Brooks: “I played middle linebacker in the goal line defense.”

CHARLOTTE – Ahmad Brooks spoke at his locker after the game. Here’s what he said.

Q: How important were the two goal line stands?

BROOKS: Just a big play. Of course, it determined the score differential. Maybe they could have put up a few more points on the board if they had gone for the field goal instead of going for it, three more points on the board. It was a big momentum swing. But also when we did hold them off the goal line, our offense was backed up. We had a three-and-out, so they already had the field position.

Q: Is there a mindset that you guys have when they’re coming to your goal line twice?

BROOKS: As long as everybody was on the same page. We kind of changed up our strategy with our goal line defense this week. I played middle linebacker in the goal line defense. That was something everybody got to see.

Q: You’re proud of that?

BROOKS: I’m happy, yeah. That’s where I got drafted. I’ve been that all my life until I got to the NFL. Playing middle linebacker felt good.

Q: The Panthers weren’t prepared for that?

BROOKS: I mean, whatever.

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