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49ers: Jamie Martin (third QB), KR/PR Allen Rossum, CB Nate Clements, S Dashon Goldson, LB Ahmad Brooks, C Cody Wallace, T Jacob Bender and WR Josh Morgan.

Donald Strickland will start at CB for Clements. Strickland will play the slot in nickel downs, with Tarell Brown playing corner.

Jets: Brett Ratliff (third QB), K Mike Nugent, WR David Clowney, RB Marcus Mason, S Eric Smith, CB  David Barrett, LB Jason Trusnik and TE Bubba Franks.

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This will be the first game Clements has missed in his eight-year NFL career. He played 124 consecutive games, with 116 straight starts. Both streaks ranked second behind Ronde Barber, who has played 172 consecutive with 147 starts.

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The 49ers win the toss and elect to defer. The Jets will get the ball to open the first half, and the 49ers will get the ball to start the third quarter.

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–The Jets recover Nedney’s onside kick to open the game. They’ll take over at the 46. Hmmm. That seems kind of desperate to open the game. Do the 49ers think they can compete with the Jets?

–Nice defensive stand. It’s three and out, and after a punt through the end zone, the 49ers take over at the 20 with 13:42 remaining.

–Defensive holding on Darrelle Revis, working against Isaac Bruce. That’s a first down.

–Gore with a couple runs. That sets up a third-and-1.

–The 49ers go with Bajema and Sean Ryan. It’s a short-yardage situation. Nice play-action, Hill to Bruce. That was a terrific call. The 49ers with a first down at the Jets 49 on a 15-yard gain.

–After Hill underthrows Robinson down the field, it’s third and 5.

–Three wides with Jason Hill, Bruce and Johnson on the field. Hill finds Bruce for a first down to the 35.

–Robinson needed a yard for the first down and he fumbles it away. Nose tackle Kris Jenkins with the hit and that ball came flying out of Robinson’s grasp. The Jets take over at the 17. The 49ers were really looking good on that drive before Robinson coughed it up. Jets take over with 8:47 left in the quarter.

–Third and 1 . . . the 49ers stocked that up . . . Haralson, Harris, Spikes McDonald. Great job by the defense.

–Battle back deep to replace Rossum and Clements, and he fumbles. But the 49ers recover. They’ll take over at their own 24. Obviously, returning punts will be an area of concern as this game progresses.

–There’s a player down for the Jets, and the entire team is on the field, showing great concern. From this angle, I can’t tell who he is.

–The injured Jets player was James Ihedigbo, a second-year player from UMass. He’s helped off the field. He’s walking under his own power to the locker room.

–Hill hits Delanie Walker (remember him?). It was a nice play-action throw that goes for 15 yards.

–Screen to Gore for 6 yards to the 48.

–Hill to Bruce for a first down. There’s also a penalty down field. Illegal contact on Ty Law, but it’s declined. Niners have the ball at the Jets’ 41.

–Dominique Zeigler (Ziggy!) all the way down to the 12-yard line on a 31-yard pitch and catch and run.

–Hot read to Bryant Johnson for 5 yards. They need to punch this thing into the end zone. (Thanks, Captain Obvious).

–Jason Hill with the reception, but he fumbles at the goal line. Waiting to see who got it . . .

–Joe Staley! Joe Staley! Staley with the recover in the end zone. It’s 49ERS 7, JETS 0 with 2:16 left in the quarter.

OK, this is the way the 49ers should’ve been playing all along. Mike Singletary has put his imprint on the 49ers’ offense. This is a power team that should be pounding Gore, and then using him to create time in the passing game with play-action. They really look good. This is how Singletary will keep this job. This is his offensive vision. Right now, it’s pretty impressive.

–Jets get their first first down with about 1:20 remaining in the quarter on a Favre pass to Chansi Stuckey.

–Jets test Tarell Brown deep and he’s all over Jerricho Cotchery. It’s incomplete.

–Stuckey with an 8-yard gain on third-and-9. The Jets will punt on the first play of the second quarter.

First half state: Shaun Hill is 9 of 10 for 107 yards.


–Niners take over at the 14.

–Gore with 12 yards over the right side, Baas throwing a nice block on the play.

–Calvin Pace sheds Walker’s block to drop Gore for a 2-yard loss.

–It’s third and 7 . . . three wides with Jason Hill on the field. Shaun Hill tries to get it to Bruce, but Drew Coleman makes a very nice play to break it up.

