Beckham vs. Fuller

Here’s a hypothetical:

Say LSU wide receiver Odell Beckham and Virginia Tech cornerback Kyle Fuller both are available when the 49ers pick in the first round of the upcoming draft — Pick No.30.

Say if the 49ers pick Beckham, the Broncos will pick Fuller with Pick No.31 and if the 49ers pick Fuller, the Broncos will pick Beckham (remember, this is a hypothetical). If the 49ers pick neither Beckham nor Fuller, those two will get taken by the Broncos and Seahawks with the next two picks (pure hypothetical).

If that were to happen, which player should the 49ers draft with Pick No.30 — Beckham or Fuller or neither player, and why?

I say Beckham.

  1. Love the Beckham pick

    We need speed. I’d prefer Lee but he’ll be gone by then. Truthfully i would love either pick, but this offense is in need of a burner, plus i think he could add to the return game…

    Grant do you think we may have to trade up for him?

      1. First things first I would never take a wide receiver in the first round unless its a player with excellent production such as Rice and Crabs. Tavon Austin was drafted on potential. The eighth pick is supposed to change your team. Did he make the rams make the jump into the playoffs? Last year before I saw this blog I wanted the niners to draft Sheldon Richardson, but Reid was just as worth it. So all in all I say the niners go with the player play niner football… physical. The 2012 draft shows that the niners can’t get cute so I in the end say Fuller

    1. The 49ers don’t necessarily need “speed” at WR,

      I’ve been screaming this for several years now. The 49ers need a Tall & Physical WR to compete against the Shermanator & the rest of the Hags secondary.

      Give me 6’5″ Florida St. WR Kelvin Benjamin. He IS the Ticket!

      1. I wouldn’t mind that body type either however if you look at the receviers that have had success against Sherman its mostly the smaller frame, speedy-type receivers such as TY Hilton, and Roddy White.

        He generally succeeds against the taller, physical receivers due to the fact that he is tall and physical himself. You aren’t going to have much success trying to beat him at his own game. We’ll have better luck looking for receivers that are mismatches.

          1. no question razor

            How;s he looking on speed Razor? At least compared to other receivers in the NFL with similar size…is he a B. Marshall type?

            He just seems slow to me….but i haven’t watched very much tape of him

      2. If you look at receivers that have had success against Seattle, they are quick out of cuts and burners in general. Not the big physical guys.

      3. My concern with Benjamin is his hands. I read an article about scouts looking at a specific catching drill in the combine to see if he really has bad hands or just a concentration issue.

        I would go for a receiver that knows route tree concepts, runs crisp routes, good hands, and gets in and out of his breaks efficiently.

    1. Oh and reason – not only is he good across the board in his play (route running, speed, agility, leaping ability, toughness, catching, strength for size) he’s a natural play-maker. Fuller is also good across the board but doesn’t make as many splash plays.

          1. That’s what I like about Robys’ game. He’ll come up and lay the wood when making a tackle, and do it with textbook legality giving himself and his defensive team mates a chance at a “Splash” play when the football pops out…..

          2. He’ll come up and lay the wood when making a tackle, and do it with textbook legality giving himself and his defensive team mates a chance at a “Splash” play when the football pops out…..

            As long as he remembers to play all four quarters that is.

          3. Weren’t you the one to scoff at Roby even being mentioned in the first round a week ago? First you cited character concerns over a fight in a bar, before I made you aware of the video evidence showing his innocence. Meyer still suspended him for it. Then it’s again with the concentration level thing….It appears after film study, Roby is being mocked in the majority of reputable mock drafts in the first round. That’s just on film, he hasn’t done a thing at the combine yet….I get you don’t like Roby, and you do not respect the people that do evaluations for a living. I just wanted to comment that turnovers qualify as a “Splash” play when a hit is made and the football pops out providing an opportunity for the defense.

