49ers film review: Brian Hoyer’s five best passes against the Rams

Thursday night’s game against the Rams was Brian Hoyer’s best game with the 49ers. Here were his five best throws:

No. 5.

Third-and-17, 6:35 2nd quarter. Hoyer threw a rope across the field to Garcon before he made his break to the outside. Garcon caught the ball two yards in front of the first-down marker, broke a tackle and ran three yards for the first down.

No. 4.

First-and-10, 3:49 4th quarter. Center Daniel Kilgore snapped the ball to Hoyer. Left guard Laken Tomlinson slid to the right and didn’t block the blitzing linebacker. Hoyer was under immediate pressure. He spun to his left to avoid the linebacker, set his feet and completed a 12-yard pass across the field to Marquise Goodwin just before Goodwin ran out of bounds.

No. 3.

First-and-10, 9:17 3rd quarter. Hoyer took a vicious hit from Aaron Donald and drew a 15-yard penalty while throwing a perfect 19-yard pass to Garcon along the sideline.

No. 2.

First-and-10, 0:17 3rd quarter. Hoyer saw the deep safety had his back turned, and Goodwin had beaten the cornerback to the inside. Hoyer threw a 50-yard pass between the two defenders and hit Goodwin for the deep completion.

No. 1.

First-and-10, 6:35 4th quarter. Hoyer saw Garcon had single coverage on the outside. Hoyer trusted Garcon would beat his man and threw a 59-yard pass down the left sideline and hit Garcon in stride.

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  1. Cousins is tearing it up tonight. He’s going to look good in scarlet and gold next year. That is unless Hoyer can consistently make the passes in Grant’s study.

  2. Hoyer certainly looked like a competent QB against the Rams. As you have highlighted, he made some great throws. For mine that pass to Garcon on the sideline just before he got clocked by Donald was his best one. Hard thing to step into a throw like that when the defender is right there in your face. Obviously a great catch by Garcon too.

    1. agree on both your points… MidWest !

      We get so-o-o much of the former from other outlets ..
      (including … lately … NFL.com) …
      we don’t need to bring it here !

      Grant … good job.. dude !

    2. Frankly I think it’s the coward way, since he had no problem admonishing Kap for kneeling in one of his write ups.
      Now that the thing has become bigger than Kap, a Mea Culpa would be appropriate!
      Lets not forget that our Dotard calls BLACK players ‘Sonsofbitches!!!

      1. Frankly, I don’t care. I see this crap play out from both sides of the political aisle in social media and in real life. I am sick of it. There should at least be one area where we can find respite from the !@#$ing political world.

        1. I agree MWD, so let’s start with NOT playing the national anthem at the start of games!
          Do you know in what countries they play the national anthem at the beginning of games???
          Communist countries, dictatorships and the like, NK comes to mind.
          If SF plays NY they should play the local team song, unless it’s the Olympics, THAT”S the time you play for your country and play the anthem, not just for ANY game.
          Because if you do, you turn EVERY game into a political, propaganda game!

          1. Again, I don’t care. I have seen that crap and the stupid rebuttal to it so much that I have the idiotic back-and-forth memorized! Talk sports, not $hit.

            1. Do you think you would care if one of your family members were brutalized by the police?
              or is that something you don’t have to worry about in the white midwest?

              1. Dee,

                In many ways, it is a failure in empathy. I understand that — as an educated white male, I have not experienced those issues directly. However, I have two mixed-raced adult stepchildren (and I have been their father since they were four years old) and a Latino son-in-law. All of them have experienced different things than I have, and I know how that has impacted them. And interestingly enough, not once has someone who has evinced discrimination against my children ever stopped to ask if they were raised by white parents (which they were) and whether that protects them against discrimination (which it does not).

                I like to believe that I would have been empathetic anyway, even without the family connection, but I know I would not have been as empathetic as I am. It is difficult to explain to a child why someone does not like them just because of their racial heritage, and it makes one understand all the better how insidious such things truly are.

              2. JPN I agree, we live the truth as we see it from our experiences. If you have grown up without being discriminated against, you more than likely will think that NO ONE is discriminated against and that everyone is treated the same. This is the unfortunate, unintentional racism that most white people carry and why they can’t have empathy with those of color.

            1. I’ve never heard God Save the Queen (unless it was the Sex Pistols version) before EPL games.
              International games, yes.
              They sing their teams song and taunt the opponent or the referee, it’s quite a lively bunch.

              1. Not much of a football (soccer) fan i’m afraid, rugby is my sport. But yes you’re right, I dont think the national anthem is sung at club games of any sports competitions in the UK, but certainly at internationals – of which there are usually plenty… 6 Nations, autumn international series, world cup, etc

                Rugby seems to attract much more respectful fans (by respectful I mean fans/referees/players – not the national anthem!).

                But like I say… different culture over here. Some people stand/sing, some dont. Whatever. No-one really complains whether you stand for the queen or not.

                Now if you really want to open a can of worms… the England Rubgy team’s unofficial national song is Swing Low Sweet Chariot, which I believe is an old negro/african american spiritual with overt slavery references.

              2. Brit, I did not know that about Swing Low, any more details as to the why?
                “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot is considered to be a code song or coded song, and is one of a handful of spirituals that refer directly to the Underground Railroad. … Most of the code words in the spirituals refer to escape from slavery; the code words were used to hide the underlying, secret meaning of the lyrics.”

              3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swing_Low,_Sweet_Chariot

                The song serves as the anthem of the England national rugby union team.

                Generally its a song that is sung by the fans from the terraces during the games, rather than God Save The Queen which is usually sung by a recognised singer prior to kick off.

                I honestly don’t know how it came to be. Fans have been singing it as long as I can remember (40 years). Its quite something to be standing in the terraces at Twickenham and hear 80 thousand people singing together. Its a beautiful song. However it has always sat a little uncomfortably with me given the British colonial past.

      2. Dee Phiant – Sorry, but you are incorrect because Trump never mentioned race, religion, etc. in his over the top comments. Why are you bringing race into it???? Classic case of trying to make this something it isn’t.

        1. LOL Mike, I hope you’re trying to be funny!
          He said it was a privilege to play in the NFL.
          Don’t you know that that is code for we are ALLOWING you black people to take our money but we can fire you anytime if you don’t do what the master says.
          Are you old enough to remember when a BLACK QB was not allowed in the NFL?

          1. “code”. Really? This is typical of the growing postmodernist leftist culture that allows itself to interpret anything it wants from anything anyone says that opposes its views. Black activist makes a political statement, you oppose it and you’re a racist. Disagree with 90% of what Trump says and does but agree with on little thing and you’re a white supremacist. Say that overt violence by ANTIFA should result in them being banned from campuses until they can protest peacefully and you are labeled a Fascist. YOU’RE the ones who have the code. Code Left: “We’re right even when we’re wrong and the end always justifies the means”.

            All that being said, let’s dump the politics, ALL the politics at the stadiums on game day. Or not let any players on the field until after the National Anthem is played.

            1. Code Left: “We’re right even when we’re wrong and the end always justifies the means”.

              …not let any players on the field until after the National Anthem is played.

              The irony in the juxtaposition of those two statements is delicious.

