Browns owner confirms his team had “opportunity” to trade for Harbaugh

USA Today just reported that Cleveland Browns’ owner Jimmy Haslam has confirmed the Browns had discussions with the 49ers  about a trade for Jim Harbaugh.

“There was an opportunity there, and it didn’t materialize,” Haslam said.

Jed York and Jim Harbaugh no longer can deny that these talks took place.

  1. There we go! Evidence from a owner with a recently seedy history. That’s all the proof we need! Downright pathetic.

  2. Who cares? I’m sure there was a discussion. Browns call and ask for Harbaugh,
    Parag/York say “sure, what will you give us?”.
    Browns say “some draft picks”.
    Parag/York says “let’s ask Jim”
    Parag/York says “We have a trade possibility with the Browns, want to talk extension or do you want to go to Cleveland?”
    Jim ” let’s talk “.

  3. It would be naïve for any player/coach in professional sports to believe that loyalty truly exist.

    This story remains me of the “not interested in Payton Manning” story of a couple of years ago. All the denials came flying after Harbaugh’ late night visit to PM workout.
    We will never know the real story in the PM workout visit and we will likely never know the truth here as well.

    But if this story is true, one has to consider that perhaps Jed York is miffed that his team has not been able to win a Superbowl in the last two years with arguably the best talent in the game.
    But that is just one man’s (mine) opinion.

    1. The owner who hired Baalke, the owner who hired Harbaugh, the owner who got a stadium built, the owner bringing a SB to that stadium, the owner who turned this team around when his pa-pa couldn’t? That owner?

  4. There was a conversation, but we really do not know what the details were, or how heavy in discussion it was. I wish they made the trade, then give the draft picks to the Ravens for John Harbaugh, and then we would of gotten a Super Bowl coach and one with class instead of Jim the cry baby, the coach that can’t finish and also get rid of Roman. Looks like Jim has worn out his welcome.

    1. Neal
      So far, things look good for Boldin’s return to the team next year. With a deep draft and a boat load of picks, I feel good about next year. We’ll get the sixth trophy sooner than later.

  5. I see the Browns calling and inquiring about a deal. If the Niners office is smart they listen to the offer, why wouldn’t one listen. If the price is right everyone becomes expendable. I believe the Niners did some negotiations to see how much they could get. I also believe there was zero consideration given to the deal.

  6. The Jim Harbaw “expendability quotient” will be greater
    at the halfway point next fall when the niners are 4 – 4…
    How many fans want to see the team crawl into the playoffs
    through the backdoor again…wildcard/on the road…?

      1. Just ignore him Chicago. He appears to get a sick pleasure out of posting his idiocy on here and getting a response of some kind. Don’t give it to him.

  7. Grant,

    Come on, now. Just because Haslam says so, it has to be true? You’ve got to be kidding. I’m not saying it definitely isn’t true, but you’re saying definitively that it is.

    Besides, there is a lot of gray area in “opportunity” and didn’t materialize. Like, I had an opportunity to win the Power Ball drawing, but it didn’t materialize.

    When you make statements like the one at the end of the post above, you hurt your credibility. Haslam saying what he said just simply isn’t clear proof.

    BTW, if it turns out that the 49ers did have serious talks with Cleveland about Harbaugh, it doesn’t change a thing. Just because a skulled chip shot goes in the hole, doesn’t mean it was a good shot.

  8. This is one of those he said, she said stories. The truth is the Browns called and the Niners listened to their offer. This is no big deal, the niners would listen if someone called to trade for CK, Bowman, or Willis… so why would a coach be different? The only real question was what was the offer and when the did the niners stop listening.
    The niners probably listened and didn’t like the offer, so when asked if they had were in discussions to trade Harbaugh they said no as they never entered serious discussions.
    FYI, the Bee is reporting that the browns called with an offer and it was denied this could explain the disconnect.

  9. I have it on good authority …
    …that the conversation went something like this:

    Browns: ..“.. is this 49ers HQ ?..”

    49ers : .. ” . u-hhh .. yes .. who’s calling, please ..”

    Browns : .. ” .. This is the Cleveland Browns ownership ..and
    we’d like to speak with Jim Harbaugh …”

    49ers : .. ” .. one moment, please …” … (b-z-z-z-t — bonk !)

    JH : … “… This is The Harbs … what can I do for you ? ..”

    Browns : … ” … Hi, Jim … would you like to come and be the new
    head coach of the Cleveland Browns .. ? …”

    JH : … ” … Lemme think about that for a sec ….
    ….. m-mmmm …. NOPE ! …”
    … (click)

  10. Hey Haslem, snitches get stitches! But seriously, there’s no doubt that there was a potential trade for Harbaugh. It most likely motivated by a confluence of post-NFCCG loss emotions, & disagreement over money. Harbaugh is somewhat nutty & has coaching flaws, but his players give their all for him & he has a proven track record, Jed needs to just pay the man already. Also, Jed needs to make better decisions on who to make a potentially controversial trade with, in case it falls through & you want to save face. Halsem is messy in handling his own affairs & can’t keep his mouth shut. Good luck in hiring front office/coaching talent, & making trades in the future, jackass!

  11. I think this just goes to show how poorly the Browns are run! What the 49ers’ front office thought was a joke, the Browns’ front office thought were seriously level conversations. There’s no advantage to BOTH Jed York and coach Harbaugh lying about this. I could see one side gaining an advantage by lying…but both sides saying this isn’t true seems more feasible.

    Now…on to real football news!

  12. Hey Grant, go ask your pops about the stories of how many times Bill Walsh almost quit and how many times he was fired by Eddie D? Those things happened 7 or 8 times (and had it been the era of twitter, would have been made public), yet they still went on to get 3 SBs together, and a 4th with his team. Just because some “talks” took place means nothing, just because Harbs may have been frustrated after the championship game and thought of greener pastures means nothing.

    See this…this is a mole hill. See that…that is a mountain. These are not the same so stop trying to make one the other.

  13. Here’s what really went down.

    Some local Cleveland radio host made a prank call to the Brown’s HQ pretending to be Jed York. This clown owner is now trying to cover his behind.

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