him before.

        1. Seb

          Who cares what the Browns spent ? For that matter who cares that the niners saved 46 mil ? It’s not YOUR money, and your ticket price won’t go down because of it….it only means that our team was playing with 43 mil less value than our opponents players….

          1. Ore, cause and effect. Yes, the Browns and Niners had close to 50 mil less talent, and it showed.

            Lynch MUST spend at least 85 mil, or I will think they would want to lose again. Since they pledged to do everything in their power to win, spending that cap money is essential, even if they have to overpay a bit.

            Yes, it is not my money, but going cheap gave cheap results.

      1. I am imagining your face right now. It must have a bludgeoned look on it because Lynch and KS may retain Kaep.

        Keep blustering , your bellicosity is very amusing, especially because your player assessment skills are non existent.

        1. And you just never know Seb, hell just might freeze over before free agency officially begins.

          Kyle and John are simply being professional. Of course they are going to fully evaluate Kaep’s game film prior to making a decision on their part. That is not the same thing as giving him a chance on the field.

          Common sense points to the 49ers turning the page on Colin, and moving in a different direction.

        2. >> Lynch and KS may retain Kaep

          “We’ll sit down with him, and if we see fit that he’s a part of it, we’ll commit to that. If not, we’ll figure things out.” – Lynch

          It sounds like they will treat Kaep no different from any other player. And I’m sure a big part of “figuring things out” has to do with the team’s ability to drop him with negligible cap ramifications.

      2. HERE WE GO PRIME!

        The scouting community continues to evolve as ESPN’s MEL KIPER JR releases his latest monk this week> Kiper is now pegging North Carolina’s MITCH TRUBISKY to San Francisco with the second-overall selection of the 2017 draft.

        Don’t forget to pledge 10% of Razor’s $200 he has earmarked for your bank account, to a charity that reflects your humanity.

        Now, if you can just get parlay your winnings with Sebnynah, on Kaepernick’s forgone departure next month, you’ll really be on a roll.

          1. Oh, by the way, I just found this: AFC executive compares #UNC’s Mitch Trubisky to #Raiders’ Derek Carr: … #NFLDraft

            Who made this exact comparison on this forum recently?

            Do we call them domino’s Razor, or the snowball effect? Who’s next to mock Trubisky to SF at #2?

            So far these prominent analysts from major draft sites/ publications, have Trubisky mocked to SF at #2 on their latest mocks:

            M. Kiper JR
            P. King
            C. Reuter
            B. Brooks
            L. Zierlein
            M. Miller
            D. Kadar
            R. Rang
            D. Jeremiah
            S. Bedinger
            B. Urasek
            C. Williams

            More to follow.

        1. While Mitch is my favorite qb in this draft, and if KS likes him I’m fine with taking him… I think it was a bad bet on Prime’s part.
          He didn’t bet on Mitch over CK, he bet on Mitch vs the field.
          If the niners decide on trading for Jimmy G or Cousins he loses. If the Browns draft Mitch, he loses. If the niners draft anyone else he loses.

          He should have at least argued for odds. 2 to 1 etc.

    2. Whether they keep kap or not really isn’t the issue. The issue is, will Kap be a part, a contributor, to their long term success? Their short term success?

      He will not.

      1. Naw, I hope Kaep can lead the team for years, they can fix the defense and they can win a couple more rings.

        Lynch himself mentioned how Kaep has done great things in the league. He also mentioned how they will make a football decision and evaluate him as a Quarterback, and not let other things cloud their judgement.

    3. Kap isn’t staying. His negatives outweigh his positives. Especially his biggest negative, salary. He isn’t accurate, he has a slow delivery, his mechanics are woeful. He will of course win you the one game a Year that you consistently point out with his heroic goal line stands. For close to 20 million I think the team will pass. So would every rational actor. There’ a reason Denver didn’t want him.

  11. What do you guys think about trading Reid and drafting Jamal Adams? I think Adams could be the next Kam Chancellor. Reid is too soft and injury prone.

    1. Back when Peppers was the spice of the month, I said Adams is an enforcer and reminds me of Kam Chancellor. I’m all aboard Adams as the best Safety in this class….

    2. No, SS are not worth this high of a pick.
      Earl Thomas type players are because of their range… and he makes Kam more valuable than he would be in other circumstances.

  12. “Do you have any idea what a quality control coach actually does?”

    These guys are breaking down film, charting tendencies, etc. It’s the way most guys, Kyle Shanahan and Dan Quinn for starters, get their start in the league.

    Your comment there was a cheap shot.

    1. No, it was the brutal truth. They are superfluous. They are extraneous.

      They are not indispensable, or critically important. they are tools, in more ways than one.

  13. Grant Cohn: Assessing Kyle Shanahan’s staff hires — low experience, high comfort level

    This investigation has found that Shanahan’s choices:

    1. Were restricted by the lateness of his hire, as other assistant coaches took jobs elsewhere while Shanahan still was coaching the Atlanta Falcons offense during the playoffs.

    TomD’s Response:

    Exactly Grant. Don’t think for a moment when 2018 rolls around Kyle won’t kick the tires on a Vic Fangio, whose contract ends in Chicago, or other vetran coaches when he actually has a full offseason to construct his house, instead of 1/2 an offseason.

    And this is addressed to PRIME, as well as Grant.

    Charlie Casserly, correct predictor of the last (5) 49er 1st Round draft picks as well as Walter football posted their mock drafts. Both agree with TomD that our 1st pick in 2017 will be Alabama’s, Johnathan Allen…Casserly or Walter Football are rarely wrong. Both agree with TomD who posted Johnathan Allen would be our 1st Rd pick the moment the 49ers hired 4-3 expert, Jeff Zgonina.

    Also consider that the Niners hired two Defensive Assistants, experts in the 4-3, DL coach, Jeff Zgonina (17 years as an NFL D-Lineman) who coached Big Blue’s, Jason Pierre Paul, Owa Odighizuwa, Damon Harrison and 2nd Rd pick, Johnathan Hankins.

    Meanwhile, Robert Saleh whil the Jaguars defense was disappointing overall, the linebackers were probably the one unit that performed well overall consistently in Saleh’s four years at the helm. Developing Telvin Smith into a Pro Bowl-caliber player and getting the most out of an aging Paul Posluszny looks good on anyone’s resume. If he had just gotten some more time with Myles Jack, this would look even better on paper.

      1. Cleveland will probably offer their 2nd 1st round pick (#12?). Maybe the 49ers will swap first round picks with NE and get Garappolo. To me it’s certainly risky, but with the lack of NFL ready QBs coming out of college……

        1. There’s no way in hell I’d swap the second pick with the Patriots for Garropolupe. His value is being inflated due to the lack of currency at the position….

          1. Just like what happened to Wentz and Goff. Supply and demand and just like CA housing market it’s easy to get swept up in “auction-like” bidding.

        2. cubus,
          I’m not sold on Garappolo. I can’t think of one backup QB behind Brady that has gone on to have a successful career when they have branched out on their own.
          QB’s like Cassel and Ryan Mallett. Hoyer has been average and Bledsoe was above average in Buffalo but never a force to be reckoned with after he left NE.

          With Garappolo, there is only a small sample size to go off, and to me that’s not enough to trust a deal with giving up a high draft pick.

          I would rather we go with either Trubisky, Watson, Mahomes and even Kaaya and let KS mold one of them to fit his system and take over in a year or two.

          1. Dang amigo! You don’t like Garrapolope sample size but you’ll go with Trubisquit? There’s solid college sample on Jimmy and a bit of pro too.
            I’m just waiting to see how Shanny sees it, cuz he ain’t called me for any advice.
            : -)

            1. Brotha,
              The crux being that QB’s and throw in coaches as well that have left the NE org have not done particularly well.
              Players and coaches have been well protected under the umbrella of Belichick and Brady. Once removed from the umbrella – well.

              I would rather go with a rookie QB that is raw and pliable, able to be molded to fit KS’ system in a year or two. Our team is a few years away from making some serious noise and a QB like Garappolo may only be able to slightly speed up the process. For me, that’s not enough to warrant giving up a high draft pick.
              I could see us making a significant deal for Cousins (starter ready) but not Garappolo.

      2. Just move Mahomes to #1 and slide everyone down and you’ve got my list. Well except for Kelly, I don’t even put him on the list.

  14. One caveat to my mock 49er 1st Rd. pick of Allen. It all depends on if the 49ers do not sign a stop gap FA QB, or if the Pats keep insisting on our 1st Rd pick…Then, if the WCO coach deems Trubisky a worthy 2nd player pick, then it’s hime.

    Allen, whose being compared to the the Ram’s, Aaron Donald is considered a can’t miss prospect…

    So, Niner fans, thank your lucky stars Shanahan is our WCO coach. WCO coaches just get QB’s. Without a decent QB they can’t run there offense, so ducks to water, they just know how to swim. Kyle will make the correct choice, so we can sleep at night knowing it won’t be AJ Jenkins.

      1. Yep, set the table for Cook with the 6th pick and get a 2nd and 3rd at the same time from the Jets. That would be an outstanding start to Lynch’s GM career….

    1. Razor,
      I know that PFF gives D.Cook a high + percentage, but this team needs a QB it can build from.
      When I look at teams like the Detroit Lions and Minn. Vikings that have had one perhaps the best RB’ in the league, there is one common thread – Barry Sanders and Adrian Peterson were not able to get their team to the Superbowl.

      We need players at almost every position on both offense and defense. But SB teams normally have a very good to great QB.
      As good as Cook is, I would still give Hyde another year to see what he could do in a KS offense.
      I’m starting to lean towards drafting a QB to build the offense around. Any of the QB’s I listed above could eventually fit the bill after a year or two.

        1. I’m not necessarily advocating for Cook, but he seems to be the real deal. He’d be a crackerjack compliment to Hyde! Thunder and lightning.
          (Sorry, Razor)

  15. Zgonina, 46, played 17 years in the NFL as a defensive tackle and was part of the St. Louis Rams team that won Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000.

    He was with Seattle for their SuperBowl victory also.

    1. *Sorry, Robert Saleh was with Seattle .

      Following the Super Bowl victory, Saleh’s hometown of Dearborn honored him with a key to the city and a proclamation for his achievements.

          1. Geez, Seb, I wonder if this is smart and does it mean the end of Kap and your idolatry of him (to the detriment of team) as you rarely spoke team, only Kap.

            Ah, C’est la vie—all good things must come to an end.

            We look forward to your posts from the New York Jets websites as you forward us your top 10 NYJ Kap moments.

            Good bye, Seb, and, as always, Good Luck.

          2. You could tell at that introductory press conference that Shanny didn’t want to talk about old wind up. His eyes and head dropped like a kid who knew that if he made eye contact, the teacher was gonna make him answer.
            Shanny probably looks at Kap like he did with RGIII. He could only take him so far before having to reinvent the entire offense and handcuff himself as did Greg Roman, Geep Chryst and what everyone thought would be the “best fit” for Kap, Chip Kelly.
            Now Kap is scrambling to change agents, initiate meetings with Lynch. Sounds like desperation to me!

            1. Prime,

              Doesn’t your description fit someone we know who goes by the name, S_B ?

              That is, once he reads the answer, as you say, “he’ll be scrambling for an answer.”

            2. Well, Prime, I guess you heard the news. Now i will have all off season to remind you about how wrong you were.

              This latest news must really be a kick in the teeth to you.

              And I could not be happier.

              Remember, Kaep took the league by storm.

              1. Saw, this is the offseason.

                Kaep outlined his last 100,000$ installment, and I was pleased to see him donating towards the Standing Rock protesters giving much needed medical aid.

                I surmise that Kaep is working out and studying KS’s playbook.

                Art Spander lent him one.

            3. Desperation? You seem desperate yourself. Looks like Kaep is just making a business decision.

              Maybe the old agent was just too confrontational, and did not have Kaep’s best interests at heart.

              I hope Kaep teams up with Lee Steinberg.

              1. Seb-

                Once again making an argument where there is none. Who expects anything from any pro athlete during the off season? But, you must falsely imply that I expect great play during this time-so as to negate the point…what has he done lately?

                Ahh, Sebskov—no soup for you!!!!!!!!

  16. As I stated earlier in my mock draft, The Niner’s will have to select a multi-purpose back, a-la, Roger Craig or ATL’s, Devonta Freeman, capable of running or pass catching:

    Former 49ers RB coach Tom Rathman: Carlos Hyde a work in progress

  17. Yes Razor,

    I mentioned the 4-3 before anyone, including Barrows. The 49ers ran an elepant, with Haley as the LB/DE in the 80’s.

    A year and a half ago I stated that Pete Carol was part of the 49er dynasty team (under Seifert) and used rotating line man and a hybrid D.

    .Yesterday, and above, I’ve mentioned Jags ran a 4/3, but it had some hybrid elements like Quinn’s in Atlanta.

  18. “The reason the Combine exists in the first place is for the medicals. It becomes a cost-effective way to get 335 medicals done on many of the top prospects in the draft. The results of the medical often have more to do with a player “rising” or “falling” on draft boards.”

    Hooker, Foster, Davis, and Ross’ draft stock could suffer. Ross could fall in our lap at 34.

    1. Good summation of why even though I call him the best QB prospect in the draft I still wouldn’t take him until the third round.

  19. Oh Seb, Brother Where Art Thou.

    Adam Schefter Reports that the walls are closing in on your idol, “Ol’ Windup,” and the moment he restructures his contract he’s gone.

    What move would Yates make to address that need if he were the general manager of the 49ers?”
    Let’s use some of the info we have available to make a recommendation: Assuming Colin Kaepernick opts out of his contract, as ESPN Insider Adam Schefter has reported, the next domino could well be a pursuit of Matt Schaub, who Schefter reports is on San Francisco’s radar. Do it. Schaub isn’t the long-term answer by any stretch, but he’s a useful bridge for the next year or two…

    1. And, Seb,

      For once agree with me. Adam Schefter is rarely wrong. We all want to know. Will you text us what Kap flight you’ll be taking so we can wish you farewell on the tarmac ?

