Bethel-Thompson: “I’m excited about what I’ve done and I’m also excited for how much more I can improve.”

SANTA CLARA — McLeod Bethel-Thompson spoke at his locker Thursday afternoon. Here is a transcript.

Q: Have things changed since you were here in 2011?

BETHEL-THOMPSON: The stadium got bigger. That’s the first thing I noticed. That thing went up quick.

It’s great to be back. I really loved my team here learning from Harbaugh and Coach Roman and Coach Geep Chryst. It was awesome the first time around and I expect it to be even better this time, so I’m really excited and really, really happy to be here.

Q: While you were a free agent previously did you ever talk with the 49ers about coming back?

BETHEL-THOMPSON: It was in the discussion for sure. I liked my stay here the first time around so any time I got a chance to come back, obviously I was interested. The opportunity in Minnesota was the one that got presented and the one I went with. I’m very happy for my time there and appreciative of the coaches. Now it’s a new chapter and I’m ready to roll.

Q: Are you surprised you’re back here so quickly?

BETHEL-THOMPSON: It’s a crazy business. Sometimes it happens really fast. This happened within a three-hour span. At least I don’t have to get used to a new area. This is my home. I’m happy to be here.

Q: Did the Vikings express interest if you cleared waivers bringing you back to the practice squad?

BETHEL-THOMPSON: Yeah, they discussed it and the process. Again, I’m just moving on and happy to be here and happy to work.

Q: The last third-string quarterback was here for seven days. Do you have a sense of the level of interest they have in you or is it day-by-day?

BETHEL-THOMPSON: That’s something I can’t control. I’m about controlling the things that I can and that’s my performance on a daily basis. If I perform well enough then my stay will be longer than if I don’t perform well.

Q: How much do you think you’ve improved since you were here in 2011?

BETHEL-THOMPSON: Immensely. Time in the league is invaluable. The speed of the game, getting used to that is a huge process of any position, especially quarterback. The more years you can get the more you can improve. I’m excited with what I’ve done and I’m also excited for how much more I can improve.

Q: When did you arrive here?

BETHEL-THOMPSON: I arrived in San Francisco last night and I got here this morning. I woke up at 6:00 and was in the facility by 6:30.

Q: Does the playbook look familiar?

BETHEL-THOMPSON: Parts of it do, but parts of it have changed. They’re an amazing offense and they’ve progressed in that time. I’m just trying to progress as fast as I can and I’m actually on my way to a meeting right now. I’m going to try to study up and learn it as fast as possible.

  1. I wish you the best, I was rooting for you in Minnesota, you are going to be a N FL quarterback, in no time. You have what it takes, I will follow your career and still root for you. Tears, that Minnesota didn’t keep you.

    A fan!!

  2. Piece of advice (for you, the other players, and the fans):

    Kaep will cover some ground on the field/as an athlete.

    McCoy will make a certain mark off the field/as a human being.

    Absorb as much as you can of both.
    No telling which set of lessons will serve you better
    (in the long run, huh?).

  3. Grant, the 49ers Thursday Injury Report list CK as having an unspecified foot problem. He is scheduled to play on Sunday but one 49ers news outlet ( reports that CK has had the foot issue for more than a week now.
    Do you have any further info in this?

    1. Don’t think Grant has the inside scoop on kaep footsie, I just read it on M M report on comcast,, is the best you will do.

  4. I wonder if skelton got any of the game plan to be used vs cardinals before he was cut…I imagine he still has a lot of friends on the cards, and if pissed off about being cut after only a week I could see him calling up those cardinal friends and giving them insight on how the niners might attack offensively

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