Brandon Jacobs is really, really excited to be a Forty-Niner

This afternoon the 49ers officially announced they’ve signed Brandon Jacobs to a one-year deal.

Trent Baalke had this to say: “The 49ers are pleased to add a player with Brandon’s wealth of experience and talent. He has been productive throughout his career, and provides our offense a different dimension. We look forward to incorporating Brandon into our system.”

Jacobs answered questions just now on a conference call, and here’s what he said.

Q: What attracted you to the 49ers?

JACOBS: The 49ers are a great organization. I played against the Niners year in a and year out and it’s always a great challenge. They’re a good football team, great ownership. It’s a team that’s on its way up to a championship, and I felt wanted. I felt like they really wanted me around and I was excited about it.

Q: What do you remember specifically about facing them last season?

JACOBS: The defense. The stinginess of the defense. They were the best defense we played all year long, both games. They didn’t give up anything. It was two great games, but that’s last year. I’m a part of this team now.

Q: How did they make you feel wanted?

JACOBS: Speaking to Trent about everything made me feel wanted. We spoke about what I could bring to the team – leadership, experience on a high stage. I felt like they really wanted me around and that me feel really good and now I’m here.

Q: Have you had a chance to talk to Frank Gore at all?

JACOBS: I haven’t spoke to Frank yet. I’m looking forward to speaking him sometime this week.

Q: Do you anticipate competing with him in training camp for playing time?

JACOBS: I think all of that’s going to work itself out. As far as competing, I think that makes any one of us better – that’s all that competing does. It makes us better as a team; it makes us better at our job. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to be able to play with Frank.

Q: Hypothetically speaking, if there’s a third-and-one are you getting the ball or is Frank?

JACOBS: Being about 25-30 pounds heavier than Frank, I would hope I would be the one to get it, but Frank has been great in that area the last seven years. He has no issues getting in. It’s whatever’s best for the team and it’s the call that Coach Harbaugh makes.

Q: Have they told you anything about your role?

JACOBS: My role’s going to come off of how much I earn. I’m going to earn everything that I get. You’re not supposed to tell someone what they’re going to do because it’s a funny game – things can work out for you one time and it can’t the next time. I’m going to get as much as I earn.

Q: Did Mario Manningham have any influence in you signing with the Niners?

JACOBS: I love Mario. He’s been my teammate for the last four years. I’ve been around him a long time. We hung out a lot. He was actually one of my really close friends on the Giants. Yes, coming out here, knowing that he was here already made it that much more comfortable for me to join the team, and not to mention I looked at it as a great opportunity because I grew up a 49er fan and I was really excited about the opportunity to become a 49er.

Q: Growing up in Louisiana how did you become a 49er fan?

JACOBS: I never did like the Saints. I never did like Dallas – that’s another team that everybody likes. When I made the pick to choose the 49ers as my team I barely knew anything about football.  I was about eight years old and I only liked their uniforms. That’s what drew me to the 49ers. I even found myself cheering when they played Sunday nights when we weren’t playing against them I found myself rooting for them seven years deep into the National Football League. I was a really big fan.

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