            2. Oh Boy, Yosemite, do you even understand what the word ‘code’ means??? You have divided the world in left/right, but you can’t differentiate between murder and protest? Do you understand what white supremacy means?
              When you use the word ‘leftist’, in your world that’s code for a crazy or dangerous but minimally bad person. Just tell me, who were the people that were carrying guns and used them to shoot at people?

          2. That is entirely subjective-which is the problem here.
            You make hasty generalizations all through your arguments, Dee–stereotyping and pre-judging your fellow human beings all over the place.
            But I’m going to give you something to have a REAL PISSER about!!!

            I wouldn’t do you wrong in any way, shape or form. In fact, I would help you in any way that I could–if you needed it.
            You have a soul and a spirit just like mine. Someday were going to be standing in the same line for judgement-I believe that. You better start looking at people deeper than the flesh—which is simply going to rot and turn back into dirt.

            1. SB, funny that of all the people it is you who accuses me of using generalizations without giving any substance to back it up. Let’s take some examples of how you continue to steer the conversation in a different direction in order to confuse the issue.

              The racists have taken over this football blog…

              Dee–stereotyping and pre-judging your fellow human beings all over the place.

              That’s hilarious coming from you someone who thinks he’s holier than the pope!

              Loads of black people there who don’t think like you do at all

              “In fact, I would help you in any way that I could–if you needed it”
              This one got me in stitches considering you stereotyped me “all this screeching and screaming”
              This definitely applies to you;
              “Pull the log out of your own eye…..then you have the right to take the sliver out of your brothers eye”


        2. >>Sorry, but you are incorrect because Trump never mentioned race, religion, etc. in his over the top comments.

          He mentioned those SOBs kneeling during the anthem. I think those SOBs are white guys protesting that 45 didn’t give enough props to the white supremacists in Charlottesville. And they are pissed because they’d rather be saluting the swastika rather than the stars and stripes. Is that your take too, mike?

          1. Our Dotard calls people who protest respectfully by kneeling, as in the church, sonsofbitches.
            People who run over and kill demonstrators with their car are considered “fine people”.
            Just think about that as if a President of North Korea would say that!

          2. Ribs==

            You just have to put your subjective racist rants in this blog, don’t you? The racists have taken over this football blog……….

            Pull the log out of your own eye…..then you have the right to take the sliver out of your brothers eye.
            Do you know what that means?

      3. The fact that many, but not all, of the protesters are black is no more or less offensive to call anyone that name.
        But Dee…..you differentiated by race. People who do that are called “racists”. Get over yourself. Start doing unto others as you would have them do unto you, and you’ll be amazed at the results.

        1. Oh boy, Brodie wants to twist History just like our Twitler does.
          No SB, there were NO white players kneeling before Dotard made his SOB statement.
          NONE, all of them were BLACK!
          Are you disputing that?
          White people are joining now because of the outrageous behavior by the Resident in the WH. There is nothing racist about that either.
          I never said that the DEMONSTRATORS were all black, the woman that was murdered by a Dotard supporter was a white supremacist, terrorist!

          1. Dee—Your emotional rant aside, how do you know why “white people” do this, that or any other thing?
            How do you know whats going on in all those other stadiums?
            Your just going to have to understand-to reason–all this screeching and screaming is not going to work. And if whoever murdered who is a white supremacist, then lock them up and throw away the key. Who has a problem with that?
            Please….no more screeching. Just tell me who has a problem with a murderer going to jail?

            1. I see what you’re doing SB. Throwing things up in the air to see if anything sticks since you can’t defend your own statements, just like Dotard.
              To call someone emotional, screeching and screaming only proves that it not just black people you hold in low regard but also the other gender, just like Dotard.
              I think you have a problem with a murderer going to jail, since you don’t call him a terrorist!

              1. Dee–

                Go to church. Loads of black people there who don’t think like you do at all. I go boating with one family in particular. That doesn’t fit your narrative, but there it is.
                Read the New Testament first……………………

              2. SB, I’m gobsmacked if you were to go to church. I’ve never met a churchgoer who objects to those who kneel…..

              3. SB, so nice of you for letting everyone know that you know a family that goes to church and that they take you on their boat! What a great story to tell all your friends!!!
                Now we know how one day a year you do your penance by allowing some church people in your life! If they were the colored kind of church people you can even make your white friends believe that your NOT a racist!!!!
                Or was you boy saying them folks are black cuz them go to church?

  3. I was more inclined to not spend the $ on Cousins and build across the board, but I think if we can draft a couple of starters and free agents (WR, Corner, Edge, G, C) and add Cousins, then we are right back in the thick of things considering the overall depth in the West- he looks very good tonight, but I will keep the leash extended on Hoyer and hope that he can carry us forward.

    Raiders under 100 yd on offense mid 3rd……….

  4. I’d rather take my chances with another draft pick or Beatherd…Cousin’s is Hoyer with a good offensive line…30 million no thanks rather build our o line and get some receivers..

    1. I agree, but plugging in Cousins immediately upgrades them……….. hopefully, Hoyer plays well enough here on out to get another year…..I too would prefer to not do it though- spend the $ on free agent linemen coming off their first contract.

    2. Huh? So you think Hoyer with a good oline is capable being a top 3 QB. In passing yards, completions, and yards per attempt and top 10 in passer rating and qbr?

      1. No, my first preference would be to spend the $ on other elements and develop a QB and have Hoyer play another year….. I think spending $25 mil on Edge, Corner and OL would be better spent than on Cousins- IF Hoyer can play at a good, not great, level.

  5. The Raiders are OVERRATED! The Chiefs were my pick to win the AFC West coming into the season, and that was before Kareem Hunt became a revelation. I think there is a pretty decent chance the Raiders finish 3rd behind both KC and Denver. Anyway you slice it, even if the Raiders make the postseason, their defense and rushing attack aren’t good enough to win a postseason slugfest!

    The Redskins simply manhandled the Raiders tonight! Derek Carr was absolutely awful, and is lucky he didn’t throw 5 or 6 INT’s tonight.

  6. The POTUS has now made Colin Kaepernick a civil rights icon throughout American pro sports, thanks to his comments in Alabama. He has galvanized our sporting community like we haven’t seen in decades. Simply amazing!

    Josh Norman on team unity and the protest: “We had to do it because of the Tyranny we face behind the POTUS you know. It’s sad that we have to go through stuff like this. At the end of the day, nobody is going to divide us. Lock arms as brothers in arms and let them know, we will not be taken down.”
    Washington Redskins: Oakland Raiders:

    First Downs:18 – First Downs:7
    Total Yards:472 – Total Yards:128
    Yards Per Play:7.3 – Yards Per Play:2.7
    Rushing Yards:116 – Rushing Yards:32
    Passing Yards:356 – Passing Yards:96
    Time of Possession:38:19 – Time Of Possession:21:41

      1. Moi? 49reasons wrote that post, not me.
        Ignoring the fact that the Twitler in Chief called Kap an SOB, will not make it go away.
        Do not blame me, blame Trump.

        1. Sarcasm eludes you, doesn’t it? And no, I blame those who choose to bring the divisive ? called politics onto this sports blog.

        2. No, Seb……….

          You and a few others have to shove your opinions down others throats. You are usually the straw that stirs the drink.
          What you uber lefters won’t understand from the safety of your home is that, if you get your anarchy, your overthrow of the constitution and take us to the worker’s paradise of Lenin–more blood will be shed than you can possibly hallucinate about. And some of that blood may be yours-or your family member. Is that a good thing? This attitude of “we will not be taken down”………….that’s in the best interests of everyone?

