Baalke’s conundrum

It seems Trent Baalke is in a tight spot.

The obvious move for him to make this offseason is to cut 6-foot-1 cornerback Carlos Rogers and replace him in the first round of the upcoming draft with a younger cornerback roughly the same size as Rogers.

There are two problems with that move.

1. With the Seahawks’ defensive dominance last season and in the Super Bowl, imagine how many general managers and personnel gurus in the NFL will want to find and draft big cornerbacks, cornerbacks who are similar to Seattle’s group. There will be a higher premium on cornerbacks who fit that mold. Some teams will overreach for them.

2. There does not appear to be many good ones available in this draft. I count two – Darqueze Dennard and Justin Gilbert. But I guarantee you that some of the draftniks will attempt to create first-round-buzz around a few more big cornerbacks – not for their accomplishments on the field, but for what they achieve at the combine. I’m talking about Bradley Roby, Marcus Roberson, Kyle Fuller, Pierre Desir, Bashaud Breeland and Loucheiz Purifoy. A couple of those guys will dominate the combine and magically become first-round picks.

Do you think Baalke will draft a combine-champion cornerback with pick No.30? Why or why not?

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  1. I hope not. We don’t want paper champs. we want winners( in my Singletary voice). Any big project players at cb should only be picked after you have the players you want. This team needs Reid like players, ready to contribute right away.
    Grant, are there any arena league cbs available to play the slot? How about division 2 stud like a Lee Woodall type, sleeper? time to find some hidden gems.

  2. Grant ..
    just wondering ..
    if the decision to cut Rogers happens ..
    could they do it .. after the draft ? .. or
    are the deadlines not conducive ?

    Also … do you think the two guys you mentioned (above)
    will be around at pick #30 ?

  3. Nice try Grant. I can site several scouts and mocks with Roby already in the first round. All the combine will do after he runs a 4.38 is verify his world class speed. He could go as high as 24.

    1. Roby has been a first round corner all throughout the last year and has only dropped to early 2nd in recent mocks. I think this has more to do with need.

  4. I think some are overlooking the Niners talent and youth at the Corner position right now. Chris Culliver has all the tools to be a great corner (size/speed/youth). Also don’t overlook the speedster Darryl Morris (Arrow through snow). Can a rookie beat out Culliver, Wright, Tremaine Brock, and D-Mo for that 3rd or 4th spot?

    1. I agree with you on Cully, but you have to remember, he’s coming off a torn ACL, and more than likely won’t be 100% until late this year, early next. (See: Darrelle Revis)

    2. I could easily see a talented rookie beating out everyone except Brock. Culliver is coming off a major injury, no guarantee he comes back 100%.

    3. “…all the tools…” No he doesn’t. He lacks one of the primary tools in my opinion. The ability to turn and locate the football at it’s highest peak, and attack it….

      1. Razor,
        Good point regarding a critical weakness in Culliver’ game. My thinking is if Cully can make the transition to Safety he might better success. If we re-up Whitner perhaps Cully can learn the position and become a backup to DW until he’s ready.

        I do like Culliver’s competitive swagger along with his ability to cover and tackle which would be more suitable for him if he can make the transition. Unless Culliver can quickly learn how to turn on the ball at the right moment he may not be an answer at the Corner spot.

      2. Yeah, but that can be taught. Size and speed can’t. Culliver was a second team SEC FS before he converted to CB in 2010. He has a bright future that is overshadowed by his ignorant comments and inexperience at the position.

          1. I’m saying that he has excellent talent and is still learning the position. He signed with SC as a WR and actually started a game on offense. He switched to FS and was second team SEC. He then switched to CB. The guy has a lot of talent but not a lot of experience at the position. I’m not dismissing your claim, I just think that you let it play out this year and see if he would be better suited to playing safety. Had he not hurt his knee last year, we would have a better idea of his ideal position.

          2. I know his history. Just saying I’ve almost seen enough, and now he’s damaged goods. You’re right though, would have loved to see what he could have done this year if he would have stayed healthy……

        1. I agree. High pointing a ball is a drill that is usually covered almost every day in individual drills and is encouraged when it isn’t even the focus.

      3. Right on the money. He also slows dramatically when he turns to locate the ball. In that 2012 home debacle vs the NY Giants, Cully was step for step with the WR. When he turned to locate the ball, he was immediately 5 steps behind and gave up a TD. It was like slamming on the brakes.

  5. The lack of larger physical corners and the leagues fad desire for them has nothing to do with the fact that we’re cutting Rogers because of his salary. I mean to say that they wont keep him because of the reasons you list.

    I do not think they will pick a CB with the #30 pick because I don’t believe we will be picking at #30. It’s possible we take a CB with our first pick but if so it’s because we moved up to get him, however at this stage I don’t actively believe we will target a CB with our first two picks.

  6. mock has 4 guys saying’
    the Niners will take a DT in the 1st round …

    I dunno what to think .. maybe
    these guys don’t know any better or what… but
    the talk around here ..

    has been about a WR or a DB in the first …

    (I tend to believe the guys on this blog
    to be more knowledgable )

      1. coffee …

        really …?

        I think we’re pretty stacked in that area .. as far as
        the rotation goes …

        and what about that British monster ..?
        we have yet to see what this kid can do ..

        I can see him playing at the nose .. in run support …

        can you imagine him taking on 2-3 guys ?

        1. MWN

          Meant that more as a general statement, that I’m considering the DL as a possibility rather then a guess as to the direction we could go. Did that actually make sense?

          1. A cursory glance at our DL;

            Our starting DE’s are signed through 2016 but one is certainly about to retire and both have relatively large cap hits. The success of Aldon Smith appears to hinge heavily on the quality of lineman in front of him so finding a high quality replacement for Justin will be of utmost importance in the very near future. Currently on the team as potential replacements are Jerrod-Eddie and Carradine. Can you add Okoye to that group? I just don’t know how serious we should take this guy at this point. The fact that he’s still being offered a contract obviously says something but is he really anything more then just a pet project for Tomsula? I see another player named Purcell who I don’t know much about, I couldn’t find any contract info on him so Im guessing he’s a practice squad guy. At this point we are really left with nothing but question marks. Can TJE be a starter and play at a similar level to either of our current starters? Can Carradine first even play at the NFL level let alone be a replacement for Justin Smith? At this point no one knows if this guy can even play let alone stay healthy You have to objectively say that our DE situation is tenuous at best when you consider the future. Does that make the position a candidate for a first round pick? If Baalke is truly a BPA type of guy then I don’t see why it’s not possible.

            The defensive tackle position is also filled with questions. Dorsey is a FA after this next season and he’s already making nearly $4M this year which seems high compared to Ian Williams’s 1.2M and 1.5M for the next couple seasons. Williams is coming off an injury that caused him to miss the entire season. Is he 100%? Behind them we have Dial who is fairly labeled as a question mark as to his potential to be a starter and a practice squad player, Tupou. Like the DE position, if a player on their board is available I don’t think you can rule a DT out as a first day consideration.

