Blog mock draft 2014: Round 2

The second round of the second annual blog mock draft is underway.

33. Chargers (from Texans): Keith McGill, CB, Utah.

TRADE: The Redskins trade pick No.34 to the Ravens for pick Nos. 48 and 79. The Redskins and Ravens also swap fourth rounders.

34. Ravens (from Redskins): Morgan Moses, OT, Virginia.
35. Browns: Xavier Su’a-Filo, G, UCLA. “ He is a good pass blocker and is extremely tough. Manziel will need some protection.” — Crab 15
36. Raiders: Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville.
37. Falcons: Ed Reynolds, FS, Stanford. “I probably should have gone with Cyrus Kouandjio. But there is just too much of a gaping hole at Safety for the Falcons (and again, Reynolds also grades out as a 2nd round talent) and I think there are still some good Offensive Linemen available. I think one may fall to the Falcons (in this scenario) in the third round.” — Allforfunnplay
38. Buccaneers: Cody Lattimer, WR, Indiana.
39. Jaguars: Derek Carr, QB, Fresno State.
40. Vikings: Cyrus Kouandjio, OT, Alabama.
41. Bills: Jordan Matthews, WR, Vanderbilt.
42. Titans: Pierre Desir, CB, Lindenwood.
43. Giants: Ra’Shede Hageman, DT, Minnesota. “New York needs a three-technique for their 4-3 Under scheme.” — Grant
44. Buccaneers (from Rams): Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, Eastern Illinois.
45. Lions: Deone Bucannon, SS, Washington State. “Didn’t agree with Evans in the 1st but I think this makes up for it by giving Detroit that physical presence in the backfield.” — Leo.
46. Steelers: Donte Moncrief, WR, Ole Miss.
47. Cowboys: Scott Crichton, DE, Oregon State. “I think this will ease the pain a bit of D. Wares departure. And fits the system I think.” — Leo
48. Redskins: Stephon Tuitt, DE, Notre Dame.
49. Jets: Davante Adams, WR, Fresno State.
50. Dolphins: David Yankey, G, Stanford.
51. Bears: Ego Ferguson, DT, LSU.
52. Cardinals: Antonio Richardson, OT, Tennessee.
53. Packers: Demarcus Lawrence, OLB, Boise State.
54. Eagles: Allen Robinson, WR, Penn State.
55. Bengals: Marcus Martin, C, USC. “Wanted a OT, but would have been a reach. Thought about WR but Robinson just taken. Nix looks really good, but I don’t think he fits the system.” — Leo
56. 49ers: Cyril Richardson, G, Baylor. “
Right now Adam Snyder is the primary back up guard. I don’t know what that says about Joe Looney. Richardson is a massive dominating drive blocker that is compared to Mike Iupati. Which is great since the Niners might not be able to resign him. I know Niners fans have their eye on Receivers. But the value is at Guard and what is left at WR looks to be stacking up for one of the Niners later picks in the 2nd round or 3rd round.” — Allforfunnplay
57. Chargers: Christian Jones, LB, Florida State.
58. Saints: Weston Richburg, C, Colorado State.
59. Colts: Lamarcus Joyner, S/CB, Florida State.
60. Panthers: James Hurst, OT, North Carolina.
61. 49ers: Louis Nix, DT, Notre Dame. “Clearly the guy in San Diego was asleep at the wheel and thank god for it. Steal of the draft, after the Shazier pick by Texas of course.” — Coffee’s For Closers.
62. Patriots: Carlos Hyde, RB, Ohio State.
63. Broncos: Bishop Sankey, RB, Washington.
64. Seahawks: Jeremiah Attaochu, LB, Georgia Tech.

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  1. Ozzie calling Snyder with 48th/79th pick and exchange 4th Round picks for the Redskins 34th pick…..

  2. 43 games with only two sacks on 506 pass attempts. I’ve consulted with Dr. Andrew Tucker, and he’s assured me Morgan Moses, OT, Virginia is good to go….

