Biggest difference between 49ers and Seahawks

Why are the Seahawks better than the 49ers right now? Where is the biggest gap between the two teams?

Is it the secondaries, the coaches, or the quarterbacks?

The Seahawks have the edge on the 49ers in all three areas, and the biggest edge might be at quarterback. Just compare their 2014 postseason stats:

Colin Kaepernick: 42-of-85 (54.9%), 576 passing yards (7.0 yards per attempt), 3 TDs, 3 INTs, 74.0 passer rating, 26 rushes, 243 rushing yards (9.3 yards per carry) 1 rushing TD, 1 lost fumble.

Russell Wilson: 43-of-68 (63.2%), 524 passing yards (7.7 ypa), 3 TDs, 0 INTs, 101.6 passer rating, 11 rushes, 42 rushing yards (3.8 ypc), 0 rushing TDs, 1 lost fumble.

Keep in mind, Kaepernick played with better receivers than Wilson and Kaepernick is a year older.

Kaepernick was an explosive runner but an inefficient passer. Wilson didn’t rush for many yards, but was an explosive and efficient passer — both inside and outside of the pocket.

And he didn’t throw any interceptions.

  1. The secondaries are what make Seattle better. Russel Wilson is a scrambler and Kaepernick is a runner. You can’t really compare the two. Wilson didn’t win the game against the Niners or the Broncos, their defense won. If you switched quarterbacks in the Niner/Seattle game it wouldn’t have changed the outcome. But if you switched secondaries the Niners would have won easy.

      1. Russell Wilson Explosive passing? 175 yards a game in the playoffs? 3 TD’s in 3 games ? 2 Fumbles and what should have counted as a Wilson pick by Bowman. Running 20 yards backwards and chucking the ball for intentional grounding (true only called once but it happened twice) Grant you’re a idiot. How bout Kaps 3-1 road record? As compared to Montana’s 1-3? Or Steve Young’s 0-3? Beating Atlanta after being down 18. Running like No QB has ever run before (though you discount those yards as if they didn’t count). R.W. didn’t do it (he’s still only 1-1 on the road). Beating G.B. in Lambeau for the first time in the play offs (and third time Kap won and outplayed the great Rodgers). And then 2 seed and great defense of Carolina. You picked Carolina because “they have the better QB” Wrong again Cohn. Oh yeah R.W. didn’t have to play on the road. Thanks N.O. refs. After reading a bunch of your garbage I wonder if you have a crush on Kap and he rejected you because no one in the Niner org. is paying you for this J.V. crap you type. I guess having a Dad to help you makes you feel like you belong but you don’t (not that your Dad writes worth a crap either) Sorry it’s true. You two picked the wrong team and wrong profession. I’d say you could be a political spin doctor but you would inevitably spin it the wrong way and help your opponent forcing your boss to let you go. You think Kap sucks? I know you suck. What’s funny is he is going to sign at least a 80 million dollar contract extension (and really be “underpaid” at that amount) and you? I’m guessing no one pays you much for sucking. Or hating. Troll on Grant you and your “stories” are pathetic.

    1. agreed dennis. 2 of kaps picks were trying to come-back against seattle. subtract them and the qb stats are real similar, ( wilson better completion% kap WAY more rushing yardage)

      for me, its the secondary. That and wr have been are Achilles heel!!!

      Seattle’s is the greatest ive ever seen. Combination of size/speed/toughness……. cant wait to se it broken up now that they all will want to get paid!!!

      1. Those two picks came in the 4th quarter. Combined with a costly stripped fumble.
        What’s worse about the picks is that Colin made the first one staring right at Cam Chancellor, like he thought he was wearing Niner White and Gold.

      2. ” 2 of kaps picks were trying to come-back against seattle. subtract them and the qb stats are real similar”

        You may be the dumbest football fan in the history of sports:
        “Interceptions are okay if your team is trying to come from behind” ” Interceptions thrown while your team is behind should have an asterix after them” You didn’t post that last one but you sound that stupid…

    2. As much as I hate to admit it, Seattle’s secondary is the class of the NFL. They are dominant. Their front 4 rotation aids them too.

      Grant is not off on assessing the Qbs in the mental part of the game. Kap makes more mistakes than RW and that is important.

      Coaching is also a concern as the niners seem tight and have a tendency to lose focus. They lack a certain fire-killer instinct that all the great teams have. Seattle has the swagger.

      Hopefully all these issues can be addressed with minor tweaking, as I don’t believe a major overhaul is in order (DB and WR notwithstanding).

      A good, solid veteran to tutor and focus Kap, a more subdued and looser Harbaugh would also aid the process. I like our rookies: Reid, McDonald, Patton, Dial, Carradine, Okoye, Lattimore and Lemoniere. I think they will have a better sophomore season.

      Kap will improve, and with some good moves in FA and draft things could radically change things for 49ers next year!

    3. Great comments, Dennis. Funny how so many can’t seem to see it.
      We are fine with Kap. If he had had a bit more help (and not so many mental errors by several others) in the Seattle game, we’d have been Super Bowl champs. Does he make some mistakes? Of course, but just look at how Manning played vs Seattle’s defense. We are much better off attacking them with a guy like Kap—better legs and strong arm than Manning at this point. Seattle’s defensive backfield was the difference…..and hey, we are talking about a game that was oh soooooooooooo close…..could EASILY have been the Niners in the Super Bowl and then we wouldn’t have heard so many overblown negative comments about Kaepernick.

      1. Its the Secondary mainly, I agree.
        I also think that Seattle has a coaching edge… the head is where I’m familiar with.
        Pete Carroll, who you’ll recall was 49er’s defensive coordinator for 2 yrs, was well liked and did a good job here. He’s a S.F. and Marin product and IS quasi “New Age”, as one pundit wrote, in his way of relating to players and his support of & belief in their abilities. I’m less familiar with the Offense and Defensive coordinators. …tho S.F could stand an upgrade for Greg Roman…..or else sit the guy down and have him review the old dynasty film. I greatly dislike his macho way of challenging opponents strength. ie running inside over & over in the red zone.
        The TEAM cohesiveness is stronger in Seattle, because of Pete Carroll—-the sense of One for All and All for One. It’s good with the 49ers sometimes……to a lesser extent. In this SB Seattle was close to being in that juggernaut zone that a team gets in when everyone is fully present focused…..and certain they will prevail. The best example I think of is….The way 49ers were in the SB when they defeated Denver by the still unbroken record score of 55 to 10….some of you will remember

    4. Secondary mainly, I agree. I also think that Seattle has a coaching edge… the head where I’m familiar with. Pete Carroll, who you’ll recall was 49er’s defensive coordinator for 2 yrs, was well liked and did a good job here. He’s a S.F. and Marin product and IS quasi “New Age”, as one pundit wrote, in his way of relating to players and his support of & belief in them. I’m less familiar with the Offense and Defensive coordinators. S.F could stand an upgrade for Greg Roman.
      The TEAM cohesiveness is stronger in Seattle, because of Pete Carroll—-the sense of One for All and All for One. It’s good with the 49ers sometimes……to a lesser extent. In this SB Seattle was close to being in that juggernaut zone that a team gets in when everyone is fully present focused…..and certain they will prevail. The best example I think of is….The way 49ers were in the SB when they defeated Denver by the still unbroken record score of 55 to 10….some of you will remember

  2. Grant seeing that the 49ers beat the Seahawks once [at home] and lost to them once, literally by inches [on the road] I would say the difference is miniscule. After the FA signing period and the draft we can all make an intelligent comparison of rosters and who knows by then the 49ers may have overtaken them again

    1. old coach,

      That isn’t how this place works. It’s much more interesting to paint a picture of failure and watch the fireworks.

      1. Yeah Rocket you’re correct but its just so simple to compare the last 2 games and come up with an unemotional comparison. I do’nt blame the fans we run on emotion but as a professional Grant’s hyperbole is unexcusable.

      2. Grant you are right and in the NFC championship game CK was literally inches from being the winning QB. So the difference is miniscule.

        1. NFL quarterbacks are paid to throw accurately, to put the ball in the right place. Not to put the ball a foot away from the right place.

          The batter who struck out swinging was inches away from hitting a home run, but he still struck out swinging.

      3. I am in agreement with Grant. Kaep might be physically head and shoulders over White. However White has a good head on his shoulders and Kaep does not have a good head in football sense.
        Pete Carroll knows how to finish, Harbaugh has not finished very well the last 2 season ending games.
        Roman is a project. Can you say his play calling has improved over the last 3 years?
        We might be close on paper, but we don’t have a recent Lombardi.

      4. OK, let me rephrase my deleted comment.

        Every NFL QB, no matter who, can inaccurately place the ball at times. Even at the worst of times. Like the league’s MVP in last night’s super bowl. Declaring “NFL quarterbacks are paid to throw accurately, to put the ball in the right place.” is a zero-tolerance statement that has no meaning or place in a game not played by automatons.

      1. Agree with Big P. Grant takes himself way too seriously sometimes with little reason to do so.

        The deleting of posts today is over the top. Censorship run amok.

      2. Grant next column will be take out the Hawks 43 points, and Denver would of won 8 -0 and the biggest defensive battle in Super Bowl history.

      3. Rocket, It’s priceless. We finally found something faster than Grant’s alleged 40 time, his desire to delete posts. Lol.

      4. The only thing I saw as vulgar from Big P, was him saying that Grant will never get the inside story. Oh that was the truth.

      5. Neal, Remember when Matt Maiocco broke the Crabtree signing? That was the kind of effort that is respected by everyone. It’s not that Grant couldn’t get a big story, it’s that he seems to prefer going after low hanging fruit. It’s easier.

      6. Your right Big P, I remember when Maiocco broke Crabtree and also broke that Seifert got fired and brought in Mooch, Maiocco takes his job seriously and works very hard all year round. The fans make the site here.

    2. Agreed, old coach.

      If these teams, as they exist now, played 10 games, I’m betting they would split the outcomes. The differences are razor thin.

    3. Agree with old coach. To drive home the point this was also IN Seattle which the Niners were dominating for the first three quarters. In a neutral field we would have won that game. Minor adjustments, a full year of Crabtree, and all of those draft picks…we are sure to improve upon even this past years squad.

  3. No. Grant is on something here. I think the difference is CK needs more time. I think the Jim has to just keep doing what he has to do to win the big games.

    1. No Grant is taking the easy way out. Every QB is different and so are the teams they play on. Kaep and Wilson both have strengths and weaknesses. People have been giving Kaep entirely too much blame for the losses this year. They put the microscope on Kaeps perceived weaknesses and those become the focal points for the losses. All QB’s have Good, average ( for them ) and sub average games. When Kaep has a game that is subpar for him it is never considered as such but is seen as the level he is capable off. If he gets picked off it’s because he isn’t accurate or can’t read the defenses. Now I heard it mentioned that the last passes he threw to Crabs in both the Superbowl and the NFC playoff’s against the Hawks, that Manning completes those throws. Well how did Manning look against the Hawks yesterday. He made a lot of throws that were not very accurate didn’t he. Is it because he couldn’t read the defenses or isn’t accurate? Maybe he needs to learn to stay in the pocket. If Kaep had had the same performance this is what would have been written. Stupid fans and yes Stupid writers let their preconceived perspectives influence their analogy of the performances of a game.

      1. I hope everyone realizes that there is no bigger Kap hater than amateur writer Grant Cohn. Here’s some more facts on the 2 QB’s. Kaps QBR rating was second in the playoffs behind only Alex Smith who only played in 1 game. Russell finished 8th out of 12 QB’s.No talk of Gore’s 11 carries 14 yard day, the Niners taking 4 plays off on defense especially the TD pass to Kearse where Aldon Smith jumped off sides and the team stopped rushing Wilson. At 29-0 yesterday R.W. had passed for under a 100 and was 0-2 in the red zone. And as far as no turnovers the Bowman played would have been ruled a interception if called correctly, and then R.W. fumbled the snap to Lynch. Kap had the second most rushing yards behind Marshawn, and second in average with 9.3 YPC. Kap finished 9th in reg QB rating for the year ahead of Brady, Cam, Matty Ice, Alex Smith, Andrew Luck, Andy Dalton, Tannehill, RGIII, Stafford, Dalton, Bradford, Palmer, etc. And Kap was 6th in ESPN’s QBR rating system ahead of Wilson. Of the 4 games the Niners lost Vernon Davis either didn’t play or got hurt early and Crabtree didn’t play in any of the losses. They were also out rushed in 3 of the 4 losses (Saints game the exception) and really were a bad call away from winning the Saints game and getting home field (Really don’t see Seattle beating them at the Stick but we will never know). So while I am not arguing that Kap was better than Wilson I believe it’s actually one play away from being a different outcome and for this hack writer to hate on Kap to me is a joke. You are a joke Grant . Both young guys have room to and will improve but maybe you should writer for a Seattle middle school paper where your talents = your format.

      2. Rich,
        Grant is not a joke. He is doing his “job”. I’ve asked him five times now what his goal is when writing a piece and he won’t answer. He can’t. Because it he was being honest he’d have to admit that he skews the information that he gives us to create controversy among passionate fans so that we can give him 500 blog hits a day while we debate. His job……

      3. Rich – that was the post of the year.

        I’ll just say this – Seattle has a heck of a team – big, fast, punishing… in every way they resemble the 49ers. They had a distinct advantage in the NFC Championship game when their D-linemen were able to beat our O-linemen off the snap due to crowd noise, hence their penetrating style snuffed out our obvious running plays. Kap kept us in the game with his legs, but he fell short in the 4th. Roman and Harbaugh will make changes for next season, like running out of 3wr sets. Kap will improve because he is a driven, smart, no-BS leader, and our team will be back in the playoffs battling for the title.

        Lastly, watch every NFL team adopt Seattle’s defensive principles, and watch offenses figure out its weak spots.

  4. What were Kap’s numbers in the first two playoff games Grant? Also which one of the QB’s got to play at home with a huge advantage? Which QB was along for the ride in the SB yesterday?

    I’m used to these types of posts from you now but it doesn’t make them any less disingenuous.

    1. Exactly Rocket. Not to make excuses for Kaep, but he played in minus wind chill in GB, VS the #2 Defense at Carolina, then the #1 Defense at Seattle. His #s were pretty impressive. Wilson played at home VS NO, home VS the #4 defense, then Denver. Denver’s D was average to below average. Both Wilson and Kaep are good enough to win the Super Bowl. Yes, only Wilson has won it, but Kaep is certainly good enough to win a SB, too.

      1. Yes. Unfortunately, that is fact. My point is Kaep is not that far away from Wilson. Grant’s point is the biggest difference in the two teams may be the QB. I disagree with that assumption.

      2. Jaws,

        You can say the same thing about Wilson. He plays the same role in his offense that Kap does in his. These teams are mirror images of each other in many ways.

      3. @Nova4ess
        I have to disagree with you…Kaepernick is, right now, a good distance behind Russell Wilson….especially in the mental aspect of QB play, which can win or lose games for you…..there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Kaepernick is an outstanding athlete, with off the charts physical ability…unfortunately, in the NFL, when everyone is close to as good as, as good as, or better than you athletically, your mental preparation and approach to the game needs to take over….this is where Russell Wilson opened the gap between he and Colin Kaepernick…..less time with endorsements and such, more time in the classroom and on the practice field putting the class work into motion, even if its throwing to targets while going through progressions.

    2. Seems like a superficial look at things. When I saw the headline I was expecting a thoughtful, comprehensive analysis. Its just possible there are a few more differences than just the QBs.
      On the other hand I resist the ‘along for the ride’ label on RW’s performance yesterday. I don’t want to disrespect him, he piloted his team to a victory and did everything that was needed for his team. What’s not to like? If CK did that against the Broncs in the SB I’d be happy.

      1. BT,

        Wilson had a 29 point lead 12 seconds into the second half with a stat line of under 100 yards passing and coming up 0-2 in the Redzone. He was not a factor in the outcome of that game and if Kap had gotten the same support in that situation, the score would have been the same.

  5. Pete Carrol defensive philosophy seems strikingly familiar to the old 49ers dynasty.

    Seattle runs a true 4-3. They have elite secondary talent, great depth at D line to rush the passer, and solid if not spectacular linebackers. This talent mix is configured to hold a lead. Its the same formula that flumoxed Dan Marino in the Super Bowl.

    When teams have “true” shut down corners, its liked having 12 men on defense. The extra player can stack the box or lurk for errant passes. Serviceable linebackers suddenly look like pro-bowlers.

    1. All other positions being equal, would you rather have…
      A- Elite middle linebackers and pretty good corners?
      B- Elite corners and pretty good middle linebackers?

      The sum of talent is a little better on the 49ers defense, but in this pass happy league Seattle has talent at key positions.

      1. Imagine what Reid or Whitner could do if the 49ers had true “shut-down” corner that could single up against an outside WR all day. Running against the 49ers. TEs could be bracketed. The possibilities are endless.

        Throw in a one-year-rental pass rusher, a bit past his prime but can play a high quality 20 snaps.

        There’s your record setting defense.

        I’m not saying “the 49ers blew it by not drafting a shut-down corner” because they are so rare. Just highlighting how defensive positions have differing value.

      2. allforfunnplay You are right about the safeties. I wanted to keep the comparison clean and simple with 2 CBs vs 2 ILBs.

      3. Any thoughts on having Donatell/49ers teach the jam at the line and hold on for dear life technique that makes Seattle so great?

    2. Pete has 2 5th round picks and a 6th round pick starting in his secondary. They are elite because they play a style that that works with the personnel they have. The factor that pushed them over the top this year was adding Avril and Bennett in FA so they could rotate the Dlineman like the Giants did a few years ago and get consistent pressure on the QB.

      1. …and like the 49ers did by adding Gary (Big Hands) Johnson in 84. Then DC Siefert used all 9 defensive linemen in rotation. The Dolphins never had a chance.

      2. It will be interesting to see if they can keep both Avril and Bennett next season. They both signed a 1 yr deal and now with a super bowl ring, you can bet they will be looking for bigger contracts.

        1. Avril signed a 2-year deal with the Seahawks. He’ll be there next season.

          Considering how Baldwin and Kearse stepped up for the Seahawks, they don’t have to spend their first round pick on a WR. They can spend it on a nickel DT to rush the passer and replace Bennett.

      3. Seattle is already over the cap going into next season and have some key personnel they have to resign. This was the year they could make those moves with Bennett and Avril and they did. It worked out well for them obviously but it’s not a long term strategy.