            Again this is just a cursory peek, I’m sure I’m overlooking plenty of points.

          2. Dead on CfC. Ray McDonald has 2 years left, and J. Smith can’t be that far away from hanging it up. I’m still feeling positive about Carradine this coming season, spelling J. Smith. But Jerod-Eddie backing up McDonald is just another guy. With such a talented crop of DLs in the draft I think it would be a good time to draft another 5-tech to spell McDonald this year and really make that DL rotation strong.

          3. What is it about TJE that makes you think he’s just another guy Scooter? He looked pretty good to me, and from what Maiocco has said, the 49ers seem to like him….

          4. He was a decent rotational guy last year. Didn’t stuff up, but didn’t really put much pressure on the OL either. He’s a guy you trust putting on the field, but don’t expect him to make a big impact. He’s not a weakness, but nor does he make the DL rotation strong.

            End of the day, I see a guy you feel comfortable with as your backup, but wouldn’t want him to be starting long term. Those are guys you can find pretty easily.

            I’m a firm believer that the success of this defense comes down to the play of the DL. When it plays well, the secondary looks great. When it under-performs the secondary looks terrible.

            With J. Smith near the end of the road and McDonald getting closer to the end of his deal, I’m thinking adding another 5-tech to the rotation with some versatility that can really put pressure on the OL to hold up and collapse/ push the pocket is a good idea.

          5. McDonald always had the talent MidWest. He was a first/second round talent that fell due to chronic knee issues. That quickness off the snap can’t be taught. Jerod-Eddie doesn’t have it.

        2. I agree with this. With Williams coming back and Dorsey’s play along with that of Jerod-Eddie’s and we seem to be pretty solid. Id we went DL at all it would be a futures pick with Cowboy aging. Honestly, we need a “now” player.

    1. Fuller played 3 games his senior season and picked off 6 passes his entire college career. Gilbert picked off 5 passes as a sophomore and 7 as a senior, and he returns kicks.

      1. Fuller played in 7 games his senior season, and while I don’t think its wise to evaluate a prospect based on stats…

        Fuller had a pass deflection rate of 3.36 meaning he deflected a pass once every 3.36 targets. Compared to Gilbert’s 4.17. For burn rate, which secondround stats defines as “the number of completions against a defensive back divided by the total number of targets”, Fuller was at 25% best among the group of 7 corners chosen while Justin Gilbert’s was at 47.83%, second worst among the group. Fuller also allowed a lower completion percentage than Gilbert in every zone more than 5 yards down the field.

        But that isn’t what I’m talking about, I’m talking about Fuller being a much more technically sound corner while Gilbert has way more wasted movement right now. I might still rate Gilbert above Fuller because hes more athletic and yes his special teams contributions but Fuller looks so much better in coverage and run support than Gilbert at this stage in their careers.

        1. I meant 7. In his best collegiate season, Fuller played only 7 games. So he doesn’t even qualify as a one-year wonder. He’s a half-year wonder. He wasn’t considered the best CB on his team until Antone Exum got hurt.

          1. Half-year wonder in what capacity? Hes had success before this season, named honorable All-ACC in 2012, and been a starter for awhile. He was also definitely on the radar of most draftniks prior to this season. And even if he isn’t or wasn’t considered the best CB on his team I think that is largely irrelevant. It isn’t like Roberson being on the same team as Purifoy hurts his draft stock, or vice-versa depending on how you have them ranked. Anyway the only thing I took exception to is this idea that Fuller would be a guy that would only be considered a first rounder based on combine rather than his accomplishments on the field. Hes likely going to run closer to a 4.50 than a 4.40 and the real way the combine is going to help his stock is if he checks out medically. I stand by what I said though, Fuller’s tape is more impressive than Gilbert’s and this is coming from someone who really liked Gilbert and went into Fuller’s tape with no preconceived notions about him right after watching Gilbert’s.

          2. Grant – its funny you question Fuller’s stats and games played and yet you lead the article talking about the Seahawks DB’s being the “model”. Feel free to post their stats and games played from college. I think you will even surprise yourself.

      2. interceptions arent always a good judge of how good a cornerback is…alot of lousy corners get a high number of interceptions because they get thrown at so much..conversely alot of great corners have few picks because opposing qbs dont want to challenge them…niners had a great corne years ago named jimmy johnson–he was so good teams rarely threw his way

    2. tkamb, you are absolutely right – Fuller looks much better than Gilbert on tape. Though unlike you I’m not that high on Gilbert. Fuller wouldn’t be the worst pick at #30, but he’s got the injury bug which scares me a little. And its not a case of freak injuries either. Lots of muscle pulls and tears. Those sorts of injuries tend to keep happening.

      1. Injuries are definitely the issue with Fuller but if he checks out medically I think hes worth the risk. I like Gilbert but I’m not one of the guys saying hes going in the top 12 picks. I think hes a mid-to late first rounder still but one of the things I like is that while athleticism is still his biggest selling point he did show marked improvement in his technique from 2012 to last season. So I think he will continue to work and improve on his game in the pros. Plus his return ability gives him a high floor.

        1. He did show a lot of improvement from his junior year, but his junior year was pretty awful. For a big guy he doesn’t like getting physical, doesn’t get much of any initial jam, isn’t the fastest turner, and as such can let his receiver get behind him far too quickly. He’s got good recovery speed, but that is a dangerous way to play the CB spot…

          He’s also strictly a man-cover corner at the moment, but that suits the 49ers to a tee. They use mostly man coverage with their CBs.

          1. Not saying he can’t play razor – just not 100% sold on him. He had a pretty high burn rate and that wasn’t against NFL receivers. Playing the way he did in college will see him give up a lot of big plays. If he’s there at #30, they should probably take him, but he may not be a plug-and-play guy.

  7. The point about ‘supply+demand is well taken. CB is that way, every draft, not just for tall CBs, that’s why I think SF will look at CB ahead of WR, but not necessarily pull the trigger unless they see value. As to tall CBs, yes, they look attractive, but everybody would like to draft an Adrian Peterson, not enough to go around. So, do you reach for a tall CB, or choose the guy who plays well and fits your system? Verrett could likely be a #30 pick if he’s there.
    Also, only slightly off topic, Jimmie Ward of NIU isn’t too big, but looks good. Baalke often likes players out of the northern mid-west

    1. I’m a big fan of Ward, Brotha. He’s the best coverage safety in the draft. Reid is better off playing mostly deep zone coverage. Ward would give them a guy capable of coming down and man-covering the TE or slot from the SS spot, as well as being a good zone defender.