          Most of those people don’t give a flying F about the legion of cops who have been murdered in the line of duty………… about the men and women who have died horrible deaths defending this country.

          When I see you in the Press Democrat making one of your big stinks about lots of other issues, other injustices-as well as any of your favorites-you’ll get credibility. Until then, your just a cherry-picker.

    1. Looks like a really bad night for Las Vegas. If Cactus Carr called a triple flying Elvis audible they might have made it competitive.

    2. Haha!!! There’s old 49!!!!!!!! Still trying…and failing………to make others do as he says!!

      Lots of luck with that……………………….

  7. I’m sorry, but I’m with the president on this issue. We need to support our flag it stands for freedom that many have fought to have. This protest is just reverse racism and communists acts. If you don’t agree with our flag then you are the enemy! Get out of our country!

    1. Larry, tell us what you think that flag stands for? For presidents and other politicians to order citizens what to do? Or could it be for allowing those citizens to speak out on unpopular topics without fear of reprisal. What do you think those who have fought for were fighting for? To make a democratic America no different from an authoritarian state as per your suggestions?

        1. Thanks Kt. I’m trying to keep politics from the board, I really am. It’s like the end of Dr Strangelove. You know what scene I mean.

          1. Mr. President, we are rapidly approaching a moment of truth both for ourselves as human beings and for the life of our nation. Now, truth is not always a pleasant thing. But it is necessary now to make a choice, to choose between two admittedly regrettable, but nevertheless *distinguishable*, postwar environments: one where you got twenty million people killed, and the other where you got a hundred and fifty million people killed.

          2. Sure you are, Rib———

            Just what -specifically-is this turning of their backs to the flag all about? Whats this bitch-fest about?

            Larry never said anything about making a democratic America no different from an authoritarian state-that is entirely your subjective interpretation of what he said.
            The fact that Trump is a boob is irrespective of the point I’m making-dis-respecting the flag and what it represents………the bill of rights, lawful assurances that keep the govt off our backs, freedoms that most of the rest off the world are fighting for every day, every year–is pretty despicable.

            “trying to keep politics from the board”………………you sure are!! And I’ll tell them when I get cought robbing the bank, I was just trying to make a deposit.

            1. Larry never said anything about making a democratic America no different from an authoritarian state-that is entirely your subjective interpretation of what he said.

              Read again Saw.

              If you don’t agree with our flag then you are the enemy! Get out of our country!

              Peaceful protest = “the enemy”? “Get out of our country”? That is some fullblown fascism BS right there. Even that miserable POS trump is only calling protestors to lose employment. Larry is calling for “enemies” to leave the country. Is that your stance too?

    2. I revere the flag and everything it stands for, and one thing it stands for is the first amendment right of free speech. Protesting for justice is American as apple pie.
      People do not idolize the flag when other people commit heinous crimes, then hide behind the flag to avoid accountability. There is much racism and injustice in America, and Trump is exacerbating the situation. It was sickening to hear the bombast, belligerence and bloviating from a totally unqualified and embarrassing Dotard, who stole the election. Trumpty Dumpty is an Ugly American, and Jemele Hill is right.
      Calling me an enemy may be true. I am against cowards fascists and racists who spew hate, and consider them the enemy.
      However, I am an American, and have just as much a right to stay here as any other native born American. You do not own this country, and are really only a fringe element of society. The vast majority of Americans are civil, non violent and tolerant, unlike the fascists who spew hate, kill protesters, are intolerant and dehumanize people in order to oppress them.

      1. You certainly do have that right, Seb-because of others….

        But “having that right” is not the same as doing the right thing.

        I may be wrong, but where have you had another such bitch about the legion of police officers who were murdered in the line of duty. Their children never got to see them again………….explain to me why their lives are not as precious as others, and why you turned a blind eye to it, and you’ll gain a new follower in your camp. But none of your usual bombast and emotional diatribes……………….

        My point? Your a cherry-picker.

          1. Expand on that, Ribs–no theories, no opinions. I’m not interested in what you feel–just what you know to be a fact………..I’m patient……………..

            1. I’ve given plenty of opinions and theories, saw. I’ve even quoted you in some of my responses. And you seem to have found my opinions as you’ve responded to them. So I have no idea what you are talking about here.

    3. And you have a right to your opinion Lawrence Kramer. You have the same rights as any individual, to express your opinions and protest peacefully if you must.

      However, if you think peaceful protest is comperable to communism, than you haven’t spent much time in a communist country. Our flag is a symbol for liberty, equality, and justice for all. My relatives fought for our liberty, and one of those liberties is the right for individuals to protest peacefully. I respect our flag, but I respect our flag in large part because it’s a symbol of the very freedoms that allow for free speech, a free press, and the right to protest peacefully. These rights are essential to our democracy, and without those freedoms, our flag stands for very little, IMO.

      I respect our military as much as anyone, but not more than I respect my rights and the rights of individuals to exercise those rights. And if you cannot separate the two, that’s not my problem.

      We’ve had racial divisions in this country as long as I have been alive, and I had mixed emotions about the idea of kneeling for the National Anthem, as a form of protest. However, I had never witnessed an American President intentionally stoking the flames of racial division like we have now. After the way our little tyrant of a POTUS used what happened in Charlottesville in order to divide this great nation, peaceful protests are nothing short of essential. And the bigger the stage the better!

      1. I wish Trump had used the same vitriol against Putin, as he did against the protesters.
        Trump wants to suppress dissent, but calls some Nazis very fine people.

      2. You won’t stop trying to shove your point of view down others throats, will you 49. Rather than sticking to football–this is a football blog-you think your going to sermonize others into doing as you say???

        To paraphrase your comrad, your hatred of Trump is spilling over into everything else. Racial division???? Thats how you have chosen to see it, because that kind of bitch-fest turns you on. Who, specifically does not agree with anyone about protesting over an injustice? How it’s done is the issue. Dont even try to make out those skinheads in Charlottesville represent most white folks. Everybody but you and Seb understand they have a collective I.Q. of one above plant life–and that is because you see exactly that which fits your pre-conceived notion of what this country’s about—all negative. All of it.

        I noticed you highlighted your last sentence. When this blood you want shed starts hitting close to home, you’ll have different thoughts about responsibilities and duties–not just “rights”.

        1. How it’s done is the issue

          No. Unless you are breaking the law there is no issue. And the founding fathers would take it further than that. I’m sure you are familiar with “watering the tree of liberty…”?

          1. Yes, Ribs, there is……………
            Showing disrespect to what the flag really represents is the wrong way, because what the flag is supposed to represent has nothing to do with an injustice-that’s what the courts are for.

            Just what have you done to make this country any better, anyway? Why not do something positive to address the wrongs?
            “Watering the tree of liberty……………” Speak plain, Rib…your advocating blood?

            1. “Watering the tree of liberty……………” Speak plain, Rib…your advocating blood?

              Just quoting a celebrated founding father*. You know, the guy who wrote some sort of document or other. Look it up. That is more representative of the country than fetishistic bowing to some piece of cloth.