      4. I’ve softened a bit on all the doom n gloom as far as our own situation goes but holy christmas seattle is in big trouble. Three DE’s that are scheduled to make $28 million between them and a SuperBowl winning QB that’s about to get a bit of a pay raise from his current $800,000k number.

      5. Thanks Jack. WOW after looking at Seattles FA’s and how much they are over the cap to start with, we may be seeing a very different Seahawks team next year.

      6. Jack Hammer says:
        February 3, 2014 at 11:31 am

        Wilson’s rookie deal cannot not be touched until 2015
        That was me thinking he had been drafted the same year as Colin.

      7. Grant Cohn says:
        February 3, 2014 at 11:56 am
        I told you to keep in mind that Wilson is a year younger than Kaepernick, sheesh.
        So because they aren’t the same age they couldn’t have been drafted in the same year?

      8. Joined the conversation late, but your first comment in this thread is spot on rocket. The Seahawks greatness on D all starts with the great DL. Great defending the run, great rushing the passer.

        The best player on their D is their safety (Thomas) who is typically in single high coverage. The rest of their DBs are allowed to play physically safe in the knowledge that with their pass rush they won’t be in coverage for long, and if they don’t get a good initial jam and someone shakes free deep then Earl Thomas has the range to cover.

  6. well it is not lost on me that it was a team win.

    QBs do not lead teams to superbowls….defense does with good game managing QBs.

    apparently this fell on deaf ears in the niner case….AS game managed the defense and field positions to allow total team wins.

    1. This team is not the same team that the Niner’s fielded two years ago. You perspective is entirely too simplistic. You are not considering the changes that a team undergoes year to year. Example! the 49er faced the Giants when AS was the QB. Are the Giants the same team? They had one of the worst records in the NFL this year. There are a lot of factors that come into play and each season is different. You have free agency, injuries, players aging, individual players having either career or sub-par years. The year they went to the NFC Championship game under AS everything went the Niner’s way until the Giant game. Then injuries ( Ginn ) caught up to them. There were many aspects of the 49ers entirely unrelated to the QB position that changed the next season which included injuries on both offense and defense. A game manager would not have been able to even take the Niner’s to a record good enough to get to the playoffs let alone through them to the Superbowl. This rudementory simplistic thinking is precisely the same kind of reasoning that has created the economic disaster that this country is facing. That is making decisions for the present based entirely upon what has always worked in the past.

  7. The difference I see is that Kaep accounted for more of the 49er’s offense than Wilson did the Seahawks offense (819 total yards v. 566 total yards; 1 rushing TD v. 0 rushing TDs). However, Wilson was significantly more efficient as a passer and did not make the big mistakes. In other words, while Wilson was not the play maker Kaep was in the playoffs, he did less to hurt his team and did more to get the ball to the play makers. Of course, it also helps that the Seahawks were able to rely on Lynch to gain significant yards on the ground in the playoffs, but this is about quarterbacks, so we will ignore that for the present discussion.

    Coming back to the quarterback comparison, I believe these statistics reflect something Steve Young spoke about during his KNBR interview after the NFCCG. He discussed the difference between distributing the ball to the play makers and being a play maker. Young compared his own progression from play maker to ball distributor to Randall Cunningham’s lack of progression. Young claimed that Cunningham saw himself as a play maker whereas Walsh and the 49ers convinced Young he was not a play maker (or at least that it was not his primary role). I will say that I think Cunningham finally learned that lesson himself – his best overall passing years were in Minnesota AFTER a knee injury in Philadelphia slowed him down. But otherwise, I think Young had a great point. And I think that attitude, ball distributor v. play maker, is the major difference between Wilson and Kaepernick (some mechanical issues with Kaep not withstanding).

    At Nevada, Kaep was always the main weapon on the field. Sure, one year the Wolf Pack had three players rush for over a thousand yards, but it was the threat that Kaep presented that allowed that. And when the team needed to win, it was usually Kaep who made it happen, or at least kept the team in the game. He was the play maker.

    Last year, he energized a conservative 49ers offense and became a major play maker on that offense. And it almost worked. This year, it appears that the goal was for him to be less of a play maker and more of a distributor. However, other than the first game, that plan failed. So, in the playoffs, Kaep again went back to his play maker ways. He ran the ball more, and he seemed to look for more big play opportunities in the passing game than for the higher percentage, safer plays. And again, it almost worked. But as we know, being the play maker is more dangerous than managing and distributing the ball, and the mistakes, when they came, were costly.

    I have never made it a secret I am a huge fan of Kaepernick from his Nevada days. Further, I still have high hopes for him with the 49ers. But, he needs to become the guy who gets the ball to the play makers instead of being the guy who takes it all on himself to be the play maker.

      1. I agree also= except I would add a correction. Cunninghams best years as a passer came with Minnesota because he had a hall of fame wide receiver corp which included Carter and Randy Moss in his prime. In his short prime Moss was the most difficult receiver to cover of all time. It didn’t even require an accurate QB. All Randel had to do was just throw a jump ball into the air and Randy would come down with it. He was un-coverable.

    1. You are actually on the right path. The difference between Kaep and Wilson is that Kaep’s running game didn’t work and his defense made the big mistakes.

      The last time Seattle’s defense made the big mistake, it allowed Gore a cut back run in SF. After that they played flawless football.

      In SF Wilson threw the pick at the end because he was put in a position to do too much. Kaep’s defense versus Seattle + a little help from the refs took what was a brilliant 3 quarters of football and put him in a position where he had to do MORE than he already did which at that point was account for 92% of the offense.

      This year our QB has to grow no doubt. Our offensive coordinator has to grow. Our Head coach has to grow. Our running game needs to be reinvented. And yes, our DB’s which are our defenses weak link need to be improved if we are to have a chance to beat Seattle. For those that think that growth alone from our QB will get us over the hump are smoking some of the best stuff grown in California.

      1. Very good points. To many fans and writers want to take the easy way in their analogy’s. Every game and every different play has variables. It makes a difference if you are not put in a position to make a play and it you are. While everyone still perceives the Niner’s strength as running the ball that is no longer true. Kaep see’s himself as a playmaker because he has to be a playmaker. During the season when he played conservatively the Niner’s offense ground to a halt. Grant stated that the 49er’s receivers are better than the Hawks receivers- perhaps. But he doesn’t consider that in a match up between the two the Hawks extreme superiority in the DB give’s them a clear advantage in that area. A lot has to do with match ups. Against Seattle Kaep has to make plays. One aspect of the team that has been left out is the return game for the Niner’s both this and last year. Their breakdown in coverage cost them big time. Where I will agree with Grant although it hasn’t been brought up in this article is Seattle’s superiority in making the most of the talent available to them. The Niner’s made some huge mistakes in which players they kept and which players they released this season. The musical chair roster changes through out this season gives evidence to that. This I believe was partially responsible for the decline in special team. The players on special teams are usually the last decisions made when it comes to cuts.

      2. Bayarea with all the improvement you feel the 49ers need to make to beat Seattle next year you would think we got thrashed all 3 times we played instead of splitting the regular season games and losing the conference championship by a hair. There is very little difference between these 2 teams and after the FA signing period and the draft the 9ers once again may surpass the seahawks in talent

    2. JPN001,
      I heard the interview from Steve, and he validated my concerns with Kaep. he wants to be the playmaker, the guy who kisses his bicep, shows up Newton, etc.
      Even when the team was winning against weak teams, I got bored because I felt like Kaep was playing selfish in the ultimate team sport. He could have throw so many times when he ran. And reading your post, it makes total sense. That’s just what he knows. And I’m sure Harbaugh and Roman encouraged it because his runs would bail out their bad play-calling.

    3. JPN,

      Good points and I agree with you that Kap has to do a better job of distributing the ball. The difference in the completion percentage between he and Wilson is the short passes to RB’s and WR’s close to the LOS. Wilson is willing to take those options whereas Kap isn’t most of the time.

      However, the biggest difference between the two in the game two weeks ago was that Wilson had a running game to fall back on and Kap didn’t. Kap was the offense for SF; Wilson was one part of Seattles offense. The interceptions and fumble were not the only difference and don’t forget Wilson fumbled on the first series of the game. The final interception came because Kap was trying to make a play to win a game; Wilson has not been in that position very often and certainly wasn’t in the playoffs.

      1. Now Rocket, I stipulated that we would ignore the running game (Lynch in particular) for the sake of discussing the quarterbacks. But of course, you are correct. Wilson had the advantage of being able to rely on Lynch in the playoffs to an extent the 49ers were not able to rely on their running game.

      2. JPN,

        You did and I understand the point you were trying to make, but the QB play is very dependent on the run game in both of these offenses so I can’t let Grant make statements like this without pointing that out.

        There is no doubt in my mind that you could put both QB’s on either team and the results would be pretty much the same. I take offense to this belief that Wilson is so much further along or the better QB in general when it’s pretty obvious he is the same type of QB Kap is right now as far as reads and style of offense he plays in. It’s broad brush assumptions made simply because one was on the winning side and the other was not.

      3. The issue with the running game was a byproduct of who was at QB. Seattle did not fear Colin as a passer and therefore left focused on stopping the run, and stop it they did. I remember countless plays where Gore would get the ball and be hit in the backfield almost instantaneously. And its not as if this Seattle secondary couldn’t be thrown on, the week earlier Brees had put up 309 passing yards on them with almost no rushing attack and just yesterday Manning put up 280 yards passing, again with almost no threat of a rushing attack. If Colin was a more competent passer then the 49ers rushing attack could have been more productive, instead you had Colin one reading it then tucking the ball and running. That works only so much. The Young/Cunningham comparisons are pretty apt with Wilson/Kaep, but in my eyes Kaep is as much like Mike Vick as he is Cunningham, body type excluded. Vick will win you some games when you have no real reason to, vs GB years ago, but he won’t lead you to a title.

      4. MJ sorry but your comment does not make any sense at all! Who gives a darn if we could get over 300 yards of passing when the result is a big L!!! Drew Brees sucked against the seahawks with very low QBR and Manning got his tail kicked in one of the most embarasssing Super Bowls i have ever watched. Would it be nice for CK to throw 300 yards every game! sure if that is going to help us get a W. Manning threw for 280 yards and yet scored 8 points bud. This is just silly

      5. MJ,

        Seattle played the Niners the same way they play everybody. Single high Safety and press man coverage while sometimes switching into a two deep zone on 3rd down or when they get a big lead like yesterday.

        The Niners have been able to run on them at the stick but not in Seattle and the reason is Seattle gets off the ball quicker at home due to the noise. They just also happen to be very good against the run.

        Kap has led the Niners further than Vick has led any team he’s played for. If you want to compare them as running QB’s go for it, but that’s where the comparison ends.

      6. Hard to beat a top team in their house when your D gives up some big plays after you’ve built up a lead, your running game is stuck in neutral (outside of your own running), and your offensive line is playing offensively.

        I agree Kaep really should use the check down options and dump-offs more often, and that his game would elevate leaps and bounds if he learned to go through progressions and look off DBs more consistently and faster. Despite this, he nearly took his team to the SB by almost single-handedly beating the eventual SB winners in their home which is renowned for giving them an edge…

      7. Kaepernick had 3 time outs left. He did not have to make that play — it was a poor decision and to his left he had to WR to throw to.

    4. You guys need to stop this inteligent conversation. I didn’t think they were allowed here. There are many factors that led to the loss in Seattle. Kaep and his mistakes where a big part, so was having no running game, you can also include the crowd noise. Maiocco just wrote that the crowd noise had a huge impact on the offensive line. They were a hair late and got blown up continually. This wasn’t because they didn’t fear the run it was because the crowd noise can even hinder the silent count when the Dline move before the Oline. When a QB has to be 90% of the offense it is expected that he will have 2 or 3 turnovers. Some have really bashed on Kaep for his mistakes, it come with the territory, but when he carried the whole team like he did, had no running game, an out matched Oline, how many turnovers would you expect a young QB to have? How many turnovers would Wilson have had or any other young QB without help? Kaep will continue to grow and we are lucky that we have the type of QB that it takes to beat Seattle-a highly mobile passing quarterback. He just needs to develop a bit more.

    5. I think the Press Democrat would be wise to take this blog away from Grant and give it to JPN001. No catchy headline but this analysis is so much more right than the simple statistical analysis published in the body of the blog.

    6. JPN,
      Really enjoyed your take on CK having a play maker mindset. I also agree that he needs to distribute to ball much better to his teammates.
      But having said that, I felt that CK did a good job in distributing to the weapons he had.

      Kaep did an adequate job in distributing to the receivers he had which were Boldin and VD for the better part of the season until Crabtree returned.

      My take is that outside of Boldin and VD there were no other viable receivers to throw too.
      With Manningham still hurt at the start of the season and A.J. Jenkins flaming out along Kyle Williams not able to get going, we started Marlon Moore at the WR spot opposite Boldin.

      It wasn’t long after that we lost Q.Patton for a good chunk of the season as well.
      When it came to WR’s we basically only had VD and Boldin. VMac did not become a receiving target and except for B.Miller (who was also hurt) catching the occasional pass out of the backfield, Kaep’ options were limited.

      I believe that if we can resign Boldin and also find a capable WR (be it draft/free agency) with the ability to stretch field who can work as a 3rd WR (behind AB and MC) we can be a very strong force next season and challenge the c-hawks for football supremacy.

      But in the end, you are right that CK will need to learn to distribute the ball to make the offense and himself more effective.

    7. JPN, I applaud you for a very well written post. Please share your opinion more often since its logical and a well rounded perspective without all the personal prejudice and judgement due to CKs tattoos!

      Your comment about CK being a play maker its the key difference in the past few seasons. CK has been very successful by leading this team to big games however due to his lack of experience as a NFL QB and the odds of playing elite teams, statistical is impossible for him to succeed in most crucial situations with the game on the line.

      Did you listen to Pete Carroll’s interview? Pete confirmed your point of view by stating that the Seahawks philosophy is not base on one play maker!!! He does not want Russell Wilson to be the one. He wants the team to contribute as a whole by playing their roles. Just imagine how much less pressure you have on you if you are not the focal point. Grants statement about Seahawks have the biggest edge is a false. The biggest edge is the Seahawks philosophy for the team!

      If you review all the Seahawks games, you have no name WRs making huge plays, lynch running the ball with will and the defense plays relentless. I love the 49ers team and our defense is a good but it’s not relentless. Our receiver except Boldin do not play with attitude and our running although sometimes effective does not bruise the defense.

      I believe this is an identity issue and the organization must start drafting players with a fierce competitive nature. Coaches should ask CK to become a facilitator rather than one man show play maker to get everyone involve including LMJ and VM.

    1. My prediction too and I am going. I live by Seattle and it’s non stop superbowl and 12th man talk. I might pay somebody to take my life.

  8. 1. Seattle’s pass defense is better than the Niner’s, not by much, but enough.
    2. At this point in time Lynch is better than Gore, but not by much.
    On a neutral field like the Super Bowl I think the Hawks beat the Niner’s 6 out of 10 games this year. Who knows next year.
    3. It is very clear these are the two best teams in the NFL.

  9. I think the biggest differences in the two teams are the running games. At this point in their careers, Lynch is a better runner than Gore. The 49ers must be able to run at the Seahawks (sans Kaep’s runs) the way the Seahawks run at the 49ers.

      1. Seattle’s passing game is not overwhelming VS the 49ers, but they keep with the running game and they do it just well enough for the 49ers to respect it. The Seahawks just keep pounding Lynch and this enables them to keep the 49ers defense thinking about the run. The 49ers sometimes give up on the running game too soon if Gore is not having success. The 49ers have to start running the ball better VS the Seahawks enough for Seattle to respect it. This will help Kaep tremendously. To me, the running games are the biggest differences between the two QBs production in head to head battles.

      2. Exactly…improving the 30th ranked passing attack as well as perhaps going away from the jumbo sets when you want to run. I’m pretty sure if we know they are going to run, the defense and their stacked defensive front know as well

    1. The Niner’s don’t have a power runner that can push the pile after contact. Gore used to be able to do that but not anymore. If there is no hole for him than he is done. He still has a couple of good games left a season but that is not enough anymore. The Niner’s need to drop the sentimentality and go in another direction next season. Time to make the change. Even if Lattamore pans out they still need to pick up a beast who can push the pile and pick up short yardage and punish the d line.

  10. Yes Wilson is better than Kaepernick right now, they do albeit less than people seem to think have an edge in the secondary as well, but our coaching staffs are pretty similar in strength. I think we have better coordinators and the better head coach but their position coaches are better at developing guys it seems. Kaep had a bit of a regression this year but I think/hope he comes back next year ready to dominate.

    1. No he is not better, he is just in a different system without the pressure to be the go to play maker. Therefore he will make less mistakes due to this philosophy as reflected in his performance.

      1. “No he is not better, he is just in a different system without the pressure to be the go to play maker.”

        So was Kaepernick for the regular season.

  11. Great observation Grant, but I believe that the secondary area is where the biggest difference lies. Seattle has a secondary that is excellent in coverage in the pass and run game but at the same time can deliver some massive hits in a frequent fashion from each position. That is very rare, yet it is something that the Niners will have to duplicate if they want to take back the NFC West and claim a sixth Lombardi Trophy. I agree with what you said about Kaep, but this to me is the top priority this off season.

  12. Truth is Russel Wilson is better than Kap right now. And Russel has better coaching right now also. Situational football? Pete Carroll is beating Jim Harbaugh.

    1. I thought that was the best game the wilson played in quite a while. He seemed to have gone flat towards the end of the season and in the playoffs. He bounced back with his best game when it counted.

  13. I wonder how long Marshawn Lynch can last for the Seahawks. Man that guy takes a beating. He is still relatively young, he turns 28 in April and has about 1800 career carries. I recall the rule of thumb is that a running back can start to slow around 2500 carries and then they start banging the wall at 3000. As they approach 30 they slow even more. By comparison Frank Gore is 31 but only has roughly 400 more career carries that Lynch and Gore does not seem to take the punishment that Lynch does. I bring this up because some Seahawks fans on other sites at claiming “dynasty” already. Lynch runs with an almost suicidal attitude in my opinion. He is punished ruthlessly every game. I am always thinking that he is going to have trouble picking himself up off the turf but then he bounces up. How long can this go on?

      1. Actually, Jim Brown retired at the age of 29 and had less than 2400 career carries. I RB I saw that was punished the most was Earl Campbell. He had less than 2200 hundred carries and retired at 30. From what I have seen Lynch takes as much punishment as anyone with the possible exception of Campbell. I an old enough to have watch Jim Brown when I was a child and he was definitely the focus of opposing defenses.