  8. Imagine this D with a top tier CB… that’s a scary thought

    Anyone think we bring back Brown and just cut rogers. He is younger and would be a decent pair with Brock, at least until Cully gets healthy.

    My biggest concern at the moment is Whitner. I think he wants to be here for the long haul. He’s 29 and I doubt any team pays top dollar for an aging Safety who’s a liability in coverage. But I think Baalke will likely make him a pretty low-ball offer for only 3 yrs but likely with a few incentives, and I doubt he adjust the offer at all. So I think it comes down to will Whitner swallow a bit of pride and take the offer or will he try his luck in FA

    Anyone else think Brooks should be asked to take a pay cut…. I love the guy but that seems like a pretty hefty Cap hit for an aging OLB that has yet to hit double digit sacks IMO

    1. I believe Brooks had a salary de-escalation for both the two previous season for not meeting certain targets. His salary has been a good deal for the Niners.

      1. Its so interesting to here all the talk about Ahmad Brooks and his pay! To my opinion Brooks is one of the most under rated defensive stars in the league. Yes, you have heard me say it. Ahmad salary is a great deal for us when you look at a player that can rush the passer and play the run. He has been instrumental in our success in the past few years. Ahmad has great talent and when he is on boy you better watch out. He is still young with at least a few more years in him so why get rid of a known commodity that can lay the wood.

        1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Also it seems like he rises to the occasssion more often than not when the situation is needed. Yeah, he jumps offsides sometimes but what how many other OLB’s can set the edge and rush the passer as well as he does? In truth I think we are getting a great deal for his services not overpaying for them.

  9. My guess is that the 49ers will move up in the first round and take the cornerback they believe in. We here can have our opinions mostly based on what we hear from the pundits and other fans, but Baalke has done pretty well drafting corners, so I trust him pretty well in this situation. With wide receivers, not so much.

    1. I expect they will sign one or two guys in FA if they let Rogers go, on the relatively cheap. But not sure Brown will be all that excited to re-sign for a team he feels hasn’t exactly done right by him with the attendance bonus he lost.

    2. I hope they can bring back Brown. He has been a very good CB for us and if we can bring him back that would be great. Rogers must take a pay cut if he wants to come back.

  10. With Grant predicting 12 WR’s going in the 1st rd and only 2 first rd quality CB’s both of them going early, i’m begining to get a very strong feeling that the 9ers will be pulling a big time draft surprise. There very well may be a player at 30 with great value. BPA baby BPA

  11. No way in the world the 9ers reach for a CB in the first. The only CB they will take is Dennard and that will only be if they can find a trade partner.

      1. MWNiner nice sentiment in the Brodie article but who ever scott Adams is he needs to return to J school. Brodie was right handed in fact in the clip he includes in the article it shows him throwing right handed but he is right Brodie does belong in the HOF.

  12. Specifically, which team will deal with the 49ers in a move up the board? Gilbert probably goes at 10.

    For D Line, Tuitt looks pretty good if he falls, which also is unlikely.

    1. Nope, he was ejected from the game. Too many character concerns. I’m betting he might have gotten in a fight at a bar too if we investigate further….lol

      1. Is there a worse rule in college football than the targeting rule? I understand what they’re trying to do but there is absolutely no consistency from week to week.

    2. Im having a time of it settling on a first round pick for us,totally stumped rather like last year.30th slot is not much different than a second round pick.I would love Calvin Pryor in the first but highly unlikely he will be available at that slot.If by some miracle that occurred I’d go:(2)Deone Bucannon S; (2b)Jarvis Landry WR; (3)Pierre Desir CB; (3b)Donte Moncrief WR; (3c)Zach Mettenberger QB- PUP red shirt; (4)Daniel Mcullers DT;(5)Brian Stork-C; (6) Aron Colvin CB-red shirt PUP;(7) Dri Archer KR/RB etc small fast guy (7b)Trey Millard FB; (7C)Spencer Long G PUP stash;(7D)Gator Hoskins TE/FB hybrid.

        1. Yes I know a little goofy Scooter, Deone is primarily a safety but can play olb as well, my primary reasoning is simple(hopefully not simple minded)acquire the toughest gritty bone crushers to our secondary we can find and let Fangio deal.Its rather moot as Pryor won’t be there!

          1. Are you confusing Bucannon with Dion Bailey? Bucannon is strictly a safety. Regardless, not sure who they would be replacing in the line-up…

          2. No not confused,second position indicated by nfldraftscout CBS,again just like the two at that position,whitner is probably gone.

  13. I’m a little out of the loop because of work, but could Baalke find a trade partner if Rogers doesn’t want to restructure with us? He was a top rated guy covering the slot this past year. Maybe grab a mid round early mid round pick from a team that’s looking for stability. That way we can bundle it with one of our extra 2nd or 3rd round picks. I’d rather see us get something out else out of it than simple cap space.

  14. The simple answer is yes, I do believe Baalke will draft a CB with the 49ers first pick. It is their biggest need and will be hard to replace the guys leaving through FA. It is a hole they’ve put themselves in by not drafting, keeping and grooming young players at the position, but rather sticking with “trusted agents”.

    It would also be a mistake. If they want a CB they should either trade up for Dennard or Gilbert, or wait until later in the draft when the value is there.

    I hope they go for BPA (within reason – e.g., they have two OTs on long term contracts, so no need to draft another one in the 1st round). But right now I believe the first pick will be a CB, and one of the 2nd rounders will likely be a safety if Whitner isn’t re-signed.

    1. I should also say I’m not 100% sold on Gilbert either. I think he is being overrated. He’s decent in man coverage (though doesn’t get much of a jam at the line), but can look lost and hesitant in zone – potentially has issues diagnosing the play? He’s also not as good at turning as I thought he would be – he can be beat by double moves as he is a bit stiff in the hips.

      Basically, he’s all athletic gifts. I question whether he has the smarts/ instincts to play CB for the 49ers.

    2. Well they should be able to pick up a CB equal or better to the quality of Cooper in the seventh round because that was the trade off when they placed him on waivers and lost him to KC. I know TB is a wheeler dealer wizard so basically losing Cooper but gaining a seventh round pick instead had to be to the Niner’s advantage.

    3. The highest rated Center in the draft, Travis Swanson Ark., will be there at the bottom of the first .It’s not a sexy pick but could be a very solid one.

  15. I think you should just take the BPA approach. Seattle who ever they draft will have a difficult time making the team. I say draft what suites us and then pluck the left over similar to what Seattle has been doing. We are right there and just need a few improvemments,. I see 49ers taking whatever would be best for the team.

    Superbowl Champs is our destiny now. Our team will be stronger and more comfortable than it has in the past few years….

  16. Could baalke package Rodgers and our first to move up in the first or would he have any trade value? Maybe to a team that had multiple needs and would like to have him for a couple of years to teach a corner they draft mid round while still having a first rounder to choose a big DT or such? Basically filling two needs in the first round?

