Cam Newton walks out of Super Bowl post-game press conference

Cam pulled a Kaep after losing to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50. Check out the video of the losing quarterback’s post-game press conference.

Here’s a partial transcript of the press conference, courtesy of the NFL.

(on losing Super Bowl 50) “They just played better than us. I don’t know what you want me to say. They made more plays than us, and that’s what it came down to. We had our opportunities. There wasn’t nothing special that they did. We dropped balls. We turned the ball over, gave up sacks, threw errant passes. That’s it. They scored more points than we did.”

(on his message to Panthers fans and supporters) “We’ll be back.”

(on why the Panthers did not play the way they normally play) “They outplayed us.”

(on what Coach Rivera said in the locker room) “He told us a lot of things.”

(on if Denver did anything differently on defense) “Nothing different.”

(on if he can put his disappointment into words) “We lost.”

(on if Denver changed anything to take away the Panthers’ running lanes) “No.”


For the record, Newton was sitting near Broncos cornerback Chris Harris Jr., and walked out as Harris was saying, “That was the whole game plan — load the box, force y’all to throw the ball. Can you throw the football?”


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  1. “Poor Cam, someday he will learn to be a better sportsman.”
    How do you know that?

    “I suggest he should read IF, by Rudyard Kipling.”
    I’m sure he’s going to do this if you suggest it.

    Seb, I once said that as long as you were polite, people wouldn’t ask you to leave, no matter what you said. But I didn’t think you would constantly say whatever comes into your mind. Please monitor yourself. Coffee has left the blog. Please think about whether you had anything to do with it.

    1. George, if you think his PC after the SB was a scintillating example of good sportsmanship, well I have nothing further to say.
      I write that he SHOULD do it, not that I am going to email him that he must read it.
      Maybe you should read it, too. It is wisdom for the ages.

      1. There are 2 lines in it that say-
        ‘If you can meet with triumph and disaster,
        and treat those two imposters just the same.’

  2. Correct me if im wrong here,but i dont remember Kap walking out of his press confrence after losing the superbowl? Now is Kap immature? sure he is.terrible at press confrences…absolutely, But he also doesnt dance and dab after every score,and he was not hailed the new face of the nfl.( When he went that is.)What cam did yesterday was completely inexcusable,unsportsmanlike and a complete 8itch move.He got what he deserved.

              1. Yeah, I remember one of those guys. I played against him in 1965 and ’66. He’s in the College and NFL Hall of Fame. Went on to murder his wife and her boyfriend and is now in prison. Actually said: “Good hit 81 to me once”. Those were the days.

  3. Yeah i know that Grant…what im talking about is how he left the press confrence, what does that show all the kids that look up to cam. I understand ur point Grant but you cant really say Cam pulled a Kap.Kap took his licks like a man after his superbowl loss and we were undefeated in the superbowl untill Kap

      1. Grant,

        I just watched it. Did you provide the wrong link? The one you linked to is NOTHING like Cam’s monstrosity yesterday.

          1. My favorite line of the day to Seb but could be applied to Grant as well.

            “Coffee has left the blog. Please think about whether you had anything to do with it.”

            1. CFC may have left the Blog, but his tactic is as old as the hills. I for one will not beg him to come back, and I think this site could do better without the emo whining crybabies.
              He will probably make another name up and get back on, but like Gadfly, I will recognize the tone and tenor of his posts.
              I just want to discuss the Niners in a calm civil manner without the vicious attacks and hyperbole. If posters want to accuse me of driving him away, I will just get more power by them saying so. Maybe Cam is not the only one who needs to grow up and behave like a mature deliberative sentient human being instead of a 2 year old.

              1. Seb, CFC actually knows football, is there anyone on the blog who’s posts are more filled with hyperbole and cliche than you?

                You’re the Cam of the blog, you self promote all the time. You predict this and that and no one else did and that those obvious predictions back up your vast football knowledge. When we civilly point out you predicted the obvious you get your feelings hurt and say people are viciously attacking you. When we civilly point out that lack of logic in your suggestions or analysis you also get your feelings hurt.

                CFC was grouchy but he knew the game. He didn’t have much tolerance for your type of engagement. He didn’t care one iota about feelings. Maybe you should take a look at how you engage before crowing the rest of us grow up.

              2. Wilson, this is the beginning of the offseason. Not much happening. Do not expect more screeds and attacks, just polite conversation.
                CFC does know football, but he is not the only one either. There are many posters on this site that knows football, yet to lament the loss of CFC as if there is a death in the family is hyperbole.
                I did not ask him to attack me. I will keep posting my thoughts, and hope that other like minded posters will engage in thoughtful exchanges that will dwell on the team MOST of us love.
                What are blogs for? They are a free way to post thoughts and ideas. They are not the sole property of a few to dominate and keep out others. I have never said that any other poster cannot have an opinion. I have vehemently argued against their opinion, but anyone is free to post. Other than TrollD, I have kept my posts pretty civil. With him, I recognize that he knows who I am from before, and just wants to haunt my posts to antagonize me. I am not going to say that I have all the answers, but just post my opinion with the idea that maybe some one will learn from them. Maybe even the Niners.
                Throughout these past months, I have been vilified, disparaged, insulted and mocked. Guess what? This is not my first rodeo. I kinda expect blowback, because I try to SAY something. I also have a sharp tongue, but do not personally attack willy nilly. Usually I wait until I have been attacked first before responding.
                Posters keep saying that I tell them to- get a life. Of all my posts, I do not think I have ever said that. Posters want to throw snide remarks, but then get upset when I return the favor. If they want to say that they will leave the site, I cannot make them stay. But they cannot drive me away, either. Maybe it is best for everyone involved to move on.
                I am reminded of babysitting in my early years. His mother warned me to be patient. When he got into a lather, with one of his tantrums, he declared-‘I am going to hold my breath until I get what I want!!!’.I waited patiently, he turned blue in the face, then had to breathe. After crying a bit, he asked me- ‘ did my mother talk to you?’. when I said yep, he frowned- ‘Thought so’. After that he behaved and I survived. Dont think I ever baby sat for him again.
                So I will warn you and everybody again. I tend to write a lot. Ignore my posts if you want. It will lessen the strife and anger.

              3. Wilson, I have to laugh. Claiming that no one has viciously attacked me is like saying that Cam was cool, calm and collected.

              4. Seb, its a free country you have a right to say and do what you want within reason and legality. At the same time you have to realize certain types of interactions will earn the ire of the community of this blog. You ding Kap for not being liked but here you pride yourself on not being liked and having pushback. You have to realize certain things you do here earn dislike of the community. So I mostly pass over your posts because its well tilled soil that many of us have tried to help you see that this blog is more than just pulling wishful thinking out of your imagination. Its was about some factual and researched discussion of football. You insist your wishful thinking is the same as the work Rocket, CFC, Silicon, Jack and others are doing. Its not.

                Silicon has picked up the mantle and is trying to help you see what other posters here have been saying for a while. The blog isn’t as fun as it has been for a couple of reasons. First we’re a losing team, that always stinks and it sours good discussion when there’s not much positive to talk about. Second Grant sees conspiracy every where and finds snarky negative articles that sets a negative tone for discussion. He already has it in for the new coach and we haven’t even had a practice yet. Lastly the informed group of posters is starting to leave because of the kind of users and discussion that’s happening in the forum. Its the kind that hate stats, facts, love hyperbole and cliche, illogically hate certain players and coaches, buy into TMZ mythology over well reasoned thought.

                Maybe the lack of a moderator has a lot to do with it as well. As the forum becomes more snarky and more about hyperbole and cliche the guys we appreciate will continue to leave. See after a while if you like what’s happening here?

                I’ve learned a lot from Jack, CFC, Rocket, Razor, Silicon, HT, George, and others. Things are moving and changing.

      2. I hope that’s not your best example Grant. Not anywhere near the same realm as Cam last night.

        Disappointed? Yes. Short? No question. Worlds worst loser? Not even close.

        1. I’ve been critical of Kap’s attitude toward the press. And having seen the way he handles the media prior to Jim Harbaugh, I’d say it’s pretty clear that Jim influenced Kap. Us against the world mentality. Cam Newton is simply privileged, spoiled brat, who has been treated with kid-gloves his entire sports life. I doubt Cam will ever grow up. He is who we thought he was!

