Can Chip Kelly rescue Colin Kaepernick’s career?


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    1. Might be wishful thinking on my part, but I think hes eyeing Goff. The reports of infatuation with Kap just to inflate his value because the 49ers know that Hue likes Kap as he has said multiple times publicly, and probably privately in the interview.

      1. Jackson wanted CK, which somehow manifests Goff getting drafted is my dream scenario.

        I’m no expert on Kelly’s system in Philly, but I watched some footage last night. Screens, bubble screens, short and mid range passes… all requiring quick reads and accurate touch passes by the quarterback. That’s not CK.

        Throw on a Cal game. See Goff run a fast pace offense. See Goff make quick, decisive decisions. Look at all the well timed screens, bubble screens, short and mid range passes.

        Notice how Goff sees every little detail in his pre-snap reads.

        Part of what the hurry up’s all about… catching defenses out of position at the snap, which means the QB has to have good pre-snap eyes.

          1. I don’t know alot about the Eagles, but it seems like Kelly ran the QB way less compared to Oregon. Didn’t he trade for Bradford?

          2. If he’s committed to zone-read running quarterbacks with short-intermediate passing ability… Paxton Lynch might be his targeted guy. Or even Hogan, who has sneaky athleticism.

            1. On the Eagles footage I saw last night, Kelly would compensate for his not so mobile quarterback by changing the option. Instead of hand off with a run option, it was hand off with a pitch out option.

              The limiter was there had to be another skill player in the backfield during the play. In that video it was a receiver on a fly sweep.

          3. I agree 100% goff would be crushed in the zone read system. Never hold up. I think Baalke needs to win now to save his career and a rookie qb won’t help

        1. I am not going to anoint Goff as the second coming. I remember everyone was drooling over him, and the next game he threw 5 picks. Goff did not do well against Pac 12 bowl teams and he passed like crazy against a weak Air force team.
          Wentz may have the physical tools, but I do not know if he has all the intangibles.
          With all the dire needs, a QB is a luxury pick. Several decent ones will be available in the later rounds.
          Hogan, Coker, Prescott, Hackenberg, Sudfeld, Brissett and of course, Vernon Adams, the Oregon QB.

            1. That must be why Kaepernick couldn’t see Torrey Smith waving in a 747 during the Rams game; he had drool in his eyes.

            1. Well I hope they draft a couple of o-lineman and shore up that poor offensive line so the QB has time to look and throw, and they are going to need a fast WR also.

      2. I hope we get Goff, but we’d have to swing a deal. Hopefully maybe we can send Kap to Cle, or work some 3-way trade where we trade for RG 3 and send him to Cle somehow. There is a gambling hope that Cle takes the other Qb. Damnit, see what winning the last game has done to the 49ers?

      3. Chip tried to trade for Kaep last offseason before he made the trade for Bradford. Goff is a good talent but he is a rookie and you don’t know what you gone get from him as a Pro. Drafting means we are rebuilding and not reloading.

          1. Wentz will not be the pick. Chip will want to prove he can win and win now. The first two picks will be on a Pass Rusher and a LT that will start at LG til Staley contract expire or retires.

          2. First of all, Kelly’s offense evolved during his time with Phili. The most important quality a QB must posess in his system is “reflexive recall”, the ability to make quick, but rather simple reads, without an ounce of hesitation! The second most important quality is accuracy, particularly the ability to hit receivers on intermediate passes while in the pocket or on the move. Thirdly, the ideal QB needs to be mobile enough to pick up yards on the ground. There is a misnomer that Chip’s ideal QB must be a running QB. He doesn’t. He merely needs to be mobile enough to keep defenses guessing. That’s why Chip made the risky trade for the oft-injured Sam Bradford. Sam’s ability to make quick reads and deliver accurate passes trumped his average running ability.

            That said, having the running ability Kap has, is a advantageous in Kelly’s system. However, Gabbert is plenty mobile enough to excel in Kelly’s system. I agree with Wentz, although I believe if Chip thinks Lynch is more accurate than Wentz, he’d be Chips preferred QB prospect in the upcoming draft. Paxton Lynch has surprising mobility for a guy with his size and length.

            1. Early days yet, but there is a fair bit of talk at the moment he could go in the first. And it wouldn’t surprise me if he did.

            1. They could try, but no guarantee they’ll be able to without giving up a lot or that he’ll be available in the late picks of the first round.

