Blaine Gabbert: “I’m just taking it as a chance to go out there and just prove to this team what I can do.”


This is the transcript of Blaine Gabbert’s first press conference as the starting quarterback of the 49ers, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

What was your reaction when you were told by head coach Jim Tomsula and were you prepared to hear that?

“It’s always kind of a funny deal in the NFL when you hear your number called because you never know when it’s going to be. And that’s kind of why you always got to stick to your routine and just always be prepared because, like they always say, you’re one play away from playing and you’re one play away from not playing.”


How are you a different player now than when you were last a starting quarterback?

“I would say more mature. Being 25, actually 26 now, time flies, but when I got in the league as a 21-year-old, you haven’t seen really anything. And going into my fifth year, just the experiences that I’ve had preparing for games, playing in games, starting games, being a back up quarterback. It’s valuable over time to have those repetitions in practice and on the game field.”


You were an inexperienced quarterback on a not very good team in Jacksonville. Was that a very fair indication of what you potentially can be?

“I don’t know. I wouldn’t say so. What did gain from that experience is, like I said, knowledge, knowledge of the game, knowing where to go with the football and when to go there with the football. Really, any game time experience that I got there and that I’ve gotten here in the preseason has been extremely important kind of to my journey as a quarterback.”


You know that, Jacksonville, when you started there, seems pretty similar to where this team is now. Do you see difference between the team in Jacksonville and this team now?

“There’s always similarities on a football team. We’re going through a little rough patch here and I’ve been through plenty of those in Jacksonville, and the biggest thing that we have to focus on is just sticking to our routine. Sticking to our guns. Going out and having great practices and carrying over that practice to the game. That’s the biggest thing that we’re striving towards right now because we’re putting together great practices. We’re preparing very well. Our coaches are doing a great job giving us the right looks, but what we’ve got to do is take that into the game and lately, we have not been doing that.”


What’s the biggest challenge for somebody like you who hasn’t started in a while?

“I really wouldn’t say there’s a challenge. My mindset is just go out there and have fun. I learned as a rookie how to prepare from [New Orleans Saints QB] Luke McCown. When you get your number called on a week like this, you just got to stick to your routine. Stick to the same way you prepare week in and week out. Still get here at the same time. Still do the right things on and off the field. Just got out there and have fun. Throw the ball around and let your guys make plays.”


Did you have fun in Jacksonville?

“I did. I did. And there were tough times. I mean, I’ll be the first one to tell you going 5-11, 2-14 and not having the best years, that falls on the quarterback’s shoulders and I take full responsibility for that. But, at the same time, I enjoyed that journey. I enjoyed that process even though it wasn’t, like I said, the most fun at times. But, like I said, I learned a ton from that. Just looking forward to applying that here.”


There’s conversation that sometimes when a starter sits, goes to be a backup, he can learn by watching, regrouping. You’ve gone through that. Do you think there’s anything to that? Or do you think you kind of need to play through some things to get better?

“I think there’s value to it because that happened with me in Jacksonville. I believe it was my second year, I ended up having to have surgery but [Tennessee Titans interim head] coach [Mike] Mularkey made the decision to go with [Jacksonville Jaguars QB] Chad [Henne] and it gave me a chance to step back, see how he handled the situation, see how he prepared. It’s just a learning experience because all quarterbacks want to have long careers and there’s going to be ups and downs, bumps in the road. But at the same time you just have to keep pushing forward because you never know when your opportunity is going to be.”


How’s QB Colin Kaepernick been with you in this situation?

“Colin’s been great. I wouldn’t expect him to be any other way. We have a great quarterback room. The dynamic between us is wonderful and it’s going to continue to be that way.”


Coach Tomsula said that you’re the quarterback Sunday and he didn’t make any sort of commitment beyond that. Do you feel that in some way this is a one game audition for you?

“No, I’m just taking it as a chance to go out there and just prove to this team what I can do. It’s a great opportunity for me to go out there and play against a good Atlanta football team and, like I said, I’m just going to go out there and enjoy this. It’s fun to play ball again, especially in the regular season, and we just got to get something going on offense.”


You’ve seen this offense up close for eight games. What are some of the good things and not so good things that you saw?

“Like I said, we just got to carry over our practice to the game field because we’re doing some great things, but the consistency that we’re looking for hasn’t been there and we just got to keep striving towards that. We’re never going to be perfect. Nobody’s every going to be perfect, but at the same time, we just have to focus on the things that we can control on the football field and execute the play that’s called.”


There’s a pretty interesting video on YouTube of you and ESPN analyst Jon Gruden when you were coming out of college and he was making some points, kind of at your expense. Were those valid points that he was making to a young guy at the point?