  3. Grant might appreciate this one….With the 35th pick the Browns select Xavier Su’a-Filo, G UCLA. He is a good pass blocker and is extremely tough. Manziel will need some protection.
    I have to leave now, can someone please take over for me? Patriots and Browns. Patriots #63 and Browns #83. Thanks!

    1. Crab you’ve twice snagged my guy today, i’m now looking for the camera that is clearly somewhere in my office.

    1. OK, Space. Now cut a deal with yourself that swaps picks in the 2nd in exchange for futures on tickets for the Central Valley Bullet Train. Take those RayDuhs to the cleaners.

      1. Sorry, my computer keeps kicking me off this site saying there are data execution errors. Never had that happen before.

  4. wow, Teddy Bridgewater is still on the board? Never saw a guy drop because of a poor Pro Day.

      1. who did you have for Atlanta and why?

        Free Safety is a big area of need for the Falcons. So is pass rusher. But I didn’t see one worth the pick. Trent Murphy seems undersized and slow.Most of the DEs seemed undersized. Good effort player but not too athletically talented.

        1. I won’t go through names but there were very good options at pass rusher and a superior Safety option as well.

          1. the top 2 safeties went in the 1st round. then SS Jimmy Ward. I don’t see a better Free Safety prospect available then Reynolds. I did not see a good 2nd round DE pass rusher either.

              1. Doesn’t effect me rocket, Colts won’t be looking at either of those guys :-)

              2. Crichton graded out very well. But his weakness is that he’s stiff with limited flexibility. Which to me is one of the most important traits for a pass rusher. In college many pass rushers get sacks by being too quick and running around the offensive tackle. but in the NFL, pass protectors will get their hands on a pass rusher, so a good pass rusher has to be able to flex and bend around (by using a pass rush move) his blocker.

            1. You reached at least two rounds for Reynolds imo. I don’t think there was a FS worthy of the pick but I’d take Brooks if I had a gun to my head.

              Tons of good Dlineman and Olineman that would have been better value including the guy I took for the Vikes two spots after you.

              1. everything I read about Reynolds; draft scouting reports and mocks had him rated as a 2nd round talent and going in the 2nd or 3rd round.

                all of the DE pass rushers did not grade as highly. I considered Louis Nix but I think he’s a bust waiting to happen. Antonio Richardson at OT was a possibility.

              2. AFFP,

                Most of the places I go have him as a 4th round pick at best and having watched most Stanford games I’m not a big fan. Don’t worry about it though it’s all opinion. You could be right about him. Just having some fun with you.

              3. I probably should have gone with Cyrus Kouandjio. But there is just too much of a gaping hole at Safety for the Falcons (and again, Reynolds also grades out as a 2nd round talent) and I think, as you said there are still some good Offensive Linemen available. I think one may fall to the Falcons (in this scenario) in the third round.

  5. Michael e-mailed me the Bucs’ pick. It’s Cody Lattimer. Rocket is on the clock for the Jaguars.

    1. dang! I was hoping to get him for the Cardinals. I was thinking of trading up for him. Jags do need a QB.

  6. The Giants select Ra’Shede Hageman, DT, Minnesota. New York needs a three-technique for their 4-3 Under scheme.

      1. Come on. I took a risk by trading the best receiver but I got exactly who I wanted and was able to get a extra player. 2 of the players are being projected to be first rounders this year. The QB is a top 5 Qb on the big boards.

  7. Lions select: Deone Bucannon SS

    Didn’t agree with Evans in the 1st but I think this makes up for it by giving Detroit that physical presence in the backfield.

    1. The Evans pick didnt help the D, but gave the offense a really impressive capability. Your SS pick is good seeing who was left. I may have traded back looking for a few extra picks and grabbing Phillip Gaines. Not a great physical presence, but could have an amazing ceiling with some extra strength training.

