Blaine Gabbert: “I just overcooked it a little bit too low.”


This is the transcript of Blaine Gabbert’s Tuesday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


What’s the focus on when you have get back to work so quickly?

“Well, it’s just getting caught up on your preparation. You’re really three days behind schedule so we started early. I started getting ready for this game on Sunday night after the game just because it’s such a shortened week. You really have to get your mind and your body prepared to playon Thursday night.”


Do you have to kind of cut corners, that’s not the right word, but do you have to kind of de-emphasize–?

“No, not at all. Regardless, short week or not, you can’t skip any part of your normal preparation. If anything, you have to do more especially from the physical aspect to get your body feeling the way it should by Sunday, which happens to be Thursday this week. And then from a mental aspect, like I said, it’s just everything is sped up. So, if you have to watch extra film in the morning, during the lunch break or at night, you have to stick to the same routine, still watch the same amount of film regardless if it’s a short week or not.”


Does it help at all that it’s at least a familiar opponent? Are they doing a lot of the same things that you’ve seen from them?

“Well, they are a talented defense. Yeah, it’s a division opponent so we’ve played them in the past. We’re familiar with their defensive scheme, but familiar opponent or not you still have to prepare the same if it was a team that we haven’t played before. We still have to kind of figure out what they’re doing this year, what they’ve been doing as of the last couple of games and still prepare the same way.”


This is going to be the third running defense that you’ve faced in the past five weeks that’s ranked among the top. How do you approach that defensive front and get them off their heels early to open up that run game?

“It goes back to just focusing on the fundamentals. Every defense is good in the National Football League and we’ve had our fair share of the top defenses in the last four weeks. That doesn’t effect on how we play. We just have to focus on the things that we can control. That’s our preparation throughout the week in the film room, getting our bodies and minds right to play this team and whatever they bring us and show uson Thursday night we have to be ready and prepared to execute against it.”


ME: You seemed to be throwing with tremendous confidence for most of the game on Sunday. There was one throw in the second half in the red zone on third down that you one-hopped to WR Jeremy Kerley. What happened on that play?

“I think it was [WR] Aaron Burbridge actually.”


ME: OK, Aaron Burbridge.

“Just threw it short. It got knocked off a little bit, thinking of the play correctly, and just short throw. It was tight coverage. I wanted to keep it low. I just overcooked it a little bit too low.”


What you saw last week against the Rams, they played actually a decent amount of nine men in the box. Schematically, just by alignment, can you get a team out of it?

“Yeah, every team goes into certain games with different personnel packages. Rams, a lot of two tight end, two back sets and so every defensive coordinator is going to have a certain package versus a different personnel group that week. What we have to do is prepare what we think they are going to play against us. If you come out in 23-personnel, heavy tight end sets with two running backs, you’re going to get a 10-man box. That’s just the way the defensive coordinator is thinking. We have to prepare against the things that we think we are going to expect with the offensive plays and formations and personnel groups that we run personally.”


Based on what you see on film, will you know on third downs, like on third-and-five, third-and-six, third-and-13, kind of what defense you’re going to see just because those are big downs?

“Yeah, third downs are huge and they are a big point in any football game. Every coordinator, every team, kind of has tendencies on third downs and third-and-one to two, say third-and-three to six, third-and-12 plus. It’s just figuring out what those tendencies are, what you think that you’re going to get versus certain formations, where their blitz tendencies are, and just do as much film study as you can, get as many looks as you can out on the practice field. But, at the end of the day, you have to have all that information, be able to process it but go out there and play. See what you see out there, make the right call and just go play ball.”


As a quarterback, when you see someone, a receiver like WR Torrey Smith frustrated like he was Sunday, how do you approach it? Do you need to have a conversation with him? Do you just need to–?