          1. However, we have a near exact parallel. Show me the video of Kap walking out on his press conference following the his Super Bowl loss. Surely the way you framed it Grant, Colin must have walked out, and I didn’t get the memo. Because you wouldn’t be one to use exaggerations, would you Grant?

  4. Id gladly lose a superbowl for the money and fame Cam has.Its what you do with it that matters and Cam fell miserablely short in this regard

  5. Oh i agree with you issue is that it was after the most watched game in should of just held his head high and accepted the defeat like a man

  6. Grant, You got this gig via nepotism. Fine. But your dad did not need to lie to write a good story. C’mon, man. So much more to this than a smear on Kaep. SMH

  7. I was undecided on a pick but after seeing Cam’s cry baby interview I’m glad that they lost. He’ll hopefully grow from this. Imagine if he had just told the truth. “Guy’s I’ve got to tell you, I’m really feeling down right now. I’ll try and answer your questions.”, “The Bronco’s were fantastic.”, “They out played us.”, “They are a powerful team. Hands down”, “I was a bit off.”, “The pressure was immense.”, “We will learn from this.” After Chris Harris’ inexcusable remark he could have said, “I see that as rude coming from our opposing team, please have this person leave and I’ll finish the interview.” The media interviews are a formula, whether you win or lose. They are a great team, we outplayed them today (or “they out played us”).”, “We fully respect them”, “We’ll be back”.

  8. I am to Grant,hopefully for the better since i live in nc and have to listen to carolina fans all the time…hopefully he doesnt regress like Kap did after his superbowl loss.

  9. Guess 49ers fans don’t remember how guys like Bowman and Crabtree reacted in the SB47 post game when they could hear the Ravens celebrating….

  10. I do agree that Cam Newton should have handled the situation better, but I also think that a press conference with the losing team shouldn’t be set up within the vicinity of the one with the winning team. Poor judgment by the NFL in that regard.
    Newton did show that he could make those throws, but like Kaepernick he needs a solid run game behind him and a stout OL or else he’ll crumble. The OL of the Panthers kept lucking out during the regular season and the playoffs with being able to go up against injury plagued or disorganized defenses; their luck ran out on Sunday against the Broncos.

  11. Am I the only one that doesn’t see the press conference as that big of an issue? He lost. Let him be. He has no responsibility to anyone, and he wasn’t being rude, just short, and in shock.

    To be in shock is to be incapable of grasping the veracity of the moment. I believe that Cam will look back on this press conference and not remember it. He will likely become more polished, but this is such a non-issue it’s unbelievable.

    As much as I marvel at this non-story being turned into an issue, I am infinitely more amazed that people aren’t talking more about how Cam ran away from a loose ball on the field in the deciding moments of the Super Bowl. I was starting to think that Cam might be MJ or Muhammad Ali, but in a flash, all of that dissipated.

    If I’m his teammates or his coaches or the fans in NC, I’m calling for his head.

    #CowardlyCam is an absolute disgrace to the game of football. He was fine with Thomas Davis and Jared Allen playing through injury to try to help him win a Super Bowl, but with the game on the line, he wasn’t committed. Shocking lack of accountability.

          1. Defense wins championships. For all this talk about dynamic playmakers, when Brown went out with a concussion, Newton had no one to throw to. The Broncos double covered Olsen and dared Ginn to beat them. Cam made some deep throws but the Broncos knew he couldn’t keep it up. Peyton Manning looked worse then Dilfer in the SB. They basically took the ball out of his hands and Manning game managed his way to his 2nd ring.
            Panthers were a better team butt the Broncos had better poise and coaching. Plan and simple. If Cam Newton the Alex Smith route and didn’t force anything, they win that game. They should have pounded the ball to make that defense get tired. Manning could not move the team at all. It was all the TOs that got them the field position.
            But Cam that he was superman. Kaep did too. You know who was superman? Von Miller!
            Vernon Davis got a ring for blocking and dropping passes.

            1. “Vernon Davis got a ring for blocking and dropping passes.”

              If Vernon Davis dropped a pass in the Superbowl that’s news. I didn’t see Denver throw the ball to Vernon.

              1. Payton was the game manager! He didn’t throw the ball to anyone! I meant as a commentary of Vernon Davis’ time in Denver.

        1. Not a Cam fan,
          I’ll take page from Cam’ philosophy: “if you want to see me dance, don’t let me score.”

          If you don’t want to receive criticism, don’t walk out of your presser.

        2. not a cam fan,
          Not really. A fan of the game that shares his opinion contrary to how another fan see’s it should not necessarily be viewed as “piling on.”

          What Cam did by walking off his interview is not earth shattering by any means. But what he did was miss a great opportunity to show the sports world that not only can he enjoy the fruits of victory, but he can show the grace of good sportsmanship in defeat.

          I’ll never forget the Detroit Pistons walking off the court purposely ignoring the Chicago Bulls team that had just beaten them in the playoffs and not congratulating them for a win back in the early 90’s.

          Newton could have used his presser-opp to congratulate the Broncos on a great win. This (imo) would have elevated his rising star to greater heights. Instead he couldn’t get out of his own way and took some shine off his star.

    1. I agree. He is a kid in his early twenties. How many of us were polished or professional?
      The reaction is expected when taking into account the work, the sacrifice, the pain, and the dedication that went into even making it this far. Some of the best athletes in the league never even get the chance to play in a Super Bowl. It had to be a huge let down personally for him.
      These men put it all on the line for our entertainment. Let some of these reporters hailing stones pad up and see if they could make it through a day of TC.
      Drama sells news though.

    2. E
      The reason that the presser is a big deal is that its emblematic of Cam as a whole. If this was a shy guy (that doesn’t talk to the media win or lose) like say Marshawn lynch than him not sayin much or walking out of a presser isnt a big deal. Cam isnt like that Cam is a media *hore. Cam loves him some cam just look at him at the SB press row if there was no time limit he would have sat there all week answering question after question.
      Christ, Grant even compared him to Muhammad Ali “snoop dog was star struck by Cam tee hee” So when things go good Cam will talk all day just like when they are going good he will smile, dance, and celebrate every first down like he is a WR. But when things go bad (like the holding call on norman in the endzone) Cam will literally roll on the ground like a 2 yr old he will sulk, hang his head and all of a sudden not be so talkative.
      You say he is just upset and in shock but a day later after he had the chance to compose himself he still doesn’t get it: Cam why didnt you go after that fumble?
      “what did you want me to do?” “well I’ve seen other qb’s that throw int not go after the player, what about them?”
      SMH does not get it.
      I absolutely despise Tom Brady but after losses even tough ones he is the epitome of humility and good sportsmanship (his wife, not so much)

  12. Its not what he did its who he did it in front of.some one remind me how many footballs did cam give to the kids that admire him.those are the ones that it matters to. I live in NC,all i hear is cam this cam that, i would never want my kids to act like a giant 8itch after a tough sportsmanship at all.

    1. MidWest ..
      It just goes to show you the actual and
      practical intelligence of billionaires …

      No one in his right mind could believe .. that
      you could install brand new turf .. and then expect
      it would hold up to the rigors of a football game ! ..

      I mean.. The Stick had a “special” grass ..

      a hybrid variety, that grew accustomed to… and then
      eventually .. thrived .. on the
      salt-water “irrigation” … of
      high tide !

          1. Candle Stick had it’s large patches of late season mud for a good while too, but it could never live up to the glories of Kezar Stadium where you also had to fight for your 12″ of bench space.

            Zen, mud, and football. Amazing.

  13. Porky Silicony Neanderthaly Chip February 6, 2016 at 2:51 pm
    You guys are being SO foolish! Denver is a weak team. They barely beat an undermanned Steelers team and a Patriots team with no OL. I cannot hide my enthusiasm. What was the score 2 years ago? 43-8?

    Peyton is what he has always been: a regular season supernova and a postseason chump. If, as Steve Young says, Peyton won’t lose it for them this time, neither will he win it. The Panthers are going to kill the Broncos.

    #1 Ranked Defense? Yeah, I had them as my fantasy defense all season, and they got me some points. But the Panthers D has 24 more turnovers (1.5 per game) than the Broncos. Cam and Stewart will run the ball down the Broncos throats, the pass rush will be neutralized, Keuchly, Norman, and Coleman will grab a few INTs, and as Superman emerges, the Papa John’s pitch man will slink off into the obscurity of his 13-14 postseason record.

    This was the post I was looking for. Where’s he hiding?

