Bears-49ers matchups: Part V – Vic Fangio vs. Mike Tice

The 49ers play the Bears Monday night at Candlestick.  In the meantime, I’ll break down five key matchups.

Offensive coordinator Mike Tice vs. Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio

This matchup isn’t even close. It’s like Mike Tyson vs. Michael Spinks.

Fangio is a good defensive coordinator and Tice is not a good offensive coordinator.

Tice isn’t going to have anything creative or unusual in the Bears offensive game plan. He’s going to be ultra-conservative and predictable without starting QB Jay Cutler.

Fangio’s going to know when to play the run and when to play the pass, and he’ll stop both. He’s going to get a ton of pressure on Jason Campbell.

Fangio will have Tice all figured out by the end of the first quarter at the latest, and Tice will not be able to adjust.

Advantage: 49ers

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