Brent Jones: “I’m hoping that we get the Packers.”

Brent Jones spoke on KNBR Thursday afternoon about who he hopes the 49ers play in the second round of the playoffs. Here’s what he said.

BRENT JONES: I think we’ll get the Packers and I think we match up pretty darn well against the Packers, unless Aaron Rodgers just goes nuts – and that, obviously, will be determined by how much pressure we can put on him.

The team I’d least like to face is the Seahawks because I think I still have the taste in my mouth from the most recent matchup, even though it was in Seattle.

I’ve seen the Redskins, and there are games that I look and I say, “Gosh, they are so unimpressive,” and there are games where I go, “You know what, they’re alright.” RGIII, I’m pretty impressed with the kid, both on and off the field. Good for him. It’s great for the Redskins to be good, but I’m just not sure we’re going to get them.

It’s strange, but I’m hoping we get the Packers. It’s a known quantity. We have the confidence factor from the earlier win in the season. But it’s not going to be a pushover whoever it is, which sets the tone for a big day at the Stick in a couple of weeks.

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