              *perhaps Jefferson was speaking rhetorically. Something lost on the far right, who also use that quote to advocate for actual bloodshed. If I start turning up at rallies toting semi-automatic weapons like they do, you’ll know what exactly I’m advocating.

  8. Not sure if anyone noticed but A. Brooks had a sack, 2 quarterback hits and 2 tackles. Not a bad day. Sure am glad he’s not on our team anymore!

    Not like we need additional QB pressure!

  9. Hey Grant , really like the plays you picked out . They are his best throws of the game . No argument here ,but think the play with Donaldson in his face ,and in his space ,as we defensive players like to call it . Is the Best play I’ve seen him make all season . So far ..
    IMO not to say that praise isn’t due to him , but shanny called one heck of a game . That’s one good defense they fought hard against . The running game deserves some credit . 2 of the formations that you mentioned were part of the stable of our basic runs . Thinking that shanny and our run threat , might of made it a little easier on 2 plays ,that you pointed out . IMO things look like it’s starting to take hold .
    Can’t wait to see both running/ passing game come together . Not dominated by one .
    After all a balanced attack is harder to plan / or scheme against.
    IMO credit goes to shanny and hoyer , they both looked really good . My question to you would be . How do you think shanny did?
    2nd question . Was it the defensive scheme that failed or the personal . My thoughts are personal ? Ie ,sacks ,int. Would love to hear yours .

  10. Hey Grant are we going to take a look at coaching , and play calling.
    Would like to assess ,or breakdown that . Something to think about?

  11. It’s about evaluating the young talent they have. It’s not about keeping a bad attitude 34 year old 6 sack a year kind of guy. There rebuilding and there doing it right. Play competitive and lose as many games as possible. That’s the best case scenario. 3-13 compares to 5-11 is a massive difference in the 2018 draft….

    1. Sorry, Raw, but I want the Niners to win as many games as possible. In fact. I want them to pick last every draft.
      I think the Niners may go 3-5 in the first half, and 5-3 in the second half. That would put the Niners picking around 14- 18 in the draft. The Niners should be able to draft Jake Browning or Lamar Jackson at that spot. Maybe they could bundle picks to move up and grab the QB they covet, but I would just use the first round pick to grab a QB, and use the next 4 picks in the second and third rounds to bolster the roster.
      Glad to see you get back your R. ;p

      1. There is close to a ZERO percent chance that Kyle would draft a clone to RG3 in Jackson. You are obviously not paying attention to what he likes in a QB… Niners don’t win 5 games this year…

        1. Raw, one thing Lamar Jackson has demonstrated, is that he is an accurate passer. KS likes accuracy in his QBs.
          Maybe KS is learning that an immobile QB tends to get bludgeoned. Having a mobile QB will allow him to use his mobility to avoid sacks.

          1. Interesting… that’s not what the scouting report says about him?

            Where he needs to improve: Jackson has a ways to go to develop into a consistently accurate passer. He has a bad habit of locking out his front leg, screwing himself into the ground and falling off throws. This dramatically affects his ball placement and touch. He flashes the ability to work to Nos. 2-3 in his progression, but usually if No. 1 isn’t there, he looks to run. In his defense, the pass protection at Louisville was terrible at times (see Houston game).

            Biggest takeaway: I don’t use the Mike Vick comparison lightly. Vick is the most explosive quarterback to ever play the position. Jackson has that type of dynamic speed. However, Vick was a more polished passer and Jackson has some mechanical improvements that need to be made before he’ll be capable of matching Vick’s professional success. If Jackson can clean some of these issues up, watch out!

            1. When Vick went to the Eagles he was interviewed about is improvement. Vick said the entire time he played in Atlanta they never had him learn to read defenses or go through progressions. His entire time there was a as a Sandlot QB:

              Falcons: 53.8% completion, 75.7 QB rating.
              Eagles: 59.5% completion, 87.7 QB rating.

              Never did pan out though Reid got the most out of him. Because, as I’ve pointed many times in the past, the NFL is the wrong place to learn how to become a QB. It starts in youth football and continues through college. All those thousands upon thousand of reps from the pocket.

              And the guys that are one-read and run… It’s rare they ever become anything.

              1. Moses–

                It seems, as usual, you hit the nail right on the head. But you speak in logical terms-not emotional-and unfortunately your observations are lost on a few readers.
                Too bad, because you clearly know your football.

            2. Shoup, I just watch his games and think he has good touch on the ball, and rarely makes errant throws. Sure, it is just my opinion, but that is why I think he is accurate.
              This season, he has a 63% completion rate for a 159 QBR. He has a career 144 QBR, so his stats mirror my opinion.

  12. The deep pass to Goodwin was just a bad decision. Goodwin is double covered. The only reason it’s a completion is because Goodwin gets into position to make the catch. But the ball should never have been thrown to him under those circumstances. You throw it deep to Goodwin if he’s one on one in coverage and is likely to pass by the coverage. But during that pass he’s bracketed on two sides by coverage that is deeper than he is. Again, it’s a successful play only because Goodwin fights for position and and makes a play on the ball splitting two defenders.

  13. Allforfun Are you talking about the play , with the safety with his back to him ,or another . Cause it’s the job of the QB to get him in that position . And that’s when you want to throw it ,so the safety has to find the player and the ball . Which makes his job harder ,hence the two safety look they gave us most of the game .

      1. Seb..don’t you have a black panther party to attend?Instead of pretending like you know football shouldn’t you be planning the next erican landmark you deem racist to take down..I mean the Golden Gate bridge I’m sure is a symbol of racism..It was built by white devil’s….what’s next?Mount Rushmore..those guys were all racist..let’s tear it down and put up a monument of Snoop dog and a transvestite ..cause that’s what this country is all about now right…Equality..will just ignore that liberals all bitch and complain about the things and people that gave them the right to bitch and complain….I know..you don’t have to tell me..I’m just a Nazi homophobic racist..even though I’m Mexican..

          1. Diesel & RAW, part of the 30% club I guess?

            Why are you guys even talking NFL football. Why aren’t you boycotting the NFL already? All talk and no action I presume. 500-600 NFL players of all races and creeds protested the National Anthem today. Stars and non-stars alike protested. Aaron Rodgers interlocked arms with his teammates after posting a photo on Instagram of him kneeling with other Packers accompanied by the hashtags “#unity #brotherhood #family #dedication #love.” Dolphins players warmed up prior to the game wearing “I’m With Kap” shirts, yet here you are on an NFL football blog.

            I thought you were men of principle, so why are you still talking football tonight? Kind of weak sauce, don’t you think?

    1. “Jonathan Allen got his first sack before Solomon Thomas.”

      Adams did too.


      “In the first half, Adams racked up his first professional sack, a pair of stops behind the line of scrimmage and a pass defended as well. He set that tone for the run defense on Jay Ajayi’s first carry, briefly sending the talented running back to the sideline after upending him for a 2-yard loss.”

        1. Film don’t lie. Adams excelled against the run and pass. He was a tone setter and an inspiring leader. Looks to be the same as a pro.

          Thomas got washed out and looked invisible in all but two games. Looks to be the same as a pro. I hope we at least get those two good games.

      1. You guys are making me sad. I wanted Adams.

        In saying that, I was happy with the Thomas pick but so far can’t say I have been wowed by what I have seen. Early days though.

