Brooks: “It was a B.S. call.”

NEW ORLEANS — Ahmad Brooks sat as his locker after the game wiping his forehead with a towel. It was no use. After every wipe, beads of sweat filled his forehead almost instantly. He kept wiping anyway. A few reporters approached him mid-wipe.

Q: Can we ask you a question?

BROOKS: Do it.

Q: On that play at the end when you were called for a personal foul, were you surprised by the call?

BROOKS: It was B.S. It was a B.S. call to me. I didn’t hit him with my helmet. I didn’t hit him with my hand. I simply hit him with my chest and caused a fumble and NaVorro recovered it. That was the game, basically.

Q: Did you think you had the game won on that play?

BROOKS: I mean there were two minutes left in the game, right? We would have gotten the ball back. They had one timeout. I don’t know how many timeouts we had, maybe we had one. We have gotten the ball on the 25, 30. It wouldn’t have gone down the way it did, because they kicked a field goal to tie the game.

Q: Do you think the NFL is too sensitive as far as hits on the quarterback?

BROOKS: Oh man, you try to protect all the players around the NFL as much as possible, but I just think they protect the offensive players a little too much. The defensive line, we still get chopped, we still get cut blocked by the offensive linemen and they don’t do anything about that. If you’re going to protect everybody, then how about you change the rules on chop blocking?

Q: What could you have done differently on that play?

BROOKS: I’m going full speed. He’s going full speed. At the last second, he ducked his shoulder. I don’t know what I could have done differently. I maybe could have tackled him lower. But I’m rushing around the edge, I’m turning the corner, I’m trying to get to him and then I’m trying to knock the ball out of his hands because I’m thinking he’s going to throw the ball. He lowered his shoulder. I don’t even know what they called. What did they call?

Q: Contact with the neck.

BROOKS: Oh, contact with the neck.

Q: Do you know where you got him?


Q: You couldn’t feel it?

BROOKS: Nah, he felt it. I saw his lip bleeding.

Q: You felt you made contact in the chest?

BROOKS: No, I felt like I hit him with my chest. Like I basically bear-hugged kind of hard and he lowered his shoulder.

Q: Did he say anything to you after that play?

BROOKS: No, he didn’t say anything.

Q: Did you know right away that they had flagged you?

BROOKS: I looked to my left and I saw somebody throw a flag and I was like, “OK, here we go again.”

Q: Did you know it would be on you?


Q: How frustrating was it?

BROOKS: It’s very frustrating. The game could have gone a totally different direction than it went. I’m just mad because that was a big play in the game and we lost the game and that’s probably the reason why.

Q: Do you think if it was a quarterback less famous than Drew Brees they might now have done that?

(A player in the background): Yup.

BROOKS: Nah, I don’t think so. I don’t think it was because it’s Drew Brees. It’s probably because we’re in New Orleans.

  1. Welcome to the new NFL. That call was a little suspect but this crew missed a few things. Game changing or sure. Tomorrow the league will admit it was a mistake and sweep it under the rug as usual.

  2. Why bother pass rushing anymore, every sack is just a potential 15 yard penalty against you. They need to review every personal foul penalty, at least half of them are wrongly called. They always call the wrong guys in scuffles, and the mistakes like this are costing teams wins. That really ruins a sport on a fundamental level. It makes you question the integrity of the game.

  3. Too many gray areas in these situations, refs are playing too big a part can control the game or the outcome in Goodell’s NFL it seems.

  4. That was a bullsh…… call. He hit his chest first with the inside of his forearm. The momentum and brees being so short, caused the arm to slip upwards, close lining him. It was not like clay Mathews close line on kap. that was home cooking. ….

  5. Lattimore might be activated soon, our future RB. He might provide a boost to the offense. A big rb with speed and good hands.

    1. Boy Lacy sure is showing up his draft class thus far. SF wasted an opportunity not picking him up. Still optimistic that the team will figure things out.

      1. Lattimore is WAY better than Lacy. You’ll see Lattimore run for us next year and we will all agree on that. Lacy wouldn’t have been our feature back this year either. So why did we waste an opportunity to bring him here?

  6. B.S. and K.S. (Katrina sympathy).
    Brooks busted his ass entire game and won the game with that fumble causing sack. Can’t a guy make a big time play without some homer ref getting involved? What a damn shame man. Quarterbacks are “Barbie dolls” in todays NFL.
    I don’t care what scoreboard says. Niners won that game, thanks to Ahmad Brooks.

    1. Did you hear Howie Long after the game?

      Harbaugh needs to consider changing the offense completely in the off season. Get a Gary kubiac type coach, a west coast offense rhythm easy read scheme. One, two, three, ball is out or he’s running.

