Bly: I’m hungry right now

**Updates with contract info***

Veteran cornerback Dre’ Bly, who signed a one-year contract with the 49ers today, said he is eager to compete against Tarell Brown and Shawntae Spencer for a starting job.

Bly has not missed a start in three seasons, and he doesn’t sound like he’s ready to spend any time on the sideline this season, either. Bly was signed after Walt Harris was lost for the season with a torn ACL in his right knee during organized team activities this week.


“With me, any time I’m around, I feel like it’s an opportunity for me to play,” Bly said. “What coach (Mike) Singletary told me is ‘You’ll have a chance to compete.’ All three men will have a chance to compete.


“And I know Walt went down. I know it looked obvious based on what I’ve done that the spot would be mine, but that’s not the case. I have to come in to compete. And I’ll definitely come in with the attitude that I’ll be who I’ve been my whole career. And I look forward to being that guy.”


The Broncos released Bly, a 10-year pro, in February. He said it was a humbling experience, but he is adamant his skills have not diminished.


“Most corners’ skills diminish because of injuries or because they get a little heavier,” Bly said. “With me, I haven’t missed a game last three years, haven’t missed a practice, and I’m lighter than what I was when I got in the league. As far as quickness, I still have my instincts and I still have my quickness.”


Bly said he weighed 192-193 when he broke into the league, and now he weighs around 187-188.


“I’m hungry right now,” said Bly (and, no, not because he’s lost weight). “I’ve never been released, so that was humbling for me. In the game of football, I’ve never been told ‘No.’ After that happened, I’m so hungry right now.”


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UPDATE: How hungry is Bly? According to a league source, he accepted a one-year, $845,000 contract. That’s the minimum amount for a player with 10 years experience. Bly has made a lot of money, averaging $6.5 million a year in the past six seasons, so perhaps we can take him at his word that he was not motivated by money to sign this contract.


* * *


Bly arrived in the Bay Area this morning and underwent a physical examination. He just took part in a conference call with reporters as he prepared for a flight back to Denver. He said he will return in two weeks when the 49ers resume their organized team activities.


He spoke with former (and new) teammate Isaac Bruce last night. He said Bruce helped raise him in the NFL. Bly broke into the league with the Rams, playing his first four seasons in St. Louis. He said he decided to sign with the 49ers, in large part, to play for Singletary.


“Just looking at what coach Singletary has done with the team, looking at who he’s been his whole life, as a player and respecting the game like he did,” Bly said. “Look at what he did when he took over San Fran. It’s an up-and-coming team with a lot of promise.


“It’s an opportunity for me to step in and compete. At this part of my career when I’ve been successful like I’ve been, it’s not about money. It’s about opportunities and it’s an opportunity for me to come in and compete.”


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