Baalke’s patience in free agency is the right plan for 49ers

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  1. I get the feeling that the Niners F.O. is still trying to figure out how well the current roster fits into Kelly’s system. From that viewpoint, Baalke is more circumspect at this time about signing a FA for money well above their own valuation.

  2. Grant

    This is weird, us agreeing on stuff so much recently.

    “Silicon Chip March 10, 2016 at 1:03 pm
    I believe the 49ers are actually trying to assess what they have on their team right now, which explains why they’re not going hard into FA in 2016. I reviewed their roster again last night and it is really difficult to gauge the talent level, but the youth is unmistakable.

    Because they are young, yet unproven, I believe Trent and Chip want to spend a year evaluating their talent so that they know best where to spend money; to throw $60M at positions where they might have a guys who could break out in 2016 (Eli Harold, DeAndre Smelter, Marcus Cromartie, Gerald Hodges, for example) would only cause them to feel the need to play the guys who got paid, leading to atrophe among the developing guys.

    They are fairly well set in the secondary for the next few years, with Reid, Tartt, Ward, and McCray at safety, and Johnson, Reaser, Acker, Cromartie, and Brock at corner. I still expect them to draft more corners, and maybe fairly high, but this is a good, young core.

    Their D-Line is stocked with Dial, Armstead, and Williams, plus other young guys like Garrison Smith and Mike Purcell. Malik Jackson at $18M a year was a 4th Rd Pick once upon a time, so why not the 49ers players?

    Aaron Lynch leads the OLB group, and there may be development there as well, with Harold, Carradine, and/or a late-blooming Lemonier.

    Similarly, the OL is young across the board, bookended by veterans in Staley and Davis, with another vet calling signals in Kilgore. Everyone else on the line is under 25, except Tiller, who is 26. (Not counting Pears)

    The WRs are all under 26, except for Smith; same with the TEs. The backfield is also 26 or under, with a QB who showed great leadership and maturity last year, even with a nonexistent OL and an incompetent coaching staff.

    Point is this: until Baalke knows what he has, he is not about to spend money on FA to complement his roster. What he is showing he will do is keep Williams here, because he has been a key guy, is still young, and seems to be a foundational player, and give young guys like RayRay (25) the chance to compete to earn a foundational spot.

    Baalke was livid that Harbaugh played his draft picks so sparingly, preferring veterans. I’m not sayin Baalke has drafted well, or that he deserves to keep his job, but I do think that this reserved approach in 2016 will allow the team to act from a much more informed standing in 2017 FA.”

    1. I put a response to this on the previous thread you posted it Pork, but I’ll address it here in a brief sentence: The excuses you lay out here are nonsense. Good imagination but if any of it is remotely true, Baalke is incompetent.

      1. Says a blog commenter without any support given, here or on the previous post.

        Yes, I know, all hail Harbaugh the Great and everything else is irrelevant. I get it. He was awesome.

        1. Ha Ha I didn’t realize points were scored based on the amount of support received. Thanks for the info but whatever you support you received for this is based on wishful thinking amid the hope that there is some explanation for the GM not doing anything to improve a talent deficient roster.

          Tell me who they need to assess on the Oline that would keep them from signing one of the OL that went off the board yesterday? Tell me why they signed Wright last year instead of assessing what they had at the CB position? Tell me why they need to asses the OLB position when they have one guy who has shown anything resembling average pass rushing ability?

          Harbaugh was an excellent HC and did not do the things you accused him of. He wasn’t perfect but he was pretty damn good.

            1. An Emoter? You can accuse me of many things: being arrogant, condescending or even just an a$$hole sometimes, but I’m definitely not an Emoter. My positions are always based on factual information and what I’ve observed in my time as a Football fan. There is nothing you wrote in that post that has any basis in truth or fact. You came up with a scenario to make you feel better about the fact this team is doing nothing to improve the product on the field.

              1. Rocket,

                Very slowly, so you can understand …




                Where all the evidence points to a given reality, then it is reasonable to accept that reality.

                The evidence is the youth of the team combined with the Tomsula coaching staff which was the worst in NFL history and made it impossible to gauge the talent (kind of like how Harbaugh refused to play Patton or Ellington or Hyde enough during his time).

                I’ve never thought of you as stupid, so I won’t now, but it’s clear that your love for all things Harbaugh combined with the ineptitude of this FO makes you go with your emotions rather than your reasoning.

              2. I know what reason is. That post is not an example of reason. It’s an example of finding excuses to explain incompetence. I’m pretty sure you were chomping at the bit to see the Niners go after FA, in fact I think you made a number of posts on it. Now when that hasn’t come to fruition, you have convinced yourself that not signing FA’s is the right course of action and formulated an explanation to make you feel better about it. You are deluding yourself Pork.

              3. I tend to side with Rocket to some degree on this. While I don’t support big spending in FA our team has a number of holes that can be addressed. The offensive line not least on the list.
                The argument that they are young has gives me little faith in faith in their ability to become much better.Devey, Tiller and Brown are young but the reality is they are all ideally backups, not starters. Personally I believe Boone has long been playing out of position and is an ideal rt tackle but regardless he was a solid swing lineman who could play anywhere on the line.
                I am still holding out hope that we can pick up another linemen or two and believe more players will become available as teams reshuffle their rosters to make room for new additions but we will see.

            2. I’ve read your posts and others for quite some time. LOL. Who do you think you are? Your self importance is amusing.

            3. Freekin chip…..I swore I wasnt going to let your pontificating on all of this great young depth u think the 9ers have rattle me. Suffice it to say, they have more draft pick busts on this team than at any time since the mid 70’s.
              And every time i ask you where are the playmakers, you imply I need help–because you can see that this team is just dripping with talent and no one else sees it. Yet, very, very few of these players would have cracked those line-ups from the 80’s. Hows that for “mental imbalance, hate mongering and wanting to kill everyone”! (And I said this blurb without capitalizing any words. Does that mean Im starting to “hate” a bit less?).

          1. Don’t bring up Wright, or last year. That’s not the conversation. It’s about this year.

            Staley, Tiller, Kilgore, Thomas, Davis, Brown, Martin, Kelly, Pears, Silverman, Devey, rookie. If the top-5 play together all season without injury, that’s not a bad OL, and may actually have 2 all-stars. The important point and the one that you’re so stubborn about, especially relative to Harbaugh, is that if they sign guys who are “proven” from other teams with a lot of guaranteed money, they’re not going to develop the young guys they have.

            You want the clearest example of what happens when a stupid head coach is overly loyal to a veteran: Gary Kubiak, mismanaging Osweiler while favoring Manning. And before you go saying they won the Super Bowl, remember that they won it with the worst QB play in the history of the SB, and because they played Manning, Osweiler, whom they invested heavily in, for four years, and who showed promise, left the team.

            It could end up not mattering once Elway gets his hands on Kaepernick, who suffered similarly, but it’s that kind of outcome that Baalke is trying to avoid.

            2016 is for allowing Chip to assess the roster. 2017 will allow the Niners to go into FA with $80-100M to spend. Look for that number to decrease as the year goes on and Baalke signs his new nucleus guys to extensions.

            1. Ok lets attack this point by point:

              Staley, Tiller, Kilgore, Thomas, Davis, Brown, Martin, Kelly, Pears, Silverman, Devey, rookie. If the top-5 play together all season without injury, that’s not a bad OL, and may actually have 2 all-stars. The important point and the one that you’re so stubborn about, especially relative to Harbaugh, is that if they sign guys who are “proven” from other teams with a lot of guaranteed money, they’re not going to develop the young guys they have.

              Out of all these guys you listed, one is a clear established starting caliber player (Staley) and one doesn’t know if he even wants to play (Davis). The rest are question marks at best and from what we’ve seen the past couple of years the answer is not many have shown much to get excited about. There is no player in this list that should dissuade Baalke from finding better options. You don’t stick with the status quo without trying to improve if they’ve given you no reason to do so.

              You want the clearest example of what happens when a stupid head coach is overly loyal to a veteran: Gary Kubiak, mismanaging Osweiler while favoring Manning. And before you go saying they won the Super Bowl, remember that they won it with the worst QB play in the history of the SB, and because they played Manning, Osweiler, whom they invested heavily in, for four years, and who showed promise, left the team.

              Kubiak went back to Manning because Osweiler started to struggle. If Osweiler had played well consistently, he would have stuck with him, and I’m guessing that is what Kubiak and Elway both wanted to do. A HC has to go with the player he thinks gives him the best chance to win. He also has to pick the guy the team believes can help them win. As soon as the guy who hasn’t played much shows a weakness, the players stop believing. As bad as Manning played, he was the guy that gave his teammates the most confidence. If they really wanted to keep Osweiler they would have matched whatever offer he received. They didn’t, and that tells you they still didn’t believe he was their guy without reservation.

              It could end up not mattering once Elway gets his hands on Kaepernick, who suffered similarly, but it’s that kind of outcome that Baalke is trying to avoid.

              What outcome is Baalke trying to avoid exactly? Who are you thinking he’s worried about holding back? Lemonier? Martin? Reaser? Acker? We’ve seen what these guys are capable of and it’s certainly not enough to make you believe it would not be a good idea to sign a more established player.

              2016 is for allowing Chip to assess the roster. 2017 will allow the Niners to go into FA with $80-100M to spend. Look for that number to decrease as the year goes on and Baalke signs his new nucleus guys to extensions.

              Baalke is in charge of the roster. He was in charge of the roster before Harbaughs first year and added a number of players in FA without Harbaugh needing a season to asses what he had. Chip isn’t a moron. He can clearly see on film how bad this Oline was and the fact it needs help desperately, even more so now that the second best player on it has left for Minnesota.

              Hey I hope you’re right and some great talent worthy of big money gets unearthed this year, but that’s a wing and a prayer strategy. With the money they have, they could have solidified the Oline, picked up a pass rusher to replace the hole that Aldon left with the money Aldon would have received, and also could have added a top tier CB to improve the secondary and give the young guys somebody to emulate and learn from. All we’re seeing is a repeat of last year and I already know how it ends.

              1. How I read the post, I understood it to mean the team is assessing their current youth. They have many question marks. Buying a starting calibur FA would retard the process of evaluating talent.

                Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

                My opinion is that the ownership accomplished their goal of building a stadium on tax payer dollars. They trust their draft process and expect to use the cap room to fill needs in TC through trades. They also intend to pocket the majority of the profits rather than reinvesting. They want to model their franchise after Kraft and the Patriots. This is a business first.

              2. I thought the demise started when York tried to trade a winning coach and then proceeded to attack him through leaks to the media when that failed.

              3. You’re right Jack it did. There is a clear decline in Kaps play especially from that point forward along with play of the Oline as a whole.

              4. “The rest are question marks at best and from what we’ve seen the past couple of years the answer is not many have shown much to get excited about. ”

                Rookie OL may or may not show “much” in their first year. Why is this shocking to anyone who follows football. The problem is the fanbase who are too angry that the didn’t get their Super Bowl and that Seattle did. They can no longer trash talk with their friends and have hurt feelings. Patience. I know this is something many fans don’t want to hear, but it is the truth. It took Denver 4 seasons to get to where they were and I’m talking before Manning. A lot of things had to go right for them to get the talent they had – on defense. Same with the Seahawks; if they don’t luck out and draft Wilson in later rounds, it’s an entirely different conversation. Assess what you have, then act. Don’t purposefully makes uniformed decisions.

              5. “Staley, Tiller, Kilgore, Thomas, Davis, Brown, Martin, Kelly, Pears, Silverman, Devey, rookie. If the top-5 play together all season without injury, that’s not a bad OL, and may actually have 2 all-stars.”

                I really can’t believe someone actually typed those sentences and thought it sounded good. That is an AWFUL o-line. That is a bottom 5 in the NFL o-line. According to PFF, the 49ers had the 29th ranked o-line in the NFL last season and someone actually thinks losing a starter, adding a guy who quit football along with adding a rookie will make a good o-line? This is laughable in the extreme. This o-line needs a total overhaul.

                Wait a second… Did Trent Baalke post on this site?

              6. No, the demise happened the day Eddie gave up control. They have not won a ring since. JH got them close, but they shot themselves in the foot by dumping him.

  3. Grant

    Your article again seems to insult the 49ers relative to the Raiders, which is fine, but nonsensical and downright wrong in the larger context, since Jacksonville has been a major player. Players want a chance to compete you say? Then we see Jacksonville, and we remember it’s about the $$$. Baalke probably offered Smith $8-9M annually and wouldn’t budge.

      1. Blake Bortles looks like a QB like Blaine Gabbert looks like a QB. That’s truth.

        I admit perception is stronger than reality though, and there is still a foul stench surrounding Gabbert from his days in JAX that is probably not merited.

        1. “Blake Bortles looks like a QB like Blaine Gabbert looks like a QB. That’s truth.”

          Exceptionally ignorant comment. Bortles was a top 10 QB last year and he did it with a bottom 5 rushing attack. Defenses keyed totally on the pass and he still threw for over 4,400 yards and 35 TDs in only his 2nd year in the NFL. Bortles is the real deal.

  4. I love it when your title is so good, and I agree with it, but then I write the more insightful, accurate, 49ers-centric article to support it.

  5. I expect excuses from some of the fans who hate facing reality, but from you Grant? We don’t know what Baalke offered if he offered anything. All we know is FA’s went where the money was and the Niners had plenty to spend considering they don’t have many of their own to spend it on.

        1. All the top free agents went to teams that have quarterbacks. The others went to teams that severely overpaid.

          1. Sorry Grant, but that’s a very ignorant take. The free agents went to teams with a less toxic front office and head coach. It’s as simple as that.
            Money does play a role, but what good is it having that money if no one is willing to take it?

            1. Mid,

              This is the other side of it as well. It appears the Niners were interested in Vernon and Smith and yet they weren’t in the running at the end. Part of that could be dropping out because things got too rich but it could also be a result of the player taking another option due to the dysfunction in the organization and rep of the HC.

          2. It’s always about the money Grant. You think Suh went to Miami last year because he believed in Tannehill? It just so happens that the Giants are going all out to try and win this year because the GM’s ass is on the hotseat. Jax and Oak had to spend money and they did. Players like to win and a QB helps in that regard, but we’ve seen over the course of FA history that the highest offer speaks the loudest.

            1. Of course it’s about the money, but a team has to spend a whole lot more if it doesn’t have a moderately good quarterback.

              1. Not true. The Giants are a good example of that assessment being false as are the Raiders.

              2. Not necessarily, but if given two similar offers I would bet the player chooses the better team and QB for sure. Smith signed for an average of 10 a year which was less than expected. Baalke could have and should have come in with a higher amount – like you were exhorting him to do yesterday – and closed the deal. It wouldn’t have been overspending according to the market, so why let him off the hook?

              3. Smith wanted to play for the Raiders. They’re good, he’s familiar with the division, etc.

            2. The Giants and Raiders have quarterbacks.

              Which negates your comment about a team needing to spend more if they don’t have a moderately good quarterback.