“No. Torrey and I are fine. It was one play. We both wanted to hit on it. It was a big play in that football game and it didn’t turn out. The past is the past. We’ve moved on from that. We’re both on the same page on what we see in that route and we’re going to hit that moving forward. We were both frustrated at the time. That happens. We’re competitive guys. I don’t want to throw a pick there. I’d much rather throw a 65-yard touchdown. Trust me. We’ve just got to move forward and you learn from that experience.”


Are you seeing defenses lean towards Torrey and try to take him out of the game, paying more attention to him than maybe year’s past?

“Are we seeing that more recently?


Yeah, are they skewing their defense?

“Well, every defense is going to have their game plan for a specific game. Whether that’s double Torrey, have a guy follow Torrey around the football field. That’s a package that we just have to be aware of, but at the end of the day, whatever play [head coach] coach [Chip] Kelly calls we have to go out there and execute it regardless if they are double teaming Torrey. You have to be cognizant of where kind of that double team is, but I have to stick to the progression. If he’s in alert on a specific play we’re alerting it. At the end of the day, we’ve just got to go play ball and the open guy is going to get the ball.”


Is that what the Cowboys did? Were they double teaming him?

“The Cowboys played a lot of man coverage, some two guy stuff over the top of Torrey, but it was just kind of where the routes dictated me to throw it. We were calling a bunch of man beaters early on with kind of Jeremy in the slot. Some of the zone coverages there late in the down they were pushing underneath Torrey and we hit [TE] Garrett Celek there on a big corner stop on a third down conversion. Especially in the zone coverages like that, they know where our speed guys are and it’s just kind of off where the underneath defenders go which kind of leads me to where I throw the ball.”


How comfortable are you feeling in this offense and how much more can you improve with more knowledge of the scheme?

“I think the improvement’s going to happen every week. The more reps you get in a game, the more and more Chip and I are on the same page. He’s calling a certain play, I know why he’s calling that play. He sees something on the field. When we get on that same page we’re really going to take off. We started to click really well there early on in the game versus the Cowboys. We were hitting on all cylinders. That improvement, that chemistry and that consistency is just going to continue to build throughout the season.”


Do you feel like that chemistry is built with Garrett Celek? I know you haven’t had TE Vance McDonald for most of the last two games. One handed catch last week.

“Yeah, Garrett’s been doing a great job and had a great catch there on [Dallas Cowboys LB] Sean Lee, a couple big third down conversions. Had a good hop throw on the left side and he’s a great football player. He’s always in the right spot. He does everything the right way and he had a great game on Sunday.”

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  1. Gabbert “When we get on the same page” So Gabbert and Chip aren’t on the same page yet. That sounds like something you hear during preseason.

          1. #80

            You’re correct…I am a Ducks fan….’loved him as the Duck HC….Love him even more as the Niner HC…sooner or later, you guys are going to see that he’s the equivilant of Bill Walsh…he’ll make ‘chicken salad’ out of this mess if given time. I see us with a wild card in ’17,,,,GO NINERS !

    1. If you’re a defensive aficionado, the Monday Nighter against the Giants that resulted in the 49ers winning, 7-6? I think that was the year they we’re going for what Craig coined as, “Threepeat”….

    2. Is that the game where Gary Plummer hit the Bills RB at the goal line and Evander Holyfield, errr I mean Lee Woodall returned the fumble 98 yards for a TD?

  2. I am not saying that Gabbert is a top 10-15 QB, but Sunday’s game was an improvement. He had two bad throws and a number of good throws. He also got the ball down the field more. I am hopeful he can improve each week. I’m not counting on it, but it would be nice to have something positive come out of this season other than a top 5 draft choice.
    Does Chip have pass plays to his running backs? I can’t recall more than a few throws to the backs this year.
    The offense appears to be very vanilla; no bubble screens, very few play action passes, few sweeps, no counters, nothing out of the ordinary. I didn’t watch many Eagle games so is this the extent of Chip’s offense?

