Braylon Edwards, reserve quarterback

SANTA CLARA – For the first time all week, all the 49ers were on the field for the half hour the media was allowed observe them.

They wore shorts ‘n shells, and the only players who weren’t practicing were Chilo Rachal, who’s reportedly “working through something,” Shawntae Spencer, who is working through a hamstring, and Michael Crabtree, who is working through a lot of stuff.

Braylon Edwards and Joshua Morgan were working on throwing and catching. They warmed up by playing catch like quarterbacks do, except they caught the balls themselves.

Both would take turns catching the ball over their shoulders. Edwards caught a few balls one-handed, just snatched them out of the air like he was wearing a baseball glove.

Edwards has a strong throwing arm as well. He can throw the ball far and he can throw it short with velocity.

Don’t be surprised to see some designed pass plays from Braylon Edwards in 2011. He may have the strongest arm of anyone on the team beside Colin Kaepernick.


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