      1. Excuse me, Seb,

        When referring to you in the future, I would like to invoke Juanhunglo’s name for you: Waldorf. It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

        1. TrollD, this good news deserves a reply.

          I see you are continuing to address me. Too bad I promised Scooter to refrain from engaging you, but this last time I will just say what an incredibly vacuous soul you must be, to go spitting into the wind, and getting your expectorant right back in your eye.

          TrollD, you are so pathetic that you have to cut and paste ad nauseum, because like Prime, you cannot generate an original thought. But when you do, you talk about breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares. On the football side, you wanted to trade Kaep for Tebow, so you have even less football knowledge than Prime, and he is the one who declared that the CFL is as good as the NFL.

          Go ahead and keep addressing me. I would like to respond, but you are not worth my time. I just scroll past all of your posts, and could not be happier. However, while not reading the content, I do see you addressing me, so I will give you the chance to leave me alone, and slink off to crawl back under your rock. You are like another Troll I know, who made jokes about cancer patients.

    2. I’ve been thinking we pick up Schaub in FA. He should be reasonably priced and serve as a decent bridge QB. What makes more valuable than some other FAs is that he is familiar with the offense that takes a long time to fully learn.

  20. Brotha Tuna, you are 100% correct referring to the fact that if everyone that claims they were there were actually there, they’d need two ‘Sticks to seat them. There’s an old saying that, paraphrasing it, say’s that basically people lie quite often about their past! This is probably the case here. You know the whole reason I even stumbled onto this blog was following one of Grants articles. Like most of his, it was entertaining and informative. I am a HUGE fan of his father’s, reading all of his articles for decades. In fact, honestly, the first thing I looked for in my sports page was Lowell’s column, and if wasn’t there that day, I was, and still am disappointed. He is a Hall of Fame writer in my opinion, and Grant is similar in his writing. I think he will follow in his fathers footsteps. Great thinker with the nards of an elephant is the easiest way to describe Lowell and Grant to some extent. So when following one of Grants columns, I started reading some of the opinions on the site, and frankly I was flabbergasted at SOME of the humorous opines being put forth. I have stayed just for the comic relief, to be honest. It truly is comical. People such as Waldorf who actually write, “Dear Chip” letters as if anybody other than the few on this site would ever read such nonsense offering tips on how to run the team. Good grief. So I’ll continue to monitor the site and read outrageous statements by fans who should be attending to other things besides this. LOL love ya brotha!

    1. Gnomo, great news. You are totally clueless, so you will delusionally continue to sound like some imbecilic twit, and not realize what you are doing.

      Guess this latest news that both Lynch and KS are planning on retaining Kaep must really be a kick in the teeth. Hope you do not feel too butt hurt.

      1. If anyone knows what an imbellic twit sounds like it’d be you.

        I’ve never seen a 60+ year old man use the phrase “butt hurt” as much as you.

          1. Always at war with the Universe.
            Ditch Sun-tzu and try Lao-Tzue, Gashopper
            The Universe is wrong, but you are right.
            I’m going away on a road trip Friday morning with The Duchess.
            When I get back Tuesday, you’ll still be posting vacuously on this blog.
            Repetition doesn’t make you right.
            Repitition makes you repetitive.
            Repetitively wrong makes you irrelevant.
            How tf can you spend so much of your time and energy on something without ever learning the first fweaking thing about it? Illiterate Monkeys typing randomly could come up with better posts than you.

            1. Repetitively wrong like Prime predicting the Niners will cut Kaep from before the OTAs to today?

              No repetition has firmly imprinted my ideas in your head, and you cannot get rid of them, so you attack me, thinking they will go away. Too bad you are wrong again.

              Once again, I invite you to ignore my posts if you want to. For some reason, you are letting them get to you. That is another sign of a weak mind.

        1. Yes, I have to deal with so many imbecilic twits, I consider that I am an expert in identifying them.

          How is your new blog site running? I would suspect that you would be too busy over there to waste time here throwing snark.

          Butt hurt is a good visual, and so appropriate because it could mean some one who just got kicked in the rear end. I have other interpretations.

          1. Jack Hammer,

            Seb’s malaise is typical of the projectionist personality.

            He uses idiosyncracies of his own persona, defective as they are, and projects them onto others.

            An effective debate strategy, so he thinks, because as time goes by he relies on others forgetting that posters have labeled him in previous debates with various psychoses, which of course, the wiley Seb (AKA: Waldorf) projects onto others. Walla, now they are what he is—so Waldorf thinks.

            Waldorf’s fixation on that anatomical feature is typical of the projectionist.

            For further insight read read narcissistic regressive fixations.

              1. Saw, maybe you did not know this, but Gnomo is just the spanish word for troll.

                Gnomo and TrollD are 2 peas in a pod.

  21. Projecting how Rams, 49ers will adjust to new defensive schemes

    by David P. Woods 5h ago

    Armstead is bigger than a typical 4-3 defensive end, but he has edge-rushing skills and could potentially play there in the new scheme. That would allow the 49ers to line up Buckner, their best interior pass-rusher, next to Armstead and attempt to overwhelm one side of their opponent’s offensive line.

    1. “Armstead is bigger than a typical 4-3 defensive end”

      Then it’s a good thing they aren’t going to play a 4-3 defense

      1. That they aren’t going to a 4-3 defense? Do you have a source that says they are? The 4-3 under is not a 4-3 defense.

        1. Well, technically it is I guess in that there are 4 down lineman, it just isn’t a traditional 4-3. One could also argue it is more like a 5-2, as five guys are typically lined up on the LOS.

          1. I know it’s fine lines and splitting hairs but a linebacker with his hand in the dirt isnt the same thing as a defensive lineman so I don’t see it as 4 down lineman. Not as much of the 5 lineman from Seattle but it’s certainly there. Still haven’t looked at the Jacksonville film yet though either.

    2. It’s funny, but people are widdling on the carpet like an untrained puppy about this.

      But the truth is 3-4 or 4-3, we still need the same guys. We NT kind of guy to control the A-gaps. We still a pass-rush kind of guy (LB or DE depending on 3-4 or 4-3). We still need an OLB to replace Brooks.

      So the change in front rally hasn’t changed anything regarding our needs. Nor are we so bankrupt in filler that we can’t run it:

      RDE — need (or ROLB in a 3-4)
      NT — need
      LDT Buckner
      LDE Armstead

      We have linebackers:

      Ray Ray Armstrong who’d go to WOLB/SOLB.
      Brooks (whom pretty nobody likes) at WOLB/SOLB depending.
      Bowman who has progressed to the water-treadmill at MLB.

      And while we could probably some upgrading (Brooks at least) nothing is critically bad in that area. And we even have Lynch who, apparently, came into camp at 290lbs (fat) and Harold who might do better.

      We have Tarrt & Reid to compete for ‘big thumper’ at SS.
      We have Ward who should be the FS.
      We have Robinson who should be the #1 corner.
      We have Brock who doesn’t suck nearly as much as fans think and could be a very solid #2.

      In short, regardless of 3-4/4-3, we pretty much need the same kind of people.

  22. Changing to a 4-3 is not a good idea. The team already starting putting pieces in place and this is a rebuild so continue building. Add some veterans on defense in FA. Poe or Hankins at NT, Alexander at OLB, and Trumaine Johnson at CB. Maybe trade for Kendricks from Eagles

  23. Source 1. The 4-3, and Visions of a Dominant 49ers Defense

    By BaronMias on Jul 28, 2016, 3:29pm PDT 123

    The future unfolds in the present. Currently the 49ers have more talent on their defensive line than any other positional group. Visions of lining up in more 4-3, 4-2-5 alignments with a platoon rotation to keep the lineman fresh abound in my daydreams.

    Source 2: Your under is bad news: 49ers converting to 4-3 defense in 2017

    The San Francisco 49ers are expected to switch to a 4-3 scheme under new defensive coordinator Robert Saleh….
    which could create poor fits for San Francisco’s most recent two first-round picks, DeForest Buckner and Arik Armstead, who were drafted to be 3-4 defensive ends.

    1. The 4-3 under is nothing more then a 3-4 line with a LB moved up to the line of scrimmage. Every break down of the 4-3 under will mention this along with the fact that the 4-3 under is closer to a 3-4 then it is a 4-3. It’s not semantics it’s reality.

      1. As a 5-2 sure it’s wrong but from my point earlier from the small sample size I’ve watched so far from 2016 4-3 under defenses I’m not seeing the 5th man all that frequently, it’s really showing up more like a 3-4 with a 4th man usually a guy with a 50 something on his jersey lining up in the 7/9 technique.

        1. A 4-3 under or over has a bubble around one guard (meaning it’s completely uncovered by the d-line). A 3-4 has bubbles around both guards.

          1. Nobody plays a 3-4 Okie Front anymore Grant because nobody can find 3 true 2 gap defensive lineman to put on the same line. Most shade the dt’s and or nt’s either off the guards shoulder or far enough into the A gap that the guard is covered.

  24. Here’s another, coffee,

    Use semantics all you want, I was on top of this one before any beat writer!

    49ers expected to run 4-3, similar to Gus Bradley
    Niners Nation · 12 hours ago

  25. “In Seattle, where Bradley was the defensive coordinator from 2009-12 and Saleh a defensive assistant from 2011-13, the Seahawks deploy Bruce Irvin as a Sam linebacker. The Jaguars’ Otto will have some — but not all — of the characteristics in addition to a different name.

    “Some of the things we’ll ask the Otto to do, I’m not sure they’re asking Bruce to do,” Bradley said.

    Said Saleh: “We have a different vision for our guy.”

    That vision will most likely be a heavier involvement in the run game and coverage. Posluszny said the Jaguars’ linebackers watched Irvin cut-ups to get a feel for what the Otto will bring to the defense.

    This link has a lot more details about the Bradley/Saleh scheme.

  26. Back to football.

    KS has assembled a very green and untested group of coaches.

    I hope KS has reviewed what Bill Walsh said about assembling a coaching staff. There seems to be a need to stop throwing things against the walls to see if they will stick. There needs to be a shrewd, logical, cogent organizational hierarchy, where the HC is the commander in chief and not some subordinate. If KS wants to be the OC, maybe he is not ready to be the HC. The idea that he will only coach the offense is alarming, especially since the defense needs the most help. Turning the DC duties over to a coach who has never been a DC, just means that they are flailing away with little structure or planning.

    Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.

    They tried hiring an offensive coach when they hired Chip, and Chip also wanted to call all the plays. His OC modkins, was just a figurehead, and KS will not even go that far by eliminating the OC position. Too bad he neglected the defense, so it gave up historically terrible records in futility.

    KS better be sitting in on ALL the meetings, if he wants to be the HC. Some HCs may get away with concentrating on one facet, but he needs a very competent counter part. It would be OK if they had Wade Phillips or Gus Bradley as DC, but getting a raw untested LB coach who has never run a defense just is under whelming, and does not inspire confidence.

    If anything, KS should promote Jason Tarver to be co-DC. At least he has been a DC before.

    KS asserting that he will be the HC and OC just reminds me of a Lincoln quote.’ He who represents himself has a fool for a client.’

    If anything, how about bringing back Chip as the OC? KS may still get to have the final say on the calls, but he really need a competent OC, not some young flunkies.

    Thinking outside the box, maybe KS should bring in his father as the OC. Mike Shanahan would bring a wealth of experience, and would probably leap at the opportunity.

    My read on all the coaching hires is- meh.

    They need some sizzle. They need some POP.

  27. Now there’s no reason not to draft Jonathan Allen. He’d clearly play the 3t in this defense. With him and Lynch on the weak side opposing offensive line coaches would be popping pepcids like breath mints.

          1. Don’t forget sub packages. Blair probably fits best as a 3T in base, but can be part of the sub packages at either DT spot as part of a rotation.

            I don’t see him playing the Leo or Otto roles in base. Too big.

    1. Absolutely cannot take Allen at #2 overall. No matter what defense the Niners implement, Allen is not a disruptive type defensive linemen.

      1. Allen not disruptive LMAO….. Just stop.. If Niners stay at 2 it’s Allen without a question. Especially now that there going to go mainly 4-3… Please Prime stop with the Trubisky talk. It sounds like your love affair for Conner cook last year. :)

              1. Ya I don’t have anything in common with that guy but hey whatever takes the pressure off you two.

            1. If Niners take Trubisky at 2, it would be like the year the jags took Bortles over K Mack…..You cannot take Trubisky over Allen. That gets you fired.

              1. Nope that gets you a good QB for Shannys system. Bortles never had a chance in JKV cause he never had a coach like Trubisky will!

              2. I don’t see the Bortles analogy. Maybe you can explain RAW?

                Mitch Trubisky is far more refined in terms of mechanics. In fact, Blake still hasn’t been able to refine his throwing motion and it’s going to cost him his career as an NFL starter.

                Can you clarify your point RAW.

              1. Kaep was the best option last year. Those are facts! 18 total TDs and 4 Ints… 90 QB rating. Not bad for a team with very little talent around him.

              2. Not good either considering those numbers came in the first quarter or in garbage time.

              3. If he is not back great! I just hope we find a better option. That option I’m certain is not Trubisky. Watson is better and would be considered before him.

              4. I highly doubt Watson is a fit for Shannys offense as is Kap. Neither guy has the traits that Shanny talked about when discussing what he looks for in a QB.
                Now Trubisky. That’s WCO QB to a T!

              5. It’s going to be interesting what this new HC/GM tandem think about the QB position. I’m excited and will fully support what Shany likes. New era!

              6. Hey Prime, can I join in? Just heard that Lynch and KS are not opposed to playing Kaep next season. Smart move because now they can focus their energies and resources towards fixing the defense.

                Looks like you can kiss those 200 bucks away, Trubisky is not going to be the first pick of the Niners, now.

              7. Prime, this guy Raw is simply throwing stuff at the wall, hoping something will stick. Allen’s a good play, but I’m not buying into the hype with his lack of size. He was surrounded by the best defensive roster in college football, which helped boost his impact.

