Blaine Gabbert on the 49ers’ mindset: “I think we’re in a good spot.”


This is the transcript of Blaine Gabbert’s Wednesday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


What’s your process for analyzing the game that just happened and moving on to the next week?

“It’s pretty much the 24-hour rule. Get back, diagnose it Monday, find the things you need to work on and get started on the next week. That’s the beautiful thing about the NFL. You’ve got a game in seven days and you can’t spend too much time on the previous game, but at the same time, you do have to learn from it. Learn from your mistakes and apply them to this week.”


What were you able to diagnose after watching that game?

“That game summed up that 11 guys have to be on the same page every single play to execute. I think we can grow from that, move forward from that and get better.”


One of the themes this year has been player’s after a loss say, ‘We had a great week of practice.’ And going into Cleveland, no different. So, what’s the disconnect between having a good week of practice and then the games on Sunday?

“Well, it boils down to execution on game day. But the one thing I can tell you, if you don’t have a great week of practice, there’s no chance that you’re going to play well on Sunday. So, we just have to keep doing what we’re doing throughout the week and translate it game day.”


Three of your nine sacks that you had on Sunday were you scrambling out of bounds. Were you aware of where the markers were and how can you keep from going out of bounds?

“Yeah. The one, it was a naked early on and the funny thing is the yard marker like fell backwards. I jumped across it, I was like, ‘Alright, got one or two yards.’ And then they were like, ‘Oh, minus two.’ So, that one was on me and then the next one was I believe a screen and I throw the ball away there, it’s a loss of down and a five-yard penalty. So, it was kind of, hindsight’s 20/20 in that situation. But, I got to find a way to not take those. Those are drive killers but at the same time, we just got to not put ourselves in those situations.”


On that fourth down play, do you need to just let that thing go because it did look like TE Blake Bell was breaking free?

“Yeah. It’s just one of those things where, when you pause the film, it is what it is. Happened fast. Hindsight’s always 20/20. But, yeah, you should probably cut that ball loose but at the same time, I didn’t want to turn the football over and I think it was around the plus-20, plus-25 yard line. So, yeah, it’s one of those plays.”


It was fourth down.

“Correct and sometimes you just got to take a shot.”


You got sacked almost immediately by an unblocked guy on that play. Going back, is that one you’d like to have called time out and had a different play called?

“No. That was the design of the play. It’s kind of one of those one-off football plays where we got the look we wanted and [Cleveland Browns LB Nate Orchard] 44 just made a great play on it. We didn’t expect him to come charging that fast because it was kind of a misdirection, one-off type play and he just made a great play. But, at the end of the day, it falls on my shoulders. I got to find a way to make him miss and get the ball out.”


How do you sum up scouting report on the Bengals this week?

“They’re a talented team. We know what they bring to the table. They’re sound. They’re well coached. They have great players. But, at the same time, it boils down to us executing against it. They’re going to bring us a bunch of different looks on third down. So, we have to stay on top of our film study, prepare like we always prepare, stick to our routine and go out there and execute.”


How conscious are you of if you have a different guy at left guard when you’re making changes in protections and things like that? How conscious are you that you’re going to have a new guy in there and does that change what you do?

“Well the good thing is [G Andrew] Tiller’s been playing for the majority of this year. So, him and [C] Marcus [Martin] have been in the lineup so they know what’s going on. They’re smart guys. They’re intelligent. Having [G/C] Daniel [Kilgore] back helping making the calls, it’s going to help this football team. You never want to lose a starter like [G/T] Alex [Boone] but at the same time, it’s the next man up mentality. So, I know those guys are ready to go this week.”


How does it feel being the more experienced quarterback in this game? Is that going to give you an edge over this guy?

“Yeah. It’s just the way the NFL goes. You can get hurt at anytime. So, it really has no effect on me. I’m going to go about my routine as usual, still prepare the same way.”


Do you think you have an edge over that guy?

“Who? [Cincinnati Bengals QB] AJ [McCarron]?”


McCarron, yeah.

“I’m just worried about this team and the way I prepare and just getting ready for the game the best way I know how.”


Do you know McCarron at all?



What’s your comfort level working with Daniel Kilgore and just your thoughts on a personal level seeing him get a chance to play after all he’s been through?

“Yeah, it’s great to have him back. What he had to get through to get back on a football field is amazing. The surgeries that he had to go through, the rehab process that he had to go through just to be able to start running again and playing his first football in a year-and-a-half, it’s a tremendous accomplishment just to get out there. Daniel’s a great friend and I’m happy for him. We’re fortunate to have him back in the huddle.”


Can you gauge the mindset of this team after the high of the big win in Chicago and the low of this week? Where do you feel like the mindset of the team is right now?

“I think we’re in a good spot. We’re eager to get back out there and prove to ourselves that we’re a better football team than we showed on Sunday. Like I said previously, the beautiful thing about the NFL is you’ve got a game every seven days. You can’t dwell on that fact we didn’t play so well last week because we have a game coming up this Sunday. So, I know the guys are eager to put some better tape out there and play good football.”


Do you find yourself evolving as a leader, being more comfortable having these games under your belt now that when you see a flat performance like last week, you feel more comfortable, able to take it on yourself as be a vocal guy when it comes to–?

“I think, regardless of having a flat game or not, the quarterback’s always in a position of leadership and it’s my job to rally the troops. It’s my job to provide that spark and that juice to this football team, and that’s what I’m going to do this week. The guys are coming in, they’re eager, and like I said, I take it upon myself to provide a spark for this team. I got to go out there and make plays and put some points on the board.”