              1. So you’re saying that Manning and Carr aren’t moderately good QBs then.

              2. No. Imagine what the Niners would have had to spend to land Olivier Vernon or Bruce Irvin.

              3. You’re missing the point. You claimed that a team has to spend more if they don’t have a moderately good quarterback and that simply is not true. Teams generally spend more if:
                1) they believe they are close to being a contender and adding a player or two will push them over the hump
                2) they believe they are close to being a Super Bowl contender and adding a player or two will push them over the hump
                3) they wish to stick it to their rival if the player is from said rival
                4) they want to beat a certain team
                5) the GM and front office is on the hot seat
                6) the team needs someone to put butts in the seats

              4. No, you’re missing the point. The Niners and Browns would have had to spend much more for free agents than the Giants or Raiders because of the quarterbacks.

              5. I know that’s your claim and you’re going to stick to it, but the reality is your comment is false because the free agent markets of the past prove it as such.
                If you had said that the 49ers would have to pay free agents more because of the toxicity of the front office, then you would have a valid argument; instead, you used a flimsy excuse about QBs that sank quicker than what the Titanic did.

              6. Bull. Free agents look for the money or the best opportunity and situation.

  6. Boone pointedly noted in his intro presser with the Vikes that QB Bridgewater is not a diva. Now, what could Gabbert have done to p*ss off Boone, I wonder :)

    1. Bet Boone will be livid when those TB sidearm passes hit him in the back of his helmet. He wont be calling him a diva, just something else.

  7. I think the more likely scenario is Baalke genuinely believes they have a good roster and don’t need any impact FAs, and coaching was the issue.

    1. Scooter,

      I sadly agree that is a definite possibility, and far more logical than the arguments from Pork and Grant.

      1. That was exactly my point, rocket. Baalke believes his roster is good, but wants to make sure where the nucleus is before dropping $60M on the fringes.

        1. No one thinks this roster is good, not even Baalke. He knows he’s rebuilding. He lost 12 starters a year ago.

          1. I’ll bet you he thinks it’s pretty good, actually. That’s Trent Baalke, and those are Trent Baalke’s picks. Trent Baalke’s birds.

        2. Pork,

          That’s not what I took from your breakdown. You portrayed it like Baalke doesn’t really know what he has and needs to see more before making decisions on what to add. I’m saying he knows, or at least should know what he has before FA and that should have led him to signing a couple of the top tier players at the very least. Scooter agrees that Baalke knows what he has, but likes what he sees which is very possible and frightening for we the fans.

          1. Knowing you have a good roster if you’re Baalke is not the same as knowing which players you want to emphasize if you’re Chip. I outlined the possibly emerging young stars on the roster. There are a lot of them. Lynch, Armstead, Tartt, Ward, and Johnson are the most obvious. The offense is more difficult because Tomsula was entirely incompetent on that side of the ball; we simply don’t know. Most think Hyde is a stud, and we know who Torrey is. Gabbert is a huge question mark, as are the rest of the pass-catchers and much of the young OL. There have been glimpses of promise, however.

            These are Russell Baalke’s birds.

    2. Scooter: You may have nailed it, but I would point out that the Tomsula coaching staff was touted as “teachers”. If Baalke now nows that they weren’t, then he failed miserably. My definition of “teachers” includes the ability to gameplan (yours might not, at which they were miserable.

      1. Cubus

        The “teacher” term was a barb hurled directly at Harbaugh, whom Baalke (and York) believed to be negligent when it came to developing, or teaching, young talent.

    3. The chances are very good that you are right Scooter. I’m assuming you included Harbaugh too.

      Now we get to find out if Baalke is right, or if he is being held back by the third bad coach in a row. How do you expect it to play out? I think he’s going all in before the flop with seven deuce unsuited.

    4. I’m pretty vocal in my dislike for Trent Baakle but I don’t see naivety or blind arrogance as likely reasons the team hasn’t made any significant signings.

      I think it’s more along the lines of professional stubbornness. He has a number he values a player at and makes that offer. If someone offers more he lets them walk.

      1. I shouldn’t have said “good”. I meant I think he genuinely believes there is talent on the roster, and with better coaches that talent will show. If he thought the team was a complete train wreck he would have looked to FA for impact players.

  8. Hmm, now that the Niners are awash in cap space, maybe they should splurge and get one of the best defenders in the league.
    Mo Wilkerson would be a great addition, and as of right now, very affordable.

      1. Niners have 12, and are now forced to get a QB in the first, so will miss out on the elite defensive linemen, so MW may be their best bet to improve the run defense.

      2. Again, maybe a deal involving Kap and Mo is possible if the Jets really want Kap. Niners would probably also have to provide a draft pick but not two first rounders.

  9. Browns enter sweepstakes for San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick

    VIDEO: Colin Kaepernick’s Going To Cleveland, According to NFL Network’s Charlie Casserly

    1. The Cleveland Browns will have the edge among other teams that are interested trading for Kaepernick. The browns has the best chance with their #2 pick in the 1st round of the draft to offer the 49ers for kaep and the 49ers overall #7 pick as well. The 49ers than will get either Carson Wentz or Jared Goff, mostly likely the 49ers are leaning toward Carson Wentz who’s athletic and a multi-talented young Qb.

        1. Seb, what’s up buddy. You know what, if your remember i was posting awhile ago that kaep might end up with the Browns, because they have what the 49ers want their #2 pick in the 1st round, it won’t surprise me if the deal will be done by mid March. And you’ll never know that they’re already working out a deal between the Brown and 49ers management. Hue Jackson get what he wants and the 49ers get their franchise Qb Wentz.:)

          1. However, of all of these teams, which one is the likely best fit and most likely? I believe that destination will ultimately be the Denver Broncos. But what will the 49ers get in return? A best case scenario would be second-round compensation but may have to settle on a late third-round pick.

            But, Charlie Casserly of NFL Network believes that Kaepernick is destined for the Cleveland Browns not the Denver Broncos. Do you agree? Because what i’ve said earlier. :)

            1. Cheers, Jam, hope you are recovered from jet lag.
              Hope the Niners get something for Kaep, instead of waiting and getting essentially nothing, but Kaep is not going to do the Niners any favors.

          2. I just think that Kaep, being burned by the FO, will look at Haslam and run away as fast as he can. Cleveland may not be a dumpster fire as bad as the Niners, but it is a close second.
            Still think they are waiting until April 1st.

        2. Lmao seb you kill me sometimes. Denver lost 9 starters and have a bad O-line. Kaep will sink in the Rocky Mountain thin air. It’s a shame you can’t get past his handful of great plays.

          1. I guess the reason Elway wants Kaep is that he wants another ring, but no team is guaranteed to repeat.
            Sorry, but I would take Elway’s opinion over yours.

      1. Jamaican,
        The Browns #2 pick in the 2nd rd might be more realistic but I believe it might end up being the #2 pick in the 3rd rd.

  10. Grant – valid points. How long do you think Jed gives them to right the ship? Could Jed’s thinking be that if JT can get 5 wins with this roster, a much more competent coach should be able to win at least 2-3 more games with virtually the same roster?

  11. I would agree and think Baalke is doing a good job so far by not splurging like the Giants (overpaid for everyone IMO). That strategy might buy him another year or two to where he can start rebuilding this team after this years draft and having money to sign free agents next year.

    I am not on the Raiders bandwagon and am not really that impressed. They obviously upgraded the defense a little but 10million for an above average CB is too much. They still have no safeties and the other CBs on the roster are just as good as Acker or Reaser. They must be looking at Okung or must plan on bringing Penn back. They will be disappointed if they have Osemele play LT. If they bring in Okung it will be at a hefty price (8-10 million per). They quickly will be up against the cap again once it’s time to give Carr and Mack more money in a couple of years.

    Everyone says he Raiders are ascending but their actually just buying assets they will probably liquidate after their value diminishes. They are doing what they used to do when Al Davis was the owner and overspending in free agency. In 3 years the Raiders will have played in one playoff game and will be maxed out and force to cut underachieving players.

    1. James, your idea to trade Gabbert to the Texans may have been a brilliant scheme. That way, the Texans would not have signed Osweiler and he might have stayed with the Broncos. With Osweiler back in Denver, Kaep would not be lured to a SB team who will be a serious contender, and might have resigned himself to play for the Niners.

      1. Well Kap still hasn’t been traded. And I still believe Gabbert will be traded. Since Brock went to Texans, does my prediction get defaulted to the Broncos? Gabbert to the Broncos. It really makes a lot of sense, if they won a super bowl with the sub par play of Peyton and Brock I think Gabbert could play at the same level. That defense is still top 3 in the league. They could easily replace Trevathen and Jackson in the draft.

        Anyway I’m standing by my word. I still think Gabbert gets traded in a show of allegiance to Kap from the front office. Besides Kap has no leverage whatsoever and he isn’t going to hold out and not play.

    2. Sorry James but your take simply isn’t accurate The Raiders still have a ton of cap room after the signings and can guard against future cap hits by putting more money into the first year of the contracts. They really haven’t overspent according to the market either.

      1. 10 million for Smith
        11million for Osemele
        8 million for Irvin
        7 million for Okung/Penn

        20million for Carr
        15million for Mack

        So how are they not overspending?

        1. They aren’t paying every player that amount in every season James. This year they can absorb a lot of upfront money which is why they guaranteed Smith 20 million for example. If you pay that out up front – I don’t know if they will but just for interests sake lets say they do – then the rest of the contract is 20 million spread out over 3 years which is roughly 6.75 mill against the cap and the ability to cut him with no cap ramifications if he doesn’t live up to it.

          In the case of Carr and Mack, they won’t be paying Mack for another 2 years as he is only going into year 3 of a 5 year rookie deal, and Carr will come next year when the cap will go up again and a good chunk of the cap hits on this years signings will be off the books. McKenzie could also give Carr a big signing bonus and mitigate the cap hit until the contracts for Irvin and Smith are into their last year.

          I don’t think you realize how flexible you can be with this much cap room at your disposal which is another reason I’m disappointed with the Niners lack of activity.

          1. Your right they add to 70million. I know you can flexible with the cap, but I didn’t even take into account the contracts of the other 40+ players under contract. I simply accounted for 6 or 7 players and their salaries which are expensive.

            1. James,

              Do you honestly think McKenzie hasn’t planned out how he is going to pay Carr and Mack? He’s not an idiot and he led this team out of one of the worst cap disasters the league has ever seen. The last thing he’s going to do is lead them back into cap trouble. I laid out to you what they will likely do. They have a lot of options even with the FA signings.

              1. It doesn’t seem like McKenzie has planned out Carr and Macks contracts. He spent 30% of his cap space on 3 players and will have to spend close to 40% to get a LT. The numbers I proposed for Carr and Mack were modest. Like I said there are still 40+ players to be paid and those 6-7 players will be taking up 75% of the cap space.

                If McKenzie wants to restructure contracts it will only mean that the players aren’t performing at the level their contract says they should, which means the team will not be doing that well.

              2. The cap is going to keep going up James, so I think McKenzie has easily planned out an outlook for their contractsIf McKenzie wants to restructure contracts it will only mean that the players aren’t performing at the level their contract says they should, which means the team will not be doing that well..

                That’s possible, but the more likely scenario is that they may want more salary cap space and change part of the player’s contract to a signing bonus or something like that.

              3. James, I am not much of a Raiders fan, but idly speculating, they used a lot of cap space, but they had a lot of cap space. You say they have 25& left. Well, that is plenty for rookies and contingencies.
                I will grudgingly admit that they got good players and filled needs. They outbid the Niners, and they probably thought that the East Bay is a more up and coming spot to play for.
                Maybe they overpaid, but Raider fans are probably happy they are fighting hard to get better. Wish the Niners had gotten at least one blue chipper.

              4. James,

                It doesn’t seem like McKenzie has planned out Carr and Macks contracts. He spent 30% of his cap space on 3 players and will have to spend close to 40% to get a LT. The numbers I proposed for Carr and Mack were modest. Like I said there are still 40+ players to be paid and those 6-7 players will be taking up 75% of the cap space.

                You aren’t getting it James. Carr has two years left on his rookie deal meaning the earliest he will have a big number under the cap is 3 seasons from now. Mack has 3 years left on his rookie deal meaning his number won’t climb until 4 seasons from now. These contracts signed yesterday will be close to expiring and have the lowest cap charges left on them. That is what I mean about having the flexibility to take on more of the cap hits early and make it easier to fit the big contracts in when they come up. You also don’t seem to understand that the cap is going to continue to climb. By the time Mack comes up for a new deal the cap could have increased by 40 million. The Raiders are adding talent while they have their stars on cheap deals which is exactly what you’re supposed to do.

                If McKenzie wants to restructure contracts it will only mean that the players aren’t performing at the level their contract says they should, which means the team will not be doing that well.

                You are incorrect again. You restructure the contracts of players you plan to keep long term meaning they are part of your core foundation. The Niners did it regularly with Willis and Staley.

                If the players aren’t performing, the key is to be able to cut them without suffering cap ramifications, and giving them money up front achieves that. If Bruce Irvin sucks for example, they can cut him in the 3rd year of the deal and suffer no cap hit. Same with Smith. The key is to setup contracts so you don’t have to take dead money hits long term and that is exactly what McKenzie is doing.

  12. Too bad that the Niners went from the 3rd most difficult schedule to the first most difficult schedule. If Kaep is truly gone, I expect 4 wins, even with an outstanding draft. Why? because every other team is spending 168 million on salaries, so even if the Niners improve, the other teams will also improve. The coaching will be critical, and the OC and DC do not inspire much confidence.

    1. Seb, all the teams spending money are bottom dwellers. It happens every year, and the result is always the same.

      0.8% of FAs in 2015 made the Pro Bowl, even in the diluted form it now takes where they have to invite everyone just to field two sides.

      Vernon, Jenkins, and Jackson, $120M+ fully guaranteed between them, have never sniffed a Pro Bowl. Big whoop.

      With Kaep gone, but Kelly in, the 49ers will reach at least 8-8.

      1. Sounds like last year’s off season predictions of a solid Tomsula 2015. I’m not saying that’s what you predicted though.

        1. htwaits

          It does sound a lot like last years predictions, but who could predict losing 10 starters to retirement, trades, and injury ? But don’t forget that by draft day, ‘Chip’ will have memorized film on every potential draftee, as well as our current team, and evaluated every strength and weakness and eliminated who doesn’t fit.
          Remember, ‘Chip’ took a 2-14 team to 10-6 in one year. Some of our players have never met a real coach…have faith….

          1. With those extenuating circumstances I wonder why they fired Tomsula. His teaching must have been poor, or they needed another scapegoat.

