Bears-49ers live blog: First quarter

SAN FRANCISCO — This is the live blog for the first quarter of the 49ers Week 11 Monday night home game against the Chicago Bears. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

5:34 The Bears win the toss and choose to defer. The 49ers will start the game with the ball.

5:44 Kaepernick completes his first two passes – first to Manningham and then to Vernon Davis. The Bears are playing 9 defenders in the box.

5:47 Kaepernick leads the offense all the way to the Bears 14 yard line, but he overthrows Vernon Davis in the corner of the end zone on third and one. Harbaugh chooses to go for the field goal and David Akers makes it. I would have went for it if I were Harbaugh. I also would not have called a pass to the end zone on third and one. Weird play calling in the red zone. Kaepernick was 4-for-5 on that drive and he targeted Vernon Davis three times. The Bears started the drive with nine defenders in the box. Kaepernick audibled the first play to a pass and connected for an 8-yard gain. By the end of the drive, the Bears were playing their typical Tampa 2. Excellent start for Kaepernick.

5:54 Forte rushed for four yards on first down and four yards on second down, but on third and three Jason Campbell held the ball too long in the pocket and took a sack from Aldon Smith. Justin Smith was also in Campbell’s face. The Bears punt. The 49ers are flagged for a holding penalty on the return. 49ers ball at their 37 yard line.

5:56 Kaepernick has completed 13 of his last 15 passes.

5:59 On third and seven, Kaepernick throws a 50-yard strike to Kyle Williams. Gain of 57. Oh boy. First and goal at the 3.

6:00 And then on the next play, Kaepernick throws a TD pass to a wide open Vernon Davis. 10-0 Niners halfway through the first quarter. Kaepernick is making the Bears defense look bad. Alex Smith does not make that 50-yard pass.

6:02 We officially have a quarterback controversy. If Kaepernick keeps this up, he’s the 49ers starting quarterback going forward.

6:06 Kaepernick has a perfect passer rating.

6:09 The Bears offense struggles its way to two first downs but stalls at their own 43 yard line. They’re in big trouble. They punt and down the  ball at the 49ers’ three yard line.

6:13 The 49ers are easily driving down the field again. Gore gained 14 yards on the first play. Kaepernick hit Moss on a slant for 12 yards on the second play. And Gore gained seven yards on the third play. That’s the end of the first quarter. Kaepernick is making the Bears look terrible. It took Kaepernick just one quarter against the Bears to take Alex Smith’s job. The 49ers Super Bowl odds just increased significantly.

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