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At 9 a.m. Tuesday morning, we will have a blog mock draft. We already have ten participants. Sign up if you have not already and would like to participate in the mock draft.

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  1. So maybe im crazy but i had a dream that we trade . Our 2 second round picks to move up and get Verrett. Just a dream. Lol. Because im still on the record saying we get the best pass rusher available.

      1. It’s like last year everybody gets a team right? we aren’t mocking the whole draft just one team

  2. If there are 32 people signed up then everyone will get a single team otherwise some will end up with multiple teams. Grant said he will announce sometime tomorrow who your team(s) is so you’ll have time to find out what your draft needs are.

    Once it starts Grant will announce who is on the clock and the timer begins. Once the team is on the clock other teams can reply with trade offers if there are any. If the team is interested in listening to trades they can wait a bit of time to see if there are any or just make their pick.

    One thing that makes a big difference in how quickly/smoothly this is executed is people actively monitoring the picks happening so there isn’t a huge delay as we wait for the team managers that are AFK. If we don’t have anyone AFK it will roll along quite nicely.

    Another thing that makes it a lot easier is if participants remember to reply in the correct spot. Grant will make a post that says who is on the clock, the person making the pick and the people offering trades need to reply to Grant’s post so that everything stays connected. It can get a bit tenuous and hard to follow if everyone is creating a new post with their offers and picks.

  3. Final Mock Draft

    ***Trade~49ers trade pick 30 and 94 to Miami for pick 19

    19) Kyle Fuller CB VT

    ***Trade~49ers trade pick 61 and 77 plus 245 to Oakland for pick 36 and 107

    36) Cody Latimer WR IU
    56) Dominque Easley DT FSU
    100)Dri Archer KR/PR Kent State

    ***Trade~49ers trade pick 107 and 170 plus LMJ to Dallas for pick 119 and 158 plus a 2015 4th Round pick

    119)Dezmond Southward S Wisconsin
    129)Logan Thomas QB VT
    158)Brandon Thomas G Clemson
    242)Lorenzo Taliaferro RB Coastal Carolina
    243)Aaron Colvin CB OK

    1. I would like this draft very much, but I would prefer another WR: Allen Robinson, Davante Adams or Jordan Matthews, which one ir available (in that order)

    2. Nice mock. In terms of drafting for need as opposed to best available, I think the following are the most pressing, though clearly this isn’t novel. Top 6 (rds 1-3).

      CB (though I think it’s not quite as dire as the media are pressing if Cully is back, as then we just need a decent nickel back)

      WR (Boldin’s age, Crab’s contract, QP unproven)

      DE (Even if Tank turns out to be awesome, we should be looking for another DE, which it pains me to write, as Cowboy and RM are awesome).

      C or G (if we pick a C, Kilgore provides a decent option if we can’t afford Iupati)

      S (Bethea’s contract is structured such that the niners are better off only keeping him for 2 years at most)

      Another WR, see above.

      I didn’t include TE, because I’m going to give VM the benefit of another year to prove he can develop. Also, I’m not as worried about OLB as some with Aldon’s contract extension and because I think Lemonier has a lot of upside.

    3. I think you are spot-on that the 9ers trade up to get a Cornerback and not a WR.

      They either pick Dennard or Fuller with this pick. They will do what they did last year and try and get a starter with this pick so it makes sense CB will be the pick of choice.

      For the #2 pick I think they will get a DE/OLB instead but with the #3 and #4 they will pick back to back WR’s.

      I was hoping they would pick Ealy and stay where they with their fist pick but I am positive now and they will not and try and get a shut-down corner with a higher pick.

      I do think they will pick Logan Thomas though in the later rounds.

      Good picks

    4. Nice draft Razor. I like the trading and moving and dealing. One thing I would have added is a center. The Niners need a monster center. In this division you have to have a stud center. The NFC is all power running at tough defenses.
      Also, I hope the Niners work out a trade whereby they obtain future considerations, maybe a 3rd pick in next year’s draft. They need to reload…

  4. I have to work but I will check in at 10am and I can fill in if needed like last year or I can “mock” the Mockers! Good luck and make sure the best talent ends up in SF or technically SantaClara!