WR Torrey Smith had to sit out some snaps on Sunday. When WR Jerome Simpson is in the game, is he doing some of the same things? Does he have that stretch the field ability that Torrey has?

“Yeah. Jerome’s a great talent. You never want to see a player go down with injury but we all know that’s part of this game and a part of this business. So, it’s that next man up mentality and Jerome’s done a great job getting himself in the right position after he out the first seven or eight weeks. So, we’re looking forward to having him in there and we’re going to work well this week in practice.”


Did you work a lot with him in the preseason and in training camp? Was he on your string offense a lot?

“Yeah, and we had a pretty good rapport in training camp and it’s something that we just have to keep working to continue to build. The more reps you get with a certain receiver, certain group of guys, the more comfortable you’re going to get and that’s just the process that we’re working towards right now.”


This may be a stupid question but you’ll have to tell me. Has the league changed since the last time you were a starter at all, in any way? In terms of–?

“What do you mean by that?”


The way teams play defenses, the way trends or tendencies, you know. I know it hasn’t been that long since you were a starter but are there things that have changed?

“The NFL is always evolving. It’s kind of chess match. Offense’s try and solve the defense’s blitzes. The defensive guys sit in their rooms trying to solve offensive protections. Same thing goes for route combinations and coverages. It’s just always going back and forth. It’s always a constant battle. There’s new tendencies, new hot blitzes, new hot coverages year in and year out and that’s what makes it so fun. You never know what you’re going to get from any team. That’s kind of why you’ve got to take pride in preparation and film work, trying to find little keys and tendencies here and there because like I said, you never know what you’re going to get on any given week.”


Right. Any specifics you can name? I’m not talking about from the Bengals or anything, just league wide. Is there something?

“Yeah. It just boils down to fronts, protections, pressures from the defenses, certain coverages here and there. Just a year in and year out deal.”

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    1. What good spot are you in . You are starting to sound like your coach. You just got beat by the Browns ,the Browns you really think you will beat the Bengals.

  1. Hmm, he did not want to turn the ball over….
    Gabbert, guess what? When you fail on 4th down, you turn the ball over. I want him to explain how taking a sack is better than throwing the ball downfield for a jump ball.
    I thought Logan knew these things, but he forgot to tell his QB to get rid of the ball. maybe Logan is one of those white wine sniffing snobs who want to win without thinking.

  2. I’ll say this about Gabbert and it was my fears when the season started with ck.
    I can’t seriously say with certainty whether Gabbert is or will be the future of this franchise with an O-line and OC like this.
    Ck burned my hopes with every grounder and bad decision he made.
    Can’t possibly see who can judge the qb play under these circumstances. Hell I’m happy he doesn’t turn the ball over.

  3. I wonder if Gabbert has ever suggested to Chryst that maximum protection every once in awhile might not be a bad idea….

  4. Since the Niners do not have a clue how to win this game, I will give a few pointers.
    Since the playbook is so ineffective, they should throw it out and start all over.
    On first downs, run the RO.
    Run the hurry up with quick snaps to prevent them from substituting and maybe catch them with 12 men on the field and throw a long bomb.
    Consider time outs to be precious, and saved for the last 2 minutes of each half. DO NOT use time outs so they help the other team.
    Devise plays that puts a man in motion. Use a MIM to pinch in the DE so Gabbert can roll out, and trail a TE so Gabbert can either run or pass. Put Ellington in motion so he can be a diversion, or give it to him for an end around. Give him the option to throw a flea flicker. Put Boldin in motion so he can elude the jam at the LOS. Put Torrey in motion to give him a head start by being at full stride at the snap of the ball.
    Quit being so stubborn and elevate Hayne so posters will stop accusing the Niners of not trying to win. utilize his skills. Devise plays that have Hayne catching the ball with space to make the first tackler miss. devise plays with laterals.
    Take advantage of their team speed on defense by doing counters, misdirections and reverses.
    Above all, play smart and for the love of God, stop shooting themselves in the foot.

    1. Also, if confronted with second and short, do the play action bomb.
      Go bold and go for it. Do not settle for TDs. Tell Gabbert to throw the ball on 4th down, and do not take a sack.
      Finally, pray for a miracle.

    2. Stop worrying about winning or losing, and just focus on scoring TDs. When the Niners worry about losing, they become discombobulated, cant tackle, cant throw, cant catch and cant coach.They lose their composure and become undisciplined.
      In the Giants game, they were worried about winning and went brain dead. Kaep should have just burrowed into the line on first and goal, not cross the goal line, and forced them to use their time outs. Then on third down scored, with 4th down kept in reserve in case they did not make it on third down. Giants let them score so Eli would have time to make a comeback.

  5. “Learn from your mistakes and apply them to this week.”
    ~ Blaine Gabbert

    What BG really meant to say: ‘Our OL keep making the same mistakes week after week because they stink. Please get me players that can get the job done!’ [sarcasm mine].

    I know that BG won’t throw his teammates under the bus, but the stark reality is that the OL is in desperate need of an overhaul.

    The OL was playing miserable for CK as well, and he finally caved-in and started hearing footsteps and sensing phantom pass-rushers around him after a number of games of being constantly being assaulted.
    I will be carefully monitoring Gabbert’ mental approach to the Bengals defensive front on Sunday especially coming off the 9 sack game.
    I want to see if he can fully trust his OL and continue to hold the pocket or if he will start hearing footsteps and feeling phantom pass-rushers ala Kap.

    When I think about, what else is there to watch in a 49ers game at this point?

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