“I couldn’t tell you the points that he was making, but yeah, that was a fun deal getting in there with coach Gruden. He’s a great coach and has been around the block for a long time. He’s a smart football coach.”


He was talking about kind of getting to the point of handing the ball off to a running back and he was using Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning as an example?

“Oh, yeah, with his old school cut-ups.”



“But, yeah, the points that he made are crucial. Like you said, the mesh point with the running back. Just all the little details that we have to focus on on a daily basis and you can’t take those for granted. Something that you guys see us working on every day in the individual period, getting the ball handling drills. So, just little stuff like that, we’re going to continue to work on.”


Do you think you can do the same things that Colin does in terms of his running and the read-option and his athletic ability?

“I wouldn’t compare myself to Colin in that way because he’s a phenomenal athlete. I like to consider myself a decent athlete, but what he can do running the read option is phenomenal and that’s a talent he and a couple guys have. But, at the same time, when we do have those plays called, I like to think I could run and get the first down.”


Have you gotten many first team reps since the beginning of the regular season?

“A few. When you’re the starting quarterback, you get the majority of the reps but a couple plays here and there at the end of the period, I’d go in. But, kind of the way I approach practice was, I took the scout team as my opportunity to get reps. So, when we were doing the scout team huddles, I would call our terminology, our protections. That’s how most backups quarterbacks get there work throughout the week because the starters do need the reps versus the looks you’re going to get that week in the game. So, the last eight weeks, throughout training camp, those scout team reps have been crucial.”


Do you think during those reps though, it’s an accurate depiction of really what pressure, quarterback pressure can be during a real game?

“I would say so. Our defensive line is pretty stout and the pressures that [defensive coordinator] coach [Eric] Mangini will dial up. It’s more about exercising your brain in those situations. Learning how to kill protections, redirect the line, get the backs going to the right people. So, it’s kind of, you have hands-on control in the scout team, which has been fun and I think those reps have been valuable.”


You mention your age and maturity, but when you came in as a rookie and number 10 overall pick, there’s all kind of pressure on you. And here, there doesn’t seem to be, at least the outward, outside pressure on you. Does it feel different as you step into this point as opposed to what you were?

“I wouldn’t say I felt outside pressure there. I think pressure is what you apply on yourself. You put it on yourself to succeed because you know, say, you know you’re better than how you’re playing. You know you’re better than the way you’re performing and you put pressure on yourself to do better. It’s kind of a different situation here being a veteran now. But at the same time, I have pressure on myself to prepare the right way. Get all the looks in practice and go out there and play well.”

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    1. And who’s responsible for that O line Seb? I don’t recall you casting aspersions in that direction, however lots of time defending kap…Maybe it’s time you reassess your values and stop with the TrollD aspersions, perhaps focusing on the Scrooge, and his assistants.

      1. TrollD I have defined you. As long as you keep addressing me, trying to get me to respond, I will address you as TrollD. Stop trying to troll me, and I might leave you alone.

  1. I remember vividly how Kaepernick took over for Alex Smith with giddy abandon. He seemed oddly indifferent to the humiliation Smith was enduring on the sidelines (as Lowell aptly put it) as “The guy who holds the clipboard”. Now, Kap has found himself in the same humbling situation. It’ll be interesting to see if he can handle it with anywhere near the class and maturity that Alex did.

    1. I don’t think he’s shifting the blame so much as he’s sounding relieved to out from underneath the mess that Jed York created, although I will admit that it sounds like he’s happy Kaepernick is no longer throwing to him.

      1. Baalke did VD a solid, got him to a winning team.
        Let’s see how happy is VD after he drops a pass. LOL, he thought Harbaugh was demanding…..

  2. Kaepernick turned 28 yesterday. Gabbert turned 26 two weeks ago.

    Interesting how little we hear “young” Blain Gabbert. Given his age, its possible there’s been athletic growth over the last two years.

    1. B2W,

      Nope, it’s not possible. Haven’t you read most on here (and practically everywhere else) who say, since BG stunk in J’ville, there is no other possibility than for him to continue to stink?

      I’m not counting on BG lighting the NFL on fire, but can we give the guy a chance? There will be plenty of time to rip his performance, AFTER the performance.

  3. Per@AdamSchefter
    By naming Blaine Gabbert starter, 49ers costing themselves 1 win this year, per FPI; now have best chance (30%) to claim No. 1 pick in draft….

      1. Before the season started, I was optimistic boarding the Hayne Plane. Now to stay optimistic we gotta switch planes mid-air to the Blaine Plane.

        1. I fear Plain Blaine will soon be getting the blame, creating clear skies for the 7torm to make a comeback… before once again petering out.

          1. Kawakami published his version of Jed’s scapegoat list today. Maybe Blaine should get his place on it, but I doubt his name buys Jed what he gets from the other scapegoats ranging from Harbaugh to last but not least Baalke.