    2. Its the ownership they plan to get rid of Kap
      and then pretend that they are in rebuilding mode so they don’t have to spend money on FA while they are developing their new franchise QB

      This Standard York operating mode. These guys don’t want to win. They want to pocket the cash. We can’t really blame Trent his hands have been tied (probably by John York)

  13. Grant

    Much as I hate to credit the Bentley-driving windbag, Gary Radnich, I think he nailed it when he said that this FA is an indication that the 49ers are now Chip Kelly’s team. He pointed to the fact that Kelly is being paid more than Baalke, and therefore has “the loudest voice in the room,” and while this may be overly simplistic, the core idea is right.

    Baalke has to cast his lot in with Kelly; he already sold Kelly on the roster, and now Kelly is in control. Kelly is known to be measured, and to follow a formula that demands adherence to his WAY. He tried last year with Murray to add a big persona to his WAY, and it backfired. This is Season 1 of the Kelly Era. Steady progression will be the key. Looking at the guys who have yet to earn an opportunity to play under competent coaching, I am likely not alone in wondering what the team has.

    1. A blind pig will find an acorn on once in a while. Of course they do that with their nose. Gary Radnich is yet to have an original thought in my experience.

      1. I like Gary. He makes me laugh. He gets the most out of the interviewee, and he was smart enough to prognosticate a 5 win season last year.

        1. Radio person aside Gary is a mensch in person. Met him at a gas station in the West Portal a couple years back and he was very approachable and warm. Insisted on introducing his family just a good dude!

  14. Grant its beginning to scare me how much we have been agreeing lately but my opinion of Baalke may change before the end of the current FA signing period. I still want to see him sign 5 or 6 solid quality bargain players. Players reminiscent to Carlos Rogers and Donte Whitner.

  15. Like many I would have liked to see Baalke import some talent. To all those people that are disappointed, I hear you.

    We can go argue for days about the opposing [Spend Now] vs [Patience] approaches. What’s sorely lacking are specifics.

    To those in the Spend Now camp, I’d love to hear specific contract amounts of the players you would have signed.

    I’ll list a few of the top FAs for your convenience. Feel free to list more of your favorites.

    Just fill in the contract amounts. Put “no” for players you would not sign for more than their new contracts.

    Player Name / Your Contract Amount (must exceed their new contract)
    Olivier Vernon /
    Kelechi Osemele /
    Malik Jackson /
    Sean Smith /
    Bruce Irvin /

    I’ll get the ball rolling
    Alex Boone / 4-year, $30m

    1. Brodie,

      I did this about a month ago. Here it is again, including the entire projected 53-man roster. I’m not going above what I already put down here. Nobody who got paid yesterday or today deserved that kind of money, with the possible exceptions of Coby Fleener and Ladarius Green. I would have given Green $6M/yr; he got $5M.

      QB (3)
      Kaepernick 28
      Gabbert 26
      Adams (R4) 23 $1M

      OL (9)
      Thomas G 24
      Tiller G 26
      Kilgore C/G 28
      Martin C/G 22
      Brown RT 22
      Wisniewski C/G 26 $3M
      Davis RT 26 $5M
      Staley LT 31
      Schwartz RT 26 $4M

      RB (4)
      Hyde 25
      Rookie (R4) $1M
      Blount 29 $1M
      Ellington 59 4.3 24

      WR (6)
      Smith 60 4.3 27
      Jones 62 4.4 25 $5M
      Smelter 62 4.4 24
      White 62 4.3 24
      Anderson 62 4.4 23
      Rogers 63 4.4 24

      TE (3)
      Anderson 64 4.6 23
      Bell 66 4.6 24
      McDonald 64 4.5 25

      DL (7)
      Armstead DE 21
      Carradine DE 25
      Dial DE 25
      Jackson DT 26 $9M
      Buckner/Nkemdiche (R1) DE 21 $2M

      ILB (4)
      Bowman 27
      Hodges 25
      Trevathan 25 $5M
      Rookie (R5) 22 $1M

      OLB (5)
      Lynch 22
      Spence (R2) 21 $2M
      Harold 22
      Irvin 26 $8M
      Armstrong 24

      FS/SS (4)
      Ward 24
      Reid 24
      Tartt 23
      McCray 24

      CB (5)
      Acker 60 44 24
      Reaser 510 4.3 24
      Johnson 62 4.3 24
      Johnson 62 4.5 26 $3M
      Shead 62 4.5 26 $3M

      1. Silicon Chip, great work. I like that you spotted Blount.

        To list some of the FAs (I might miss some), are these yearly contract amounts?

        Wisniewski C/G 26 $3M
        Schwartz RT 26 $4M
        Jackson DT 26 $9M
        Jones 62 4.4 25 $5M
        Trevathan 25 $5M
        Irvin 26 $8M

        I’m assuming any of those listed that are below the players new contract amount is a “no” to signing.

        I would have taken Irvin at $8m, Jackson at $9m.

        1. Yeah, you pulled it out properly and figured right. Since the time I originally wrote that, I revised my thinking and settled on a few guys from the 2012 draft class to make up for Baalke’s big whiff that year, but that’s probably throwing good money after bad also.

          I have no problem at all with the team doing what it’s doing right now, i.e., nothing.

    2. Another example: CJ Anderson’s offer sheet with Miami: 4 years, $18m. Denver has five days to match or lose Anderson.

      CJ Anderson / 4 years, $20m

      I’m surprised Baalke’s not outbidding that. I’m sick of running out of running backs mid season. Anderson just turned 25. In his prime. I’m calling on Mr. Horse Voice to make this signing.

        1. Thanks for the info. Again, info about specific FA situations makes for real value.

          Davis didn’t have alot of reps so its hard to tell. The fact that Anderson is similar to Davis might be a plus because he’s a Baalke type back.

    3. Brodie,

      I would have given Irvin 4 years and 42 mill, Smith 4 years and 48 mill, and would have signed Brooks or Allen at OG. Can’t remember what they settled for but it wasn’t out of line. I don’t think Boone was coming back no matter what they offered him. It seems like that bridge was burned when he held out a couple of years back.

      1. Rocket, I like your signings.

        “I don’t think Boone was coming back no matter what they offered him” – Yup

        4 years, $42m for Irvin works for me, especially in light of Olivier Vernon’s deal. I agree Baalke should have made that offer.

        Sean Smith 4 years, $48 is certainly reasonable relative to his talent. That’s another one I was hoping Baalke would sign. He’s 28. I’d be more enthused if he was a year or two younger.

        Brandon Brooks was off my radar until you mentioned him. After reading up on him, I can’t figure out why Baalke didn’t jump on him. He got 5-year, $40M. Baalke should have been that, with an extra $2m signing bonus. ($42m)
        He fills a desperate need and is only 26. Just hitting his prime. Can play more than one spot on the line, which is great for roster management. His signing would have also provided some draft day flexibility so they don’t have to reach for a rookie O-lineman.

          1. Not imo mood. Brooks is a descending player and has a cap hit of 8 mill. I’d rather pay the extra 2.5 mill and get the ascending player.

            1. Exactly. And don’t forget the drive or momentum killing penalties that keep cropping up when he plays.

          2. I was writing about Brandon Brooks, offensive lineman.

            Ahmed Brooks has contract de-escalators tied to sack count. His cap hit’s usually a little less than projections.

        1. The Eagles have better playoff prospects? Could be when you consider the division. But $2m is $2m.

          What we don’t know is how many players the 49ers matched/exceeded offers for that turned Baalke down.

          It might take a 7-9 to 8-8 season (with relative locker room tranquility) to make the 49ers a more attractive destination.

            1. I can’t know 100% because I’m not highly familiar with Brooks, but I like what I read. Brooks was listed as the 17th-best free agent available by Pro Football Focus.

              He’s only 26, hitting his prime, and can play more than one guard spot which is good for managing roster depth.

              The big value is draft flexibility. Covering the guard holes provides draft day flexibility so Baalke can go BPA instead of reaching.

              The draft is deep in defense, and I’d like to see Baalke use rounds 1-3 picks in that area.

              What I’m not sure about is scheme fit. Brooks is a big, big man. Does he have the speed and agility to play in a ZBS?

              1. Would overpaying one guard really make a big difference in the win-loss column next season?

              2. Would playing in the NFC West be better with four offensive linemen or with five offensive linemen? One weak one and the whole group crumbles. I would like to have seven or eight of them.

            2. The Eagles didn’t overpay. He got what the market dictated based on previous signings. There is no doubt he would have come to SF if they had offered more than Philly, unless there’s truth to the rumor that players don’t want to come and play for Kelly.

            3. The Eagles gave Brooks 40M over 5 years with 21M guaranteed and 11M as a signing bonus. Brooks is PFF’s #37 ranked guard.

              The Texans signed Jeff Allen the #10 ranked guard on PFF’s to a 4 year 28M contract with 12M guaranteed and 5M as a bonus.

              The Vikings gave Alex Boone a 4 year 26.8M dollar contract with 10M guaranteed. Boone is the #38 ranked guard.

              Lets line up the numbers and see which team overpaid.

              Brooks #37. 21M guaranteed. $8M/yr
              Allen #10. 11M guaranteed. $7M/yr
              Boone#38. 10M guaranteed. $6.7M/yr

              Although the Eagles get an extra year out of Brooks they still gave away an extra $10 million in guaranteed cash, are paying the most per year and didn’t get the best option available. Who knows if Brooks will even make it to that 5th year.

              I would say the Eagles overpaid for Brooks.

      1. I agree they are all overpaid, but you can list your favorites that you think Baalke should have signed but didn’t. (please include contract amounts)
        My whole idea was to improve the dialoged. We’ve spent the last three days going around in circles, arguing “spend vs patience” philosophies with little headway.

        Rocket and Silicon’s specific feedback has real value. It gives a clearer image of what Baalke’s doing.

        I’m still a “patience” camp guy, but Baalke’s intransigence when it comes to signing guards for X dollars is driving me nuts.

  16. Kawakami Verified account 
    Four greatest words in free agency: “Thad Lewis conference call.”

    Ray Ratto ‏@RattoCSN · 12m12 minutes ago

    @timkawakami Laugh now, but we’ll see who’s laughing when you and Inman are battling for the book rights.

    Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 11m11 minutes ago

    @RattoCSN Barrows has that one locked away. I used up all my powers to land the Cody Pickett life story.

  17. On PFT:

    According to the New York Daily News, the Jets’ front office believes Colin Kaepernick will end up in Denver.

    The Jets have poked around Kaepernick’s trade availability while waiting on free agent Ryan Fitzpatrick’s decision, and apparently emerged with the feeling that they won’t be acquiring Kap. Reports throughout Thursday afternoon have suggested the Broncos are serious about trading for Kaepernick, with the 49ers wanting a second-round pick in exchange, and Denver willing to part with a third-rounder. At this point, we’d consider it 50:50 or better that Kaepernick replaces Peyton Manning in the Mile High City.

    Related: Jets, Broncos

    Source: Manish Mehta on Twitter

    1. Niners should ask for 2 picks. A 2016 third round pick, and a conditional 5th round 2017 pick. If the Broncos have a winning season, it converts to a 4th round. If they make the playoffs it converts to a 3rd round. If they make it to the AFCCG, it converts to a 2nd. If they make it back to the SB, it converts into a first round pick.

      1. The Broncos second rounder is 63 overall. I can see why Baalke would hold out for more.

        49ers CK for the Broncos 31 works.

        The Broncos are low on total picks. I can see them going for something like pick swap.

        49ers CK+37 for the Broncos 31+2017 2nd or 3rd rounder

  18. Bulls hit we need to be patient. We had the most talented team and now we have the worst. That’s a sign of a bad gm not a good one, you don’t let your roster get this bad and keep your job unless your ownership simply doesn’t care and that’s the truth. So no I won’t be patient bc we shouldn’t have to be worse than the browns after being a few years removed from the superbowl, ballke is a joke.

    1. No it’s not. The QB got paid, veterans retired, and injuries plagued the roster. A good HC took the blame from an incompetent FO, but the downtime was coming.

      It happened to the Ravens, it will happen to these Broncos, and it will be proven to be happening with the Seahawks. Once the QB gets paid, there’s not enough money to go around. With the salary cap spiking, that will be less true, maybe, but it seems that agents already knew to blow out the numbers.

      Von Miller will get $22M+ per year with $60M+ guaranteed.

      The only team it doesn’t happen to is the Patriots, and that’s because Belichick and Brady are so adept at tailoring scheme to beat lesser teams. When they face superior rosters that are also competently coached, as happened against the 49ers in Foxboro in 2013 or against Denver in January, they, too, lose. The salary cap has brought true parity to the league; that and the fact that NFL careers, no matter how bright, can be snuffed out in a single play.

      1. Sil, it also helps when his wife makes more than he does, so Brady can give up part of his salary to help the team retain talent.

  19. I just want some good news. The good news stopped at “they signed harbough” after a long meeting in some house somewhere where baalke and harbough and jed talked football.

    Harbough must have been drunk on the idea of becoming the next walsh in san fran.

    i think we are selling kap short. I would ask for the house for kap in a trade or else i would just keep him and pay him. If he acts like a punk, i would just make him 2nd or 3 rd string the whole year or cut him.

    What’s a 3rd round pick going to get you. Knowing baalke it would get us a superstar with 2 torn acls and big hands.

    There are no quarterbacks that are worth anything on the market and many teams that would love a quarterback.

    I would ask for a two seconds (circa alex smith) or a 1st and a second.

  20. Brodie:
    The only one I would have really wanted is Vernon. Young high motor pass rusher. Team him with Lynch throw in Harold combined with the D-Line and the Defense gets much better quickly. 8 year $90M/$55M guaranteed; $25M signing bonus base salary: start at 4M-15M, he gets his $55 thru year 5.

  21. Matt Maiocco Retweeted

    Michael Silver
    ✔ ‎‎@MikeSilver While the Broncos try to close the Kaepernick trade, they’re formulating backup plans. Have been in touch with agent for Ryan Fitzpatrick.

    1. dun dun duuunnnnn…

      1. Fitz would be silly to leave Jets. He played well and is comfortable in that system and can handle NY.

      2. Denver would by silly not to try and get Fitz or CK. Let them start for 1-2 years while the groom the next QB.

      3. Cleveland has been a mess for years. Everyone would be silly to go there.

      * It would be a shame if we fail to move CK if the bargain is a second and/or third. I’d be happy with a 5th… but really a 2nd would be nice!!!!!!!!! :)

  22. I think being smart in FA is the key. The Bronco’s used a good strategy through FA and the draft. Great FA signings after their embarassing loss to the Seahawks. Ward, Talib, Ware and of course PFM before the loss. I think critical signings at reasonable prices help.

    I think Baalke believes in his draft picks and is not going to spend big $$$ in FA. I don’t think the talent he’s picking is going to win us much. I do think we’re losing on 2 fronts, people don’t want to come here and we won’t spend for the ones that might. I also think Kelly could be a reason people aren’t flocking this way as well.

    1. What could be wrong with a Chip Kelly and Trent Baalke combination? They both think very highly of each other or themselves. I’m not sure which.