  2. Beckham. He’s a play-maker, adds depth at WR, and can take James’ spot as a returner if he gets traded.

    Still, the decision to pass on both could be tempting depending on who’s there. I almost like Landry more than Beckham, and I’d like to think there will be a better CB available than Fuller at 30.

    If that’s the best value available, trading the pick for an extra second-rounder (and third?) this year and/or next may make more sense. Or going for a different position altogether.

      1. It must be a horses for courses thing. If you already have a good field stretcher, you’d probably attach a higher value to a guy like Landry that works the middle of the field well.

        1. I’ve got to go with Landry over Beckham Jr. I love how smooth Beckham Jr. is but Landry can do a little more than Beckham Jr. is willing to….

          1. He can’t stretch the field like Beckham can. He’s more an underneath or intermediate receiver. Great hands and runs good routes. He should make a nice safety blanket for some lucky QB.

            Beckham scares defences with his speed though, and his ability to explode out of cuts is second to none in this draft class. He’s also underrated in terms of toughness – he’s stronger and more willing to throw his body around than he gets credit for. He’ll go up and get the ball with DBs waiting to pound him.

          2. No argument on the smooth explosion out of his breaks, but they’re both 4.9 guys according to scouts I’ve talked to. Landry is a little tougher with stronger hands imo….

          3. “Scouts you’ve talked to”… something you aren’t telling us razor? ;-)

            I’ve seen draft sites saying they are both 4.49, but we’ll see at the combine. Beckham looks like he is faster than Landry on film. Definitely has better acceleration.

          4. @Scooter-Just poking fun at you bro. ;) All the poking and prodding begins tomorrow. Anyone on here headed to Indy? Maiocco is. I might be talked into making that 3 hour drive if enough people showed up….

      2. I haven’t studied much film, but from what I’ve seen, Beckham looks like the play-maker…though, mostly after the catch. Most of the highlights I’ve seen are post-catch. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But what I like about Landry is his ability to grab the ball in traffic and when contested. He may not be the dynamic play-maker Beckham is, but he seems strong, steady and quite dependable. It sounds like he may be a bit bigger and more physical than Beckham, too.

        No knock on Beckham, I just like Landry as a long-term fit.

      1. CBS has Beckham as the 27th best prospect overall (5th WR) and Landry as 55th (9th WR). Choose a site or pundit and they all differ in opinion on the WR rankings.

        1. Yea, you probably are right since you have more experience watching and evaluating College and NFL players then he does.

  3. I’d probably go with Beckham too, but if they are rated equally on the Niners board, I think they’d take Fuller due to position need.

  4. I say Fuller I am from VA and watch a lot of VT games and Fuller is an all around CB who plays aggressive like a safety but can cover like a true CB. I say Fuller then wait until the second round and take Jarvis Landry I also like Donte Mcrief he’s a bit of a sleeper. Do you think we have a shot at landing Justin Gilbert Grant?

    1. I’ll be very interested to see how Gilbert goes in the vertical, broad and short shuttle. For all the talk about how great an athlete he is, I’m not convinced he’s overly explosive. I wouldn’t be surprised if his numbers in these categories are middle of the road.

        1. I expect him to run fast, its his explosiveness I question. Thus the vertical, broad and short shuttle/ cone drills are of interest to me, in particular broad and shuttle.

          1. Yeah, I’ve seen those too. I put zero faith in the 40 times listed prior to combine and pro days.

            Gilbert has good straight line speed, but I doesn’t appear to have good acceleration from a standing start or good agility.

    2. DMV-Donte is my guy.Speed matches Odell and as a projected 3rd rounder a better value imo.The other prospect at WR I think represents good value is Abberderis.

      1. Yeah I think Donte has good speed size and the other thing I like about him is that he plays with atitude he gets into it. I dont know much about Aberdaris, Ill have to watch him to see but I have been hearing a lot of buzz around him though. I have a feeling we will go CB in the first round though but I really would like if we took Donte in the 2nd I see us drafting Landry though no issue with that either reminds me of a faster Boldin.