            1. Thanks, as well. I’ve always liked Brent Jones but have never listened to him. Like MWNiner, there’s little I can disagree with.

              Interesting that he implied that 1st round draft picks need to make immediate contributions (he seemed a bit hard on Armstead). Also, neither he nor Tommy seem to support the idea of hoarding late round draft picks and thinking that you can build a team that way.

              1. I’ve loved listening to Brent Jones on KNBR for the last 3-4 seasons. He’s very passionate about the Niners, and doesn’t give a damn what the organization thinks. He made it clear that had he been around last Thanksgiving game at Levi’s he would have run into the field and tackled Sherman and his turkey legs :) Steve Young and Ronnie Lott are far more measured in their comments — they don’t criticize the front office directly. Joe doesn’t criticize because he’s got that hotel development going.

    1. He’s going to hang loose and blow it up — a deep TD to Torrey on one series and an interception the next series.. The offense will be watchable once again!

        1. Gabby is going to get rid of it faster than Kap ever did. Hopefully Torry Smith can run 20 yds in 2 seconds! Now that the Niners are the West Coast Jaguars of Gabby’s days in terms of talent, I just hope he doesn’t relapse with PTSD symptoms and start throwing backwards..


    Neumann with another good article. This one is about Kap and Gabbert. He pretty effectively shoots down the optimism I’ve written about with regards to Gabbert. He cites stats and individual QBs who were as bad as Gabbert and never got better. Of that group of bad QBs (which includes Gabbert) only a few “went on to display some level of competence in their careers.” Those few include Dilfer and Alex Smith.

    In the end it doesn’t much matter to me, because I believe we have to lose many games to get rid of Baalke and the upper CS. #1 draft pick would be great given where we are now.

  5. This is a beautiful story within sports. A young QB banished and exiled after high expectations on a poor team. Now after many years he has a chance to restart his passion in a new city and a new program.
    Why can’t this be a classic American Dream story of rags to riches?

    1. Watched a little bit of the Gabbert press conference. No headphones. Just a county white dude. Not sure if BigP or AES will approve.

      So all your Kaeper-nutters! Are you rooting for Gabbert’s success against those dirty birds on Sunday?

      Do I think Gabbert is going to do well? No. Will he do better then Colin. Yes. How can he not? The QB play was as low as you can go, and it started last year.

      Colin will get a chance again. He will do well a few games, and then stink again. His whole career has been inconsistent. Even Ted Robinson, Niners announced, finally summed up the Kaep era. Was great in 2012. Had a good Packers game, and then the playoffs, was good for a half in Seattle’s NFCCG, but the rest has been up and down. And the bottom fell out in 2015.

      Ummm…. no surprise to me!

      Whatever team Kaep ends up, my bet is Philly, I would want him to succeed and do well. Everyone deserves a chance an redemption.

      For 2016 — We are drafting top 5 for sure. Take an can’t miss OL, or DL, in OLB. No safeties please. No DBS.

      Take a good QB in the mid rounds, like Russell Wilson.

      Get another RB. A change of pace back.


      1. So call it Fan, what’s his completion %, YDS, TD’s and number of sacks? We need to know what’s better. You do realize Gabbert’s best play wasn’t as good as Kaep’s worst play right? 62-64% completion, 1-2 TD’s, 240yds and 3-4 sacks would be slightly better.

        I always root for my team. It seems like you’re reaching on this one because there are some other things going against Gabbert. Its going to be hard for him since he doesn’t have the luxury of Hyde in the line up and Celek is going through concussion protocol and VD isn’t on the field to command coverage and Boldin is injured. Another thing no one’s discussed is that do any of the RB’s know how to pass protect in our scheme? This has all the makings of a terrible day for the offense. No run game, RB’s who don’t know the scheme, VMac and Blake as TE’s. I think its been covered but with no run game the Falcon’s know Gabbert has to beat them with his arm. We’ll see.

        1. You do realize Gabbert’s best play wasn’t as good as Kaep’s worst play right?

          Are you serious Wilson?

          Kaep has tons of “worst plays.” Like throwing ground balls to open receivers, fumbling at the goal line. Do I need to go on?

          We are talking about the Kaep and now, not some hologram from 2012.

          Kaep is THE WORST QB in the league by a wide margin. He can’t do anything. We don’t know if this mental meltdown is permanent, or this is who he is.

          I will say Gabbert will probably throw a pick or two. He will complete about 60% of his passes, take a lot of check-downs. Throw for around 200 yards. Same as Kaep. Dude hasn’t played in 3 years.

          He won’t have a running game but he will look like a QB. He has no pressure at all because Kaep lowered the bar so far down.

          I don’t think Gabbert would miss a wide open Torrie Smith.