    1. Why aren’t there 32 starter-quality QBs? The league is paying for its inability or unwillingness to develop young QB talent. The college system is thriving with spread-type offenses featuring athletic QBs who run out of the pocket as soon as the first read is covered. The majority of these QBs have and will fail in NFL where defenses will stop these QBs increasingly sooner than later. In the absence of a developmental league, the best bet for franchises is to draft and groom QBs for a few years. Brock Osweiler is one such groomed QB and gets immediately overpaid in the hope that he has learned all the lessons from the Oracle of “Omaha, Omaha”. Desperate times in Houston call for desperate measures I suppose.

      1. Yep. A perfectly good example of this is Kaepernick. I still contend that we wouldn’t be where we are now in terms of the QB position if Harbaugh had reinserted Alex Smith as the starter after he was cleared by the team doctors in 2012 and sat while continuing to develop. It may or may not have affected whether this team would have made it to the 2013 Super Bowl, but I think we would in a better place with an athletic QB that could also deliver from the pocket.

        1. Sure, there is. The problem is that these QBs are coming into the league having tasted success playing a completely different game in college. Many are unable or unwilling to change. Others take a couple of seasons to unlearn their college approach.

          Actually, Kap had a very good deal. He sat for a season and a half and then was part of an offensive system featuring a very good O Line and a solid running game for the first 1.5 seasons. It was in his fourth year and Harbaugh’s last season that he was expected to carry more of the load and he didn’t do a good job.

  23. Just heard Mike Silver on NFL TotalAccess. If I understood correctly, he seems to think that the Niners and Broncos have agreed on terms in principle; but the Browns are still in play. A 2nd from the Browns would be a whole lot more valuable than one from the Broncos.

    1. The Browns second is pick 32. That would be super valuable.

      I’m wondering of the Browns would go for CK+pick 7 for their pick 2.

    2. I’d settle for a second round pick along with a conditional second round pick that can become a first if Kaepernick meets certain parameters. That or swapping the first round pick with the Browns and also getting a 2017 second round pick.
      Yeah, I’m greedy.

    3. A guy on Jeff Deeney’s twitter suggested a trade of Kaep and the 49ers 2nd round pick for Denver’s first and third. Basically 49ers would gain a 3rd and move from the 2nd up too end of 1st round. Would be a smart deal as Deeney says, because it would mean the 49ers can get two players that would have a 5th year option in their rookie deals.

  24. Matt Maiocco
    ✔ ‎‎@MaioccoCSN

    Cardinals G Ted Larsen’s visit with 49ers “went great.” They’re working on a deal while Larsen also considers other options, source said.

  25. Michael Silver – To clarify: No deal yet between 49ers and Broncos for Kaepernick. Browns still in it. Not likely to happen tonight but fluid situation.

    1. Michael Silver keeps tweeting “fluid situation”, just like the Hue Jackson negotiations. He seems to be the “insider” of record in this situation.

    2. Matt Maiocco – “49ers are “holding tight” on their asking price for Kaepernick, source said. Broncos and Browns are most involved right now.”

  26. A third rounder is useless to us. Baalke will draft a punter; or someone that was supposed to be a udfa but that he saw something special in their shoe size or tree trunk tibias.

    he has a hard time not messing up 1st or 2nd rounders. At least with a 1st or 2nd round pick we will get someone that would’ve been drafted in the 3rd or 4th.

    if i was the niners id stay firm as well.

  27. a few years ago we had a ridiculous number of former 1st rounders on the team. Maybe someone can help me out. I don’t remember all of them:

    veron davis
    alex smith
    anthony davis
    aldon smith

    just a level of talent that is completely gone. horrible drafting for years to replace top end talent. Just drafting back-ups and trying to draft starters by getting injured players.

  28. Sean Smith on the Raiders: “They have a bunch of young talent who’s ready to take that next step. The coaching staff is amazing; you couldn’t ask for a better coaching staff. I just felt like with a few more pieces, this team is ready to contend, for real, for real this time.”

    Sean Smith on Derek Carr: “It’s funny, because getting prepared for the Raiders in the past, you never know what you’re going to get, because Carr is a guy who is going to go out there, he’s going to sling it. Regardless of if you think your coverage is good or not, he always believes his receivers have a chance of making a play, which he should, because [Michael] Crabtree and ‘Coop’ [Amari Cooper] are two amazing receivers on this team. Just knowing that I’m on his team now and I don’t have to worry about those Brett Favre-like passes splitting between two defenders trying to get a guy a reception anymore is going to be great for me.”

    Sean Smith on if he’s recruiting Eric Weddle to the Raiders: “Definitely. I was talking to him before I even came up here. Look, if we were to add Eric Weddle, it would just be so special. But regardless of who we add, I know [assistant defensive backs] coach [Rod] Woodson and coach Robertson are going to make it work in the back end. But Eric Weddle is definitely a special player and I think if we can get him, we’ll be alright.”

    The Niners never had a chance.

    1. One problem Mr.Smith, you will be playing for an organization that consistently finds ways to lose.
      Great coaching staff and free agent acquisitions aside, it’s still the Raiders!

      1. Unfortunately we are the new raiders.

        Kinda like the clippers and lakers.

        The lakers could always count on the clippers sucking for 20+ years.

        Now the lakers are the clippers.

        how many years until respectability??


        I say if chip works than 3-4; if chip doesn’t work 7-8 years.

        If chip doesnt work out (he will get 2-3 years to try); then it’s cleaning house completely. Assuming new GM and coach are quality then another 3-4 years of building.

        1. I disagree. The 49ers have had their troubles. But it’s still an organization deep in tradition and within that tradition is a winning mentality.
          Let’s be honest. The last decade hasn’t been great. But within that 10 years it has won a lot off games and almost another SB.
          The Raiders have done what the past 10 years? Every year they self destruct. That’s their tradition. Somehow some way they kill themselves with bad penalties or key mistakes late in games. Perfect example Carr last year late in the year. Crumbled under pressure.

          1. The 49ers winning tradition stopped when the Yorks took over and fired Marriucci. This organization is so far removed from what it was in the 80’s and early 90’s it’s sad.

            1. Harbaughs tenure was pretty good. Got them back to what it once was. They obviously made some terrible decisions along the way but wins are wins. Not championships but pretty darn close . Keep in mind Seattle was one of the best teams in the entire NFL for a a good 3-4 years during that time.
              People forget the Niners were the model franchise 3 years ago. Yes poor decisions happened but let’s not forget the exodus of key personnel.
              Now it’s Chips turn.

              1. And no Sebnnoying none of that was because of #7. It was because of depth and good coaching!

              2. The organization is a joke. The owners can’t stand having strong coaches who get more credit than they do. Once that happens they dump them for a stooge. That’s why they’ve only had 3 good seasons in a decade.

              3. I don’t think it’s that bad. Hiring Tomsula was a joke.
                Kelly will be a tremendous upgrade. The problem right now is the guy drafting.
                I think this past year has humbled a lot of people including Jed York.

            2. we have been in disarray since 2003. The harbough years were an aberration. It was the culmination of having great talent on a team, that was mismanaged by horrible coaching for years. Somehow Jed York had not shown his true colors yet, Baalke was new and had connections to harbough. The 13 yr old middle school social media leaking was not yet in effect.

              I don’t think baalke is the problem. He is just a little under qualified for his job. He should really be one step below the GM. Just as Jed should be one step below the owner or president.

    2. Or maybe the Niners didn’t want him.

      Grant, do you and your fellow writers, like Tim Kawakami, not realize that the Niners have been linked to dozens of free agents since 2011.. And how many big name targets have they gotten? Even with Harbagh. So all that bull doody about nobody wanting to come here is rubbish. Quick awnser if any smart person wants to give their 2 cents, why weren’t we riling in free agents in the Harbagh years? Because we didn’t want them. Plain and simple. Just like being linked to these high priced guys now, of course there is chatter that the Niners are interested, but seriously, did they actually get offered a contract. Nobody is liking other teams over the Niners. They aren’t being offered contracts by the Niners. And if they were I’m pretty sure it’s nowhere near the numbers that these guys are getting. It’s like I said about each and every non retiree from last year, there was no exodus of people wanting to leave, there was an exodus of people leaving, because they weren’t wanted at crazy dollar amounts. I think Balkee is playing it exactly where he needs to. Why overspend, let the market come to you

    3. Any coaching staff headed by the very average Jack Del Rio isn’t “amazing”.

      What else do you expect a newly signed player to say?

  29. The 49ers control this situation exclusively.
    If I’m Baalke I’m sitting on a 1st or a 2nd and 3rd or a 2nd and 4th. A lot of teams need a QB.

      1. Baalke been drafting since 2011?

        That’s five years of drafting

        Silly idea but i kinda wish that he would’ve kept his first rounder each year and then traded all of his other 10 picks per year to get back into the first round.

        2 first rounders a year x 5 years= 10 players.

        Might actually have ended up with a better team. No tank carradines, no lattimores, no horrendous WRs in the 4th/5th/6th round.

        Fill in the rest of the team with UDFA. They would all sign with us because of the chance to play

          1. Seb,

            There you go again. It’s bundling of FRINGE PLAYERS that doesn’t happen, not picks. Picks are bundled in trades fairly often. I can’t recall anyone saying picks can’t be bundled.

            1. Oh I have seen that many times. It is true, the vast majority of trades are for single players, but there are also exceptions. Bundling picks are just about as rare. I have never ever heard of bundling almost all their picks to move up.
              Bundling fringe players may not succeed, but I also offered players who started and others who have produced. I just want to get something, instead of waiting and getting nothing.

    1. Niners are getting sandbagged. They have absolutely no leverage. Kaep, by rehabbing in Colorado made his intentions loud and clear. He will refuse to go to Cleveland, so they are just spinning their wheels. Niners just realize that delaying the inevitable will make them look bad, so they should get over it and make the deal. They tacitly admitted that Kaep was not coming back by signing a new QB.
      Kaep wants out of that contract and out of the Niners. The only question is the level of compensation. Niners were their worst enemy. They never should have denigrated him, and they should have promised him his starting job back that he lost due to injury, so they would be trading a starting QB instead of a benched, second stringer.
      Chip should have taken a page out of the Bill Walsh books and praised Kaep to the high heavens instead of damning him with faint praise. Chip needs to work on his people skills.
      Since he is damaged goods, I think they will accept less than the Alex Smith trade. Instead of two second rounders, they should accept a third round this year and a conditional 5th next year. If the Broncos make it back to the SB, it becomes a first round. If the Broncos repeat, a first round will be worth it to them.

      1. Nah, Baalke’s getting a deal. He has the QB he wants and he’s getting rid of the QB he doesn’t want. He’ll get another couple of picks to waste in up coming drafts and he can show York how much money he saved by not paying for any quality players.

      2. #7 has no leverage. How does he get to reject Cleveland? If he wants to play in the NFL again it’s where ever they trade him or its in SF where he doesn’t want to play.
        Or wait, he could come up here in Canada and play in the CFL as a RB cause we all know a bigger field means more WR and with that comes decision making. Bad fit for a guy with no brain!
        Kinda like you Sebnnoying!

        1. Let me spell it out. Kaep will say to his agent- I WILL NOT PLAY FOR A SCUMBAG LIKE HASLAM.
          Then the Browns will realize that they may give up valuable draft picks for a player who has no intention of playing for them. They are not that stupid, and will drop the whole idea.

        2. Prime Seb still doesn’t understand what it means that the 49ers own Kaep’s rights and can dictate where he goes. Remember this is the guy who said right before Tomsula got fired that he had Maraathe and Baalke shaking in their boots.

          1. Does anyone on here take Sebnnoying seriously? I knew he was a child the minute he said he thought the Niners should bring back Tomsula to be the DC. What does that tell you?

            1. Prime, name calling says a lot more about you than it does me. Go ahead, hurl names and insults. I thought I drove you away, but like a bad penny, you keep on coming back.
              Ah, yes, I remember when you admitted that Kaep took the league by storm. Now he will do it in another uniform and prevent the Niners from winning another ring. Thanks to fans like you that drove him away, the Niners will have to pick up the pieces and look forward to more futility.

              1. The only thing your driving away Seb is the wagon you use to deliver your landscaping Flyers.
                Yes I said he took the league by storm but just like Billy Ray Cyrus he’s a one hit wonder.
                You rely too much on the past. The NFL is a what have you done lately league. You understand what that means? You don’t because you don’t know the game. You love the player and thats so cute but guess what, the player you love is not very good. And he’s a lockerroom cancer. That’s not a good thing for him moving forward.

              2. Gee, Prime, you want a first and second round pick for a player you call a locker room cancer? That really does not make any sense, but I guess that is how your mind works.

              3. Seb pay attention. This is a QB driven league. They are many teams out there who need one. A championship ready team like the Broncos is desperate right now.
                A bottom feeder like CLE also needs a QB. Hue Jackson would rather have a vet than put the #2 overall pick behind a decimated offense.
                Jets have a lot of pressure to make the playoffs. They need someone who can carry them rather than give the game away like Fitz has shown.
                Now is #7 worth a 1st or 2nd or 3rd. Hell no. But my young imbecile, it’s called business! You have an asset that is in demand and you bargain it to get the best return! Business 101!

              4. Prime

                I’m not taking sides here, but you DO realize that Harbaugh, Elway, and Jackson all love Kaepernick.

                And you’re sitting here agreeing with Trent Baalke and Heath Evans.

                Trent Baalke knows offensive players like Seb knows leverage.

          2. Seb to your point Baalke isn’t dumb and knows that a disgruntled player is a hard player to sell and he wants good future trades. He also wants the best picks for his team. So if Cleveland offers the best picks he’ll take those. Kaep shouldn’t be too picky since he doesn’t have a lot of options.

              1. Wilson the Niners are drafting a QB this year. I don’t hate CK. He’s just not a good QB.

            1. Wilson, do you think that Kaep is rehabbing 2 hours away from Denver because he likes the snow?
              He is non verbally giving his preference, and plainly does not want to go to Cleveland. Who would? That Haslam is a piece of work, and makes Jed look like a choirboy.If the Niners stall, all they have to do is wait until April 1st, and once he fails his physical, York will have to pay him 12 mil. Jed and Baalke are too cheap to pay him that much for doing nothing, so they should make the best of the situation, and accept what the Broncos offer.
              Stalling and pissing off John Elway is not going to make them any new friends, so they should gracefully accept a fair deal and move on.

              1. Seb your arguments are tired and based in wishful thinking not how contracts and trader rights work. Kaep wants out, he’s going to get out. Did you even read my post above that Baalke wants good future trades, so he’ll do what assures that. I think Kaep goes to Denver unless the Browns vastly over compensate for him. It’s not worth arguing with you over.

              2. So true Wilson. Seb has no clue. He’s a fan of CK, nothing else.
                He’s good for a few laughs and that’s about it. Talk football? That’s funny!

