Blog mock draft team assignments

Here are the team assignments for Tuesday’s blog mock draft, which will start at 9 a.m. Pacific Time.

Texans: Sean McMahon
Rams: Nick
Jaguars: Tha Alumni
Browns: Crab15
Raiders: Spaceborn
Falcons: MWNiner
Buccaneers: Michael
Vikings: Rocket
Bills: livemmm
Lions: NF_HAS
Titans: Brotha Tuna
Giants: Grant Cohn
Bears: Coffee’s For Closers
Steelers: hightop
Cowboys: AES
Ravens: Razoreater
Jets: Jack Hammer
Dolphins: pete4mtx
Cardinals: Allforfunnplay
Packers: Steelematic
Eagles: runman49
Chiefs: Dude
Bengals: AES
Chargers: Coffee’s For Closers
Saints: Jack Hammer
Panthers: Brotha Tuna
Patriots: Crab15
49ers: Spaceborn
Broncos: Rocket
Seahawks: Razoreater
Redskins: MWNiner
Colts: Scooter_McG

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  1. Not sure if anyone follows NinersNation, but Tre9er has the 49ers taking the following in their community mock draft:

    1 (30). Dee Ford
    2 (56). Phillip Gaines
    2 (61). Donte Moncrief

    What I find interesting is how many WRs and CBs fans believe will be taken in the first two rounds. Moncrief is the 12th receiver taken, and 7th in the 2nd round. 10 CBs gone by pick #61 too, with Gaines at #56 the 9th CB off the board. All possible, but if it does happen there will be some talent available at other positions in the early 3rd round.

    1. I think Ford would be a wasted pick. He’ll never hold up in the NFL, he couldn’t play an entire season even once in College. Would hate to use a first round pick on a player that’s only good for 8-10 games a season.

    2. Stay outa there Scooter or I’m sending out a voodoo curse bro.
      This is where it’s at. Wanna be Niner fans hang there.

    3. I agree and I followed the whole draft on niner nation. I don’t agree with the Dee Ford pick or the Donte Moncrief. He seems more of a 3rd round talent if that. I think we can can the corner with our 2nd pick in the 2nd round also

  2. Alright…..Sonny Weaver (Kevin Costner) here…..Adam Schefter won’t leave me alone tonight….What a pest!

  3. Not sure how much stock anyone puts in Mike Mayock’s rankings, but here is his top 100:

    Of interest (at least from my point of view):

    – Stanley Jean-Baptiste at #30. Seems way too high to me – I’m not a fan – but he certainly has his supporters
    – Justin Gilbert down at #23. I agree with Mayock that he is just outside the top 20.
    – Jeremiah Attaochu at #80. Much too low for mine. One of the few defensive prospects with genuine high-end disruptive potential.
    – Allen Robinson at #77. Also way too low.
    – Dominique Easley at #64. Good value there.
    – Marqueston Huff at #85 and Dontae Johnson at #94. I’ve been talking these guys up for a while. Mayock now has them in the top 100, which I definitely agree with on Johnson. Huff I think is more a 4th rounder, just outside the top 100.
    – Aaron Colvin at #93. So much for waiting until the 7th for him.
    – Ed Stinson at #69 and Brett Urban at #76. Mayock obviously really likes 3-4 DE prospects. I’d be pretty surprised if either guy went before the 4th round.

        1. Just saw this CfC. I’ll be considering it, but would be reluctant to give up a 5th to even it out per chart. Straight up swap; #11 for #14 & #82? Let’s keep talking and see who’s on the board when #11 comes up.

          1. Im gauging interest in the spots I think I need to get to. If my guy is still there when you pick I’ll see if you want to make the deal.

    1. Not sure how much stock anyone puts in Mike Mayock’s rankings

          1. If Tennessee doesn’t wan’t to move I’ll check back with you when it’s your pick.

              1. I wasn’t until you told me who you were interested in, now I think he’s my favorite player. I better sweeten the deal for Tuna.

    1. Wouldn’t work. Duh doesn’t play nose tackle and aldon doesn’t Detroit doesn’t run a 3 4 with that kind of outside LB. Plus we won’t have that kind of money to resign him next year with everyone else (Crabtree kaepernick Iupati)

  4. Grant,
    Thanks for the invite unfortunately I won’t be able to participate today.

    Can someone take the Ravens and Bengals in my stead?


    1. Do you think the 49ers should trade up for this Buster Posey guy?

      But seriously note, recent reports on Lattimore you mentioned the other day (the ones I saw are spun as positive) might mean another “need” position. The trade-up everyone expects might not happen Thursday if the needs are now CB/WR/OLB/RB and backup QB.

        1. Bar None i read a report a number of days ago that said Lattimore has not recovered his pre injury speed. There are some great RB’s that will slip to the late 2nd or 3rd round. i could see the 9ers taking one

  5. Just give me the 49ers. I don’t want any of your loser picks from other loser teams! Loser I say, Losers!!!!

  6. I’m goning to trade up as high as I can with both of my teams and draft QB’s so that everyones plan of taking one in the second or moving back up is thrown off.

  7. Mock draft starts in 24 minutes. Sean McMahon picks first for the Texans. Is Sean McMahon in the house?

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