Bruce Miller: “It was just those little things that killed us. I think it was more of us than them.”

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what Bruce Miller said in the locker room Tuesday afternoon.

Q: After watching the film, what did you take away from your performance and the performance of the offense as a whole?

MILLER: Myself, I just have to be better technique-wise, fundamentally sound. Just have to play better. As an offense the thing we take away from that one, as always, is turnovers. Drive killers. Penalties. That’s what really hurt us. We played in long-down situations early, second, third-and-long. We have to stay away from that and then hold onto the football.

Q: Was it all technique, or was it something the Seahawks did that took you guys longer to adjust to?

MILLER: I think everything that we did, we have adjustments already there. We just have to make them and be more focused and in tune on what we’re doing. I think that was a big part of it. They didn’t show anything we weren’t ready for. We just have to execute better.

Q: When you have a game like that, meaning the team as a whole, does that have an effect for the whole season?

MILLER: I think we’re definitely going to build off of that. We looked back at the film today, we got the coaching points and now we’re going to move toward Indianapolis. Next time we play them I think we’ll definitely have a better plan and execute better.

Q: How difficult has it been to establish the run and get Frank Gore going?

MILLER: The biggest thing, especially being rooted as a defensive guy, moving over to the offensive side of the ball the biggest thing that I saw was it’s the ultimate team sport. Frank is a great running back, but when we have guys, even myself, not executing that breaks the play down. Frank can be the best running back in the world but we have to block for him so he can make things happen. I think that’s why we’ve struggled getting him going.

Q: What was the reaction after the loss?

MILLER: It was disappointing because I feel like we had a good plan, we had a good week of practice but it was just those little things that killed us – penalties, turnovers, execution. We preach them all the time but that’s really what it was. I think it was more of us than them.

Q: With the signing today, bringing in Owen Marecic, will your role change at all?

MILLER: I don’t think so. Coach Harbaugh, one thing he always harps on is competition. Owen is a great football player. There’s competition at that position. I just have to keep focusing on what I have to do to get better as a player.

Q: Does he bring something different to the backfield or is he a similar player to you?

MILLER: I think he’s similar. I’ve watched him on tape before. He’s a good football player.

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  1. Bruce Miller has played poorly two straight games. In his defense, I have no idea why they’re throwing him the ball. I’m not buying the fact that he’s the only one open. He had a couple of key drops this past Sunday. He also missed numerous assignments. So, Miller best beware that Owen Marecic is being brought in to put a little heat on him. BTW – in this day and age, how many teams carry two FBs?

    1. Memories of Tom Rathman…he used to kill teams with outlet passes out of the backfield. Throw a block & slip out to the side & Montana would toss him the ball fo a gain every time it seemed.

      1. I thought about that too……when Miller lost the pass at the goal line. Rathman was as reliable as the others in that gang— Rice, Taylor and Brent Jones & Roger Craig when Montana needed yards and everyone else was covered…..great hands, AND an excellent runner as well. HE would run over people on occasion.

    2. Yes, I am sure Miller is scared Marecic is going to take his job…not! . Come on! If you are trying to pressure the Miller, at least bring someone with some skills. Moreover, Marecic was lined up to sign with the Niners before the season started. He won’t see the field for as long as Miller is healthy…count on it.

    3. Please. Ask any Brown’s fans. Marecic was awful there. There’s a reason they released him. Miller has nothing to worry about. He’s a stud, just got off to a rough start. And it wasn’t just Miller struggling. Staley, Iupati, and Davis played awful too. There’s enough blame to go around. Our FB is the LEAST of our concerns.

  2. Jim Harbaugh’s philosophy with a talent like Colin Kaepernick is all wrong, and it could create a Marty Schottenheimer type legacy for Harbaugh if Jim doesn’t stop listening to the Bo Schembeckler voice inside his head. The problem with this team isn’t on defense. Yes, we all saw Lynch run right up the gut, and we saw Nnamdi looking dazed and confused, but the problem with this team that doesn’t have an easy fix is the offensive voices inside Jim Harbaugh’s head.

    First Jim has Bo Schembecker in one ear: “You gonna have a nasty FB and TE with his hand in the dirt? Yeah? Good!” Then Jim has Chris Ault’s voice in another ear saying go with my spread Pistol offense that Keap liked so much at Nevada. Then Harbaugh has Bill Walsh saying, “I brought you to Stanford, punk. You better pass to se up the run.” The bottom line is, Jim Harbaugh’s offensive philosophy is confused, lost and creating a ton of false start penalties.

    Colin Kaepernick might be the best new NFL prospect to hit the NFL since Aaron Rogers. The big four qbs are Rogers, Brady, Peyton and Drew. Colin has already won shoot outs with Rogers and Brady. Colin is close to being in that same company. However, Jim Harbaugh’s mixed and muttled offensive philosophy is holding Kaep back. Rogers, Brady, Peyton and Drew all have a few things in common. They all pass to setup the run. They all have rings, and none of them have a power run game. If Jim Harbaugh doesn’t start designing his offensive scheme around Colin Kaepernick’s talents, Jim Harbaugh’s legacy could become that of Marty Schottenheimer. Always a bride’s maid, never a bride.