      2. I’m with you, Domingo. My fingers are way too big to navigate an iPad without mistakes. I had to give up texting on my iPhone.

      3. Jim Brown was a beast of a man for that era…he delivered much more punishment than he received. Brown was 6’2 and played at just over 230 lbs, thats still big for a RB today, and the crazy part was that most of the defensive lines he faced were that size, and all the LBs and DB’s were always smaller than Brown.

      4. @Domingo..
        Remember though, that Jim Brown was in the 230 lb range (big for an NFL RB at the time), and was the punisher, rather than geting punished…. the D-Linemen weren’t 310 lbs+, the LBs were in the 220-230 range and none of those guys ran a 40 under 5+ seconds (if they even ran a 40) or bench pressed 600 lbs or more…..pretty easy, comparitively, to have a long, productive career…..quite a difference between then and now.

  14. The biggest difference is the secondary..Seahawks secondary force u to play right into their hands..A good run game kills all that.or wrs that can get off their press..They feasted on turnovers all the way to the superbowl….

    1. Good point. The Niner’s did not have a good run game the last few years. The line hasn’t opened up many holes and Gore no longer has the legs to push the pile after contact. People perception of the Niner’s run game is based mostly on reputation not the actual reality. Teams change year to year due to a variety of factors. This is not the same team that it was when they just missed making it to the Superbowl when they got knocked out by the Giants. For example the Giants are not the same team either. They had trouble just winning games this year. The Niner’s under Alex also feasted on turnovers on the way to the NFC championship. They set a new NFL margin of take away to turnovers that year.

  15. I agree with Dennis’ early comment: the Seahawks secondary is MUCH better than the Niner’s. Their safeties are MUCH better than ours, and their cornerbacks are MUCH, MUCH better. Also their secondary is YOUNGER and will continue to improve over the next few years with experience, while our best players are older (Rogers and Whitner) and now in decline. We need a big infusion of young talent in the secondary via draft/FA this off season to remain competitive in the division. I think the weaknesses in our secondary are often masked by our GREAT front 7 (which is better than the Seahawks front 7). But I’m worried about Bowman’s injury.

    Kaepernick is not the problem. He will continue to improve as he gains more experience.

    Play calling IS a problem sometimes. I get the feeling Harbaugh/Roman think the real GOAL is to “impose your will” on the other team by running it down their throats, no matter what the situation, rather than just scoring points! I’d like to see more clever/deceptive play calling in the REDZONE. (I miss Walsh.)

  16. Too bad we don’t compare good articles with bad articles like we do QB’s. Now, i’m not one to make excuses for Kap but he has almost no ceiling, he’s incredibly young and is going to continue to make strides. And those who want to criticize can continue to do so, it will only add fuel to the fire.

      1. Yes RW development has been excellent as well however what he has to cover his back is an amazing defense that does not allow points.

      2. Please provide some examples of Pete Carroll out coaching Harbaugh.

        I’d also like some evidence of Wilson being a clearly better and more developed QB than Kaepernick.

        It’s time to start backing up opinions with facts people.

      3. God wake up. Wrong wrong wrong. It’s not Wilson. It’s Lynch. As Lynch goes the Seahawks go.
        How is Wilson all of a sudden rapidly developed when he finished the season at .500 over his last 4 games? Look at why he finished .500, because Lynch only averaged 4.0 a carry once in those games.

        Versus AZ a must win game at home he threw for 103. In the playoffs versus the Saints he was a 50% passer and threw for 108. But because his defense is all world all of a sudden Wilson is developed?

        How would Wilson perform if he played against Seattles defense and his running back got NET 14 yards for the game? Would Wilson even keep it close?

        Seattle better get another running back because I know and they know that the are a single point of failure and that single point is Lynch.

      4. Rocket I’m not sure if there are actual “facts”, but one of the biggest differences is one team plays flawless, no turnovers, while the other seems disorganized and makes critical mistakes. I don’t think there are numbers (maybe ask Jack) to support that but it has happened.
        If that’s coaching or type of QB, who knows.

      5. Rocket,
        they cannot provide that evidence. And Grant doesn’t want to provide it. It’s not his goal when doing these write ups.
        His goal is exactly what we are doing. Going back and forth debating on the half bit of information that he provides.
        I’ll say this, give Kaepernick the dominant rushing performances that Lynch has and you’d have your first undefeated team since the 71 Dolphins. We have not seen our team at full strength this season. And we are in serious search of an identity. Power running team? Hahahah, not so much.

        The most important thing that Niner have to do this offseason on this offense is properly evaluate Lattimore’s physical health and bring in a field stretching WR. And that is only if they are able to sign Boldin and Crabs.

        Rocket I will say this, the flaw in Harbaugh’s game is his inability to be honest with himself at reading his teams performance during a game and making adjustments based on that. Slowing things down too early instead of going for the jugular. This and only this is the one aspect of Carroll that I admire. He doesn’t hold back.

      6. Bay, exactly. The primary difference in the head-to-head matchups has been Lynch. It’s the steady diet of Lynch that helps convert 3rd downs and keeps the 49ers defense on the field. Hate that guy. So ready for him to fall apart soon.

      7. Wilson has Lynch.
        Kaep has Gore.
        Both run around. Wilson breaks the pocket to make a pass first, then runs for yards.
        Kaep breaks the pocket so he can be a playmaker.
        Kaep hasn’t learn how to make all the throws even though he has a very strong arm.

        Wilson made very few mistakes in the playoffs, granted he was playing at home. But if you look at his body of work at such a young age, you see a young QB who is smart, keeps fighting and doesn’t press too much.
        With Kaep we still have a very raw undisciplined QB, who hasn’t learn the nuances of being a pocket QB.
        If Kaep was on the Seattle team, he would have broken some longer runs against the Denver D. But at the same time he would have also killed more drives. Russell Wilson didn’t pass for a lot of yards but he made a lot of 3rd down conversions with his arm and that’s not something Kaep has done.
        We can all go back and forth.
        End of the day we all know what Kaep needs to work on for the Niners to win it all. Regardless of whether it’s beating Seattle, or AZ, or New Orleans.
        Close doesn’t count.

      8. FDM,

        It looked that way at times in the two previous games at the Link but not two weeks ago. The Niners were pretty calm and dealt with the noise well. The difference in the game more than anything was the defensive breakdowns on the TD run by Lynch and the TD on 4th down to Kearse. Everybody wants to point at the Kap TO’s as the difference but the stripped fumble and first int resulted in 3 points for Seattle because Wilson fumbled on 4th down to give the ball back to the Niners. Marshawn Lynch fumbled as well. The early fumble by Wilson resulted in 3 points for the Niners. The final interception ended the game but there were many other factors that led to it and made that last drive necessary.

        The reality is the Seahawk offense turned it over in the game just as much as the Niners did. The Niners also had one fewer TO than Seattle did during the season.

        When somebody says that one Coach out coached the other it’s a strong statement that often isn’t backed up by facts. I’m tired of reading how our Coaching staff and players are so bad in comparison to Seattle all of a sudden when we were 18 yards away from beating them.

        These teams are so close in every way and that is exactly how it played out in the game. If that game is played in SF or on neutral field, there is a very good chance the Niners win. That is not evidence of a gap in talent or Coaching to me. This thread and yesterdays, is the usual hand wringing, Seattle is great, woe is us response, amped up by 100 because the hated rival won the championship.

        The reality is, very little separates these two teams and that will likely be the case for the next few years.

      9. God wake up. Wrong wrong wrong. It’s not Wilson. It’s Lynch. As Lynch goes the Seahawks go.

        Lynch ran 15 times for 39 yards total and a TD that was gifted to them by a dumb mistake from the Broncos D on a passing play in the red zone last night, so that makes this statement null and void.

      10. I guess we all want to hide our heads in the sand and not look at the core reason we come up on the losing end with Seattle.

        Last three games combined yardage versus Seattle.

        Gore Total yards 168 and 0 TD’s

        Lynch total yards 337 and 6 TD’s

        Sort of makes Russel Wilson’s job a lot easier and Kaepernick’s job that much harder when you look at these stats.
        So in the last three, Seattle has us at a 2-1 advantage. Not by accident that the one game that we won Gore had the edge on Lynch. But go ahead. You football novices with an agenda against the QB keep saying it’s his fault.

      11. MW,
        thanks for engaging. I am actually talking about our head to head matchups versus Seattle bud. Thanks for coming…..

      12. Seasons stats,
        Wilson, 16 rated Qb,
        Kaepernick, 20 rated Qb,

        And the only thing that matters, the League Standard,
        Mr. Wilson has the Ring and Trophy. On this day ,for this year. Mr Wilson is the Best Qb in the league. Not one NFL player will say otherwise!

      13. Rocket well said. However one thing that cannot be measured in terms of a number or statistic is how turnovers can deflate a team. Sure Seattle only scored only three points off the one turnover, but look at the pressure it puts on your defense to come up with yet another stop.
        You simply cannot keep asking your defense to hold for you. Yes its their job but at the end of the day, these guys are human, emotion plays a big part and when you are asked to do the incredible time and time again, that’s tough.

      14. It’s looking at the facts and not having an agenda Bay. In the games that Kaep has lost against the Seahawks, he did absolutely nothing or choked when the game was on his shoulders to win in the passing game.

      15. Think about the running back stats I provided in the head to head matchups with Seattle. Gore historically pops a run. That is great for 1 drive. It also skews the yardage numbers.

        The value of Lynch is that he is steady. The type of yardage he provides is more consistent with moving the chains.

        This more than any other reason is why we have to focus on reinventing our run game next year and getting a WR that can stretch the field.

        Give a QB no run support when facing a great defense and the result is what happened in the Superbowl. And that happened to the best QB in 2013. A sure first ballet HOF QB.

      16. So MW,
        you want to ignore the fact that one QB is supported with a rushing attack thus balancing the offense. And the other has the pressure of doing it all by himself including the rushing?
        To expand on that, if the QB with no run support gets behind in the game, it minimizes his chances of winning because now they are being asked to do more with less. Playing into the hands of the number one pass defense in the NFL.
        Bottom line, it all comes back to the run game. If you look at the game previous to the three that I provided, Gore won that matchup by a wide margin and we won that game as well. The RB’s dictated the victories.

      17. Let’s play that game Bay. Put Alex Smith in that position as Kaep? Would you just blame Gore for his struggles? And please don’t use the Smith Wouldn’t Be Able To Do That or You’re Still Hung On Smith lines. Those are nothing but cop outs.

      18. MW,
        if you want to ignore the facts that’s fine. These are two very similarly built teams. The team that has won had the higher rushing totals.

        All I did was point it out. Why do you want to ignore it? And why do you want to bring up Alex Smith?

      19. Bayarea you need to stop throwing 9er players under the bus in defense of CK. CK would never say those things and he does’nt need you to do it for him. Bay there has never been a question about your loyalty to the 9ers so do’nt start people questioning it now by criticizing coaches or players to protect one player. You are begining to sound just like those here who would throw anyother player under the bus to defend Alex Smith no matter how poorly he had played in the past game.

      20. So now everyone wants to ignore facts? OC,
        Gore is my favorite 49er RB ever. Having said that, to turn a blind eye to the rushing output and it’s importance to wins and losses between these two teams is ignorant.
        Also I am not solely pointing the finger at Gore. His inability to run has a direct correlation to the job our offensive line has done. Are you going to get upset that I am now calling out our offensive line?
        I actually think we may need to get smaller and more athletic up front IMO. Bob McKittrick would probably agree with me.

      21. The 49ers do not have a power back like Lynch. The Seattle running game has been an integral part of the Seahawks success VS the 49ers the last 5 games. Lynch has 3 100 yard games and a 98 yard game since 2011. That’s huge. The 49ers D rarely gives up 100 yard games. To be fair, if Kaep had that kind of ammo in the backfield with him, wouldn’t that help him to win the game?

        Not making excuses, but if you are going to compare Wilson and Kaep, the Seattle running game’s ability to be effective really really ridiculously helps Wilson.

      22. Bayarea i’m not upset i just think you are a better fan than one who calls out 9er players to defend another player. I happen to agree with you regarding our O line i’m not sure if getting smaller is the answer but i do believe there needs to be change, just make that argument seperate from any CK talk and you wo’nt sound like an apologist. imho

      23. Kaep had the better receiving corps Nova, so shouldn’t that have helped him? I’m not meaning to sound terse, but that needs to be taken into account as well.

      24. Football is the ultimate team game. So when a QB like Colin who hasn’t evolved to be a multi-progression passer, then it will make the running game harder for a guy like Gore.
        Despite all these limitations the Niners were in the red zone in the NFCCG, and that’s when Colin’s inexperience or lack of maturity came into play.
        Two are his glaring weaknesses that cast a shadow on his strengths.
        Gore was running wild during the 5 game winning streak before the two losses to Carolina and New Orleans. What happened?
        Carolina and New Orleans are good teams with good coaching.
        In those two losses, the franchise QB has a chance to win the game and didn’t’ quite come up with the play.
        Now there have been other games, like the GB, AZ where Colin made plays to get the team in the position to win it with the FG. But he really hasn’t led a comeback with a throw in the redzone.
        And the team has had redzones issues all year, settling for FGs over touchdowns.
        You can’t put it on all Gore or play calling. The calls maybe be limited because Colin either can’t make that screen pass or swing pass with his wind-up delivery, or doesn’t take the check down.

      25. Mid,

        Kap had the better receiving group but he also was throwing against the better secondary. I see so many people here trying to make half statements in favor of Wilson and it just makes me SMH.


        Wilson isn’t a progression read QB either, yet you sing his praises. Why is that? I have no idea why you feel the need to hold Kap to one standard and others to a different one, but your views come off as severely biased because of it.

        Have you guys forgotten what happened two weeks ago already? It was a tight game from start to finish in spite of Seattle holding a huge advantage due to the home crowd. The Niners lose on the final play and all of a sudden Wilson has transformed into the far superior QB, Harbaugh has been out coached and the Seattle front office is infallible while the Niners are blowing all their picks. I can’t believe the stuff I read in here sometimes.

      26. Rocket,
        i didn’t want to imply Wilson goes beyond one progression. But he is definitely more mature.
        I’m tough on Kaep because he’s the Niner QB, and he was suppose to be the missing link, an improvement over the guy he replaced. Yet the results are the same and now we see he has some short-comings. I’ve had the same complaint all year: Kaep runs before he throws. He can’t go through his progressions. He had a whole year to get better at it. If he was a Basketball player he would be a ball hog like Kobe.
        Do you think those are valid points?

      27. Fan,

        Those are valid points but far too often you resort to ripping the guy the way others used to rip Smith. I’ve made that point to you previously.

        Nobody has said Kap is a finished product including Bay. He has to get better at a number of things, but what so often happens around here is fans including yourself, over play the negative angle. Most if not all of the posts you make in regards to Kap are negative and antagonizing. I used to argue with people that did that with Smith and I’ll continue to argue with those that do it with Kap.

        He is not above criticism, but the expectations some have for him are unrealistic this early in his career. We are talking about an extremely raw College QB coming out, not a polished NFL prospect. His ascension was going to take time, and the fact he’s gone to a SB and NFCCG in his first one and half seasons of starting is remarkable considering he’s still learning as he goes. This guy has had one offseason as a starting QB, had to play the first 12 games without his number one receiver, and yet he got them within 18 yards of the SB in the hardest environment in the league to win a road game. Give the guy a break already.

      28. I’m just pointing out that the excuse that Wilson has the better RBs corps is sheer garbage Rocket. That’s a half-truth in itself. Kaep is one of the main reasons that this team didn’t take it to the Broncos in the Super Bowl. He isn’t the primary reason but he is a reason.

      29. rocket:

        Naah, as always, you rebut the facile analyses and half truths and remain focused on the facts. You also continue to support every player on the team. You’ve been admirably consistent.

        What’s entertaining is watching commenters who cited Alex Smith as the one player responsible for seemingly every loss in 2011-12 suddenly discover in 2013 that it’s a team game.

      30. I Look at this thread and it cracks me up. I point the most obvious stat in relation to winning between these two teams. Rushing yards by the RB.
        To a degree I did it in defense of our qb because grant who is becoming troll like for the very fan base that he provides a blog for, is disparaging our qb who in one and a half years has tasted the NFC Championship twice and the superbowl once.
        so I bring up the running back rushing stats which is a direct correlation between winning and losing especially between these two teams.

        Immediately I get jumped on by MW. Then coach says I’m throwing players under the bus.
        Then fan troll does his I don’t like Kaep thing.

        Last I checked this is a Niner blog right? You guys Know and understand football right? then why argue against the obvious? why allows the blog writer who’s on admitted non fan play you like puppets?

        this is going to be a long Off season.

      31. Immediately I get jumped on by MW. Then coach says I’m throwing players under the bus.
        Then fan troll does his I don’t like Kaep thing.

        What is different from when you did that with the ones that backed Alex Smith when he was here? But you’re excused because it is the Chosen One, right? SMH.

      32. Claude,

        Guilty as charged. I support the players on my team; sometimes to a fault.

        It is ironic to see the same arguments over Kap that we used to see with Smith. QB’s are and forever will be the catalysts of message board drama.

      33. The key aspect has been the maturity level Rocket. Kaep acts like he is the greatest thing ever when he hasn’t even won a Super Bowl, or even a Pro Bowl nod for that matter.

      34. rocket:

        Guilty as charged. I support the players on my team; sometimes to a fault.

        Nothing wrong with that. At least you are consistent about it.

      35. mid,

        The key aspect has been the maturity level Rocket. Kaep acts like he is the greatest thing ever when he hasn’t even won a Super Bowl, or even a Pro Bowl nod for that matter.

        Are you sure about that Mid? Could that be your perception more so than what has actually transpired? You are talking about maturity and ego here, and yet Kap is a leader in the locker room, has never been in trouble and works as hard or harder than anybody in the game. Where is the immaturity and conceitedness you are referring to because I sure haven’t seen it?

      36. Midwest, Kaep does have the better receiving corps, but as Rocket pointed out, he’s throwing into the teeth of the Seahawks defense. That secondary is superior and when the refs let them play physical, they are nearly impossible to get separation. Kaep had as good a game as any QB did in the playoffs VS Seattle. A couple guys named Manning and Brees had less success against them.

        There’s lots of things you can point to regarding the loss in the NFCCG, and Kaep is certainly culpable, but he’s also a big reason why the team was even in the game. The 49ers could not conventionally run on Seattle and that was a big reason why the 49ers weren’t playing Denver yesterday. Seattle was able to conventionally run on the 49ers.