  8. Scott Crichton DE

    Fales will have to wait yet another round… I think this will ease the pain a bit of D. Wares departure. And fits the system I think.

    1. Was tempted to go Tre Mason just to try and best imitate a JJ sexy pick…but Defense was a tragedy last year

  9. Somebody is going to have to take my place for the 49ers. I keep getting kicked-off and it has already put me behind and miss trades. If I can get it fixed I’ll be back.

      1. This is F’n frustrating. By the time I update my board, I’m seeing my players go bye-bye or I get booted. Go for it, Coffee

  10. Here’s a little news break for you mock drafters. The 911 tapes have been released regarding Kaepernick. One call was placed by the security guard, the other by Lockette. In Lockette’s it can be assumed Kap wasn’t there. He says something like the woman got naked in his bed and they told her that Kap wasn’t coming. Also the woman told the security guard her name was Jesus. Still a bit too soon to make a judgement but perhaps we jumped too soon on Kap and “putting himself” in a bad situation. Sometimes you can’t avoid crazies.

    1. The Bears select Ego Ferguson DT. Melton’s loss was addition by subtraction. Ego brings speed to a defensive interior that has been sorely lacking.

  11. Arizona selects Antonio Richardson Offensive Tackle from Tennessee

    The Cardinals picked up Jared Veldheer in free agency, whom will probably play Left Tackle. Richardson can be a road grader at Right Tackle.

    1. Yeah, the Trainers don’t prescribe Push-ups for him, they prescribe Push-backs. You know, push back from the table and walk away!

  12. Marcus Martin, C USC

    Wanted a OT, but would have been a reach. Thought about WR but Robinson just taken. Nix looks really good, but I don’t think he fits the system.

    It aint sexy but BPA fits the need here IMO

  13. I wont try to over sell it here but anyone other then Trent Murphy at this pick would be a disaster of epic proportions the repercussions from which would most likely cause the team to fold and close it’s doors within a few seasons.

  14. San Francisco selects Cyril Richardson OG from Baylor

    Right now Adam Snyder is the primary back up guard. I don’t know what that says about Joe Looney. Richardson is a massive dominating drive blocker that is compared to Mike Iupati. Which is great since the Niners might not be able to resign him.

    I know Niners fans have their eye on Receivers. But the value is at Guard and what is left at WR looks to be stacking up for one of the Niners later picks in the 2nd round or 3rd round.

            1. NFL Draft Scout is one of the ones I use too and they have Richardson as a 3rd to 4th round player.

              No worries man. I don’t want to come off as a jerk and that reaction was kind of obnoxious. My apologies. I tend to forget that there are many different opinions out there in cyberspace.

              1. hmm…you may have caught something. I’m looking at a magazine with nfldraftscout’s info that’s probably a month old.

    1. If you were picking guard he was the right one to choose but I don’t know that we would take a guard at that spot.

  15. What is interesting is that at pick #56 there are no front line WRs left available. Best of the rest are Landry, Richardson or Bryant. On the other hand, there are still a bunch of CBs that are pretty good value in Breeland, Gaines and Watkins.

    1. Roby was selected for the Niners in the 1st round. So didn’t think doubling down on one position was a good move.

      1. Yeah, but there were some receivers available at #22 that were better than Roby. This is pretty much why I’d go WR in the 1st and CB in the 2nd.

            1. They can. Trade the first and third rounder to the Jets for No.18, then trade both second rounders to the Browns for No.26.

              1. If you take Beckham at 18, then you have to take Roby or Verrett at 26. I’d rather take Fuller at 18 (if Dennard and Gilbert are gone), then take Lee at 26, mostly because I much prefer Lee to Verrett or Roby.

              2. If you take Fuller at 18 they can probably take a smaller trade up to the early 2nd round for the WR – Allen Robinson, Davante Adams, Jordan Matthews or Cody Latimer. May keep one of the 2nds that way.

