Back up the Brink’s: More on Vernon’s payday

A few odds and ends from Vernon Davis’ extension that I didn’t get into the story for the newspaper:

• Singletary on if the big money would change Davis: “He’s one of the hardest-working guys on the team, if not the hardest-working guy on the team. What’s going to change? He was like this the first day he got here. That’s been the mark of Vernon Davis since he’s been here.”

• Davis on if it was important to be the NFL’s highest-paid tight end:
“It says a lot, being the highest paid tight end. But when it all boils
down to it, I’m not playing this game for the money. It’s not really
about the money. It’s about passion and it’s in my heart.”

pause here. Even if you are currently reading this while wearing a
Vernon Davis jersey, it’s OK to groan. I’m not doubting Davis’ passion,
but it would have been nice to avoid the it’s-not-about-the-money hooey.

• Singletary on signing LB Patrick Willis and Davis to
long-term deals: “Now that Vernon has signed you’re talking about two of
the finest players at their position in the league. That’s very
exciting. It’s very exciting for the organization and it’s very exciting
for our football team. I’m really happy for Vernon because he deserves
everything he gets.”

• Assuming he’s back next season, Alex Smith
has to be happy to know he’ll have his favorite target around. Fourteen
of Smith’s 37 career TD passes have gone to Davis, the second-highest
percentage (37.8) among active teammates behind Atlanta’s Matt Ryan and
Roddy White (16 of 38, 42.1 percent).  Last year, 10 of Smith’s 18 TD
passes went to Davis.

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