      1. Agree with changing the offense… no screens, no checkdowns, poor use of play action… this game they finally used Hunter on outside runs instead of up the middle. The Saints sold out on the run all game blitzing the middle consistently, but we never hit them with a quick slant to punish the blitz. At least Crabtree kills man-to-man so Kap can stare down an open receiver instead of one who never gets separation

      2. and how many times did we run patterns with nobody coming across the middle? At least Kap could have an easier second option if he can read outside-in instead of left side-right side

  7. I was there. Saints fans admitted it was a bad call. Refs are not Harbaughs friends. Our d line got no push all day. They ran effectively on us. Brees was clean all game. Except for the Brooks sack.

    1. We have no push from our backups behind McDonald. The rise serves are getting gashed. We just don’t blitz enough like everyone else. Remember the play that Brees had about 8-9 seconds to throw. Pathetic!

  8. This front office is not savvy enough and not intelligent enough to win a Super Bowl. We needed a quality wide receiver with speed before the trade deadline. We are too busy hoarding picks for 2019. Meanwhile, we start guys like Jon Baldwin. Manningham back from injury, no catches today. Baldwin gets a deep ball and does not even look up for it. A fade to Vernon Davis, NEVER. Get in the red zone and look for Boldin. He’s the only player on this team that fights for the football.

    1. Josh Gordon for a 2nd round pick where we have 2 seems pretty damn reasonable. Jesus. We seem to hate speed at the WR position. Every team in the NFL has it, except us (and that includes Crab, Crab is great, but no burner) We need a burner.

    2. 23 manningham did have 1 catch on 3rd down. I believe I saw that he was going to be used sparingly as knee is sore….was supposed to be baldwins chance…

      1. Damn receivers,

        You sure are classy to be a 70 year old man. Give your mother her phone back and stop disrespecting adults. The growups are here on this blog. Get your doll and go play house with yourself.

      2. 23 Jordan is here all alone because he bodyguard Bay Area Fanatic is at the game. When he gets back, let’s see how defends the piss poor play of our QB.
        As fans we all want Kap to play better, right now he just flat out sucks.

      3. Damn receivers,

        Listen to the 70 year old call names. Grow up and ask the nurse to change your diaper.


        Every time I correct you on your lack of credibility and your hate for Kap! you resort to the negative dialouge regarding Bay. I just pointed out you lies. If you keep it real, you won’t have to worry about me correcting you.

      4. 23 Jordan,
        You clearly do not know how to read your own posts.
        Here’s the difference between the Seattle Seahawks and the niners. The qb. When Seattle plays like crap, Wilson finds a way to win the game. Even when he is having. Bad game.
        All Kap will be known for, until he starts pulling games out, is kissing his biceps. He’s looking more and more like tebow, Vince young, and Micheal Vick.

      5. Damn receivers,
        Easy least.
        How many arguments does that guy lose on this blog?
        Proving he is more like the baseball Jordan then the basketball version.

      6. Fan77,

        We lost today because of Karma! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!
        Wilson is better than Kap. Did you just figure that one out?

      7. Fan77,

        That pass to gore was a tough catch! Bwahahahaha! You are hilarious. DS, your hate for Kap is getting the best of you. Why do you hate him? I wonder? Would it be because he is…….??? Probably.

  9. the competition committee needs to make this kind of play reviewable this offseason. brooks didn’t hit brees, maliciously, won his individual battle, and got him clean on the top of his chest. the true game of football no longer exists with that kind of protection for the offense. that play may have just determined the NFC playoff seeding, and they can’t even review it.

    1. Fran,
      I agree. But I also hate to be the team that gets screwed in the moment and then uses that moment for the betterment of the league. 1983 Ronnie Lott un-catchable pass comes to mind.

      1. I think whats being over looked in it all was the importance of AS being on the sideline and in Kaps ear. Kap is missing that big time.

      1. Crab you are so stuck in the past it’s not even funny. How about giving us your present analysis of how Kaepernick is doing and where do you see him leading this championship defense with his leadership as the QB?

      2. Crabass every comment you prove how much of an idiot you are. How’d your boy do today? Whos to blame this week?

      3. Lol classic. He sure looks great tonight. But it won’t be his loss. I’m sure the weirdos like bs will blame someone else. Like I said the chiefs are waaaaay overrated with ZERO chance to win a superbowl. I’d bet they lose game 1 in the wildcard round.

      4. Why are you worried about the chiefs qb anyway? Don’t you have enough to worry about with our own qb? You bozos crack me up.

      5. Who’s worried about that bum? Why are you worried about what I’m “worried” about? And who are you anyways? Another “longtime” 49er fan?

      6. Lol you’re a fan since the 60′s and want to call out other fans to fight, call them names like douche, tell them to take a pill, and other 18 year old sayings.
        What kind of 50+ year old talks that way or even thinks they can knock anyone or anything out besides they’re glass of prune juice? You’re a damn lie. You’re in here to cause trouble rip the team you supposedly root for. Never met a 50+ year old who didn’t learn patience in life. “Fan since the 60′s lmao. Ther goes any cred you had. Punk a$$ liar. Get back to your second week of karate class. Beat it kid!