        1. The knocks on Abbrederis will be straight line speed and that he is merely a pos.WR.That criticism misses mark with him.He is a great route runner and very shifty making him a deep threat thru skill.He has kick returning ability as well.If we landed Donte and Abbrederis in mid rounds I’d be very happy.

          1. Oh if we could get both dude we would be set at WR. I just want guys that play with emotion and get in your face ( not a jerk) but for example like Chris Culliver he makes a play and lets you know about it. I think at times we are too nice sometimes you have to be nasty. I see that nastiness and emotion in McCrief (and Landry) making a big play and shakes his head a cb gets in his face he doesnt back down. I know some fans dont like that but I feel that it lights a fire with the team. Anquan Boldin plays like that at times. I really feel good about this draft so much talent in it…… but then again there was a lot of talent on the 2012 draft and we picked a bunch of depth guys when we could have had guys you sub in that would still be elite playmakers like Alshon Jeffery. I think LaMichael James would do very well if we used him right but the offense has become very conservative. Its time to be mean like we were back in 11-12 we were a scary team now we have become a really good team but back in 11-12 we were a scary team that was also very good.

        1. CBS bob rang -40 times 4.49 for both players,so in the most literal sense they are a match.If I am not mistaken Donte is two inches taller. Paraphrasing Bob Rang”Donte may not have the the same moves as Sammy Watkins or M. Lee but he may be a better player”.

          1. Those times aren’t official. Don’t put any stock in them. As razor said, we’ll get a better idea for straight line speed in underwear in the next few days.

            On the field Beckham looks much faster than Moncrief.

          2. So the times posted on Cbs should have less credibility than what appears to be in your view? Sorry but no.However the combine numbers will be measured soon so
            There will be a standard there.

          3. The times currently listed by CBS shouldn’t be taken as gospel because they aren’t based on any official info, just stuff that gets released by colleges. Just like you shouldn’t believe the heights and weights these guys are listed at college.

            Until combine and pro days, 40 times that are listed are rubbish. Wait and see what they run at the combine. Maybe they do run the same, maybe Moncrief is faster. Who knows?

            Regardless of what they run though, that is just their straight line speed over 40 yards in underwear. Beckham looks faster than Moncrief in pads. Just an observation based on what I’ve watched – take it or leave it.

          4. I’m ok waiting for combine measurable data,I suspect they will be very similar .i’m not confused about what they indicate thanks.

          5. No, you’re just stating ‘in the most literal sense’ they are the same speed by quoting information from CBS that is unofficial and having a go at me for questioning it, while also taking a pot shot at me for having an opinion based on what I have watched. Nice one.

          6. The numbers are not official but a from reasonably reliable source and other than what you or I see on tape and opine about, what we have.We will have more info in the next few days albeit simple data from tests composed outside a game situation.We can argue ad infinitum about them as well.You are probably right about the pot shot,could be my misinterpretation but you seem to patronize and top dog a bit and that rubs me wrong.

      1. Grant you mentioned that Fuller reminds you of Hayden but then says Fuller scares you. I could be wrong but I thought you were really big on Hayden last year, if so why would you say that Fuller scares you?

      1. Even average receivers can get open but if your QB has already decided who he’s going to throw it to before he snaps the ball then it doesn’t matter because the QB will never look for him anyway.

        With all the money tied up into our defense they need a way to get quality players on the cheap, which means draft. Justin Smith most likely has one more season in him and we know what happens to Aldon Smith when he doesn’t have a dominate force in front of him. McDonald has been great but he’s getting a bit long in the tooth and deep in the pocket book. Williams is nice and cheap but we don’t use a NT very often and he couldn’t stay healthy this year. Dorsey is good but not at the price we’re paying him.