    1. I’ve seen Gabbert throw to the backs of his WRs. Seriously though, you are right. I thought Hyde and Draughn would be more involved in the passing game. I haven’t seen any wheel routes either.

    2. Ya he is the 33rd ranked QB… His days are numbered starting here or anywhere for that matter. Showed some nice throws but always reverts back to the same guy. Maybe he is the best we got for the moment. But God it’s not close to being good enough…

      1. This is exactly why I’m inclined to give Chip some time to build a winner but I think Baalke should have been fired when Tomsula was shown the door. It’s hard to win in the NFL when you have poor play at the QB position AND at the WR position. The 49ers roster is not good even though Baalke has had more picks than any other GM in the league since he started in 2010.

  3. Maybe I’m just an old guy, but Roger Craig running wheel routes or leaking out through the line was a very powerful weapon. Hyde is not Craig, but he could do some serious damage catching the ball with his running ability.

    1. It’s going to be hard pressed winning 3 games this year.. This needs to be broken down from the top on down. Until then we have nothing to look forward to. We are the Cleveland Browns of the West Coast. Let that settle in. The Browns have more to look forward to then the Niners right now. Unreal!

            1. I think the Browns win more games then the Niners. They also have a ton of picks to turn there franchise around. Just my opinion though.

              1. As we have seen, more picks means pretty much nothing when those picks picked are worth a darn!

              2. These are high picks there Prime. When we had all those picks we were picking in the early 30s to late 20s.. Big difference. Plus they don’t have Balke.

    2. Considering we had the most cash in free agency, yet spent nothing to upgrade the roster tells me baalke is handcuffed by the f.o……yes I want kap in but might not matter with zero weapons. Crabs and Delanie sorely missed. Someone explain to me how trent was gm of the year couple years bk, mindblown.

  4. Gabbert said he throws low intentionally. Ain’t that the truth?

    He throws low throughout the game and never leads his receivers. And if he overcooks one it will be a epic failure.

    Blaine, you should be an analyst, I now know everything I want to know about what you bring to the team. Excellent breakdown Blaine.

    1. Razor,

      You could be on to something. If any of the Yorks can be directly tied to this they could be forced to sell by the league.

      I’m hoping for a deal with Eddie, Ellison would be fine.

      And remember Jed, It’s not the crime it’s the cover up.

    2. ““Money is being secretly laundered to influence Santa Clara politics and we believe the 49ers are likely behind the scheme, The way this PAC is set up, it does not have to report its donors. This does not belong in Santa Clara and it’s not the type of politics we want to have here.”

      LMAO. I don’t think the Yorks are worried Razor. Even if they didn’t come across like a group of whackjobs Stand Up for Santa Clara’s fight will last as long as their money to cover the attorneys fighting the defamation suits lasts.

    3. #80,

      You’re assuming they did something illegal, it doesn’t sound like they did.

      I wish they could be forced to sell, but it’s not going to happen. The only way Jef will cease his involvement, is if he gets into politics. Maybe.

      1. According to the Political Reform Act there is a cap on how much money you can give. I doubt anything will come out unless our team leaker gets mad at Jed. Probably wishful thinking on my part.

        1. Actually, not true for Super Pacs, provided they adhere to certain conditions. Donations to such SP’s are unlimited.

    4. Money laundering? Is Jed selling crack and needs a way to deal quietly with the profits? Wee bit hyperbole.

      Just sounds like politics as usual.

    5. Stupid story. Secretly “laundering” money? My God that’s idiotic. If you mean the 49ers legally donated money to a SuperPac who is not required to disclose donors then wow, guilty as charged. If the 49ers behavior here is even remotely questionable then executives at Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc belong in prison for life. They gave tens of millions to Obama and now Clinton SuperPacs and they lent out top tech talent to support Obama/Clinton campaigns. Guess what? It’s perfectly legal. This article is absurd on it’s face.

  5. “If you want people to listen……….whisper.”

    One could give that some consideration……..
    Not everyone will….