        Both Wilson and Kaep are tremendously talented young QBs. To definitely say one is better than the other right now, is just opinion not fact. All I know is I’m very happy Kaep is the 49ers QB and look forward to many great years. Going to be ups and downs, but I plan to enjoy the ride.

      37. I know all of that Nova, but the fact remains that Kaep also played a crucial part in why we lost that game and it deals with the problem of him having a below average QB skill set.
        Smith had the best game of the QBs that faced the Giants on their way to another Super Bowl championship, but he was still crucified by many on here for his mistakes in that game, so I don’t see why Kaep should be exempt. I support Kaep fully, but I refuse to excuse his current limitations because he is our QB (and for some because he took over the starting job from a QB that they loathed). I didn’t with Smith and I won’t do it with Kaep either.

      38. Bay Area,
        Sure you can pull up all of Gore’s stats and show how his lack of production may have made it hard for the Niners to win.
        You know what else made it hard? 3 TOs in the 4th quarter by the QB.

      39. MidWest, you and I are exactly on the same page. I see where you’re coming from. I remember those 2011 playoffs and Smith did have better stats than any of the other 3 QBs the Giants played (Brady, Rogers, Ryan). Niners got their break on the Bradshaw fumble, but the refs didn’t see it that way, and Smith and the Niners were denied. Both Smith in that game, and Kaep in the recent NFCCG played well enough to win, but needed one more play to get it done. Gonna be great when this team finally gets the 6th.

      40. Well, on the same page except for the below avg skill set. I think there are very few things Kaep is below avg in, and when it all averages out, he is way above avg.

    1. Grant let me get this right. Situational football is the root of coaching. I’m not sure if you have ever made a statement that i disagreed with more. Teaching is the root of all successful coaching. One thing all very good to excellent coaches have in common is they are\were great teachers. From Walsh to Lombardi the great ones were top 1% teachers. Being good or great at situational football or game strategy only comes into play if you have prepared your players. Great coaches make their impression on their teams from Mon thru Sat. I have known my share of very good coaches who were great teachers but only avg at situational football but i’ve never known a very good coach who was outstanding at situational football but was an avg or less teacher.

      1. Coaches have to teach situational football, devote significant time to it in practice. Did you forget to teach your players situational football?

  17. I agree that Wilson is better than Kaep right now. There seems to be a lot of room for Kaep to grow. The great thing about football is that little things in a team can make for big changes in the won-lost columns. For ex, suppose Lattimore steps up and gives the Niners more explosion at the RB position. And Lynch starts aging or gets injured. That alone would flip the positions of the teams.

    Or if Harvin puts in a full season healthy? Or if the Niners get a true downfield threat? Any of these changes the balance in the NFC West.

    It will be interesting to see how the Niners handle Kaep’s running abilities next year. Early in the season he was pretty much kept under wraps (I suspect he was injured) and let him run more late in the season and during the playoffs. Wilson’s scrambling was a large part of Seattle’s success this year. The question I have is how much running will the Niners allow Kaepernick as he continues to develop into a top five passer.

    1. I think the reason they kept Kaep under wraps is that they had no viable back up QB. As the season progressed and the margin for injury decreased vs the value for the need for wins they had to cut him loose. The lack of a viable back up falls on Harbaugh and the front office. Harbaugh seems to get too locked into his plans and cant seem to adjust when the reality doesn’t reflect his preconceptions. They stayed too long with McCoy and Tolzen. until it was too late to change. The same happened with the situation at WR and special teams. He just doesn’t plan well for alternate contingencies because he seems to think that that isn’t necessary. Arrogance ? It appears then that he has to stubbornly stick with his plan because he just doesn’t have viable alternatives available. I hope that he will learn from experience and that his shortcomings in this respect are just because of his lack of experience with putting together a 53 man roster. This is something he never had to do in the College game.

  18. Grant thank you for sharing your point of view. I have to disagree with your statement below since you are just referring to superficial stats without looking at the entire picture.

    “The Seahawks have the edge on the 49ers in all three areas, and the biggest edge might be at quarterback.”

    I do not believe Seahawks have the biggest edge at the quarterback. At this point i comfortable with CKs performance. Of course he needs to improve and the ceiling is high. He will continue to get better with more experience and coaching. The biggest edge for seahawks was their number one rated defense and the home field advantage to take them to the Super Bowl.

    If you take a look at some of the top QBs that played against the Seahawks defense you will see their performance was below average. For example, Drew Brees, got destroyed in his first game against the seahawks and in the playoff game he only completed 24 out of 43 a 55% completion and his QBR was 39.4!

    Cam Newton, one of your favorite Qbs completed 16 out 32, 50% completion with the QBR of 19.6 against the SF defense in the game we lost and he had a QBR of 74 against the seahawks in the game that they should have won! Last night in the Super Bowl game it was evident that the QB alone is not going to win you a championship. Payton struggled to score and he was basically shutout.

    Despite all the negativity about CK, that is mostly based on personal bias and judgement CK is developing to become a good QB in this league. To my opinion, the edge is Seattle’s defensive scheme and talent. When you combine their defense with a loud stadium and a offense that can bruise you with lynch, RW and some speedy WR then you have a good team. By the way their special team is also very good.

  19. Why so little mention of Baalke in this blog and a discussion of his
    abilities/liabilities vs. Schneider of Seahawks. By start of next
    season, no one (other than perhaps Looney) will still be in
    49ers uniform. And where is Jed York in all of this? Can you
    imagine Eddie D sending a letter to fans, as Jed did, talking
    about how great things are, following a loss of last year’s
    Super Bowl and a loss of this year’s NFC Championship?
    Some real questions out there about the coaching and
    management of this team.

    1. There’s no mention of it because it isn’t true. Baalke has been one of the best drafting GM’s in the league since he took over from McCloughan. Schneider has done a good job too, but has also gotten very lucky with late round picks and undrafted FA’s, that have panned out while missing on some higher ones.

      Both of these teams are among the best at building through the draft.

      1. TB is good at acquiring draft picks. I think he sometimes puts too much emphasis at acquiring future picks at the expense of team needs in the present. The Niners kept two players that they traded within the week on the 53 man roster for only two seventh rounders while losing two players that they actually wanted when they put them on waivers. They then took a player off the Seattle practice squad to replace on of those players. TB was under the illusion that the players he kept would have a higher trade value than the seventh rounders he ended up with. The one aspect of the 49ers I am worried about is TB. He did far less with much more in the last two seasons. Harbaugh is relatively inexperienced when it comes to setting a 53 man roster and the musical chairs they played this season with signings and cuts during the season point to that. TB was not very effective in providing experience and structure to this aspect of the front office. I have very little faith in him and it doesn’t bode well for the teams future in this respect.

      2. willtalk,

        I don’t understand what point you are trying to make here. Baalke got 7th round picks for players they were likely going to cut along with the young players they lost on waivers. That is good work by a GM. If he had not traded picks for picks in the future, he would be cutting even more draft picks and getting nothing in return.

        The core of this team was and is set, the movement on the roster during the season was with players who didn’t play much of a role and often it was too provide some sort of depth at a position that had the least.

        The 2012 draft was not good, but it also wasn’t set up to be a very good draft. They had two picks in the first 3 rounds at the end of those rounds. He could have done better obviously but because he did so well in the other 3 drafts, it’s not a big issue and the team is full of young talent.

        Take a look at Seattle’s top picks over the past few years and you see they have missed more than Baalke has. They have made their hay in the late rounds and UDFA, which is a total fluke considering you are adding players you don’t foresee making much impact at that point.

        Baalke is one of the best GM’s in this league and his record backs it up. You are creating an issue where it doesn’t exist.

      3. I think Baalke looked at the overall quality of the 2012 draft, barfed a little in his mouth, then just chucked a name in an envelope and started thinking towards 2013…

      4. Scooter,

        It really wasn’t a very good draft was it? He could have picked another WR over Jenkins, but that was not going to be a draft that built up the core with how few quality picks they had and the lack of talent throughout the draft.

      5. The strength of the 2012 draft was the QBs. Some really talented QBs that year. The rest of the draft was pretty meh. Yes, there are of course some guys in other positions that have played well and look very good, but overall, pretty meh.

        There is no doubt the 49ers could have gotten more out of their 1st rounder, with Doug Martin and Alshon Jeffrey the easiest “shoulda, coulda, woulda’s” to point at. 20-20 hindsight and the 49ers first two picks might be Doug Martin and TY Hilton. But you look at the top RBs selected in 2012, and the top WRs selected in 2012, and by and large they aren’t doing much in the NFL.

      6. Rocket,

        You are 100% correct when you say Seattle has been extremely lucky hitting on so many late picks. Their degree of success is such a statistical fluke, it’s sickening.

        Look at Sherman and Chancellor. They were both fifth round picks and now are the best, or among the best, in the NFL at their respective positions. Not to mention Maxwell who was a sixth round pick. That’s three fourths of Seattle’s secondary that were prayer picks.

        Draft statistics show that the chances of drafting a super star in the fifth round is 1%. The Seahawks managed to do this not once, but twice. In their secondary alone, no less.

        The chances of drafting a good starter in the sixth round is about 1%.

        If you put together the three players mentioned above, the Seahawks chances of coming up with all of those players, with those draft picks is literally one in a million.

        In other words, the Seahawks hit the Lotto in their secondary alone.

        Not to mention that the rest of the Seahawks roster is littered with mid to late picks, ranging from stars to useful players, as well.

        I get why this leads most to say what a brilliant front office Seattle has, but, while there is definitely some skill to hitting on late picks, statistics bear out that it’s mostly luck.

        Statistics also show that there’s a great deal of luck / variance with high draft picks, but there’s a much better chance of success with premium picks.

        So, since the Schneider is so brilliant, the Seahawks must have an incredible draft record with early round picks, given their late round success, right? Wrong.

        If anything, Schneider has been below average on hitting with premium draft picks.

        Unless Schneider can stay on this ridiculous draft heater he’s on, look for the Seahawks to start falling apart over the next couple of years. A team headed for cap hell, as the Seahawks are, can’t afford to miss on high draft picks. Look for the Seahawks to do just that.

  20. The biggest edge is in the coaching staff. Harbaugh and Roman play conservatively and look to drive down the field on the last drive for the game winning field goal.

    Carroll and Bevell take chances, especially when their defense forces a turnover. They call shot plays to bury you. They have a killer instinct that Harbaugh and Roman simply don’t have.

    When Harbaugh’s team is up by 6 points or more, we get conservative and try and maintain the lead by relying entirely on our defense.

    When Carroll’s team is up by 6 or more, they’re looking to go up double digits on you.

  21. So I ask the guys and gals in the room. Why is it so difficult for so many here to acknowledge that Kaepernick is not “yet’ a Championship winning QB?
    Harbaugh said the other unnamed QB wins games ,Kaepernick wins SBs! Well, that has not happened and as long time fan ,60 years I have been watching these guys ,so I am not a hater, I want this team to win the SB and if this guy is not it , the team needs to move fast to find the guy that can!
    The difference between almost and winning the “Big” game is very small ,that is true. But that small difference is what separates good QBs from the Greats!

    1. Many of them built up a lot of vocal hate for a certain QB and so they now are all in with the new guy, because he is not that certain qb. They now must be proved right for being in favor of the new qb that they will support him 100%, no matter the glaring deficiencies, and will label anyone who descents from their view as “haters” “banwagon” “smithers” or any other number of terms that they feel are disparaging and remove credibility, in their eyes. Just watch.

  22. I think right now the difference is between the GM’s. Seattle spent the past 4 years building a team to beat the 49ers. The 49ers spent the past 4 years building a team around a philosophy. Nothing wrong with either scenario but now, the 49ers have to build a team to beat Seattle because any thought of a championship, goes thru the Seahawks.
    We need to get bigger and faster at the WR and CB position then add depth everywhere else.
    From a football game stand point, the difference is we have killed ourselves with turnovers, Seattle has not.

  23. I defiantly agree with Old Coach, the differences are minuscule. A play here or there is the difference of who the NFC sent to the Super Bowl. The two best teams in football are the Hawks and the Niners and they both reside in the NFC west and with the up and coming Cards and Rams this division will probably send at least two if not three teams into next year playoffs.

  24. This off season is so important for us as an organization. We need to draft players that can contribute and fill some of the missing links.

    1. You can already add Lattimore and Carradine to this year’s draft. That’s a great start. Culliver, too. Niners aren’t going away any time soon.

  25. Jimmy Johnson, former Cowboy and University of Miami championship head coach often has said that when he evaluates a QB he is concerned not with how many good, big plays the QB makes, but with how many bad plays he makes. Yesterday, and through the play-offs, Russell Wilson made fewer bad plays than Peyton Manning or CK. Period! That’s the fine line that exists between winning and losing in the NFL. Deal with it and move on and give the man (Wilson) the congratulations he deserves. If CK does not like it, he has a choice of getting better than he is or continuing down his current path.

  26. Ridiculous column.

    Under GC’s stewardship, this blog has devolved to NewsCorp-like speculative drivel. Thank god for the informed commentary of the posters.

    1. This post isn’t a column. You said the same thing when I correctly predicted the end of the Alex Smith Era. You need new material.

  27. Is it me or is this draft class ho-hum once you get past the top five players?

    I hear alot about the “deep” WR. I’m no expert (loved the Jenkins pick) but but aside from Watkins, none of the WR highlights jump off the screen.

    Mike Evans is intriguing. 6’5″, 225, physical, makes contested catches. Had to re-check to make sure he wasn’t a TE. Not the fastest, but his long stride brings deceptive speed. Boldin would be the perfect mentor. Most striking… he’s only 20. He’ll be a tick faster and stronger in 3 years. Worth trading up to #9 to snag?

    1. No, its not a ho-hum draft. There are always around 5 guys that ‘stand out’ from the rest, though as with every year once they make the jump to the pros there is no guarantee they’ll be any better than the guys drafted after them.

      The quality of WRs that should be available at the end of round 1 and in rounds 2 and 3 is very good. None of the top end talent like a Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson, AJ Green or Julio Jones, but still lots of good talent.

      Some good talent is also to be had in the trenches – OL and DL probably have the best quality and depth in the draft. There are some talented pass rushing OLBs as well. A pity the 49ers aren’t likely to target these positions with any urgency, outside of maybe an interior OL.

      CB talent isn’t the greatest, especially at the top end. No Darrelle Revis or Patrick Peterson to be had this year. But the drop off between rounds 1 and 4-5 isn’t that great. There are some guys that should go in rounds 4 or 5 that look like pretty good prospects.

      Safety is the worst position in this draft. No top end quality to be had, and the drop off in quality after round 3-4 is likely to be really sharp. Even in rounds 2 and 3 those guys will likely be getting drafted a round earlier than they should be.

  28. I think the difference is mostly coaching. Seattle’s secondary is better, but I expect Baalke to revamp ours. CK will continue to improve. But what won’t change is the way Harbaugh approaches offense. Remember how aggressive Seattle was in the second half? We would have kicked field goals. When it comes to touchdowns, our offense just mystifies me. Really, how many teams play offense more conservatively than we do? The Steelers? Who else? The players we have now have the ability to sustain very long drives. Drafting another stud offensive player will be relatively insignificant, because we have a Neanderthal scheme and are functionally incompetent in the red zone. Against bad teams, this keeps games close. Against good teams, it puts extra pressure on our QB to make risky passes. Baalke and York watch the same games we do, so you have to wonder what they say to each other. The definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result. Last year’s Super Bowl defeat. This year’s defeat against Seattle. I will be surprised and disappointed if we do not see a change in our play design.

  29. What’s the difference between the Niners
    and the Sea Chickens ?

    One relies on PEDs and referees in the back pocket …

    the other doesn’t

      1. If there is one thing I would like to see an end of, it’s making excuses for why they beat us. PEDs..? They got tested…some passed some failed. Browner, starting CB didn’t play for the last 8 games. Someday one (or more) of our guys is gonna’ get caught and then what will you say? It’s the same standard for everyone….let it rest.

  30. Using stats from 3 games in post-season to compare CK vs Wilson, as one of the reasons why SEA is better? pfff. Too small of a sample size to get anything meaningful out of that. First week of playoffs was in like sub-zero weather, where it was almost impossible to effectively pass the ball. Then in 3rd week, we played arguably the best secondary the NFL has ever seen. Not to mention that the Panthers D was arguably top 3 in the NFL as well.

    Not saying that CK is better than Wilson, just stating that your selection of stats is misleading and too small of a sample size to draw any definite conclusion from.

  31. Don’t think Harbaugh can ask for more money then Carroll, Harbaugh is not the best coach in the division and not the best coach in his family.

      1. John is the better coach, he has the hardware and Jimbo does not. Does not matter to me if your the second best team in football or the 15th this past season. You both lost.

  32. There is a mentality among 49er fans that I don’t think is shared by fans of other winning organizations. It’s this: While we have a dominant team, we need to be patient and keep hoping the QB we have steps up to the level of the players around him, and we don’t need to invest a high draft pick on a plan B if he doesn’t.

    Nonsense! Plan B needs to come by R3 in this draft, or this whole window closes because we have an idiot QB that will probably never amount to much other than an athletic freakshow.

    1. Alan M,
      When I read your post I mistook R3 as RG3, which brings up a good analogy.
      The Redskins benched RG3 for Nick Cousins. And for one game Nick didn’t play too bad. They benched RG because he was hurt the whole year, and really hasn’t looked like the same QB.
      We’ll see how he does in 2014.
      But if we had another young guy to challenge Colin, then it will only him better. And we finally see what his ceiling is.

    2. Alan,

      Your whole point loses credibility with your last paragraph. The nonsense is in you not seeing what the guy does to help them win while instead focusing on the attributes that you don’t like and ignoring the fact he’s been a key reason for their success the past two seasons.

      1. Did you watch any of the games Alan because if you did then that is a question you shouldn’t have to ask. If you didn’t, just look at his game logs that made him top ten in both QBR and Passer rating, and tied for second in QBR in the playoffs.

  33. It’s ridiculous to define this season. 3 straight years of being the best team in the whole league, yet no rings. Now, 364 days of Sea hawk ownership to get lambasted by the most annoying fan base in the league. 10 times worse then Philly or Dallas!!! 1 call changed the outcome in my opinion. If Ahmad Brooks hit on Drew Brees, which was the worst call i’ve seen in years, was called correctly, the 9ers would have had Home Field #1 seed and not had to play at Green Bay, At carolina, and would have hosted Seattle. Kaepernick doesn’t have 3 turnovers at home in 1 quarter.