            2. Hogan seems to be the forgotten man. He’s thick bodied, sneaky athletic, faster than he looks, used to high level competition.

              Hogan can bull for first downs. Other (even faster) quarterbacks might be more limited to outside runs. Hogan can keep the offense unpredictable.

              If they miss out on Wentz can see Hogan as a round 3 or 4 choice.

            3. Nope. Wentz would not drop past St. Louis, IMO, so the Niners would not be able to get him anywhere past midway through round one.

    2. I hope so. I may be in the minority, but I don’t see Kelly’s hiring as a lock that Kaepernick is coming back next year. I don’t think Chip makes him an accurate passer or good decision maker. Flaws still exist. Kaepernick still lacks the intangibles and will never improve. He doesn’t understand coverages, protections, hot routes, sight-adjust principles — things a six-year vet should understand. Kaepernick is a one-read quarterback who is unable to move through his progression to find an open receiver when his first option is taken away. He might have all the physical tools but he lacks all of the intangibles needed to be a starting QB in the nfl.

      Over the course of his career, Kaepernick’s intermediate completion percentage (between four and six yards) is an unimpressive 57.9 percent. On passing attempts between seven and nine yards, that number jumps only slightly to 58 percent. Not exactly stellar numbers in a system likely to employ a lot of short, quick reads. His accuracy/timing, particularly on short throws, is an issue in Kelly’s system. Of course there are likely way more factors in the mix here, so a simple reflection of percentages and numbers isn’t a totally accurate reflection (i can be proven wrong of course) but it’s still possible the 49ers move on from Kaep, Start Gabbert and draft another QB. I would be thrilled if they took a chance on Carson Wentz.

          1. And an offense with a huge TE. Come on bro don’t try to play the Ginn card. How many one handed grabs has Olsen had this year?

            1. You’re using a weak argument. Newton had less options to throw to than Kaepernick did and a less talented receiving corps as well, yet he was able to put up some solid numbers,

              1. Wonder how Cam would have faired under Tomsula, Logan and Chryst? You kinda have to throw this season out because of the coaching for both our QB’s. I would love do see Kap revived but I am not sure it can happen. Some people thought Young’s career would never change. Let’s see what happens.

              2. A lot of his production is based on his threat to run. I don’t mean that as a diss towards him, it was the same for CK a couple of years ago. Newton is a big dude but eventually those hits will take a toll on him. He’s one shot away from being Dante Culpepper, who was a phenomenal threat before he lost his mobility. The defense has to account for him first and foremost, much like they did when CK was running the Wildcat.

  1. “Kelly isn’t attracted to pass-first quarterbacks. He’s obsessed with athletic quarterbacks who also can throw — that’s his history”

    You sure? Moved from Vick -> Foles – > Sanchez – > Bradford in NFL.

    1. The transition you mentioned above was hindered because the OL in Philly wasn’t built to protect a pocket passer like Bradford. Still great point.

  2. I think it is disingenuous to imply that Kelly cares nothing about QB’s and he is married to Kaepernick. Kelly won 10 games in each of his first two seasons going through 3 and 2 QBs with the talent level of Sanchez, Barkley, and Bradford. Ten games is more than many coaches have won with those QB’s and no defense.
    The scheme works much like the scheme in Green Bay works. See Matt Flynn. The point is, Kaepernick needs Kelly more than Kelly needs Kaepernick. If he can win ten games with Sanchez and Barkley, he should be just fine with Gabbert and Thompson.
    Let’s also remember that Kelly is the HC not the OC. I think the coming weeks will really tell a lot about how successful the organization can be under Kelly by who he hires, who he keeps, and the personnel he acquires.

  3. I bet Kelly is jumping for joy and rubbing his hands together in glee. He now has 2 mobile QBs who are perfect for his system. While I still think they should draft Hogan, the Niners can bolster their pass rush and LB squad with high draft picks.

      1. I like Smelter.There are also decent FAs who will be affordable.
        I hope they keep Boldin, especially for his leadership.
        Niners really need a pass rusher.

            1. Not if the 9ers pay part of his contract! Remember it is only for one year at a time and Jed has opened up his wallet now. I also helps that Philly is paying part of Kelly’s big bucks for the next two years!

              1. Roughly the 49ers pay $6M and the eagles pay the difference which is $500K for the next two years. It’s not Theoretical Physics.