            2. Wilson, did you say that Baalke was not dumb? He is so dumb, he cannot remember how many years his contract runs.

              1. Seb he might not be great at his job but he’s not stupid. You don’t get to be a NFL GM and be stupid. I don’t like his choices but I wouldn’t call him stupid. He’s brighter than most people that post in forums.

              2. Wilson, does that mean he knew exactly how many years he had on that contract? He just did not want to answer the question?
                OK, then that means he is a liar, and that was his way to avoid answering the question.
                That does not sound too bright to me.

            3. Wilson, Kaep has one option. He sees that the Broncos do not have a starting QB. He knows Elway likes him. He will put 2 and 2 together and come up with the right answer. Denver is the best place to be, and now he knows they want him.
              Kaep does not want to play in Cleveland. I am sure he told his agent that. Cleveland cannot force him to play for them. Cleveland will lose valuable picks for an extremely unhappy player, so they will not waste picks. Cleveland will draft a QB who will be obligated to play for them under a rookie contract. Kaep is a veteran, and made his wishes known. The Niners could hold his contract and prevent him from playing, but no FA player would ever sign a contract with them if they thought that is how the Niners operate, so the Niners should gracefully let him go before they damage their reputation even more. Blithely stating that the Niners hold all the cards is delusional, bombastic and devoid of reality.

              1. Seb you moron they do hold all the cards. It’s called a contract! They own his rights. Meaning they decide where he plays. Your soap opera fantasy about reputation and where he wants to play is what is delusional bombastic & whatever other dictionary term you want to use. Get a brain!

              2. Its down on paper, archived for all to see. Prime, you outdid yourself.
                It took 8 posts to get you to swear at me. You must be slipping.

              3. I see you are unclear on the concept. When you get all emotional and start raving, you are losing control. Think about it.

          3. Wilson, after the job Baalke did, he should have been fired. Marathe was the leaker, and when he went to the negotiations with Kaep’s reps, it was such a colossall blunder, I still shake my head just thinking about it. Marathe should be fired for being the leaker, and both Baalke and Marathe should be fired for negotiating incompetency.
            If Jed had an ounce of brains, they should both be quaking in their boots, but I guess Jed is devoid of cranial matter, so they are lucky.

            1. Seb you should come visit reality more often. Instead you prefer to live in a make believe soap opera where you constantly ignore actual laws and rules of football. Not arguing with you because it’s pointless.

              1. Wilson, I hope you realize that I am only expressing my opinion, and your pushback is only due to you taking me too seriously. I still have never heard you admit that it was a dumb move to have Marathe negotiate with Kaep’s reps, but I guess your reality is that it was perfectly fine, and expected.

      1. There hasn’t been much embarrassment in Seattle that I’ve noticed, and the Alden Smith you refer to doesn’t exist any more.

        1. True enough, he’s a part of one of the worst OL’s in the NFL. Back when Aldon was something he’d blow by Okung and sack RW. It made me happy. Now we get to watch Bennett potentially blow by him and crime Gabbert.

              1. Thanks. I think the team has a chance of signing Okung due to his injury history.

          1. Here’s another nugget of information from an old Cam Inman article on September 13, 2013:

            Of Aldon Smith’s 35 career sacks since 2011, only two have come against the Seattle Seahawks, who’ve shut out the 49ers’ sack artist in two of his four career meetings.

            That doesn’t sound like Smith had his way with Okung at all.

              1. It’s hard to tell what is going on from that video because the video itself is awful.

              2. It’s the play early in the NFCWCG where Wilson rolls left. Aldon beats his man and causes Wilson to fumble. I don’t know who the Seahawks player was.

      1. He may not have much of a choice. He’s coming back from another injury plagued season and is representing himself.

            1. It’s a more reasonable move from the outside to the inside than the other direction. I don’t know if Davis has ever played guard. He certainly hasn’t in the NFL.

              1. Just looked him up. He started at RG, then was moved to LT. He was drafted and moved to RT. Sounds versatile.

        1. Anthony Davis dances to his own drum, as I’m sure you already know. He’s like a spinning top. To my knowledge he has not filed papers to return to the League. Please correct me if I am wrong. If he has filed or does file, who would believe they can depend on him? If I were the Niners, I would sign him to a non-guaranteed contract of some type and see how it goes. At the least they could use him as a backup. He needs to demonstrate he is serious about playing. If he does, great. If not, fire him.

            1. Leo, you are right of course. I was assuming they could force a renegotiation. He could refuse, in which case their options would be honoring the contract, trying to trade him, or releasing him to negotiate with another team. Correct? In that case, I would try to trade him. He’s not reliable. If they were pissed at Boone for not playing along, they would be more than pissed at Davis. If no one bit at a trade, I’d release him. Anyone else care to comment?

              1. With his concussion issues, no other team will probably want to take a chance with him. With Trenton Brown emerging as a decent RT, AD may be switched to guard. If he can supplant Pears, I will support that move in a heartbeat.

              2. Ho, ho. Not so easy, Seb. Davis would have to want to cooperate at the position change, and the guy’s a spinning top. You don’t know where he will fall. Anyway, the concussion thing is in the past. I don’t think that would get in the way. Another team might be willing to take a chance on him at his contract. As for us banking on him to start, I don’t know you can.

              3. AD was the 11th player chosen in the 2010 draft. He is a top 11 talent, so he should easily beat out Pears, and may even supplant Brown. The concussion problem is really a joker in the deck. He may retire again if they re-occur.
                I agree, the Niners are probably pissed off at him, so they may pull a Boone and stick him in a position that he does not want to play.

      2. I hope we don’t want him. The man can’t stay healthy. Sprains his ankle every 3 weeks and is out for 4 weeks.

    1. Okung is a solid LT. HOWEVER, we have a LT in Staley. Okung is not a RT, nor is he a Guard. Our issues are on the inside (the two guard positions specifically); I actually think we have options at Tackle (Staley, Brown, A. Davis). Maybe the Niners should have concentrated on the position where we have issues (Osemele, Brooks, Allen, Mathis even though he is never coming here because of Chip), instead of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

      1. Pot……Kettle, There are quite a few tackles left unsigned out there. It wouldn’t surprise me if in a few more days Baalke doesn’t sing a OT and move him inside. It is much easier to transition from OT to G then it is to do the opposite. Because of the abundance of OT’s Baalke may get a quality player for a bargain.

  30. grant good article, I laughed when you said and it must have been a typo when you said good gms build bad teams through the draft. In truth balke has built bad teams through the draft has he as no eye for offense.

  31. Well day 2 is over, and no news on signings. Other than Williams, Baalke has struck out.
    Thad Lewis is an admission that Kaep is gone, and signing Devey is like hitting into a double play.
    My patience is wearing thin…..

  32. Thinking about compensation, what if the Niners offered Kaep and their 4th 5th and 6th pick for the Denver first? The Denver first is essentially a high second, so the Niners could save face by claiming they got a first round pick for Kaep, while the Broncos will get draft picks in the later rounds that they did not have a pick in.

      1. Maybe the Niners should start by offering Kaep with a 5th and 6th for the Denver first, and if they ask for a 4th, too, pull the trigger on the deal.

      2. Yea. I wonder what John Elway would think about that. They are really almost bad third, fourth, and fifth round choices. I imagine that they may already be part of the discussion. John may think he can get Kaepernick for less if he holds tight.

    1. Seb,

      Now that’s s bundle that might work. I’d only want to include a fourth if it was a comp fourth, though.

        1. Long time Cal fan but my wife went to Stanford so broadened my support , I wanted us to draft Toby big time when he came into the league!

            1. I didn’t graduate from Stanford, but I did play the trumpet in the Rose Bowl for them. The Fighting Illini Band over powered us with numbers. So did their football team.

              1. htwaits

                LOL ‘shoulda circled the wagons around the tree…. HT in your younger days, did you hang out at the Oasis ?…Tarr and Feathers…? Anyone…?

              2. We had a real Indian in a formal head dress with band uniforms to boot. The time warp was the 1952 Rose Bowl game.

                I lived in Sunnyvale before and during my short time at Stanford. As far North as we got was the original Kirk’s on El Camino.

                The first time I went to the Oasis was after the Air Force. I used to ask to go to the Oasis for Father’s day, but three years ago I didn’t want to go back.

  33. This franchise has No choice but to build a very good roster through the draft again.
    Players know it’s a dumpster fire. Again the way the Harbaugh release was handled set this franchise back years. Then you hire a coach who’s reputation doesn’t sit well with black players.
    And with the sudden retirements and whining by players like ck it would be hard to think a player would want to come here.

    This crazy notion that ck was back stabbed by the front office is hilarious. This is the athlete now a days. He sucked got benched for doing so and he’s now been dupped!
    Was he angry? Yes does he have the right to be angry at the FO? NO! Only himself. See while he was benching his way to that money other qb’s like Wilson and yes even Gabbert pounded the film room to death. That’s why they have improved and ck has regressed.
    I’m am glad chip Kelly didn’t have to make the decision last year to bench ck for Gabbert. I can imagine the race card being pulled. In fact it’s probably better he leaves so this doesn’t happen again.
    Our only hope is Baalke having a very solid draft and by solid I mean defensively drafting.
    They do not need a qb, they brought in Kelly for offense. If he can make Foles look like a pro bowler and Bradford having the strong end last year I can’t see why Gabbert couldn’t light up the league. Gabbert with his second chance improved with a bad team. No running game, no offensive scheme and no blocking. Jelly may be an upgrade for the offense that SF needed, overall I have serious doubts he will shine. That’s why Baalke should have landed one defensive FA and must draft heavy and make moves to get the best two defensive players in the draft when available. Some think he believes his past picks are good enough and that’s why he didn’t spend. If they get a qb with the first pick then that will solidify that theory. And seriously who wants this guy picking a qb? Or any offensive player for that matter?

    1. That’s an absolute untruth. The coach sits well with black players. The coach doesn’t sit well with spoiled diva like black players. For every black person that said he was borderline racist, there are probably 20 black players that will disagree. Boone said Harbaugh was nuts and guys wanted him out, but where is the whining in this room about how nobody wanted Harbagh. And this was from a niner. A home guy. But some spoiled rich guys that are used to getting their way cru about Kelly being racist and there word is law!!! Unbelievable

      1. I like you Steelematic, but those numbers are not true. Yeah the Divas were the ones crying after they left, but he didn’t have the support in the locker room. That’s why he’s gone from Philly.

        1. I understand Jordan. But it was a question of being liked in the locker room, it was suggested that he’s racist, because black players were complaining. All starting with Meshawn Jackson. And after he said it, alot of people are quoting it. I just believe it’s a non fact. And I’m black man. So there is no bias in my belief.

        2. Jordan… And that 20 player number was just an assumption on my part. No numbers or facts to back it up. But after coaching all these years, and the only time it’s ever been brought up was when Jackson was released. So where are all the college players he’s coaches cleaning he’s racist, or staff members or school board members? But a professional says it and the world runs with it. I’m pretty sure the likes of Armstead, and Buckner, and LaMike James, and dozens of other black athletes, would beg to differ. That’s my assumption. Just like its deshawn Jackson and others that he’s racist.

      2. For he record im not saying he is a racist I’m saying that’s his perception to some and could be to more players outside of Santana Clara and Philadelphia. I remember ESPN RV and radio blowing it up.

        1. Ninermd…. I understand that as well. Heck, Stephen A Smith says it as well. But it was started by a diva whose antics weren’t going to be tolerated, then everytime a dive black player on that team was disciplined or released, it was all of a sudden Kelly is a rascist. Thad Lewis had an interview and said how Kelly was a good man and treats players, not black players, but all players like professionals. But not one person on this blog acknowledges that. Especially the ones calling him a racist. But I guess since thad isn’t a superstar player, his comments are irrelevant.

  34. There will be no qb competition from the Brown’s. Colin will go I’m as the unquestioned starter, and they can pick a better need ag number 2..

    1. I also believe that Kap wants to go somewhere where the head coach will coddle him, like Harbagh did. I also believe him and hue have been speaking recently. Why else would you pick cleveland over denver? If Hue was his pick he believes the franchise will sink or swim with him at qb. He will literally control another franchise.

  35. Since the total salary cap from 2013-2016 is $554.55 million, then every NFL team, including the 49ers, must have a cash spend of at least 89% of that by the end of the 2016 league year, which is $493.55 million.

    We will have many conversations about Baalke’s action/inaction in the Free Agent Market. Who should he sign? Why did he pass on that player? Why does the Offensive Line still suck? Those questions are secondary to a primary operating principle in the York/Baalke operation. They will not spend money when they can keep it for themselves.

    I guarantee that at the end of 2016 the 49ers will be much closer to spending 89% of the salary cap then they will be to spending 100%.

    Always remember that with the Yorks it is about the $$$.

  36. Wow, Kaep wants out so desperately he PREFERS to play in Cleveland. Guess the Broncos were playing hardball with him, and only said they wanted him to compete for a spot. Hue probably promised him the moon, with a big fat salary.
    Or maybe Kaep is leveraging the Broncos to pull the trigger soon. Cant believe he would want to go to a dumpster fire and spurn a SB champion.

  37. Seb,

    In contract (K) negotiations, to the patient, go the spoils. There is always a counter offer, and the occasional wild card team nobody expected the enter the fray…Be patient.

  38. Also,

    Hue Jackson and Harbaugh have talked-be sure of that, having coached together on that Raiders staff in the famous Patriot Tuck game. Kap understands a Jackson coached offense…This bodes well for Baalke in his attempt to leverage both teams…And the QB position lends itself to last minute interlopers since it’s the hardest position to fill in sports. Kap has some amazing highlights out there on film, and teams are always hoping to catch lightning in a bottle with such a raw talent.

    1. Just for the helluvit

      I predict that a third team has been saving up their spare change and draft choices and will sneak in under the cover of darkness and make ONE bid and take Kaep with them leaving the Bronks and Browns crying in their beer….Today….!

      1. Crap!

        the cover of darkness is gone and Kaep isn’t …so I’ll ‘fess up….my flyer was wrong! Now that should show you just how STUPID our FO really is….waddaya’ thuink SEB ?

  39. The news about kap wanting to play for the browns is almost guaranteed to have been leaked by the Niners in my opinion.

    Elway tells them it’s a 3rd and that’s it last night. This morning they leak story about kap and the browns to try and squeeze out a second rounder.

    I feel like I fully understand the Niners leaking machine. I wonder if they can pay me to be their leaker. So guido, Marathi and/or Jed can focus on their own jobs.

    1. The Niners Employ a lot stock market strategies. Pump and dump a stock is classic.

      I succumbed to it the other day and bought a stock I have been looking at for a while. The media started pumping it and I got nervous and bought it before it’s price took off. I was looking at it for a long play but it crashed with bad news after the pump.

      Let’s pump kap up like we want to keep him before free agency to drive up his price. Oh the broncos want him, let’s pump up fake interest from other teams. Oh we are stuck at a 3rd rounder let’s pump up the browns.