      1. Y’all can say what you want about Seb, but Porky Silicony Neanderthaly Chip makes him seem like an Einstein to me….

        1. Razor

          Are you trying to say that Peyton played well? He fumbled once and threw 1 INT, but he should have also had a pick-6, and Norman had 2 passes go through his fingers. Even without all those mistakes impacting him, he still had the worst QBR of any QB in Super Bowl history, and his offense set records for futility in the contest.

          What I didn’t see was that Carolina’s OL would be so completely dominated by Derek Wolfe, Malik Jackson, Ware, and Von Miller. Von Miller was the difference. He’s the best defensive player in the NFL, and he wreaked havoc. So yeah, credit to Von Miller and to the rest of the Denver D. And I overestimated Cam Newton, believed his confidence would be unshakable. I was wrong.

          Peyton very nearly lost that game for his Broncos. Instead of retiring 13-14, he’s 14-13.

    1. That’s me! I 100% believed it. Thought Peyton would choke the game away and Cam would come through on his Platinum Stallion.

        1. It only took him a little over 4 hours to own it. I had a hunch it was him, but wanted to give him the opportunity to man up and apologize for calling us fools….

  14. Not a cam fan. You are missing the point sir my kids dont look up to cam.but 10s of thousands do. Thats the point, would you want your kids to look up to someone they admire,that they want to be like. There is nothing wrong with admiring pro athletes,or wanting to be like them.there is a problem when they act like a 8itch cause they lost a GAME.

    1. east coast ..

      I gotta disagree with you on this one …and
      suggest you view the interview again..

      And this time … look into the man’s eyes and
      try to imagine ..
      how he felt …at the time …

      We .. as mortals .. can never know how we (ourselves) ..would react ..
      in a given situation .. unless ..
      we (ourselves) are (actually) IN .. that very situation !

      Better for Cam to walk out of that interview …than ..
      to have said something.. he (later) would regret …
      …. to a World-Wide Press !

      Much ado about nothing … my friend …

    2. Did he really act like a bitttch tho? It looked to me like he was just really sad and in shock. You ever been in shock? It’s tough.

  15. I found Beyonce’s performance of her so called “Black History” song, Formation, disgraceful. Dressed all in black and sporting their black berets, fists in the air, giving the Black Power symbol. The dancers all forming an “X”, all of which symbolized the Black Militant movement of the Black Panthers and Malcolm X. The actual video of “Formation” has Beyonce on top of a Police Car as it sinks, while she flips them the finger. Indicative of the divisive tone set forth by President Obama and his Attorney General, Eric Holder….

    1. Wow, Razor. It’s Black History Month and you don’t want a Black superstar to do anything about it? And you think Obama and Holder are responsible for what, exactly, a divisive tone? Divisive how?

      Do you think there’s no racism in society? That’s laughable. Simply visit the issue of incarceration and sentencing. White privilege is real. I’m very sorry that you have to be alive to see a black president, as it clearly is so offensive to you.

      1. Wow, Razor. It’s Black History Month and you don’t want a Black superstar to do anything about it? And you think Obama and Holder are responsible for what, exactly, a divisive tone? Divisive how?

        I don’t care what she does, just taking her to task….

        Eric Holder –

        Do you think there’s no racism in society? That’s laughable. Simply visit the issue of incarceration and sentencing. White privilege is real. I’m very sorry that you have to be alive to see a black president, as it clearly is so offensive to you.

        Please present the quote where I said there is no racism and that a black president is offensive. Try using facts when trying to paint me as a racist….

          1. Razor,

            How could Beyoncé’s religion have anything to do with her career? Is she a Muslim cleric or something? Is she a rabbi?

              1. Razor,

                What about Beyoncé being a pop star is not Christian? I mean, I get what it is about President Bush lying to the country in order to kill hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and steal natural resources might not jive with the teachings of Christ, but a singer?

        1. Razor,

          The website you just linked to is run by a self-proclaimed “white separatist group.” It is linked to white supremacy groups. I can’t even make this stuff up.

          1. While at Columbia, Holder was a member of the Student Afro-American Society, which staged an occupation of the ROTC lounge and demanded that it be renamed the Malcolm X Lounge. That’s just a fact….

          2. Eric Holder on the New Black Panther militants standing outside a voting site, intimidating white voters with their weapons, “When you compare what people endured in the South in the ’60s to try to get the right to vote for African Americans, to compare what people subjected to that with what happened in Philadelphia… I think does a great disservice to people who put their lives on the line for my people.”

            He’s supposed to be the AG of all Americans and not just his people….

            1. Razor,

              What is your impression of Jeb Bush and Kathryn Harris throwing the votes of black voters in Miami-Dade County into the garbage? Is that Christian? Is gerrymandering Christian?

              Again, you take your thoughts directly from a website that is owned and operated by white separatists. Think about that. And then, um, I’m pretty sure you’re going to double down. You probably also think that the NRA’s interpretation of the Constitution holds more authority than the Chief Justice of the SCOTUS’s interpretation.

              1. I think people like Holder, Al Sharpton have done nothing to stop the killing of their people in places like Chicago, and only care about their people when it furthers their agenda….

                I find it ironic that after calling us fools with your foolish prediction, you now try to paint me as a racist….

              2. I was amped on the idea that Manning would lose himself yet another postseason game, and he did his damnedest. He had, by the QBR standard, the worst performance by a QB in the history of the Super Bowl. His team’s offense was the lowest output in the history of the Super Bowl. So, yeah, I expected him to be terrible, and therefore that his team would lose. But really, you want to bring me to task for a prediction I made, largely born out by the evidence, about the outcome of a game that none of us had any real rooting interest in? That’s fine. I accept that.

          3. Razor,

            You cited a white separatist website owned by a white supremacist to make the point that your views could not possibly be perceived as racist.

              1. Razor

                Sorry to be a broken record here, but you went to a white separatist website to support a position that you are not racist. Can’t you see that by parroting what you found on that website, you are promoting the ideas of white separatists? And if you take that a step further, assuming that white separatists are racists, that you are promoting racism?

    2. Razor, bringing politics into a sports forum is simply BAD FORM. No wonder Coffee bailed! I suggest you quit hating, it’s also bad form! Until you’ve lived as an African American in this country, I suggest you stick to a topic you know something about. Football that is.

      1. You talk about a divisive POTUS while you’re on a sports blog spreading divisiveness?

        Seriously? Wow. Hypocrisy has no boundaries!.

          1. How is Beyoncé claiming to be Christian hypocrisy?

            And what is your obsession with Christians? Do you think Christians are any different from Muslims or Jews or Atheists or Agnostics or Buddhists or Sikhs?

            1. How is Beyoncé claiming to be Christian hypocrisy?

              Her music maybe? Oh, that’s right, she’s just expressing her art….Foolish

              And what is your obsession with Christians? Do you think Christians are any different from Muslims or Jews or Atheists or Agnostics or Buddhists or Sikhs?

              Your determination that I have an obsession, doesn’t make it so. Any fool knows that every religion is different….

      2. Unless you’re born in Africa, you’re an American. You do not know me so please stop with your condescending tone. The politics were brought into football by the NFL with Beyonce’s performance….

        1. Razor – I am with for the most part.

          49reasons – over the years the blog sometimes goes political. Sometimes things need to be said. Razor made a comment on a political agenda that happened at Levi stadium during the game , seems to me it fits in. Unfortunately entertainers regardless of race use their forum to promote their ideas. Do it at a football event then its fair game to be discussed here.

          1. “Unfortunately”? Entertainers are artists. Artists have always and forever promoted ideas. For most of human history, artists have represented minority positions. Very few artists worth a damn sign, write, act, or paint about how perfect the world is.

          2. If I want to read about music entertainment, I’ll read Rolling Stones Mag. If I want to read about politics, I’ll read The American Prospect. I’m here for Forty Niner football.

        2. “Unless you’re born in Africa, you’re an American.”

          Really, so people born in England are American? People born in Germany are American? People born in Russia are American? Korea? China? Iran? All American?

            1. Razor,

              I know what I’m talking about. You are an old, white Christian who has been passed by the times; you are doubtlessly fairly close to death, and you believe that the youth around you are not really Americans, because they do not look or think like you. You are a Republican, and you would like to vote for Jeb Bush, but he won’t be available to vote for, so you will vote for whichever flawed character the Right Wing puts up there. You don’t understand that you are being manipulated by billionaires who want you to believe that divisiveness is rampant, and you don’t really care that the politicians you support are entirely beholden to the Wall Street bankers who underwrite their lives. You probably lost a bit of your retirement or pension in 2008-2010, but hey, that was Obama’s fault, right? You think Beyoncé is not a proper Christian because she sings about “putting a ring on it” and the empowerment of women (oh wait, those are family values), so you don’t really know why you don’t like her, but she just doesn’t feel right. Just so you know, your children and grandchildren are embarrassed by your arcane views, but they just don’t want to engage with you about anything substantial, because you are so stubborn and stuck to a dying view of the world.