    But what’s Jim’s answer to showing his arse in Seattle? He brings in another FB. Unbelievable. Jim didn’t get the memo that his offense is too predictable and not fast enough. In Seattle, Jim’s passing attack featured Bruce Miller. LMFAO! Jim’s offense held Kaepernick to under 200 yards passing. Jim gets embarrassed because he’s offensive philosophy is all wrong and Pete Carroll even taunts Harbaugh’s scheme saying, “They threw everything at us and did nothing with their scheme.” Pete knows. Harbaugh started the game with the read option? In Seattle? That was the dumbest thing I have yet to see Harbaugh do in SF. I was amazed at Jim’s stupidity. And Jim Harbaugh didn’t even bring in Kendal Hunter until the 4th quarter. So the answer today is Owen Marecic? I think Jim’s in for a tough and painful next couple of years in SF.

    Jim needs to pass the ball to setup the run. All good coaches know you work around the skills and talents of your personnel. Colin Kaepernick is the future. Frank Gore is done. Gut the read option and the pistol. Put Kaep in shotgun and start creating great offensive passing plays. Forget the running creativity from Greg Roman. Ask Greg Roman to create passing creativity. And I don’t care if Roman doesn’t like to be a copy cat. Greg needs to start looking hard at Brady, Peyton, Aaron and Drew’s offenses collectively because running the ball to setup the pass is stupid with Colin Kaepernick. If Jim stubbornly keeps trying, he could get run out of town.

    1. That about sums it up. It’s scary but everything you said is tangible. We saw it all on display on the field. Now his players aren’t crediting the Seahawks for shutting them down. Instead, they believe their system would have worked if they didn’t miss the “little things”. That sort of thinking has me worried this team goes 2-5 over the next 7 games.

    2. I disagree with you comparing Kap with brady, Brees, Rogers and the Manning brothers. Those you mention have never lost their composures in games that counted and someday this group of great hall of fame QBS have already proven what they can do.. After Kap have a year in his belt, comebback and tell everyone how a great of a Qb he is, when he prove he belongs to the same class as the great ones, but until then his still overrated and a nobody.

  3. B. Miller, “I think it was more of us than them.” Umm, No. It was them. They beat you in every aspect. Take some personal accountability and get better.

    1. Matt- That’s how you get better, admit that YOU didn’t perform as well as expected by yourself, teammates and coaches. Giving the opponent the credit is just the PC approach. It also undermines self confidence. What he said IS taking personal accountability.
      Little League maybe, or the coach at a press conference, but I don’t ever want to see ‘my players’ think the other team is just better and we have to give them all the credit BS. Pull you pants up and get back to work, you can’t change the opponent, but you can make yourself better.

      1. Excatly Bray. And its the truth. They’re not better. They just performed better that night. But everyone knows they are a completely different team away from their home-field advantage. We’ll see what they’re made of in December.

  4. This game brought back memories of the Niners when they were coached by Dennis Erickson: an impotent offensive line to go with a lack of offensive weapons.

    This has got to be the worst coached game by Harbaugh in his Niner tenure.

  5. Actually, Kap has beaten Brady, Brees, and Rogers and Atlanta’s qb. He should be in the top 5 qbs discussion and should be top 2 if he continues on playing like he did against Green Bay. The biggest problem is Kap doesn’t play well in his division.

    1. Not many QBs play well in Seattle. When your receiver can’t even get off the line, it makes it incredibly hard to succeed as a QB. You didn’t see Kaepernick slide at the end of those runs. He took the hit. He was doing all he could. His receivers let him down.

      1. Matt,

        There were tines when Kap had receivers open and he didnt pull the trigger. When he did pull the trigger he was inaccurate. Kap played nervous. Thats the 2nd time hes looked that way against Seattle. Ill give him one more chance against them to see if they are in his head. He cant look like that in S.F. in week 14.

      2. 23 parrot, do you ever stop to think of a new criticism? Before Alex never pulled the trigger and you made a soap opera out of it, and now CK, what a fool!
        Here’s a concept you might want to consider: football is a game that relies on all 11 men on the field. It’s not just one position. If the QB does not have an open WR,how is he suppose to “pull the trigger?

      3. Prime,

        Kisses Grant azz and cuts his grass. Can you cut my grass? Heres a 5! Get the leaves too. Do a good job or else you are banned….. again!

  6. ” If Jim stubbornly keeps trying, he could get run out of town. ”

    So you mean if Coach Harbaw keeps on trying to be Coach Harbaw…
    then he might get run out of town?
    Stubborn is a tough trait to alter at any age.
    Just ask the residents of Coronado, California….

  7. “the problem is incoherent offense.”

    “B. Miller, “I think it was more of us than them.” Umm, No. It was them. They beat you in every aspect. Take some personal accountability and get better.”

    If the 49ers had lost a good hard fought contest I would not have a problem, but it is already clear that Harbaugh does not have a clue how to coach in the NFL.

    The 49ers looked like they had no clue and were woefully unprepared for what Seattle threw at them not to mention the fact that Kaepernick had this deer in the headlights look about him all night.

    Still reading plays from a wristband and having to bark out commands in the NFL’s loudest stadium and changing plays with a few ticks on the play clock is serious buffoonery.

    An old basketball coach once said that “dumb” is responsible for losing more games than smarts or physical ability is responsible for winning them. The 49ers don’t look particularly “smart” and do a lot of dumb things on the field and yes bringing in a fullback who he had a crush on in college… seriously!?
    Stop with the commercials, the Hollywood attitude, magazine covers and get better.
    As the gentleman said take personal accountability and get better.

  8. but it is already clear that Harbaugh does not have a clue how to coach in the NFL.

    Yet somehow he took a 6-10 team to the NFC Championship and the SB in back to back years. He is clearly over his head in the NFL. Smh…again.

  9. It makes me laugh that miller trying to find excuses after excuse like some here. Take the beating like a man. Kap looks like a bewildered rookie and harbaugh is still harabugh the cry baby.

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