    1. how can you say the Niners are the best team in the league for the past 3 years? the only team to make that claim is the team that wins the Lombardi Trophy. It’s what you do on the field that counts, not what bloggers or scribes put on line or in the air waves with talk shows, etc. It’s all about the scoreboard in determining who is the best.

  34. Geez, I thought the end of the world was supposed to have happened on December 21st, 2012, but those dang Mayans had it wrong! Apparently, however, a few 49er fans knew that February 2nd, 2014 was the real doomsday, lol.

    How long does the end of the world actually take to end? Still vertical and breathing as of this writing — so maybe we all get a football season extension until the next SB? I have hopes.

  35. All the talk about Super Bowl and playoffs , needs to stop niners need to win there division first (sea hawks ) they need a real wr to put the fear of god in the secondary of Seattle and the they need a real punt and kick returner , if they get those parts maybe the can close the gap until then the are smelling Seattle exhaust .

  36. one area of the 49ers that needs improvement is running back. Lynch is a beast who can move the pile on his own. He can take over in the second half. Gore, love his gusto, but we have to transition to a breakaway back. Lattimore has weak looking lower legs and knees. He’s one hit from being out again. He also doesn’t look very fast. Lamichael James also isn’t fast enough to be so easy to bring down. I really like Lache Seastrunk in the draft with 4.37 speed who can break it on any play. He’s 5’10″ and a good strong upper and power body who won’t go down as easy as Hunter or James. If you insist on a big back get Andre Williams as well. Seastrunk will be our big weapon if used like Marshall Faulk.

    1. 9ers Rok
      “if used like marshal faulk” What have you seen from our playcaller and QB that leads you to believe that they ever intend to involve the RB in the passing game. Was it the 5 screen passes called the whole season or CK’s reluctance to check it down to the back. MF had more catches in one game than all 9er RB had COMBINED for the entire season

  37. Russell Wilson was asked to manage the games in the playoffs, Colin Kaepernick was asked to win them.. that’s the difference.

  38. A few of the things man has yet to discover:

    The Meaning of Life

    The Theory of Everything

    The Fountain of Youth

    The Pot at End of the Rainbow

    The Holy Grail

    And most importantly for football fans:

    The Elite Quarterback Tree that would make it so easy to pick a franchise QB for your team from. I know it must exist because so many seem to act like it’s already here, they just call it, “The Draft.”

    1. C’mon space you know David Fales is a can’t miss franchise guy they should take in the 3rd round. He’s already better than Kap in so many areas. ;)

      1. Fales looks like he’s moving in slow motion. His throws aren’t that impressive. I wasn’t that impressed with what I saw. I think he’ll have alot of interceptions in the pros.

      2. That’s what they’d said about the great Joe Montana skinny and can’t throw long but his very accurate and he rarely missed throwing the football to his receivers.

  39. The seahawks aren’t better than the niners. Seahawks got A LOT of breaks this year like the niners did in 2011. Um, the Houston, Rams, Tampa Bay games all could’ve and some definetely should have been losses (thanks mr. pick6 Shaub). Even game 1 against Carolina could’ve been a loss. Meanwhile, the Saints game and the Brooks sack/penalty was, um, I’ll stop there. I’m getting mad thinking about it. Everything went right for the seahawks while the niners had a tough season and still had a good year. Seahawks turnover +/- I believe was +29. It will return to the mean just like the niners did from 2011 to 2012. Niners played the seahawks tough both games at the end with healthy rosters minus soft percy. If the games were played on neutral field 10 times who wins? I think the niners would win 7 out of the 10 times but that might just be me being a homer.

  40. Biggest difference? One guy got to play at home all his playoff games(with the biggest homefield advantage in the league) and the other guy had to play all 3 on the road. You telling me I’m getting those same stats if the situation was reversed?

    Talk about a simple view.

      1. They just took it to the best scoring offense in the league and you claim that they would have lost playing against Green Bay? Okay.

  41. Grant – Those numbers are true, but the 49ers faced better defenses and played on the road. I would still take Kaepernick over Wilson today. Yes, Kaepernick needs to study and work on his progressions, but he will make that adjustment. The 49ers have ~ 12 draft picks and two “red shirts” in Lattimore and Carradine for next year. The 49ers are well positioned to overtake Seattle next year. No need to hit the panic and despair button yet.

      1. We have nothing to worry about unless Grant starts posting articles about the downfall of man due to roller coasters and responding to everybody’s post, “I like Gouda. “

      2. Grant:

        Speaking of censoring posts, it seems like you are employing a stricter standard when censoring or deleting comments. Is that the reflection of a new policy?

        Whether it’s a new standard or the same standard, it would help me if you would articulate what the standard is for deleting/censoring comments.

      3. Grant,

        Big P had a post deleted above that didn’t feature anything you just listed. He made some strong points that weren’t favorable to you and now it’s gone.

      4. Grant, is Mud too filthy of a name for name-calling?

        Also, are deliberate attempts to disrupt the blog by trolls a banning offense? It is on every other blog when they never discuss the subject matter, but repeatedly insert off-topic comments about players and coaches

      5. Grant, there was absolutely nothing vulgar in my posts, stop lying. You’ve done that quite a few times. You put yourself in that position with your childish actions. You love to dish it out but you can’t take it. When somebody disagrees with you, you align yourself with people that have the opposite agenda.

  42. Colin Kaepernick is a good quarterback, Russell Wilson is a good enough quarterback. Do you see Wilson really getting much better than he is right now? I see his as a great game manager who can scramble to make plays. He is a mobile version of Trent Dilfer. I don’t think he is ever going to set the world on fire or make the plays that will get him called an “elite” quarterback. He’ll just do enough to win as long as he has a good back and a sound defense.

    1. Do you see Wilson really getting much better than he is right now? I see his as a great game manager who can scramble to make plays.


    2. I see him as a great game manager who can scramble to make plays.

      It’s almost as if you think that isn’t valuable.

  43. Russell White is the better QB right now, things can change next season. Kaep needs to go to a QB guru, and get better. Kaep is not a smart football player. He needs a make over.

    1. You know what, the 49ers should draft a QB in the 2nd or 3rd round pick just for insurance. It’s good to have a young QB seating behind Kaep just in case it doesn’t work out with Kaep.

  44. If Wilson played for the Niners against that secondary, he’d struggle too. The fact that Kaep played 3 brilliant Q in Seattle in the championship game in his basically second season is a testament to how good he is. Again, Grant is wrong about his point here, as with almost everything else. Secondary is difference. Period.

    1. Dude! Are you serious about Wilson? The kid already won a Super Bowl in his second year. Kaep already played in the SB and he loss. Joe Montana played four Super Bowl the result was 4 Super Bowl Championship. Only great Qb’s win Championships.

  45. IMHO -
    1. QB – Differences speaks volumes. Kaepernick needs to accept input and grow his game. He has not demonstrated the ability to raise his own passing skills or through his passing raise other players’ to their abilities.
    2. Offensive Coordinator – Roman or Harbaugh need to adjust their game plans. The run first power football philosophy works when you can out talent or muscle the opponent. Let’s face it, the rest of the NFC West is just as talented as the Niners. Now the “brain” has to take over for the “brawn”.
    3. QB Coach? Do we have one? Get a guy to work on Kaepernick’s reads and mechanics.
    4. Special teams lapses. Why these still occur in “big” games is inexcuseable. The Niners must admit, their special teams play is not as good as it should be.

  46. Grant, if all QB’s are judged on their performances in the postseason, then by your reasoning, Kaep is already better than Joe and Steve in some regard. Being that he already has three road victories in the playoffs to Joe and Steve’s combined one. Of course, 5 Super Bowl wins make this a moot point, but he has done something they failed at more times than not.

  47. The reason the Niners weren’t as good as the Seahawks were because the Seahawks made 4 plays against them in the NFCCG.
    1. That pass to Bakdwin…which was under thrown, so not even a great play by Wilson.
    2. Lynch’s run.
    3. Kickoff return after Niner’s TD.
    4. 4th down TD on a play where no one rushed the QB.

    Kaepernick is the better QB. He was the Niners entire offense in that game (92%)…Wilson made 2 throws the whole game…one that was under thrown after a blown assignment and one when no one rushed him.
    That said, the Seahawks won the Super Bowl so props to them.

  48. You go back to when the 49ers were playing catch up with the Dallas Cowboys in 1994.

    They didn’t make a change at QB (and Steve Young could not beat the Cowboys at first).

    If the 49ers combat the Seahawks advantages (acquiring speed receivers maybe? or an offensive coordinator change?) some of the other advantages will naturally resolve itself.

    When the 49ers revamped their defense in 1993/1994, Steve Young finally was able to solve the Dallas Cowboys. Deion Sanders was the advantage the 49ers needed. I honestly don’t think Colin Kaepernick is the problem. The 49ers need to win the momentum battle because these teams are not that far apart and won’t ever be.

    A few personnel changes swing a few plays in the 49ers direction and that’ll make the difference that will be necessary to overcome the Seahawks. Maybe even just having a dominate Aldon Smith. Or maybe Tank Carradine provides that extra domination that can make any QB look mediocre (a la 2007 NY Giants).

    Note: I also believe Russell Wilson has better numbers because he doesn’t have to face his own secondary.

  49. The difference is not that huge. If the Referees do not make the bogus roughing call on Brooks and all else remains the same (a big if admittedly..) the NFC championship game is at the Stick and the Niners would have been in the Super Bowl.

    Also, there were several bad calls in the NFC championship game that have been overshadowed by the focus on Kap’s 4th quarter meltdown. There was yet another bogus roughing the passer penalty which directly led to 3 points for Seattle, and one of the worst calls I have seen all year was not calling the blatant late hit on Andy Lee as a roughing but merely a running into the kicker. If either call had gone the Niners way the outcome might have been different. But good teams find a way to rise above bad officiating and the Niners did not do so either in new Orleans or Seattle. No whining here. We were beaten fair and square.

    For me the biggest difference between the two teams is Gore vs. Lynch. Frank has been a great Niner, but he is clearly on the downside of his career, while Lynch is in his prime. We need younger and fresher legs at the RB position.

    The second biggest difference is the Cornerbacks. Carlos Rogers was a huge liability all year.

    If the Niners get upgrade at the cornerback and the running back position, they can overtake Seattle next year. Also don’t forget in 2014 the Niners get the second place schedule. Seattle has to play The Packers, and the Panthers, while the Niners get the Saints, and the Bears. Also, Seattle has to play the Eagles on the road while the Niners get them at home. Pretty much a flip flop of the advantage Seattle had this year.

    Go Niners.

    1. Rick

      I disagree on a couple of your points. One is that Gore is not over the hill; the difference is that Lynch has a QB who can throw out-patterns and not allow the backers and safety’s to jam the box. Spread them out with passes into the flat and out patterns, and Frank would double his yardage.

      1. I agree that Harbaugh needs to run more from spread formations. I hate the so called Jumbo formation with everybody pulled in tight. All it does is to allow the defense to crowd the box. How about spreading the WR wide so at least a couple of defenders have to go wide to cover them. If you run from a spread formation maybe there will be more room to run.

        Dont get me wrong. I am a huge fan of Frank but nobody beats father time. When was the last time you saw Frank break tackles the way Lynch did on his TD run.

  50. Too simplistic to blame kap. Alex couldn’t get a third down in the second half against the ny giants to keep the lead. Kap had lousy wrs first part of the season, ( marlon Moore, lockette, aj Jenkins or his alter ego from kc ) but agreed he is no were close to Wilson in throwing to get first downs. But with a team this talented ( ol gore, vd boldin) it’s coaching that’s the primary issue. No way this team is last in passing if you have a true wco coordinator. ( john just hired Kubiak for Baltimore) this thinking you can run over everyone to win a Super Bowl was dead in bill walshes time. ( see Dikta bears after buddy Ryan, redskins vs raiders) too bad jim isn’t bright enough to follow his brother ( who he admits is the better coach) who made changes offensively mid season to win a Super Bowl and made more changes thus year. It took Walsh and shanahan to turn Steve young I to a hof qb. I have my doubts jim Harbaugh has the where with all to do it with kap. How sad.

    1. Niner

      spoken like a fan intent on instant gratification …

      To harken back to the “glory days” for a moment …
      Joe couldn’t beat the Cowpies ….

      … until he did

      …( in their house) …

      I refuse to blame Kaep for the last two seasons …
      guess I’m a “glass half full” kinda guy .. and believe
      there’s more upside to Kaep than downside …

      Kaep will beat Sherm … but only when he figures
      him out … and he will !

  51. I am curious, why does the league let Seattles’s secondary play the way they do? I see numerous holds and pass interference plays that do not get called. If they let one team do it, they should all be able to do it.

  52. The clear difference between the two teams is coaching. The Seattle coaching staff has been able to find and coach up low round draft pick and undrafted players, such as Doug Baldwin, Richard Sherman, Carl Lockette, etc. During the last two seasons, the Niners have failed to make use of 1st round or 2nd round picks in LaMichael James, Vance McDonald, and A.J. Jenkins, etc.

    Not to mention clock management issues, red zone inefficiency, and alack offensive killer instinct. These problems lay at the feet of Roman and Harbaugh for sticking with him.

    1. I think the 49ers like McDonald. McDonald got major snaps in one of the more complex offensive positions. His blocking improved greatly. Baalke likes to say the biggest growth is from year one to year two. I’m going VMac some time.

  53. Censorship for the kids. That’s a bunch of . Where does the adult learn the art of colorful vocabulary – most of us were well versed in the art of using color in our speech at the age of, well lets just say at the age of 11 would be considered a late bloomer.

  54. Fansince 77 says:
    February 3, 2014 at 2:34 pm
    “Football is the ultimate team game.”

    I totally agree. But if you hold this statement to be true, why do you continue to make it about CK?

    If you are going to contradict your own statement (by singling out Kaep) at least try to uphold your “ultimate team sport” view by point the finger at other players.

    In the championship to Seattle:
    1. Donte Whitner releases coverage on Baldwin during Wilson’ scramble for a 58 yrd reception leading to a score.
    2. On Lynch’s TD run there were some inexcusable broken tackles especially near the goal line.
    3. C.Rogers could not bat the ball away from Kearse on a 4th down TD pass from Wilson.

    Yes, we’ve read ad nauseam about CK’ 4th Qtr meltdown and yes those mistakes were very crucial, but I’ve seen QB’ throw 3-5 INT’s in games and still win. We were still in the game (even after CK’ mistakes) until the last INT.
    But hey, if this truly is the ultimate team sport as you say, than there is plenty of blame to go around right?

    1. I have not re watched the game but it seemed to me the receiver should of done everything in his power except murder, to prevent the defender from having a chance to intercept/deflect the pass. Should of bear hugged him or whatever he had to do to wrap up the defenders hands. Penalty no big deal considering the alternative.

    2. AES,
      You’re right. It is a team game and lately I’ve been pointing my finer at Kaep, mainly because he had the ball in his hands and made a poor decision to force the fade to Crabs. I’m sure the pro Kaep peeps will argue otherwise.

      However, I was responding to how someone thought the issue was Gore vs. Lynch, and how Kaep was all the running.
      The reason is because no one respects Kaeps’ ability to read defenses and can pack 8 in the box.

      1. And the blog topic was the biggest difference between the 49ers and Seahawks and Grant suggests a big reason why Seattle is better than the 49ers is at QB. The difference between Wilson and Kaep is miniscule. Each brings great things to their offenses.

      2. I hear you Fan.
        Sorry for misunderstanding the context of your comment.

        But to follow up on your ‘no one respects CK’ ability to read defenses’ comment, I hope that teams continue down that path.

        Because if a poor pocket footwork, bad decision making running QB, who can’t read defenses can still manage 12 regular season wins and two playoff wins on the road, then teams would be foolish not to respect CK. Regardless of how he beats them.

        CK will improve in all facets of the game, and as he does D-Cords will have an even harder time keeping him from winning 12 (plus playoffs) games a season.

  55. On and week to week basis I think 49ers have been the best team in football over the last three years. Three NFC Championship appearances with two different QBs means you have a pretty good team.

    2011 13–3 regular season record.
    2012 11–4–1 regular season record.
    2013 12-4 regular season record.

    Going 36-11-1 in the NFC West (the last two years having hell schedules) is fantastic.

    This team reminds me of the Raiders of the 70′s… before they finally got their first Lombardi trophy in 1976. Back then the AFC champion was the likely Super Bowl winner. Today its the NFC.

    Not only did all the AFC West teams consider Oakland to be their #1 rival, so did the great Pittsburgh and Miami teams.

    Today the NFC West is the center of physical football. This guarantees at least six games a year will be absolute slugfests.

  56. The two best teams in the NFL the 49ers and Seahawks. The Super Bowl Champions Seahawks showed us all how to beat a great QB and a power house offense. They’re scary, they dominated the Broncos. Nowbody could’ve predicted the outcome that we all witness. This team probably ranks among one of the top defensive teams in the history of the NFL

  57. Are you serious ?? Our secondary is hot garbage compared to Seattle. Wilson is better than Kaep but by a small margin. The biggest gap is in that secondary. That might be the best secondary of all time. They play fast and physical.

      1. I think Seattle’s safeties this year were much better than the Jets’ 2009 group. Plus, Seattle has a really deep corps of CBs, whereas the Jets’ 2009 nickel and dime guys got torched plenty.

      2. The reason I think they are better than the 2009 Jets, they won against 3 of the best QB’s in Bree’s, CK, and Manning. But I know you will come up with a stat that says otherwise, so let’s have it.

      3. The 2009 Jets had Mark Sanchez at QB and reached the AFC Championship Game.

        For those who want to throw out how Kaepernick has won 3 road playoff games; Mark Sanchez won 4 road playoff games his first 2 seasons.

        Let that sink in for a minute.

      4. Maybe not top 5 but I really liked
        Dion Sanders
        Eric Davis
        Merton Hanks
        Tim McDonald

        With a “true” shut-down corner in Sanders and good D-line depth, the 49ers had major flexibility on defense. Its pretty much the same configuration Seattle uses today with Sherman playing the Sanders role.

        The 81 49ers are not too shabby…

        Not the very best statistically, but when you factor in run support, run game disruption and intimidation this group ranks close to the top as well.

      5. The Seahawks secondary definitely benefits from a good, disruptive pass rush. But you can say that about any top secondary. The Seahawks have a great safety in Earl Thomas – he’s the best safety in the game right now. And Sherman is a top-tier CB.

