Cam Johnson back in action after knee procedure

SANTA CLARA – Seventh round pick defensive end Cam Johnson returned to the practice field this week. He underwent a procedure in June for a knee injury he sustained his senior season at the University of Virginia. He spoke today about the progress he’s making with his knee, what he’s practicing and who he’s learning from. Here’s a transcript.

Q: How do you feel after your knee procedure last month?

CAM JOHNSON: I feel like I’m getting better every day. The plan is to keep progressing and get as healthy as I can as soon as I can.

Q: Is that an injury that slowed you down at the University of Virginia?

CAM JOHNSON: It hindered me a little bit, but that’s the past. I’m trying to progress right now and help this team.

Q: Was there any thought of having that procedure while in college?

CAM JOHNSON: The past is the past. I had the procedure and I’m ready to move forward.

Q: Where are they playing you now?

CAM JOHNSON: Still at outside linebacker.

Q: Are you mainly doing pass rush, coverage…?

CAM JOHNSON: All of the above.

Q: Do you feel you’ll be 100 percent full-go health-wise by the start of training camp?

CAM JOHNSON: I’m just taking it day by day and get as healthy as I can as soon as I can.

Q: What percentage would you put yourself at right now?

CAM JOHNSON: I couldn’t put a number on it, but I’m definitely feeling better.

Q: How did you spend that past month?

CAM JOHNSON: I went home for a little, came back and started to get back in the flow of things – work on rehabbing the knee and trying to get it stronger.

Q: You’re working with quite a few very good linebackers. Have any made an impression on you yet?

CAM JOHNSON: All of the vets, actually, but I kind of stick around Ahmad (Brooks). He went to UVA like me, so he’s one of the guys I talk to the most.

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