        1. They need o-line help more than a pass rusher, they have nobody with
          the skills to protect the QB, and that’s been that way for a long time,
          so it;s about time to build that o-line up. There are some QB’S out
          there that get 8 and 10 seconds to hold on the ball before they throw.
          I remember watching a Tom Brady game where he held on to the ball for 12 seconds, the broadcasters even time that one.

  4. I agree Grant. One other problem with Kelly’s system is that it’s either quick scoring or a quick three and out which makes for a gassed defense. And it’s going to be more three and out unless Kelly can adjust his scheme.

        1. Yep! One of Bruce’s strength coming out of college is that he has stamina for days. He played PG for S. Carolina and there were reports that will practice with the football team even after a game of basketball. One thing you need when playing with Kelly’s system, great conditioning!
          We will definitely know for sure if Bruce has been underutilized or just not cut out for the NFL.

    1. When I read crap like this I realize how dumbed down America and 49er fans have become. Despite playing under two OCs who had no clue how to use him, Kap has completed just under 60% of his passes for over 10,000 yards with 56 TDs and 26 Ints. Passer rating is 88.4 despite last season’s disaster under Chryst.

      With Kelly inserting Kap in his read option no huddle system, we finally have a system that is designed with Kap’s skills in mind. In fact, Kelly has been trying to get Kap for three years. Anyone who thinks Gabbert will start needs a quick lobotomy.

      I’ve watched him his entire career and he is a unique talent who requires an innovative coach, not a squarehead from Michigan or his Pop Warner League recruit trying to change him into a pocket QB. I’ll furnish the salt for the huge plate of crow you’ll be enjoying next year. GO NINERS! GO KELLY! GO KAP!

      For those who doubt Kap’s QB skills, listen to Jon Gruden on Kap in a Rams game: <a href=";

  5. The zone read option is an afterthought in the NFL now. It will be used less than 10% of the time as teams have figured it out. Just like the wish bone, run and shoot and hurry up, teams study it, adapt and counter it. Chip Kelly wood be foolish to build an offense around the read option in today’s NFL.

    1. Have you ever watched a Seahawk game? They mention the read option and its effectiveness on a weekly basis.

      Have you ever watched a Panthers game? They mention the read option and its effectiveness on a weekly basis.

      Tune in on Sunday.

      Actually you probably won’t have to wait until Sunday, Alex Smith often runs the read option, that’s on Saturday.

      1. Like I said its 10% of each teams play book. Its mentioned but used seldom. To use it exclusively as an offense is useless.

        To your point:

        Seattle is winning because of their QB making plays in the passing game, same with Newton and wow, Alex Smith. Tell me how good he would be in Chips offense? Terrible trade by the 49ers! None of those offenses are built or rely upon the read option.

    2. Prime,
      That is 100% incorrect. Seattle and Carolina use the read option quite often. Seattle uses the inside read option frequently and it’s extremely effective. Same with Carolina. It works because they are legitimate running threats. It’s not the same as running your QB outside and exposing him to the DE on an option play, but it still holds a defender accountable for the QB and creates an advantage for the O-line. You are just throwing more of your anti-CK proproganda at the wall. You have been doing it since before his first start, you were convinced he was gone, and now you’re doing you’re best to convince everybody that he is hopeless-even though he may not even be here next year. Kelly may very well think differently. He was hired to make those decisions and he knows what he wants. Just stop with the uninformed b.s. posts, you’re better than that.

          1. You are probably right but just can’t handle your over emotional responses lately. Between you and Seb it’s like a soap opera on here!

              1. Its too easy. I kinda feel let down.
                I hope all my championship just proves that I am a die hard faithful Niner fan, and acts in his own small way to counter the hate by hitting back hard.

            1. I was simply correcting your incorrect statements. They were incorrect because they were based on your inability to control your emotions with regards to CK. This whole blog is filled with your desperate anti-CK ramblings. Nobody cares. I don’t care if he comes back or not.

              I don’t know anything about Seb. If you would like to provide an example of one of my “over emotional” responses that bother you so much, feel free. I’m not the one making stuff up to aid my argument. You were agreeing with me the other day when I said I thought they would draft a QB with a high pick. You also agreed with me earlier during the season that Kaep would be an ideal fit in Kelly’s system, when I thought he would sign with Philadelphia during FA. I didn’t anticipate Kelly becoming the 49ers HC and I still think Kaep will ultimately move on. It’s just funny how you make stuff up. It’s seems to be an over emotional response.