  40. Kap wanting to play in Cleveland as opposed to Denver says a lot about Kap. The man is weak. He doesn’t want to play for the Niners because he has lost the support of his teammates. They don’t believe in him. Chip Kelly was not here last year. He doesn’t know the locker room of the Niners. He doesn’t want to play in Denver and be a contender? He’d rather go to Cleveland because the expectations are low. Thank God we are getting rid of this guy. He certainly isn’t someone I want to play for my team.
    Take a 3rd round pick and get rid of this guy. He’s becoming a cancer now. He clearly just wants to exist. He doesn’t want to win. CLEVELAND?????????? Good riddance!

    1. The only article about kap that’s actually from kap is probably the trade request.

      I think every other leaked story over the last year is from the Niners.

      Kap would be a fool not to play for Denver.

      1. Shish I just want to get rid of this guy as soon as possible. This team needs some clarity and direction. Get this clown Kap out of here!

  41. Kemba George
    @timkawakami you’re saying they didn’t want Hue bcuz Kap liked him?

    8:07 AM – 11 Mar 2016

    Tim Kawakami Verified account 
    Tim Kawakami Retweeted Kemba George

    Huh? I said I suspect Hue told Baalke he wanted control of the position and wanted Kaepernick.

  42. Tim Kawakami Verified account 
    Tim Kawakami Retweeted John Middlekauff

    Probably how Jed spends 90% of his time and energy.

    Tim Kawakami added,

    John Middlekauff @JohnMiddlekauff 49ers can spread national rumors at an elite level. It’s what the organization hangs their hat on

    Bryan Dominguez Raider G Bob Huang Cory Ryan Amir Talai Yabedoo Scott Loftin Jon Finch Gary Long

    8:20 AM – 11 Mar 2016

    Allen ‏@Allen49ers76 · 36m36 minutes ago

    @timkawakami @JohnMiddlekauff just sad being a fan these days

    Martin Joyce ‏@martinsean · 36m36 minutes ago

    @timkawakami @JohnMiddlekauff embarrassing

    Ravenous ‏@RoscoeGerm · 41m41 minutes ago

    @timkawakami @JohnMiddlekauff Jed better at selling tickets to the rumormill than trips to Levi’s for locals

    darrell rector ‏@gcvfd720 · 46m46 minutes ago

    @timkawakami instead of getting good FA York will spend the money on his cell phone bill.

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    Victor ‏@jollyfight · 47m47 minutes ago

    @timkawakami @JohnMiddlekauff probably true and as much as I dislike the FO it is also possible that Kaps reps are spreading the rumors to

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    World Wild West ‏@CarsonCityKid · 47m47 minutes ago

    @timkawakami Proof that Jed is a terrible chief executive.

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    Victor ‏@jollyfight · 43m43 minutes ago

    @timkawakami @JohnMiddlekauff want a do over. So both sides have motives to spread rumors. Just my observation

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    Victor ‏@jollyfight · 43m43 minutes ago

    @timkawakami @JohnMiddlekauff force the 9ers hand. It feels like his reps are doing damage control after that contract they signed. They

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  43. cap room question. the team started with roughly 62 million to spend. Ian Williams will eat into a chunk of that. If and when Kap is traded there will be more room to spend. Doesn’t the FO need to spend a certain amount or be within a certain % of the cap limit?

    1. Andrew,
      I asked the same question yesterday and if i understand correctly, a team must spend at least 89% of their cap money but not every year its figured on a 3 year average and the 49ers are already at 89% over 3 years. I believe that means that contractually they don’t have to spend a dime of money to be at the bottom limit.

      1. They’re at 89.1% of the 2013-16 cap right now, and will spend about $9M on their draft class and UDFAs.

        $504M out of a possible $555M once they’ve paid the rookies.

    2. They have reached the floor already Andrew.

      I’ve been thinking about the FA spending vs. waiting and not over paying, and while I understand the reasoning behind not wanting to spend big in FA and the percentages that have been posted that paint it negatively, what we need to remember is the teams that don’t spend big in FA have drafted well and built a core of talent they can compete with. If you’re the Steelers for example, you can sit on the sidelines and do nothing because you’ve amassed a lot of homegrown talent on your roster including a franchise QB. The 49ers don’t fall into this category. They have a dearth of homegrown talent to build around and being idle in FA does nothing to help them rectify it. A lot of the players who have been signed the past two days are from the 2012 draft class. That class doesn’t exist for the Niners. They have a ton of money to spend because they have none of their own 2012 players to re-sign. That is why you go out and sign a player who is going into his second contract and consider him a building block. Right now the 49ers have no elite young players on the roster. Nobody has shown they are going to command a big contract in the next year or two. If that is the case then sitting on this money makes absolutely no sense. Building through the draft is a great concept, but if you aren’t drafting well it doesn’t work and the 2012 draft clearly didn’t work.

      The other thing is, teams have spent big in FA and done well. Denver is a perfect example. It’s not what you spend, it’s who you spend it on. That is where personnel evaluation comes into play and if you do it right you can put together a contender in a relatively short period of time.

      I see a lot of people who have gone from being excited about the prospect of signing some impact FA’s, to now changing their view because the Niners haven’t done anything. You were right the first time. We should have expected a splash in FA because it was the sensible thing to do and the FO and owner hyped up all the cap space they had. The fact they ignored the top FA’s in this class was a combination of incompetence, arrogance and ignorance imo. There was an opportunity to add young talent that would have sped up the rebuilding process and they blew it. Instead we are hearing about the FA’s that are borderline NFL players like Thad Lewis and Ted Larsen. We should be holding this teams decision makers accountable; not apologizing for them.

      1. Rocket,
        I’m still waiting and who knows I may be waiting until the end of time for Baalke to swoop in and sign 5 or 6 quality bargain players. I believe that it won’t happen until mid next week but if it doesn’t happen I will join your camp.

        1. OldCoach,

          You are always a voice of reason, and I hope you’re right, but even if they sign some second tier guys, I believe they missed a golden opportunity to add some good young talent to this team and replace what they lost in the 2012 draft.

          1. Baalke doesn’t want to sign guys because he believes he has a starting caliber roster with a couple of possible exceptions that he will try to fill through the draft. That is why he is not buying expensive veterans on the open (overpriced) market.

            1. when you say starting caliber you mean a team that will go to the playoffs? This team as is will never complete for a playoff spot….

          2. Oh, there it is!!! Rocket is now parroting Pork without giving attribution. Not surprising.

            First rip the Pork. Then quote the Pork, but without the quotes. Nice one.

              1. HTW

                As string theory postulates, indeed. However, that’s not this. This is a prolific participant on this blog regurgitating an idea that I brought forth at length and repeatedly for much of the last month. It’s okay. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

                I love Rocket. Good dude, self-righteous arse, but never less than provocative and entertaining.

              2. Sorry to burst your bubble Pork but you didn’t create that line of thinking. That is an old topic that’s been discussed in here for a very long time.

                You also contradict yourself if you said that a month ago and are writing entries about assessing players now.

                Love you too little buddy

        2. Couldn’t agree more Rocket. OldCoach I think our FA this year is going to look a lot like last years. A few guys on the cheap that dont make an impact………

        3. Coach, the tale of Sean Smith spoke volumes. I bet the Niners tried to get him, and offered comparable money, but he took one look at the FO and ran to the Raiders.

          1. Seb,

            Is it possible you think that because it fits your narrative?

            You really have zero idea about what the 49ers offered SS, other than they were reporters to be one of the three finalists.

            1. Ex, I am just speculating why no decent FA signed with the Niners. Maybe you should ask SS. Oh wait, he said that he liked the direction the Raiders were going and thought the coaching staff was solid. Maybe you could infer that he thought the Niners were going in the wrong direction and he was not impressed with the coaching. Of course, maybe the FO had nothing to do with the direction of the team, and had assembled an elite coaching staff.

  44. Thanks OldCoach…..I think Baalke has the correct blueprint for this team, I just dont believe in his ability to draft players. The verdict is still out on last years draft. Armstead and Tartt could be good. He should have been fired for the 2012 draft that was horrible. 13/14 weren’t good either. I think the credit for drafting Lynch should go to Harbaugh too, sounds like he had an inside with the UCF coach

      1. Seb

        Nothing linked to Mark Sanchez should ever be deemed hard. The guy is as soft as they come. This is irrelevant to the Kaep situation.

        1. Sil, I heard that the acquisition of Sanchez will not deter them from pursuing Kaep. However, it is good insurance for them to acquire another QB with NFL starting experience, just in case.

          1. Sure, but it makes no difference, as you’ve said. None whatsoever.

            Elway sees Kaep as plutonium-grade raw material, just as Harbaugh does, just as Hugh Jackson does. Sanchez is used Kleenex-grade.

            By the way, when Harbaugh, Elway, and Jackson all want a QB, and Baalke doesn’t, who is right? All you idiots who diss Kaep based on 2014/15, just acknowledge that you agree with Baalke and Heath Evans and not with Elway, Harbaugh, and Jackson.

            1. Yup, Mr butt fumble. However, he did do well when he came in due to an injury to Vick (or Foles?), so he may be another Plunkett style QB.

    1. Andrew

      It’s Mr. Butt Fumble. You think he’s better than Trevor Siemian? If Elway gets Fitz or RGIII, that would change something. You’re the one who’s nuts.

  45. I mentioned trading Kaep and the 4th 5th and 6th round pick for the Denver first, but the best deal for Kaep may be trading him for a 3rd from Denver, but also a 5th round 2017 conditional pick. If the Broncos get back to the SB, it would upgrade to a first.

  46. Silver – “Talks between the Browns and Kaepernick’s agents on a restructured deal had not progressed to a point that would satisfy the quarterback enough to green-light the arrangement.”

    Silver – “The 49ers and Browns, meanwhile, are in general agreement regarding the draft-pick compensation that it would take to acquire Kaepernick.”

    So that’s it. The Browns and 49ers have agreed on the draft pick. CK’s reps and the Browns are at an impasse on the pay re-structure. If I were Baalke, I’d offer to eat some of CK’s 2016 salary to get the deal done.

      1. – The Broncos have agreed to salary compensation with CK, but not draft picks
        – The Browns have agreed to draft picks, but not salary compensation with CK

        Idea based on two things…
        – CK’s remaining contract has little or no long term dead money.
        – CK’s salary is steep for a backup, but reasonable for a mid-level starter. (see Brock Osweiler’s salary)

        If I were the 49ers, I’d (consider) sweetening the deal with the Browns by giving CK a departure bonus. From the Browns standpoint, this reduces his first year compensation that of a good backup.

        If CK isn’t good enough to be the starter in 2017, the Browns can trade/cut him before the 2017 league year.

        This softens the financial impact of signing him, and reduces (a little) the draft loss risk if they can deal CK for a day three pick in 2017.

        1. Maybe the Browns think that they are offering more to the 49ers than Denver is able to offer. That may lead their owner to want some cash kick back from the 49ers or for Kaepernick to agree to a new contract that even better than the amazing team friendly one the 49ers have with him.

          1. Considering 7 start Brock and Cutler make 18 mil, and Bradford was guaranteed 22 mil, Kaeps’ contract is a steal.
            Of course, Kaep wants to cut it up, burn it and bury the ashes, so any move will result in a new contract.

    1. It’ll be the Browns or not at all. I’m really interested in seeing the compensation. If its flopping 1st rounders and maybe a 4th or 5th, who do we draft at #2, Goff? Ramsey? Tunsil?

  47. Comp picks released two weeks early. 49ers get

    4 (133)
    5 (174)
    6 (211)
    6 (213)

    The NFL was going to make comp picks trade-able this year, but at the last minute changed their minds. “2016” was actually crossed out and replaced by “2017”, I kid you not. (Tells me what kind of stature/leverage little Jed has among the owners)

    So the 49ers are stuck with those late picks.

    1. 49ers draft picks:

      First round: own pick (No. 7)
      Second round: own pick (No. 37)
      Third round: own pick (No. 68)

      Fourth round: own pick (No. 105)
      Fourth round: compensatory pick (No. 133)
      Fifth round: 2015 draft trade with Chargers (No. 142)
      Fifth round: own pick (No. 145)
      Fifth round: compensatory pick (No. 174)
      Sixth round: 2015 draft trade with Dallas (No. 178)
      Sixth round: Trade with Broncos for Vernon Davis (No. 207)
      Sixth round: compensatory pick (No. 211)
      Sixth round: compensatory pick (No. 213)

      Nine picks rounds 4-6. Four can’t be traded. Expect alot of “David Strategy” picks, a backup QB and a maybe a kicker.

      – Veteran acquisitions trades at risk of being released because their salaries are too high (like Boldin).
      – “Redshirts”
      – Physical freaks with little game film
      – Game film freaks with slow 40 times
      – Players that showed great promise early, but played poorly in 2015
      – Small school stars

    2. Does anyone know how the 49ers rank over the past four years in the race for compensation picks or in free agents released?

  48. I think it is all but a done deal Kap to Cleve for Cleve 3rd rd pick, which won’t be much different than a late 2nd. If thats what it ends up being I will be a pretty happy camper.

  49. Don’t rule out Kaep to the Broncos just because they traded for Sanchez. PFT are reporting the conditional pick is tied to Sanchez making the Broncos 53 man roster. So they can ship him on to another team for no cost to them. I would not be shocked to see Sanchez added to their reported 3rd round pick they are willing to give up to trade for Kaep. Similar to what the 49ers did with Easton last year.

    1. I thought they would be able to get two 3’s for Kaep but since it sounds like they’re only going to get one I think he goes to the Browns for #65.

      1. and then it’ll be time to answer this question:

        Coffee’s for Closers® March 8, 2016 at 9:26 am
        When the Browns trade for Kaepernick and the Rams take Goff at #6 how far will Wentz fall?

        1. The Eagles traded up to pick 8.

          – They could take Wentz despite signing Bradford
          – Grab some pretty darned good BPA
          – Trade pick 8 for the Rams 15+pick(s)

          The Rams have two 2nd rounders, and the Eagles have no 2nd rounder.

          Or, the Rams gran Wentz at 15.

          1. The Rams likely can move from #15 to #6 with just one of their two second rounders. With Kaepernick gone teams hoping that a QB is going to slip to them might feel more inclined to move up to be sure.

            I’m leaning towards the Browns because I just don’t think that they want to use that #2 pick on a QB and given their history there has to be honest skepticism about the ability to draft one. Signing Kaepernick in their minds gives them a ‘proven’ starter and they get to still use that #2 pick. Plus we know the coach liked him.

            1. Yup. The Rams have alot of trade ammo. They can go for the Ravens pick. I think the Ravens would be more inclined to trade back if Ramsey’s gone. That would certainly be the case if the Browns or Cowboys skipped a QB.

              In fact, if the Browns and both Cowboys skip a QB, its probable Ramsey and Jack will both be gone by pick 6.

              Before all the CK trade talk I thought the Cowboys would be the lynch pin on how the draft unfolds. Now the Browns are a hinge point too.