                Jonathan Allen is #11 on my board.

                Trubisky makes far more sense for our Niners!

                By the way Prime, add another domino to my list Fansided’s Brad Weiss just mocked Trubisky to the Niners at #2. For the record, that’s now 16 prominent analysts and scouts who are expecting the 49ers to select the next prominent, league wide QB sensation of the National Football League!!! And my list is just getting started!

                Hey Grant. What did I tell you about Romo’s trade market? Non existent. Bill Polian said it first and I followed.

                10 days ago I told you a Romo trade would be a very hard deal to make. He’ll need a completely new contract. And it will likely be a riskier contract in terms guarantees, requiring Tony to hit benchmarks and incentives, than what the Cowboys can offer on a restructured deal. My money is still on the Cowboys resigning Romo.

                Stay tuned.

      2. He was the most disruptive Dlineman in college football… and I would argue compares to Bryant Young. I don’t necessarily want to take a Dlineman after the past 2 drafts but he and Myles Garret are the 2 best players in this draft and then there is a slight drop-off in talent so it wouldn’t be a terrible choice.

        1. I agree Shoup. Allen is a complete football player. He’s equally good as both a pass rusher (better inside) and a run stopper. Great intangibles and character as well. Only guy I’d take ahead of him is Garrett. I can see the Niners not taking him if they feel there are other positions that have comparable talent and fill a bigger need, but Allen is going to be an excellent NFL player.

            1. My only concern with Foster is the fact he was able to make plays without taking on a lot of blocks due to that dominant DL, but that is probably nitpicking on my part. He is a true 3 down ILB that would be a great pick for SF.

          1. The bigger question is where will Buckner fit in?
            He might be a guy that you look to trade. He is young and should have some value.
            The tough part is he was playing injured all of last season so I have no idea how good he really is. However, per Grant’s reporting, he might have been the most dominant player in camp. I would like to see what he does this year with a (i hope) competent defensive coordinator.

  28. With the 49ers not announcing Saleh as DC yet means they are still thinking about what direction they want to go with the defense. At this point, switching to a 4-3 is all speculation

        1. Ever heard a walk-back from Grant? Ever once? No.
          Remember ‘Shanny ain’t coming to SF’? I do. He’s here. Any acknowledgement? F no.
          Remember ‘Denise is going to fire Jed.’? Moon walk? No.
          When TO finally makes the Hall, any walk-back? Never.
          Perhaps short attention spans provide cover. I don’t get it.

          1. In Grant’s defense, unlike us, he’s obligated to put out *something*. Some of what he puts out is going to be clunkers. As far as walking back those clunkers, does any columnist? Ever?

            1. I don’t think anyone is suggesting that Grant print retractions, or at least I’m not, but when challenged in the comments section, he doubles, triples, quadruples, quintuples down on things that there’s a heap of evidence he’s either flat out wrong about, or, at the very least, can’t possibly know for sure.

              He can’t even bring himself to say, “I see your point, but still disagree.”

              I hope for his sake he’s doing it for clicks.

      1. I would probably prefer Ponder to both. At least we would be dealing with a fresher possibility rather than the same ol’ HO-HUM “show me that hold card again?”

    1. Yeah, I spent a bit of time “researching” him the other day and came away impressed. Aside from obviously being pretty talented, from everything I have read it also sounds like he checks all the boxes in terms of being an intelligent, high character, hard working guy.

    2. I love Jones, but I would not take him before the second round. He also seems more suited as a #2 WR, and the 49ers have one already in Smith.

    3. Looking at this draft class, Zay Jones is not a first round pick to me. There is always talk of this player or that player moving up or down, but the reality is only 32 can go in the first and the 4th rated WR at best, is not likely to be a first round pick. He had a great week at the Senior Bowl which gets people talking, but by April he’ll be entrenched as a day two prospect imo.

      1. On average there are 4 WR’s drafted in the first round each year. So even if it’s only an average year and even if he’s ‘only’ the 4th rated WR he’s still likely to go in the first round but that’s only the average which means there are some years that 5 or 6 receivers could go.

        1. It depends on the year obviously. This is a very deep draft at other positions which is why I don’t see 4 WR’s going in the first round. Even if that isn’t the case, I could see a number of WR’s going ahead of Jones. He had a great season yardage wise and performed well at the Senior Bowl but his YPC was low and he didn’t produce a lot of TD’s.

            1. Yes and it’s also why I said this is a deep draft that likely won’t feature 4 WR’s taken in the first round. Even if I’m wrong and there are 4 or more drafted, I don’t see Zay Jones being one of them. Good player who is being talked about right now because he had a good week at the Senior bowl. When you dig deeper, he’s really not a first round talent as far as production.

              1. I’ve seen experts saying teams may have as few as 15 guys rated as first rounders on their board this year. Its deep in certain positions, but overall I don’t believe this is considered a strong draft class. So it is quite possible guys you think shouldn’t be first rounders get drafted in the first, including WRs.

              2. “he’s really not a first round talent as far as production.”

                Sure we’re talking about the same player? He had 158 receptions for nearly 1800 yards in 2016 alone. For his 4 years he averaged 100 receptions and 1000 yards each season. Production is by far the least of his concerns.

              3. I don’t know how many players are universally viewed as 1st round picks, but other than QB and OL, this is a really deep draft. Not that Pete Prisco is any kind of expert but he wrote this in his mock this morning:

                As several scouts and personnel directors told me last week: This might be the best draft in years.

                Whatever the case, I don’t see Zay Jones as a first round prospect and can’t see anyway he goes before day two unless he runs a 4.3 or something ridiculous along those lines.

              4. Sure we’re talking about the same player? He had 158 receptions for nearly 1800 yards in 2016 alone. For his 4 years he averaged 100 receptions and 1000 yards each season. Production is by far the least of his concerns.

                He’s a compiler. His ypc and TD production have been among the lowest in the country every year he’s been there. I mean it’s great that the guy put up that yardage, but it took 158 catches to do it.

              5. “I don’t know how many players are universally viewed as 1st round picks, but other than QB and OL, this is a really deep draft.”

                I think if we combine our two comments we are probably getting close to reality – good depth at edge, secondary, TE and RB, maybe even LB, but not a lot of top end talent. Lack of depth and quality at QB, OL and DT (aside from Allen), and questionable depth/ quality at WR.

              6. The low ypc and TD’s is the product of being on a team that went 26-24 over his 4 years attending. He was the only thing that team had so defenses double and even triple teamed him, the moment he caught the ball he had 11 players sitting there waiting for him. Even with all the extra coverage he had 158 receptions for 1800+ yards his final season on a team that went 3-9.

                Again this is a player that improved every year on a horrible team. He put up video game numbers and set records on a team that could only manage 3 wins. You can poo poo the February fast risers if you choose because you’re probably correct to more often then not but the buzz around this player is legitimate and even if he misses the first round cut I’ll guarantee he’s gone by #45 at the latest.

              7. I’m not saying the guy sucks. Just pointing out that I don’t see him as a first round caliber player. You can get the ball to anybody no matter what the coverage is. It’s the production after the catch that sets players apart and Jones numbers in that area were minimal. That doesn’t mean he won’t be a good NFL player eventually. It just means I see better options that will push him down.

                Having said that, I’m far from the authority on where players are going to go. I did say Garrett Grayson would be a 5th or 6th round pick at best and then he went in the 3rd : )

              8. With that admission I must also point out that generally as a rule I’m poo when it comes to scouting receivers :)

  29. Listening to Tom Rathman’s KNBR interview. Gonna miss the guy — a real connection to the Walsh legacy in the building.

  30. The more I think about it, the more I think the ability of the 49ers to get a space eating 0 or 1 tech will go a long way determining base defensive fronts.

    Dial has admirable position flexibility, but NT is not his natural position. Buckner and Armstead are even more miscast at that spot. It would be a shame to draft a talented dual run/pass rush stud like Jonathan Allen, only to bury him at NT.

    2016 draft was packed with interior D-line depth. But 2017? Nab Dorsey for a short contract? What about FA and the draft? Is Williams career really over?

  31. The draft will be determined by who the Niners get in free agency.

    The Niners need to sign a pass rusher, ILB, NT and WR. Lynch must get at least one big name player, so they can sign several lesser players who will fill needs, like the backup QB. another O lineman, and maybe a RB.

    I hope they can re sign at least half of the Niner FAs, and spend at least 85 mil of the cap space. Until they do that, and need more cap space in order to sign another big ticket player that will help them win, should they ask Kaep to take a pay cut. Niners should start acting with class. They should just Pay Da Man.

    Just thinking that paying some one less will help them win games, is what got them in this trouble in the first place.

  32. Rathman a good guy. But Rathman allowed the ping-pong table and enabled “losing is OK”. He has to stay in the parking lot. Wish Jed would stay out there also but ” you don’t dismiss the owner”.

    1. When a new staff comes in it’s important for him to bring his own guys. Cleaning the slate is important to set that tone and assure there is nobody that is safe because of his name and the head coach is in complete control. When an assistant is close to the owner and can’t be let go then there is a problem with power structure. Also leaks can happen-not that Rathman is a leaker, ,but Tomsula clearly was and had the owners ear for leaking info on Harbs & Singletary. Only guy I’d watch if I was Shanny Jr is Tarver. If Jedster started having little private sideline meetings with Tarver we’ll know our leak source. Hope not!

  33. Can anyone else see a future where Arik, and/or Deforest is traded? Until all the peices show up on free agency and draft, it’s going to be really difficult to tell who is going to be doing what?

    1. I just hope they play the players in the right positions, and play to their strengths.

      Both Buckner and Armstead are going nowhere, because they are 2 of the most talented players on the team.

      The bigger speculation should be about Brooks, Bethea and Tank.

      1. Brooks Bethesda and tank aren’t long term plans. But if you 2 best lineman can’t play the same position, they may be thinking, letsget something for one of them.

      2. Seb

        On that front, you and I completely agree…and with Blair, Balducci, and Theus, the ’16 draft might have been the year that we rebuilt BOTH of the lines…

  34. Brent Jones may have pontificated that he would have gone ballistic over all the losing, but he was never in the middle of a 13 game losing streak.

    The Niners team knew that Baalke failed miserably to attract any FAs, and he kept on drafting injured players. Now we know why Eli Harold lasted so long. He had a bum toe, which he finally said has healed.

    If Brent Jones had acted like he was chewing nails after a 2 loss streak, by the 4th loss, that act would have worn thin, and then he would have been accused of letting the losses affect him, and not help the locker room at all. Going all emo would just show that he could not handle losing. It would not have helped the team win, and may have destroyed team chemistry and blown up the locker room.

    I was proud of the way the team handled that very painful losing streak. They played the poor hand that was dealt them, and did not whine and cry. They acted like professionals, and treated victory and defeat like the impostors they are.

    It is unseemly to see a grown man cry, but I guess that is what Jones wanted them to do. After the 6th loss, they all knew what was coming, but kept a stiff upper lip and gave every ounce of effort on the field, despite the losses. Most other teams would have devolved into petty tirades and finger pointing, but I am glad that the Niners kept strong and united.

    Getting rid of the ping pong table would be like installing a coke machine. That move was not good for team morale, and would just be another petty classless move by the FO.

    1. Many teams would have given up, and we have seen that many times. However, when they won against the Rams they showed the right stuff. Beadles displayed fired up leadership on the side lines, and Kaep showed that he was clutch, and had an indomitable will to win. I like that in players, and I hope Lynch can find more players with similar traits.

  35. I sure am glad that Lynch is methodically going through the roster with KS, and will not let emotions cloud their judgement.

    I am glad that Jed is faded into the back ground, but if he wants to help the team win, he should give them all the resources he can.

    Jed should give Bill Walsh’s son a million bucks, to acquire Bill Walsh’s hand written notes. They should be archived, and that would give all those assistants something to do. Maybe they will find only a few gems, but I expect it to be a treasure trove of information that will help them win. Letting those notes sit in a warehouse is just being content to lose. If Jed truly wants to win, he should seek help from every source he can think of.

    If those notes will help them win another ring, they will be worth their weight in gold.

  36. The ping-pong table was a metaphor. Look it up. If Lynch can only find players that can beat the Rams his roster is complete, oh and also he fails. Please never, ever again use the Rams games as your “benchmark of performance”. Don’t normalize tofIlure by using the Rams as the basis. Use teams like Pats, Falcons, even Raiders as your benchmark. Now how does Kaep look?

    1. Well, the Niners were only down by 3 points to the Pats well into the third quarter. Then the defense collapsed.

      Kaep had led a comeback against the Seahawks in that last game, and got them to within 2 points. Too bad the defense could not stop the Seahawk second string, and kept the ball away from Kaep so he did not have a chance to win.

      That same Rams team beat both the Cards and Seahawks, something the Niners failed to do 4 times last season.

      1. Yes, yes its all the defenses fault. They couldnt help the offense score more than 20 points so they are to blame :/
        In most cases you can certainly blame the D… but when the offense fails to reach 21 pts they will lose the vast majority of their games. Lets not forget that our offense was also pathetic (they were second to last in the NFL).

    1. That’s about what I’d expect from Tom.
      One small point he made stood out to me. He said as a back he thinks if one initiates contact with tacklers instead of absorbing it, the RB holds up better and avoids injury. That was Walter Payton’s oft repeated opinion. It’s harder to achieve inside the tackles, but on those swings and flares to the flat, if the corner had force you know he’s thinking: ‘Awww, sh*#!’

    1. I would be very surprised if they were 0-16. This team is not playoff ready but no way an 0-16 team. Even without a starting QB

  37. Bill polian just said he believes Chad Kelly is the most talented QB in the draft. (Charles Barkley voice… “never heard of him”). Does anyone have any 1st hand or sight experience of this guy?

    1. Steel
      Important distinction between best and most talented. Read CBS Sports draft review of him. Some good, some bad.
      Stubborn decision maker
      Locks on to predetermined targets
      Doesn’t go through all his reads
      Frenetic footwork
      ADD guy. Miss. had to simplify offense for him. He might be challenged to command a high verbiage WCO.