  5. Some of you who are participating in the mock draft may want to let Grant know if you live in another team’s area and might have insights on their draft, like maybe Mid, Chicago, Bos, Rib & Rocket, Reb, Hous, Va9er, etc.
    DClark can cover Chelsea & ManU.
    MauiDave & KauaiRobert can handle the Surf Report.
    Crab15 will be the Beer Somelier.
    Let’s do this ; >)

      1. There, see? I didn’t know that, probably Grant didn’t either. That #7 will be one of the keystones to how this draft falls.

    1. Bro Tuna – Thanks….I discovered an exceptional IPA yesterday at a liquor store here in So-Cal. It’s from Tap It brewing co. in San Luis Obispo Ca. 7.0% of deliciousness!
      Here’s a link with store locator, just put in zip code. Looks like the closest place to S.F. that has it is at 1-2 restaurant/bars in San Marcos and Redwood city. San Simeon’s the closest store to S.F. that has it.

      Lookin forward to the mock Tuesday.

    2. Brotha you crack me up, although if you dont mind i wouldn’t spit on those two teams if they were on fire. and besides that, the way soccer works over here they would just try and buy the draft whilst failing to comprehend how it works.

      With the first pick of the 2014 NFL draft Chelsea owner Roman Abramovic offers Roger Goodell $500 million for the entire draft class, and a further $100 million for every Lombardi trophy ever made to sit on a shelf above the toilet on one of his superyachts.

      But seriously I’d love to do it but Grant has very inconsiderately scheduled it to start at the exact time I have to be at work.

  6. Darn it! I would normally jump all over this, but I am not going to be able to actively monitor the mock. I would just slow everything down. I’ll tell you now, if I’m the cowboys, and he’s falling, Jerry is taking Johnny Football.

    1. I just mean you need to be able to know when it’s going to be your turn, you don’t have to camp by your computer all morning ;)

    1. Well, there you have it. I’ve been saying all along that TB wouldn’t trade up into the Top Ten. Looks like I might be wrong AGAIN. I liked that they specified that it’s just a rumor in the article. I didn’t think any team would be ready to make a move on Aldon before his dust settles and his availability is known.
      I’m guessing Watkins goes #3-4.
      Evans maybe 7 or 10 or may fall to 16, but the Jets are willing to move up from 18 to make a run at CB/WR.

    2. That is most likely from the imagination of somebody who wants to see how far it’ll get. It may be a complete snow job, but the team has made it clear they care about this kid and want to see him get help to overcome the issues he has. I don’t see them trading him away a week after picking up his option.

      From the Raiders side it would be a huge gamble knowing there is a very strong chance of Smith getting a suspension.

      Doesn’t make much sense to me and I doubt there is any validity to it.

    3. I would take that deal and then have the 49ers trade that and get two lower first rounders so I can get my WR and DL!

    1. Bay,
      His agent is asking for Cutler/Stafford money. I don’t think KC will pay him that. It will be wise for them to draft a QB in the 1st or 2nd rounds.

    2. The way Smith played in the second half of the season and into the playoffs, tells me they will get a deal done. Reid loves this guy. This is nothing more than a leak to try and get Smith’s agent to be more agreeable. The Chiefs won’t use their #1 pick on a QB. Bank on it.

      1. Rocket I agree with you. What kind of money do you think Smith will get? I bet he gets around $12 million per….

  7. Updated participant list:

    1. Michael
    2. Scooter
    3. CFC
    4. Brotha Tuna
    5. hightop
    6. AES
    7. Rocket
    8. Jack Hammer
    9. Crab15
    10. pete4mtx
    11. Steelematic
    12. Tha Alumni
    13. runman49
    14. MWNiner
    15. livemmm
    16. Sean McMahon
    17. Allforfunnplay
    18. Nick
    19. Razoreater
    20. Spaceborn
    21. NF_HAS

    1. Excellent so far. No more than two teams per person as it stands right now. I’m good with two or more if someone drops out Grant. Just let me know who I’ve got when you can.