              Last year there were no trades till pick 15. This draft could have several before that spot.

              1. I think the Rams trade up with San Diego. For the third pick, they should give up their 15th and a second rounder. Maybe even a later pick to balance it out.
                Rams really need a QB, and this way, they can leapfrog over the Cowboys, Niners and Eagles, and select either Wentz or Goff.

          1. I am beginning to think that Cleveland is an escape plan if the Broncos fail to secure Kaep. Osweiler saw the writing on the wall and made a soft landing.
            I am beginning to like the Denver First for Kaep and 3 picks even more. Denver would greatly benefit from obtaining 3 more picks that they could put under a rookie contract. It would help restock the team. Giving up their first is essentially just giving up a high second. Broncos would be getting Kaep which immediately puts them back in the playoff hunt with a sterling 4-2 road playoff record. Giving up a first would show that they value Kaep, and want to give fair value. It would show them not trying to take advantage of the situation and make them look magnanimous.
            The Niners would win because they would save face.They could claim that they obtained good value for him. It would not rival the RGIII trade, but a first would be better than the Alex Smith trade that only gave 2 second rounders. Baalke may not want to allow Denver to succeed again and make him look the fool to letting Kaep go, but you reap what you sow. He should get the most out of a bad situation. Denver lost 9 players, so they have a hard task ahead of them. They also have KC and a restocked Raiders team to deal with, so it will not be easy.
            Niners should offer Kaep, and their 4th, 5th, and 6th pick to Denver for their First round pick and maybe even a conditional 5th round pick next year. the conditional 5th is optional, and could be dropped if it is a deal breaker, but it would be insurance for the Niners in case Denver does well.

        1. They likely are still in play, I think he 7th rounder for Sanchez was a message to the 49ers; look what we just got for a 7th so stop asking for a 2nd.

    2. 1. Cleveland offers the 49ers something they like, but Cleveland wants Colin to renegotiate. So far Colin doesn’t accept.

      2. Denver offers the 49ers something they don’t like, but Colin likes there deal for him.

      3. What do the 49ers do with Colin April 1st if Cleveland doesn’t up their offer to Colin?

      4. So far Colin’s position doesn’t seem to be that he wants out at all costs.

  50. Amukamara to the Jaguars on a one-year deal.
    I seem to recall someone saying there was no way Amukamara would be given this type of deal since he was listed as one of the best options available at CB.

  51. Now I kind of hope he doesn’t go to Cleveland I don’t want them picking a defensive talent in front of us! Pick a qb hopefully Goff so I don’t have to worry about a wasted qb pick

  52. Seb, just a matter of time the Browns and 49ers are going to make the Kaepernick deal. Maybe, the Browns want Kaepernick and the 49ers #7 overall pick for Cleveland’s #2 over all pick in the 1st round?

      1. As of Friday, talks between the Browns and Kaepernick’s agents on a restructured deal had not progressed to a point that would satisfy the quarterback enough to green-light the arrangement. The 49ers and Browns, meanwhile, are in general agreement regarding the draft-pick compensation that it would take to acquire Kaepernick.” – See more at:

        1. Colin isn’t accepting Cleveland’s current offer for renegotiating his contract. So it appears that Colin isn’t wanting to get away from the 49ers without regard to the cost to him.

          Colin has not rejected what ever Denver offered. Maybe he’s willing to wait it out longer than the 49ers or Cleveland. It’s interesting.

    1. Well, you may be right. Kaep is so desperate to flee the Niners, he WANTS to go to Cleveland. Cleveland has great picks to offer, but I still predict he is heading to Denver.

      1. If Colin is that desperate, why is he holding up the trade to Cleveland. Any offer different than his current contract gives him the option to wait. It’s his option to use as he sees fit.

  53. Crazy notion of the day – Alternative explanation for the quiet in free agency.

    This is a deep draft, with more than the usual number of underclassmen. Next year’s draft could have a minor quality drain.

    Baalke wants to strike while the iron is hot. He intends on packaging a 2017 pick to trade up in the 2016 draft To make up for the lost 2017 pick, he plans to spend big in 2017 free agency.

    He’s banking on two understandings.
    – 2016 draft has better bang for the buck
    – 2017 free agency has better bang for the buck

    Baalke’s targeted three or four players he things are game changers. His main intent is to trade up, but he might have to sacrifice a 2017 pick to make it happen.

    1. That’s smart thinking. I say that because I said the same. Then reality hits and years pass and he does NOTHING out of his norm. This is the perfect time and draft to make a move from his stock pile of drafts and get two first rounders. An ILB and an OLB or DE… Never going to happen. Like I said he’s that guy that has 60 million in the bank and is somehow forced to buy a house and all he can think about is seeing his bank slip say 50 million instead of 60 million.

      1. Picks 37+68 can get you up to pick 22.

        BPA at 7 and a buh-dass around 22 (Darron Lee of other favorite?) would fetch two impact players.

        If the Browns trade goes as expected (pick 65), Baalke can easily move back into late round two. Higher if he uses day-3+2017 pick. Another impact player.

        Too bad the comp pics can’t be traded.

        1. Would it help to understand Baalke’s hidden agenda to have a list of impact players that he’s drafted and kept on the roster since he gained full control of the preparation and execution of the 49er draft choices?

    2. Another advantage to draft ’16 – FA ’17… The 49ers would go into the 2017 season with their younger talent having a season or two under their belt… supported by newly acquired FA veterans.

      2016 – Show improvement as “team on the rise” 7-9 to 8-8
      2017 – Playoff run

    1. SiriusXM NFL Radio ‏@SiriusXMNFL 3m3 minutes ago
      SiriusXM NFL Radio Retweeted Aaron Wilson
      Kicker Phil Dawson back to the 49ers on a one-year deal. SiriusXM NFL Radio added,
      Aaron Wilson @AaronWilson_NFL
      Phil Dawson 49ers deal: $3.134 million total through fully guaranteed base salary for skill, injury and cap

        1. I’m wondering how much money Cleavland will save (and Colin would make) if Colin refused to budge till after April 1.

      1. Yup. He’s in a snit and wants to cause maximum damage to his (probably) former team.

        People say the 49ers have all the leverage. I’m not so sure. CK has quite a bit of leverage.

    1. My guess is the Browns aren’t giving him the feeling they will make it his team, want to reduce his salary and still draft a QB high, while the Broncos aren’t in a position to take a QB high and will keep him on a starter salary.

      1. Interesting breakdown. I was wondering why the cap rich Browns were having an issue with his contract, while the cap strapped Broncos have the contract component agreed on.

        I still like the idea of the 49ers using some of that monster cap space to help get the deal done. Convert part of CK’s 2016 salary into a departure bonus.

        If CK does well in 2016, the Browns should be happy with his existing contract price given Osweiler’s deal. If not they can renegotiate, trade him to his 3rd NFL team, or cut him with no long term dead cap.

        1. Interesting breakdown. I was wondering why the cap rich Browns were having an issue with his contract, while the cap strapped Broncos have the contract component agreed on.

          That may be due to the mindset of the new front office. The new GM has been described as analytical, so he may be wanting Kaepernick at a discount based on his decline the last two seasons.

  54. After the first few days of FA the 49ers haven’t added any key players or filled any holes other than DT (Williams). I postulated yesterday I think this may be because Baalke believes in the talent he has acquired the past few years. Assuming this is the case, what does it mean for the rest of the offseason?

    For starters, I think it is worth looking back to what has happened previously. Baalke has spent the past three drafts hoarding and using plenty of draft picks adding a lot of young guys to the roster. These are the guys that are meant to be replacing the older players and forming the nucleus of the team moving forward. Baalke has generally been drafting with an eye to the future, rather than for players that need to start immediately. What this means is he has already drafted guys he believes should now be filling many of the holes we the 49ers fans see on the roster.

    For instance, Thomas, Martin, Silberman and Brown were drafted to replace Iupati, Boone and the swing tackle. Acker, Johnson and Reaser were drafted to replace Culliver and Cox. Smelter was drafted to replace Boldin. Bell and Anderson were drafted to replace Davis. Tank and then Armstead were drafted to replace Justin Smith and McDonald. Etc.

    However, a few unexpected things happened last season. First Willis then Borland, the guy drafted to replace him, retired. Then Davis retired, and Aldon went on another drinking binge. And many of the young guys expected to step up did not (OL, Tank, etc).

    So where does this leave Baalke? Lets start with ILB. After trading for Hodges last year and retaining Wilhoite and Armstrong I don’t think they will add any of the remaining ILB FAs. Baalke went into the draft last year knowing Willis and Borland had retired. Yet he decided to draft a big SS (Tartt) rather than a LB, and they used him closer to the LOS until Bethea got hurt. I think this is a foreshadowing of where the 49ers are looking to go with the D, and would not be surprised to see them look to add an undersized LB or oversized SS in the draft that can hit and has some coverage skills again this year. Probably in rounds 4-6. They may also add a more traditional safety or LB later on for STs and depth.

    At CB, they tried to sign Smith, which to me suggests Baalke is of the belief they lack a topline CB, but rather have a bunch of #2 and depth CBs. If they had gotten Smith I actually think it would have been Brock fighting for his spot. Having missed out on Smith, they may still look to FA, but the remaining guys would be more depth and competition. I expect a CB to be considered strongly reasonably high in the draft with an eye to taking over from Brock in either 2016 or 2017. However, with other needs, this may wait until round 4.

    At DL, they have kept Williams, Armstead appears to be the guy they expect to take over from Justin Smith, and Dial from McDonald. They have missed out on a top DL in FA, and don’t see them adding anything other than maybe TJE or a camp body at this stage. I don’t like it, and hope I am wrong and they see adding another top notch DL in the draft as a priority, but don’t expect it. More likely they will look to add a DL or 2 in rounds 4-6.

    At OLB, it looks like Brooks could survive for another year, and Lynch is established as a starter. Harold is a guy they seem pretty high on for the future, but after that it is the underwhelming Lemonier and a guy in Tank who will try to turn his career around after failing as a 3-4 DE. I expect Baalke to look to the future and take an edge player early in the draft if the value is there (first three rounds), to take over from Brooks down the line, or if Harold develops really well, to be a quality rotational player. Unlikely to add anything of note through FA now.

    Switching to offense, a lot has been said recently about how long it now takes young OL to develop. So while the young OL guys have underwhelmed, I don’t think Baalke is ready to give up on them. He likely still sees a few of them as candidates to win starting jobs. And the emergence of Tiller means they have one of the OG spots taken. They will also be getting Davis back most likely, and Kilgore should be fully fit once more. So while the fans see it as a dire need, Baalke may feel differently, and think it is more about a need to keep adding to the competition rather than needing a complete overhaul. This will likely be a position that gets reasonable attention in the draft this year, probably one highish pick and at least two guys added overall. In FA, I would love a guy like Beachum, but unlikely to happen. Okung would be a nice addition, but they will likely add a Pears like vet backup to compete in camp.

    At WR, they have Smith and quite a few young guys that have yet to prove themselves. Chip loves using 3 WRs, so this is an important position and they may look to address it early in the draft. But I think FA is the more likely route to supplement the young guys they already have. Boldin would make the most sense, but could look at a Lafell or Randle. Will still likely look to add a WR late in the draft too.

    At RB, they have the injury prone Hyde, backed up by journeyman RBs and young guys that underwhelmed last year. 49ers seem keen to add a Sproles like receiving back in FA, but will probably add a workhorse RB in the draft. Given other needs, likely in round 4 or later.

    At TE, Celek is re-signed and they drafted two guys last year. I also expect VMac, who had a couple of decent games towards the end of last year, to be given another shot. So I am not expecting any FA pickups or high draft picks at this position. Maybe a late round pick.

    Which brings us to the big position – QB. I assume Kaep will be gone. And I think Baalke will replace him with a vet. If they trade Kaep to the Broncos I think Sanchez will come the other way. If they trade him to the Browns or elsewhere, I expect RGIII will be a 49er. Either way, an extra 3rd rounder is likely to be added. But what will they do in the draft? My expectation is an early round pick will be used (1st to 3rd rounder).

    So, in FA I expect the team to add some extra depth guys, but no really big signings from here. I think add TJE, an OL, a WR, a receiving back, and maybe a CB and RGIII. Assuming they have 4 picks in the first 3 rounds, I expect the 49ers will take, in no specific order, a QB, an OL, an OLB and a CB. After that, I expect an OL, a DT/DE (or two), a RB, a coverage ILB/big SS, a WR, and another safety or LB. Their other picks will be used for trades (this year or to next year), or for extra bodies.

    1. “More likely they will look to add a DL or 2 in rounds 4-6” I think it would be a shame if Baalke waited that long. If reports of “12 first round grade interior defensive linemen” are true, they should snag one in rounds 2-3.

      If the Browns trade goes as rumored, the 49ers will have trade-able picks 7, 37, 65, 68,105, 142, 145, 178, 207 (no trade comp picks 133, 174, 211, 213)

      The 49ers are desperate for impact players. I think the situation screams trade-up. Chart based examples:

      – moving 37 up into the first round
      37+65 gets around pick 21
      37+68 gets around pick 22
      37+105 gets around pick 30

      – moving 65 up into the second round
      65+68 gets around pick 39
      65+105 gets around pick 55
      65+142 gets around pick 60

      – moving 105 up into the third round
      105+142 gets around pick 92
      105+142+145 gets around pick 84

      The trade-ups don’t have to be as dramatic as some of these examples.

      They highlight ways Baalke can secure quality interior defensive players (or any position) in rounds 1-2-3.

      1. Trade up example

        Round – Pick Used
        1rst – 7
        1rst – 30 (37+105)
        2nd – 50 (65+142)
        3rd – 68
        4th – 110 (145+178+207)
        4th – 133 c
        5th – 174 c
        6th – 211 c
        6th – 213 c

      2. Two years ago was probably the best WR class of all time, and heading into the draft it was highly touted as the strength of the draft. Baalke waited until the 4th round that year to take a WR, despite the 49ers needing a WR. As I outline above, I think Baalke will see other positions as bigger needs, and will be content to try and find DL value later in the draft.

        1. You are right about what Baalke will do. We really missed out on some prime WR talent. “Deep” doesn’t mean you have to wait till the pickins are slim.

          The 49ers desperately need defensive stars. Difference makers that command double-teams. Those guys change the math of football.

          My dream defensive rounds 1-2

          7 – Jack
          22 (37+68) – Edge Rusher
          56 (65+105) – Gap killing DT

          7 – Buckner
          22 (37+68) – Lee
          56 (65+105) – Edge Rusher or Gap killing DT

          7 – Bosa
          22 (37+68) – Lee
          56 (65+105) – Gap killing DT

          7 – Ramsey (won’t happen)
          22 (37+68) – Lee
          56 (65+105) – Edge Rusher or Gap Killing DT

        2. While what you’re saying makes sense, I hope you’re wrong, Scooter.

          I’m hoping Baalke’s apparent comfort with drafting defensive players will lead him to make at least two picks for the D front seven in the first three rounds.