        The other guys are decent but not great. Chancellor gets a lot of praise, and deservedly so for his play, but he is a perfect example of a guy that is a perfect fit for a system. Terrific pressure from the DL combined with tremendous range in coverage by Thomas allows Chancellor to play an enforcer role closer to the line of scrimmage. He’s basically an extra LB. In pretty much any other team he would be asked to do more in coverage and would be exploited. But, to be fair, he is great at what he’s asked to do for the ‘Hawks.

        Their CBs opposite Sherman are also beneficiaries of the DL and Thomas. Browner was a nobody and had to go play in the CFL before being a fit for the’Hawks style of play. He can’t hold up in coverage for long, but with a disruptive DL and help over the top from Thomas if things go wrong he becomes a devastating press CB. Same thing with their other CBs since Browner was suspended.

        To me what makes them so good is the pass rush and having a safety with incredible range in coverage. Same thing the Ravens had for so long with Ed Reed and their DL/ OLBs.

      6. ’84 Niners secondary that shut down Marino was pretty darn good. I gotta go with the Seahawks as best in last 5 years. They will change the way the game is played as more teams will do what they do.

      7. Not only has Mark Sanchez won more road playoff games than Kaepernick, one of those wins was in Foxboro. Against Brady. In January. And he threw 3 TD passes that day.

      8. Can’t wait to read Rocket’s rebuttal to that one.

        Simple really. Sanchez was turning the ball over at an alarming rate from the beginning so there was no way the Jets were going to sustain success with him under center. They made it to the AFCCG the first time with a 9-7 record so it’s not like they were an upper echelon team like the Niners have been.

        There’s examples of strange anomalies throughout NFL history and this is one of them.

  58. Grant is a 49er- Hater!!! Anybody can see that!!!!
    There is a CONSPIRACY against the 49ers!!!
    If U watched the NFC Championship Game & know football, u know this!!!

  59. Congrats Grant on maybe the stupid’s answer since the start of the 20th century, yes the 20th century. Let’s make this simply, Russell Wilson doen’t have to try and win the game, just mange them because he has in support of him the most dominant secondary in NFL history, along with a Great RB, Great Special Teams, Great coaching, and the 12th man. On the other hand Colin Kaepernick has to try and win the game basically by himself against the superior teams in the NFL, like the Patriots, Saints, Panthers, Packers, and Seahawks. Yeah what a fair comparison. Give Kaepernick Seattle’s defense and he is two time reigning Superbowl champion. Give Russell Wilson the 49ers Defense and he doesn’t make it to the Superbowl. The 49ers defense isn’t bad at all, but they are not the level of Seattle’s

    1. That’s funny give Kaep the Seahawks defense and he’ll have two Championships? So, you’re saying that the 49ers defense sucks and without Kaep the 49ers won’t win? It’s hard to believe that, as a matter of fact I’d think it’s the other way around, the reason Kaep won so many close games is becasue of our stellar defense. Talking about superior teams Kaep struggles against them you’re very funny. How many times N. Bowman and the defense save his a. s. s not only once or twice in every game.

  60. Seattle’s RB corps is also a decisive advantage. Gore isn’t as bad as some have made him out to be. But Lynch is possibly second only to AP. Also, Turbin/Christine are much more talented and powerful than Hunter/LMJ. If we want to be a world-class running team, we’re going to have to find a world-class runner not named Kap.

  61. I wish I could post the link but can’t from my phone. This was really good. Go to you tube and search “nfl rigged 49ers beat Seahawks/refs beat 49ers” and then come back an tell me how big the gap is between the 2 teams! When it has stuff to read, read fast or pause it. Little warning. But they were spot on!
    Officiating is such a big part of the game but no one talks about it!

    1. The 2 clock violation/non-violation shown in the video needs to be examined at the very least. I wonder how many times this mismanagement of the play-clock happens around the league, accidental or not. Also, I didn’t know that the line judge had a clear view of Bowman’s interception at the goal line. I wonder if that shows in the All-22 video, so we could see it from a different angle. Either way, the seahawks benefited from bad officiating in that game. Thanks for sharing!

      1. I feel your pain, Bay. Yeah, that’s the same video that I’m referring to on my comment above. That’s a strong accusation being presented in the video, and frankly whether it’s true or not, providing a factual evidence will be close to impossible. But it makes you wonder why those “bad” calls were pretty much one-sided, doesn’t it?

      2. Thanks for posting that link Bay! My point to the whole thing is I just don’t agree that the 2 teams are that far apart. Seattle had everything literally bounce their way this year and for that to happen again next year would be about impossible!

  62. Hey Grant that’s how it feels to be trolled only difference is I can’t delete this article. “How bout them Cowboys!? Yeeeeeeahhhhh!”

  63. I would like to comment on the BS from Seattle fans concerning 2 topics:
    1) The whole “12th man” thing — they seem to actually believe that their fans are better or more engaged than the fans from other cities? Don’t they know that its just the acoustic design of their stadium? So, really, the teams whole identity and rallying point is just BS!
    2) Notice how the Seattle fans like to say that the niners and their fans are “whiners”. I hope everyone realizes that we 49 fans whine no more nor no less than fans from other cities — its only because “whiner” rhimes with “49er” — so, this complain from Seattle fans is also based purely on BS.
    Its like when we call them the SeaChickens — we don’t really think they are chickens, its just a play on the name SeaHawks.

    I feel a little silly explaining the above, but I do think that 90% of Seattle fans don’t realize that they are full of BS.

  64. the Seahawks have the edge because their secondary and their RB are better. Defences have to worry about Lynch more than they worry about Gore and this is a major reason why he is more effective as a passer than Kaep.

  65. The shortcomings of Kaep (not reading the progression, not accurate enough, poor judgment at times, etc) are also the fault of the coaches. They could not refine him in three years.

    Seahawks coaches developed good secondaries and receivers out of 4-6 rounders and un-drafted agents.

    Coaches are the #1 difference.

  66. This is a brilliant analysis. And fair too, because he’s comparing quarterbacks that faced the same defenses in the playoffs. And he’s only comparing this season, not last season’s playoffs, those don’t count. Only the TWO games Russell Wilson played at home count, plus the game on a neutral field against a bad defense count, the other games, the other years, the other defenses, who care’s about all that?
    Superb statistical analysis.

    But there is this one small thing…

    What about the NFL’s BEST OFFENSE EVER? What about them? How did they do against Seattle? Just curious, because I think Kaepernick played the same defense the NFL’s BEST OFFENSE EVER played, and he managed to make the game just a bit closer than the NFL’s BEST OFFENSE EVER managed to do.

    1. The best offense ever played against the weakest opponents with the exception of Indy. Over inflated stats with a cream puff schedule. I think our offense is much better than theirs and will get better if Kap can elevate his game. Would love to see him reach out to Steve Young for pointers.

  67. Grant’s right. Our QB position is a weakness. Athleticism and running ability only get you so far. I’m keen to saying that the best way to beat Kaepernick, aka Kapow (a faster version of Tebow, can run but not pass) is easy – Keep him in the pocket and force him to read a defense.

    If Kap were Alex Smith, his supporters would be screaming for him to be benched.

  68. Colin,
    Sorry I did not return your call last night.
    I was busy talking and playing catch with
    David Letterman. Lotta fun. Lotta fun.

    Hey, let’s get together later in the week, okay?
    Maybe you can join me for a little practice with
    the Texas Rangers. Just staying sharp, you know?
    You used to play some ball, didn’t you? Baseball, that is.
    With the way things have gone for you lately,
    perhaps you should think about giving football a rest…
    for awhile anyway. See you on the diamond, fella…

    1. This wont stand. I’ve left a message over at the PD, anyone else that doesn’t feel like Cohn is properly handling the deleting of messages I encourage to let the PD know how you feel as well.

  69. FYI — I wasn’t wrong when I predicted the 49ers would beat the Seahawks in the NFC Championship game. The 49ers were wrong.

    I’m never wrong.

      1. Where do I get one of those cool “blame the computer” computers?

        Reminds me of when players say they made “Mental Mistakes.” Does anyone say “I made a physical error.”

        Imagine a safety saying “It was a physical mistake. I intended to stay with the deep receiver, but my legs bit on the pump fake, then the WR beat me for the long bomb.”

        I think the SeaRoids were ripe for the plucking in the NFCCG. The 49ers blew the game management at the end.

      1. Grant I’ve never called you a name. At least not knowingly or maybe a few years ago when you first started but seriously I do not post things that are meant as insults towards you on here. If taken in that manner I simply need the opportunity to properly explain myself or rephrase. I give everyone a hard time and it’s my way but as I always say if you were in the room with me you’d always see I say everything with a smirk.

      2. I know perfectly well what I said, I repeated in the phone message I left so there wouldn’t me any misunderstanding. If I truly thought that phrasing was something that would upset I wouldn’t have used it. I don’t expect you to take something like that from me in a derogatory manner, it was meant to be taken ironically. Poor humor on my part, ok probably but then call me out for it and I’ll say my bad, like I always do.

      3. btw the word can be used as an adjective without allusion: a person who is fanatically dedicated to or seeks to control a specified activity, practice, etc

      1. I swear Officer, there was no stop sign there when I drove by.

        Officer: That’s because you ran over it.

        No I didn’t.

        Officer: The sign sticking out of your hood begs to differ.

      1. That is why I like your Dad, he has a vulnerable side and admits when he is wrong. That is part of the reason why he is respected in the sports community. He helped you the job, but eventually it will be up to you, if you have any aspirations of moving up the ladder in more prestigious and respected positions, as Barrows and Branch have.

      1. I didn’t see yours Mid, my bad. The best part of that piece for me is that it came from a guy who was in Kaepernick’s corner all season long. No agenda.

    1. nice piece, (as always) … Jack

      and I agree, totally … not to pick some nits, though..
      whenever I hear the term “West Coast Offense” ..
      it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard, for me ..

      I’ve always called it the “Bill Walsh Offense”, instead ..
      (giving credit where it’s due)

      I dunno who coined the “WCO” term …
      (was it Ratto ?) … but when it was coined ..
      there was only one team on the West Coast who was
      running it …
      (and back then .. we had one more team on the coast, too )

      1. It was Bill Parcells. After beating the 49ers, he shouted to his players something like “How do you like that west coast offense now.”

    2. This article is no different than many posts in here. It’s emotional stemming from disappointment along with being over dramatic.

      49er fans need to stop rehashing old Montana stories when looking at the current team in the modern NFL. Montana wasn’t Montana after a year and half of starting. He also didn’t have to deal with losing players to FA and having to start over with new ones from year to year. Oh yeah and he just so happened to be one of the greatest QB’s who’s ever set foot on a Football field. Do you guys not see how ludicrous it is to be measuring Colin Kaepernick by those standards? He’s not even close to a finished product, yet he’s won 70% of the games he’s started. What ever happened to allowing a player to learn and gain experience before deciding on his future? Aaron Rodgers sat on the bench for 3 full seasons before getting a chance and he was much more prepared coming out of College than Kaepernick was.

      If the article writer has changed his view of Kaepernick based on that final throw two weeks ago then he’s not looking at the situation clearly and is letting disappointment rule his thinking. That is fan angst; not common sense. Kaepernick will improve with repetition and time because that is how players get better in this league. I’m beginning to think the worst thing that ever happened to Kap was his explosive debut and subsequent string of great play last year, because it created unrealistic expectations for certain members of this fan base. The Niners lost on the last play of the game to the eventual SB Champions in their building, and the overriding discussion is about how Kaepernick may not have the ability to lead them to a Championship? I don’t think I’ve witnessed a more short sighted and flawed viewpoint in my life. It’s as if the rest of the game never happened and the only reason they lost was because Colin Kaepernick threw a pass one on one to the receiver he trusts the most. Never mind the guy covering him didn’t even intercept the ball on a play that would have usually resulted in an incompletion. Nope, forget the defensive and ST’s breakdowns, forget the fact they had no running game to help the guy out. This 26 year old QB clearly isn’t who we thought he was and the Honeymoon is over. Give me a freaking break.

      This is not the 80′s and 90′s anymore. This team’s mantra of SB or bust doesn’t fit the current setup of the NFL or the teams recent history. This was a terrible team from top to bottom for nearly a decade until being saved and resurrected by Trent Baalke and Jim Harbaugh. If you feel this team needs a new GM, HC, and QB, I suggest you go back and look up their body of work from 2002 to 2010. If that doesn’t snap you back to reality nothing will.

      1. rocket:

        It’s not the one play that changed the writer’s view of Kaepernick. It’s Kaepernick’s seemingly defiant refusal to learn from his mistakes.

      2. Claude,

        The writer is upset because he feels that Kap made the same mistake and didn’t learn from it a year earlier. The problem is it is a poor assumption for a fan to deem a play a mistake when they don’t have a clue whether that is what was called by the Coaching staff or what the intention was. What happened was the play did not work out favorably. The play itself is up for discussion and certainly cannot be deemed a mistake when that was the obvious presnap read due to the way the defense lined up.

        Taking offense to Kap saying he would do it again is also trivial. What is Kap going to say when asked that question? “Yeah you know I shouldn’t have tested Sherman, the guy is too good. Crab is ok but not good enough to beat a guy like that.” There isn’t a player in the league who is going to say something like that. He’s a confident young QB who has put together quite a resume in a very short period of time. He’s also not stupid and will learn from his mistakes.

        Football players don’t think like fans. They aren’t standing there on the field afraid of Richard Sherman. They are competitors and believe they can beat anybody. Kap felt that a one on one featuring his best receiver was the right way to go. There has been plenty of Monday Morning QBing both in support and against that decision but that was the decision at that point in time.

        The writer has now stereotyped Kap as somebody who won’t learn from his mistakes and it’s a ludicrous and baseless assumption. I don’t recall Kap going to a Crabtree fade at the end of all the games he’s played in, do you? I’m pretty sure I saw him throw a ball up for Quinton Patten against Arizona that many people were quite happy about even though there was a chance for that one to get picked too.

        Claude my issue with all of the Kaepernick vitriol that has come out, is that it came out after he made a mistake. He made a poor throw, it was tipped and intercepted. 49er fans everywhere were disappointed as well as Kap and the team itself. Saying it was a bad throw was an obvious statement. What happens though is some fans take it further. Their disappointment leads them to start questioning the players ability and future, his character, his maturity. That is what I take offense too because it shows ignorance and intolerance and quite frankly a myopic view of what actually happened in that game and this season.

        If Crabtree makes a play on that throw and they score a TD, there is no room on the Kap bandwagon. He’s being hailed as a gunslinger who fears nobody. Conversely, if that throw to Patton in AZ had been picked, there would have been the same negative response then as we are seeing now. The reactions are not based on knowledge of the game and common sense. They are based on disappointment and the need for a scapegoat to point the finger at. Fans are hypocrites sometimes and I include myself as one on occasion.

        I have said from the beginning that Kap is not above criticism for that play or other times he didn’t play well, but the questioning of his ability and future is nonsensical imo, much like the statements of Harbaugh being Outcoached and Baalke not being able to draft players.

      3. It is indeed a big jump, and quite the assumption. Can’t wait for the 2014 Campaign…..I’m assuming Crow is on the menu….

      4. rocket:

        We disagree on the wisdom of throwing to Crabtree on the play, so I won’t get into that again.

        And while I agree with you that no one should expect Kaepernick to admit publicly that it was a mistake to throw to Crabtree when he was tightly covered, he didn’t merely demur when asked about it. He unequivocally stated that he would always attempt that throw in that situation, regardless of the circumstances. That’s what appeared to bother the writer and, frankly, what bothers me.

        As for those commenters who have gone overboard and used that play (or that quarter) to call into question Kaepernick’s ability, future, his character, his maturity, etc., you are right to be irritated at their ignorance. Same with the attacks on Baalke and Harbaugh. It amazes me how many amateurs think they know more than professionals who are succeeding at the highest level of the sport.

      5. “Montana wasn’t Montana after a year and half of starting”

        Montana started 7 games his second year and all 16 his third year (sound familiar)……they just happened to win the SB that year…….Kap lost the SB with the same games started in the same amount of time. So you’re correct, he’s no Montana.

      6. CB,

        I can see where his response would bother some. It depends on how you look at it and interpret his motivation. Personally I took it as bravado and not wanting to admit your opponent can force you into playing the way they want you too.

        What he says and what he does are likely two different things though. Telegraphing his intentions to a reporter is pretty much assuring that will not be the choice next time, at least against Seattle.

      7. Celiac King,

        Montana started 7 games his second year and all 16 his third year (sound familiar)……they just happened to win the SB that year…….Kap lost the SB with the same games started in the same amount of time. So you’re correct, he’s no Montana.

        In that SB year, Montana had 19 TD’s to 12 Ints, threw 3 Ints in the NFCCG and was fortunate the defense made some plays and caused some TO’s in the SB. He was not the Montana everybody remembers mythically at that time.

        The point was that comparing Kaepernick to a HOF player from 30 years ago is ludicrous.

      8. Rocket

        You just proved the point…..Montana wasn’t Montana yet, but he still brought home the SB trophy with lots of help from his D and while making mistakes, which he was able to overcome. I wish CK could have because windows don’t stay open forever, just ask Dan Marino.

        Comparing CK to AS is ludicrous also, but everyone still does it.

      9. Montana threw 3 int’s in that NFCCG, but with the game on the line he threw the TD. That’s all that matters and then the defense helped him out.

        Kaepernick was in the same situation and failed with the game on the line.

        At this point in their careers Montana was 1-0 in the SB, and Kaepernick 0-1.

        And the reason he is 0-1 is because he failed with the ball in his hands with the game on the line.

        Kaepernick might end up being “the guy”, but so far he isn’t.

    3. Yes Jack,
      He had the ball in his hands. And he failed twice. It doesn’t matter if it was only his 10th start in the SB. He didn’t finish. This is sports and not video games. There is no reset. He made three straight throws to Crabtree. In all of them it wasn’t like he had defenders in his face. He just forced it in there. He could have tried to run it in, remember how Elway was spun into a helicopter?

      In the NFCCG, he didn’t waste no time. Had the ball in his hands again.

      First down and he threw that fade. Oh what? We’re supposed to accept this as the standard of play because he’s Colin the chose one Kaepernick? He he got us there, and if he had thrown it one inch farther we would have won. Seattle is only just a little better then the Niners.

      Hey better is better.