              3. They could. Lee is a better receiver than those guys and can return punts and kicks.

              4. They can get a returner later on.

                I think the difference between Lee and guys like Robinson (who could also return kicks and punts btw), Adams, Matthews or Latimer is pretty small.

              5. Lee is underrated. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up being the best receiver from this class. He’s falling down draft boards for the same reason Keenan Allen fell last year — injuries and poor QB play during junior season.

              6. Yep. Lee’s injury last year has made people forget how dominant he was a year earlier. You usually don’t find a WR of this quality at the back end of the first round. If healthy he’d be a top 15 pick.

              7. Exactly. Considering John Morton’s ties to USC, I expect the Niners to pounce on Lee if he falls past 25.

              8. Fair enough. I’m not as convinced about Lee, but his 2011 and 2012 production is very impressive.

              9. Lee was The Man on his team every season in college. Beckham and Cooks were not.

        1. I’d agree that they probably need OLB more but I went with ILB instead. Besides he’s destined to be a 49er.

    1. Lamarcus Joyner, S/CB, Florida State.

      Fills the need for a safety left by Bethea’s departure. Small in stature, but one of the more instinctive players in the draft.

  16. I think I need to make the next 49er pick because we’re tip toeing with disaster here folks, let’s not mess with destiny it could be bad.

            1. You guys just wait, all your heads are going to explode when we move up in the 2nd round to draft him.

  17. The Panithers select James Hurst, OT, UNC
    After much lamenting over the quality players they were passing on, the Panthers address a need.

  18. I’m going to make my pick before Grant takes it away.

    49ers pick Louis Nix, DT, Notre Dame clearly the guy in San Diego was asleep at the wheel and thank god for it. Steal of the draft, after the Shazier pick by Texas of course.

          1. Cant imagine he’ll fall to #62 on Friday if he’s even still there after round one.

        1. Of course I was going to take Murphy but I just couldn’t pass up a guy at 61 who should be gone by the mid 30’s at the latest. DT isn’t a stretch for them with their late second or third round picks either, that fact that Nix was still on the board made it a no brainer.

        2. Nix is a steal at #61. But I think you could get an aggressive trade partner that would want Nix (like Pittsburgh or San Diego). and maybe gotten another #1 next year (not much fun in that for a mock draft this year) or a high 3rd and something else and gotten one of the receivers on the board. But if a trade did not go through, getting Nix at 61 isn’t a bad thing.

  19. I am late to the party here but I gotta say that the results of the 49ers picks illustrates the importance of being aggressive and moving up and getting talented players at positions of need. Don’t want to be passive and face the dilemma that AFFP faced at 51. I could live with Roby and Nix but Richardson? No way.

      1. I like Marcus Smith

        btw… I emailed the draft tendencies. You already know about most. There might be some useful tidbits.

  20. I’ve discovered that the draft info I’ve been using is outdated. So those of you that have criticized the Richardson pick for the Niners (and possibly the Reynolds pick for Atlanta) are probably right.

    However, I do think Richardson is a good pick for the Niners. But upon further review, he’d be a good pick in the later 3rd round.

      1. you ran the draft relatively smoothly, which is no easy feat with so many of us checking in and out all day.

    1. If I had to do it over again, I’d probably trade down or out from 56 or have picked Demarcus Lawwence or reached with Martavis Bryant.

            1. Grant – Will you be grading our mock draft? Winners/Losers?
              Thanks for doing it! It was more fun than I thought it would be.

  21. my prediction?
    Coach Harbaw is going to sink the ship… again.

    So discussing the draft is like
    rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.
    Go ahead and make all the right decisions,
    the right trades. Enhance the roster for 2014/2015…
    the man in khaki pants will not bring home the bacon.

    My money says the Chiefs go deeper into the playoffs
    than do the Niners next season. I’m just sayin’…

    1. It’s ironic that you would mention the titanic in your description. Your mental outlook seems to fit that description very well.
      You just gave us a view into your inner world and it’s not pleasant.