–Andy Lee with his first punt. It’s not a great one. The Jets will take over at their own 39 with 12:38 left in the half.

–On third and 4, Favre throws to Stuckey. Strickland can’t make the stop, and it goes for 24 yards to the 49ers’ 31.

–Jets pick up another first down to the 20.

–Thomas Jones gets it down to the 7-yard line. First and goal.

–Jones gets down to the 2-yard line, where it’s second and goal.

–Favre runs it in from the 2 while safety Michael Lewis was holding TE Dustin Keller in the end zone. That ties it up. It’s 49ERS 7, JETS 7 with 7:17 remaining in the half.

–Walker fumbles on his kickoff return. It rolls out of bounds at the 26, where the 49ers will take over.

–The Niners come out throwing . . . to Gore for 3 yards. Hill throws behind Walker down the field, luckily for the 49ers Walker gets a hand on it to prevent an interception.

–Hill takes off running for a first down to the 37.

–Third and 6 after two Gore runs . . . complete to Bruce right at the sticks. It’ll be close. Ref Ed Hochuli explains that Bruce was bobbling it. Bruce is about a foot short. Are the 49ers going to go for it? The answer is yes (perhaps).

–Two tight ends with Ryan in the backfield. Gore runs to the left side and easily gets the first down. Ryan with a nice block.

–Vernon Davis makes a 20-yard catch down the field. A very nice pass and catch.

–Hill gets sacked for a loss of 10. Looks like the protection from Snyder and Gore broke down. That’s the 2-minute warning. Niners have the ball with a second and 20 at the 40.

–Pass to Ziggy to the 27, a gain of 13. It’s third and 7.

–Great pass protection, allows Hill to find Bruce on a crossing route. The Niners have the ball at the 8 with 1:03 left in the half.

–Jason Hill is the target, but Dwight Lowery was called for holding. It’s first and goal from the 4.

–Hill throws long for Bruce in the left back corner of the end zone.

–Hill throws it away under duress on second down.

–After a timeout, Hill flicks it out to Gore in the right flat for a touchdown. They made that look easy. Now, it’s 49ERS 14, JETS 7 with :46 left in the half on the 14-play, 74-yard drive.

–Washington with the kickoff return gets out to the 34, but Zeigler was being held on the return. Wallace Wright was the guilty party. Jets take over at the 17 with :39 remaining.

–The Jets didn’t get anything on three plays. Why didn’t they call a timeout to make the Jets punt? That play ended with :04 remaining in the half. It looked like Singletary was trying to get a timeout called to head linesman Mark Hittner, but apparently it wasn’t in time.

In any event, that’s the way the half ends.

Shaun Hill is 15 of 20 for 169 yards, while Favre is 10 of 13 for 72 yards.

Frank Gore has 12 carries for 42 yards, while the Jets’ Thomas Jones is 8-30.

Isaac Bruce has 5 receptions for 57 yards.

Niners have converted 5 of 7 third downs (71 percent), while the Jets are just 1 of 5 (20 percent).


–Because the 49ers deferred after winning the toss, they will receive the ball at the start of the second half.

–Niners take over at their own 22 . . . Gore gets 5 yards on first down.

–Gore is slow to get up after another 5-yard gain and a first down. Looks like he injured his left ankle. He needs help getting off the field. DeShaun Foster enters the game.

–Foster gets 1 yard. Meanwhile, Gore is in a lot of pain as he takes a seat on the bench.

–It’s third and 9 . . .  Hill throws it away. Gore is trying to walk around a little bit, but he doesn’t look good.

–Lee to punt. He booms one. The Jets will take over at the 8 after an illegal block on the Jets’ return. it was a 54-yard punt for Lee.

–Gore is being take to the locker room on a cart. He currently has 978 yards on the season, and need 22 to go for more than 1,000 yards in three straight season.

–Jets go with no-huddle.

–On third and 7, Willis makes the tackle on Washington after a short completition. There’s a holding penalty on the Jets (Faneca vs. Justin Smith). The 49ers will decline. That brings up fourth down. And the 49ers’ defense forces another three-and-out.

–Battle doesn’t get much on a return. Niners take over at their own 34 with 11:37 left in the quarter.

UPDATE: Gore with a left ankle injury is questionable to return.

