Baalke on Eric Wright: “There’s always a possibility he becomes a Niner at some point, it’s just not now.”

SANTA CLARA – Trent Baalke spoke with Bay Area reporters Tuesday afternoon. Here’s what he said.

Q: Did you guys know that Eric Wright had been arrested for a DUI in Los Angeles before you traded for him?

BAALKE: Absolutely, we did. Like I’ve said many times, there’s a process to the acquisition of players. There are steps you’ve got to go throw. So, as far as being aware of his latest situation in L.A., absolutely, the Bucs were very forthcoming with that information. Definitely knew what the status.

Q: Why did he fail the physical? What ailment did he have?

BAALKE: We don’t get into why a player passed or failed a physical. Our medical staff wasn’t convinced that he was ready to be put on the field, so we just didn’t pass him.

Q: Why wasn’t the DUI a red flag that would have prevented you from bringing him in in the first place?

BAALKE: They’re always a red flag, but I’d ask you guys to do your due diligence as well and find out the facts surrounding it. I think when you do that, that particular incident, certainly we’re aware of it. It’s a red flag, but I don’t think what’s being reported is really the facts about it.

Q: Can you tell us the status of Ahmad Brooks?

BAALKE: There’s nothing to add with Ahmad.

Q: Will you suspend him for any games?

BAALKE: Once again, the discussion we have with Ahmad or any of our players is within the team, within the building.

Q: There’s no concern that the league might do something?

BAALKE: You’d have to ask the league.

Q: Apart from a discussion you’ve had with him, it will be obvious if he’s suspended or not. Why couldn’t you say if you’re going to suspend him or not?

BAALKE: Once again, you can ask me the question different ways, but I’m going to give you the same response. Anything that we do if in fact that transpires, you’ll know when everyone else knows.

Q: Why did you trade for Eric Wright? What do you want to see from the CB position in training camp?

BAALKE: Competition. That’s what we’ve always said around here. It’s heating up the environment, getting as many quality players as we can, regardless of position.

Q: Is the door closed on Eric Wright coming to this team?

BAALKE: The door is never closed on players. Once again, we’re going to continue to do our due diligence like we do on all players. With respect to Eric, there’s always a possibility he becomes a Niner at some point, it’s just not now.

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