          He will not do worse then Kaep. Will do a little better, and I’ll take a little better at 2 million as opposed to complete suckdom for 20 million.

          1. Fan you haven’t done your homework on Gabbert. He’s the worst QB since Ryan Leaf since 1970 by any metric available. I thought you actually knew something about QB’s and were just looking for a pure pocket passer but if you really need to pay attention. He may have grown, but like I posted earlier, it would be the biggest comeback in the history of the NFL.

              1. Mexicaniner read some articles, you tube his play. Just look at the work niner nation did analyzing his play. The top part is about Kaep, the bottom of the article is about Gabbert. You really think he’s miraculously become a decent QB? You guys are all doing the same thing you accused others of doing with Kaep. You’re throwing wishful thinking out there and defending it.

                Here’s the clincher from the article: Much like Kaepernick over the first half of the season, anything resembling competence from Gabbert is likely to be a result of the defense on the field more than anything Gabbert is doing.


              2. You’re missing the point. KAEP was bad, if not worse. Gabbert hasn’t played in 3 years. He was 21 years old, starting on a bad team.

                I knew enough about QB play to tell you that Kaep sucked last year. You didn’t listen. Now you have to sell all of your Kaep jerseys on Amazon.

                Oh well.

                I guess you think missing a wide open Torrie Smith is an example of good QB play. Or bouncing passes the receivers, and being uteruses clueless.

              3. Fan you’re an idiot with all you straw man arguments. So what you’re saying is the second worst QB in since 1970 is magically going to come back and be a decent QB. You’re basically saying Ryan Leaf could play better that Kaepernick. Kaep may very well be the worst QB this season but he’s not the second worse QB in history.

                Jerseys are stupid expensive you’ll feel really foolish with both those Gabbert and Smith jerseys in your closet dreaming of miraculous comeback for both of them.

                You’re already making excuses for Gabbert about his age and the quality of his team. Stop it, its just hypocrisy. If you haven’t noticed this team is terrible on both sides of the ball and in lots of positions. If he play’s great I’ll be the first to state its the biggest come back in the history of the NFL. If he plays ok, I’ll be fine with that too. Be sure to apply the same level of criticism to your new QB as you did to your old one.

              4. Wilson,

                This idiot was right about Kaep, wasn’t he?

                Gabbert may have been the 2nd worst QB as a rookie, but somehow he’s a better choice then Kaep.


              5. Fan you’re still spinning it. Gabber was 5-22 as a starter, you do realize a season is 16 games right? So it wasn’t just his rookie campaign that he was terrible. He actually played parts of 3 season with the Jags. You’re pride is blinding you here. He’s in his 5th season in the NFL. When the 49ers practiced with Denver the Drive a local radio show did a whole segment on how bad Blaine was at practice. DMac here said “isn’t Gabbert terrible?”

                Yes Kaepernick failed here he went the wrong direction and didn’t improve and actually got worse. You gleefully celebrated his demise and overly attribute the 49ers failure to him. You overlook anything that disagrees with your narrative. This team sucks and its not just the QB. There’s no film on Gabbert in this offense so like Kaep came in with the Bears he has an advantage for a few games but when it catches up to him we’ll see how he actually does. You also fail to address the other issues of no running game, injured receivers, and a defense that could get burned by Ryan Sunday. Again what would conclude to you that he’s improved beyond a trash time TD vs the Broncos and some reps in preseason?

              6. WIlson,

                I’m not spinning anything. Gabber sucked as a starter. He was also a rookie. 21 years old.

                Do I expect him to be good? No. Do I expect he will do better then Kaep? Hells yeah!!!

                That’s how bad Kaep was. His failure to develop in his 5th year just dragged the entire offense down.

                He never evolved, improved. He’s the same QB with the same problems. I told you that in the beginning of the year after Minny game. You didn’t listen. You, like the rest of the Kaeper-nutters tried to confuse the issue, say I hate Kaep and love Alex. Nope. I simply told you what others have said about him, like Cosell, and formed my opinion on that info.

                And you’re quoting a practice session from a Denver local radios station? That was practice, not even a pre-season game! You know who looked terrible in the preseason? Kaep. Just read the articles from those games form our local beat writers. Like Grant! Everyone said 1st team offense stunk, but Gabbert was able to move the team.

                When you have a debate, you state your opinion.We can agree to disagree. I don’t celebrate the demise of the team, but I do love shoving it in the face of people like you because you’ve been condescending and arrogant. Your argument lost out. You were wrong big time about Kaep.

                The team has a lot of problems. Clearly the QB is one and if you can’t get that right, you’re screwed.

                Are you going to tell me it was the O-line’s fault for Kaep missing a wide open Torrie Smith? Or for bouncing passes? Do you know who the officials flag delay of game penalties on? Yeah the QB you idiot.