      BTW, why would I care about what the chiefs do?
      I’ve have no connection with the chiefs in any way shape or form.

  22. Hey, everybody has a different take on things, I get that, but I came up with a “Really?” when I saw Cam Inman’s list at Mercury News. Interesting rankings, somewhat different than the consensus I’d perceived. Of ten WRs he had Adams ranked 4th and Lee 9th, and said SF wouldn’t spend a first on J. Mathews, but he was on their list.

    1. I had the same reaction to that list. My list would look more like this:

      1. Sammy Watkins (6-foot-1, 211 pounds):
      2. Odell Beckham Jr. (5-11, 198)
      3. Marqise Lee (6-0, 192)
      4. Brandin Cooks (5-10, 189)
      5. Allen Robinson (6-3, 220)
      6. Mike Evans (6-5, 231)
      7. Jordan Matthews (6-3, 212)
      8. Cody Latimer (6-2, 215)
      9. Martavis Bryant (6-4, 211)
      10. Davante Adams (6-1, 212):
      11. Kelvin Benjamin (6-5, 241)

      1. Ah-ha, another Allen Robinson fan. Scooter and I agree with that. I’ve noted you’re previous posts with concerns on Evans so I get why you dropped him down. Is he any more self-possessed than Crabs was in college?

        1. On Evans, I think he has the talent to be a superstar. I think his mental makeup should be questioned. I only dropped him down because I see some risk from a work/attitude perspective. And I really like the kid as a player. Just don’t care for his on-field attitude and effort at times.

          Quite honestly, I pushed Beckham up because I keep hearing all these draft guys talk about his potential. I think he is very good and I like his ability in the return game. Just seems like he gets shut down a little too easily at times which causes some concern. I think Jarvis Landry, who isn’t even on my list, could be an absolute steal if he drops to the 3rd round. I might have put Cooks above Beckham but I don’t really like Cooks size.

          1. interesting.

            Evans to me could be the next Marquise Colston or Vincent Jackson or the next Jon Baldwin. He’s a big guy that doesn’t have the quickness to get open. He uses his size to fight for the ball. the difference between Colston and Jackson vs. Baldwin is that they’ve learned how to run their routes well enough to get open without blazing speed.

            my take on Beckham is that he has many good skills and qualities. But he has no dominating skills at receiver. as you say, he gets shutdown too easily at times.

            I am generally not a fan of trading up in the 1st round unless there are special circumstances that dictate it. And I am definitely not a fan of the Niners trading up for a receiver in the first round; given the bust rate of receivers and the Niner’s success rate at finding and developing receivers (Crabtree doesn’t count because he was the no brainer “near” consensus top WR available in 09)

        2. I saw Crabs play quite a few times in college and he definitely had some prima dona ways but I never saw him take plays off – probably because he was always in every play. Crabs worked and you could tell he worked every game. With Evans, he gets an attitude if he isnt involved early then you see him quit on routes quite often. Like I said, Evans is a great talent but he needs someone to teach him how to be a pro and how to improve his demeanor on the field.

          1. whomever drafts Evans should pay Jerry Rice a boatload of money to train and teach this kid in the offseason and in training camp. With Rice’s work ethic and route running skills Evans would be unstoppable.

              1. I don’t know if you have kids CFC, but often times the LAST person who will listen to you is your kid. hopefully they’ll listen to you about basic right and wrong. but beyond that; it’s pretty much their job to defy you: who you should hang out with, what is good music, what after school activities to do, what you should study, where you should go to school….how you should play football. I’m guessing that having the greatest wide receiver to ever play the game as a dad may actually make a son even more resistant to listen to his father.

              2. I have two boys who both play pop-warner football that I help coach, I’m well versed on the subject.

  23. Morning Grant, thanks again for hosting the blog mock yesterday, it was a good time. Do you have an updated all 32?

      1. The Manziel pick messed me up the most. I had no intention of taking Bortles but Mack was gone already too so I figured I better grab the QB. In the second round I was gone when you made the G pick and when I came back later I was trying to trade up to draft him thankfully no one took my offer before I noticed you had already taken him.