              1. BigP, its funny how my posts engender hyperbolic traumatic emo responses. Then they decry that is has become a soap opera.
                All I want to do is calmly and civilly discuss the Niners with posters like you who have sharp football acumen and a breadth of knowledge.

              2. Seb,
                I’m just not a fan of making crap up to aid your argument, which is what he was doing. He hates CK. I thought he could do well with another franchise if it was the right system. I thought he would likely sign with the Eagles this offseason because of Chip Kelly’s offense. I said a change of scenery would be good for him.

                Through a strange series of events, his ideal fit came to the team I thought he was 100% leaving. I’m very confident that Kelly didn’t come here to coach Gabbert long term, which is why I think they either draft a rookie high and keep Gabbert short term, or Kaep is the reason he wanted the job. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Baalke hired the guy that inquired about trading for Kaepernick when he was in Philly.

                It’s going to be interesting to watch it unfold over the next couple of months. If they genuinely feel there is a franchise QB in this draft and he is available at #7, I feel they should pick him. Kaep and Gabbert have both proven their proficiency for getting their asses kicked against divisional opponents. Neither is a franchise QB, which I strongly feel the team needs. You can’t get a franchise QB if you don’t invest in the position. Time to invest.

              3. Seb you are a tool. The self righteousness makes you creepy.
                Big P, your hero for all you do to try hiding the love for him is not worth the 12 million a year risk. Unless he takes a 8 million haircut, he’s not worth keeping. You and Seb make emotional arguements because you love him. The football fans see it as not a good football decisions for the team! Kelly is a crazy to go all in with a flawed QB.
                Let’s see what happens.

              4. Prime,
                You don’t even read what I write, you just start popping off. Seb trolls you to perfection and you haven’t caught on to that, yet. That’s why he gets under your skin. I’m not campaigning for Kaepernick. Please, find the part where I said that, or anything even remotely close to that. There was nothing emotional about anything I said. You’re being hypocritical, again. Read what I wrote again and you will realize that you’re so lathered up about CK that your thought process is impaired. Here, I’ll make it easy for you.

                It’s going to be interesting to watch it unfold over the next couple of months. If they genuinely feel there is a franchise QB in this draft and he is available at #7, I feel they should pick him. Kaep and Gabbert have both proven their proficiency for getting their asses kicked against divisional opponents. Neither is a franchise QB, which I strongly feel the team needs. You can’t get a franchise QB if you don’t invest in the position. Time to invest.

              5. Prime, Chip Kelly likes challenges. The biggest challenge in the football world would be to rehabilitate Kaep’ career. It will take a miracle to resurrect it, but Chip is the guy to do it. With both Kaep and Gabbert running the Duck Style Offense under Chip, I feel like the Niner offense will improve from 31st to something respectable.
                Chip Kelly is too smart to throw away his best opportunity to show his genius. I hope Kaep is all aboard, but after being stabbed in the back, I can only applaud his character to be able to forgive their transgressions.
                Jed deserves Kaep going to the Rams where he would get to play the Niners 2 times each year and haunt their seasons for the next 10 years. Kaep with that Ram defense would be formidable.
                Chip Kelly will solve the offensive ineptitude that will strike almost every team. Even KC and their horrendous game clock management. It cost them the game.

              6. Prime, to respond to your attack, I would like you to know that losers lose their cool.
                I win again.

  6. Is there a chance Kelly and Kaepernick flop due to his inaccuracy, timing and field illiteracy? You bet, but the potential for something special is there. The 49ers made the mistake of trying to force him into a pocket passer. Kelly is going to make it easy for Kaepernick at first and wear out opposing defenses with a furious pace. No more overthinking, and lack of anticipation. He’ll feature Kaepernick as a runner on a regular basis and he’ll be a threat to score on any play, unlike Foles, Sanchez and The Bradford Collection.That in turn is going to create mismatch opportunities in the passing game on play action….

      1. # of receptions and yards in first 4 seasons:

        Vernon Davis 181/2087

        Coby Fleener 183/2154

        Davis’s career TD average per season is 5 and through 4 seasons Fleener is average 4.25.

        Should we sign Vernon Davis 2.0?

              1. What does what Davis has done the past two seasons have to do with the point that their careers have started essentially the same statistically?

                Oh, nothing you’re just arguing to argue. As usual.

    1. In the penny pinching recent past, Baalke’s used free agency to plug s many roster holes as he can to reduce the number of “need” draft picks. This lets him trade picks more, and jump on BPA if it falls.