      1. Reality check:
        Rich folks influence EVERY election at all levels of guvmint to their own benefit and always have. One should not suppose that York is the only powermonger exerting influence on pols and issues in Santa Clara County.
        Q: Does Jerry Jones hold sway in Dallas-Ft. Worth metro area politics?
        A: Watch out for that bear poop when walking in the woods!

    1. People need to get two ideas out of their head:

      1) That the Yorks would ever sell the team, willingly.

      2) That the Yorks are ever going to remove Jed from his position.

      If people want to spend money on a banner make it about something that might actually change. Like: Thanks for passing over Dak Trent, doing a good job.

      1. Baalke needs to go back to his comfort zone — being a defensive scout. He has no feel for offense. Worse, he has sought very little advice in that area.

  6. What a disappointment Kevin White is turning out to be. Not going to use the B word, yet but if he’s only good for half a season worth of play because he’s always getting nicked up then he definitely wasn’t worth the #7 pick.

    1. Yeah, unfortunately injuries happen. At this rate we’ll never know if he’s any good. I find it hard to call a guy a bust if injuries are what derail their career. Could happen to anyone.

  7. Gabbert has an established track record. His record as QB is the worst in the NFL.

    It’s insane (see definition of insanity) to keep putting him out there expecting different results.

    Aren’t we all tired of seeing him bouncing easy throws to open RB’s on the flat or overthrowing wide open WR’s down the field?

    I would give Ponder a shot.

    1. Ponder was 14-21-1 as a starter with a better team than Blaine played for in Jax. Ponder is not the answer. They have to draft somebody.

      1. The backup QB, or in this case the 3rd string QB, is always the most popular player on a struggling football team. Heck, out here the “backup GM” is extremely popular.

  8. “I just overcooked it a little bit too low.”
    Your goose is cooked, Blaine — irrespective of the low or high setting. Enough of this Gabberknacery. Overall, the Niners have less talent this season than last season. I’ve not felt this hopeless about the Niners since the 2007 season when Norv Turner left for the Chargers exposing Nolan and his empty suit. Niners have had a shortage of capable football people in the front office since the Yorks took over. After they fire Baalke, it’ll be just Gamble and a bunch of mediocre scouts. The only hope is if Jed can have Gamble convince a couple of smart football people (Riddick?) to come and help re-do the FO, draft a couple of QBs in the high rounds and spend the big bucks to get a pass rusher in FA.

    1. Helpless just about sums it up Mood. We can moan all we want about how bad Baalke is, but there is no guarantee Jed will be able to find anyone better. Gamble is unproven and it’s tough to imagine any top candidate would be interested in coming here. The only way for Jed to make this a better job for potential employees is to fire himself and hire a real football person to be the President of the team. That is never going to happen so we are left with hoping for the best with what we have.

      1. Do the patriots have a president? I don’t think so and it seems that JY is looking to Kraft as a role model. So, yes, he’ll never hire a team prez. Stupid.

            1. Does anyone really want to work for the Yorks?

              Just the garbage that the 31 other NFL teams discarded. Even the young up and comer guys like Vrabel, who should be looking to take advantage of such an opportunity, don’t want to work for York. Dark times, Prime. Dark times….

            2. People would come to SF if York wasn’t involved in day to day operations. Nobody want’s to work for an owner who wants to be involved in decision making unless that owner has a history of successful management. Everybody including players, owners and fans, know Jed is unqualified for the position he holds and the results bare that out.

        1. Yeah they do and it’s Kraft’s son. The difference is, they gave total control to Belichick on all roster and personnel matters. If Jed was a silent team President who deferred to the director of Football operations it would be fine, but that isn’t the case.

          1. Of course, Belichick has total control of the football side of the team. I assumed that was stipulated.

            My point is, since the Patriots have a puppet of Kraft as team president, Jed can delude himself into thinking he’s established a hierarchy similar to that of the patriots.