–Foster gets 5 yards on two runs. It’s third and 5 . . . Davis with the catch and holds on after a nice hit from Lowery. It’s just shy of the first down. They’ll call for a measurement. Without Gore in the game, I doubt the 49ers would go for it. It’s about a foot short again.

–They might want to try to draw the Jets offside. The offense is staying on the field. And the Jenkins jumps offside. Wow. That’s amazing. I’m not sure the 49ers were ever going to snap that ball. It’s a first down at the 49ers’ 48.

–Foster fumbles, but Baas recovers. Foster has no idea how to carry the football. He carries the ball so loosely. It’s surprising he doesn’t fumble every time he carries the ball.

–Hill is intercepted by linebacker David Bowens. He threw it right to him, but we don’t know if Bruce ran the wrong route. Bowens returns it to the 49ers’ 45. That’s where the Jets will take over with 7:21 left in the quarter.

–Jets move to the 17. They’re in the red zone. The 49ers’ red-zone defense has been good all season.

–But not here. Jones with a 17-yard touchdown run. It’s JETS 14, 49ERS 14 with 5:24 remaining in the quarter. That didn’t take long.

–Michael Robinson with the return to the 39. The 49ers are back on the field, and Foster is in the huddle. Gore remains in the locker room.

–Gore is back from the locker room. He’s hobbling around on the sideline. It looks as if his day is over, but it’s a good sign that he’s not on crutches. That probably means X-rays were negative.

–Hill hits Johnson for 17.

–Vernon Davis with a nice block to allow Foster to cut inside for a first down on a 6-yard run.

–Hill with a beautiful TD pass to Delanie Walker, but it’s coming back on Staley’s holding penalty. Staley scores one and prevents one.

–First and 20 from the 38 . . . Hill is sacked for no gain. That makes it second and 20.

–Empty backfield, Hill to Hill for 11 yards to the 27.

–Third and 9 . . . they’re in field goal range . . . Hill to Bruce for a first down. This is quite a game. The 49ers will begin the fourth quarter with a first and 10 at the Jets’ 14-yard line.


–Hill incomplete to Bruce; Hill throws it away.

–It’s third and 10 at the 14 . . . incomplete to Zeigler in the end zone.

–Nedney on for a 32-yard FG attempt. It’s good. 49ERS 17, JETS 14 with 14:44 remaining.

–Washington with an incredible 99-yard TD return. However, there’s a holding call on Ihedigbo. So after all that, the Jets will take over at their own 30.

–The 49ers are really fired up on defense. Another Jets holding penalty, and then a nice play on a screen pass from Franklin and Strickland. That makes it a second and 21.

–And now it’s third and 21 . . . but first the Jets call a timeout. That’s their first spent T.O. of the second half.

–Niners with a three-man rush, Haralson stops Washington after a 9-yard gain on a short pass.

–Battle returns the low punt to the 50-yard line. Niners take over with 12:40 left.

–Hill to Hill (no relation) on a big third-down reception for a first down to the Jets’ 31.

–Screen to Robinson. That play was set up nicely with Heitmann and Baas out front leading the way.

–Hill just completed a pass to No. 47 . . . who is that? Oh, that’s right. It’s Billy Bajema. That’s his first catch in a couple years. It goes for 5 yards.

–Now it’s third and 5. And it’s Hill to Hill again. Nice effort by Jason Hill to get the first down. He made Revis miss, then did a nice straight-arm on Coleman for a 9-yard gain.

–Hill finds Johnson, who makes a nice catch in the end zone while working against Lowery. That’s a touchdown. Nedney adds the PAT, and it’s 49ERS 24, JETS 14 with 6:05 remaining. And they did it on that drive without Gore.

–The Jets are getting desperate. They try to run an option off the kickoff and the pitch goes awry. The Jets will take over at their own 1-yard line.

–They get some breathing room with a 10-yard gain to Cotchery.

–This is where the 49ers have to make the Jets earn it down the field. Favre throws deep, but nobody is there.

–It’s third and 7 and time is running out on the Jets with 4:54 remaining . . . it’s a four-man rush, but the 49ers come with pressure up the middle. Haralson and Green with the sack. The Jets will punt it away. The 49ers are in complete control.

–Battle with the fair catch at midfield with 4:19 remaining.

–This is the point where I head down to the locker rooms. Thanks for joining the festivities. Continue the dialogue, but keep personal attacks to a minimum, OK?

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