    2. Chad Kelly is a very talented QB. He is the nephew of Jim Kelly. He has some maturity issues and would mostly likely go in late rounds. If he didn’t have some major red flags,he could go in second round and possibly be next Derek Carr or Andy Dalton

    3. Chad ‘Swag’ Kelly (yes, he believes he should be drafted for his swag) has talent, but does some pretty stupid stuff off the field. On the field he tries to be a playmaker – he’ll make some very impressive throws but will also make some really bad decisions trying to force things. His bad decisions cost some games last season.

      In the NFL I think he’s the type of QB that can win you games you think you should lose, and cost you games you had won. The type of guy you’ll be saying ‘if he only learned to be more consistent’. And the thing is, if he does become more consistent, and if he does learn to be more mature, he could be pretty good.

          1. Namath was a product of his era Oregon. Charismatic and cocky for sure, but he wasn’t lacking the common sense and maturity Kelly has shown he is. Kelly has to grow up and surround himself with better people to have any chance at an NFL career.

        1. Maybe he has talent but likely has zero chance of handling the pressures and/or temptations of what an NFL lifestyle will bring. Reminds me too much of Manziel in that regard. Talented but just doesn’t have the maturity or the mental resolve to handle the type of pressure the NFL puts on a person.

          1. This is a guy who only checks the on-field boxes. If hes in the 6th or 7th round you take him and give him a chance to hold it together long enough to become an ok back up but don’t care when he’s out of the league after his second season.

    4. Ryan Leaf was talented. Talented enough to give Manning a run for ‘best QB prospect’ pre-draft.

      Problem is there are TONS of athletically-gifted college QBs when we look at that part of their profile. Sadly, too many evaluators get hung up on those and miss the warning signs thinking they can somehow turn that skill-deficient college QB into an NFL QB.

      That’s Kelly. He has all the tools. But he’s stubborn as a government mule and won’t (or can’t) learn certain lessons. One of which is DO NOT LOCK ONTO YOUR TARGET.

        1. No, with all their injury problems last year, they will shy away from a QB that is made from tinsel.

          Watson showed in the National championship that he can take a hit. Reuben Foster hit him so hard he spun like a top.

          1. Romo can take a hit. It was an unfortunate hit he took and the way he was hit,I think if anybody was hit at that angle would have suffered the same results

            1. Cutler , while playing for the Bears, was beaten like a pinata. Same thing will happen to Romo. He may last a couple games, but not a whole season.

  38. All that matters for any QB, FA or draft, is how they answer these questions… “Can you beat the Rams?” and “Can you score points in garbage time?”

    If YES to both, they are Kaep level candidates, they are the future!

    1. The question was, can you stop a 13 game losing streak? Kaep did that, and played well the next game. Kaep may have his detractors, but KS and Lynch want to win too much to let emotions cloud their judgement.

      With the existing mediocre FA pool, and a weak draft class, Kaep still remains the best option.

      1. “can you stop a 13 game losing streak?”

        The funny part about that question is Kaepernick was on an 11 game losing streak in games that he started.

        I agree Seb. Being able to overcome that type of personal futility will be hard to find.

    1. CMac played at 205 lb this year and will probably check in at the combine at 210 lb. He has missed all of one game in college which has scouts speculating that he’s injury-prone. If anything, he’s more explosive and dynamic than Bush because of his downfield vision which enables him to make the right cut, take the correct angle. All this downplaying of CMac is good for the Packers or Pats.

  39. Ok, regardless of what you feel or think about Kaep…what you see or read that he can’t do, he is a starting QB in this league. He is not gonna be Tom Brady or Matt Ryan, he is what he is and that is a playmaking game manager. He has proved that he can win with a team around him and that is fact in ’12,’13,and ’14. As injuries caused the team an 8-8 season in ’14. Kaep knows his limitations and that is why he took the team friendly deal and didn’t demand more money because he put team first. he took less to help keep the team together. Now,that is something a selfish player wouldn’t do. To put the blame on Kaep for a terrible season in ’15 was to take away for the nonsense of thinking Tomsula could replace or do better than Harbaugh at coaching in which Willis and Justin saw the writing on the wall. Kaep will not fit in Shanahans offense if he is looking to display what he did in Atl with no running game that he foolishly went away from in the SB and goodluck trying to find another Matt Ryan. Now if he look to what he did in Washington with RG3 then he has something better to work with in Kaep plus a running game which he also had in Washington that year. If he and Lynch is smart as everyone seems to think they are, the wise thing to do is try to build around Kaep now than try to build around a rookie. Why give up assets for a QB when you can use all your assets now to build around Kaep to win Now.

    1. ruben

      Horse pucky….

      Building around Kaep is the same as building a Golden wall around the outhouse. Face the music…he’s gone….I would prefer that he opt out so he could say that he did it on
      his own time. He never was, is not now, nor never will be a starting QB….At least he’ll only have to wear that ‘hang-dog’ look one more time when they finally cut him….’should have happened 3 years ago….

    2. So? Scott Bull was a starting QB in the NFL. His career QB rating is 27.6. If all he did was to throw his 193 attempts into the ground his rating would be 39.6.

      That’s right, a ‘starting NFL QB’ was so bad that the team (the 49ers) would have been better off if every pass he threw for the team was an incompletion.

      And, FWIW, Kaepernick fell apart before 2015. I know you people don’t like to admit it, but from mid-2014 on his QB play has been OBVIOUSLY terrible, never mind advanced-stats people like myself were on him back in 2012.

      But even the casual fan should have seen that when defense was no longer elite and giving them all those short-field drives, Kaepernick and the Harbaugh College offense were exposed for what they were. Kaepernick was never a great QB. He played street-ball in a crap-tastic college-level offense. The NFL caught up to him and Harbaugh’s crappy offense and the 49er crashed.

      And now Kansas City is laughing at ‘being fleeced.’ Smith may not be a HOF QB, but he’s gone to two Pro Bowls since being traded and done a pretty decent job. Meanwhile Kaepernick has just fallen off the face of the NFL planet.

      1. Back in 2012, those stats people were blown away with the metrics.

        2015 was the year Kaep became so injured, he required 3 surgeries, yet you ignore that fact as irrelevant when in actuality, it totally explained why he could not pass.

        Dissing an injured player is low form.

        1. Seb

          In 2015, Kaep was benched….not for being injured, but because HE SUCKED ! His injuries were not serious (Thumb, miniscus, and off-throwing shoulder) and were not even disclosed until he was benched. Without a clever ambulance-chaser in his camp, he would have been cut…so, NO it does NOT totally explain why he couldn’t pass. Had it not been for the niner FO attempting to dodge a larger settlement (injury) he’d probably be an assistant coach for the mighty Turlock Bulldogs two years ago…

        2. Wrong again, Seb-

          At least in a larger sense. Must we jog you memory with the injuries that Montana played with-and played quite well?

          Came back before the season was over with a dangerously injured back (can you say “paraplegic”) and kicked arse-looked like he never left?

          Kap sucks. Lets move on from Seb’s Idolatry, from his inability to see what even the so-called experts have said.

  40. Below is what Barrows wrote yesterday about how he surmised our current players would fit in a Seattle-style defensive front. Apologies if already posted/discussed:

    “Leo” defensive end – This is the marquee position along the defensive front. The position essentially is the same as the “elephant” defensive end the 49ers employed in their heyday – Charles Haley, Chris Doleman, etc. (It’s no coincidence Carroll was San Francisco’s defensive coordinator in 1995-96). The “Leo” is the team’s best pass rusher and most athletic edge rusher. He plays on the weak side (non-tight end side) of the defense and usually goes against the opponent’s left tackle. Chris Clemons and Cliff Avril have played this role for the Seahawks. For the 49ers? Ahmad Brooks or Aaron Lynch or maybe even seldom-used Tank Carradine probably fit best. A high-round rookie draft pick, say Texas A&M’s Myles Garrett or Alabama’s Tim Williams, would be even more ideal.

    Defensive tackle/nose tackle – Even though the Seahawks use a base 4-3, they still have a role for someone who lines up over the opposition’s center. This typically has been a shorter, stubbier player in Seattle’s system (think 6-foot-1, 310-pound Brandon Mebane). The best recent 49er for this position is Ian Williams, but he was released in October and his NFL future is very much up in the air due to recent injuries. The team’s top nose tackle from last season, Glenn Dorsey, is a pending free agent. Quinton Dial is an option, but at 6-5, he’s not a prototypical nose tackle, especially in this particular scheme.

    Defensive tackle – This position should be the team’s top pass-rushing interior lineman. The 49ers will want to have Arik Armstead and DeForest Buckner on the field, and they must figure out which is best for this spot vs. left defensive end. The guess here is that Buckner would play this position with Armstead at defensive end.

    Left defensive end – This player lines up opposite the “Leo” and typically has been a bigger player who can stop the run.

    Read more here:

      1. Seb

        Good question…I’d been thinking about him for about a week. What is his status Has he completed his rehab ? Is he working out at team HQ ?

  41. Even if they want Kaep in camp, I cannot believe they would keep him under the current contract. Gotta cut him then re-sign. He’s 3x value on current deal, IMHO. Let him opt out and test the waters. I think he will get a lot of invites, but few if any legit offers until he can show something different. I hope he can.

    1. Just a rehash of what has been said to death already from somebody writing for Cover 32. The bottom line is the Niners are going to make a decision based on the options available to them. No matter what anyone’s view is of the person, it’s the opinion on the player that will decide whether he stays or goes. If they feel Kap is a better option than what they can find on the FA market, then he’s likely going to be here for at least another year.

        1. I agree it’s not likely, and I actually hope he moves on, if for no other reason than to not have to scroll through endless nonsense from he who shall not be named. However, the 49ers are not going to cut him based on the reasons given in that article. They are going to see what’s available and decide what their best option is. They aren’t making decisions based on emotion or preconceived bias. They will make the best business decision for the team.

          1. We were all sure Alex was on the street when Harbaugh was hired.
            From this fan’s perspective, rolling on with CK would dull the brightness on the finish of the all new 2017 model,of the Niners. Just personal.

          2. Hah ha quite true. It could go either way for the chronic underperformeing Kaep, but if he’s retained it will be only as a stopgap until the right deal or right draft can be made. Kaep has plateaued himself out of the league – if not this year, sooner than later. Not many football people have any more delusions about his uncoachable limitations. And ‘endless nonsense’ is an excellent metaphor for he who shall not be named.

            1. GnomoD, sure an glad that KS and lynch are way smarter than you, and are still assessing the situation.

              They see that Kaep does have good film, but also saw that many players were playing out of position. KS is enough of a tactician that he will see that if he correctly utilizes Kaep, he will have a very dangerous weapon.

              Since you want to be schooled, let me tell you that many times, the opponents admitted that they schemed to contain Kaep in the pocket. The logical answer to that would be to break containment. Too bad you and the coaches could not think of ways to break containment, and forced Kaep to be only a pocket passer. With a turnstile O line, Kaep was bludgeoned and became injured, but you and others of your ilk, just criticized an injured player. When he was inaccurate in 2015, you could see that something was wrong with him, and it took 3 surgeries to fix.

              Chip, although he liked Kaep and had him functioning well in the first half, was incapable of making adjustments, and the offense bogged down because he was too stubborn to adapt and change.

              Baalke had a lot to do do with the dysfunction, but he was content to cut players on the team bus just to show everyone who was boss. Well, now, he is no longer boss, and that is why I think Kaep wants to stay, because if Baalke had stayed, Kaep would have been long gone already. The fact that he is having a meeting with Lynch and KS signals his willingness to continue playing for the Niners.

              So you prattle on, dissing me and Kaep, and declared they would cut Kaep the day after KS signed. Well, now we hear that Lynch and KS are willing to consider letting Kaep continue as their QB, and they made a very cogent, astute decision.

              Since you were so wrong, I will just question your football knowledge, and attribute your hate to just emotional twaddle.

              ‘He who shall not be named.’ Hmmm I wonder if you read the HP series. You are conferring power to me, and I make you so afraid of me that you cannot say my name.

              Thanks again for dissing Kaep. I usually refrain from dwelling on the starting QB until he is mentioned or dissed. I would much rather talk about free agents and the draft, along with the chicken or the egg conundrum/ 4-3 or 3-4.

              It would be a lot smarter to just ignore Kaep like many on radio are doing, but your intelligence level negates that possibility. Keep up the good work.

              1. Seb-

                The league has figured Kap out..Stack the box, and force him to beat you thru the air for 4 qtrs………..

                He is not capable of doing that. Its just that simple. All the rest of this Kap theology is just California Psycho-babble.

              2. Saw, it sure sounds like the defense wants to shape the offense.

                Maybe the offense should spread them wide and attack the edges.

                Even with that strategy, when the defense gives up 200 yards rushing, it is almost impossible to win. Kaep threw for 400 yards and still lost because of the defense. Blaming Kaep for losing while ignoring the defense just means you have a myopic view that does not bring much to the table.

  42. That read says it all. I could see KS still inviting him to camp. It’s low/no risk. Especially if they have not gotten a viable stopgap in at that point, Need to buy time. Don’t repeal on the front-end if you got no replacement….

  43. Espn gang talking likely tags. Their consensus was that a lot of guys we’ve been talking about will be signed or tagged and not hit the market.
    Williams, Poe, Hightower, Ingram, Jeffrey, Pryor, Short

    1. The only one there that would surprise me is Ingram. Figured that after drafting Bosa they were planning on letting him leave.

      1. Scooter- The thinking was that Ingram really thrived playing next to Bosa and that they make a fine tandem going forward.

  44. Bringing CKdud back into this new shining model would be a major downer, even though it might temporarily occur. That would be akin to dragging back onto the tarmac a swerving, misfiring, sparking dragster when what’s clearly called for is a world-class competition Ferrari. Let’s hope they strike a real vein of gold sooner than later.

            1. Garoppolo is the guy I would try and get. But obviously need to make sure you aren’t mortgaging the future for him.

              If he can be had for a similar trade as Alex Smith, that’s probably reasonable. Though I would prefer to try and keep the trade compensation to just picks this year.