            1. Yes the Niners have an inexperienced owner but this year is very indicative of talent.
              The last 5 drafts have not produced enough good players. That’s the real issue. You draft and develop good players, all that other stuff gets masked. Unfortunately for us, key retirements, an entire 2012 draft miss and in between a couple draft and free agents busts, and here we are.
              This to me isn’t about coaching and a meddlesome owner, it’s looking at our roster compared to the elite teams. There’s no comparison.
              Until someone can come in and draft quality players, spend cap dollars appropriately, we will keep blaming coaching and ownership.
              Baalke should have been dismissed along with Harbaugh.

              1. You draft and develop good players

                Develop being the key word, Prime. The 49ers have not had any developers, nor have they had any idea of who to develop. That’s Brian Kelly’s strength, player identification and player development….

              2. Chip gets at least 2 more years. He was gifted hot garbage. No QB, no WR, no big play anything. This years team and the next 2 years would not do well under any coach.

              3. Baalke should have been dismissed instead of Harbaugh.

                The roster is obviously a problem, but it all starts with Jed not knowing what he doesn’t know. Baalke would have been fired by a competent football executive by now but not under Jed. He’s bought into the BS he is trying to sell about winning with class and drafting and developing etc. Meanwhile he has no idea how to actually achieve it.

              4. “You draft and develop good players”

                I keep hearing everyone say that and it sounds reasonable, but let’s look at the S’quawks. They didn’t have a first round pick for several years. They traded one away for Jimmy Graham. They brought in Bennett and Avril to anchor the D Line and those two guys have been the staples. Others have come and gone, but Bennett and Avril have been the main DL guys. Marshawn Lynch wasn’t drafted by them. RW, Sherman, Wagner and Thomas were drafted, but they’ve also missed on a number of draft picks.

                Still, they’ve been able to mix and match fair to good drafting with FAs. This to me seems like the formula for success. It’s very difficult to be super successful with the draft, so why put all of your eggs in that basket while sitting on a mountain of cap space. Mixing in FAs with track records of success, seems reasonable to me and it adds veteran leadership.

                I think many of us expect the niners to get draft picks very early in each round in 2017 and have the team spend that pile of cap space to bring in FAs. I’m just not convinced that Baalke can successfully execute such a plan. It’s just one more reason why I want him gone.

              5. I’m not saying Jed gets a pass. All I’m saying is if you draft and develop good players, it shades incompetence from owners.
                Look the Yorks are never going away. At some point they will have to get it right. They did for a good 3 years and then got complacent.

              6. Chip gets at least 2 more years

                That’s just going to set us back even longer. I like to admit a mistake and move on. The guys offense is just too simplistic and based on repetitive precision of the same plays. I don’t get where he’s considered an offensive genius. Not seeing it….

              7. Razor,

                I don’t necessarily disagree with what you said here, but simple or not, he’s been effective with it at the NFL level. The difference between Philly and SF is skill position talent, and the fact he’s not running at the same tempo he has before. I don’t know why that is because it’s really the key to his success, but they are simply going no huddle most of the time with little urgency.

                I honestly can’t see him being fired after one season with that many years left on his contract. It would be a ton of money to swallow and would put the Niners in a position where they would be hiring their 3rd HC in 3 years.

                I questioned the hire when it was made but you were all for it. How is it that now you want him gone and I’m saying he will stay? Lol.

              8. I know this opinion isn’t going to meet with a lot of agreement on here, but it’s my belief that the Seahawks are on a massive talent heater, never seen before in the NFL.

                No one can convince me that the Seahawks are so smart that they can consistently maintain a successful team primarily with late round picks, UDFA’s and castoffs.