      I’m not saying its been successful, but it seems pretty clear that’s why he does in FA. 1) Plug holes with not too expensive FAs as he can
      2) Secure remaining need picks in early rounds
      3) Go BPA or trade kung-fu

      But this year might be different. He badly needs impact FAs with a higher likelihood of playing. Not just depth insurance for draft leverage. I’d like Fleener. He’d get snaps.

      1. I agree b2w,

        And on top of all that this will be the most cap space he’s worked with in his tenure.

        That said, Fleener would be a good addition, and Vmac needs to leave.

        1. If Stanley is available, the Niners should grab him, but if Buckner is available at 7, the Niners should grab him. The late season improvements. The development of Tiller. The promise of Brown, and the return of ADavis, mean that the O line is not as critical as getting a pass rusher.

  7. The odds of Malik Jackson hitting FA have likely increased with the Broncos re-signing Derek Wolfe to a pretty sizeable deal.

  8. First there is no guarantee that Kap will be healthy by OTA’s. Gabbert has already proven he sees a lot more out there than Colin ever did. Gabbert with better footwork and just as athletic. Ran for a 49 yard TD this season.. Go with Gabbert. Trade or release Kap and draft Jared Goff… That’s the quickest way to return to playoff level football. If they pass on Goff that would make two franchise QB fails in a little over ten years. That’s one Super Bowl and whatever Aaron has left and Jared going into the mid 2020’s

  9. A nice thing about Kelly’s practices…. reps. I think alot of pass catchers (Ellington, Patton, VMac) will benefit from constantly running and catching passes at a fast pace. These horses need to get out of the stable and onto the track

  10. Anyone who doesn’t believe CK7 will be starting this season doesn’t know Chip Kelly. He has been longing to have him as his AB for years. He made it no secret that he wanted to trade for him when he was with the Eagles. Kelly is the master of the read option no huddle offense and he needs a great running QB to get it done. He has been salivating over Kap for years. People forget the Kelly was 10-6 his first two seasons with the Eagles and took the mediocre Nick Foles to a season of 27 TDs and 2 Ints. Kelly has never had a running QB like Kap and the two will resurrect one another’s careers.

    1. Finally. Someone who does not want the Niners to draft a QB like Carson Wentz with their first pick because Kaep will be the starting QB. I would even be happy if Gabbert beats out Kaep for the starting gig because both are mobile QBs with strong arms.
      If one looks at the scouting report for Wentz they will see a QB that needs a lot of work with his reads and mechanics. He is a developmental project, not an instant starter, and his small school pedigree may not translate well into the NFL.

        1. Kaep developed into a QB that almost won a SB and almost returned the next season. He also ran for 181 yards in a playoff game.
          Wentz could only dream of doing that.
          Last season, the O line was so putrid, Kaep needed 3 operations in the offseason.

          1. One of those injuries occured during a game in which the OL did their job but Kaepernick didn’t.

            1. Devey was a turnstile and Pears was a flag generator. Martin rated worst in the league. Defend them all you want, I have a slightly different analysis.

              1. That doesn’t change anything Seb. I get that you love Kaepernick, but your love was easily shot down by the gifs Cubus linked on here after the Packers game.

            1. Prime, with Chip at the helm, the Niners will sail home with more rings. Glory days will return, and Niners will become relevant again.

              1. Revisionism here? Seb, you weren’t so enamored of Chip in your posts prior to the 9ers signing him. Say, you aren’t being sarcastic are you?

              2. Cassie, I thought Chip was destined for a reunion with Mariota.
                I also did not think Jed was smart enough to select him.
                Look at my post from Jan 7 at 6:21 PM

    2. That’s why I didn’t want Chip Kelly but oh no, we got a FUP idiot that doesn’t know better. I want to see 8 games with an empty stadium, no 49er fans. Protest this hire if CK is not OFF this team.!

    3. Gary Mialocq

      You are so full of smoke you could be a forest fire with very little effort….Where the heck did you get the misbegotten idea that Chip Kelly would want CK even on his roster ? If you studied Chips history, you’d see that what has made Chip successful are the characteristics in his QB’s that are 180 degrees from what Kaep brins to the table….You seem to think that if you keep saying something, it will come true….Here, try this “there’s no place like home….there’s no place like home….”