              Go Niners!!!

              1. Sil, you are starting to sound like me. Please tone it down, and stop making generalities that sound like profiling.
                It is officially the offseason, and we do not need to go off on extreme tangents. Personally, I am looking forward to the combine. I am curious to see the 40 times for the QBs.

              2. Seb

                Tone what down? I’m just calling out someone who is quoting a white supremacist/separatist website. If that’s extreme, I’m okay with it.

              3. To set the record straight, I’ve been on this blog for maybe two years, and this is the first I’ve seen Razor ever mention race. He’s a good egg, even if he has the nasty habit of ending many of his sentences with three periods. That said, if you’re black in America, I admit (I’m white) you have reason to be sensitive to such comments. Keep in mind, though, that it’s not a Democrat vs. Republican thing. Both parties sponsor large corporations moving jobs overseas, and both sponsor letting in below-market labor. For all working people, black and white, that’s been a disaster, as I’m sure you know.

              4. Sil, please lighten up. I firmly believe Razor was saying those things with his tongue firmly in his cheek. There is a dichotomy in society that stretches all bounds.
                The whole black white schism is paradoxical, with plenty of irony and hypocrisy, without it becoming fuel to ignite racial tensions and acrimony here. Razor used an article, he did not espouse the their theories.
                It easily could devolve into politics, because race tensions carry a conservative -progressive agenda. Now that I recall, the militancy of Beyonce and the X formation does seem to have subliminal messages, but I was concentrating on other aspects of her performance. There was also the whole male- female sideshow perspectives that could be further explored and dissected. Razor is not race baiting, but just pointing out inequities and injustices without the froth and lather.
                Personally, I did not see the hidden messages, I just thought it was entertaining.

              5. Thanks, George. A little bit of good sense goes a long way. That is why I don’t understand why a “good egg” would:

                * quote a white supremacist website and then double down
                * question the faith of a singer whose lyrics celebrate family values
                * attack the celebration of black history during black history month at a sporting event where 70% of the participants are black

                I Googled the “talking points” of the “good egg.” All of the resulting websites are run by far right-wing special interest groups specializing in fear mongering to bigots.

                I’m not saying Razor knew before I showed him that the views he was spewing came from racists, but he knows now, or at least has notice of that fact.

              6. Silicon Chip: Razor stated on this website a couple of months ago that Jack and I met in real life and slept together. Did NOT happen of course and I jumped on his case immediately. He slinked away saying nothing.

                I agree with your post. Razor will do anything to discredit others.

        3. Razor
          Her only “politics” were directed at police violence (seemingly an apolitical message) if she performed wearing a Trump sticker or a Bernie 2016 hat I could see your point.
          Were you offended when her video showed a wall that said “please stop shooting us”?

  16. Congrats Vernon Davis!

    I wished Willis could get a ring as well. If gore and Alex smith can get rings I would be excited.

    You know what would be a good article is a review of the Niners players who were cut, traded, etc over last couple years and how their performances have been.

    1. I thought I was watching Alex Smith through Peyton Manning. The effort by Anderson down on the goal line for the TD was vintage Frank Gore….

      1. Makes me wonder if we got peyton in a midnight abduction by roman and harbough if we would have won a couple superbowls in our glory years between 2011-2014.

        1. If the rules today were enforced back then, the DB led with his head and hit Crabtree in his earhole, in a helmet to helmet hit, which would have given the Niners another opportunity to score. Of course, there was the bear hug of Miller on the kickoff, too. If one of those 2 plays had been called correctly, Cowboy, Willis, Gore, Staley, Kaep, JH and even Alex would have gotten a ring.
          So close….

          1. I’m surprised I haven’t heard more about the officiating again Sunday. Another poor performance IMO, from the best officials the league has to offer.

            I still have no idea what a catch is, or pass interference. What a shame!

    2. It’s not the cut or traded players over the past few years that give me fits. It’s the free agents Baalke thought they didn’t need that bug me.

      1. I’m with you- he looked like alex smith prior to harbough.

        alex smith now is better than peyton now.

        peyton at his prime is twice as good as alex smith

        these are my ratios without any research just gut feeling (1= average starting QB in NFL, 0 is the worst, 2 is the max)

        alex smith (prior to harbough): 0.6
        alex smith now: 1.3
        peyton now: 0.5
        Peyton in prime: 1.7

  17. last post back-to-back.

    It would have been nice to have on of our beat writers do a more in depth article about vernon davis, his snaps/lack thereof, his experience in denver, what he appreciated about coaches and peyton and how he feels about winning a Super Bowl at levi stadium.

    Watching carolina games made me flashback to how ted ginn always wanted to play receiver for the niners but harbough and company never thought he was any good.

          1. I’m going to wallow in despair for just a minute.

            we had such a stacked defense, solid OL, frank gore and vernon davis in his prime just a couple years ago. Those teams were stacked!

            I just can’t believe what jed and baalke have done to this team over the past few years. Dreadful management, leadership, lack of integrity, poor free agency and drafting. With a wealth of draft picks to boot.

          2. Anytime you have a GM or team president that knows how to work the free agent market for defensive play makers , drafts effective defenders, and bring in a DC that can maximize their potential with his scheme, you are just asking for championships.

    1. You do remember how often Ginn dropped the ball right? He dropped it in Arizona, Miami and in Carolina. He played better this year but he wasn’t better than who was on the field during those years.

      1. im not saying he is great but has played well this year.

        in 2012:
        aj jenkins
        chad hall
        randy moss

        braylon edwards
        kyle williams

        quinton patton

        1. 2012 Mannigham and Williams
          2011 Josh Morgan till his injury
          2013 Moore, Lockette

          Boldin is great, Moss “was” great, Crabtree can play, Manningham was a good #2/3 before he was injured. Morgan was really pretty decent even in Washington. Ginn isn’t better than any of those guys. The rest of that group is practice squad fodder. Patton is a bit like Ginn but not as fast, Williams flashed now and then but came up short the rest of those guys are not good NFL recievers.

          1. the only good receivers in all those years were crabtree (pre injury but even then kept having foot problems), boldin, and maninghame if they actually used him (before injury). moss might have been ok if they didn’t only use him as a decoy but he never looked close to his former self.

            our teams were stacked except for wide receiver but they were stubbornly committed to crappy over the hill guys, decoys, practice squad guys with good camps. They could have utilized ginn better than they did.

            1. I tend to trust the coaches knowledge or players more than all of us arm chair guys. If they were better than those guys they would have been on the field in my opinion. Ginn’s drops are what kept him off the field in 3 organizations. So not only our coaches but two other team’s coaches.

              So I don’t really buy that we didn’t use him right or that we were committed to over the hill guys, or that our coaching staff didn’t let the young guys play stuff. The best players play. Coaches aren’t stupid, their jobs are connected to winning so they have the best guys on the field. Ginn probably sucked at blocking too because he’s small compared to other guys. That didn’t fit our scheme. We were weak at WR for years. Now that I think about it, we’re better now with Boldin, Smith, Ellington, Patton, Simpson and White than we were those other years.

              1. i agree with you that we are better now.

                I also agree that football coaches for the most part know football much better than me

                What i don’t agree with is that were necessarily right. That’s why some coaches and GMss are horrible, some are not and some are great. Some coaches and GMs make better decisions than others. And clearly our personnel choices for WR, our coaching of them and our scheme was not good. This would be reflected by their individual stats, and our rankings for pass offense during these years. Ultimately it’s what cost us the Super Bowl and NFC title game is our passing.

                you can make a case that QB was a problem, that frank gore was on the decline but i think you can equally and even more so make a case for passing (coaching, personnel, scheme, etc).

              2. We did have terrible talent during those years and that’s on Baalke for sure. I am not sure if JH schemed to play to the team’s strengths and away from its weaknesses, or did he not have the know how for a passing offense? I suspect the former is the case, we were weak and he knew it so he leaned on the run game and only asked his limited QB’s to do what was needed with a weak WR class.