        1. You’re right coffee.. kap should throw to anybody..why have a playbook..Just have them line up..and kap just throws to whoever..that may even eliminate time clock issues..just line up and throw..solves passing game..lets take coaches out of the equation..brilliant

        2. I didn’t trust Kyle Williams once he had the ball in his hands which is why I was glad to see him go but at the same time he was getting open, sometimes wide open. With that said why would we need to draft anyone better then Kyle Williams since even when he gets open he wont get the ball thrown to him?

  5. Yeah I’m a huge fan of Fuller and I’d still go Beckham in that scenario. Unless Fuller runs sub 4.45 and checks out medically at the combine, then it would be tough and it would probably come down to how many wide receivers I like are still on the board.Grant, how do you rank the top 5-8 wide receivers? Curious where you have Beckham.

  6. Beckam. At this point, I can pick a WR as well as Baalke. I’ll let him come up with a sleeper DB in the draft. Seriously though, we have talent in the secondary and have consistently coached up productive, cheap vets and later draft picks. WR, not so much. I’d like to see the Niners draft 2 WR’s to develop.
    I am a bit concerned about having a first rounder returning kicks. Too much of a chance to get hurt.

  7. I don’t think Beckham will be available because the Eagles will probably draft him if Riley Cooper leaves during free agency, and Fuller could probably be acquired if the Niners trade up to the early part of the second round. I’d take CB Verrett, FS Ward (and convert Reid to SS), or WR Cooks. Of the three, I’d lean more towards taking CB Verrett. The man is always around the ball no matter where it is and is great in coverage.

      1. He’s moved up from up from late second early third round to second round consideration and my guess is that he will classified as a late first round pickup as we get closer to the draft, so yeah I would consider taking him there. But I would have him be the FS because of his better ball-hawking skill set.

        1. Reid is very much at his best coming up from deep, with the play in front of him. Moving him to SS where he is asked to do more man coverage would be a mistake – he is too tight in the hips to be an effective man coverage safety.

          Ward is great in man coverage, but can be passive in terms of rushing up from deep to stop the run. He’d be a better fit as the SS for the 49ers where he would typically be a little closer to the line and would handle most of the man coverage duties when the 49ers ask one of their safeties to do so.

          As for moving up to be a first round pick by the time the draft rolls around – on what basis is this? Hype, or because you think his game is that good? If the latter I can’t help but think you are over-rating his skills.

        2. I don’t see Ward being passive against the run in the highlights that I have seen of him so far.
          I’m just going with how his stock has ascended since the conclusion of the BCS championship. He was at that time rated as the third best SS safety in the draft and worthy only of being drafted in the third round. Fast forward to the present and Ward is now classified as the best SS prospect in the in the upcoming draft and projected to go in the early to mid second round. Based on that ascension, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him enter first round consideration after the Combine.

          1. Yeah, like I said, I’ve seen him rated as a borderline 2nd/ 3rd after he’s moved up following a good showing at the Senior Bowl. Now unless he absolutely knocks the combine out of the park I’m not sure why he would ascend further.

            As for passivity, he doesn’t do it all the time, but there are plays where he does.

            I really like the guy as a player, but don’t get caught up in the hype machine. He’s gotten lots of glowing reports in the past month and deservedly so, but that was as an under the radar guy that is better than he was being given credit for (he was being considered as a 4th/ 5th round guy in most circles prior to the Senior Bowl). He isn’t as good as Clinton-Dix or Calvin Pryor, and those guys are the only safeties in this class worth first round grades.

          2. I really don’t pay attention to hype Scooter. If I did, then I would be clamoring for WR Benjamin, CB Roby, or DT Hageman at 30. I think those guys are second round material at best and believe the Niners can do better.

          3. Fair enough. Not sure why you’d take a guy in the first round if you don’t think he’s a first round talent though. Why not wait until the second round like you suggest should be the plan for Fuller?

        3. I’d rather take Verrett instead of Fuller in the first round and draft Matthews and Richburg in the second round.
          I don’t rate Ward as a first round pick, but the Niners might see him as that.

