Bruce Miller: “I don’t think I’m ever the No. 1 option.”

I was flying back from Washington D.C. this morning so I was not in Santa Clara. However, the Associated Press’ Janie McCauley was and she generously passed along a few transcripts of group interviews to me, so I pass them along to you.

Here’s Bruce Miller first.

Q: How many messages did you get last night?

MILLER: “I had a few of them; just friends and family back home watching the game. That was one of the first games they got to catch. East coast, so they were able to catch the game.”

Q: Was that a wheel route you ran on your TD reception, and were you the No. 1 option on that play?

MILLER: “It was a wheel route. I don’t want to say the No. 1 option. I don’t think I’m ever the No. 1 option. I was good one, though. I was open.”

Q: What did you think when you ran past the nearest defender, the linebacker?

MILLER: “Coming from the backfield, I was able to see the play develop. Again, Ted ran a great route and kind of picked him for me, so I was able to get open and see that develop. So, I was getting my head around quick and look for the ball.”

Q: What kind of thrill are you riding?

MILLER: “Uh, a huge thrill, just winning the game, going on the road, getting another win, 7-1, it’s just a great feeling. It’s great to be in the locker room with these guys after that.”

Q: Is your story a good model for other undrafted, late-round picks, etc., to pay attention to?

MILLER: “Everyone’s a great story. Late-round picks, undrafted free agents, just coming in working hard, being able to get on the field, produce and help the team out. So, there’s a lot of guys like that.”

Q: What’s it like being a part of this team?

MILLER: “It’s just awesome. It’s just the entire experience, the environment, everyone’s having a great time, we’re playing well. So, it’s fun to be a part of.”

Q: Did you ever find the TD ball?

MILLER: “(reaches into locker to produce the football). They found it for me. The equipment guys pulled it out right after. I didn’t know what to do with it. I just handed it back to the referee, and they pulled it out for me.”

Q: What are you going to do with the ball?

MILLER: “I’ll put it up, probably give it to my parents. They were at the game and they were able to see it, so I’ll probably give it to them.”

Q: What are your parents’ names?

MILLER: “Bruce and Lisa Miller.”

Q: What’s helped you convert to fullback?

MILLER: “I’ve learned so much from these guys here. That’s what’s been the big help is learning from these guys every day.”

Q: Did you envision being used this much so soon?

MILLER: “Definitely not. I really was just wanting to come in and do anything I could do to help, and I was expecting more special teams defense. But when they called up and said ‘fullback’ that was a big surprise, so I was excited about that.”

Q: What has the conversion been like?

MILLER: “It’s been tough, but each week, every day, I get better and better. So, we’re moving along.”

Q: Who has helped the most in your conversion?

MILLER: “Everybody. The offense, offensive line, Alex, Frank, Moran, coach Rathman, coach Harbaugh, our entire staff. They work with me all the time at getting better, learning, and they’ve been a great help.”

Q: Anything in particular been a huge help?

MILLER: “I always talk about Frank and the things that he helps me with during the game, before the snap, getting my eyes in the right place and being prepared to do what I have to do.”

Q: What does it mean being a part of Gore’s five straight 100-yard games?

MILLER: “It’s just special to watch him week in, week out carry the ball like he does. To help him out, block for him, it’s just exciting to watch him and help him achieve those things.”

Q: So, who else was at the game Sunday?

MILLER: “My brother and sister. Blake and Bethany Miller.”

Q: Where did they come in from?

MILLER: “Atlanta, Georgia. And my brother actually flew in from school. He was down in Orlando. He went to school at UCF, so he flew up from there.”

Q: And Bethany?

MILLER: “Bethany is in college at just a local university near the house. Atlanta, Georgia.”

Q: Does your brother play football?

MILLER: “No. No. He just goes to school. He’s a smart kid, so he does more school, not the sports.”

Q: You were born with this (red hair)? Your brother?

MILLER: “Right. With this? What do you mean, ‘with this?’ I’m kidding, I’m kidding. My brother does have red hair, but my little sister actually has blonde hair. My mom and dad and my older sister have dark brown hair. So, I don’t know where we came from with this red hair.”

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