                Players grow over time to. Coaches are wrong as well or have invested enough and don’t see improvement fast enough and move on. Ginn has grown, he’s better now than when he was a 49er. He’s not good enough to crack the Cardinals WR’s and they certainly know what their doing.

              3. Hold up cowboy. Last years coaches proved the best players don’t play… Just check the oline, special teams, and corners. After getting killed constantly with those groups, it took our staff 10-11 weeks to make changes that weren’t injury related. And those changes all were for the better. Tomsula managed with his heart, not his eyes, and not from production from players. He couple hype up a whole team, like he did for 1 unit (D line).

              4. I think Tomsula had to promise his assistants that he would let them coach the way they best felt it should go. They were way too stubborn and would not change until it was too late.That is why the O line was composed the way it was.
                However, Baalke seemed to micromanage too much. The mismanagement of Boone and Hayne had his fingerprints all over it.
                The absence of an entire draft class and the disappearance of most of the FAs did not help either.

    2. It would have been nice to have an article about Vernon Davis for anyone who likes or respects the guy. I’m good without it, though, as he quit on the 49ers. Vernon is an odd duck.

      As for Ted Ginn, Baalke has implied that one of Harbaugh’s possible missteps as the HC was his refusal to play young guys. Without their being able to get on the field, it was hard to evaluate the young guys. Harbaugh wanted to go with his trusted agents, that is, Frank Gore, Anquan Boldin, Michael Crabtree. Carlos Hyde got 83 snaps as a rookie. Ginn hardly ever played. Ginn has been highly productive this year, and he has outright stated that it is because Cam has put his faith in him. Remember how Bruce Ellington used to electrify the field in preseason but never play in games that mattered, then the final 2 games of 2014 he dominated?

      I wonder how many other guys there are on this team that might be really, really good. Last year was a lost season for determining talent, because the coaches were deficient. I’m excited to see what Chip does.

      1. I hear you but I wonder Silicon why didn’t Ginn work out in Miami or Arizona. JH wasn’t any where to be found in those locations. The Panther’s were out of options at WR and Cam had to put his faith in Ginn. I can agree to disagree. JH wasn’t around this year and Ellington still didn’t play. You can’t blame all this on JH when he wasn’t even around.

        Eric Reid started as a rookie, McDonald also played a ton as a rookie in 2 TE sets. There are others too. Aldon played a lot as a rookie. Lynch played a lot as a rookie. JH went for the unproven Kaepernick over the known and trusted Smith much people’s chagrin.

        When Tomsula has a come to Jesus meeting with a player like Ellington you know its serious. JT met with Ellington about his preparation and post game care of his body so he could be ready to play. There are other reasons guys don’t get on the field other than coaches going to their trusted guys.


    1. thanks for that last post wilson. I agree with that. I believe that harbough and roman did a lot of covering up for QB and WR and schemed away from their weaknesses. I also think that roman struggled with pass plays.

      unfortunately we will never know what they would’ve done if they had boldin, fitzgerald, calvin johnson, antonio brown, etc and peyton as QB.

    2. Evans is 32. The 49ers will have become the youngest team in the NFL as soon as they part ways with Dawson, Brooks, Bethea, Boone, and Dorsey. However, OL is one place they might actually invest in a more experienced guy, but it’s hard to know, given the fact that Chip’s line will need to be hugely athletic and probably pretty young.

      I think the 49ers will aim for a couple of guys in their mid- to late-20s, in addition to Bam Davis, to replace Boone, Devey, and Pears. They have Staley, at 31, to act as the elder statesman, and Kilgore is approaching 30 also.

  18. Wilson, I’m saying last season the coaches did not have the best players on the field. I didn’t know that about Tiller but what justifies him splitting time with a horrible player? What justifies Pears being a starter? Especially since we all knew the best RT on the team was boone. This decisions had nothing to do with Balkee, unless Tomsula was told who to play as well. That I wouldn’t believe at all. Tom was a great dline coach, he just made bad decisions as a head coach

    1. There were also other lineman on that team. As bad as Devey was, are you and apparently the coaches suggesting that none of them were better? Because if that’s the truth Jed should fire Balkee now for really being a waste of skin. That man has no business starting, especially when the guy to his right was just as shaky… All of it equaled doom before the 1st whistle of the season

      1. There’s three factors: bad job of baalke getting good OL options; bad choices by tomsula, probably influenced by Baalke. All the way around bad bad planning if winning was the goal. If losing was the goal because they knew they would suck then it worked well.

        Set up Tomsula as the fall guy as a cheap option. Hope he wins at least 8 games to get off on the cheap for 2-3 years. Too bad they sucked more than just average sucking. I’m sure they didn’t want to fire him this year.

        Baalke really needs to answer the question about his OL. Anybody from arm chair GMs like us, to coaches, to players, etc saw this coming a mild away. Why was it not addressed? higher draft pick, not picking up the worst free agent available, etc.

      2. Steele

        The offensive line below will be savage. Perhaps functional strength is not fully developed in the really young guys. Maybe that’s why Martin, 22, had trouble last year, and why Tiller, 26, was such a bright spot. Brown is just a freak of nature, given his size and power.

        I recently read an interesting take on Brandon Thomas, who was to be a 2nd Rd pick when he tore his ACL at a private pre-draft workout for Sean Payton in NOLA in 2014. In that article, the author points out that Thomas was IR’d as a rookie, and then placed on the 53 for all of 2015, even though he was never once activated to the 46. This is significant because it shows the team didn’t want to expose him to the Practice Squad, but were actually willing to waste his roster spot for an entire season in order to protect his rights. If this is the case, it’s easy to imagine that Baalke was calling all the shots last season.

        2016 OL (9)

        Staley, 31
        Tiller, 26
        Wisniewski/Kilgore, 25/28
        Brown, 22
        Davis, 26

        Kilgore/Wisniewski, Thomas (24), Martin (22), Silberman (23),

        1. That’s a great point on Thomas. But with it being 2 years removed, wouldn’t he be on our oline radar above the likes of let’s say, Silberman. And with Chip running his offense, wouldn’t Trent Brown be expandable? Being he’s on the powerful but slow side, as opposed to the powerful and quick side of the offensive line that chip Kelly needs. I wouldn’t release him, but if its according to scheme, balked might have other plans

          1. Good questions. Research Chip’s O. David Neumann is doing some good work. Chip’s offense is not all finesse; it’s actually got a lot of power to it. It’s just the tempo of play calling that is unusual.


            Also, another point on Thomas: since he was on the 53, rather than the IR, he was permitted to attend all the position group meetings and get reps in practice, which would have been forbidden otherwise.

            1. Yes sir, Thomas received alot of football knowledge. It might help him with position battles in camp. Chips offense could use a strong as ox guy like Trent. Here’s hoping he’s smart to really let there be competition, as opposed to just giving a guy a spot, like Devey, and Pears

              1. Steele

                Don’t worry about Chip. He just requires that guys buy into his system. That may be the source of his flaw, which is that he is unwilling to “charm” a guy who might be worthy of an exception (like DeSean Jackson). Chip is all about competition, and his teams always operate by meritocracy. Pears and Devey will be gone from the 53; Pears,33, will be gone entirely, Devey might stay on the PS, since he’s young.

      3. Steel lets be clear, there’s huge difference between Harbaugh’s crew and Tomsula’s crew. Like I pointed out Tomsula is a very bad example because he’s a terrible coach to begin with and never should have been a HC in the first place. He was a yes man that did what Baalke and York told him to do.

        I think using last year to justify that you think fans know better than coaches what players should be on the field is ludicrous. With that terrible coaching and over reaching front office trying to stand behind the players they picked we had a mess. I don’t in any way stand behind those coaches choices. Pears was awful, Devey even worse. Martin was terrible. They played Reaser and Acker over Donte Johnson. They lost their jobs because of those decisions and how poorly the team played on the road.

        Its an entirely different thing to say JH’s crew didn’t know talent and that fans know better. We don’t know a thing about football compared with real coaches. We were talking Tedd Ginn breaking the starting line up, not about this years team. You can’t compare JH’s coaching staff with JT’s. I would never say I trusted JT’s coaching staff, but even they know more about football than casual fans do.

  19. I’ve been watching roman in buffalo and I actually thought they would do better this year than they did. I think they may take a big step forward next year.

