Bears-49ers live blog: Kaepernick pregame

SAN FRANCISCO — This is the live blog for Colin Kaepernick’s pregame warmup before the 49ers Week 11 game against the Chicago Bears. I’ll update this frequently with everything Kaepernick does on the field before the game.

3:38 Kaepernick just stepped onto the field, and the first thing he does is stretch his hamstrings. Now he’s stretching his quads. Interesting that he warms up his legs before he warms up his arm.

3:40 Now he’s hopping up and down the field, doing dynamic stretches all by himself. He looks like a sprinter getting ready for a race.

3:42 Kaepernick is stretching his shoulders.

3:43 Kaepernick just threw his first warm up pass. He’s throwing 10-yard flat-footed passes to Kyle Williams.

3:44 Now Kaepernick is taking a step before firing 20-yard missiles at Williams.

3:45 Every 49er is leaving Kaepernick alone. He’s talking to nobody.

3:47 Kaepernick just threw his first slant pass. It was on the money.

3:48 Jason Campbell and Josh McCown just ran to midfield to talk to Kaepernick. They talked for a minute or two before Kaepernick ran back to warm ups.

3:53 Kaepernick just threw a perfect 30-yard deep post on a rope. He looks amped up for this game. The ball is exploding out of his hand.

3:54 Kaepernick just missed two throws in a row – one as he rolled to the right and the second as he rolled to the left.

3:56 Gore just bumped fists with Kaepernick.

4:02 Kaepernick just ran down the steps of the old Giants dugout to go the 49ers locker room.

4:38 Kaepernick just ran back onto the field. He’s wearing his pads and his uniform and firing passes to a trainer.

4:41 Now Kaepernick is firing passes to Jim Harbaugh.

4:46 Kaepernick is stretching his hamstrings again. I’ve never seen a quarterback stretch his legs so much before a game.

4:47 Now he’s hopping up and down. He looks like a sprinter who’s dying for the race to start.

4:48 Now Greg Roman is telling Kaepernick something at the 10 yard line. Roman has been talking for the last two minutes.

4:49 Roman walks away. Kaepernick puts his helmet on, picks up a football and walks toward his team.

4:51 Kaepernick and Harbaugh are taking turns throwing deep passes. Kaepernick is flicking them 35 yards. Harbaugh has to muscle up to throw the ball that far.

4:57 Alex Smith is talking to Kaepernick as he goes through his final warmup throws.

5:05 Kaepernick just threw a 35-yard TD pass to Vernon Davis.

5:09 Kaepernick is pacing around the end zone holding his helmet in his right hand. The 49ers are still leaving him alone for the most part.

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