  8. a mock draft…
    something to remind us of the
    mock Lombardi trophy #6
    (the one we do not yet have, huh?)

    note to Coach Harbaw: make it happen, fella.
    If you throw away the 2014/15 season,
    then maybe it will be time for you to move on.
    Howzabout moving back to Coronado, huh?

  9. Well it’s that time. My picks are wants and maybe a lil unreal, but nonetheless:

    #30 Ra’Sheed Hageman, Minnesota We needed more push especially in the Seattle game and the line won’t get better unless Carrigan is going to come through. Hageman could be a dominant force for many years.Might not fall at 30 so might trade up a tad.

    #56 Kelvin Benjamin or a Allen Robinson. Tall guys that can catch are best for Kap and the littler WR’s haven’t meshed well with the Niners in recent years. We don’t need Beckham when we have a Patton. Same as above, might trade up for Benjamin. Randy Cross says he’s smoother than Evans, so we don’t need to mortgage the farm on dream wants.

    #61 and #77 CB’s Keith McGill, Utah, Stephen Jean-Baptiste, Nebraska, or Dontae Johnson, NC State. Pick two. All have size, and size is the Seattle new trend and these are 2-3 rounders. Tall athletic CB’s can go to Safety positions much easier than a smaller CB.

    #94 Travis Swanson C, Arkansas. 6’5″ 312 can be a solid lineman for years.

    #100 Brandon Thomas OG, OT, Clemson. Good time to invest in a blue-chipper that needs a year to heal an ACL injury. Projected rds 3-5 from a 1-2.

    #129 4th Rd. Tajh Boyd QB or maybe an IL to bolster that core with Navaro out, or trade bait.

    #170 5th Maybe a Safety to bolster what Whitner left behind or trade bait.

    #242, #243, #245 7th Rd. David Fales QB or any fill in needs.

      1. Well, make it work for me!..-:) I hear Benjamin is falling a bit because he might end up a tight end with his eating habits and Robinson is somewhat on the rise. I’d like Benjamin for red zone purposes and well Robinson looks like a lean maching that is super athletic. I might have to put in a 3-5th rounder and move up for a WR and if my DL falls out, might have to put in an Easely or a NT type for him.

    1. I like the Stephen Jean-Baptiste (CB, Nebraska) pick at #77. Kelvin Benjamin has bust written all over him. I wouldn’t pick that guy even in the later rounds.

    1. He drafts 3 WR’s although he concedes it’ll be hard for the latter to to make it on the field but clearly that didn’t stop him from thinking the team should use 3 picks on them.

      3 CB’s is a stretch itself but to take Colvin in the 3rd! SMH

      6 of his 11 picks go to WR’s and CB’s, there’s originality for you, way to think outside the box Barrows. Although when you look at the players picked at some of those spots I guess you could give him credit for going against the common thinking or common sense for that matter.

      I like Barrows but his mock sucks.

    2. He said at the top he doesn’t see the Niners making all those picks so he obviously just took BPA at each spot.

      Colvin may be a round too early with his knee issue, but if they want him he likely wouldn’t be there for their 4th round pick so the compensatory may make sense for him at that point.

      I don’t mind the mock over all personally. I like the Latimer and Ellington picks and Desir in the second would be fine with me along with Marcus Smith who I think is going to be a really good player in a year or two.

      I don’t think the Niners will ignore the lines though. They have a lot of players but the quality can definitely be improved upon.

      1. I agree he has some good players in there but I believe he over-thought it a little. 3 WRs and 3 CBs is at least 1 too many of each. And Latimer at #30 just seems too early to me – I like what I’ve seen of him but I have a hard time considering him a better prospect than guys like Robinson, Adams or Matthews who will all likely be available at that point. I also think they will definitely look at an OL and probably a DL (especially if they can get a value pick coming back from injury they can stash for a year).

        Regarding Colvin, I too have heard he could go in the 4th, so people dreaming of taking him in the 7th may be a tad disappointed. Like Marcus Lattimore, these talented but hurt guys will fall from where they would otherwise have been drafted, but probably not to the bottom of the draft.