  11. There is a detail that media has not widely reported regarding Kelly’s contract with the 49ers; he does, in fact, have some say regarding personnel decisions. Joan in payroll now reports directly to Coach Kelly. He also takes financial advice from her, as well as suggestion about how to maximize play calling efficiency and communication.

    1. In case you didn’t hear, Joan was injured in an encounter with Terry Tate (Office Linebacker). Word is she’ll be put on IR, meaning Amy Trask will fill in.

  12. From PFT:

    49ers coach Chip Kelly could target Browns OC John DeFilippo as his offensive coordinator.
    The Browns have yet to let DeFilippo out of his contract, but the 49ers have interest based on his ties to Kelly and CEO Jed York. In many respects, DeFilippo made wine out of water this season in Cleveland considering the Browns’ talent deficiencies. The San Francisco Chronicle also speculates Kelly could bring Eagles DC Billy Davis to replace Eric Mangini.

    Nothing new on OC, but I wasn’t aware that Eagles DC might be the 49ers DC target.

      1. I could have looked like Johnny Unitas against our defense last year… and I stink as a QB!

  13. Kelly’s innovation and Kaepernick’s ability to make awkward throws across the field is definitely going to happen this year.

    Its hilarious to see how reluctance you guys to have Kap be the starter. It’s going to happen. Even Grant, who despises Kaepernick and can’t wait for him to be out of the league, knows that he is going to be the starter. People need to realize that there are a limited number of QB’s for Kelly’s system in the NFL. The only reason, Barkley, Bradford, Foles, and Sanchez were his QB’s was because he couldn’t obtain a mobile QB to run his system. The whole point of a mobile QB in the Kelly system is its benefit on the run game and vice versa. There is some sort of elusion that the QB has to have pinpoint accuracy like Brady or Rodgers. That’s not true. If your a QB in the NFL your accurate enough. Darron Thomas and Jeremiah Masoli are prime examples of this. I know it was in college, but both are smaller than Kaepernick and less accurate passers and they thrived in the system.

    1. “If your a QB in the NFL your accurate enough”

      Kaepernicks problems are not only accuracy, they are leadership, intelligence, touch, footwork.
      People keep forgetting that he struggles in many areas. Guys like you rememeber how he played 2 years ago and now hope Kelly comes in,breaks him down and builds him back up in 5 months.
      It wont happen because they can do that with a rookie QB who’s cheaper or with Gabbert whos smarter and cheaper.

      1. So the three games where he had 250 yards, 2tds, 0INT’s didn’t showcase his accuracy, intelligence, touch, and footwork? Those are good games for a QB no matter what the name on the back of their jersey is.

        Is he a top 15 QB in regards to accuracy, intelligence, touch, and footwork? Probably not. Is he top 20 in regards to accuracy, intelligence, touch, and footwork? I would say he is. Is he a top 5 QB in terms of ability to run the ball and create plays with his legs? He definitely is.

        Although he has deficiencies his intangible ability as a runner make up for them and make him a legitimate threat as a QB. Kelly is going to minimize his deficiencies and maximize his ability. It can be done, look at Cam Newton, he has accuracy issues and has bad throwing mechanics but Shula is able to get the best out of him by designing an offense suited to his strengths.

        And just so you know since you referenced Gabbert. He had 0 games of 250 yards 2tds and 0INT’s while Kap had 3. Gabbert also played behind a better offensive line.

        All that aside its about winning SuperBowls and Kap gives us the best chance over the next 5 years to do that. Gabbert has never even played in a playoff game. If he ever gets to one in his career, he most likely will lose it. Additonally, you look at Cam Newton who has everyone on his jock and look at his playoff record. He’s 1-2. With the one win coming when his top ranked defense had to play against a third string QB.

        1. “So the three games where he had 250 yards, 2tds, 0INT’s didn’t showcase his accuracy, intelligence, touch, and footwork?”

          So how are you going to explain away the other 5 games? Each of which he was held under 170 yards.

              1. Yes, the O line allowed Kaep to be bludgeoned. He was injured because Devey allowed Mathews to run by him like he was standing still.

              2. It doesn’t matter what I say or present to you as evidence Seb. You’re still going to believe that Kaepernick is the victim of everything from the coaches to the OL to Richard Sherman and Roger Goodell even while still denying that Kaepernick was at fault when he was.

          1. Those 5 games he didn’t play well. Neither did the whole team. Gabbert played behind a better line as the season went on. I’m not making excuses but playing behind devey is insane. The worst guard I have ever seen. Let’s see what happens going forward.

