Bears-49ers live blog: Fourth quarter

SAN FRANCISCO — This is the live blog for the fourth quarter of the 49ers Week 11 Monday night home game against the Chicago Bears. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

7:55 Kaepernick just escaped the defensive end, rolled right and threw a perfect pass to Delanie Walker at the goal line, but Walker dropped it.

7:56 On third and 12, Kaepernick hits Davis for an 11-yard gain, and the 49ers are going for it.

7:57 They split Leonard Davis out wide and then call a timeout. Too bad – that play looked intriguing.

7:58 The field goal unit is on the field. It looks like the 49ers have reconsidered going for the first down on fourth and one.

7:59 Akers makes the 37-yarder with 11:46 left in the game. 30-7 Niners.

8:03 Culliver forces Hester to fumble the kick return, but the Bears recover it at their 26 yard line.

8:06 On second and 20, Aldon Smith pushes the right tackle Gabe Carimi all the way back into Campbell. Aldon and Justin combine for the sack.

8:10 Aldon Smith beat Carimi again, hit Campbell and forced a fumble. Chilo Rachal picked it up and passed the ball forward to no one. He gets flagged for intentional grounding. I never though Rachal was a good quarterback.

8:11 The 49ers are challenging the ruling on the field. They think it was a safety.

8:11 It looks like Aldon Smith sacked Campbell in the end zone. He’s having one of the best games an outside linebacker/defensive end has ever had.

8:12 NFLGSIS gives Aldon Smith half a sack on that play. Justin Smith gets the other half. Aldon Smith currently has five sacks in this game. Justin Smith has one.

8:14 The refs rule that after the sack fumble, Ray McDonald tackled Chilo Rachal in the end zone for a safety. 32-7 Niners. Ginn returns the punt to the SF 37 yard line. Kaepernick is still in the game.

8:17 On third and nine, Gore runs up the middle for four yards. Fourth and five and the 49ers will punt. This game is over. I’m going down to the field. Back at you shortly.

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