          1. Latimer may well go in the first round or early 2nd round, but he’ll be over-drafted if he is. He’s got a lot of potential, and deserves to have risen up draft boards (the 5th/6th round grade he had previously was ridiculously low) but his rise since his pro day to a potential first round pick smacks of DJ Hayden-ism. He’s the new shiny prospect for everyone to fall in love with after they’ve talked themselves out of all the other guys. I wouldn’t take him ahead of Robinson, Adams or Matthews.

  10. According to M. Miaocco the 9ers are going to break Grants heart again and skip over his latest draft crush. He believes the 9ers will not draft Fales. They will more likely draft Mettenberger or Logan Thomas. I hope they draft Fales if for no other reason than we would’nt have to listen to Grant for the next year telling us what idiots the 9ers are for not agreeing with him.

    1. I hear that old coach. Only thing worse would be if he was right.

      My guess for the QB they take is Thomas in the 4th.

        1. Why Thomas? He fits the mold of being big, strong and athletic just like the starter. I’m guessing they will want a QB that can come in and do the same things Kap can do in case of injury and Thomas could. He’s inaccurate, but that can be fixed with Coaching. He’s got the raw plutonium as Razor pointed out and as Harbaugh said about Newton. His talent is off the charts and I’d guess Harbaugh is salivating at the chance to work with him.

          You could be right on the round Scooter. I’ve been picking players a round early due to the fact the Niners picks are at the end of the round, but they could trade up from their 5th, or acquire another in a trade and use that if they don’t want to take him in the 4th.

      1. Yep, I agree rocket. I think Thomas will be the guy Harbaugh covets. Not sure if they take him as high as the 4th though. I’m thinking 5th round.

          1. Harbaugh loves athletic talent in his QBs. Maybe you are right about Thomas and Harbaugh may not like his questionable decision making and instincts. But I think Harbaugh will want a guy with some athletic ability. I don’t see them going for Fales, for instance.

  11. I would like to join the draft but I am in the process of passing a kidney stone which leaves me somewhat unpredictable. If you are stuck at 30 or so participants then throw my name in there Grant. I would say odds are 80% that I will be available. Of the other 20%, I could be available but in a state of excruciating pain. I may type the draftee’s name in all caps, I may only get 2 of his letters right, I may type in another language, or I may be curled up in a fetus position sobbing for my mommy.

    1. I was 29 the last time I passed a kidney sledgestone! That was painful , I hope to never go through that again. You have my symphathies!

    2. You have my deepest sympathies Dude. If it isn’t the worst pain I’ve ever experienced it was close.

    3. ” I may type the draftee’s name in all caps, I may only get 2 of his letters right, I may type in another language, or I may be curled up in a fetus position sobbing for my mommy.”

      That shouldn’t be a problem, that’s what half the picks will end up looking like anyway.

  12. Will the Mock be done in this forum format, or will it be in a chat room-type format?
    Just curious because if I’m doing it at work, there are certain websites that are restricted.
    I’d hate to commit and then not be able to come through.

      1. Coffee – Where were you? You missed my sleeper pick at bottom of page. :)
        What happened to Neal, is he M I A?

        1. Technically he had a diluted sample. I failed a drug test once for a diluted sample and it was because I was chugging water hours before the test(no really!) to make sure I would have to pee. I only say that because it can happen.

          Doesn’t show good decision making(whether he was clean or not) and he already has an arrest on his record so maybe this is great news actually. It could help push him back even farther and who knows, what was once a pipe dream of mine of him being a 49er could actually happen!

  13. Just waiting for my team. Got my big board up and ready!

    And thanks, C4C, for making sure I got included. I kept saying to myself, “I thought I was the first to say yes, but where’s my name?”

  14. UCLA ILB Jordan Zumwalt is a late round sleeper that will surprise many. I saw him crush people about 10 times this year. He’s not the fastest be he is a football player, a ball hawk with bad intentions. He’s 6-4 with a Jack Lambert build and same badass attitude.
    Here’s one of his hits, I actually saw several that were harder but can’t find them.

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