            1. The oline caused him to throw 2 pick sixes to open the Arizona game?

              It’s not just the 8 games he played this year. The last half of 2014 was pretty bad as well.

              1. Chip Kelly was the only hire that the Niners could have made, because they were about to lose the fan base. They had to something out of the ordinary to create interest in the team. It’s a bold risky move for the Boy King.
                I actually think that Kelly is going to adapt. He’s a competitive innovator, and he’s going to adapt and we may be happier with him in the long run over Harbaugh. Kelly did get Oregon to be a top team.
                Now if you look the offensive pieces, he will have a strong Back in Hyde, with maybe a could of scrubs like Droughn or Harris to round out the RB. I bet we find a Scat Back like LMJ, only better.
                He’s going to have a Fast WR in Torrie Smith, and a couple of little WR in Patton and Ellington. An H-Back in Boldin.
                He may have a decent line next year if Davis comes back.
                Which leaves us with two QBs — Gabbert and Kaep. Both those guys are athletic, so they could fit.
                Everything pivots on who the DC is. If we had Fangio, that would be a winning ticket.

  14. 49ers are going to go 1 and 15:
    AFC East, 0 and 4
    NFC SOuth 0 and 4
    Beat Dallas
    Lose to Chicago
    0 and 6 in our division.

      1. Perhaps if he were a ‘true’ fan–whatever that is–he’d predict 16-0 and a super bowl win each and every year. If he can’t do that, he’s scum… Correct?

        1. Wrong. While I hope for glory every year, I have predicted a 10-6 season many times. You may be correct in calling him scum, but I dont need to use those adjectives.
          Ones who predict a winless season are either masochists or delight in schadenfreude. I suspect the latter.

    1. Agree. It really is up to Kaep to get his stuff together. Great coaching can provide opportunity, but he needs to seize it.

  15. If I understand Kelly correctly then he wants his QB to be able to recall all plays and improvise as needed. What it means is that Kap needs to spend more time in the film room rather than the weight room. We haven’t seen much good out of Kappie when he’s under pressure, except a few desperation passes that turned out OK. AZ showed what he does when there is too much pressure.

      1. I agree, if Geep remained the OC and Chip wasn’t the HC. But that’s no longer the case. In 2016, he could (could…) fall in the 19-27 range for 230 yrds passing; 60 yards rushing per game. That’s if he’s the starter. Will be great fun.

        1. But he did the same things in Jacksonville. I think the key will be the offensive line. I believe if Kap was the starter with a healthy o line, it would be vintage kap. He wouldn’t be running for his life. Gabbert just throws the ball to damn early, and kap runs out the pocket. Ideals of a bad o line.

          1. Gabbert is a backup at best. Say what you want but he did no better than Kaep. He averaged only 14 pts a game…that means the D or special teams had to score to when games(which has happen).

  16. Nothing radical here… Chip will continue to adapt with the personnel he has. I’m sure he wants to see all QBs currently on the roster close up and often. Yes, he’ll be 100% hands on with the offense, but he won’t just bring in a hollow, do nothing OC. His OC will be a key component. Would expect the 9ers will draft a QB somewhere in rounds 3-5. Under Chip, Gabbert could be reasonably effective out of the blocks–at least for a season. Kaep might be a bit of a project. Wonder who the QB coach will be (if they have one)? Will be very interesting to see what unfolds April through the draft. Might have surprise trade or two.

  17. We in my opinion already have 2 young mobile qbs that can run Chip Kelly’s system which is very qb friendly. We won’t see too many interceptions being thrown this year. We have more holes on the roster to fill especially at the OL & LB positions. If Anthony Davis does indeed return (which he will) that fills one hole. I want a monster on the other side of Bowman and maybe a top CB. & there’s still free agency which we FINALLY have a lot of money to play with.

      1. Ya we had 12 mil last year not 53 mil like this year. Plus the free agent class was weak last year. This year it should be stronger for what we need.

  18. So we don’t have desean Jackson on this team, but if torrey losses even more weight, he will be even faster. And in a Kelly system he could thrive. At the very least, he will be a hell of alot better than he was this season. A shell of himself

  19. I would call Lovie Smith for D coordinator. Arik could be the next Warren Sapp. He probably wouldn’t go back to coaching D.