  10. I agree on that play and a few others but that being said, like the Superbowl, you have to play better and take the game out of the reffs’ hands. Better offensive production, Gore catching that swing pass, Kaep making better decisions, etc… That would have made the homer calls less impactful. If the O tkaes care of business it makes it harder for the reffs to determine the outcome of the game.

  11. That was B.S. last year in Super Bowl the refs held their whistle on the last drive of game (example) holding on Crabbtree. because they did not want to decide the outcome of the game but today they made the outcome. Are we the Raiders?

  12. Say what u want about Alex. He’s a gamer. Nice way to answer the turnover. I have no ideas what he’s doing. Just following stats on ESPN.
    I want Colin to do well, rise to the standard. He came in a better situation then Alex but in some ways it’s worst. The defense is elite. The offense is junior varsity. Everyone knows a run is coming roman. Teach ur qb to audible.

    1. Fan , I personally liked Alex but please dont compare his situation since he has had a great defense here and still was not able to do anything. Even now in KC the defense is very good and he also has a lot of weapons but their offense its not anything scary. I do not know how you label him a gamer or what is a definition of a gamer! I hope KC loses all the remaining games.

  13. Panic button sales with the 49er faithful are high again. How soon we forget physical with an f. 6 games left and time to throw in the towel and fire everyone.

    1. I say we’re in the exact position we want to be in. Green Bay, Giants, Ravens…all recent SB winners that were sitting where we are right now, or worse.

  14. A year ago Kaep was crowned the next Montana and now he and the staff and management need to go. Give me a break. Nice to see you keeping the faith, MontanaMan.

  15. An awful call. While brooks was tackling his shoulders, Breese lowered his body, causing Brooks arm to graze his neck. If Brooks maintained the same posture he ha at the beginning of the sack, Brooks arm would have been even lower on his shoulders. Terrible call.

  16. We got robbed today. It’s obvious. The NFC west title is gone.
    Like I’ve stated early in the year. We will get healthy and hot at the right time an roll. They will not lose another game this season.
    And if they do, it better not be Seattle. That is the real measuring stick game. Beat them and we will beat anybody. Dec 8th is the measuring stick game.

  17. And screw all this hate. They played well enough to win in the second toughes place to win. This team isn’t dead, they’re just injured. NO WAY anyone can say these last two games MC wouldn’t have made a difference of 1 point and 3 points. We will get hot at the right time.

    1. Ninermd, i completely agree with you. Despite missing Crab and McDonald they almost won this game on the road with out any offense! just a few plays here and there we would have been 8-2! Keep the faith and lets hope this coaching staff comes up with a solution to create more Rhythm for the offense.

  18. Who was the official who made that call? Won’t do me any good, but I’d like to know his name. Gave the game to the Saints.

  19. Ahhhmaaaad (6 and 4) Brooks.
    Get on the plane. Go home. Take responsibility.
    The refs are not the reason you lost the game, pal.
    Ya gotta stop the other team and earn the win, ok?
    Take Colin for a walk around the block. Walk slowly.
    Help him “understand” why he needs to up his game.

  20. I thought that it was a bad call (that if not called would have salted the game away) However that is not the reason that we lost the game. How many 3 and outs did we have? The penalty on Osgood didnt help matters. Aikman saying repeatedly ” you have to get rid of the ball” illustrated that you dont have to review the film to see where CK went wrong.
    As much as this game hurts ultimately it has no bearing on our playoff hopes. We will still be 11-5 and a 5th seed. Is anyone afraid of going in to Dallas widcard weekend? Im not, but our O (passing game) has better figure it out because as it stands now we will not be beating any quality teams in the playoffs

  21. It was a pathetic call!!! Brees is not even 6’0 tall, Knowing this, Brooks trys to avoid the head so he lowers his arm and hits him in the chest/collarbone. The impact jars the head/neck, fooling the ref into believing the hit was to the neck (his head did snap back, whiplash like). What bothers me, and ive seen Donte Whitner the victim many times, its not just ILLEGAL hits. Its ANY big hits are gonna draw a flag. Textbook hits are flagged because of the violence they create. That damn hit was across the mans chest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It was a b.s call. Also, there were 2 blatant P.I./holding calls that did not get called against the Saints. The first occurred on the play that ended in a serious injury to the Saints DB in the first half. He interfered with Baldwin!!!!!!!! The 2nd was in the 2nd half, the defender was in too early on the Vance Mcdonald slant, he arrived BEFORE the ball!!!!

    So for the record, 3 horrible calls that led to the saints victory!

