Bruce Miller: “It was just those little things that killed us. I think it was more of us than them.”

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what Bruce Miller said in the locker room Tuesday afternoon.

Q: After watching the film, what did you take away from your performance and the performance of the offense as a whole?

MILLER: Myself, I just have to be better technique-wise, fundamentally sound. Just have to play better. As an offense the thing we take away from that one, as always, is turnovers. Drive killers. Penalties. That’s what really hurt us. We played in long-down situations early, second, third-and-long. We have to stay away from that and then hold onto the football.

Q: Was it all technique, or was it something the Seahawks did that took you guys longer to adjust to?

MILLER: I think everything that we did, we have adjustments already there. We just have to make them and be more focused and in tune on what we’re doing. I think that was a big part of it. They didn’t show anything we weren’t ready for. We just have to execute better.

Q: When you have a game like that, meaning the team as a whole, does that have an effect for the whole season?

MILLER: I think we’re definitely going to build off of that. We looked back at the film today, we got the coaching points and now we’re going to move toward Indianapolis. Next time we play them I think we’ll definitely have a better plan and execute better.

Q: How difficult has it been to establish the run and get Frank Gore going?

MILLER: The biggest thing, especially being rooted as a defensive guy, moving over to the offensive side of the ball the biggest thing that I saw was it’s the ultimate team sport. Frank is a great running back, but when we have guys, even myself, not executing that breaks the play down. Frank can be the best running back in the world but we have to block for him so he can make things happen. I think that’s why we’ve struggled getting him going.

Q: What was the reaction after the loss?

MILLER: It was disappointing because I feel like we had a good plan, we had a good week of practice but it was just those little things that killed us – penalties, turnovers, execution. We preach them all the time but that’s really what it was. I think it was more of us than them.

Q: With the signing today, bringing in Owen Marecic, will your role change at all?

MILLER: I don’t think so. Coach Harbaugh, one thing he always harps on is competition. Owen is a great football player. There’s competition at that position. I just have to keep focusing on what I have to do to get better as a player.

Q: Does he bring something different to the backfield or is he a similar player to you?

MILLER: I think he’s similar. I’ve watched him on tape before. He’s a good football player.

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