        1. Me 2. I even went as far as using a Jamal Adams avatar on this blog, prior to the draft. :(

          Seemed like such an obvious choice. Oh well, at least we got the big cat, Ferrari Foster!

  14. Man..sitting her watching the history channel ..Against all odds we fought two wars and came out victorious..Parades,stars and stripes , military power,the industrial revolution..Then I come back to the reality of Seb and his liberal spoiled brats like Steph Curry and Kap bitching about how bad they have it ..Oh the irony..these dudes get participation trophies now ,paid millions of dollars to play football growing up in mansions..oh poor me..meanwhile good ol Americans back then we’re storming the beaches of Normandy and Japan with M14 eating mres just so a bunch of pansies like Seb and Kap could bitch about how horrible this country is…Ah Liberals..A special bunch they are..You know it takes a real man like Seb to wear a tie die shirt and spit on some guy who just spent two years in a jungle dodging ak 47 rounds and land mines…I mean getting paid millions to play football and raised in the suburbs is pretty tough,so when some guy Rob’s a liqour store and takes police on a high speed chase is shot,nowadays he’s the hero ..he is a victim of of opression..Can’t wait to see what liberal America looks like..gun control,no one is responsible for their actions,no racist police..oh wait.weve already seen what that looks like..Detroit.. Chicago and Oakland…

    1. Diesel, being Mexican does not make you any less ignorant than a Nazi. Maybe you forgot Oscar Grant, who was handcuffed and lying face down, before being shot in the back.
      I have relatives that fought against Hitler, and my uncle won a Bronze Star in Korea, so I refute your assertion that me and my family are less patriotic than you.
      Glorifying the Vietnam War sounds noble, but I just remember My Lai and napalming little girls. Soldiers turned against each other, with some sending out others on point so they would not take the first bullet. Eventually, officers were being fragged by grunts who did not want to die. Finally, America declared victory, withdrew, and South Vietnam collapsed like a house of cards, so over 58,000 Americans died for nothing.
      Gun control? America has approximately 29,000 people die from guns every year. That is a Vietnam War casualty rate every 2 years. Japan, with strict gun control, actually had no one killed for an entire year by guns. Britain, another nation with strict gun control, averages about 50 to 60 people killed by guns per year.
      Since 1968, approximately 1.4 million people have died from guns. In 2015, there were 372 mass shootings in America. That is over one per day. I want a well regulated Second Amendment, so we can reduce the carnage.
      Diesel, you can hate all you want, but it will not make you a better person.

      1. Oscar Grant..hahaha..yeah just a poor innocent kid right?Do some homework Seb..or better yet ..take some responsibility..oh know I forgot you’re liberal.. responsibility doesn’t matter..funyy thing is I actually met Oscar..you forgot you liberal idiot o actually grew up in the hood half of my family is from the Tennyson area aka (dgf) Hayward ..your boy Oscar was no saint like you liberal hacks pretend to be..Blacks getting shot for no reason..lol..what a joke dude was a street kid with no brain..truth hurts..liberal agenda don’t work for it..just complain for it

      2. Seb, no reason to continue to engage with members of the white-fragility-30%-club. Something tells me Deisel still doesn’t understand he’s being conned. And if that’s the case Seb, you’ve likely got better things to do with your time. And trust me Seb, anyone who talks like Diesel, going on about dodging AK 47 rounds and land mines, is likely a typical privileged millennial who has never even held a rifle in his life. So what’s the point?

          1. Where have you served? Please don’t disrespect those who have. Your family your friends your aquaintences are not you.
            There isn’t a flag on your uniform so please don’t bring up the subject as if you have skin in the game.
            From my view, your post remind me of stolen valor subjects. Just keep it to football.

            1. Matt, I missed being drafted because my number was 244, but was willing to go because my father said it was my duty, even though my mother was terrified to lose me, after my neighbor’s son across the street died in Vietnam 2 weeks before he was scheduled to return.
              This assertion that I cannot talk about a subject because I did not serve is quaint. I suppose since this is a football blog, only former NFL players can post here. Wrong. This is a blog site, and everyone is welcome to post, and since I am a die hard faithful Niner fan, I will post to my heart’s content.
              People who served are not superior to people who did not, because killing civilians is not a noble cause, be it in green or blue. Vietnam was a travesty, Afghanistan is a quagmire. All lives, be it Black Brown or White, do matter. There will be no peace, until we get Justice. You sound like Trump who wants to fire anyone who has the courage to protest. Wearing the flag does make you superior, and when one commits an injustice then hides behind the flag, he soils the flag.
              Twitler can call Kaep and SOB, but I cannot comment on it because it does not pertain to football? Wrong. I will repeat what I said to Mid. Quit whining, scroll past and stick to football.

              1. Stolen valor fits you well. You did not serve. You can make any excuse you like but on the subject of standing or kneeling for the flag, you have no voice. You’ve been protected by the sacrifice of others.

        1. “white fragility 30% club???” There’s old 49 popping up again-differentiating by race. By it’s very definition, that makes you a racist—does it not?

    2. Heh. All that talk of storming Normandy and such. Diesel, care to tell the board what political persuasion was in charge of the government back in those days when America was great? (Hint. Guy named Roosevelt. I believe the idealogues of the day, like yourself and others here, would have called him liberal. PS: don’t tell sawbrodie, his head might explode).

      1. Russia is why the UsS was successful in WW II. Attacking Germany on the Eastern front spread their services so low and made it impossible for Germany to succeed being attacked on both sides.

      2. Got news for you Rib—-

        What it meant to be a liberal back in Roosevelt’s, Truman’s and Kennedy’s day is ENTIRELY different as to what it means today.
        Your the idealogue here, Rib. You bring this stuff up on this football blog……………

  15. Black people talk about their so opressed..Yet I turn on the TV everyday and see tv hosts ,movie stars and athletes all black millionaires..We just had a black president (who was a slick talker but actually a real racist who divided this whole country) who invited blm to the Whitehouse after they called for people to murder pigs…Trump calls people disrespectful to our flag sobs and he’s a racist?!!!oh ok ..a white guy shoots up a church of black people.. Obama says we have a racism problem in America..A Muslim shoots up a gay bar and kills 40 people and Obama says America has a gun problem..wtf?!black people say they want equality but call white people devil’s crackers and cave dwellers…that’s not racist..They say white guys Jack our culture and want to be us..yet in every rap video there in Levi’s ,vans and a white t shirtbriding around on dirt bikes..Wait that sounds like whiteboys since the 1980$…hmm interesting..the double standard lives on..don’t fall for it people..this is not about race..it’s about a generation of entitled liberal puss*es..who look for an excuse and can’t take responsibility for anything and they come in all colors

      1. I think your balls do..that’s if you have any hippie faxxot..you enjoy all your running the mouth cause of real men like me..you run us off we’ll see what your left with..you’ll be speaking Korean you hippy leach

        1. Come on Diesel, we know real men don’t talk like you. You’re a 14 year old girl hiding behind a computer screen, playing troll.

          Who you trying to kid girl?

          1. Haha!!

            There’s my old 49 I remember! Filled to the brim with Love and tolerance, but calling people names he disagrees with! Took a page out of that Lover of Humanity Sebs book, eh?

    1. Trump was praised by David Duke, a former head Klansman of the KKK, and DD said he helped elect Trump.
      Trump called some Mexicans rapists. I was wondering if he was talking about you.
      Trump thinks that some Nazis are very fine people. I do not.