    1. Why trade for a highly over-priced player that will almost certainly be available in FA if he doesn’t restructure his contract?

  17. Grant, didn’t you bash the 49ers last year for not drafting a corner early? Now this year, when their corners are older, coming back from injury, or getting cut you think it’s a mistake to draft a corner?

    On another note, I like the idea people are throwing around here of trading back and then drafting a guy like Adams, Fuller, and possibly Buccanon in the 2nd round.

    1. I liked Rhodes and Trufant last year, and they were available in the 20s. Reid was a good pick, though. Can’t have everything.

    2. its a deep draft and i think alot of teams will want to trade back, so niners might not find a trade partner that offers a decent trade back option

  18. Hey fans, I have an idea to fix the extra point and I would like your opinion on it. Basically it’s too automatic and not exciting and that is why it’s in the discussion. One way to make it exciting is to have the player who scored the TD kick the extra point. Who wouldn’t want to see Bruce Miller kick a PAT, or Patton, or Kaep, or if we get lucky, Justin Smith? Now that would be awesome.

  19. Why do we have to cut Rogers before the draft. Wait and see how the draft goes and then cut Rogers if you get your man in the draft.

    And, there is always free agency. IMO the following Free Agent CBs offer better value than Rogers.

    Aqib Talib
    Vontae Davis
    Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
    Charles Tillman
    Cassius Vaughn

    Bottom line: We need an upgrade over Rogers. Believe me, I am not merely thinking of the TD pass to Kearse in the NFCCG as painful as it is to re-live it. IMO Rogers was the weak link in the D the entire year. He has to go…

    1. Rogers was one of the top slot corners last year, and right now he is the only one they have under contract for 2014. They could wait until June to release him if he won’t take a pay cut because that would give them even more cap room.

      1. Not sorting out his contract before June would impact what they are able to do in FA this year. They are better off making the decision, one way or another.

        1. They will be asking guys to restructure. If Rogers won’t they can move to get those who will done first and maximize the savings.

          In my write up a couple weeks ago I had them releasing him prior to June 1 also to reduce dead money for 2015.

          We’ll see.

          1. Sure will be interesting to see what they can do with restructuring contracts and who they let go. Also who they re-sign and bring in through FA.

  20. 1st round pick needs to be a WR and someone we all have heard of unlike AJ Jenkins. When Jenkins was drafted I am sure like many of you I had to google him. 2nd round SS and than CB.I hope the kid from Florida is available late Purifoy.

  21. Rogers I believe will be cut in June to save $$ in the cap, or have a huge pay cut, he really is not very good any more.,might be some gold nuggets in the draft.

      1. He was also in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons leading up to the SB. He was under a lot of media and public scrutiny for his remarks, which I am sure impacted on his play that game.

        As was mentioned by people above, the key issues for Culliver are his ability to turn and locate the ball, and how his knee holds up.

    1. No need to wait until June to cut him. They save $5 million by cutting him now. But I think they will try to get him to take a pay cut first.

        1. What are the repercussions in terms of signing FAs if they wait? They need to create cap room in order to sign guys like Whitner and Boldin (if they want to re-sign them), as well as find a replacement for Rogers in FA.

          1. It depends on whether either is willing to be flexible. I would be leaning more towards Boldin because I think they could make that work easier financially, similar to what Indy did with Reggie Wayne. Whitner will probably command more on the open market than the 49ers can give him.

  22. There isn’t a true weakness on the Niner team. When people are pointing out Rodgers and Whitner as weak, that really says something about the talent pool of the Niners – very strong. Both of those guys would be starters on most teams. Due to free agency questions, its really difficult to even speculate needs/wants in the draft. This team as it stands is Super Bowl ready for next year. Can improvements be made – no doubt.

    1. Not strong enough on the back end. That’s where the improvement must take place. They need a better covering safety, and a younger, more athletic cover corner, to run around with the receiver, while Wilson buys time doing his Tarkenton impression, waiting for that rainbow brite pass he likes to throw…..

  23. My gut tells me they move up to get a player they fall in love with over the next couple months – as long as it’s not an OT, QB or RB. BPA in the mid-round, imho – not like last year when they traded to get their “need” at starting safety.

    If, however, they stand pat at 30, I expect the draft ninja to trade down into the early second while securing a pick (or two) for next year.

    Either way, I don’t see them getting a CB with their first pick, regardless of how the draft goes. Baalke seems to want to groom his “cheap” CB’s, not overreach for one in an apparently shallow year.

  24. I think we are over valuing the corners that we have or even the corners Seattle has. Clearly Seattle and sf has great pass rush that makes the secondaries look better than they are. I don’t think they are horrible, but you can see the difference on either team when the d linemen are injured.

  25. No. The team can address that in the 2nd-4th round area. There are some decent options especially in the latter two, like Jaylen Watkins for instance.

    1. I fully expect Watkins to move up into the 3rd Round after the combine and tape evaluations have been thoroughly studied…

      1. I agree Razor. It wouldn’t shock me if he even gets drafted in the mid-to-latter second round. I think he’s that good.

  26. ” what do you buy for the man who has everything? ”

    Pete Carroll sez: hey, Jimbo, you going to the store?
    Need another couple pairs of khaki pants, huh?
    No…… I already have a Lombardi trophy, so…
    whatsay you pick me up one of those jars of olives.
    You know, the tightly-packed jars…
    the ones you can turn over and shake and…

    Jim, it is a joke. I do not like olives. Just a joke.

  27. Interesting Maiocco reported LMJ is not as fast as perceived by fans according to inside the locker room members….Sounds like he’s a goner.

    1. He whined about game reps, but in Harbaugh’s house he needs to earn them, (see also: Jacobs, Brandon.) Maybe Chip Kelly will give us a grocery bag full of Hoagies & Cheesesteaks and a 5th for him.

  28. With every player moving up, there are bound to be players falling. At #30, there is too many variables to target players. If Baalke has a specific player that fits a need, he needs to move up the board to grab him. If we’re staying put, draft BPA and target second level players. That’s what happened last year. After Vaccaro was drafted, Reid was the next safety on Baalke’s board, he went up to get him because there was no guarantee that he was going to be there.

    1. I thought the perception around camp was Culliver was going to beat him out, and he was their leverage before his injury….

  29. If they do collaborate, im wondering if they already have about 5 guys in mind in the 1st round, and if one of them are available from pick 10 on, then they have enough ammunition to go get who they want. Alot of guys criticized the moves we have made the past couple of years in the draft, but aside from aj, balkee n the boys have done well with depth. We did not need to draft stars. Those guys will step up in the next couple of years because of the guys they are learning from. This organization is doing pretty well in the draft.