                You clearly want Gabbert to fail. I didn’t want Kaep to fail. I wanted him to play well. I just knew it wasn’t going to happen. I want Gabbert to do well. I have my doubts, but he will do better then Kaep. You can’t do worse.

              7. SO you’re still saying Gabbert was a rookie for three seasons and that’s where his stats come from? Again with the straw man stuff. I never said any of the things you’re writing but you keep doing it. I will say it plainly, the QB stinks, he’s a huge problem, the OL stinks also a huge problem, The owner stinks a huge problem, the coaching stinks a huge problem, the GM has a hit a miss record also a huge problem.

                Keep missing Torrey Smith all his fault, Kaep throwing balls in the dirt also his fault. You’re hilarious about being condescending, its the only place you speak from on this forum is one of smug and glib arrogance. You straw man everyone, ignore facts and don’t answer real questions. My only contention with you on Kaep is that you overly assert the negative on Kaep and highlight the negative. There’s a reason people were behind him, he had potential but he failed to reach it. I am making the opposite case with you on Gabbert. You’ve seen a couple of good things from him and are wishfully thinking he’ll do better. He might, I saw those things too. Lets see Sunday.

                I am not arguing Kaep stinks or that he’s possibly the worst performing QB in the NFL right now. I am arguing that to hope Gabbert is better is fools gold. SO we disagree, I’ll move on.

              8. Fansince If you would just cool it with the whole I was right, you were wrong, I know more football than you schitck people might just realize that most of what you post regarding CK is true. Is it so important to you to be right and prove others wrong that your message gets lost in all the hyperbole?

              9. Gabbert was a rookie at 21 years old. He started the first season, got hurt in the 2nd and 3rd seasons. He’s 25.

                He’s not some season vet, like KAEP. He’s only played in 27 games, on a bad team. Kaep started on a good team, and then made them bad and pathetic!

              10. Old coach,

                I only take this point of view when others are disrespectful, calling other peoples names, idiots, etc. I don’t take kindly to internet bullying!

                I don’t claim to know everything about football. I’m just stating an opinion.

              11. “Kaep started on a good team, and then made them bad and pathetic!”

                Don’t wanna be called an idiot? Don’t make idiotic statements like that.

            1. Why do you keep referencing stuff from 3 years ago ? The world has been turning all of that time…Howz your 401-K doing ? Stop the negativity….

          2. Why do so many of you people keep saying that Kap is making 20
            mil. a yr., when in fact this yr. his base salary is around 14 mil, and next yr. it will be around 16 mil. and you know that Payton is only making
            around 15 mil this yr.

        2. Fan, they entered the league the same year its not a good argument to say one’s a season vet because he didn’t get injured. Who’s fault was it that Blaine came to the NFL at 21? He took a lot of sacks and got injured, that’s also his fault. He played badly because he was bad, age and injuries can’t be blamed. Kaep did benefit from a great team and coaching staff which Gabbert never had at the Jag’s. That’s the real disparity here. Gabbert currently doesn’t have those thing here either.

          Kaep didn’t ruin this team, that’s just silly. That issue starts at the top with Jed. Kaep’s play contributed to this teams demise but again the issues go way beyond the QB. The biggest issue is getting rid of a winning coach and replacing him with this incompetent staff. Kaep may have been benched even if JH stayed and he played this way. I would trust JH to get more out of Gabbert than this staff. Gabber could play well, I really hope he does.

          1. One and only problem with Collin Kaepernick was that he never got better in 4 years. You cant blame coaching front office, he just never became a better football player

            1. Not denying he didn’t get better, but its not the singular cause for team failure. The discord between the FO and CS was THE issue, Kaep’s is second IMO. Here’s why I think that, what changed to make us successful? Adding JH, Vic, Roman, Donatel etc. Those guys took a washed up Alex Smith and turned him into a functional QB. They took a running QB from a spread offense and helped him be productive. The CS was the biggest loss to this organization, Kaep’s development is second to that, he can’t carry the team. The loss of talent is another huge issue.

              1. He never improved.If you don’t get better at your job you lose the job. It’s not because others didn’t do their job well. It’s because the QB got worse and didn’t perform well enough to keep his job.

          2. Jed definitely is the biggest culprit. But how can you not see that Kaep’s regression, his inability to do basic QB things, did not cripple the entire offense? It’s the little things that he can’t do that make the biggest difference.

            How can you expect to compete if you are running a high school offense because that’s all your QB of running? And the things he did when he started 3 years ago no longer apply because the league caught up to him.

            I know you love Kaep so much, so if this was another player at another position, would you be so forgiving?

            Would you hire a FG kicker who can only make a 20 yard FG? Because that’s basically what happen with Kaep when teams figured him out.