        1. For me after WR’s and TE’s were being exchanged the serious factor went right out the window and I proceeded with the rest of the draft as such.

          1. what do you mean by “after WR’s and TE’s were being exchanged”? Did some players get traded or were there some trades of picks you didn’t agree with?

            1. yes, I wanted to trade back and had 1 minute to make a decision so I took the best player in hopes of getting what I originally wanted. I went into draft day hoping to trade the #7 pick for exchange of 1st round picks and a get a extra 2nd. The Bucs had serious needs on offense so i wanted to parlay 2 picks into 3 and with those picks I wanted a TE,WR and a QB the Bucs don’t have a 4th round pick so I needed the high draft pick, I took this job seriously and got exactly who I wanted on my board. The Bucs were able to draft Eric Ebron, Cody Latimer and Jimmy Garoppolo instead of just Watkins and Garoppolo. I think in any analysis this draft would have gotten an A+. Also the reason why I only had a short window to begin with it was said that the draft was going to take a break until 10 am and next thing I knew I was on the clock.

              1. In summation you drafted Watkins and then traded Watkins a couple spots later for two picks the first of which you used on a TE, Ebron.

                Yea, I don’t think A+ would be on the minds of the draft analysts after that move.

            2. AFFP
              I think he’s referring to the Watkins trade that netted Ebron and another pick. Certainly unusual.

              1. It wasn’t supposed to be Watkins fro Ebron originally. I said from the beginning that I wanted to trade back. Don’t look at who I could have gotten look at the big picture of who I was able to get. The best TE in the Draft. Not the best WR but a top 10 WR on most big boards who has the same size and speed as Watkins. A QB who is in the top 5 on some big boards including Grant’s.

              2. i must have been offline and not paying attention when all that happened yesterday. wow. lots of wheeling and dealing.

              3. When I saw that trade I thought ‘is this an NBA Draft, or what?’

  24. Great interview with Rick Bucher regarding Mark Jackson on The Game this morn. He said that Lacob’s son was the biggest issue in Jacksons firing. He is the Consumate jock sniffer. The players hated him. He was in Jacksons ear everyday untill Jackson banned him from practices and meetings. The Asst who was secretly taping coaches was doing it at the behest of Lacob and was sitting in the warriors box through out the playoffs with Papa Lacob. I strongly believe that Joe Lacob is basketballs answer to Jerry Jones. He and his little spoiled baby boy are going to keep meddleing with on court issues untill he has a great arena and a consistently crappy team. Bucher made son and father sound like two spoiled rich little children.

    1. Coach – Bruce Miller didn’t like the Jackson firing:
      “1st back/back playoff appearances since 92 and 1st playoff app in 17 yrs and you get fired lol did I miss something?” ~BM twitter

  25. Thanks again Grant for yesterday,it was a thrill ride nightmare on my cellphone at work couldn’t unload cookies kept getting thrown back into earlier posts picked a guy in the second I thought was overlooked in the first in error earned a boo -but somehow plowed thru it because I wanted to hang with you guys going into draft time -endless waiting almost over.Here is hoping we nail it at the podium !!!!!!!

  26. Although my Shazier pick was garbage the move I regret the most was San Diego not grabbing Nix in the 2nd round. That was a no brainer and I never thought to go DT for them.

  27. I think that real GMs will make more deals than we did in our Mock yesterday. In those situations I always feel a little constrained by not knowing a team’s comprehensive draft plan. A real GM when weighing a trade understands what his fallback options are if he goes one way instead of another way. As a Poser GM I hate to paint a team into a corner not having a PlanB or C for them.

