Brandon Jacobs explains what’s surprising about the Niners playbook, and more

SANTA CLARA – The Niners’ 260-pound running back Brandon Jacobs spoke in the media tent for the first time on Thursday. He discussed the NFC Championship Game and his first impression of Jim Harbaugh’s offensive playbook. Here’s what Jacobs said.

Q: Are there things in Harbaugh’s playbook that have surprised you so far?

JACOBS: Yes – not as far as the plays, but as far as the formations. There’s a lot of different formations. It’s challenging picking it up. I’m doing pretty good. I only have to ask two questions a day versus 10.

Q: So the plays are fairly standard, but the formations that are more complex?

JACOBS: The plays – there are some differences. There might be one block that makes it different than the way other teams run it around the league, but Coach Roman understands that you want to run that stuff out of different formations so no one can ever pick up what you’re doing – they can watch as much film as they want.

Q: So many guys here seem to be motivated by their loss in the NFC Championship Game. What type of conversations have you had with them about that game?

JACOBS: We talk about some turnovers, and I just say, “I don’t feel bad for you.” We try not to talk about it. I know that’s a dagger for some guys – it would be a dagger for me – so I try not to ever bring it up. The only time we talk about it is if someone else brings it up. There’s really no need to talk about it because it’s gone now.

Q: Did Harbaugh talk to you about that when he signed you?

JACOBS: We talked about the Ahmad (Bradshaw) fumble that was reversed. He’s still talking about that. I told him I don’t feel bad for him. It hurts. Frank (Gore) talked about it this morning in meetings. You could hear it in his voice – he’s angry. I’d be angry as well. No question about it.

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