  8. I like the new comment setup, although I still wish that it was up at the top when you are using a smartphone to access this blog.

      1. The recent comments section is down at the bottom of the blog page instead of the top when you access the blog from a smartphone. The same goes with the links to comments section as well. It’s not bad when there are less than 200 comments on the blog article, but it gets a little tiresome trying to scroll down to those two sections when there are more than 200 posts.

      2. On the original blog format, the recent comments and links to comments sections were on the right side in the upper part of the blog, allowing for easy access.

  9. I say neither. Go with Hageman. He’s 6’6″ 311 pounds of nasty and he will become the anchor of the line in the next few years. You can find good WR’s in many rounds of this draft. You won’t find many players with Hagemans ability at the bottom of the first round.

    1. If Hageman is there when we pick first round a strong case for BPA should be made,however it is a highly dubious scenario-he will most likely be gone.

    1. Does this tell us what they really think about the crop of draft-eligibles? Or could it be they have someone who wants to trade for him? I have no idea, but it’s an interesting move.

      1. I like the move..he has a yr in the system..develop a wr for mean..they may not sign boldin and go after wrs in first round of draft..or sign boldin and go defense with first pick..

      2. I think the Niners crank down on anyone echo under performs. A couple hundred here, a million there….it adds up to cap space to carry over to the next year. Smart management. Sucks if you’re on the bottom of the roster

    2. Perhaps we have thrown the dirt on him a bit quickly. I don’t think that they would restructure his deal if they were planning on cutting him. This might be a sign that someone else will not be coming back and they are trying to keep depth.

          1. Jack, Razor:

            That’s some good reasoning.

            Boldin wouldn’t take a pay cut for the Ravens, a team he had been with for 3 years, so it’s wishful thinking to suppose that he would give the 49ers much, if any, of a discount. Whitner, on the other hand, comes off like he would give the 49ers something of a home team discount. He will cost less than Boldin.

            In addition, the draft’s wide receiver class is better and much deeper than the safety class, so Boldin is theoretically easier to replace in the draft.

            Still, that’s a lot of leadership and talent to lose from an offense that needs both.

          2. Personlly I think they gave Baldwin an ultimatum to reduce his salary or get released. Same thing they did with Manningham and Harelson last year. The only thing this guarantees him is making it to TC most likely.

          3. I’m fine with re-signing Whitner over Boldin. WR is the most stocked position in the draft (and maybe OT), while the safeties are the worst position in the draft.

            If they don’t re-sign Whitner I would expect them to take 2 WRs in the first 4 rounds.

          4. Yea I’m good with that move too. Whitner is younger and a leader on that side of the ball. Plus I think he’s crucial in the further development of Reids career. I think a 3 yr deal would be ideal.

            I would love to see Boldin back, mostly because I just don’t trust the talent (or lack there of) we have behind him. I like Patton, but too early to judge. Baldwin is all but a lost cause. MM is likely on his way out. And I don’t know if i trust this FO judgement on drafting a WR, even early.

            I think if we let Boldin walk we will likely sign another vet around the same price we signed MM when he first came on, maybe Ford.

      1. I don’t think that they would restructure his deal if they were planning on cutting him. This might be a sign that someone else will not be coming back and they are trying to keep depth.

        It could also be a sign that the Niners are close to signing Kaep to the kind of deal that he wants.

    3. I like the move. At the very least he provides depth. Too bad he has no ST value. It would be nice to see the guy develop. Seriously we need a better position coach for our WRs… go after a guy who has a track record for developing WRs…

      On that note if I were a WR I think the last team I’d want to be traded, drafted, or signed to would be this team…. unless your name is Crabs or Boldin you’re not going to see the ball outside of practice.

      I hope that changes in 2014-15

    1. If true, another interesting development. He was hired to help Roman. If he’s going to become a position coach, does this mean Roman doesn’t need the help — which I have trouble believing — or does this mean Roman is on his way out, or what?

