Brooks: “I played middle linebacker in the goal line defense.”

CHARLOTTE – Ahmad Brooks spoke at his locker after the game. Here’s what he said.

Q: How important were the two goal line stands?

BROOKS: Just a big play. Of course, it determined the score differential. Maybe they could have put up a few more points on the board if they had gone for the field goal instead of going for it, three more points on the board. It was a big momentum swing. But also when we did hold them off the goal line, our offense was backed up. We had a three-and-out, so they already had the field position.

Q: Is there a mindset that you guys have when they’re coming to your goal line twice?

BROOKS: As long as everybody was on the same page. We kind of changed up our strategy with our goal line defense this week. I played middle linebacker in the goal line defense. That was something everybody got to see.

Q: You’re proud of that?

BROOKS: I’m happy, yeah. That’s where I got drafted. I’ve been that all my life until I got to the NFL. Playing middle linebacker felt good.

Q: The Panthers weren’t prepared for that?

BROOKS: I mean, whatever.

    1. I think the 9ers have the edge this time. Seattle has just lost Percy Harvin and certainly can’t depend on him if he does suit up Sunday.
      Winning at BOTH Green Bay and Carolina has to get 9ers greater respect……respect Seattle has not had for S.F. We also now know from AZ’s example that winning there IS possible.

  1. ‘I mean, whatever’

    Just a perfect reply to a stupid, stupid question. How in the hell can this person get access to these players with these questions? EVERY single time a Q and A blog is posted it is astounding the questions that are asked…

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