  30. Here’s the question, should the 49ers find a stop gap, and go after Patrick Peterson next year? That way they can have a real CB, a return man, AND weaken a division opponent. Plus by that time, we’ll have all of our major guys locked up with long term contracts and will have a good idea of how we can bid. That would be huge pick up. Pipe dream maybe, but would be the pro move!

      1. That may be pricey but he’s a top 3 CB and a top 3 Return man. That’s two positions we have a lot of uncertainty at and we be getting an all-pro at both positions. I think it’s worth the money!

  31. Here is PFF’s list of 2014 free agent cornerbacks:

    Here are their top ten:

    Name Age ’13 Team Rating Snaps

    Brent Grimes 31 MIA UFA 16.4 1132
    Vontae Davis 26 IND UFA 15.5 951
    D R-Cromartie 28 DEN UFA 13.0 787
    Chris Harris Jr. 25 DEN RFA 10.9 1059
    Captain Munnerlyn 26 CAR UFA 10.1 992
    Alterraun Verner 25 TEN UFA 9.5 1023
    Drayton Florence 33 CAR UFA 7.2 600
    Will Blackmon 29 JAX UFA 7.2 682
    Trumaine McBride 28 NYG UFA 6.6 621
    Rashean Mathis 34 DET UFA 5.8 799

    They rate T. Brown as 14.

  32. As much as the secondary has been maligned, they actually have many options, all of which revolve around Culliver.
    If I’m Baalke, I move Reid to strong safety, Culliver to FS, Brock starts opposite Brown (who they resign) amd draft 2 guys who can be interchangeable in the slot or outside the numbers. The other thing you want out these two draft picks is the ability to return kicks.
    You can keep Cox on the cheap and you still have plenty of depth even while releasing Carlos R.

    1. Prime, I think if the 49ers believed Culliver could make the transition to FS they would have done that last year and not drafted Reid. I remember that moving him to FS last off-season got a lot of buzz on this blog and others based on him having played safety in college. I don’t see that happening this season either. 49ers will draft an SS.

      1. Although I like Prime’s suggestions, I agree with you Space…I don’t think the Niners move Cully to safety…they’ll end up drafting a SS this May…

      2. He could be slower from his injury and with his size, experience playing the position, and physicality, it could work.

        Reid looks more like a SS. I’m not sure he is fast enough for the FS position. He had a great year and is a great player so wherever he plays he will be a stud.

        Overall there are players on the roster that can fill multiple needs. Drafting 2 guys who can play a lock down corner, slot, and/or deep safety would help tremendously.

  33. Don’t draft first for a weakness, draft for the most important need, a QB. (and a OC). CK has great abilities but is slow in making decisions on his drop backs and reading defenses which cause a lot of late snaps resulting in penalties. You can’t go into a season with one guy who you think can be the QB. It’s the most important position and it needs someone who can think on their feet as a top priority. I believe the Niners gave up a lot for Steve Young when they had Montana…something like two high draft picks. I think the Niners would have won with AS the last two years in the final game. We need someone who can find a lot of diverse receivers like Montana and Young and AS did, so you can open up the other aspects of the game, running, and long passing. DB’s will be around on the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

    1. Curt, so who is the QB you think could come in and take Kaepernick’s place? When you suggest replacing a starting QB by stating “someone” with the qualities of Montana and Young and not giving us a name, it makes it tough to take you seriously.

  34. I wrote this 49ers draft profile last spring. Except for 2012, Baalke has been consistent.

    - Value film over combine stats.
    - Draft players based on their best college season, not their most recent (Aldon Smith, Eric Reid).
    - Gamble on developmental NFI list players because they don’t count against the 53 man roster (Tank, Lattimore, Dial)
    - Are nervous first round drafters, sacrificing later picks to secure a targeted player (A. Davis and Reid). With the “need” secured, Baalke gambles later picks on developmental players or trades back or forward to the next season.
    - Trust in house evaluations over the consensus.
    - Don’t care of people think they “reached.”
    - Covet players with “passion”, “natural football instincts” and athleticism.
    - Are deceptive about players they like.
    - Don’t ask “how good is this player?” but rather “how much can this player help the 49ers win?”
    - Tend to draft bigger, physical players
    - Spend first round picks on steady players with proven productivity.
    - Spend later picks on developmental players that will either star or flop.
    - Draft athletes to play different positions.
    - Rely on more input from special teams coaches compared to other teams.

    “There is a much wider disparity between players’ psychological makeup than between their differences in physical makeup.” Paraag Marathe

    1. So… if Baalke sticks to his usual ways, are their any cornerbacks that were hot two years ago, but are coming off poor senior season?

        1. As a OSU Fan and someone who thought the 9ers would be drafting a CB I kept a very close eye on him this year. I kept hearing All american 1st Rd prospect and all of that but on the field Roby kept underwhelming. He got abused by Jared Abrederis, he got abused by that kid from Cal (#21 i think) and the Int he did get was thrown right to him while he was in zone coverage ( a missed read by the QB who didnt see him there similar to the chancelor pick of CK) Had I not heard that he was a high draft prospect there is no way I would have believed it based on his play this year. It could have been a down year, maybe. But in the run heavy Big 10 he was beat way too much for my taste. Im far from a draftnick and am judging as a fan but Id rather have MJoyner from FSU in the latter rounds as a slot CB than gamble on Roby high in ther draft

    2. Oh, and I forgot one… Baalke seems to always win the traditional (developed by Jimmy Johnson) draft chart value whether he trades up, back or forward to the following draft.

    3. I might add one small point. They seem to like guys with something to prove, and/or guys who have overcome adversity in their lives or careers. Its not a requisite, but something they like.

  35. Round 1 Pick 17 (DAL): Darqueze Dennard, CB, Michigan State (A-)Cost both 2nd Rounders
    Round 3 Pick 13: Davante Adams, WR, Fresno State (A)
    Round 3 Pick 30: Jimmie Ward, SS, Northern Illinois (A-)
    Round 4 Pick 29: Bryan Stork, C, Florida State (A)
    Round 5 Pick 30: Jaylen Watkins, CB, Florida (A)
    Round 6 Pick 29: David Fales, QB, San Jose State (A)
    Round 7 Pick 26: Billy Turner, OT, North Dakota State (B-)
    Round 7 Pick 27: Chad Abram, FB, Florida State (B)
    Round 7 Pick 28: Denicos Allen, OLB, Michigan State (A)
    Round 7 Pick 30: Chandler Catanzaro, K, Clemson (B-)

    1. That draft looks very much along the lines of what I think the 49ers will do razor (not what I’d do, but what I think the 49ers will do). Great stuff.

    2. Give up two seconds to move up 13 spots? No thank you! Adams does not make it to the third rnd.. With Balke’s history of finding talent whether its free agency or in the draft, I believe if he trades up for a player it’s an impact player.. Denard or the kid from OKS is not it. Look for a trade up for a WR like an Evans or lee or Watkins if he slides.