    2. Duh, of course. When you’ve spent your life playing and coaching defense the next logical step is to first be an offensive consultant and then after having zero effect on the offense you then become the TE coach.

      It makes perfect sense!

  10. I’ve seen a few mock drafts with us taking Marcus Roberson in the 1st. What do you guys think?

    I think he will be good, but not worthy of being drafted that high. This coming from a hardcore Gators fan.

    1. Nah not with the first I like the guy but if we are going to take him it should be with our second 2nd round pick. If we take a CB in the first it should be Gilbert or Roby. I like EJ Gaines too but again that would be in the second round in my opinion.

  11. Mangini to coach tight ends?????
    Source says. What good would it do if CK doesn’t find them when they’re open? Just sayin.

  12. What in the world would make Ray Rice lose his mind like that? Any guy? Its always been completely beyond my comprehension when men act that way. I guess Ozzie will be in the market for a RB.

  13. Harbaugh didn’t sound too optimistic on Bowman being available at the start of the season. Said mid-season return more realistic.

    Also a big fan of Manziel from what he’s seen on film.

  14. Scratch Tyler Larsen off your future mock drafts. One of only 2 linemen at combine with arms shorter than 32″. #Baalkelikeslength

          1. Well.. coffee …
            it was funny.. fer sure … but ..
            since me and Grant are products of different generations ..
            (far removed) .. I am unable to vouch for the scale
            of his sense of humor

          2. Ive seen bare breasts in a PG movie so I think a little innuendo should be ok as long as the language isn’t out of line.

          3. Sixteen Candles, PG, shows Haviland Morris’s bare breasts in the shower while Molly Ringwald stares in envy(and a movie theater of adolescent boys all shift as their pants grow tight)

          4. My dad took me to see the movie in the theater and for a ten year old that moment was epic, I can still picture them clearly in my mind thirty years later.

            She’s a very good looking woman.

          5. I do know that but it wasn’t really the point. Haviland Morris is still a beautiful lady and those breasts were still epic to a ten year old. :)

          6. No argument there…I think I like her better as a red head…she definitely still looks great and whoever those breasts belonged to…wow…enough said…lol

          7. Ah, those 80′s coming of age movies, lol. I kind of fancied the scene of Phobe Cates coming out of the swimming pool in Fast Times at Ridgemont High a bit more.

          8. Spaceborn:

            You could use the word “epic” in connection with that scene as well. I think most would agree that both were epic, or, rather, all four were epic.

          9. Phoebe coming out of the pool is totally epic…being a kid un era was totally awesome (to borrow a cheesy phrase from that time)…

    1. He’s talking about building a defense that can deal with dual-threat QBs. That’s a trend happening in the league. If it was just one guy it would be a stupid move.

      1. He’s talking about Kaepernick. Don’t let him fool you. The author didn’t, notice the headline, “Kaepernick In Cardinals Mind, When Building Their Defense”. If Kaepernick were in my division, and I had to play against him, you can better believe I’d build my defense to stop him, and if I didn’t, you’re right, then I would be a fool….

        1. If he was the only QB that was a dual threat I doubt they would draft players solely to stop him. He’s not. That is why he mentions both Kaep and Wilson. When they build their defense they see what offenses are doing and figure out ways to stop them, but you have to remain versatile.

          Beating the 49ers and Seahawks is a litmus test for any team – if you can beat them you can probably beat most teams. But you don’t build your team solely around beating just one team. They still have to be versatile enough to be able to beat any team.

          1. I agree Scooter, but do you really think Wilson is as dangerous as Kaepernick? He was being PC. Kaepernick is deep in the psyche of every defensive coordinator he faces….

          2. I agree Scooter, but do you really think Wilson is as dangerous as Kaepernick? He was being PC. Kaepernick is deep in the psyche of every defensive coordinator he faces….

            Which one currently has a Super Bowl title under their belt?

        2. Wilson is the Champ, but I believe Kaepernick is more dangerous on the football field. You believe Wilson is. We agree to disagree….