                There are two reasons that no one can convince me of this:

                1. I don’t want to believe it. If it is actually true, then 49ers fans will live in misery, for a long time.

                2. No other team in the history of the NFL has done what the seahawks have done. Until they actually demonstrate they can maintain excellence after this generation of luck sack super stars age out, I’m not buying the genius of the Seahawks. I’m not saying they’re bad, they’re not, they’re good, but nobody is as good as their record of the last few years. N.O.B.O.D.Y. At least, not so far. I just hope I’m right, because if they really are as good as people think, then it’s going to be a long haul as long as Carroll and Schneider are there.

              9. I let my intrigue for what Kaepernick would look like in the offense cloud my better judgement, Rocket. Happens sometimes; > )

              10. Blaming Chip after 4 games is ridiculous.
                Look at what he was given to work with. The offense is so vanilla because that’s what they are. You can’t be explosive or dynamic with guys no one in the league really wants. Gabbert, Smith,Kerley, Patton,VMac and Hyde do not scare offensive coordinators.
                The underlying issue that maybe Chip should get blame for is not urging his boss to address the skilled positions in the first 3 rounds or free agency.

    1. He doesn’t play Bowman’s position for one. He’s also only been able to stand out in preseason against low level competition. If he were tearing it up in practice he’d be on the roster, but he’s not and wasn’t signed by anyone else when he was released previously, so my conclusion is he is good enough to be on the PS.

      1. “He’s also only been able to stand out in preseason against low level competition”
        Not his fault that he didn’t get a chance to play with the big boys.
        I’d like to see Lynch ipo Bowman and Rush on the outside. Kelly has moved several players around why not try something new, it’s not like we’re going to the SB.
        The rest of the season is all PRACTICE the new system.

        1. Actually it is his fault because if he was tearing it up in practice he might be given a shot against the big boys. He’s an undersized player with a limited skill set. He’s done well at times late in preseason games, but you can find those guys on PS throughout the league and out of the league completely.

        2. “Not his fault that he didn’t get a chance to play with the big boys.”

          Isn’t it? Had he performed better in the past he’d be a more highly sought after commodity and one given the chance to compete with the starters.

          1. How many players do you want me to name that were relegated to the PS first and performed better than expected. I believe Lynch is one.

            1. Lynch was never on the PS.

              There are preseason stars people fall in love with every year and many never make it. Look at all the WR’s that have come through here that are now out of league. Remember Marquise Gray? QB turned TE that everyone was foaming at the mouth over. Countless RB’s have been preseason hero’s around here too.

              Rush wasn’t drafted, wasn’t claimed on the waiver wire and is now on the PS. Maybe he improves enough to make the roster one day, but as of now he’s a non factor.

              1. I agree, but we have THREE QB’s with questionable records…
                What I saw in Rush was a guy with good instincts, like Bowman.
                I think we need to experiment now that we have a washed up season

              2. Coaches never look at it that way Dee. For us it’s about seeing the young guys play to determine what we have. For the Coaches it’s about trying to prepare the best players they have to win a game. They won’t reach the F it stage until they are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, and even then they are far more likely to stick with what they have unless there are end of roster/PS players blowing up in practice.

          2. Wait a minute I goofed. I thought I was responding to a conversation about Ponder. Not sure how that happened.

        3. Dee Phiant

          Rush sort of reminds me of Fred Dean; Fred was thought of as small and slow, but like Fred, Rush has that “never stop” motor , and he’s a lot quicker than most folks think….when most had given up on the play, he got the sack through perseverance. It’s on his resume…who else can say that ?

      1. I doubt it. Watson didn’t look all that good against Louisville either. I wasn’t a big fan of his pro prospects last year and he’s done nothing to change my mind this season. He is a lesser version of RGIII right now.

        Jackson is more explosive but is still more runner than passer. It will be interesting to see him play his likely final College season next year to see if Petrino turns him into a better pocket passer.

        1. Yep, if Jackson can command Petrino’s offense and make calls at the line like a field General, he’ll go number one in 2018. I think Browning will be a first round pick in that draft too….

              1. Unless he completely tanks from here to the end of next year I expect he will be right in the conversation for #1 too.