      1. Razor, I assume the two 2nd rounders is just because is incredibly stingy on the trade-ups. I don’t think it would really cost that to move up, but maybe a 1st, 2nd and 3rd/4th to move to the high teens. I doubt a 1st + 3rd rounder gets them to #18 this year.

    3. Last year Baalke traded #31, #74 for the Cowboys #18 (Eric Reid).

      #30, #56, #61 for the Cowboys #18 seems a bit steep.

  36. Ok, here’s my latest effort from

    Round 1 Pick 21 (G.B.): Calvin Pryor, FS, Louisville (A)
    Round 2 Pick 24: Odell Beckham, WR, LSU (A)
    Round 3 Pick 20 (ARI): Bashaud Breeland, CB, Clemson (C+)
    Round 3 Pick 30: Bryan Stork, C, Florida State (A)
    Round 4 Pick 11 (DET): Dominique Easley, DT, Florida (A)
    Round 5 Pick 30: Stanley Jean-Baptiste, CB, Nebraska (A)
    Round 6 Pick 29: David Fales, QB, San Jose State (A)
    Round 7 Pick 16 (IND): Jordan Tripp, OLB, Montana (A)
    Round 7 Pick 30: Billy Turner, OT, North Dakota State (B-)

    I gave up the 49ers 1st, 2nd and 4th round picks to move up and get Pryor, who I think is the best safety in the draft this year. I was going to trade back from pick 2(24) but with Beckham still on the board it was a no-brainer. They don’t rate the pick of Breeland but he’s ascending boards rapidly. Not sure why he was rated so low to begin with, he looks good and would appear a perfect fit for the 49ers. Stork fills a need for more interior OL depth and Easley is Ray McDonald Jr – same build, same college, same quickness… and same bum knee.

    I’m not a fan of Jean-Baptiste as a 2nd or 3rd rounder, but as a 5th rounder he is the right kind of intriguing that I was happy to take him there, giving the 49ers some nice competition on the perimeter. I was wanting more of a slot CB, but SJB was too good a value to pass on at that point.

    Fales in the 6th is good value and should make a nice backup QB. Tripp would be an ILB for the 49ers, and Turner would be a swing OG/OT. Both Tripp and Turner faired pretty well at the Senior Bowl.

    1. No argument from me Scooter. Well done indeed, however I don’t see the Packers trading Pryor away given the fact they could sure use a Safety like him. He is indeed my safety of choice. I think that site needs to update, because like you said Breeland is ascending …..

    2. If Luke Marquardt is healthy (and I hear he is) he should emerge as our swing OT. Beyond his huge size, he’s very athletic, which would be welcome on our OL. I can also see him taking over one of the OT spots at some point…just imagine AD as an OG. Not saying it’ll happen, but one thing our OL has is versatility. For example, we have four guys who can play C/OG: Kilgore, Looney, Snyder & Seymour, and those are just the reserves.

  37. I won’t sweat it with CB to be honest. I am fine with Gilbert, Roby and Jean-Baptiste, anyone of those 3 will be fine. While our secondary is a weakness, our main problem lies in our offense. We need more firepower. Just on WR alone, we have major issues, Anquan is a free agent, Crab is no deep and red zone threat, seems like we have already given up on Jon Baldwin, that leaves Quinton who has potential, but still has ways to go yet. We need a legit playmaker in the 1st, someone like a Mike Evans or Kelvin Benjamin. On top of that, our RB corp is no longer a strength. Frank is on his last legs, Kendall is OK, but nothing to brag about, LMJ was simply a bad pick, that leaves Marcus Lattimore and we don’t even know whether we will re-sign Anthony Dixon for short yardage. It would be unwise to bank everything on Lattimore, he will need help. A Lache Seastrunk will be a great addition who can pair up with Lattimore to spearhead our RB corps going forward. On top of that, a Dri Archer will be able to finally provide an answer for our return game.

  38. So much of all this conjecture WRT Culliver (and others) could become moot points, depending on what FA’s Baalke re-signs. Rogers is either going to dramatically reduce his salary or he’ll be cut. Beyond that, we really don’t know who else may be asked to accept a similar reduction. Will Baalke make Tarrel Brown a good offer…I’d like to think so. As has been discussed, coming back from a torn ACL could limit Cully, but we should also acknowledge he suffered his injury in Aug ’13…so would have a full year + of recovery time before the 2014 season starts. With Rogers maybe gone (cut should be in June to gain max cap space), I’m sure Harbaugh would like to start 2014 with at least 3 vet CB’s. Nothing says he can’t sign another in FA…one guy who looks very good is Nolan Carroll, who has 3 years of starting experience…6-1, 205, he’d fit the desire to get bigger in the secondary. The S position is a bit different…if Whitner walks, he could still re-sign, but you know some team will offer him a sizeable contract. Baalke might need to sign a vet S to avoid having a rookie start alongside Eric Reid. The possibility of moving Culliver to S is intriguing. If Harbaugh did that, there’d be an even bigger gap at CB. Lots of unanswered questions at this point, but I have faith in TB…he’s done a very good job of getting Harbaugh players he needs, be they vets or rookies. As usual, it’ll be interesting to see what he does.

  39. Grant,

    Do you feel the Bowman injury impacts the draft strategy for the 9ers? I would be surprised if Bowman sees the field in 2014 so do you sign a free agent as a stop gap or go after a draft pick? Perhaps Wilhoite fills the need but I’m not sold on him as a full time guy. This will be sacrilege to some but Willis is slipping so finding a top young talent in the draft might be important. I’m still thinking Dennard or Hageman in the first but the 9ers might try to find a LB in the top 3 rounds. If they go after LB in the first who is slated to be available at #30?

    1. Houston
      Your question was directed to Grant, but for what its worth:
      Mosley is the only ILB I’m reading about rated as a 1st Rounder, and I’m seeing him mocked as going in the top 10 picks. Perhaps Skov of Stanford or Jones of Florida State end of 3rd?
      FA: Dansby, Brandon Spikes, Daryl Smith, Beason, Butler from SD. But will they sign to hold a spot for Bowman?
      Bowman might be ready in December, but a lot of games to be played before that. Do they like the kid Moody enough? Skuta can play some inside, as can Brooks, but they give up speed that Moody doesn’t.

      1. I dont think any of the FA’s you mentioned have close to the speed the 9ers need at LB to play in their scheme. If that’s the crop of FA’s then it seems the draft is where they need to turn to fill the need.

        1. Agree. Even Wilhoite can run a bit. The draft doesn’t look great to me, but maybe they can convert an OLB prospect if they can dig one out of the weeds.