            Oh I’m sorry, he had too much on his plate. I guess he had a small plate, or maybe he ate too slow.

            This goes beyond CS. He wasn’t good last year, when he had an O-line and a running game and a good defense.

            He sucks. End of story. Sorry to hurt your feeling.

            If this makes you feel any better, Jed York sucks more!

      2. This is going to be ugly on Sunday. What an embarrassment of an organization this has turned into. Blaine Gabbert oh my god!!!!

      3. Do you really think Wilson is a good QB? He’s a slightly more accurate version of Kaep who evades rushers long enough for one of his guys to get open. Almost every play with him is a scramble drill. He’s only a year or two from being like his mates RGIII and Kaep. Neither he or Cam are good QB’s. You still have to go with Rodgers, Brady, Brees as good QB’s. Its hard for me to imagine that you’d take someone like him when we just got rid of a QB like that. Seems like you’d want a pocket QB.

      4. Fan77,
        I approve to winning and if Gabbert can help my favorite team accomplish this, it really doesn’t matter what your white country boy dresses like as long as he wears the Red&Gold on Sunday’s.

        While many here have at least been fair in pointing out CK’ subpar play it comes as no surprise that some of your angst against Kaep has to do with his off field appearance. Kind of puts your true agenda into full display that a person who does not like another person will look for anything to critique.

        You may want your white country boy to succeed and to each his own, I just want to see him succeed because it equates to improving our chances at winning.

      5. If Gabbert were to succeed it would be the best turn around in the history of the NFL. I will route for him to do so. But like you once posted Fan, hope isn’t a strategy.

        From the ninersnation article.

        During his 27 career starts, Gabbert hasn’t been just bad, he’s been one of the worst starting quarterbacks in NFL history. Using the same ANY/A+ metric we referenced with Kaepernick earlier, Gabbert is the second-worst quarterback since the merger in 1970, besting only Ryan Leaf. More advanced metrics aren’t fans either:

        1. And his team won five of those games. Amazing.

          Either QB will have a “chance” Sunday because the Atlanta defense is in their possible range. I have a chance to win the lottery drawn yesterday even though I didn’t buy a ticket. I’ll be back in a few minutes. I’m going to walk around the block looking for a lost lottery ticket.

        2. wilsonm73,
          As bad as Gabbert has looked over his time as starter, he did show some upside during preseason. He showed some pocket presence and better decision making than CK. Albeit, he did this against 2nd and 3rd string players of whom many may not be in the league, but from my vantage he had better mechanics than Kaep.

          I agree, that if Gabbert has a resurrection of sorts that it will make for a great story, but what better opportunity for him to turn the corner than this Sunday against the dirty birds.
          If Gabby can do a good job this Sunday, I expect Chryst to design and implement some plays (during bye week) that will be better suited to fit Gabby’ skill set.

          Like I said yesterday, it’s Gabbert’ time to shine. I’m not expecting any miracles based on our OL/RB issues, but if he can display good pocket presence and sturdy mechanics it will be a very good start.

          1. I’d love to see Gabbert succeed and be a great story. It would really be miraculous if he did. I don’t think we should get our hopes too high though AES. Like you said OL and RB issues plus injuries and trades at key receiving positions make it hard for him to succeed even if he’s improved. I don’t disagree with benching Kaep, he hasn’t demonstrated what’s needed at the position to stay a starter. Now we see if this is all on the QB or how much coaching plays into the picture. We’ll also see over the next 3 games how well the OL performs and other positions. I re-read Gabbert’s wiki, his career high game 260yds passing. He could be better lets see how he does against a real 1st team NFL squad.

              1. Totally on Jim Plunkett. He was pummeled and broken in New England. His stint with the 49ers was miserable – but his career took a major upswing with the raiders.
                But unlike the pats and 49ers the raiders had talent on their team which make for a much better transition when Plunkett took the helm.

                Gabbert is far from that situation in the area of talent, and frankly, organization and coaching as well.

      1. I say about six too. Due to (likely) end of season strength of schedule, the 49ers will lose draft order tie breakers… and there are some really bad teams out there.

  6. Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse. From PFF:

    “The Sacramento Bee’s Matt Barrows guesses the 49ers will employ a “three-headed monster” of Kendall Gaskins, Pierre Thomas, and Shaun Draughn at running back in Week 9 against the Falcons.”

    “Our popcorn is ready.”

    1. Which back will be the first to run the wrong way, and will anyone catch him before he gets to the end zone?

      I was there when Vikings DE Jim Marshall recovered a fumble and ran 66 yards with it the wrong way with 49ers blocking for him. We still lost the game. Google for the replay.