      1. Your a nazi, Seb. Aren’t you quite intolerant of people who don’t view the world as you do?

        Your so transparent, Seb. Your disdain for the democratic process is there for all to see-WHEN it doesn’t turn out the way you wanted……………and never really using your brain to figure out why a boor like Trump gets in their in the first place.
        And I’m not going to tell you, either………..but I will give you a hint: it isn’t because he’s a great statesman……..

    2. Diesel

      No doubt there are other vets still laughing at your statement about troops storming the beaches at Normandy with M14’s and eating MRE’s….you might change that to M1’s and CRAT’s and K RATIONS….good for a chuckle…

  16. Kudos for Grant for writing this trash article instead of the story of the day and quite frankly the story of our times. Especially considering Kaep began this movement and now is unemployed, while his former team has a bum at qb(no matter how much Grant and yall true fans say otherwise). Even Jed chimed in, as Seb said he should put his money where his mouth is and bring CK in here to COMPETE for the job. What’s there to lose? Grow a pair Grant.

    1. Reed, there you go again. Please do not attack Grant so viciously. It really does not matter what Grant writes for his initial storyline. Posters can write about anything they want. I have done it many many times. Dee started it, and I have commented many times about Trump, so Grant does not need to focus on politics, even though it is a hot button topic.
      I may push back on your scathing denunciations, but still like a lot of what you write. I also said please, so I hope you do not think I am being too harsh. Yes, I will be accused of being a kiss arse, but I do not think Grant deserves your level of criticism. Please debate him with facts and ideas, not insults.
      Grow a pair? I expect better of you. Please keep your posts more civil and polite. I have tried to tone down my rhetoric, and only match my detractors. Even then, I do not devolve into spewing expletives, like some do to me. I even have been trying hard to ignore TrollD.

  17. I dare any liberal idiot to engage me..you’re in for a big surprise ..unlike Kapernick or Steph Curry I really grew up in the streets..and I know the struggle.. difference between me and Kap and Steph they is excuses ..I’m from the hood and worked hard to get out….liberals are the entitled babies bof America..wha…what..wha

    1. Engage you? What a waste of time.
      BTW, I have spent time in the orchards harvesting fruit when I was younger, so do not give me your sob story. I have worked hard all my life, paid my taxes and have never accepted a government handout.

      1. Seb!!!!

        Your supposed to be a progressive!!!!!!!!! I don’t think your intolerance of others sits well with the other
        enlightened folks.

  18. The silent majority has spoke.. everyone is sick of cry baby liberals..try and quiz me Seb ..I lived the real street life you liberal punk..c’mon let’s go
    .would you like me to tell you about cya fire camp?or barrios unidos in San Jose ?Would you like me to tell you about tattoo removal where it was a room full of flesh burning?Wait I don’t know anything ..Kapernick from Turlock is the opressed guy right Seb?

  19. Send why don’t you tell me how horrible it was to ride around in your mom’s Volvo in sonama county..or how you didn’t get picked for the baseball team..you and Colin are owed the world..jeeze you guys have been through tough times

  20. I fix Harley’s for whiskey and beat the shxt out of hippys..enjoy the freedom weve earned you little men like seb..keep pumping up Marxist socialism..you liberals are the entitled spoiled brats of America who have never known what it is to fight or get up and earn anything…You just enjoy the freedom real men worked and died for .burning our flag and can’t even get out of bed or be a decent member of society..just sit around in your pahamas on you tube talking about injustice while some guy from Kenya who came from nothing works his ass off buys a house and is proud to be an American..You little spoiled entitled faxs

    1. “I fix Harley’s for whiskey and beat the shxt out of hippys.”

      So you drink whiskey ane beat up hippies. Hippies that are generally pacifists and wouldn’t fight back. Do you also get drunk and beat the sh** out of women and children? Do you beat animals?

      You’re a psychopath. No, probably not. You are a keyboard badass that is insecure. Perhaps insecure about your manhood.

  21. Diesel ,,
    That was my father ,and his generation . They taught very different values as father’s ,that knew what sacrifice was . My Father ,god rest his soul , was on that beach . Till the day he passed ,he spoke highly of all the men that surrounded him as they ran head long into the clutches of hel l.
    He hoped / prayed that we as his children would never know what it meant to have to give so much. That no man should have to feel that way again . His most favorite saying to all of his children (there was seven boys )was , good men stand up and hold themselves accountable , and only good men know of sacrifice . We fought to keep the world free ,we fought for each other , and the wife’s the daughters, the grandparents. We fought so that our voice would be heard, as every man voice should be . Don’t think for a second he would have a problem with any protest ,as he taught us to speak our minds , but he held the flag very close to his heart ,he instilled that in us ,told all of us that one day we would understand . He was right the flag in his eyes and mine and 3 of my brothers who served ,see the flag and the only anthem there is . as a time to remember the sacrifices of the past . We as a group can say still to this day that there is a problem with inequality . Rich.poor . Black white. Race religion. These are all things that they fought for . As he said the fight will never end . That his hope only was for us to never witness it first hand. with the hope of never seeing lives extinguished for such nonsense. No man can stand alone ,no man is an island. He also said there is a time and a place for everything . Imo that’s what’s missing, timing and the right place . My question I ask all is why do we salute the flag . Why when the country mourns does it fly at half staff ?(ie9/11) why do we have a memorial day ? I agree with the protest ,but as much money as all the stars that lead this charge ,( in the NFL)why they demoralize what it already stands for is only hurting and separating, dividing us more . Right reasons ,wrong time . Education teaches us That ,but than again not everyone is or was an A student. We have forgotten what the flag means . We have forgotten why we hold our hands over our hearts.we forgotten why we salute, why a flag is draped over a caskit of a man who has given the ultimate sacrifice. I find this appalling that this is gone on to the point where what it stands for( that is supposed to unite us) ,is now what is dividing us . President not helping at all.
    I am broken hearted over this . I fear for my country , for the children of the future . We have not taught them the difference between there’s a time and a place for everything .

    1. I remember my uncle. He won a Bronze Star for braving direct fire, crawling over unexploded shells to re-establish communications so the spotters could direct the artillery. His commanding officer recommended him for the Bronze Star because he helped turn the tide of battle.
      I had to lead the conversation towards his exploits, because he never wanted to talk about them. He wanted to forget those trying times, and lived his life as if every moment was precious. He said he never wore his medal because he said that it might encourage others to want to fight another war.
      He said that war is hell. He thought the price was too costly, not only in dollars, but in the human cost, too. He said peace brings prosperity, and hoped the Korean and Vietnam War would be a good lesson, and no one would have to go through what he went through. Too bad history tends to repeat itself.
      Now we have a megalomaniac who is blundering from one crisis to another, saber rattling against another megalomaniac, with Nuclear war threatening millions. He panders to his base by screaming about firing football players, and wraps himself in the flag, soiling it. My worst fears may come true, and some one who squeaked in with a minority of the vote may lead us to the brink of a catastrophe with unimaginable consequences.
      Some may want to stick their heads in the sand, and ignore the reality, but by sticking their head in the sand, they expose their rear end as an enticing target to get kicked. Football may be an escape, but real life may require our attention, before it is too late. Threatening an unstable despot may ruin the whole season, and many more to come. NK showed a simulation, and it was as if a nuclear device was detonated over the Bay Area. Levi Stadium did not fare well in that scenario.