    2. I’m not so sure Pat is slowing down just yet. Wasn’t he dealing with a nagging groin injury for most of the season?

  40. I have seen Dennard play. If the Niners can move up in the draft to get that kid, they would get younger, better, and more cap friendly in one swoop. They can make it happen as all of those picks would not make the team anyway. Give up your 1st, 3rd and maybe a future 4th rounder to get this kid.

    1. Keith I watched Denard play at least 6 or 7 times this yr. He reminds me of a young D. Revis. I think he will be a top 10 pick and if he is he would cost the 9ers a whole lot more than a 1st, 3rd and 4th rd picks.

    1. “Guard-on-end- Tackle”.. maybe ?

      (ya kno .. Guard the water bucket on the End of the bench ..
      and Tackle anyone tryin’ to get it )

  41. History shows the 49ers do not overdraft on corners. They play more zone, so may tend to put less value on that position than more man-to-man teams like Seahawks. They could move up for one of the two top corners. If they do not, I suspect you might see them take a WR (again), or SS (which would likely improve our coverage…Whitner is terrible). The Seahawks have proved that you can start young DB’s and not have a significant drop-off in results early in career. I could also see us draft a another 3-4 lineman (as deep as we are).

    1. Problem is, I don’t think he’ll be sitting there wrapped up with a bow by 30. Once he verifies his 4.3 speed, he’ll move up into the upper twenties in my opinion….

    2. A player the caliber of Dennard or Roby would give Fangio something he has never had. A true shutdown corner, and it would take his defense to that next level…..

    3. Got to take Beckham in that scenario. I don’t trust Jeremiah. He has Landry has getting picked in the first round, but not Beckham. Jeremiah over-thought that one.

      1. Some of these WRs are all over the shop on various “experts” draft boards. Beckham is anywhere from a late first round pick to a mid-2nd. Bucky Brooks is on board though – he’s got Beckham as his 3rd rated WR behind Watkins and Lee.

        If my choice is between Beckham and Roby, I’m going Beckham.

          1. Yeah, he’s another one. That is why I am thinking a guy like Beckham, Cooks or Robinson may fall to around the mid-late 2nd, at which point the 49ers should jump all over them if they haven’t already taken a WR. The WR class appears to be one that has divided opinions, and more importantly divided preferences.

            I understand your rationale regarding a big run on WRs in the first round, but I’m not seeing it simply because there are so many good players at other positions as well. Teams may also feel confident they can get a talented WR in the 2nd or 3rd round so they can prioritise another position early.

  42. If anything Baalke et al have shown a resistance to drafting “combine superheros” – the guys who set watches and eyes ablaze with physical tools but whose college play was lacking. Baalke has drafted some relatively slight, shifty, and not-so-top-end speedy guys like AJ Jenkins, LMJ, Patton, etc. But, given Seattle’s success at finding brutes in rounds 3-5, maybe we swing in that direction.

    We’re going to need to seriously upgrade our big/fast/strong/young quotient. Under Harbaugh/Roman, we arent going to out-scheme anyone – these are Bill Walsh’s 49ers. If we’re going to beat Seattle, we’ll have to physically beat or at least match up to them.

    1. Fesnyc, If we are going to beat seattle,we will have to physically beat or at least match up to them. Which we did at home last season and came within a hair of doing in seattle in the nfccg. Seattle will have worse cap problems than the 9ers this year without as many draft picks. The 9ers need to make minor adjustments along with drafting well and we will be right back to the nfccg and hopefully the playoffs.

      1. OldCoach I largely agree with you, the matchup is very close, and the Niners are quite competitive, but to this (also old) eye, if you score Niner-Hawk games like a heavyweight fight, i think the Hawks have a slight edge – you see it not just in their secondary play (vs our WRs/TEs), but over the course of the fight they tend to have a slight edge in the running game as well. Plus, one of the ultimate albeit variable outcomes is the stretcher count, and when you look at the toll the Niners take in these games (last game: Bowman, Iupati, Gore all with surgery inducing injuries, whether that’s the direct result of Hawk hits or not, the bottom line is who beats up who), i think the hated hawks have a slight edge. Again, this could all be made up for by excellence at some key skill positions or in out-scheming the other guys, but we are what we are. An excellent team that wants to win the physical battle. So lets go win that physical battle.

        1. Fesnyc I also agree with you. I believe the 9ers can close the gap through Seattles inevitable FA attrition and many draft picks in a very deep draft. Harbaugh says it best if you’re not getting better you are getting worse and i believe that the Seahawks are scrambling to stay the same [stagnant]

          1. Old Coach,

            I don’t think there’s a gap to close.

            The 49ers were within one play of winning the NFCCG in Seattle with their ridiculous home field advantage.

            It looks to me that the 49ers are at least even with the Seahawks, and likely to pull ahead next season as a result of the factors you mentioned in your post.


            Harvin hasn’t been too healthy of late, and even when he is, as a WR he’s a great RB and kick returner. In other words, he’s just ok as a WR.

          2. Grant Harvin wo’nt help Seattles D and i think that will be the side of the ball that will take more of the cap hit. Either way Harvin staying healthy is not a good bet and i am a betting man.

          1. I wouldn’t feel comfortable letting him get past the Dolphins if Dennard is off the board….Packers/Eagles could take him. Probably just a 3rd Rounder….Not really for sure.

          1. Glad you found this tkamb. I’ve been saying for a while Abbrederis is way underrated. It’s funny they use Jordy Nelson as a comparison – I said previously if Abbrederis played for the Packers that Rodgers would help make him a pro bowler. He’s exactly the type of receiver the Packers would go for.

            1. I don’t think Abbrederis is underrated. He shined at the Senior Bowl and probably will get picked at the end of the second round where he should get picked. Nelson is bigger than Abbrederis.

          2. Razor, can you imagine the numbers Abbrederis would have put up if he had a QB that could actually throw the ball deep? The number of times he got himself clear deep only to have to stop and wait for the ball (and let the CB catch up and make a play) or watch the ball sail over his head/ sideline with only green pastures in front of him…

          3. Something else about Abbrederis that doesn’t get raised very often. He’s a former high-school QB. He’s only played the WR position for 4 years.

            To me this says some key things about him:
            1. He understands the QB-WR connection from both sides of the coin.
            2. He’s a very fast learner – to be running routes better than a lot of NFL WRs despite a relatively short history at the position is testament to that.
            3. He’s a committed guy that is willing to do anything to make his mark. A former walk-on QB that remade himself to play football. Great work ethic that loves football.

            If the 49ers miss out on one of the top-tier WRs than Abbrederis in the 2nd or 3rd would be a mighty fine consolation prize.

          4. He’d be eaten alive by Sherman as a rookie. But he wouldn’t be starting as a rookie either. Give him a season and he might start winning his share of battles with guys like Sherman.

            Abbrederis will need to hit the weight room to add some muscle. I’m sure that will raise some red flags given AJ Jenkins’ plight. But unlike Jenkins, Abbrederis is known to have a good work ethic.