                I think it is kind of funny though that you really like Rosen but not Kaaya.

              2. I got to see both play since HS and Rosen was a lot better than Kaaya. Kaaya wasn’t heavily recruited while Rosen was the #1 QB recruit in his class. Kaaya’s ok in the system he’s playing in because it’s heavily reliant on passes within 10 yards of the LOS, but I don’t see him as anything special at the pro level. Not overly athletic or mobile either.

              3. I’m definitely a PAC 12 guy, but it doesn’t sway me from forming opinions on who the best players are across the country. I agree that Kizer is the best pro QB prospect in the upcoming draft. That gets me some objectivity points doesn’t it?

              4. Kaaya hasn’t gotten his high ypa due to the heavy reliance on passes of less than 10 yards. He’s shown good accuracy on intermediate and deep passes this year.

                Can’t say I saw either guy in HS. But seriously, HS? Who cares? Based on college play both guys show a lot of similarities in their play. Both are smart guys that can read a defense and pick it apart, both have good pocket awareness and movement, both have pretty good arms and can make all the throws. And both have some flaws.

              5. Scooter,

                It matters because I’ve watched them develop at all levels, and while Kaaya has done better than I thought he would, I still don’t see any special qualities in him. Rosen is the more talented of the two.

                He throws a lot of short passes with yac as do many College QB’s. Not sure what his completion percentage is on throws beyond 10 yards but he’s not a great downfield thrower.

              6. I shouldn’t leave it as he isn’t a great downfield thrower without also saying he does do a good job of throwing the deeper passes out of play action. He is very adept at the play action passing game I’ll give you that.

              7. I don’t think Kaaya is a special talent either, btw. But I do think he can be a very good field general you can win a lot of games with.

                Ideally that wouldn’t be a top 5 pick, but when you need a QB a guy that is smart, accurate and a good leader looks like gold.

              8. I’m probably being too hard on him Scooter, but I don’t see Franchise QB in him and that is what I want for this team. It’s probably unrealistic of me to hold that standard with what we currently have at the position, but what can I say? I’m a dreamer sometimes.

      2. Was this before or after Clemson (Watson) beat Louisville (Jackson). I’m sure his opinion has been swayed since.

        I highly doubt it was before since the writer stated it was his takeaway from the game.

  9. I’d bring in Forsett. I don’t know how much better he is but I know he isn’t worse then Draughn or Davis at this point.

  10. The 49ers have definitely been disappointing, especially the defense. Having said that, they’ve absorbed a lot of injuries / suspension on defense: Williams, Lynch, Armstrong, Ward and Bowman.

    I don’t know of too many teams that could lose five key players on defense and just be fine. Naturally, you’d love to have a ton of depth, but that’s very rare. For instance, look at what happened to Seattle’s defense last year when first Chancellor was out and then they were missing Wagner, after Chancellor returned. They looked pretty average.

    Obviously, the defense’s play has been poor, and needs to be better, but they don’t have all their bullets. The 49ers roster just isn’t good enough to handle this volume of injuries.

    1. They weren’t playing well with Ward and Bowman in there either ex. Armstrong may have been better than the dogs breakfast behind him, but he’s nothing special either.

      Williams and Lynch have been sorely missed, but again how much of a difference would they truly have made in the grand scheme of things? They were here last season along with all the others and the defense finished near the bottom in most categories.

      1. MidWestD,

        What in that post is factually incorrect? Why is it a pitch for Baalke? I’ve said numerous times that I would be happy if Baalke is replaced. I just don’t think he should be drawn and quartered, like so many on here.


        Agreed, my point is just that the 49ers, along with their preexisting struggles, now have the additional burden of a ton of injuries/suspension on the defensive side of the ball. To not recognize that these injuries make it less likely the 49ers can have success is to ignore reality.

      1. They’ll get a TD early in the 4th quarter. All other scores in first half. AZ will suffer a back-breaking turnover late.

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