          That, coupled with signing Okung and at least a competition G.

          1. In other words, I’m hoping it was his apparent discomfort with drafting WR’s that led him to not use a higher pick for a WR in 2014.

      3. Trade up example –

        Round – Pick Used
        1rst – 7
        1rst – 22 (37+68)
        2nd – 60 (65+142)
        3rd – 92 (105+145)
        4th – 133 c
        5th – 155 (178+207)
        5th – 174 c
        6th – 211 c
        6th – 213 c

      4. B2W, good reasoning, but I would hope they would bundle a couple players that would fill holes on other team’s squads and get a second or third round pick for them.

      1. Although, I have to disagree with your take on RGIII. I do not think he will come to the Niners as long as Gabbert is the starter.

  55. To the blog

    I am actually, I’m seeing some positives here on Saturdays posts…at least as far as I’m concerned…B2W’s trade up possibilities, Jack and Buckner …Exgolfer’s Russell Okung’s FA addition…C4C’s detective work on Brandon Bair’s release from the beagles…One Geoff Schwartz signature and I’m happy until the draft. We’ve got a QB, many WR’s, and plenty of young DB’s.

    Don’t know about you guys, but it’s raining cats and dogs in Oregon….what else would I be doing?

    1. Even if the CK trade falls through, this is a great opportunity to get two impact players, and two more very good players in the first 3 rounds… as long as Baalke uses all the trade-up ammo.

      If we can get out of the draft with about 5 regular picks + the 4 comp picks, that would be great.

    2. Two year plan (I admit overly optimistic speculation)

      2016 Draft Heavy – Stockpile the defense with young talent. We have the picks to get 3-down ILB (Jack or Lee), Edge Rusher, Gap killing DT.

      With comp picks we can get a wreaking ball 2-down ILB for depth (Scooby?), a center/guard, and developmental players.

      2017 Free Agent Heavy – The young players from the 2014-15-16 drafts should be well seasoned. Roster holes will be fewer, and clearer. Time to spend down that $62m on veteran difference makers, and extend key 2014 players.

      It makes sense to get 3rd contract players when a team is within striking distance of post season. If your two years away, 3rd contract players will start losing skills be the time the team’s playoff ready.

    1. The 49ers control Colin Kaepernick’s contract, but yet, Colin seems to have some say in the final outcome. Colin seems to have final say in any renegotiated contract.

      Which hammer wins in the end? Who has the hammer in attending all those “volunteer” camps? What will Kelly do about those that don’t “volunteer?” Does Kelly ever go to the other party with a sales pitch like the mutually departed one was willing to do with play book in hand?

  56. Let it rain. If it rains enough, they might lift the drought regs and allow more landscaping. Guess drought tolerant landscapes will be the norm. It sure is nice to hear of the Sierra Snowpack and filling reservoirs.
    This free agent period sucked. Ian Williams was the lone signing that made this FA period tolerable.
    Jed said that words were cheap, and to watch their actions. Well, so far, they have a desperate pick at coach and an underwhelming coaching staff. They sent the leaker to negotiate a pay cut, which caused their best QB to want to flee this dumpster fire, and since they denigrated and maligned him, they drove his value down so much they are begging for only a second round pick. Genius.
    Free agency is a farce. Jed said they would have 50 million to spend, and now that all the good ones are taken, they have 50 million to spend. The good free agents avoided the Niners like the plague, and now the Niners have to deal will the bottom of the barrel, and pray for at least a competent player and not an elite player. The ones they did sign do not inspire visions of glory. Williams was good. Dawson was commendable, even though 40 year old football players are very rare. The others were dreck. Ray Ray may have them barking up the wrong tree. Thad is just above journeyman considering the 5 teams he has been on. Larsen actually does have stats. Not good, but he did play. Devey is a head scratcher. I thought the point of signing players was to improve the team. Devey is a QB killer.
    So what happens next? I joked that they would save all the cap space, but did not dream that they would do it. So if they want to save it, lose and aim for the first pick in next years’ draft, they are doing a good job.
    If Jed wants to win, the first thing he should do is fire Marathe. Let him move on to the soccer team, but fire his arse from any contract negotiations. Marathe may make money, but he is toxic, and there are many others who can make money, too. Marathe is the reason for Kaep asking to be traded, so if Jed is hoping for a miracle that Kaep will change his mind, he should fire the one person who is actively thwarting the chances for them to improve. Marathe does not throw the football or run with the ball. Instead of showing loyalty to a pencil pusher, Jed should show loyalty to the person who touches the ball every offensive snap. As long as Jed backs Marathe, he will never win a ring. If Jed wants to win a ring, he should dump the guy who will condemn him to failure.
    Jed should also talk with Kaep. He should tell Kaep that he has acted like a douche and apologize. He should bend over and let him deliver a swift kick as a reprimand, and promise him he will be able to do it again if he screws up again. Maybe that would mollify Kaep.
    The Niners should then trade Gabbert and their 4th, 5th, and 6th picks to Denver for their First round pick. Denver needs bodies, and gabbert would be an adequate replacement because he is accurate and mobile. I would say that he is an upgrade from Osweiler and way better than Manning in his current condition.
    It is a win/win/win. Denver gets a QB and picks to replenish the squad. Niners get to keep Kaep and get another first round pick, and I would be the happiest Die Hard Faithful Niner Fan in the world.

  57. Following my earlier post, here is a look at how I think the rest of the offseason could play out.

    I assume they trade Kaep to the Browns for 3rd round pick.

    In FA, sign a cheap CB (eg. Nolan Carroll), cheap DL (eg. TJE or Bain), cheap OL (eg. Larsen), WR starter (eg. Boldin, Lafell, or Randle), QB for competiton (eg. RGIII), receiving RB (eg. Dunbar).

    With those signings, I see the draft playing out something like this:

    Round 1. Ronnie Stanley, OT
    Round 2. Kendall Fuller, CB
    Round 3. Dak Prescott, QB; Miles Killebrew, SS/LB
    Round 4. CJ Prosise, RB; Hassan Ridgeway, DT
    Round 5. Isaac Seumalo, OG; Dadi Nicolas, OLB
    Round 6. Adam Gotsis, DE; Curt Maggitt, OLB; Ricardo Louis, WR; Antonio Morrison, ILB

    In my previous post I suggested they would want to get an OLB in the first 3 rounds, but when I went through this I just didn’t see the value there. So I have them taking two guys later with upside, and drafting an oversized in the box safety in the 3rd that can play as a LB on passing downs. I didn’t find room/ see value at TE, but a TE could be a wild card position for the 49ers from round 2 onwards, depending on value.

          1. The Browns are willing to trade a third-round pick to the 49ers to acquire quarterback Colin Kaepernick — but only if Kaepernick is willing to take a pay cut. Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that the 49ers want a second-round pick, but might settle for the Browns’ third-round pick, which is the second pick in the round, No. 65 overall. The key, however, is that the Browns would want Kaepernick to agree to a pay cut before the trade is completed. The Moneyball guys running the Browns’ front office apparently think Kaepernick is only worth $7 million or $8 million a year, and that’s what they’d want Kaepernick to take, with the possibility of more money in the form of performance …

      1. Both. The 49ers are making it clear to Kaep they will keep him and eat his salary, so if he wants out so badly he needs to accept a trade. And the Browns don’t want to go into the season having to start a rookie. Something will get worked out.

        1. Are you leaking that the 49ers keep Kaepernick if he doesn’t take a pay cut to complete their trade with the Browns?

          1. Just repeating what is being reported. Kaep wants out, but the 49ers don’t need to offload him. Those that say Kaep has all the power here are mistaken. If the 49ers are willing to accept a trade, and it sounds like they are, it is in Kaep’s best interest to work out a deal.

    1. I assume they trade Kaep to the Browns for 3rd round pick.
      I thought you weren’t ruling out the Broncos?

  58. Scooter, I’m not familiar with some of the names on your list, but I like the look of your draft.

    If the 49ers got Ronnie Stanley, would you consider shopping Anthony Davis?

    Davis has 4 years left on a very cap friendly contract. He’s entering his prime at a very valuable position. If AD didn’t have any head issues (concussion or personality) he’d easily garner a 2nd rounder. 4 years of top level LT play is very valuable.

    I’d structure it like this.

    Trade – Anthony Davis for a teams 2016 4th and 2017 2nd

    Condition 1 – If Anthony Davis gets released by March 10, 2017 the 49ers return the 2017 2nd round pick.

    Condition 2 – If Anthony Davis plays in 2017 but is injury settled or retired by April 1, 2017 the 49ers relinquish their own 2017 4th round pick.

    Condition 3 – If Anthony Davis is traded by the new team, the 49ers owe nothing and keep the 2017 2nd round pick.

    1. Yeah, trading Davis would certainly be a possibility. Or they could just let him compete with Stanley at RT, or try sliding one of them inside to OG. The 49ers OL is the position of greatest unknowns atm, outside of perhaps QB. I think I would prefer to hold onto Davis and let the competition play out.

    2. Also, I recommend checking out the names you don’t recognise. A lot of the late round guys are talented but likely to fall due to either injury, experience or tweener traits.

      1. Scooter,

        I really like Killebrew. Do you know if he’s the player that someone compared to Kam Chancellor? The player who was compared to KC exceeded him in almost every measurable. Of course,t hat doesn’t, make a prospect a player, but…

        1. No, that was Minnesota OLB De’Vondre Campbell. He could well be considered by the 49ers, that type of slightly undersized LB with excellent athleticism.

          Killebrew I added based on what I have read about him, but I didn’t really like the limited film of him I watched. He’s included to demonstrate the type of player they might look for. Deion Jones, LB from LSU could be another option, and probably a better option.

            1. Ridgeway looked good, as well, but I only looked at a highlight reel and not whole games. Probably misleading (sounds like it was on Killebrew).

              1. I like Ridgeway. He’s better than a 4th rounder, but in such a DT talent rich draft he seems to be flying under the radar. Would be a nice pick up. I also like Prosise who I think provides that nice balance of receiving skills and size to be an effective RB in Kelly’s system.

              2. Just watched a Ridgeway highlight reel. I like his quickness and balance once he gets into the backfield. There were reports of durability issues, but I need to read more on that. He looks good. Listed as an NT, but I think he’d be great pass rushing at 3-tech.

                His best season is the one previous to his most recent season. Reid and Aldon Smith are examples. Baalke likes to swoop on guys like that if he identifies the cause and thinks its resolved.

  59. OC,

    Ha! Unless Harmon could come back to life, find a time machine and bring a bat with him onto the field, I’m talking about Miles. It was Scooter who made me aware of him in his post above.

  60. Well my #2 QB prospect just got popped for DUI. Guess that just makes him better value later in the draft.

    Sarah FowlerVerified account
    DEVELOPING: Dak Prescott arrested for DUI

    1. Walter football fwiw has Broncos taking Prescott with their 2nd round pick… the very same pick the 49ers are asking for in a trade.

      Hmm. Don’t be surprised to hear about a mysterious horse voiced guy who bought him free drinks after the pro day workout.

  61. The thought behind the term “butterfly effect” is essentially that one small change in one thing can create ripples that reach out and drastically change the previous paths of several other things. If the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers agree to a rumored deal that would send QB Colin Kaepernick to the AFC, that would be one impactful butterfly.

    People could be headed out towards an anticipated destiny, and then, if juuust the right thing happened a million miles away, a chain of events could ensue that knocks a seemingly unrelated person into an entirely new path. Butterfly wings flaps can cause hurricanes on the other side of the world.

    1. Jam, I know what you mean. Recently, I had a big bowl of chili beans. I cut loose, and the olfactory sensations drove my wife out of the room. Hope I did not hurt Kaep and his rehabbing, but I might have affected global warming. ;p

  62. The 49ers should asked the Browns for their #2 pick in the first round, in exchange for Kaepernick and the 49ers #7 pick in the 1st round. And, if they still disagree with that offer go tell the Browns to take a hike. If Hue Jackson desperately wants kaepernick he’ll make something happened.

    1. You don’t seem to be keeping track. The 49ers are happy with the Browns third round (#65) pick that they have offered. Colin Kaepernick has turned down their offer to cut his pan in half with a new contract. That seems to be todays story at least.

  63. Back to the draft. I wish to propose a trade back, to get 3 picks in the first 2 rounds. I think the Niners should target the Jets. The Niners should give up their 7th pick for the Jets 20th and 51st picks.
    So going by Draftek top 300, and selecting within 5 to 10 places of each number, I come up with this mock.
    20. Kevin Dodd or Leonard Floyd.
    37. Jason Spriggs or Cody Whitehair
    51. Vernon Butler or Kentrell Brothers
    68. Su’a Cravens or Kyler Fackrell
    105. Scooby Wright or Kevin Hogan
    133. Kelvarae Russell or Jacoby Brissett
    142. Jonathan Jones or Jeff Driskel
    145. CJ Prosise or Evan Boehm
    174. Javon Hargrave or Vernon Adams
    178. Kevon Seymour or Max Tuerk
    207. Rees Odhiambo or Kenny Lawler
    211. Temarrick Hemingway or Dadi Nicholas
    213. Keith Marshall or Aaron Green

    1. At 20, the Niners could possibly select:
      Jack Conklin LT
      Andrew Billings DT
      Reggie Ragland ILB
      Ezekiel Elliot RB
      Shilique Calhoun OLB
      Eli Apple CB
      Kevin Dodd OLB
      Taylor Decker LT
      Sheldon Rankins DT
      William Fuller WR
      Noah Spence DE
      Jarran Reed DT
      Leonard Floyd OLB
      Emmanuel Ogbah DE
      Any one of these 14 players could become a starter for the Niners, and be available at 20.

        1. I would also propose a 3 player deal to San Diego for their second round pick.
          Niners should offer Vance MacDonald, Bruce Miller and Quinton Patton to San Diego for the 35th pick.
          The pool of possible players to choose from includes:
          William Jackson CB
          Derrick Henry RB
          Ryan Kelly C
          Kenny Clark DT
          Shon Coleman LT

            1. No, just idle speculation during the off season. I just want the Niners to accumulate draft picks in the sweet spot of the draft board.

    2. Some nice names. Some thoughts

      – The Jets got a bargain. By chart, pick 7 should garner the Jets 20+51+83+118+157.

      – If you want Dodd, I wouldn’t go lower than 14 to the Raiders. I’d accept a Raider offer of 14+44 for 7+145. Even that’s risky. Dodd could be gone.

      – I’d trade up for impact players. If the 49ers get the Browns third rounder I’d trade 37+65 for 21 and draft Lee. Think Lee and Dodd would be a pretty good first day of the draft?

      – Then I’d package 105+142 to move up to 56.

      Imagine what fun you could do with Dodd, Lee, 44, 56, 68, 133, 174, 178, 207, 211, 213.

      “Shoot. A boy could have a good time in Vegas with those kind of draft picks.” – Slim Pickens

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