    2. “Beat them to the punch”. That was the boxer in Bill Walsh. True words though. That’s what we need to do to beat Seattle. Beat them to the punch…

  43. I’ve played with the draft thing on and 4/5 tries both Ealy and Tuitt were available at #30. I have a very hard time believing that’s actually going to happen.

    1. Thing is CfC, with so many talented players (due to so many underclassmen declaring) there will be some players available at #30 that will have people scratching their heads wondering how.

    1. Mmhmm, that 7.14% completion rate allowed on throws 11-20 yds down the field is impressive. As the self-appointed driver of the Fuller bandwagon, theres still room before this thing takes off.

    2. Seven games worth of stats and had surgery on a core muscle. Not many picks in college. Not Virginia Tech’s No.1 CB until his senior season. Just sayin.

    3. Well, consider me on board the Kyle Fuller band-wagon. Still not thinking at #30 though – too many niggling (sorry, nagging) muscle injuries for my liking.

      Those stats also highlight why SJB is only a fit for a very specific type of D. Good coverage close to the line, likely a result of good press coverage, but susceptible deep. Basically, upside = Brandon Browner. Basically, the Seahawks should draft him.

      He’ll get torched in the pros if he’s asked to hold up in coverage more than a few seconds without help over the top.

    1. Yeah I get my hopes up every year, Trufant/Taylor last year, Janoris Jenkins in 2012, Amukamara/ Peterson 2011. Definitely seems like Baalke doesn’t value the position like others, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he tries to find a cheap option in free agency. If I had to guess, probably Walter Thurmond.

      1. Wouldn’t advise it. I’ve seen enough of Wilson the Champion running around, buying time. Fangio needs someone with his own island….

      2. If they can get him cheap then Thurmond wouldn’t be the worst signing – he can take over the nickel role if they release Rogers. He probably won’t be particularly cheap though – someone will overpay for him. Playing in the Seahawks D has a tendency to make CBs look really good, not sure how well he’ll do in another system.

        They’d still want someone to play the perimeter though.

  44. Brock and Brown are going to be our starting corners with Culliver as our nickel back. We don’t need to draft a player to start immediately. I think we can find someone big and fast and slowly bring them along. We have a very talented coaching staff. Our top priority should be a DT to replace Smith because after this year he will be a casualty of the salary cap. We need to trade up.

    1. Brown is looking to get paid. I’d look at browner even if he’s suspended. you could probably get a good deal for him and weaken your upponent at the same time. He should be ready by the playoffs.

      1. Browner doesn’t really fit the 49ers style of CB play. From recollection Fangio has his CBs playing off coverage most downs, not press.

        1. Does that mean he can’t play off the line? a press corner would work wonders for this defense. it would actually help a rookie safety in coverage knowing he can react more instead of thinking too much. Browner can be that late season addition to solidify a defensive with aging lineman like smith and Mcdonald. Imagine what an extra second for the pass rush would do, not to mention the psychological effects on the seahawks.
          you’d effectively take away the opponents bigger reciever we might face in the playoffs like Chicago ‘ s tandem. I think he’d sign a 5 for 20 million deal, pro rated of course for the first year he’s missing.

          1. Browner needs help over the top. You’d have to commit one of your safeties to helping him. He worked for Seattle because Sherman on the other side is reliable enough to not need much help.

          2. Maybe a better way of saying it is that Browner is a good system CB. He works well in the Seahawks D. The 49ers play a different type of D, and I’m not sure Browner would suit it. Asomugha is more mobile than Browner, and he wasn’t a great fit either in the end.

          3. Browner isn’t as good as people make him out to be. He’s a perfect fit for the Seahawks highly aggressive style of play, but he’s slow and doesn’t turn particularly well. In most NFL defences he’d be a liability.

            I understand given the Seahawks success a lot of people are looking at what they are doing and thinking they need to do the same thing. Copy-cat league and all. But the Seahawks aren’t a great defence because they have big CBs. They are a great defence because they have a DL that can shut down the run and also get constant pressure on the QB, and they have a FS that can play single-high and fly to the football.

            Finding a true lockdown CB in Sherman was a bonus. He’s actually got the skills to be a good CB in any man-coverage system, because he not only plays a good physical game, he can also turn and run with the WR. Browner, on the other hand, is a product of their system.

            I think there will be a few teams this year over-drafting big CBs because that’s what the Seahawks do. It’s a mistake. You need to have the other components in place for it to work.

            The 49ers are a top-5 D in their own right, playing a different kind of hard-nosed football. No need to change tactics and try copying the Seahawks.

        2. There’s no doubt the 49ers is one of those teams in the NFL that will go after Browner’s if his suspension is lifted.Because of his size and the experience at CB position even though he has some problems a lot of teams will probably still want his service.

  45. Here is another try at the draft: I am starting to change my mind about Gilbert in the top 15 spots and would pass. There is a very good chance some of the top WR will drop to the low 1st and 2nd round if so then we should grab a few to path the way for after crabtree leaves the team. I also like Hageman, he is 6′ 6 and has power to push the line. He can be a great addition if he falls to second round for us to crab and add to the rotation.


    1. I ignored the C and G position since we can add more depth by signing a few free agent none draft players. It is better to take a chance and select several DBS and WR to make sure some of them will contribute right away.

  46. Yesterday it was anounced that Abe Woodson , a great 49er, died. Got me to thinking how blessed I, along with others of my generation, were to be able to see and interact with our heroes. All through the 50′s , 60′s and into the 70′s it was easy to watch the team practice down at the Rec Center in Redwood City. No security guards, no blocked practices, it was Walsh who first put up covered fences to keep the public away from the players. The players were part of the social fabric in town. We would see them down at the local hamburger joint. More than a few lived and worked in the off season in the local businesses.I meet and watched so many of the greats from Y.A Tittle, John Brodie, Abe Woodson, the list goes on, to Joe Montana. I feel sorry for todays youth who will never have the chance to see and meet their heroes because every thing today is secure and over managed .

    1. Hacksaw it was a different time. I grew up in Santa Rosa even though i was’nt a Raiders fan it was cool seeing NFL players all over town and as i got older having an adult beverage with an NFL player. My Raider memories Stabler and biletnkoff both jerks, Clarence Davis and Willie Brown great guys.

    1. A pity he’s such a liability in pass coverage. Otherwise I’d say he’d be an option if they can’t re-sign Whitner.

  47. I’ll have to watch the film before drafting a good CB. In the words of former niner HC mike Sing. He was one of the architect that put this stellar young 49ers defense before Harbaugh and Baalke even got here.Thank you mike also for making Vernon a good player that he is.

  48. Although unlikely, they could replace Rogers via free agency. Here are couple names to ponder:

    CB Captain Munnerlyn
    CB Drayton Florence

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