  28. Here is my final all 32 w/trades mock:

    1. Texans – Jadeveon Clowney OLB
    2. Rams – Greg Robinson OT
    3. Buccaneers – Johnny Manziel QB(Jaguars receive #7, #38 & ’15 5th)
    4. Lions – Sammy Watkins WR (Browns receive #10 & #45)
    5. Raiders – Jake Matthews OT
    6. Falcons – Khalil Mack OLB
    7. Jaguars – Teddy Bridgewater QB
    8. Vikings – Blake Bortles QB
    9. Bears – Justin Gilbert CB (Bills receive #14, #82 & ’15 4th)
    10. Cowboys – Aaron Donald DT (Browns receive #16 & #78)
    11. Titans – Anthony Barr OLB
    12. Giants – Taylor Lewan OT
    13. Rams- Haha Clinton Dix S
    14. Bills – Mike Evans WR
    15. Steelers – Eric Ebron TE
    16. Browns – Derek Carr QB
    17. 49ers – Kyle Fuller CB (Ravens receive #30 & #61)
    18. Jets – Kelvin Benjamin WR
    19. Dolphins – Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE
    20. Cardinals – Zack Martin OT
    21. Green Bay – Darqueze Dennard CB
    22. Eagles – Odell Beckham Jr. WR
    23. Chiefs – Marqise Lee WR
    24. Bengals – Bradley Roby CB
    25. Panthers – Cody Latimer WR (Chargers receive #28 & #128)
    26. Browns – Brandin Cooks WR
    27. Saints – Jason Verrett CB
    28. Chargers – Ra-Shede Hageman DT
    29. Patriots – Louis Nix NT
    30. Jaguars – Carlos Hyde RB (Ravens receive #39 & #105)
    31. Broncos – CJ Mosley ILB
    32. Seahawks – Davante Adams WR

    1. 3. Buccaneers – Johnny Manziel QB(Jaguars receive #7, #38 & ’15 5th)
      Do you really think that stoic Lovie Smith will want a guy like Manziel?
      Seems like oil and water to me…

      1. Plus, I don’t think Tedford would want him either.
        TB would be a much better fit…but in the 2nd.

  29. OK everyone how bout a little contest? A first round prediction, not who you want them to draft but to the best of your ability try and predict who you think Baalke\Harbaugh WILL draft tomorrow. I’ll go first, i want them to draft Verrett but i have a feeling they will trade up for Mike Evans.

    1. Coach
      There are so many moving parts that I’d have no faith in my one choice. Trades, who falls, SF’s ratings all unpredictable.
      Who do I want? Watkins
      Who do I realistically want? Beckham
      Who do they take at#30? Lee
      I believe Trent is targeting: Watkins, Evans, Beckham, Lee, Cooks, Fuller, Verrett.
      I believe TB would trade up for Watkins, Evans, Beckham, Lee and maybe Cooks. Cooks and Lee not too far. He already knows what he’d give up for the top3 in each case.

    2. I want them to draft Ra-shede Hagemon and they are going to draft Ra-shede Hagemon. The name is already in the envelope.

    3. Justin Gilbert is my prediction. Out of the top 6 CB’s, Gilbert has longer arms than all of them (Including 6-3 Stanley Jean-Baptiste). Gilbert is bigger than all of them except Batisite…..
      Niners know Seattle set the standard with big corners with long arms. CB’s who mug/jam receivers at the line and harass them down the field. Harbs, Baalke and Fangio know what’s up.

  30. That leaves the Bucs with only 2 picks in the first 4 rounds for a QB that some are saying shouldn’t be drafted in the bottom of round one

  31. I also think it’ll be Fuller.
    He’s not a burner but his technique has improved and his vertical is awesome.
    Long arms and big hands.
    Good ball skills but not what I’d call a hawk and he looks like he takes the wrong angles sometimes…kinda like he’s out of position.
    Seems like he be coached up though.
    He definately needs to get stronger–another 10 lbs of muscle on that frame would do wonders
    I say Fuller.

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