    Maiocco posted super bowl odds for next year

    Niners at 50:1
    Buffalo at 33:1
    Seahawks at 9:1

    I wouldn’t be surprised by big drops for patriots (just hoping that brady/belichek magic is ending), cardinals (unless they get a new QB, think palmer is near the end), denver (too many free agents)

    I’m calling bears and buffalo as dark horses to do better than expected. I think Chicago will clean out more personnel and re-tool to fit fangio and fox scheme and character. Buffalo will also have continuity for young QB, new schemes and think they will win a lot of the close games they lost this year.

    1. Continuity doesn’t mean anything unless your winning. Continuity gets coaches fired. It gives bad teams reason to justify keeping bad coaches and bad players. Do y’all not realize the revolving door for NFL teams because they held on to coaches to long for “continuity”. For a small sample size of teams it works, for the rest its, back to the drawing board

  20. Well, the Superbowl proved that old adage: “Defense wins Championships.”
    What did bad PR win the York’s during SuperBowl week?…
    I’d have to answer that with the inclusion of Grant’s article regarding Kelly’s weak defensive staff.
    Answer: The York’s won more PSL defectors due to a projected bad defense the Girl Scout publicity grenade that they tossed.

  21. bruce tali
    ‏@Brucetali @timkawakami any chance that tniners brass observed guys like Elway and took notes on how to run a team? No leaks, competent coach, strong D

    :15 PM – 8 Feb 2016

    Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 1h1 hour ago

    Tim Kawakami Retweeted bruce tali
    Uhh, I’m not sure you get why Jed York does what he does. It’s not about learning from great front offices. At all.

    buckman ‏@markmcg76 · 46m46 minutes ago
    @timkawakami in fairness to Jed he did manage to get born into a very wealthy family which is more than most of us will ever achieve.

    raider ‏@Raidercanada · 1h1 hour ago
    @timkawakami pretty sure Jed knows he’s a dumbass at this point.

    1. Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 1h1 hour ago

      Jed York believes HE’S the model everybody should and inevitably will follow. He justifies that by commiserating with his national pals.

  22. Grant just could resist letting his hatred for Kaep go. Kaep missed winning the SB by an overthrown pass and faced the press. Cam bragged all week and walked off after getting an ass kicking.

  23. Posters are missing the boat. Brent Jones said that the PC fiasco was a big deal, but it will blow over. The bigger problem Cam has, was his failure to fight for the ball after he was stripped of it. That hesitation probably did not sit well with his team mates. He knew it was on the ground. He was staring at it, but froze. Cam will have to do a lot to repair his reputation in the locker room.

    1. Seb,

      Pretty sure some FOOL said exactly what you’re saying above about 6 hours ago. When did you hear your friend Brent talking about it? If it was after 12:11pm today, he I’m pretty sure we both know where he got his talking points from, Grant’s blog!!!

      Silicon Chip February 8, 2016 at 12:11 pm
      Am I the only one that doesn’t see the press conference as that big of an issue? He lost. Let him be. He has no responsibility to anyone, and he wasn’t being rude, just short, and in shock.

      To be in shock is to be incapable of grasping the veracity of the moment. I believe that Cam will look back on this press conference and not remember it. He will likely become more polished, but this is such a non-issue it’s unbelievable.

      As much as I marvel at this non-story being turned into an issue, I am infinitely more amazed that people aren’t talking more about how Cam ran away from a loose ball on the field in the deciding moments of the Super Bowl. I was starting to think that Cam might be MJ or Muhammad Ali, but in a flash, all of that dissipated.

      If I’m his teammates or his coaches or the fans in NC, I’m calling for his head.

      #CowardlyCam is an absolute disgrace to the game of football. He was fine with Thomas Davis and Jared Allen playing through injury to try to help him win a Super Bowl, but with the game on the line, he wasn’t committed. Shocking lack of accountability.

    1. The York’s were on lthat bus–were dropped of in Tinseltown’s Looney Tunes district if they think that defense will work for them in ’16.

  24. Not to excuse Cam’s press conference attitude… but I heard the NFL separated the winner/loser press conferences with a thin curtain. The losing team has to listen to the other team brag and whoop it up while they get peppered with questions about why they lost.

    The NFL did this in the 2012 super bowl too. I’m surprised to see this new tradition take hold. To me its something Don King might pull. Sleazy and cheap.

    With all that money the league can find a way to hold press conferences in separate rooms.

  25. After witnessing Lady Gaga’s rendition of the Start Spangle Banner I would have anointed her SB MVP. That was performing under pressure at a professional delta.

  26. Think that is about a wrap for me as well fellas Tuna,CFC gone ,less and less of Scooter,Rocket,Jack the very guys that bring quality to the conversation .I’ll come back if things change but as of right now too much petty acrimony and bickering.See some of you at the zone! Go 9ers!

    1. “too much petty acrimony and bickering” is swamping the blog. The blog’s in desperate need of mods. I’ll miss your input.

      1. Brodie Mid George- deeply touched thank you. George -what can I say brother when you address me that way I can’t leave, maybe just need a break. Bringing in race and religion was over the top for me and with some of the guys I respect and learn from the most here trailing off the grid really just disheartening.I’ll take a breather and check back in.Thanks for caring !!!

  27. »
    If – Poem by Rudyard Kipling

    If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too:
    If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
    Or, being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
    Or being hated don’t give way to hating,
    And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise;

    If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;
    If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim,
    If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
    And treat those two impostors just the same:.
    If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
    Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
    And stoop and build’em up with worn-out tools;

    If you can make one heap of all your winnings
    And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
    And lose, and start again at your beginnings,
    And never breathe a word about your loss:
    If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
    To serve your turn long after they are gone,
    And so hold on when there is nothing in you
    Except the Will which says to them: “Hold on!”

    If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
    Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,
    If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
    If all men count with you, but none too much:
    If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
    Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
    And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!
    Rudyard Kipling

      1. This is the wisdom of the ages. Learn from it and you will profit from it. Ignore it and you will keep making the same mistakes.

  28. Grant how bout something 9er related maybe your opinion of who Baalke is likely to sign in FA or who you think the 9ers should sign in FA.

      1. MWNiner I’m not sold on spending cap monies for a FA WR, if the team is going to spend money on a FA WR I would rather see them resign Boldin. I was very high on DeAndre Smelter before last years draft and I would like to see how he develops. Lastly Kelly already has a reputation as a coach who doesn’t deal with players of color very well does the team want to then sign a player who was caught on video using a racial epithet?

          1. Wilkerson is a DE who will cost at least $11M per season and will likely be franchised or re-signed by March. The 49ers already have Armstead m, Carradine, and Dial at DE, and can snap up a great rookie for $1M per year in Buckner or Nkemdiche. The team will only carry 7 DL, and its DTs will be Purcell, another rookie (Jarran Reed maybe), and FA signing Malik Jackson from Denver or Jaye Howard from Kansas City, who would both be an upgrade over Williams, if he is not re-signed.

        1. Old Coach

          49ers have $68M to spend and 11 WRs on their roster. They need another proven, starting-quality WR to pair with Smith, and that may be Boldin, but he may not want to return for the rebuilding, and/or he may be too slow for Chip’s offense. Also, Chip’s base offense uses 3 WRs, so the team must carry quality depth at the position. Marvin Jones from Cincinnati or Kamar Aiken from Baltimore would both provide reasonably-priced, fast, young depth. The other WRs on the team are Ellington, Patton, Simpson, Smelter, White, Anderson, Campbell, and Rogers, all of whom are under 24, over 6’2″, and run sub-4.5 40s. There’s a lot of potential there, though it’s largely unproven.

          About Chip’s alleged racist tendencies, please educate yourself about who made those charges and why they’re ridiculous. Start with Arik Armstead’s familiarity with and affinity for Coach Kelly.

          1. Silicon I wasn’t referring to the reality of Kelly’s alleged racist tendencies I was referring to the perception of his racist tendencies. If there are AA players out there who perceive Kelly as a racist and then the 49ers sign a player who was recorded using a racial epithet that could possibly cause other AA players to question Kelly’s character. I personally have no idea whether or not Kelly is a racist but perception can be as strong as reality.

            1. OC

              True, but I think the media has made something out of nothing, and players know better than to go somewhere without first doing their homework.

            1. He’s a $17M corner, right? That’s not happening. End of story. The Niners need to find their next Bryant Young/Justin Smith, Patrick Willis, and Aldon Smith.