              I would also consider using Armstead or Reid in an offer to reduce the draft capital needed. If the Patriots lose Vollmer, I’d also consider trading Trent Brown.

              1. Cleveland really holds all the cards. $105 million in cap space, two first round picks and two second round picks! If they really want him, nobody can top them. Still if Garappolo doesn’t want to be traded to the Browns, he could decline to sign a long-term contract with the Browns and that would make them hesitant to go after him.

                I was just mulling over at what point in time should the 49ers try to get Garappolo. I’m leaning towards making a deal now, so that the team knows exactly who it needs to get in FA and in the draft. But, I can also see waiting to gauge the level of interest from other teams.

              2. If Garoppolo wants to go to the Browns, and the Browns want him, then yeah, may as well accept he won’t be a 49er.

                Will have to wait until FA begins I believe, but don’t want to leave it until the draft (or after the draft). Doing so risks losing out on a decent(ish) QB in FA. Garoppolo and Schaub in FA makes sense, but a rookie and Schaub makes less sense, as then Schaub would likely need to start.

                However, it will also come down to what the Patriots want to do. There isn’t really any need on their part to try and get a trade done quickly.

              3. It looks like trades might not be allowed until the start of the league year which is March 9th. I’m still not exactly sure on that, so if anyone has any input, it would be much appreciated.

                But unlike FA, teams might be able to negotiate trades now with the earliest date for contract completion being March 9th.

              4. I’m 99.9% sure that’s right, regarding when trades can start taking place.

                But you are correct that teams can (and probably are) start negotiating trades now.

            2. Bears are lurking in the woods for Jimmy G.
              I don’t think a 2nd & 4th will get Jimmy.
              Brownies can offer their second 1st.
              I don’t know if Bears would dangle #3 Overall.
              Browns could counter with #1 if they panic.

              1. That is the type of thing I would expect the old Cleveland leadership to do but they are run by analytics and my guess is they will see more value in the picks than an unproven backup. Giving up a first for Garoppolo would be a major leap of faith.

              2. That is the type of thing I would expect the old Cleveland leadership to do but they are run by analytics and my guess is they will see more value in the picks than an unproven backup.

                I think the 12th overall pick in the draft represents a 36% at an elite player. That should provide some context as to what you would be giving up with a top five pick for Garoppolupe….

              3. Yep you’d better be damn sure Garoppolo is going to be your franchise QB if you’re going to trade a top 5 pick for him.

              4. Rocket
                You have some faith in the new regime in Cleveland. I note that the same Einstein owns the team. The Browns Jinx is in place until it’s shown to be broken. Sword in the stone. Even BB failed there.
                Billy Bean resurrect the Bownies?……..

              5. BT,

                I wouldn’t call it faith, just an acknowledgement that they are following a strategy that puts a lot of value on every pick they can acquire. I’m just guessing they would not see Garoppolo as being good value for one of their first rounders under the formula, but you are correct in the fact a black cloud has hovered over this franchise since their resurrection in 99. The Factory of Sadness has lived up to it’s moniker.

          1. No matter how you feel about Cousins, he’s accomplished a lot more than Garoppolo and Taylor put together. To say either of those two is going to help a team get to the playoffs quicker than Cousins is ridiculous. That is pure speculation vs. two top ten seasons.

        1. Garoppolo on the other hand provides promise of something more than solid. Which is why I expect many teams will be more interested in Garoppolo than Cousins.

          Not sure what he is thinking about Taylor over Cousins though. I don’t see it.

          1. Garoppolo has started two games. Cousins has two pro bowl caliber seasons. If both were FA’s I can’t imagine an NFL team preferring Garoppolo over Cousins unless the money was a factor.

            1. Agreed. It’s easy to fall in love with that “Marino” like release, but he played a couple games and got hurt. Straight up, I’m taking Captain Kirk….

        2. Garoppolo? What about Romo at #1.

          One more hit away from retirement? He’s 37. He’s played 5 games over the course of the last 2 season.Here’s a list of his most prominent injuries:

          2016 – Broken Back: Romo fractured a vertebra in the 3rd preseason game.
          2015 – Broken Clavicle: Romo was sacked hard and fractured his collarbone on his non throwing shoulder.
          2014 – Broken Back: Romo fractured the transverse process in his back in 2 places on Monday Night Football in week 8.
          2013 – Back (herniated disk): In week 16 Romo spun free from the pocket in the fourth quarter Sunday and herniated the disc in his back. The injury was season ending and required surgery.
          2011 – Hand: Romo suffered a severely bruised hand and left the game
          2010 – Shoulder sprain: NFL Shoulder Tony Romo sprained his shoulder and missed the remaining 10 games of the season
          2008 – Hand: Tony sprained finger on his right hand and missed the next 2 games this season.

          Tony will not play 16 games in 2017. That’s almost a certainty. The question isn’t WILL Tony get hurt, it’s WHEN? When will Tony get hurt? Early in the season, or closer to the postseason?

          This is why Tony will have to completely restructure his contract. His new contract will reflect the high level of risk involved, and will require Tony to hit benchmarks and incentives in order to get paid.

          Tony’s may be AN option, but he’s certainly not one of the better option in this years list of available QB’s, FA’s and Draft prospects!

  45. Prime,

    Razor’s post on Trubisky is something I don’t already know–it’s a very good analysis.

    I am by no means opposed to drafting Trubisky. I’m just happy Jed finally has a WCO coach who know the position.

    We know WCO coaches just get it–(the QB position), because their offense doesn’t function w/o a QB.

    Shanahan will know if Trubisky is the real deal…To me he looks draft worthy at # 2. Shanahan will know if he needs to give up the farm to the Pats for Garoppolo, draft Trubisky or, as Charley Casserly (NFL Network) and Walter Football recommend, draft Allen.

    I just hope you realize that they are going to talk with John McVay, devlop a draft strategy, and for once, are in a better position than we’ve been for years, because we have true talent evaluators of the skill positions…Do you realize that ?

  46. Pat Mahomes*, QB, Texas Tech
    Height: 6-3. Weight: 219.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.68.
    Projected Round (2017): 1-3.

    Mitch Trubisky*, QB, North Carolina
    Height: 6-3. Weight: 220.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.77.
    Projected Round (2017): 1-2.

  47. Prime,

    I’m just saying, we have a QB talent evaluator now. If he tells us that Mahomes and Trubisky are equally talented, but it only takes a 2nd Rd pick to get Mahomes, but a 1st Rounder to acquire Trubisky, you take Mahomes in the 2nd Rd and Allen in the 1st Round.

    This is why Jed gave Kyle 7 million a year. Both look close to me, so if you can shore up your D and O why high draft picks, I’m all in !

    1. No offense to Chris Biderman, but he is a little off base with the implications here. In particular regarding the role of the strongside DE (or Elephant) and the SAM (or Otto).

      The best examples of the roles they will be asked to play from a 49ers history perspective is those of Ray McDonald (Elephant) and Ahmad Brooks (Otto) under Fangio. Either Armstead or Dial can play the Elephant role. And either Lynch or Brooks could play the Otto (though I would try and sign John Simon for the Otto, and move Lynch to Leo).

      The biggest questions that I see are:
      – Can Armstead improve as a 5T from last season? If not, Dial will likely win that role on base downs.
      – Can Buckner handle a 3T role?
      – Who’s the NT?
      – Is anybody on the roster really good enough to play Leo? Will they bring someone in to play this role? If they do, I would assume Lynch plays Otto.
      – If they move Lynch to Leo, who plays Otto?
      – Is Ray Ray good enough to handle the WILL? And is Bowman going to be ready to play? If not, what are they going to do at these two spots?
      – How will the secondary line up? Will they switch to more cover 3? If so, who’s the FS? Bradley learned the hard way at the Jaguars how important a true centre fielder is for the cover 3 to work.
      – What do they plan on doing with Ward, Reid, Tartt and Bethea?

      The thing is, almost all of these questions would also be asked if they kept playing a 3-4.

      1. The Niners should not count on Bowman getting back, so when he does, it will be a bonus.

        I agree, getting a NT is priority number one. I think Brandon Williams will be retained, so Dontari Poe should be the main target. Of all the top FAs, I hope Lynch outbids everyone for Poe.

        I hope the DB situation resolves itself through fair competition. Cromartie may be a viable candidate, and If Redmond can play, Ward may be moved to Safety.

        I think the Niners should just go with a hybrid system, that can morph quickly from one setup to the other, depending what their offense shows. Rotate players all game to keep them fresh, and show different wrinkles.

      2. Can Armstead improve as a 5T from last season? Doubt it because he’s coming off IR. He’ll have to work his way back to pre-injury form, and then continue his development. I think we should trade him to a 3-4 DE needy team, and draft Allen for that role.

        Can Buckner handle a 3T role? Yep

        Is anybody on the roster really good enough to play Leo? Nope

        If they move Lynch to Leo, who plays Otto? Draft Mathis in the 3rd or 4th round, and make him the Leo and Lynch the Otto

        Is Ray Ray good enough to handle the WILL? Dunno. And is Bowman going to be ready to play? Doubt it. If not, what are they going to do at these two spots? They’ll need to use Armstrong, and they could draft Ryan Anderson to take over for Bowman.

        Who’s the NT? Jarron Jones ND

        If so, who’s the FS? Ward

        What do they plan on doing with Ward, Reid, Tartt and Bethea? Reid SS, Bethea moves on, Tartt back up.

        Thanks Scooter for the exercise. Be gentle with your grades…;>)

        1. Your welcome :-)

          Some thought…

          “I think we should trade him to a 3-4 DE needy team, and draft Allen for that role.”

          The 5T in the under front is basically the same role as a 4T/5T in a 3-4. So why would a 3-4 DE needy team want Armstead more than the 49ers? And why would Allen be a better fit?

          “Draft Mathis in the 3rd or 4th round, and make him the Leo and Lynch the Otto”

          I like Mathis, but I don’t expect him to come in as a rookie and be a better pass rusher than Lynch. In fact he may never be better. If they are going to use the draft to fill the Leo role that’s going to need to be a 1st or 2nd round pick, IMO.

          “they could draft Ryan Anderson to take over for Bowman.”

          Anderson is a 3-4 OLB. I don’t see him playing the Mike.

          “Jarron Jones ND”

          Jones doesn’t sound like the type of player John Lynch wants. Also, like Mathis, we’re talking a mid round type player and you’re expecting them to start. And I think with his height and length he is a better fit for the 5T role in the D the 49ers are expected to play than a NT. Much like Dial.

          1. Allen is a generational talent. Trade him to the Jaguars who would have loved to get their hands on Allen? Or you could hold onto Armstead and draft Williams as your Leo.

            Let’s just say Lynch has been less than impressive, but you’re right. Not a fan of his work ethic. I beg to differ, Anderson is a Mike all day long at the NFL level.

            Jones is actually a 1st/2nd round talent in my opinion, but I guess we go hard after Williams from the Ravens….

            1. Allen is a little overrated IMO (only a little though). He’s very very good. But I don’t see the rare explosive first step that separates the very good DTs from the great. He’s no Allan Donald or JJ Watt, who are true generational talents. He’s an excellent technician with very good athleticism. A bit like Geno Atkins.

              Regardless of what Nick Saban says, I don’t see an inside linebacker in Anderson.

              1. Haven’t a clue what Saban said, but I know it’s my opinion he’s a Mike. We can agree to disagree there. Allen is a master technician, which is 80% of the job. He’s plenty quick and when combined, he’s a rare, formidably, monster….

              2. Well, Saban agrees with you.

                Allen is quick once he gets moving. Off the snap though he isn’t as quick as guys like Donald or Watt. I see a very good player, but not a generational talent.

              1. And he was inconsistent

                You’d be taking a shot on a guy that has 1st/2nd talent late because he’ll need a coach to push his buttons. Do that, and I promise you he’ll give even the better centers fits….

      3. “– Is Ray Ray good enough to handle the WILL?”

        Yes, if you don’t expect any pass rush out of him. I don’t see him being able to shed blocks, but he won’t be asked to blitz too often.

        Athleticism is a must for a Will and Ray Ray is an athletic freak. Last season we saw him flying across the field and stopping the run or buying time for his teammates to assist him.

        He is also good in coverage. He will be able to run with slot receivers and he could turn a potential HB screen into a pick 6.

      4. Does Lynch fit this scheme anymore? Tough to say if he’s truly Leo worthy, he’s got the quick twitch and straight line rush to get to QB’s but how many times do we just see him shoot right by cause he lacks lateral control under full steam. It’s not hard to simply push him right behind the QB and it happens frequently with him.

        Will his body hold up with the 30+ solo tackles he’ll be making a year. Chris Clemmons averaged 12.8 solo tackles a season for the 7 active years he’s played outside of Seattle. For his 4 years as the Leo he averaged 27.5 solo tackles a year. Might not sound like a lot but try tackling an NFL running back by yourself just once in your life and you’ll understand what having to do it an extra 10+ times a year will do to you.

        If they move him to the Sam then you have him covering TE’s. I’m pretty sure I don’t want him covering TE’s so that’s not going to work.

        I question whether Lynch fits and if he’ll become trade bait.

        1. He can play the Leo. The questions about his durability and dedication to becoming a better player are the biggest for me. With their lack of options, I don’t see him being traded.

  48. Garropolo will not come cheap, and he may not want to come to the downtrodden Niners. The Pats GM, OC and LB coach all rebuffed the Niner offers.

    Also, there is the Bill Bellichick factor. He may parlay those extra picks into another SB win, so teams should be leery of helping Bellichick in any way, especially if they are in the SB hunt.

    Bellichick is already getting a draft pick for Jamie Collins, so teams should not help Bellichick garner more.