      1. Do shut up you moronic and narcissistic twit. You and the others who think you have to add political spew to this blog have proven my point about politics not belonging on here. If you want to discuss politics, or (as it should be called) stating your political beliefs and berating or belittling plenty of people who disagree with you while stubbornly digging in your heels like a mindless jack@$$, then go sites sites like Fox News and MSNBC where you’ll right at home in their putrid environment. We should be trying to make this site better, not worse. I know you may be incapable of that given how you believe you are always in the right when it comes to your opinions, but my hope is that the others on here will aim to make this site better by keeping the divisive crap off the site.

        1. Mid, when the Twitle in Thief calls Kaep an SOB and wants any protester to be fired, it is topical and relevant. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away.
          Berating and belittling? I get that all the time, but dont worry, I have thick skin, and since I do not respect their football acumen or character, they cannot hurt me.
          Make this a better site? When I posted a bunch of mocks, posters were berating and belittling me about that too, so I just think you are ranting because you are stubbornly opposed to me no matter what.
          Divisive crap? Isn’t that what you are doing?
          Once again, quit whining, scroll past and stick to football. Politics were inserted into football by Trumpty Dumpty because he is desperate, and is pandering to his supporters. Luckily, the protests have increased, so he got a swift kick in the teeth by not only the players, but the owners, too. I am actually proud of Jed. His plan backfired spectacularly, just like everything he touches.
          Rail at Trump, he was the one who started this. Ignoring this is like the blackballing of Kaep. Goodell now must allow Kaep to play, and hopes he fails. Otherwise, the NFL will continue to get a big black eye for being so persecutorial and dogmatic. Protesting is American as apple pie.
          Make this a better site? I do that with every post. I can engage in a friendly, calm civil manner. I cannot help it if the lunatic fringe go unhinged because they cannot stand the thought of original thought, and alternative views. I can talk football. I have been advocating for the Niners to re-sign Kaep because I want to win. They have touted Hoyer, and he is pulling a Gabbert. Still, you will probably hate on me for bringing up Kaep’s name, even though he was the last QB to lead the Niners to the SB.

          1. “Make this a better site? I do that with every post.”

            No, you do not. That you believe that you do is a major contribution to the problem on this blog. Another major contribution to the decline of this blog is that a cadre of other commentators go out of their way to incite you, for which both you and they are to blame for being unable to rise above playground level discourse. Mid, however, is not among that group. He appears simply to be tired of your nonsensical and repetitive ramblings.

            1. I beg to differ, and see that you, too are intolerant of original thought.
              Glad you do recognize that there is a cadre of antagonists that go out of their way to incite me.
              I have all along invited posters to scroll past my posts, but just think it is polite to respond when addressed. Ignoring their posts seem to encourage them. Do not know why I attract their ire, but like a moth to a flame….

              1. Your just a trouble-maker, Seb…………………and not to the benefit of all. This is supposed to be a football blog. But you and your other politico’s have turned this into a forum for invective.

        2. Mid,

          Part of the problem is that this sentiment — “stating your political beliefs and berating or belittling plenty of people who disagree with you while stubbornly digging in your heels like a mindless jack@$$” — applies these days to most of the football discussion on here as well. Just substitute “political beliefs” with “football opinions” and easily two-thirds of the posts follow that pattern. It is a function of the personalities of many of the more prolific posters. And that is a shame; this was a great place to discuss 49ers football when only a minority of the posters had a sports radio comment type personality.

          1. JPN, thanks for your input. I hope you notice that I have been more circumspect and have tried hard to ignore the TrollD’s on this site. Sure, everyone has an opinion, but the pushback against me knows no bounds.
            I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan, and hope they win multiple more rings. I guess some cannot handle that.

          2. Agreed. I’ve had enough of the NFL for awhile, and this will be my last post for awhile. Thanks JPN001 for your participation in here. I always respected your posts, and put a premium on your intellect….

            1. Same here Razor. I will keep the fantasy league going for now, but I am also taking a hiatus from football and probably sports as a whole, so this will be my last post on here for awhile.

      2. Your a hypochrite, Seb. You DID help ruin this football blog experience for many people, preferring to shove your politics down our throat.
        I don’t care about your childish insults-just thanks for F ing this blog up.

  22. Good stuff Grant. A good read, and an education. Nice to see the good side of niner’s play balanced with the not so good (Bowman).

    From reading your blog this season I don’t think you’ve ever stated whether you think Hoyer will hold out all season, or whether we might see Beathard at some point. I know you were rooting for Cutler in the off-season, but we’ve got what we’ve got.

    Does this article mean you think Hoyer will stay the course?

      1. Yep. Cutler looked pretty poor last night, from what I saw on redzone.

        I’m not sold on Hoyer yet myself, and if he genuinely is just a stop-gap then its hard to whack up sufficient ginger to get invested in him as a fan.

        I’d like to see Beathard, out of curiosity. But unless the O line improves I think it might be a mistake to play him this year.

  23. Eight dropped passes so far this year. The team is on pace to surpass last year’s 24 drops if the current rate of drops keeps up. What is going on given that the WR core is different and that a dropsy tendent TE has been let go?

    Did the team swap one stone handed TE for a buttered fingered receiver? Is the OL protection so bad that the QBs are rushing throws and therefore the balls are either too early or inaccurate?

    So far the team is almost dead last in almost any statistical category that matters too: time of possession, takeaways, sacks, third down conversions, etc.

    So if the team is to improve these are the areas to watch for improvement. The sad thing is that the teams played so far have a pedestrian record. If the team cannot win against the Cardinals or Colts it will unlikely be able to mount serious challenges until they play the Giants, but by then they will have an 0-9 record. It will be tough to continue to lose like that without some success.

    Should Shanahan and Lynch have invested more capital on the OL and DL (specifically Edge Rusher)? I felt a long time ago as far as the draft that this was an oversight and we have seen some of these challenges in the early going. Will it be a continuing festering sore for the team? I hope not!

  24. Grant, What am I missing? That first picture is the pass to the FB but I don’t see a description of it. Good job on the breakdown. When you see the still pictures of the coverages it really illustrates how small the passing windows are in the NFL. I think the current struggles are due to so many new players playing together + Hoyer is a below average NFL QB. Barring injuries, I think the team will continue to improve and will have a better 2nd half than first half of the season. The Rams game was very encouraging in my opinion. I still say this is a 4-6 win team but after the Rams game I’m thinking closer to 6 games than 4 games. The 49ers LB group and secondary will make it nearly impossible to stop teams with competent NFL QBs. I saw someone earlier indicating the Giants game is winnable. Eli Manning and those receivers will put up +40 points on this defense. Cardinals and Colts games are winnable but they also could easily be losses. Then the next 3 games are most likely losses putting the 49ers record at 2-6 at the halfway point. That’s when we will see what kind of coach Shanahan really is for the 49ers. Can he keep a 2-6 team fighting hard and then actually going 4-4 in the 2nd half of the season to build some momentum for next year.

    1. Houston,

      How do you get to 2-6 record at the halfway point if teams can rack up so many points on our defense? I can’t see it from where the current team is. Help me out. We are near dead last in every meaningful statistical category.