      Instead of defending Kaepernick with the usual excuses, his supporters should just admit defeat and say he’s not there yet.
      Then we can talk about making him better. It doesn’t matter how great he is now because it’s not good enough.

      If the ball wasn’t in his hands, then it’s a different story. If Gore had fumbled. If the D allowed a game winning drive, then there’s nothing to say about Kaep. But the ball was in his hands people. And he blew it. Twice.

  70. I think the difference is miniscule. The diffence between the 49ers winning the superbowl this year and the Seahawks winning the Superbowl comes down to a Ref’s flag, the bounce of a ball going against the 49ers, or CK throwing a pass 1 foot too short. I believe if the 9ers play that NFCCG at home then the 9ers are Superbowl champs. The flag thrown in New Orleans against Brooks was the deciding factor in that game and also the deciding factor in home field advantage in the playoffs. If Whitner comes up with the fumble in Panther territory in the 9ers 10-9 loss during the regular season then the 9ers most likely win that game and again secure home field advantage throughout. Instead, the 9ers playoff travel was murderous having to fly to Green Bay and then to Carolina before going to Seattle. The 9ers had a major competitive disadvantage to the Seahawks in the playoffs and still came 1 foot short on the pass from CK.

    All of that is “Ifs” and history won’t be changed. The point though is that the Seahawks are better since they won the playoff game but not by much. I think they have a great defense but it isn’t the best in the league. Carolina has the best defense in the league. The difference isn’t between the QB’s. The 9ers need more speed at receiver, and they need another dominant edge rusher and perhaps a step up at CB. CK needs to get better but he isn’t the area on the roster the 9ers need to focus on to beat the Seahawks.

    1. I agree completely. We’re the two best teams right now and I don’t think either team has a huge advantage over the other. It just really comes down to home field advantage.

      On a side note- Harbaugh and Roman need to hole up together in a sauna, steam room, whatever and come up with a game plan for the red zone and a 2-minute offense that isn’t geared towards a game winning field goal, but rather a game winning TD.

      Finally, it’s time for our offense to gain that killer instincts. It starts from the top- Harbaugh needs to stop being so conservative and learn how to kick a guy’s head into the curb when he’s down.

      Oh yeah, and ball handling. No one better than Harbaugh at consistent ball-handling except when it gets all sweaty and wet like it always does in Seattle. Ahem.

    2. Great stuff houston, the only thing I do not agree with is saying the hawks D is not the best in the league. Just look at how they play. There is no way Peyton would have had the same ineffectiveness against the Panthers D. Yes the Panthers have a better Run D, however, the hawks still have a top 10 run defense and the best Pass D in the league, no one even comes close.

      Just look at our games against them we were able to move the ball much better on the Panthers (ground and air) than the Hawks.

      Even the casual football fan could easily see who has the best D in the league.

      As far as defense – Hawks are #1. I think its 2 and 2A when it comes to us and the Panthers. Hawks have the best secondary, We have the best LB, and Panthers have the best DL. IMO at least. Man the NFC is tough but very fun to watch.

      1. I disagree Leo. I think the Panthers are better. The Seahawks are great against certain types of teams. I watched the Seahawks play the Texans and the Texans passing game lit up the Seahawks defense. There are play designs that can easily beat the Seahawks defense but you have to have the right personnel to make it work. Some teams have the ability to walk all over the Seahawks but they have to do it consistently and they need an extremely proficient QB. The Seahawks defense matches up very well with a team like the 49ers.

      2. True but didn’t the Panthers show vulnerability as well against the Saints in their 2nd match up and us as well. There may have been other examples but I didn’t pay that close atention to them.

        My point being is that every great defense will have the bad game every once in a while, but that’s exactly it, its only every once in a while. Again I agree the Panthers are great, but the Hawks are still better IMO.

        Do you think Peyton would have been as ineffective against them?

      3. I look at it exactly opposite from you Leo. I think the Broncos would have lost to any team in the league last Sunday. Their problems were more self inflicted than great Seahawk defense. If the Broncos played Carolina they wouldn’t have scored 8 points. Carolina’s defensive line is better than the Seahawks.

      1. Thanks. That’s just the way it fell in the simulator. I ran it about 10+ times and those top 4 picks were there every time.

      2. Jack, I think Gilbert ends up being a 15-20 pick, but at 30 that would be a steal. I like the Cooks pick because I agree he is the type of WR that could do well against Seattles DB’s. Not sold on Dixon, yet, because I also think Craig Loston (Reid’s ex-teammate) might be a good pick a round later. I am still working on a very preliminary mock, so I won’t comment on the rest of your picks.

      3. Space,

        He could be. In trying to be realistic I did multiple run throughs on the fanspeak simulator to come up with what I posted and he was there each time.

      4. That’s a nice haul Jack. No complaints from here. Gilbert has been available at #30 every time I’ve done one lately too. We’ll get a better idea of how the rankings should fall after the combine and workouts, but obviously Gilbert is lower on some draft sites.

      5. Jack:

        From the (very) little I know about the guys coming out in this draft, I would be very satisfied with that group of draftees. Do you prefer Dixon to Bucannon (if so, why?), or was Bucannon just not available?

      6. Nice column Jack as always. I don’t follow College football, but the players you named sound like good draft choices. Can the 49ers now, sign some of their free agents, or is there a starting date?

      7. Neal,

        This is what the NFL calendar says:

        March 8 – Clubs are permitted to contact, and enter into contract negotiations with, the certified agents of players who will become Unrestricted Free Agents upon the expiration of their 2013 Player Contracts at 4:00 p.m., New York time, on March 11. However, a contract cannot be executed with a new club until 4:00 p.m., New York time, on March 11.

    1. That simulator is fun stuff. Like most I question the rankings they have at the moment, but it is what it is.

      Some good picks in there. Only thing I’ll say on the selections is that McGill is not a Sherman type CB. Maybe a Browner, but he’s not as tough. He’ll be over-drafted just because super-sized CBs are in vogue.

  71. Sitting back and watching the Super Bowl, it was hard to be dispassionate, but easy to be impressed by the Seahawks defense. What impressed me most was how few mistakes the defense makes as a group. The communication between them is uncanny, not just between the DBs but between the DBs and the LBs. If one didn’t execute correctly, there was another one to have his back. Among the Niners, I only see that kind of play at the LB position. Maybe as Reid matures, the Niners’ DBs will play better as a unit. I really hope they get Whitner because I don’t see his replacement.

    Back to the Seahawks,I’ve never seen DBs and LBs converge so inexorably from opposite sides on receivers running slats and crossing routes. The receivers were forced to run sideways, often backwards into the LBs. I’ve not seen a defense like this since the 85 Bears.

    Since finger-pointing is in full swing, I must say that the season was”lost” (i.e., no Super Bowl) in the first part of the season with the two home losses that forced the NCFCG in Seattle. There is blame to go around for those two losses, but the single biggest reason for those two losses in particular, and this season’s failure in general, IMO, was the regression of the O line performance. Against below average defenses on run plays, they were fine. But against good defenses, and when it counted, the O line could not gain short yards, could not protect Kap consistently on third and longs. The exception was Staley who excelled on both run and pass, but the interior was a problem on key plays, esp. Iupati and Goodwin. Iupati seems to have plateaued on pass protection. Davis had an average and inconsistent first half of season when the two losses occurred. I’ve been his supporter for all these years, but I hope he also has not plateaued. Boone was good often very good, but he seemed to get pushed back more this season than last. My conclusion is that Iupati is not worth big bucks, Goodwin should not be back unless it’s for vet minimum, and Boone’s next extension should have lots of incentives.

    1. Mood, don’t forget that offenses know we have a Neanderthal offensive philosophy and stack the box. Any running attack can be stymied this way. Look how Marshon was neutralized in the last two games. Also remember that Iupati played hurt. The guy who kills me is Anthony Davis. Why is he a tackle? I would love to see how Boone at tackle and Davis at guard would perform.

    2. Good post Mood.

      I think what really makes Seattle’s defense so good is they keep it simple. They don’t deviate very much and just line up the way they want and play. There is a lesson to be learned there.

      I agree on the Oline critique too. I don’t think the Oline played as well consistently this season as they did the previous year. I can’t see them resigning Iupati unless he settles for a mid range OG contract which is unlikely. Goodwin was up and down and really struggled when he had to face agile and strong DT’s. I think it’s time to move on.

    3. Completely agree on Iupati – he’s a goner once his contract is up. Wonder if they’d look to trade him?

      Funny how last off-season a lot of people were saying we only needed one or two players and could trade the rest of the picks away. Now this team has a bucket load of holes or soon to be holes (some real, some imagined) and not enough draft picks to fill them.

      Ongoing success is about continually infusing and refreshing the roster with young talent. This off-season will be about filling the most glaring holes through FA and/ or draft (WR, S, CB, OG/OC), but they still need to look ahead to future years too, figure out who they can and can’t pay, and start thinking now about contingency plans for players they may not be able to keep.

      1. Guaranteed Iupati resigns in SF. He’s still young, played hurt basically all of last year, and is still developing. They are not letting him walk for nothing after spending a 1st round pick on him.

      2. You’ve said that all along Prime but he’s not worth top Guard money and they don’t have room for that type of contract anyway. Who are they going to let go instead of him? You can’t sign everybody.

      3. Prime if the 9ers let Iupati go they would’nt walk away with nothing. They would most likely receive a 3rd round compensatory pick.

  72. 49ers 7-1 odds to win Super Bowl with Kaepernick as quarterback? Looks like it’s going to come down to home field advantage between the 49ers and Seahawks…..

  73. There’s an interesting video on you tube titled “nfl rigged” sf beat Seattle and the refs beat sf. Some one please find it and post it. I’m not in front of my pc, so someone see the 15 minute break down!!! we were robbed over and over. A must see.

      1. Just leave this video alone. It makes our fan base look silly. Every NFL team could make this same video about their team every year. Wake me up when there is some Tim Donaghy type evidence.

      2. Houston I don’t give a damn about other teams or what you might think it makes the fan base look like. This is the second year we’ve been screwed by refs. I wished every team would do a video like this. Then maybe they’ll call even games instead of putting up superbowls they think will make them more money. It’s FIng sickening to think my team plays their asses off and the other team gets calls and no calls like this. In fact one shows if it was called Bowman wouldn’t have been injured later in the drive.

        And Jack you can stick your JFK references up your ***. You’re nothing but a clone of grant with stats to show you don’t know what you’re talking about.
        Now enter your very own clone Claude and his from the east coast and we will have the same old boring brawl as before. If you don’t care about this team losing then stay off my posts. This isn’t fantasy football or guessing games. It must be nice to pose as a fan and be cool after they lose a big game.

      3. Stop with the conspiracy theories. We can go through the entire season and find bad calls that both hurt and helped the 49ers. The only call that was missed by the refs that hurt the 49ers in that game was calling it running into the kicker instead of roughing, and even then we don’t know how that drive turns out.

        The 49ers lost because Seattle made more plays. That’s it. Seattle was better than the 49ers. Better QB. Better running back. Better defense. Better home field advantage.

        If you think I’m not a 49ers fan because I don’t lose my mind when they lose, oh well, I’ll survive. As for being a Grant clone, again, I could think of worse.

      4. Well Ninermd, if you want the 49ers to get more calls then you should start a petition to force Jim Harbaugh into better conduct on the sideline. The 49ers don’t get many calls because Harbaugh doesn’t know how to chose his battles and that wears thin on the refs.

      5. How about this jack. You can think they weren’t screwed and I can point out the facts on how they were. How about you put down the badge Rosco. And let FANS post what they want. Your ego is bigger than your love for the team. This is a fans page. Not fantasy football 101. If you’re big enough to tell me what to say in person then I suggest you stick to your film review and ignore what I’m happy or pissed about. You’re a damn fool if you don’t think the NFL doesn’t have special interests in superbowls and playoff games. NO big Corporation gets that big without bending or breaking rules. It’s not about conspiracy theories. It’s about proof in horrible calls that change games. You’re right Seattle did make more plays, because there were more handed to them. Get off my nuts you fair weather fan. In fact you didn’t come here until they got good.

        And Claude. Same goes for you. I’m sick of your coward attacks on people you can’t see in person. You’re a nerd who got damaged throughout your life and it shows. Still calling people child molestors Claude? I see you’re still popping in on others posts, yeah I know I mentioned you first. And Im 100 percent positive from your actions in the past that you would have been on here riding your daddy Jacks nuts anyways. Busters! You aren’t real fans. You’re the sf fans that raider fans laugh at.

      6. Houston. An you know this how? Ill admit he gets animated at times. And who can blame him? How many bullshi* “helmet to helmet or unnecessary roughness” calls have to be called for him to just sit there and say nothing? And if that’s the case then I guess by you blaming the coach you must see the bad calls too. I’ve never used excuses if they lost due to bad calls. I’ve never been that fan. In fact I blamed a lot of that loss on the very first fg instead of a td. But after watching this video it triggered things I didn’t catch during the game. I said this right after the New Orleans game that, that call would screw our home field. When the refs make bad CALLS…… That change a game it’s a problem. It’s not like they made one bad call at a crucial time in the game. You got that Jack H???
        If it was one bad call I could understand refs make mistakes. This video clearly shows obvious calls for Seattle.

      7. You can post whatever you’d like md as long as it’s within the site rules. That’s the beauty of an open forum. If you don’t like people disagreeing with you too bad.

      8. Jack ….. If you want to disagree with throwing out names and having no recourses proving otherwise. Then you go ahead and be that kind of coward.
        If you have some takes or facts that could change my outlook I’m all ears. I’m not the type to stay ignorant about something if there is a good explanation saying otherwise. Be my guest Jack.

      9. ninermd:

        I am sorry to see that your time off the blog didn’t reacquaint you with reality. Don’t ever let the facts get in the way of your rants.

        You are of course free to post all the made up nonsense you want, but I am equally free to call you on that nonsense. That’s what the marketplace of ideas is all about.

      10. I’m not the type to stay ignorant about something if there is a good explanation saying otherwise.


        Your entire history of commenting on this blog says otherwise.

      11. Yeah ninermd..watchin the video gets me upset too..And i don’t think it should just be easily dismissed either..Bad calls kept Seattle’s drives alive making it easier to score and “maneuvered” the game away from us..Snowball effect on a hill..Too many coincidences for me people..I’m sorry.But for the life of me..I can’t understand why we’re not getting these calls in a game of such magnitude..Makes u wonder if somebody has it out for us…Would us winning lombardi #6 be such a bad thing? I can’t wrap my head around that one…

      12. This video is great comedy. First off, it helps to understand the rules before making a statement like the fix is in.

        Whitner play – He barely struck the receivers head with his shoulder pad, but he did and the problem with the play is that he left his feet so the flag is thrown. You cannot launch yourself.

        Dixon play – The ball never crosses the goalline or even touches it. He lands short. It was the correct call.

        Rogers play – This one is a bit ticky tack, however he pushed the receiver after the ball went passed him. That’s a penalty. Remember, the NFL warned the teams during the week that this kind of stuff would not be tolerated after what happened the week before in Carolina.

        Kickoff return – The mans head is not behind the man he is blocking, therefore it is not a foul.

        The clock before the Hauschka timeout – Not sure what went on there. The timing definitely seems off.

        Was the fix in? Everyone will believe what they want. My only question is, when does a Panthers fan come out with their version from the Divisonal round game?

      13. Almost forgot….

        The TD play – Whistle? The reason Smith stopped on the play was he jumped offsides and then quit on the play. There was no whistle.

      14. claude balls says:
        February 4, 2014 at 12:40 pm
        I’m not the type to stay ignorant about something if there is a good explanation saying otherwise.


        Your entire history of commenting on this blog says otherwise.

        What’s funny is you’ve NEVER been right Claude. How could you with popping in on fans opinions and leaving comments like you’re a child molestor. Lets have a little check list of characters Claude.

        Who can talk football?
        Who can admit when they’re wrong without changing the subject?
        Who can Actually call themselves a 49er fan?
        Who can call themselves a troll who never talks football just tags along his weak gang to start fights?
        Claude balls.
        Who showed up right after the 49ers were succeeding?
        Claude balls
        Who got punked so bad at his own stats game by Jack Hammer he is now their **tch?
        Claude balls.
        Who is still hanging onto the fact they weren’t wrong about Alex smith and is still trying desperately to continue the fight that isn’t a fight anymore?
        Claude balls.

        Claude my man. Besides your little circle of trolls and a handful of other clowns who still love Alex smith. You have absolutely no cred on this blog. In fact 7up should take you to court for living their slogan. Never had it. Never will. You’re a legend in a small circle of clowns. YOU just have the biggest shoes my dude

      15. The peeps who put this video together stated they weren’t fans of either the Niners or the Seahawks, so no one can say it’s disgruntled members of our fan base…

  74. The Seattle craphawks and their holding cb’s and safety’s are the difference, plus the refs, plus homefield. Russell Wilson is NOT a better qb than ck. you can post up all the stats you want. His defense gives him a huge advantage they keep opposing defenses on the field, and lunch does the bulk of the work. Is he more efficient with turnovers? Yes, does he make explosive plays like ck? Nope. He’s a game manager with wheels. He is Alex smith with speed. It’s funny you post these stats up, when they both went different directions in the playoffs. 3 games vs 2. Ck played the number 1 and 2 defense in their houses. Wilson played New Orleans and our defense. And didn’t do squat. I am not saying ck is elite or a top ten qb. In fact if I don’t see improvement in his pocket precense and reads within TWO games next season I will be off of his bandwagon. But of take him over Wilson any day right now. Wilson wouldn’t do any better than ck would with the crappy OC and a lesser rb and defensive secondary. You’re stretching grant. I know you get hits with qb splits on your page, but you’re nuts if you think that the number one reason.

    1. MD,

      Other than completion percentage which is affected greatly by the short passes Wilson throws and Kap doesn’t, the numbers aren’t all that different between the two. Reading between the lines of some of the posts in here on the topic, I get the sense Wilson is viewed more favorably due to his personality. There seems to be an underlying belief that Kap is immature and did too many endorsements last year which is laughable considering the guy was back in training a week after the SB.

      1. Rocket you just nailed it man! CK, has his own image that might appear flashy to some people that can not relate. He has tatoos, Dr Dre Head phones, he wears Casual clothing after the game, He has a very good physic and speaks with confidence rather than being a humble good old boy, so it can be uncomfortable for some people to accept him for what he is. What most these folks do not consider is the fact that CK was a great student (4.0) with a Wonderlic score of 37 and all his teachers and coaches enjoyed being around him him due to his humble nature.