  49. Tom your right on Mahomes, who will up his value at the combines, hopefully not so much that he goes sooner than the second round. Webb would also be a nifty pick in the 2-4 round range. They both are a perfect fit for KS’s offense. One of those two plus two free agent QB’s will be the way they will go, and we’ll have a solid, healthy competition in camp. Once they free themselves of the cancer called Kraep, which they will do, either thru him opting out in March, or cutting him before he solidifies a huge payday on April 1st. It will be worth it to eat 3-4 mill and rid themselves of “the headache” than pay 14+ mill for a Surface holder. It’s common sense, something that apparently is hard to come by out there in Sebpotstoseed. Must be the water.

    1. There you go again. Only the delusional haters would declare the Eshmont Award winner is a cancer in the locker room.

      You really are grasping at straws, since you were totally repudiated by the report that Lynch and KS are open to Kaep continuing as the San Francisco 49er Quarterback.

      Maybe Lynch looked back at what happened, and learned from those mistakes. He learned from the JH debacle that one does not get rid of some one, until they have an adequate replacement in place. unless they want chaos and dysfunction.

      There are no FA QBs who come close to the potential of Kaep, and now that KS is the HC, he will correctly use Kaep. I expect more controlled rollouts.

      Glad you recognize Sebastopol as a unique city, and we have plenty of common sense. We live on the cusp. I can look out and see a wall of fog in the summer, so there is natural air conditioning, but we are outside the fog, so we enjoy sunny days.

      Yes, we do enjoy our herbiage out here. In fact, the owner of the dispensary was voted the mayor.

      I do like the water, too. Just got done bottling a batch of brew. Tried to duplicate a Pliney by dumping hops in. I used my well water, and they seem to turn out all right.

      1. Mighty Quinn-

        You actually protect Kap like he’s family. I would bet my life he is not.

        There is something else, psychologically, going on in your id, here. I know you like to look at him like he’s a victim…….perhaps your little bit part in trying to recreate ’68…? You have a profound need for people like Kap………..I suggest you finish off that bottle of “Old Grand Dad”………………

  50. Hey Wally, by the way, I know you like to use the phrase “butt hurt” frequently, but frankly, I would prefer not to hear about your sex life on this football site. Thanks in advance.

    1. Gnomo, I am talking about you, not me, and since Kaep looks like he will be staying, all your name calling will not change the fact that you got a swift kick in the rear end.

      I think that visual exactly pertains to you, since your foul mouth matches your foul mind.

  51. Good News – Shanahan had a radio interview today
    Bad News – It was on The Game. Not a shred of new information. Extremely general.

    I don’t expect detailed information on specific players, FA or draft info…. but this was the most substance free interview I can remember.

    Nothing new. Just reinforcing the obvious… Shanny’s doing alot of film study of 49ers personnel while assembling a coaching staff. He’s very busy.

  52. So many here think it is a bad idea to trade the 2nd pick for Garappolo. I’m not sure I fully understand the reasoning. If there was a QB in the draft considered NFL ready, wouldn’t you agree to using the 2nd pick to draft him. Garappolo is NFL ready even though his experience is limited. QB is the biggest need on the team and Shanny has done fairly well in grooming QBs. It’s not at all easy to get a franchise QB these days (since the college system produces so few NFL ready QBs). Sure it’s a risk, but so is drafting a supposed NFL ready QB (if there was one this year).

    Now, I’m wondering if posters would be willing to give up the 2nd pick for Jimmy G. if the team was more set at other positions. In other words, does the fact that the team has so many holes influence your reasoning for not giving up the 2nd pick for Jimmy G.

    It’s just that it seems so difficult to get a franchise QB that maybe you have to take the chance when it becomes available. Teams such as the Rams, Eagles and even the Vikings have shown us recently what they are willing to give up for what they consider to be a top QB.

    1. Why dont you just hand Bellichick another Lombardi.

      I still like Kaep, even though some talk he does not exist.

      Garropolo may turn out to be another Devey. Looks good with a SB talented squad, but once on the Niners, he turns into a pumpkin.

      1. Too rich. Garropolupe isn’t Brady or Rodgers. He’s not going to put the team on his back. He’s not an elite quarterback. Draft one later and let coach Shannytize him. Too many holes on this roster….

      2. And you might give up another Lombardi to Bellichick. That is his MO. He trades away players who seem to have good value, but mainly thrived because they were in the Patriots system. The multiple draft pick makes the odds of one of them being special a lot better than having a paucity of picks.

        He traded them away, accumulated draft picks and continued their winning ways by building through the draft, while also getting that special FA player who filled a big need, and helped put them back into the playoffs.

        Trading away a bunch of draft picks will just doom the Niners because they have a dire need to fix the defense, and need as many picks as possible. Garropolo would do worse than Kaep, because the NFC west pass rush would stomp on him. At least Kaep is mobile enough to avoid the pass rush at times.

        1. Hes no Wilson, Seb……….he’s also created many a sack because he has atrocious mechanics, poor footwork and holds on to the ball too long…..doesn’t study as much as less talented QB’s and, consequently, reaps what he sows. Pagan religions always fade away………….

          1. What? did you watch the same games that I did? If you replay them, you will have seen Kaep running for his life and using his mobility to avoid many sacks. Devey acted like a turnstile, and Pears was almost as bad. 80 sacks in a season and a half, and you are going to solely blame Kaep? The O line did not grade out too well. In fact, they were horrid. Last season, they were a lot better, but I saw some major whiffs by all of the O line at times during the games.

            Atrocious mechanics? Little hyperbole, especially since he has made jaw dropping throws that few would even attempt and fewer would make. He held onto the ball because the receivers were blanketed. Say what you will, but Kaep has never had elite speedy WRs. In the end, he was throwing to cut UDFAs.

            That lack of study time screed is fatuous. Gabbert could have just turned on his computer and walked away. It also was proprietary information, never should have been divulged, and was only leaked to stab Kaep in the back.

            Ye shall reap what you sow? Yup, Baalke got reaped but good.

            Paganism is dead? No, Halloween is taken more seriously than Easter.

            1. Must I give you more of my home-made poetry? I’ve heard it’s very annoying………

              You have started a whole new sect of paganism with this idolatry of Kap.

              1. Knock yourself out.

                This hatred of Kaep has gotten creepy, with the lack of any connection to reality. I guess there is some latent political discrimination with underlying racial tones.

    2. Yes, that’s something I have been saying for some time. I would be willing to make that trade for precisely that reason – if he was in the draft this year the 2nd overall pick would not be unreasonable for him.

      But I wouldn’t want to give up high pick(s) in 2018 also, or need to add later picks in 2017 to it.

      1. If the niners swapped 1st round picks with NE, packaging the 32 and 34th picks could yield the 13 pick according to the draft value charts.

        1. I wonder what the NFL anti-collusion rules are. 49ers and Browns could get together and agree to wait until Garappolo’s a free agent in 14 months.

        1. So, Brodie your objection is that there isn’t enough “body of work” to justify paying Jimmy the money at this time. Because obviously at some point you have to pay big bucks for your franchise QB.

          I just get the feeling that there is no sure and tried path these days to get the franchise QB with minimal risk.

          1. I’m not saying “don’t make the trade”, just pointing out the cost is far greater than the 2 pick.

            If Garappolo had 3 years left on a rookie contract I’d consider trading 2 for him. I loved Garappolo in the draft and was hoping Baalke would grab him. I’m a sucker for quick release QBs.

            But 2+$70m is massive team building capital.

      1. The 49ers have heaps of cap space, so its not an issue.

        And the only numbers that really matter is what would be guaranteed.

        I expect he would get an extension that allows the team to cut him without significant salary cap ramifications after a couple of years if he doesn’t work out. It would suck to waste the #2 overall pick on him if he does fail, but guess what, same goes with any young QB drafted early that fails. The benefit here over a rookie is that Garoppolo comes in with 3 years of working as a professional, so he should be far more ready to start earning his big salary straight away.

        1. Why the hell do we have a HC that can make steak out of spam? We don’t need to take a quarterback early. Let him take one he likes where value and talent intersect….

            1. And I would add, Brissett looked pretty good in the Patriots offense for being “an average talent” at the quarterback position. Why wouldn’t Shanny be able to do that?

              1. I think they believe that Brissett is good enough as a backup so long as Brady stays healthy, and may have some potential to develop.

                Just because they think he has potential, doesn’t mean he “looked pretty good” this year though. He wasn’t downright awful. But he wasn’t good.

              2. I don’t think there’s a chance in hell they’d trade Garoppolupe if they believed Brissett couldn’t get it done. Especially if he’s as good as you think he is. Remember. you’re dealing with the devil in BB….

          1. Why would a quarterback guru want to develop talent rather than buy it?

            Garoppolo is ranked 706th paid player ($870,975) taken at pick 62.

            Sprinkle Belichick fairy dust on him and he’s costing a potential pick 2 at over twenty times the salary.

            If Shanahan is really the QB guru we hope he is, he will not only get the 49ers a spiffy new quarterback, but he can convert developmental quarterbacks into high draft picks the way Belichick does.

              1. “That’s my hope. Our own little west coast quarterback factory”

                Yup, Trade for Garoppolo. Take a QB in round 3 or 4. Have KS and Schaub teach up the draft pick. If Garoppolo fails, start Schaub until the drafted QB is ready. If Garoppolo succeeds flip the well groomed drafted QB for a second round pick.

            1. You make it sound like Garoppolo is an aging vet. He’s not. He’s still young and still developing, he just comes with the added benefit of having been exposed for three years to what it takes to be a professional footballer at what is currently the best organisation in the NFL.

              He was taken at pick 62 despite coming out of Eastern Illinois, in one of the most talent rich drafts in recent history (2014). The reason he was taken so “low” was mainly because of question marks regarding his ability to handle the rise in quality. He has shown that isn’t an issue.

              So there are really two ways to look at it. One is that Garoppolo is an inexperienced QB and therefore isn’t worth such a gamble. The other is looking at him like a draftable player (albeit one that you will need to pay more than a true drafted player). As a draftable player, there really is no reason he shouldn’t be worth the second overall pick.

              1. As a draftable player, there really is no reason he shouldn’t be worth the second overall pick.

                But he is not being drafted Scooter. The team needs to rebuild in some key areas, and trading away the second pick of the draft for a QB with limited experience is a bad idea.

              2. I like Garoppolo. I’m aware he’s young. I’d love to see him in a 49er uniform, just like I did in 2014.

                Just pointing out total cost.

              3. Mid, I think I was pretty clear in my comment that there were two ways of looking at it. And yes, I know you are not interested in seeing it as if Garoppolo was effectively a draft pick.

                “The team needs to rebuild in some key areas, and trading away the second pick of the draft for a QB with limited experience is a bad idea.”

                Limited NFL experience is better than no experience. Which is what all drafted players have. Are you saying it isn’t a good idea to draft a QB that high, even if there is a good looking one available, if you are rebuilding?

        2. Lots of good points.

          Garoppolo would have to agree to the deal. If he thinks he could get a better contract with more guaranteed money, he could say no and wait 14 months.

          1. The Patriots are the luckiest team. They’re going to sucker a high first round pick from another team as Super Bowl Champs, and win another one. We’ll never catch ’em….

            1. Yup, Bellichick will try to parlay that trade into another SB, and teams will blindly let him do it, and in fact may aid him.

              When have you heard of Bellichick making a bad deal.

        1. How about a swap of first round picks and then package picks (example 32nd and 34th) to move back in to the 1st, as high as the 13th pick according to draft trade values. In a sense then, this would be like giving up a 2nd rounder although our first round pick (as high as 13) wouldn’t be as good as the 2nd pick. And of course there is no guarantee that we could move up to pick 13. But my point all along has been that getting a franchise QB is not easy and there is no clear, tried and true path anymore to getting one. At some point I think you have to gamble and luck will probably also factor into it.

          1. You don’t gamble with that high of a pick though Cubus. The closest you could come to finding a team willing to give up a first round pick for a QB is when the Packers acquired Brett Favre. Doing so makes even less since given the level of talent expected at the QB position in the 2018 draft.

            1. Understand what you’re saying, but I would point out that last year around this time everyone here was talking about how great the 2016 college QBs of Watson, Kaaya and Kizer were. And what happened? Point is there are no guarantees and there is a fair amount of risk in trying to get that franchise QB. However, thanks to everyone for the thoughts and opinions. In the end, I trust KS to make a good choice – one that Baalke never could.

              1. Bingo Cubus. Shanahan wouldn’t trade for Garoppolo unless he thought he could be a franchise QB. I will trust Kyle’s judgement and his teaching ability.

              2. Cubus,

                I didn’t like the potential of this class last year and said so many times. I sure don’t like them any better now, but there is some talent there that could pay off if given time to develop. While we can never be sure, next year’s class does look markedly better from a potential stand point imo.

          2. 13th is right around the edge of top prospects and good prospects. I would trade up to that spot if there was someone I really liked on the board, like Foster or Davis. If not, I would be tempted to keep 32 and 34. I think we could get good value there with two picks close together.

            So yes, I would make the Garoppolo 1st round pick swap deal.

          3. If you’re going to gamble like that you might as well take one of the QB’s in the draft. Younger, cheaper and you get your pick. I like Garoppolo, but we have to keep things in perspective as to where he is at as a player. He has started 2 games in 3 years and his physical skills are no better than some of the guys in this draft. You are essentially gambling that he’s learned how to be a franchise QB by watching Tom Brady and playing/studying under a great OC.

            1. It seems likely that Jimmy G. is far further along than any of the QBs in the draft. If he isn’t then I wouldn’t even consider this trade. He didn’t play at all like a rookie in his couple of starts this past season.

              1. True, but this year’s crop of QBs is mediocre at best, so being further along than them is not saying much, especially since there are questions about whether any of the QB prospects are even worth a first round pick.

            2. “If you’re going to gamble like that you might as well take one of the QB’s in the draft. Younger, cheaper and you get your pick.”

              Sorry rocket, but I find that line of reasoning really silly. Doesn’t matter whether it is Garoppolo or one of the QBs in the draft. They are a gamble either way. If you make the trade for Garoppolo using pick #2 you aren’t doing it because you think one of the guys in the draft is just as good a talent. Its because Garoppolo IS your pick of the QBs available.