      I sure hope we improve but so far I the team nees to improve in the places I don’t see great improvement.

      1. Wins against the Cardinals and Colts. The Cardinals will be playing on a short week since they play tonight and the 49ers will be coming off 10 days rest. The Cardinals are a bad football team and I think the 49ers are a bit better. The Colts are also terrible but Jacoby Brisset worries me a little bit. He’s a major unknown at this point but I think the 49ers win that game. Losses the rest of the way to the halfway point. Thats how I get to 2-6.

          1. It pains me to write this but the Cowboys are a much better team than the 49ers even without Zeke Elliott. The Cowboys are superior at every position group. Their o-line is better than the 49ers d-line. Their QB and WRs are better than the 49ers secondary. Their d-line is better than our o-line. I’m not sure how you could look at the Cowboys game and predict a 49er win.

            1. Houston,

              I’m only gauging this by the games we have played thus far, but I think the Cardinals and Colts may have better offenses than the Carolina Panthers and the Colts have a very good defense. We will see what kind of Cardinals team shows up against the Cowboys tonight but I suspect that it will be one that will put up a fight.

              Short week for them, but not a tremendously short one and we are more banged up on our defense and will still be likely missing key players. Don’t like those chances.

              1. Not sure which Colts team you are watching but it’s not the Indianapolis Colts. They are giving up 30 points per game. They have the 30th ranked defense in the NFL. Their defense is absolutely terrible. They’ve done ok in their run defense but that’s only because they can’t stop a forward pass to save their lives. If Hoyer is healthy in that game, it’s possible he will have a career day against an incredibly bad Colts defense.

              2. You’re right Houston. I was looking on NFL.COM. and they listed the Colts at 4 but don’t know why given some of their stats. Sorry hadn’t watched the Colts do I relied on record and their listing on the site. Silly me.

            2. Cowboys just lost to Denver and allowed 6 TDs. This past game, the Cards dominated most of the first half. Cowboys are not invincible, especially if they do not have Elliot, who is special.

      2. that’s a bit glass-half-empty

        Only 1 team has racked up huge points. The Carolina game was respectable for the first game of the season with a ton of rookies and a team that hadn’t played a regular season game together before.

        Seattle managed only 12 against our defence. They scored more than that against a vaunted Titans D, in Tennessee. And we played the LoB in their home season opener up in Seattle. We did well.

        This is a team that wasn’t that far off a 2-1 start if not for a bit of unbelievable last-second magic from Wilson and some dodgy ref calls against LA.

        Statistics and W/L results might put this team behind Chip and Tomsula’s but judging the games on their own merits they are not a bad team and should only improve

        1. Good post. I totally agree. Lynch has assembled a much better team, and once KS reduces the unforced errors, the Niners will be competitive.
          Now, if only they improve the QB position……;p

          1. exactly… fixing the unforced errors, players learning the system, time to gel.. this will all make a difference.

            After Harbaugh, watching the niners under Tomsula was disappointing and a little disheartening. Under Chip it was simply depressing. Under ShannaLynch its frustrating.

            But i’ll take frustrating over depressing any day of the week and twice on sundays. Frustrating suggests change, potential.

            Question is, how long will it take? I dont think this is, as some people are saying, a playoff caliber team this season. But i’d rather be a 49er losing games but going in an upward trajectory over a seahawk/cardinal with perhaps a few wins but ultimately heading down to the bottom of the pile!

    Commissioner Goodell claims that the players have a right to free speech and to participate in protests while wearing their uniforms, etc.
    However, the league office, only last summer, refused to allow the Dallas Cowboys to wear a helmet sticker in support of the slain Dallas police officers and their families.
    The league office also denied the right for DeAngelo Williams to wear pink cleats for the season in honor of his mother who died of breast cancer, saying the league already had a cancer awareness month.
    Brandon Marshall, then with the Chicago Bears, was fined $10,000 for wearing “green shoes” to raise awareness for mental health issues.
    The league office has to exhibit consistency in its policies because it now is cherry picking as to what to allow and what to deny; thereby, depriving the right of free speech, which it now claims these players are expressing when they kneel or sit for the national anthem and the presentation of the colors.
    “NFL won’t let Cowboys wear decals supporting Dallas police in regular season. The ‘Arm in Arm’ decals they wore in training camp were rejected by the league for the regular season.”
    The Dallas Cowboys asked the NFL if the team could wear decals honoring the fallen members of the Dallas Police Department and the NFL, unsurprisingly, said no.
    When training camp opened in Oxnard, Calif., earlier this offseason, the Cowboys unveiled “Arm in Arm” helmet decals, designed to pay tribute to the men who lost their lives during the downtown Dallas shooting in July, while also symbolically representing the Cowboys support of the community.
    Naturally, the NFL won’t let them wear the decals during the regular season.
    “Everyone has to be uniform with the league and the other 31 teams,” Jerry Jones said Wednesday. “We respect their decision.”
    It’s pretty easy to get upset about the NFL over this. The league has a long history of appearing tone deaf when it comes to letting players and teams support various causes.

    1. what does the dotard calling them S.O.B has to do with this?

      Still waiting for one person to explain what these protests have to do with the military

      When we all know it is about police injustice

  26. Wins by the Redskins, Jaguars, Saints, Jets, Bills, and Bears proved once again that the difference between winning and losing in the NFL is a very fine line. Considering that, I think the current regime has it correct in the way they are going about rebuilding this franchise. Build heavily on defense, while chipping away at the offense. In one year they have significantly upgraded the quarterback position, the outside receivers and the tight end, and the running back core is strengthened. The depth is so so, but better than the defense. Concentrate on the O line next draft, especially the guard and center positions, and continue to ad depth. The defense’s biggest obstacle is the depth. Just two significant injuries have decimated the unit. They should continue their draft strategy of defense first, especially depth at the LB positions and their weak link, the defensive backfield. No use crying about drafting Thomas over Adams. It’s done. Let’s hope Thomas can become what they hoped he would be, a quarterback menace, and the same goes for Buckner and Armstead. No early pass rush to speak of has made the defensive backfield look weaker than it probably is. All in all, the team has played quite well the last two games considering the lack of depth. It’s nice to have a quarterback who can read the field, actually knows what a “progression” is, and can stand in the pocket for more than one second before dropping his eyes from downfield and panicking. Very refreshing. Hoyer can even throw to the left side of the field, something our limited, mediocre former QB simply could not do. Does any fair minded Niner fan think that Kaep would have made that throw to Garcon? Not in his entire mediocre career. No, the team has some very good pieces in place, and is only a handful or so players away from crossing that fine line. That day will come.

  27. Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton have all been beaten by Kaep and think he is far from mediocre.
    Kaep beat Rodgers both ways. He threw for 412 yards, so that blows your ‘Cant throw” myth out of the water, and ran for 181 yards in a playoff game, which set a record.
    Hoyer was Hoyerrific on that first pass, but he showed how having good receivers will help out a QB, even if he does throw into double coverage.
    Still think that KS needs to be flexible, especially after starting 0 – 3. He should have a QB competition. Let Hoyer start, and as long as he can lead the Niners to a score, he can continue playing. Once he fails to score, the other QB, either Kaep or CJB, gets a chance to lead, and as long as they lead to a score, they can continue to play. This would reward success, and punish failure.

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