Brooks on the 49ers defense: “We’re aggressive. We want to shut guys out.”

SANTA CLARA – Ahmad Brooks spoke at his locker Friday afternoon. Here’s what he said about the 49ers defense.

Q: How can your defense get even better the second half of the season?

BROOKS: We just need to stay together and keep doing the things we’ve been doing all season. And learn from the previous games that we had, the games that we lost. And then on top of that, just stay consistent in approaching every game as if it’s our last and just go out there and try to dominate the other team.

Q: Has the defense benefitted from being in its second season together?

BROOKS: Yeah, definitely. We’re all teammates. We’re all friends. We all hang out together. We’re playing for each other, not just ourselves. As a defensive unit, our play speaks for itself. We’re an aggressive D. We want to shut guys out.

Q: Have you guys changed up much of what you do from last season?

BROOKS: No, I think we’re doing the same things we were doing last year. We don’t have any different defense. We might tweak some things every once in a while. For the most part, we keep everything simple.

Q: How good do you think Fangio is doing?

BROOKS: We don’t worry about what other guys are going to do. We try to dictate what we’re going to do and have them adjust to what we’re doing, whether it’s a blitz or we’re just playing a base package or coverage like that. I think Fangio does a good job making the calls in the right situations, as opposed to just blitzing a lot. I just think he’s doing a very good job.

Q: Why hasn’t the defense caused as many turnovers this season?

BROOKS: Maybe it’s because we haven’t played as many defensive snaps as other teams, but we’re going to have to boost that up in order for us to win games.

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