          1. You believe Wilson is Kaepernicks equal when scrambling. You believe Wilson is the more dangerous man for opposing defensive coordinators to defend. I couldn’t disagree with you more. We can agree to disagree….

          2. Mid,

            Did you read the QBR and Football outsiders rankings I posted yesterday? I have no idea why you are so pro Wilson when he plays the same style of game as Kap does, and Kap is ranked higher. The idea Kap can’t throw effectively from the pocket is complete nonsense. We’ve gone from he needs to work on footwork, to you saying he can’t do something that he clearly did quite often this past season. To quote Pete Carroll: What’s your deal?

          3. He doesn’t like Kaepernick kissing his bicep, wearing beats, hat not on properly, wearing opponents hats, tatoos, excessive running, not working hard enough on the art of quarterbacking, too much time in the gym…..

  15. For those that love them some big WRs, which guy would you take – Benjamin or Evans?

    For mine it has to be Evans. He’s got very good hands and makes tough catches in traffic, and has the long strides to get deep despite not being overly fast. In the NFL he’ll be making for more contested catches and his ability to high point passes and come down with the ball against tight coverage will be his ticket to success.

    Benjamin on the other hand has terrible hands. He was good for a few drops a game. And he only ever made plays against single coverage. He’s faster than Evans and if he’s given a step by a DB he doesn’t often give it back with those long strides of his, but he doesn’t use much deception in route running so better DBs won’t be giving him that step as often. Safeties will more often be providing help over the top in the NFL too than what he is used to.

    Of course I’m not as high as most on either guy. At his best, Evans’ game could be likened to Vincent Jackson. However, I don’t think he has Jackson’s speed, and without that speed he may struggle to get much separation without resorting to a lot of illegal hand use. Benjamin at his best has a game that could be likened to Alshon Jeffrey, but he has terrible hands which will make it tough for him to be a consistent downfield threat like Jeffrey is, and he needs a lot of work on setting up DBs.

      1. Matthews is good, from a value perspective I’d prefer him in the second than Benjamin in the first. Evans at #30 I would be good with too though – I think he is over-hyped just because of his size but he’s worthy of late first round consideration due to his combo of size, hands, leaping ability and body control.

  16. Apparently Josh Morgan will become a free agent. He seemed like he was coming into his own prior to the injury. Wouldn’t be a bad addition to the WR corps to replace Boldin or Manningham if they depart/released.

    1. Everyone of these drafts has Roby, Hageman, and Benjamin drafted in the first round. Have they all bought into the hype machine? Is it some kind of conspiracy? lol

  17. #30 Fuller. I like his youtubes. A CB could work here because there is such good depth at WR. Now if there is a run on WRs the 49ers like, then maybe snag Beckham.

    #56 (or trade up) for a top WR, or stand at 56 and BPA.

    #61 BPA

    #77 Donte Monrcief (might have to use the #61 if he runs a good 40 this weekend)

  18. I would like to see the Niners select Fuller at 30th. However, Baalke, in the Belichick mode, has proven a contrarian. Moreover, he seems to have learned from the AJ “envelope” fiasco which has cost the Niners dearly.

    I think the Niners would like to select a linemen– O or D, on the first round. I don’t see them selecting a WR or CB that late in the first round. There are only a couple of O/D linemen who fit the Harbaugh profile and those will be available late in the first round/early second round.

    1. Baalke picked a WR with pick No.30 two years ago. Why wouldn’t he do it again? Clearly he wants a speed receiver. I doubt he’ll change his draft philosophy because one player busted.

    1. Makes sense. I have a feeling he’s going to blitz the combine and really solidify himself as a 1st rounder. He may not make it to #28 let alone #30 once it is all said and done.

    2. If the Niners want a top notch WR or CB, not a bottom of the first round type, they’ll have to trade down. They know which teams will target WR’s/CB’s…so I’d expect the Niners to work hard find trading partners.

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