      1. Chicago, i saw. I actually thought Boldin was tormenting that DB cause the kid could not cover him. I think it was a combination, the kid could not cover him, so he held him.

        Some of this is on Kap though. The play before our last field goal, Boldin was wide open in the middle of the end zone…..but Kap rolls right and throws right. Hes not seeing open WR’s. And i know there is a lack of trust also (last drive he throws it up, but Baldwin has no clue where the ball is. it drops within 6 feet of him).

      2. Kap is struggling to develop. There is no doubt about it! However, its not due to lack of talent or work ethic. Its more of a perfect storm of reasons:
        2nd year, not surprising anyone. teams have game footage to prepare.

        weather its a bad toe/foot, or coaches orders, seems a little hesitant to run ( Newton did a great job last night, he looked long and hard for his WR’s, but when he pulled it down to run….no hesitation). There are times, as a slow white guy playing couch QB, that i can see the hole open up….AND I KNOW ITS TIME TO RUN!!! But Kap hesitates.

        Lack of talent AND CHEMISTRY with the people he’s throwing the ball to. Moss, Ginn, Delanie…Gone!!
        Crab, MM, Kw…..hurt!! Leaving only VD! the man he had ZERO chemistry with last year. Our WR pecking order when healthy would go: Crabb, Boldin, MM Patton……so what im saying is…..hes only had 1 of his top 4 WR’s to throw to until MM just came back!! V-mac has looked like a rookie for sure!

      3. There are reasons not to hang our heads!!
        Remember all the talk of how our defense was sooooo bad all the sudden!!??? Allowing 30+ for 7-8 straight games? The talk that they had fallen from grace and were lacking in talent?? Well they look really good again! They did enough for us to win those last 2 games! They dominated bad teams and stepped up against 2 really good teams! It seems as if there back!

        As bad as the passing game has looked….weve also seen some glimpses ( VD killing it on play action! Boldin looking unstoppable at times). Obviously, the hope is, that we can get healthy and build some chemistry in time for the playoffs.
        I still have to believe that Kap is that bright young QB that took the league by storm last year. That hes a smart, hard working young man with determination and perseverance. That when he finally gets his weapons back, things will click!

        2 months ago, we played 2 really good teams back to back and got whooped twice. We spent 6 weeks getting better. We just played 2 teams (that i personally think are better than Seatle and Indy) and we didnt get whooped. In fact we shoulda won both games! We are going in the right direction! We have a couple months to get it together for the play off push.
        In 2007, the Steelers went in as a wild card, won 3 road games, and the superbowl! it can be done!

  22. The intent of the rules regarding how to hit is right on. The rules themselves and their interpretation on the field is a lot less than perfect. The rules as written are inadequate to the game.
    The baseball strike zone is what it is, and stays in the same place. A batter can’t wait until the pitcher delivers and then dodge himself & his strike zone up, down or to the side. If the Ump thinks the batter leaned in to a pitch, he won’t award 1st Base for getting hit by the pitch.
    That happens non stop in football for blockers, tacklers, and ball carriers. Even if a QB stands in and delivers, he can’t help wincing, ducking, dodging the impending impact. That posture and position change in the last seconds or milliseconds moves the target for the fast approaching player. But even if the receiver/runner/qb duck their head into the impact zone, they get the benefit. And has anyone seen a single call on the offensive player (RB) for lowering his head to meet the tackler? Can’t be interpreted on the field.

    1. NFL V.P. of officiating Dean Blandino has said that, if the contact begins at chest level and moves up to the neck, it’s still a foul. The rule book arguably implies that the “sliding-up” principle applies only to contact from the helmet or facemask. Based on this, the appeal may indeed be successful…..

    2. From my understanding, the perfect example of that “ball-carrier can’t lower your head” rule was the Eric Reid Vs. Tolbert tackle. Tolbert was downfield, lowered his head, and intentionally made contact. I don’t think it was malicious, and I think he was just playing football as he was taught, but it looked like the prime example of what the intention of that rule was.

      But there was no flag, so what do I know?

  23. “I love Drew Brees. He’s one of my favorite guys to watch, but that hit he took wasn’t a penalty,” Adrian Peterson said in an interview with

  24. Ok so now that we just saw Matt Ryan sacked around the neck and no flag thrown, can we agree that the Brooks hit would not have been called 10 times out of 10?

    1. Draws into question the claim from our host that the “refs will call that every time”.

      Too bad we didn’t have this crew last Sunday.

      1. Rib,
        The NFL league office should move to immediately rescind the bad call and fine on Brooks in light of this no-penalty call tonight.

        But knowing the league office (always looking to save face), they will study and deliberate the no-penalty for a day or two and decide that it should have been a penalty and fine the defensive player who hit Ryan.

    2. Not only tackled around the neck, but hit square in the face mask before that!

      Now the hit on Brees looks like the make up call for Bountygate.

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