              As for the inexperience, those two games he’s started are two more than any guy you draft. And his physical skills as a QB have never been in question. They may be no better, but they aren’t any worse either.

              “You are essentially gambling that he’s learned how to be a franchise QB by watching Tom Brady and playing/studying under a great OC.”

              No, you are taking what you thought of him pre-draft in 2014 (talented but raw, and from a lower level of competition – if you liked him as a prospect that is) and applying what you saw from him every time he has had an opportunity. That includes pre-season as well as regular season. He’s looked good every step of the way. So basically its a question of whether you thought he had franchise calibre potential to begin with.

              Its much like the q’s about Mahomes – if he had 3 years of NFL experience under his belt and had impressed the way Garoppolo had in even limited opportunities, it wouldn’t be a question as to which QB would be drafted first.

              1. Garoppolo was a late second round pick 3 years ago. He’s started two games in that time and will cost a lot more to sign than one of the top QB’s in this draft. If he was thought of as a Franchise caliber QB at that time, then he would have been drafted at the top of the first.

                I like Garoppolo and would give up the second round pick for him based on potential, but the idea that he’s worth the second overall pick and is clearly better than the top QB prospects in this draft is pure speculation. If you feel a guy like Trubisky is more skilled and has a higher ceiling, you can take him at 2 and pay him far less over the next 5 years. I realize JG has been in the NFL for a few years now, but the reality is he’s only made two more NFL starts than the QB’s in this draft.

              2. “If you feel a guy like Trubisky is more skilled and has a higher ceiling, you can take him at 2 and pay him far less over the next 5 years.”

                And if you believe that to be the case, you take Trubisky. That is obvious. The whole point of this debate is that it only makes sense to make such a trade if you believe Garoppolo is a better prospect than any QB in the draft.

                “If he was thought of as a Franchise caliber QB at that time, then he would have been drafted at the top of the first.”

                If teams believed he had a high chance of being a franchise QB they would have drafted him that high. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t think he had that potential. He didn’t receive comparisons to Tony Romo at the time just for laughs.

              3. True enough, but JG has also spent his time in the NFL surrounded by Belichick, Brady and McDaniels. That has to be worth something, right?

              4. And if you believe that to be the case, you take Trubisky. That is obvious. The whole point of this debate is that it only makes sense to make such a trade if you believe Garoppolo is a better prospect than any QB in the draft.

                The point, at least for me, is that no QB available, including Garoppolo, is worth the #2 pick. I would agree that Garoppolo is probably the best option, but it’s not like he’s a sure fire franchise QB. It means he’s a safer choice than a questionable QB draft class.

                If teams believed he had a high chance of being a franchise QB they would have drafted him that high. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t think he had that potential. He didn’t receive comparisons to Tony Romo at the time just for laughs.

                The Romo comparisons were as much about the School as they were the individuals. I guess what it comes down to for me is: what has changed between where he was ranked as a prospect coming out and where he is now? I don’t see two starts and preseason play catapulting him to first round franchise status which is exactly what you are expecting if you trade the 2nd pick of the draft for him.

              5. “I don’t see two starts and preseason play catapulting him to first round franchise status which is exactly what you are expecting if you trade the 2nd pick of the draft for him.”

                Rocket, people spend the 2nd overall pick on a QB because they believe they have the potential to be a franchise QB, not because they have proven it. A proven commodity is worth a lot more than pick #2.

                The biggest question marks over Garoppolo were how he would handle the significant lift in competition from a small school, and how well he would handle a pro style offense after playing in a short passing, high tempo offense. Outside of that, most reports I read definitely had the opinion he had the tools to be a very good starting NFL QB. If he came from a bigger program that ran a pro style offense, he would have gone much higher.

                Well guess what, now he’s shown he can both handle the rise in competition and run a pro style offense, and do it well. Even if it is in limited action. So what is he worth now?

                I get you don’t believe he is worth #2 overall. That’s fine. Just your opinion. I disagree. I think that while he has only had limited action, he has answered the questions people had about him, so now I have no qualms looking at him as a potential franchise QB.

              6. Rocket, people spend the 2nd overall pick on a QB because they believe they have the potential to be a franchise QB, not because they have proven it. A proven commodity is worth a lot more than pick #2.

                That’s right and my point is if the league didn’t think Garoppolo was more than a late second pick 3 years ago, then two starts and preseason duty shouldn’t change that way of thinking all that much. Sure you can look at the two starts and be impressed and hopeful he can do that consistently, but giving up a top 5 pick for that hope? Not a gamble I’d be willing to take.

              7. And my point is the reasons he was considered a second round pick and not a first round pick he has gone a reasonable way to answering.

          4. I’ve been thinking…

            – Trade back a few spots to garner an extra 2nd.
            – Trade 4-6ish pick for the Pats 32+Garoppolo
            – Trade two (of the now 3) second rounders to move back into the mid first for Corey Davis or Mike Williams (or another cool player like an edge rusher).

            How does Garoppolo+Stud WR sound? You also have the option to trade the new 2nd back into the first.

              1. Sorry, I’m a ball of typos tonight.

                The TWO trades would net 32+high 2nd+Garoppolo.

                Leaving the 49ers with Garoppolo+32+34+2nd.

                32 or 34 or the new 2nd could be easily moved higher into the first for a star prospect.

            1. Meant “Trade 32+34 to move back into the mid first…”

              How ever you arrange it, 32+34+new 2nd is alot of trade up ammo.

              You could get Garoppolo+Top talent and still have a high 2nd rounder to trade back into the first.

              Three major game changing players.

              1. True, but trading down from the 4-6ish pick could gain even more draft capital that could be used to draft a WR, edge rusher, RB, DT, etc.

              2. MDW – I was being conservative in my trade down from 2 to 4-6ish compensation.

                Overall, the idea of a double trade-down appeals to me.

                – Trade down 3-6 spots for 2nd rounder (and maybe 2018 day two pick)
                – Trade down again for 32+Garoppolo.

                This leaves the 49ers with 32+34+2nd. Trade up possibilities abound.

                32+34 fetches about pick 13
                34+new 2nd fetches about pick 16
                66+32 fetches about pick 20
                66+34 fetches about pick 21
                66+new 2nd fetches about pick 25

                Hows Garoppolo+ (Corey Davis or Mike Williams) sound for day one? You still have the new 2nd and 66 for day two.

  53. Why are you guys assuming the 49ers and Garoppolo need to agree to a new contract in order to acquire him? The front office could easily let him play through the final year of his contract and then decide whether to give him a new contract, tag him, or let Garoppolo walk.

  54. The Niner strategy should be to keep Kaep, fix the defense, and get him weapons.

    In free agency, the Niners should spend 85 mil, re sign 11 players and sign a NT, ILB DE, OLB, WR and QB. Maybe Nick Fairly, Zach Brown, Melvin Ingram, Nick Perry, Kendall Wright and Matt Shaub.

    Older FAs who may be affordable entail- Charles Johnson Demarcus Ware, Calais Campbell, Chris Baker, Mario Addison, John Sullivan and Lorenzo Alexander.

    In the draft, the Niners should trade back to the Browns 12th pick, along with a second round pick and a 2018 2nd round pick. The browns could get the best Defender (Garrett) and their choice on QB ( Kizer, Trubiskt or Watson).

    They should move back one more time to garner another second round pick. Maybe to Tennessee. Trade the 12th pick for their 18th pick along with their 3rd and 4th round picks (69 122) That way, the Titans can leapfrog over several teams who would be going for a DB.

    Also, Lynch should reward Denver for allowing Peters to come to the Niners by trading Staley to Denver for a second round pick. Staley would be rewarded for his stellar service by being allowed to go to a SB ready team, who desperately needs tackle help,

    So moving back twice and making a trade, and the Niners could garner the 18th, 33rd, 34th, 52nd, 66th, 69th, 102nd,122nd and 139th picks in the first 4 rounds. They also get the Browns 2018 second round pick. The Niners will miss out on 17 picks, but still get a top 20 pick plus 4 more picks. This strategy will counsel patience for more bodies that will upgrade several positions and provide depth.

    So using the CBS top prospects list, the Niners could possibly draft Corey Davis, Derek Barnett, Zach Cunningham or John Ross with the 18th pick.
    With the 33rd and 34th picks, the Niners could select Christian McCaffrey( if he falls), Haason Reddick, Charles Harris, Curtis Samuel, Garret Bolles, Carl Lawson, Raekwon McMillen or Jarrad Davis.
    52- Cooper Kupp or Caleb Brantley
    66- Ryan Anderson or Chris Wormley.
    69- Patrick Mahomes or Elijah Qualis.
    102- Vincent Taylor or Anthony Walker Jr.
    122- Davon Godchaux or Kyle Fuller.
    139- DOnta Foreman or Jeremy McNichols

    So my mock for the first 4 rounds could be-
    18- Derek Barnett DE
    33- Haason Reddick OLB
    34- Raekwon McMillen ILB
    52- Cooper Kupp WR
    66- Chris Wormley DT
    69- Patrick Mahomes QB
    102- Anthony Walker Jr ILB
    122- Kyle Fuller C
    139- DOnta Foreman RB

    Niners get 9 players in the first 139 picks.

    1. Niners would start the season with Kaep, Shaub and Mahomes as their 3 QBs. They could also sign Cooper Rush as an UDFA to provide more competition.

      1. Seb… An naturally, Kaep would be a gentlemen and relinquish his starting status if he–and he only–felt he wasn’t performing well. And Chip would be there on the sidelines for him too.

        1. Laugh! And what will Kap be compensated? No way does a player who is inaccurate, sees half the field, has terrible mechanics, still has great trouble with touch, play inside the red zone comes to a stand still in his hands, he telegraphs his passes better than Western Union and he has the pocket presence of a coked up drug fiend looking for the next high.

          Oh, by the way, I know all the counter arguments. Baake’s fault (doesn’t play the game). O lines fault. People should watch Kap and the auto sack. Injuries! Doesn’t explain poor play before or after. College stats – Apparently he came down off Olympus. He was Zeus and wasn’t drafted in the first round, but I digress – one word – College – Jeff George looked pretty good in college as did a whole bunch of other players – Nuff said. He is a SB QB – yeah so what so are a whole bunch of other midlin qbs. Means nothing by itself. He has records on the road that Montana and Young don’t – yes but not where it counts. There he chokes as Richard Sherman crassly, but accurately pointed it out (admittedly it was about Crabtree but I think it was also intended to the thrower too)

          In games Kap has proven to be slightly better than Gabbert. Gabbert is a cheaper option, though I think there are better options.

          Kap should be jettisoned like offal. Both Lynch and KS will look at him to evaluate him but realize his value is poor and move on from him. He has been a poor choice for this organization. A limited QB who dazzled until the league caught up to the one trick he could do. Then he could not adjust either because he lacked the discipline or did not have the vision to do so. In either case he isn’t a good fit.

          1. East, I will take your screed, and not refute it point by point, but just say that it does not matter what you think. Lynch and KS are making the call, and so far, they seem to be leaning towards retaining Kaep.

        2. Kaep was a gentleman and a good team mate to accept being number 2 when they started the last season, even though I suspect that he showed his superiority in the practices.

          Baalke hated Kaep because he was one of the last vestiges of JH. He gave the job to Gabbert, even though Kaep was ready, and skewed the competition by shutting down Kaep over a little soreness during those preseason games. Gabbert showed on the field that he was inferior to Kaep, and Chip had enough guts to buck Baalke and start Kaep.

          In the end, when it was apparent that Chip was going to be fired, he sat Gabbert and promoted Ponder, because he did not care what Baalke wanted. Baalke gave a farewell twist of the knife in the back by leaking that Chip would be let go before he played his last game, just like Baalke did with Tomsula.

          So, no, Kaep has behaved in a forthright honorable way, and accepted his role with aplomb, never uttering an unkind word. He acted with grace and dignity, and I admire his character even more. Sure looks like he was raised the right way.

          I have also never said that Kaep should be handed the job. All along, I have said that I wanted a fair competition, so that means for all players. If Kaep is out competed, and the other QB is winning games, I hope Kaep would accept his diminished role as a good team mate, and try to help the starting QB in every way possible. Kaep certainly should not leak out that he studied 5 times longer than the other guy.

          However, I am confident that Kaep could win any competition, because he is way faster than many other QBs, and he has a cannon for an arm, yet I have also seen him throw with nice touch, over the LBs and in front of the safety.

          Hopefully, the Niners will get him some weapons like a big speedy WRs and TEs who can hold onto the ball.

          Now that your daddy is gone, the Niners will be able to attract decent FAs. And if they draft another ACL player early, I will eat my hat.

          Hope the Bait shop is going well.

          1. A gentlemen?????????? he had no freekin choice, Seb! Besides, he sucks! EastCoast9er hit the nail on the head.

            And if they get these speedy receivers, how is it that Kap is going to hit them consistently-throwing the ball BEFORE they finish their route? he never has done this like a pro-bowler……..because he’s never been one! He cant even see his open receivers consistently. You think a QB guy like Shanahan isn’t going to see that? His horrific mechanics?

            Instead of Jim Jones, your following Sack-or-Pick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Amazing!! You can see no fault-NONE-in this human being. I know psychologists have a name for this syndrome, just don’t know what it is……………….

  55. Fro Yahoo Sports —
    “The time has passed for for Colin Kaepernick to develop into a franchise quarterback in the NFL. One can point to 16 TDs to 4 INTs all day long, but it does nothing to dispel the reality that those numbers emerged by Kap playing in a low-risk, simplified Chip Kelly offense that was often playing catch up. Seriously, how many of those TDs started off as screen passes to Carlos Hyde or intermediate routes to Vance McDonald? At the end of the day, Kap has still not proven he can sit in the pocket, read a defense quickly and swiftly deliver the ball with accuracy to a down-field receiver. And you think this is going to get better after he turns 30? At the end of the 2016 season, Colin Kaepernick finished with a DYAR (Defense-adjusted Yards Above Replacement) of -149 which ranked 30 out of 34 QBs, DVOA ( Defense-adjusted Value Over Average) of -17.7% which ranked 30 out of 34 QBs and had a QBR of 55.2 which ranked 23rd out of 34 QBs.