    2. Medusa-like monster? Will fans turn into stone seeing this 3-headed running game? Will it average more than 1 ypc? Inquiring minds want to know…

  7. This is how the team practices??!

    Matt Barrows ‏@mattbarrows 2h2 hours ago
    Guessing “The Blaine Plane” won’t be very popular in Australia. Meanwhile, Jarryd Hayne playing NFL top rusher Devonta Freeman in practice.

      1. Yeah, but I always thought it was players that were at least remotely familiar with the position they’re simulating. Unless the OL just lets Hayne run through at Gabbert, how does this even come close to simulating a real situation.

        1. Cubus, I think you may have misunderstood the term top rusher. Freeman is a RB. Having Hayne practice as him makes sense.

          1. Thanks, Scooter. I did misunderstand the term “top rusher” and obviously I don’t know the Falcons players. This makes much more sense to me.

  8. Eric Reid on KNBR said it was strange hearing that Gabbert would be starting on Twitter.

    I don’t think he realized who he’s working for.

    1. Jed York: Stock Up. The 2019 college football playoff national championship (2018 season) will be at Levi-thargy Stadium. Little Jed rakes in the big money.

      Most fans on this blog are more broken up about the state of the team than Little Jed.

    2. Good suggestions for quite a few
      of the most glaring problems .. but,
      I wonder who you’d have at Center ..?

      Jonathon, ..(err… I meant, Marcus, of course)
      should be paying Niner fans for the privilege
      of wearing the uniform ..

  9. If the team you’re covering goes totally into the dumper what does it do to your blog numbers if everyone agrees with your posts?

        1. You’d have to ask Jed York that question htwaits. Let us know how spacious it is underneath his desk. I hear he has a mini bar and a Lazy Boy in that hideaway.

    1. Oh-hhhh ..!! .. MidWest …

      One can only hope !

      U-hhh … is there anyway we can also..
      get rid of Jed … ya know ..
      while …. we’re cleaning’ house … and all ?

        1. Since nearly everyone thinks that the November 22nd game in Seattle will be a massacre, what will really happen is that the Seahawks will implode during the game and the 49ers will squeak out a 15 -13 win, prompting an ecstatic Jed York to give multi-year contract extensions to Baalke and the entire coaching staff. ;)

      1. If only MWN. I tried to send an exterminator to take care of the job, but he returned a couple of days later saying that the job was too big for him to handle.

        1. For over-sized rats like Jed and Paraag you need a different, more expensive kind of exterminator. But you didn’t hear that from me.

            1. So……is Marathe like a slick, well dressed, well groomed Rasputin?

              Would it be wrong to fantasize about Jed meeting the same fate as Nicholas II?

  10. When some folks stop complaining about how Kawakami treats the 49ers, then you can be sure not all is well at the cash cow in Santa Clara.

    1. He speaks the truth, mostly, but it’s starting to seem like he letting his personal feelings toward Jed color the tone and influence the frequency of his anti 49er FO articles. They are interesting to read, though.

  11. To those that are highly critical of CK. First of all your arguments hold water but your instance of continuing the same old dribble without blasting the o-line or the coaching or the GM suggest an agenda driven thought process. For you stat people Cam Newton and CK statistical performance this year is pretty much the same. Cam is 7-0 and CK is 2-5. Now for me that suggest its more then the QB that quantifies the team. Piss poor coaching, piss poor line play, piss poor RB’s, piss pass rush, piss poor team altogether.

    Like I said a while back this TEAM is not as good as their record indicates.

    1. Agree .. uc ..

      I heard Jerry speakin’ his mind
      on the KNBR Podcast link .. and he
      said something that made sense to me ..

      He said that with Kap on the sidelines.. he’ll
      gain the perspective from watching from there ..
      and just maybe ..
      Kap will see that the dumpster fire that is
      today’s Niners …

      It ain’t his fault .. but, instead ..
      it’s the whole damn team.. and
      that could spark him into better play
      if / when he comes back

      Love Jerry’s optimism .. but ..
      I dunno if that’s gonna happen !

    2. For you stat people Cam Newton and CK statistical performance this year is pretty much the same. 

      I’ve been seeing that a lot lately and I hate to douse water on that fire, but the main reason Newton is in the MVP discussion is because he’s getting those numbers despite having a fairly weak receiving corps. I mean his best option is TE Greg Olsen and after him is a huge dropoff in terms of talent, starting with Ted Ginn Jr.

      1. MWD – I don’t think Cam is MVP material. I don’t think our receivers are all that great either. If Cam were on the Niners do you think the Niners would be better? I am not at all defending CK he has plenty of issues, I just don’t think it all rest on his shoulders.

        1. I don’t either, but others do and for reason in relation to the last part of what you just said because it can be argued that what is happening with the offense does rest on Newton’s shoulders and that he is handling it well considering the offense around him.