              * Jackson, Trevathan, Spence
              * Buckner/Nkemdiche, Marshall, Irvin
              * Williams, Jack, Smith

              1. Razor

                What is your point? Please elucidate the group on why you think your input here is relevant. Sure, it’s a fact, but how does it fit in?

              2. Razor

                So you didn’t have a point. You had no reason at all for writing what you wrote. Nice contribution. The group thanks you.

              3. Yes, $17M for Josh Norman.

                That’s not happening. End of story. The 49ers will not pay him that.

              4. Razor

                He just said he wants to be the highest paid corner in the league.

                Revis makes $17M. The salary cap is $10M higher this year than last, and will be $30M higher than last by 2018.

                The franchise tag value for CBs in 2016 will be $14M. If they franchise him now, he’ll get $14M. Then they’d have to do it again next year, at $16.8M. And again the 3rd year, at $20M+.

                $17M. But even if he could be had for $13M, do you really think Baalke would go for it?

              5. You say $13M, I say $14M. If you’re keeping it to round numbers, which you did by writing “$13M” then it’s actually “$14M” by every objective standard. Again, what is your point?

                It seems your role on this board is to just be as antagonizing and annoying as possible without contributing anything of any value anywhere. Obsolete.

              6. You said $17 million, and you wanted to send Devey to the practice squad. You advised Seb to do his homework, yet you display ineptitude. When someone takes you to task, you become an petulant. You defined yourself as a fool, and I concur….

              7. Not to mention you actually believed Spence and Reed will be available in the 2nd Round. Bwaaahaaaa!

              8. Razor

                Again, you give nothing, contribute nothing. You spew content from a white supremacist website, and then you quote wrong numbers for Norman, but somehow you have a piece of valuable information about Devey, the worst player in the history of the NFL? Have you done any research on the FA or Draft class? Have you contributed anything at all, other than your hateful, obsolete nonsense?

                No, and you never will.

              9. I think Lithium may be a more effective managing tool for you. Time for you to make an appointment with Dr. Marvin….

              10. Razor

                Again, nothing. How about the next time you come on here, you try adding something to the conversation. Something that’s not blatantly racist, that is. And also, maybe something more than a link to a MaioccoCSN blurb that covers plowed ground.

    1. Malik Jackson would be on my radar… especially if Ian Williams gets snapped up.

      But I wouldn’t break the bank. There are supposed to be “ten first round grade interior defensive linemen” in this draft.

      I’m hoping this suppresses the market demand for NTs, making it easier to re-sign Williams.

  29. Questions.
    Will we see the 2014 O’Neil or the 2015 O’Neil?
    With the league becoming pass happy, will Modkin have the expertise to improve the passing game?
    Will Chip cover the passing game because Modkin was a RB coach?
    Will Chip need to focus more on defense because his defenses have been at the bottom of the league?
    Has Chip learned from his experiences and will he improve his people skills.
    Now that the league has seen the Chip Kelly offense and has effectively game planned against it, what adjustments will he make?
    Should the Niners go back to the WCO, or at least incorporate more of its strategies?
    Will Chip study the Patriot, Steeler, Panther and Seahawk offenses and steal ideas from them?
    Will Chip study the Bronco and Seahawk defenses and glean ideas from them?
    Will Baalke keep his promise and re-sign veteran talent to provide continuity?
    What Free Agents should the Niners target?
    Which Free Agents are most likely to sign while under Baalke’s salary cap?
    Should the Niners move back in the draft to get 3 picks in the first 2 rounds?
    Should they bundle later picks to move up to grab the player they covet?
    What is the best Strategy for Chip to win the NFC West?
    Will Chip see the potential of Hayne, and can he utilize him properly?
    Will Chip connect with Kaep and get him to buy into his system?
    What will be the draft strategy?
    Will Chip be able to select the players he wants, or will Baalke keep power and control?
    Can the Niners win a SB in spite of Jed, or is the leadership vacuum too great?

    1. Seb

      That’s a nice list of questions. Now go do research and come back with answers. Based on what appears to be your misinterpretation of Kelly’s coaching philosophies, dig deeper than the talking heads who are parroting one another. Here’s a pointer: Google “Silicon Chip Kelly.” Get knowledge. GO!!!

      1. Naw, I do not have the answers. I do not know if any poster can answer them. Just thought I would start the debate with questions I think need answers, but will have to wait for the coaches to provide the answers.

        1. Seb,

          What I’m saying is use your time to go educate yourself on answers to the interesting questions you’ve posed. Why would you not try to prepare yourself for a “debate”? Curtis Modkins is an interesting second place to look after you google SCK. You can also look into why Chip would hire a DC who is so poor on paper, since it wouldn’t make sense for a genius like Chip to hire someone who is really, truly bad at his job. Also, maybe look at the youth movement. Look at comments by Jed about longevity, about teaching. It’s pretty clear that the 49ers are trying to blaze a new trail with a visionary HC, hoping that he will carry a great stable of young coaches along, reaching Superbowls, spawning the “coaching tree.”

          A really outlandish theory would have the 49ers employing a 2 QB system, and if you do your research on that, you’ll find solid basis for that discussion.

            1. Do you amuse yourself with this kind of aside? Ha. Ha. Well done, Seb, you are very clever.

              Do what you want. The questions you asked are good ones; all I’m telling you is that there is a ton of available information out there on most of them. And, sorry to say it, most people on here would want to know that what you bring to a debate is sourced to an insider, and not just plucked out of your imagination because it pleases you.

              For instance, why do I think Ellington will make the 53- man roster as a RB? Did I just invent that idea?

              1. Well, if they make Hayne the punt returner, I could see that happening. but if they keep BE as the punt returner, maybe not.
                I see BE as a good candidate for those fly sweeps and quick slants. If they put him in motion for those end arounds, he could also be a passing threat since he was a point guard in college. He could easily be used as a halfback option passer, with Kaep handing off, then running downfield as a pass catching threat.

              2. Seb,

                You ought to come to terms with the fact that Chip Kelly probably won’t want a 28-year old rookie who has never played more than a lick of meaningful football in his life handling the ball on special teams, or otherwise.

                Hayne was a fun distraction for the fans during the doomed Tomsula Era, one that increased global 49ers brand recognition, but added absolutely nothing to fielding a championship caliber team.

                There’s a lot working against him, but Hayne does have an outside shot for a couple of reasons: (1) he’s cheap; & (2) he’s mature enough to buy into the Chip Kelly Concept, hook line sinker. Still though, the downside of giving him a roster spot when it could go to a younger player with more upside and longevity, is self-evident.

            1. See Seb, you don’t get it. I’m not talking about trick plays using Blake Bell, I’m talking about a legit 2-QB system. It’s HIGHLY unlikely to happen, but I didn’t make it up, and it’s fun to consider at this stage in the season.

              1. Many would consider having both QBs on the field as too risky, but BB was a QB before he was moved to TE, and he did have decent touch on his passes, IIRC. Think the other Oklahoma QB out competed him, but BB did ok as the QB.

              2. Red Hickey used three QBs and got rid of YA Tittle because he couldn’t run.

                “Hickey then made a dramatic change in the chemistry of the team during the offseason when he traded Tittle. The veteran’s absence appeared to make no difference when the season began with the team using the quarterback trio of John Brodie, Waters and rookie Billy Kilmer. After winning four of their first five games, including shutout wins over the Rams and Detroit Lions, the magic disappeared on October 22, when the Chicago Bears blanked the 49ers, 31-0.” … Wiki

                Da Bears just “killed” the quarterbacks. No big deal.

              3. HTW

                That’s what I’m talking about!!! Love it when you drop some old-school knowledge like that! Thanks :)

  30. Cameron Newton, by his own declaration, can do no wrong!!!

    Hey, Cam, maybe it was because of 2 fumbles? Or maybe it was that laser you threw at Ted Ginn that fell incomplete in the third quarter (you know the one, should have lofted it for your boy)? Son, you are the quarterback. You either win the game, Son, or you lose it. You lost it.

    1. Kaep and Cam follow a similar fate — They’ve alway been so physically gifted they get by on raw talent. But the QB is about brains, will and heart. That’s what makes Russell Wilson so much better even though he’s smaller. He doesn’t give up even when he has a really bad game. He doesn’t take the game for granted and he works on getting better.
      In the NFL, with so much tape and study, a good coaching staff knows how to force a QB into there weak spots. Look what AZ did to Kaep. If Kaep wants a fresh start with the Jets, see you later! Or you can come back and work on your game and get better.
      Payton Manning just showed that a game manager is enough to win the championship. He looked scared to throw on Sunday!