    At the end of the day, one can just myopically focus on the 16TD/4INT ratio or say his poor performance was because of his teammates, but . . . if one steps back and looks at the big picture, it’s easy to see why the 49ers are and should be done with Kap.”

        1. They should consider bringing him back if they cannot land Cousins or Jimmy G… A one year stop gap contract is not a bad idea.

    1. Wrong. Cole reported that they might welcome Kaep back as the starter, so your screeds against him are belied by the film. Lynch himself has said that Kaep has done some great things in this league. KS has mentioned mobility in a QB being a desirable trait. Those 2 statements must make you grind your teeth.

    1. Quite impressive. Although he would have to learn to play under center, which has proved rather daunting for some not to be named . . .

  56. AFC executive compares #UNC’s Mitch Trubisky to #Raiders’ Derek Carr: … #NFLDraft

    Who made this exact comparison on this forum recently?

    Do we call them domino’s Razor, or the snowball effect? Who’s next to mock Trubisky to SF at #2?

    So far these prominent analysts from major draft sites/ publications, have Trubisky mocked to SF at #2 on their latest mocks:

    M. Kiper JR
    P. King
    C. Reuter
    B. Brooks
    L. Zierlein
    M. Miller
    D. Kadar
    R. Rang
    D. Jeremiah
    S. Bedinger
    B. Urasek
    C. Williams

    More to follow.

        1. I still like Cook, and so do the Raiders, BTW!

          However, it’s not an eaqualy analogy Seb.

          Trubisky is a top 15 pick, IMO, and he’s #12 on my board. I had Cook as the #37 player on my big board last season, and never advocated the 49ers reach for him at #5.

          Add WalterFootball to my MITCH TRUBISKY list!

          Not only has Trubisky moved into their #1 positional ranking, both Walter Cherepinsky and Charlie Campbell now have Trubisky mocked to SF at #2!

          Speking of WalterFootball, NFL Draft insider Charlie Campbell reported on Monday that the Chicago Bears are in love with North Carolina quarterback Mitch Trubisky, the football player.

          Additionally, Pro Football Focus has now moved Trubisky way up their board and have him going to the Bears at #3.

          Steve Palazzolo @ PFF:
          Watching some college QB film throughout the day ……..
          First note: MITCH TRUBISKY probably hits the “cover-2” hole more than any college QB. Good arm

          As I predicted a couple days ago, now is the time that scouts and analysts kick the process into high gear. And I am confident Trubisky will begin to ascend draft boards at a rapid pace once the dirty work starts.

          TRUBISKY has also received a first-round estimation from the *NFL Draft Advisory Board.

          *To help both the clubs, who want NFL-ready players in the Draft, the NFL relies on its College Advisory Committee. The Committee, which includes high-level personnel evaluators from NFL clubs and directors from the league’s two sanctioned scouting organizations. The ratings system was revised as well. In previous years, the Committee would evaluate players in one of five categories: potential first-round pick, potential second-round pick, potential third-round pick, no potential for the first three rounds or no draft potential at all. The new ratings are much simpler: potential first round, potential second round, or neither, which is effectively a recommendation to stay in school. It’s been recommended that Trubisky should be considered a potential first round pick!

          Where you at Prime?

          1. It may be the silly season but ……..

            ….. Walter Football contributor and NFL Draft insider Charlie Campbell reported on Monday that the Chicago Bears have fallen in love with North Carolina quarterback Mitch Trubisky. And there is no question Charlie Campbell has a lot of contacts around NFL circles..

            CHARLIE CAMPBELL: “With the 2017 NFL Draft about two and a half months away, reports have suggested that the Chicago Bears are in love with North Carolina quarterback Mitch Trubisky.


  57. I love the idea of trading #34 for JG but there’s no way that #34 is going to be the highest offer for him and who here is willing to give up more? I’d give up the 2018 first but nobody else has gone along with that so if #34 is the highest people are willing to go then might as well just put Garappolo out of your head.

    1. There are few above who are willing to give up our first round pick for JG. I would give up #34 and a pick next year that is conditional based on performance and the ability to resign him. If that isn’t enough then I move on.

      1. That figure out line sure is trite.

        ALL players are figured out. They devise defenses to counter him. The trick is to add new wrinkles, and be so flexible that they cannot stay with the old defense, because they will figure out the defense.

        The good thing is that Kaep is a dual threat, so if they defend against his passing, it will open up more options in the running game, and if they sell out to stop the run, Kaep will utilize all his pass options. The defense will just have to pick their poison, and Kaep should just take what they give him.

        Maybe you should realize that they figure out every player, but the multi faceted player will still have an advantage.

          1. Now that Kaep is fully healthy, and with a competent coaching staff who will play to their strengths, Kaep will take the league by storm, just like Prime said.

        1. That figure out line sure is trite.

          Just stop already. It is the truth, and you know it, whether you choose to accept it or not. The talent on the offense has not been great the past three seasons, but Kaepernick has also been just as bad because he has failed to evolve his skill set at the QB position.

          1. Just realize that they figure out EVERYONE, but a dual threat QB is a lot harder to scheme against.

            If you do not think defensive coaches are trying to figure out what the opposition is doing, then you have less football knowledge than I thought you did.

            Every player must be adaptable and change with the circumstances, that is just part of the game.

            The WCO was figured out,so it is not employed any more, but many WCO concepts are integrated into every offense, even though it is not a classic WCO.

    1. Can’t believe everything you read this time of year but it would make some sense to keep him around especially if you think you can win another SB with your current roster. At worst they’ll get a 3rd round compensatory pick losing him as FA, so it all depends on what other teams would offer the Pats for him. If the best offer is a second round pick, then keeping him as Brady insurance for a year and taking the 3rd when he leaves makes sense.

    2. This “report” along with Eddleman’s remarks all sound like the Pats are trying to negotiate through the media. I can’t imagine the Browns aren’t going to be willing to give up a 1st for him. They just can’t help themselves.

    3. Bill Bellichick is too smart to rely on an unproven rookie in case Brady goes down or retires. Only if he gets a King’s ransom will he pull the trigger.

      Cleveland better realize that by helping BB get more draft picks, they might be handing Bellichick another trophy.

  58. The league didn’t figure anythinu out. The team around him went to sh*t. The coaching around him went to sh*t… When he had a good team around him he did well. It’s the same thing that happened to Alex. Sh**ty team around him for 7 years and he was bad. Good team around him he thrived. All I ask for is WHOEVER they decide to have as there future QB Trubisky, Watson, Mahohoms, Jimmy G etc just build around them the right way and sustain that like good franchises do..,

    1. lol. When the defense dropped to 10th in 2014 and Kaepernick needed to step up his game to help make up for some of that, he failed. His QB rating for the second half of 2014 was under 77 while leading the offense to 16 PPG.

      And he had a HOF running back. An outstanding o-line unfairly blamed for his causing too many sacks by HIS holding the ball too long (his average time to throw being 2.96 seconds and 40% of his sacks happening after 3.5 seconds). Good WRs. A good TE.

      Really, everything you need to succeed. More than many QBs, who have done better, have had. And yet he failed.

      And that’s because the NFL figured him out. Stop the running game, force him to stay in the pocket, and you’ll beat him pretty easily as he sucks in the pocket.

      1. ‘Force him to stay in the pocket’.

        Why that is like putting an Abrams tank in a pit.

        Maybe they should let Kaep break containment.

        1. Is now a bad time to tell you that Shanahan’s system counts on a QB being able to deliver from the pocket?

        2. seb

          perhaps Kaep should learn the basics of QBing rather than you coming up with another Cockamamie idea why he hasn’t
          Seb…I really liked your most recent Draft/FA list …as probably did several others on here….the only thing is that you keep holding onto Kaep like a life preserver in a stormy sea…for that reason, I cannot take you seriously even when you do come up with a really good post…accept it…he’s done here….

          1. Oregoniner….

            For what it’s worth, I have said precisely the same thing about the mighty Seb……………Lot of good ideas on player-personell, strategies, etc.
            But with respect to Kap, there is something far, far deeper going on here that has nothing to do with football.

          2. Ore, I hoped Chip would have been the one to fix Kaep, and he did get Kaep to be productive at times, but he was hamstrung by Baalke and had to deal with a clueless DC who was in way over his head.

            I am more hopeful with KS. He has Lynch as the GM, so he may be able to get enough FAs to help the team. They may drop the ACL strategy in the draft, so the players they pick may actually help the team right away.

            Cockamamie idea why he did not play well? Kaep was injured, and the proof that he was injured is the fact that he had 3 surgeries, one on the thumb of his throwing hand. Dissing an injured player who the quacks told to just ice his shoulder, is poor sportsmanship.

            Yes, I do like the starting QB of the team I love, and people think they can shout at me to change my mind. I do not call you names and denigrate everything you write because you were a fan of Chip, why do you think you have the right to make me hate some one?

            The good news is that Lynch and KS may keep Kaep, and the fact that they have not cut him just means that you and all of his other detractors, are wrong. Kaep has a prodigious skillset. He has set playoff records. I like QBs who set playoff records.

            The best news is that Lynch declared that he will not let emotions cloud his judgement. He will not give in to the mob mentality. He will make a football decision, ad I am confident that he wants to win too badly, that he will refuse to throw away his best chance to win. Lynch and KS have also thought it through, and may have decided that they want Kaep playing for them, instead of against them.

            Do not worry, I am perfectly fine. I can take on a whole blog site and not raise a sweat. Prime is the one sweating silver bullets, because with Kaep retained as the QB, the Niners will for sure not draft Trubisky.

        3. And if you really knew anything about Abrams tank tactics you’d know they take engineers with dozers with them on maneuvers to dig them in for defensive positions in revetments. Revetments are three sided pits.
          But that wasn’t in The Art Of War I guess. Smh.

          1. Bah, utilizing tanks in static positions just means they are sitting ducks. It would be a lot smarter to use a howitzer in those situations.

            France built the Maginot line, built with massive revetments which everyone thought was impregnable. Too bad the Germans invaded Belgium and bypassed the Maginot line, making it useless, just like putting tanks in pits.

            Yes, the Art of War was written 2400 tears ago. I t would be another 2300 years before tanks were invented.

    2. Certainly RAW, we hope the 49ers brass rebuild this team the right way.

      However, it all starts at QB. It’s a quarterback driven league, and over the course of the last 7 years, the league had skewed the rules in favor of the passing game. A talented roster can be managed effectively by a player of Alex Smith’s caliber. He’s a smart QB, and (I hate to use cliches but….) he plays within himself. He understands his limitations, and he’s worked very hard on ball security,and limiting his INT’s.

      What Alex Smith cannot do is elevate the players around him. Alex has proven time, and time again that his ceiling is tied directly to the level of play by his teammates. His limited arm talent, continues to handicap him, particularly when the stakes begin to rise. And part of the reason for this, is that the call sheet was somewhat limited for the Chiefs, simply because turnovers are so critical in the playoffs and there are a number of NFL throws that Alex really struggles to make.We saw this most recently against the Steelers during the divisional round of the postseason. It was striking to see the difference between the 2 offensive play calls, particularly in the 2nd half.

      Alex posted a Total QBR of 33.3, a Passer rating under 70.0 during the Chiefs home filed loss to Pitt. Alex posted an average of 5.06 YPA, and completed 1 pass over 20 yards.

      The story of Colin Kaepernick is very different. Colin’s problems are nearly polar opposites to Alex, in terms of skill set. And when you really dig into Colin’s statistics and analytics, it paints an entirely different picture.

      While Colin did have the luxury of an incredibly talented roster around him, Colin’s success early in his career was much more about the offensive scheme he was running, and less about his ability as a passer. The record breaking post season Colin had in the 2013 postseason was all about the NFL’s inability to figure out an effective defense against the zone/read concepts that Greg Roman had developed and implemented. Green Bay’s DC, Dom Capers 11th ranked defense was absolutely dazed and confused by the 49ers offense, and even when Capers dialed in the right defensive play, his defenders were taking poor angles, because they were having a hard time gauging Colin’s top end speed.

      Those days are long gone RAW. While a large portion of NFL offenses now run variation of the zone/read concepts (effectively I might add), it’s simply become nothing more than a small piece of the larger offensive puzzle, because defenses have evolved, and understand how to stop it when it’s called often.

      And unfortunately for Kaep, and the 49ers, Colin was never able to win consistently after the league adjusted, and zone/read became nothing more than a small offensive wrinkle within any given gameplan. Colin’s been anable to win, in part, because he’s no longer surrounded by the most talented roster in the league. But also, Colin’s skill set has been stagnant. He’s been unable to develop his accuracy at any level on the field, in part because he doesn’t believe mechanics are all that important, and also because he has a long release, and simply lacks “touch” on his passes. His pocket presence has never improved, as he’s consistently bailing out of the pocket prematurely. And when he does bail, his eyes go almost immediately to the ground, rather than keeping his eyes fixated on his receivers downfield. He’s never become more adept at reading defense, in part because he doesn’t turn on his ipad, and also because (and this is my opinion) he doesn’t seem to process what his eyes are seeing, nearly as quickly as a good QB needs to. And to make matters worse, Colin seems to have a bit of tunnel vision, where he’s simply not processing large portion of the field.

      I like Colin personally, so this isn’t an attack on his charector. However, I do believe Colin’s not nearly as educated or informed on the subjects of police brutality and civil rights, and it hurts his message. And I am all for peacefully protesting on behalf o these subjects, but because it’s a team sport, and when he’s on the filed he is simply an employee representing the organization, a strong case can be made that it’s not the right venue for him to occupy the spotlight, and make personal statement.

      It’s time to move on and find a QB who can do everything ( I would be saying the same if Alex Smith were still on the team), and has the ability to elevate the players around him. Colin isn’t that guy. He’s a one, maybe two – trick pony!

      1. Great post 49.He took the league by storm, the league weathered it and he then withered into obscurity.
        Im verbose and honest!