  12. The NFL has discovered the cure for insomnia and has decided to broadcast it on their channel tonight starting at 5:25 pacific time. If you’re in need of some rest I suggest tuning in.

  13. Anyone else enjoying the great start the Warriors are off to over in the NBA? Sure takes the edge off of the pure agony that this 49er season has been.

    Am I alone in thinking that the Warriors might lose fewer games than the 49ers this year?

    1. I think this is the first time that the record for regular season wins record has a strong chance of being toppled.

    2. Yes, I’ve followed the Warriors since the days of Tom Macherry, Jeff Mullins and Nate “the great” Thurman.

      I hope the team can work out a good contract for Harrison Barns – he has gotten better each year. Barring injuries this team could make another run at a title.

    1. Brady has been playing insane since after he was benched during the Chief’s blowout of the Patriots last year. It gave him something to prove, and then inflategate just fueled the fire. Getting a truly healthy Gronk back didn’t hurt, of course.

      1. Getting a truly healthy Gronk back didn’t hurt, of course.
        I think overall this is the biggest factor but I also believe he felt he had a lot to prove after the ridiculous off season he dealt with.

          1. Meanwhile our coaching staff is more interested in rotating bad players instead of benching them.

    2. It seems like the true championship level QBs can handle pressure and beat the blitz often enough to scare teams. That’s crucial going forward too since the League continues to legislate against DBs; the only option for the DC is pressure.
      I can’t think of any really good QBs that didn’t have that skill.

  14. Matt Ryan leads ATL, and its 4th ranked offense into Santa Clara…Mangini’s only hope is to blitz every play hoping for a late hit on Ryan and knocking him out of the game…Mangini wants to keep his job through the bye week and coaches used this strategy on Joe Montana and Steve Young until the 49ers hit back.

    If Ryan remains in the game it will be a long one for the Niners.

    1. Roethlisberger and Palmer shredded Sf’s D. The Niners have problems with elite QB’s, especially when so much of SF’s defense is on film. Asking a new QB to step in and be the difference maker with such a stone age offense is like rearranging deck chairs on board the Titanic.

  15. Leinart

    fearyaks: So Leinart was in town yesterday to visit SF. Don’t know if that made the papers. He shared a plane ride home with my co-worker (I bailed earlier) and got a different flight. There was also a RB too and they were talking about their tryouts.

    westcoastguy: If he’s rehabbing anything he’ll be signed before the end of the week
    TANK: Leinart! Perfect! More confidence building in the Trent Baalke vision.

    1. Regarding Matt Leinart ; I’ll take a phrase from Jurassic Park, “dinosaurs had their shot, and mother-nature chose them for extinction” (paraphrase).
      If ML is the best Baalke can do than this team is spiraling downward at a faster pace then I could have ever imagined.

      Question: Why Leinart? (if reports of his possible signing are true). What can he bring to the table that we don’t already have with B.Gabbert?

  16. There are some grumpy lady executives around the League lately. HC canned in Tennessee, and much commotion in Detroit.

    1. Matt Barrows ✔ @mattbarrows
      From @PFF: #49ers RBs average 0.97 yards per carry ***BEFORE*** contact. Falcons’ Devonta Freeman averages 2.44 YPC before contact. #woeline

  17. Coin Kaepernick
    “Pick analysis:
    Kaepernick has enough physical tools to be viewed as a developmental backup quarterback prospect. Experienced, competitive, productive and durable but very raw in terms of making NFL reads and throws. Will need to become accustomed to making pro-style progressions and must improve overall accuracy. Arm strength is good but needs to tighten up his delivery and work on getting the ball out on time with more consistency. Can make a lot of plays with his feet but will be too confident at times and take unnecessary sacks. Kaepernick will likely attract a team with his measurables and outstanding intangibles. His stock has risen considerably with solid workouts, so expect him to be taken some time in the second to third round.”
    What has changed since then?

    1. The team got worse in an amazing way. The coaches got worse. The depth over all, at running back, receiver and OL disappeared.

  18. One thing about Detroit making these moves now is it gives them early interviews with any veteran unemployed GM candidates they might be interested in. The sooner teams like Lions and Niners can get through their in-house player evaluations, the sooner they can think about FA and Draft.

  19. The 49ers piddled around until all the good coaches were snapped up last coaching search.
    It’s their way of saving a buck.

    1. While Detroit and other NFL teams get their GM’s and coaches from the cream of the crop to prepare for the draft, the 49ers will bargain basement shop at the Goodwill.

      1. The only thing keeping me from predicting an absolute destruction in this game is the Falcons’ propensity to play down to an opponent. Still, they are more talented and should be extra motivated after the report about the 49ers holding Gabbert back to play against them this week.

        Prediction: Atlanta 27, San Francisco 14

        Jason Fletcher is a Senior Writer for Follow him on

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