    2. I agree. But I guess the Denver post writer is writing the same thing about Manning and how Seattle is better because their qb’s team beat the broncos. So I guess Wilson is better than manning too.

    3. MD, Russell Wilson certainly had a very good season and played a key role for the Seahawks to win the Super Bowl. However he is not better than Colin or Cam Newton. All you have to do is take a look at the top QBs and how they performed against the Seahawks defense this year and you will easily realize Seahawks defense was very effective in slowing down any offense. We have to give credit to Pete Carroll for putting him in the right situation and not putting too much pressure on his shoulders to be the key play maker on the team. Having Lynch on your side also will keep the defenses honest so they will bite on the play action pass and therefore RW was able to capitalize on big chunk plays.

      I also disagree that we had better WR this season! Crabtree was injured and probably still recovering from his injury, Patton was injured most of the season, so that leaves us with Boldin and VD! We lost the home field advantage by losing VD in our two games we lost. While the Seahawks benefited great production in key situations from Tate, Baldwin, Kearse and Percy in the super bowl game.

      1. Absurdly chi.
        I think grant was saying in the playoffs Wilson didn’t have the supporting cast CK did.
        Like I stated earlier Wilson had the benefit of being home. And playing the mighty New Orleans saints defense. Ck did not. The weather, #1 and #2 defenses don’t factor in grant little comparison. Stats are all that matter. Just like qb wins I guess. You can bank on this prediction next season. The Seahawks will not be as dominant on defense. And teams have figured out how to slow lynch. And Wilson from running. He will either stay the same game manager (nothing wrong with that) or he will become a prolific passer. But I’ll say this again. The 85 bears, the 2000 ravens, and the 02 bucs had great game managers, and great defenses. And none of them became Super Bowl champs again with those types of qb’s. the Seahawks are not built for the future. They’re built to win now. It’s over! Congrats to them. They sold out and got what they worked for.
        If I were the 49ers I wouldn’t worry about the offense. I’d stack that defense back to 11 form and win a title with a duel threat qb. I would build a secondary that can match sesttles. And if that means holding on every damn pass play and worry about a couple of penalties for the year, then so be it. Rogers has to go, Brock needs to start, they need a solid slot cover man. And for good measure the ONLY thing if boost up on offense is a fast physical receiver to man handle Dick Sherman. If its a another right end. So be it. He doesn’t even have to catch TD’s. just take Dick Sherman out of the picture. We were a better team than Seattle at the end of the season. You better believe harbaugh and co will be building strictly to beat Seattle. Rd 1 to the craphawks. Still have more rounds to go. I can’t WAIT for the home game vs them next season. I will never forget the classless fans throwing pop corn at bowman. They really don’t want to come to Levi stadium running their mouths. IEEE

      2. md, I may not agree with you all the time, but at least I know where your loyalty belongs to. As a fellow niner fan, I appreciate that!

  75. I gave up films study once I stopped playing college ball. I hated it then and most definitely would hate it now. But for those of you who do it, are the plays being called now different from when Alex was playing QB. I feel like we ran more of a west coast offense with him here. I prefer we go back, I feel like Kap is ask to go down field more. I could be wrong. But does anyone know.

    1. Same play calling the difference is Ck CAN go downfield, and Alex smith can’t throw a Spiral more than 8 yards down the field.

    2. No it’s pretty much the same as when Alex was here. There was more Pistol formations and more run options for Kap, but the plays and formations for the most part are the same.

      Kap needs to accept the short option in the passing game more often. That’s the biggest difference between him and Smith. Kap is always looking for the big gain while eschewing the dumpoff option. A lot of that comes from inexperience and feeling the need to make the big play on every snap.

    3. KY49er, the offense is pretty much the same with some changes the difference is the personality of the QBs. CK tries to be a playmaker. He needs to distribute the ball and go for the kill in the right situations. I have seen him do it in some of the games but we must protect CK by asking him to distribute the ball.

  76. In reality Wilson had one TD pass in the playoffs. He threw 2 when up 30 in the SB and they were show boating. Wilson is the better qb but it’s very close.

    1. My sources say 100% true…

      How about the one saying the the entire game was rigged, that Peyton and John Fox were paid handsomely to throw the game… sounds reasonable.

  77. And for the record. This piece that came out saying the broncos threw the game for a substantial amount of cash is what you call a conspiracy theory. You have a site that’s basically the onion of sports with zero proof or any real sources putting out this crap. If I post something like that and back it, then you can talk *hit Jack. Otherwise if you can get on your old film site and dispute the videos evidence I put up, then just keep it moving. You don’t win debates with dismissive name calling like “conspiracy theorist” and get validated by anyone with some knowledge. You want to play the easy card and name call and use the conspiracy theory out, then be my guest. It usually wins over the simpletons and makes you look good. I don’t buy that crap. Puff up big boy and come with some opposing facts.

      1. Well if you’re saying I have some kind of conspiracy theory with that video. Then I guess that would make me a conspiracy theorist.
        And what do you know. The jack clone followed by his own clone. I guess it was a conspiracy theory when I called that huh?

        Oh and Claude. Yeah that horrible called game didn’t put a certain team in the Super Bowl. Naaaa!
        Oh and the tuck rule game was a conspiracy too. Yeah that didn’t send a certain team into the Super Bowl either. Naaaaa. You can sit there all you want and argue with my outlook. Try refuting these bad CALLS in this video. Try telling me those “perfect timing” calls had Noooooo difference in the game. Hey while we’re at it, we will go ahead and say the Nba, and Boxing and the UFC are totally legit at all times. What kind of furniture do you fit in that tiny box you live in Claude. Besides last years Super Bowl, the New Orleans game and obviously this fix, when have I ever complained about a loss and bad calls??? Oh snap. That’s right. Alex smith wasn’t playing in those games. Now I get it Claude.

      2. md,

        Hold on, let me “Puff up”. Did you create the video? The only person that is a “conspiracy theorist” is the one who created it. Those that agree with the creator simply agree that there was a conspiracy.

      3. ninermd:

        I didn’t say there weren’t bad calls or that bad calls didn’t have an effect on the outcome of certain games. I said you had absolutely no factual support for your claim that those bad calls are part of some conspiracy within the NFL to fix games. Once again, if you cannot comprehend what others write, perhaps you shouldn’t argue with them.

    1. I guess I missed the part where you provided facts establishing that the NFL had the refs make calls against San Francisco in order “put[] up superbowls they think will make them more money.”

    2. >>It usually wins over the simpletons and makes you look good.

      You are NOT going to win over the conspiracy theorists, Jack. So don’t even try to look good in their eyes.

  78. Biggest difference? Seattle’s D made a play (game ending int), ours didn’t (couldn’t tackle Lynch) which led to a less than a one TD difference in the final outcome.

    The game before? Seattle’s D didn’t make a play (couldn’t tackle Gore) which led to a less than a one TD difference in the final outcome.

    I see these two teams going back and forth like that for the foreseeable future.

    All this nonsense in the OP about comparing QB ratings and stats (and OMG! the one year age difference!) without taking into account strength of opposing defenses, home field advantage, etc. is just that. Nonsense.

    1. “He has more road playoff wins in his short career than Joe Montana and Steve Young combined!”

      And fewer than Mark Sanchez did through his first 2 seasons.

      1. BigP,

        My wife and I met in college, our first date was a 49ers game in ’93.

        My boys enjoy it too. They went to their first 49ers game this year. They like all sports, but right now they are into hockey big time.

        Why do you ask?

      2. Jack, I was just curious because my wife has become more involved in watching the games. She’s Persian, so its a little different, but its nice to be able to share in that. I meant to start a new comment, not reply to your conversation. My son is seven but has been to a couple of games, he loves them but will happily turn to Legos if given the chance at home. My three year old girl just likes to terrorize me whenever possible.

      3. BigP,

        I hear you on the Legos. I have a 7 year old too that loves those things. A couple years ago we gave him the Star Wars Millenium Falcon for Christmas. Building that thing got me through most of the playoffs. ;)

        The wife being interested is definitely a plus. She is the one that keeps pushing me on writing more. Definitely my better half.

      4. Just to jump into the lego talk, my 5 year old son loves the legos, which is cool as when I was young I would spend countless hours building whatever. The big difference between them now and then is it seems now they all come as a set to build something specific where as mine were just a jumble of bricks and wheels.

      5. My youngest son is also seven and a fan of Lego. He has also recently become interested in the Titanic. He built a (rough) model of the Titanic out of Lego and he repeatedly splits it in half and sinks it. It is mildly disturbing.

        Interestingly, I have two sons, seventeen and seven, and although both usually go to at least one Wolf Pack game a year with me, neither are really very interested in sports. It is my daughter who is the sports fan. We go to minor league baseball games here in Reno, as well as Wolf Pack football, baseball and basketball games. We have discussed driving over to the Bay Area for a 49ers game, but she is a Saints fan (to my lasting regret), and she wants to see them play. She was very disappointed the 49ers will be playing the Saints in New Orleans next year instead of in the Bay Area.

      6. Sean,

        We just had that discussion with some friends of ours. It helps with following directions, but what about the creativity? They still do some things on there own but not like we used to do.

      7. Jack, those instructions can be troublesome at times too, if one piece is overlooked, not that I’ve botched that(eye roll). Thankfully my boy will build as instructed and then dismantle and throw his own little twists in. I’ve been trying to find some lego that is just random but it’s tough to come by. Building the cool looking set is alright but nothing beats a fly by the seat of your pants creation.

      8. Lego Stores have large bins full of different color and style blocks. You can pick the ones you want and put them in containers provided by the store: the larger the container, the higher the price.

      9. Unfortunately no Lego store near my neck of the woods, or prairies, but it seems like that may be the only way to go to get something that isn’t set specific.

      10. Sean, those Lego people are geniuses. They tie everything into the cartoons and movies and kids lose their minds. Star Wars, Indiana Jones, comics, Transfomers, etc. I’ve put some serious cheddar into his collection. Everything get taken apart or borrowed from eventually. In a world full of Ipads, its kind of the holy grail of father/son toy relevance. They haven’t changed since we were kids. They were cool then and they are cool now.

  79. So ridiculous that you deleted that Grant… You write worse things than that about world class athletes! The truth hurt much???

    1. He’s still upset about his boss making him delete his blog battle with Anthony Davis, and now the blog must pay…..*

      *I’m pretty sure this statement isn’t vulgar in nature.

      1. Hahaha. Yup. Grant could take a few pages from Maiocco. Can you ever imagine Matt getting himself into that? It’s called professionalism, and it earns respect and gives you the credibility to criticize when criticism is called for. How much respect do you think Grant has at 49ers HQ?

      2. BigP, don’t sweat it my friend! You always make great comments on this blog regardless if we agree or not. Press D should realize the success of this blog mostly is due to the community we have here to discuss our point of views and sometimes lose our tempers as well.

      3. I agree Chicago , while we were lucky to have Matt and Branch, it is the community that makes this site great. They can have a baboon run the site now and it would still run fine.

      1. CB you are correct the ignorant nonesense is still the same regardless of the QB in charge. I guess the beauty is in th eye of the beholder!

  80. No cursing, name-calling or bullying. No abusive, derogatory, vulgar or filthy language.

    Nah, we haven’t seen that happening much today have we? LOL

      1. Zadeek, did I mention you by name or respond to your post? My comment was referring to the rules that Grant posted yesterday and which I re-posted stating what would be enforced going forward on this blog. Yesterday, many comments were deleted according to the rules. Today, not so much. I would just like to see some consistancy with enforcement when such rules are stated. Thank you for your response.

      1. Neal we all have to be a little narcisstic to come here and post our opinions and believe that anyone other than our mothers give a damn what we think.

      2. Don’t think so coach, I actually feel that I know less football then most of you, you guys are more into then I am. I don’t post all year round, and I love my San Jose Sharks as much as the Niners, going to the game on Friday.

      3. Sharks played badly. Goal tending was bad, the Sharks might never win a Stanley Cup, who knows, but that won’t stop me from being a Sharks fan, and watch 90% of the games during the season, and going 5 to 10 games at the tank per season. First lost since 1999 to Phili, like that record.

  81. Look at where Kap and Wilson came from…Kap played the pistol for Coach Ault. It was a wide open offense where Kap had the freedom to run and throw as he read the defense. Wilson was QB for a run-first Wisconsin offense. They pounded the ball with the best of ‘em…so when he did throw, the defense had to respect the run first, thus it was a much more controlled offense. That said, they’re both outstanding young QB’s. Carroll believes in Wilson and Harbaugh believes in Kap. Nobody will out work Kap…he’ll learn from his mistakes and get better. That’s all we can ask.

    1. Wilson was also the QB of a spread style offense at NC State before transferring to Wisconsin for his senior year. The guy was good at both places and is now good in Seattle. If he wasn’t 5’11″ he would have gone in the 1st round.

  82. Here is my draft prediction assuming Rogers, Whitner, Brown, Wrigth, Coodwin leave the team:


    1. You got some good players Chi town, but a little too heavy on CB’s. Keep in mind they will have Culliver coming back, Brock signed long term, and will most likely sign a FA.

      1. I know Rocket, just not sure how Culliver is going to respond coming back from the ACL injury. But LOL i kind of got crazy with the defense.

      2. CB, you have a great idea. When i was looking for a good ILB in that round there wasn’t any! I am not very impressed with the ILB in this draft but again this is just a fan that played high school football:)

        Hopefully Trent can find a very speedy and relentless group of players for our team.

      3. Yeah… 4 big-bodied CBs is over-cooking it by at least 2. And no need to draft 2 safeties either.

        Jean-Baptiste and McGill are over-rated just because they are big and everyone thinks they can emulate the Seahawks. Gilbert and Hampton would be good pick-ups, and more than adequate to meet their needs.

        Instead of Jean-Baptiste I’d look at another receiver, ILB, or a DL/OLB. Same with McGill.

        In reality, 49ers will likely look to move around a fair bit in this draft.

      4. Scooter, despite all the talk about the QB play I truly believe the only way for us to win this division and go to the Superbowl will be dictated by the defense. I drafted big physical DBs to punish the offense. Our front seven is pretty good except we need more pass rush. If you watched the Superbowl i am sure you witnessed relentless attitude of the seahawks defense. You are correct we probably could add another ILB, OLB, WR and DE that can play both positions or just jump up for a key player. I would prefer for us to pick bunch role players than just one or two key players. We will need the depth to succeed in this division.

      1. hey, I feel the same way too. But I like our chances against them next year. They know that any of the NFC West team can go into there house and put up a good fight. Their feeling of invincibility at home has been diminished. And the likelihood of them keeping that DL and those receivers intact will be a hard thing to do because of their CAP situation.

    1. I would not be surprised if the 49ers take a QB in the middle or late rounds of the draft. And while I may not be as high on Fales as some are, he might be a good value in the late third round or in the fourth round.

  83. Here’s the latest mock I did:


































      1. And with the 125th pick in the 2014 NFL draft, the 49ers take, AJ McCarron, QB. Sorry, Dave, but you’re going to Cincy.

    1. Rocket, I would like to say I like those draft pics but I really don’t watch college football so I’ll be lying if I say so. But, I like that you’re going with a Safety and CB on the first 2 picks, because that’s what I think the niners should do.

      1. Thanks ricardo. There will be a few dozen more before May. You can learn a lot about the prospects on NFL draft sites if you are interested and have some time to kill.

  84. My it’s Drafty in here:

    (30)Calvin Pryor S Lousiville
    (56)Loucheiz Purifoy CB Florida
    (61)Brandin Cooks WR Oregon St
    (77)Carlos Hyde RB Ohio St
    (94)Weston Richburg C Colorado
    (125)Dominique Easley DE Florida
    (158)Jordan Zumwalt ILB/OLB UCLA
    (189)Logan Thomas QB VaTech
    (219)Wesley Johnson OT Vanderbilt
    (220)Aaron Colvin CB VaTech
    (222)Ryan Hewitt FB Stanford

    1. Had to check it out Jack, was pretty fun but way more stressful with the trades! Some of the trade offers I was getting to move down were too good to pass up, but conversely was really hard to move up. This is what I ended up with.

      Round 2 Pick 15 (BALT): Allen Robinson, WR, Penn State
      Round 2 Pick 20 (ARI): Ra’Shede Hageman, DT, Minnesota
      Round 2 Pick 25 (S.D.): Louchiez Purifoy, CB, Florida
      Round 2 Pick 32 (SEA): Davante Adams, WR, Fresno State
      Round 3 Pick 13: Jimmie Ward, SS, Northern Illinois
      Round 3 Pick 25 (S.D.): Weston Richburg, C, Colorado State
      Round 3 Pick 29 (N.E.): Victor Hampton, CB, South Carolina
      Round 3 Pick 30: Christian Jones, ILB, Florida State
      Round 4 Pick 24 (K.C.): Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, Eastern Illinois
      Round 4 Pick 32 (SEA): Billy Turner, OT, North Dakota State
      Round 5 Pick 9 (BUF): Terrance West, RB, Towson
      Round 6 Pick 13 (DET): Ben Gardner, DE, Stanford
      Round 6 Pick 22 (N.E.): Ronald Powell, OLB, Florida
      Round 7 Pick 28: Josh Huff, WR, Oregon
      Round 7 Pick 30: Tre Boston, FS, North Carolina

      Waaaay more picks than are needed, no way they’d be able to hold onto them all after training camp. Probably be lucky to keep half of them. In the end it came out with some decent players, but I’ll definitely need to do a do over where I move up a few times as well to get guys I want. Just goes to show though that there will likely be some quality players available in the mid rounds.

  85. Grant, how would you grade Denver’s performance in the SB? Your grades in the NFCCG for the 49ers were D’s and F’s. Did the 49ers play as badly as the Broncos?

      1. My point being Grant was really pushing the hyperbole or had just lost a big bet on the 49ers and he was taking his anger out on the 49er faithful.

  86. The difference between Kaep and Wilson is twofold:

    1) Wilson’s defense and special teams scored a zillion points, so Wilson could play the Alex Smith game.

    2) Wilson’s coach understands that in big games, in small games, in all games, the point is to score as many points as possible and play with a large lead, whereas Kaep’s coach plays Schembechler ball-control ball.

    For the umpteenth time, here is Michael Crabtree espousing the correct perspective for modern-day football (he should be the head coach):

    “Stay on the gas — we’ve got to keep on that gas. If we score, we keep scoring. We score until we can’t score no more. That’s where I come from. I mean, that’s football. I don’t know nothing else.”

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