  31. Free Agent wish list
    Passrusher + DL: JPP, Jay Howard if Malik Jackson price is too high
    OLB: Junior Galette and Bruce Irvin
    ILB: Brandon Marshall or Danny Trevathan, or Rolando Mcclain in that order
    Guards : Kelvin Beachum and/or Kelechi Osemele
    WR Marvin Jones
    RB: Matt Forte
    all relatively cheap with exception of Jpp and Jones

    1. Forte is so old. Schwartz and Wis are cheaper and younger than your guys, but Osemele looks like it could happen.

      Is Jaye Howard better than Jackson? I’m thinking maybe yes.

  32. Razor quotes a white separatist website for authority for his viewpoints. Below is a representative snippet of what he reads there. This is the world according to Razor:

    “I don’t want to be an a-hole BUT, for me, you simply cannot have a White Nation with non-whites, not even one non-white ’cause that non-white will want to breed and who is willing to give up their White Son or White Daughter for them to breed with? And their mixed children will need to breed and more White Sacrifices will need to be made. Who will be the Volunteer? Not My White Family.

    One could argue that the non-white part will be bred out. Okay, but in the meantime, do I have a Right to not be a part of that? I mean, I do not wish to share my community with diversity no matter how small it may be ’cause then I feel like I have to walk on eggshell.”

    Razor, ladies and gentlemen.

    1. Your compulsion to paint me as a racist is a sickness, and only a fool would not seek help. Have your mother drive you down to Dr. Marvin’s office….

    2. My reaction is that Razor went to far in blaming “them” and Silicon Chip has gone too far into the nasty nature of the web site that posted something attractive to Razor.

      When I find myself in times of trouble
      Mother Mary comes to me
      Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
      And in my hour of darkness
      She is standing right in front of me
      Speaking words of wisdom, let it be

      Let it be, let it be
      Let it be, let it be
      Whisper words of wisdom, let it be

      And when the broken-hearted people
      Living in the world agree
      There will be an answer, let it be
      For though they may be parted
      There is still a chance that they will see
      There will be an answer, let it be

      Let it be, let it be
      Let it be, let it be
      Yeah, there will be an answer, let it be
      Let it be, let it be
      Let it be, let it be
      Whisper words of wisdom, let it be

      1. All alone in a crowded room
        He tries to force a smile
        The smile it beamed or so it seemed
        But never reached the eyes, disguise
        Masquerading as the funny man do they despise

        The false smile maketh of the man
        Glass empty or half full
        Try to make some sense or sorrows drown
        All looks well on the outside
        Underneath the solemn truth
        There’s something that inside has died
        Tomorrow comes tomorrow goes
        But the cloud remains the same
        Wonder why he’s feeling down
        Tears of a clown
        Maybe it’s all just for the best
        Lay his weary head to rest
        Was forever feeling drowned
        Tears of a clown

        Who motivates the motivator
        Facade it has to go
        He knows it sooner or later
        Smile for cameras all ok
        But tomorrow is another day he must get through

        He had a longer way to run
        Or so the story goes
        Life full of fun where did it go
        We saw the sadness in his eyes
        It came as no surprise
        And now of course we’ll never know
        Tomorrow comes tomorrow goes
        But the cloud remains the same
        Wonder why he’s feeling down
        Tears of a clown
        Maybe it’s all just for the best
        Lay his weary head to rest
        Was forever feeling drowned
        Tears of a clown

          1. Interesting piece written by Steve Harris about Robin Williams….

            Thing is Htwaits, when someone comes in here with his condescension under a pseudo name calling Seb and I fools for picking the Broncos, I take offense to that. It then took him 5 hours before he couldn’t resist the bait any longer, and mustered the courage to admit that it was indeed himself who had called us SO foolish. Oh the irony….

            1. Razor

              You are a narcissist of the highest order. I wasn’t referring to you as a fool; I was calling everyone who would pick a Peyton Manning to win the playoffs a fool. So there’s that. I don’t give a hoot whether I was right or wrong about the outcome of that meaningless game, but yeah, Peyton vindicated my view by going out and having the worst performance in the history of the Super Bowl by a winning QB. Denver won because of Von Miller, in spite of Peyton’s putrid performance.

              And then there was you bringing into a football blog your small-minded, racist view that Beyoncé shouldn’t have “payed” homage to Black History, imputed her faith with no evidence whatsoever, and then accused Obama and Holder of race-baiting. You did all that, unprovoked. And then you sent anyone who would read your drivel to an “article” you found on your white supremacist website.

              At no time during this entire exchange have you added anything at all to any intelligent conversation whatsoever, especially nothing related to football.

              Then you said I should use lithium, which is to suggest mental illness. Then you brought my mother into this forum. You are exactly who you have portrayed yourself as: a racist, pathetic, succubus with contempt for anyone who doesn’t look like your or share your views.

              And I’m wasn’t attacking Seb. He does enough on this website himself to get on everyone’s nerves, but I like his energy and his contributions, and encouraged him to find authority for his viewpoints, so that instead of just repeating them, he could explain them.

              And I’ve been on this website since 2011; every season I change my name on here to reflect the time of the season. You’re too self-involved to get that, but I know who you are and how you’ve always spent your time trying to just correct others or tear them down. That’s your game. I get it. It’s what those poor, pathetic visitors to your favorite website do too.

              In one paragraph, you impugn Beyoncé’s faith, rail against civil rights, and call the first black POTUS a race-baiter. And you do it with all the blind gusto of Boss Hog, proudly linking your backwater, arcane views to a white supremacist group.

              Now, if you want to talk football, please do. I’m all ears. Let’s see what you can bring the table. Have you anything to offer this world before you keel over and die?

              1. Sil, please stop the race baiting. I think Razor is a fine fellow and about as racist as Chip Kelly. He also does have many intelligent things to say.
                Please, he cited an article, he did not espouse their beliefs.
                I have no problem with you, and will accept your criticisms, grin, and come back for more. But please, this is getting nasty, and we could all do with less snark.
                Razor made one post. He is not Hitler. I have found that many posters on this site are more conservative than Trump, but will still acknowledge they love America and love the Niners. Maybe you need to be a teensy bit more tolerant, and we can get back to calmly and civilly discussing a team we are ALL passionate about.
                I am not a saint either, but I will try my best to ignore the taunts and insults from a select few. I do tend to repeat myself, but do that because there are readers who have not seen my previous posts, so I am saying those things for them.
                I accept your call to research more, and do try to cite sources and give attribution. However, the answers to some of my questions do not have an answer until the season begins, so we will have to wait.
                Once again, please take a chill pill.

              2. Seb

                Why do you feel the need to play policeman here? It’s not your issue. But to clarify, one LAST time.

                I did not do any race-baiting; the other guy charged our black president and sec with race-baiting;

                And yes, when you parrot something from a white supremacy website, and then provide a link to it, what you are doing, precisely, is espousing the beliefs held thereon. That is exactly what that is.

                For instance, I go to MaioccoCSN and I summarize what I found there, and I provide the link, and I say I agree, then yes, I am espousing the beliefs of MaioccoCSN’s website.

                Anyway, this is finished. Razor has finally started to talk football, thank the little baby jesus.

              3. And yet here you come again. Time to put your hood back on and stop hiding it, moron. Can you now be done, or are you going to carry this on ad nauseum?

              4. Sil, we just need to move on, that is all I have to say. I actually went on that web site to see how bad it is, but just saw how they try to use people like Thomas Jefferson to give their hate cover.
                They even brought up the intelligence of different races is variable, but maybe they did not realize that Asians have some of the highest scores, and highest college enrollment rates, so it is just destroying their arguments. Whites are not superior. The screed against Holder that Razor cited did not have overt hate, and seemed pretty mild.
                Now lets bury this subject and concentrate on NINER football.

              5. Razor, you are pouring gas on the fire, please stop.
                I hope both of you can be good sports, shake hands and studiously ignore each other.

              6. Seb

                Well at least you know the kind of racist cr*p that website is spewing now. And anyone who believes the stuff on there is suspect, at the least.

                I’m done.

  33. LOL, not too long ago, I would have fanned the flames, but now, I just want to talk Niner football in a calm civil manner.
    Please, for the love of God, stop the bickering. Cant believe I am sounding so conciliatory, but I want this site to be inviting to polite passionate Niner fans, and emo asides and insults do no good, and a lot of harm.

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