    1. Lovie runs the Tampa 2. “A defense known for its gang tackling and team speed, with a front 4 that could pressure the quarterback”

      1. The one thing I feel pretty confident about regarding the 49ers DC in 2016 is that he’ll run a version of the 3-4. Kelly prefers it, and Baalke has been drafting for it.

  20. Kelly and Kaep will be able to rescue each others career. Kelly’s system is taylored to Kaep’s skillset. The one and half yrs of starting showed what he can do and be in the NFL. Carolina has changed its offense to taylor to Cam and look at what their doing. Not to mention they have a good running game and stout defense{9ers in 12 and 13)! The Kelly hire was a bold but great move! Kelly now gets a QB who knows and can effectively run his offense. He has showed that his system can be adaptive to a pocket passer but is more effective with a mobile QB. Kelly’s offense is fasted paced but he will pace the offense according to the game. The offense and defense is not that far off and with some good signings and drafting…49ers can do this yr what Carolina done last yr.

    1. Key to Chip’s system is (throwing) accuracy, accuracy, accuracy. Kaep is not consistently accurate. Kaep can’t be throwing 95 MPH fastballs either. Bottom line, much work needed with Kaep. We’ll see if the new staff can get him into position to improve.

      1. His accuracy isn’t as bad as everyone complains about. At they need to do is bring in a taller receiver with the ability to get open. A tall receiver helps an inaccurate QB.

        1. He’s not as accurate as Chip would like. Just sayin’. Wonder what Chip prefers in terms of WR height–all other things being equal–speed, ability to get open, hands, etc.?

          1. Kaep,like Kelly, will learn from his mistakes and correct them accordingly. To be honest,I feel Kaep wasn’t happy about what happen with the Harbaugh situation and all the talk about him being next. He also probably wasn’t happy about not being traded to Philly and wanted out.

            1. If Kaep is to be relevant within the NFL over the next 2-6 years, he needs a bit of a renaissance, beginning with his head–and taking advantage of some good coaching (and having good players around him). I think, given some luck and hard work, he can be an effective QB. Don’t think there will boatloads of 200+ yard rushing days in his future. Indeed, wasn’t a happy soul this last year.

      2. Kaep will do better with his accuracy with a healed shoulder and thumb, along with being given more than a nanosecond to throw.
        I predict Chip will talk about a mobile pocket.

  21. Those of you who are still hoping that Kelly will dump Kaep and go with Gabbert are dilusional. I bet the first thing Kelly asked Jed and Trent during his interview was if they were going to keep Kaep. If they had told him that Kaep was going to be released and that Gabbert and a rookie would be the QBs on the roster this year, Kelly would have said “no thanks” and would have been out the door like a shot.

    I posted here the day Kelley was fired and suggested Jed fire Tomsula and hire Kelly instantly. Well it was not instant, but I am so glad it worked out that way after all. Now, if thet can fix the O line, get a pass rusher, and get one more top line WR, I see the Niners winning 12 games in 2016, and Kaep throwing for 32 touchdowns plus rushing for another 7. Book it.

  22. Too bad for Mariota that he had to spend time in Chip Kelly’s offense. It caused him a career-ending injury and wasted all that magnificent athleticism. Marcus Mariota is a hell of a guy though. It’s just too bad he ran into The Ole QB Chipper. That guy Mariota could’ve been someone.

  23. Copying this from a Fooch article this morning:

    Adam Caplan ‏@caplannfl 32m32 minutes ago
    #Browns have informed OC John DeFilippo that he has been released from his contract, source said.

    1. off topic question for the regulars ..

      It has already been announced that the Eagles
      have selected the Chiefs OC for their new
      head coach …

      really ?

      They’re still playin’… !!

      Isn’t that tampering ?

      1. No, they just can’t make it official yet. Plus it’s difficult to schedule interviews with playoffs looming, so most wait.

  24. Kelly’s reputation as an improver of quarterbacks at every stop and a believer of camp competition bodes well for the 49ers, ridding themselves of the meddlesome Trent factor (since he knows nothing about a passing game or QB’s)
    Once the 49ers draft their QB of the future, he can compete as an understudy to Kap or whatever free agent Kelly brings in.
    My suggestion would be to draft the Clemson QB, however, he may be gone at #7 due to the front office incompetence of not starting Dylan Thompson in week 17, and not informing Tomsula he was not fired…So, Tomlsula, thinking he had a chance to keep his job, played his starterSeason

    Fans who describe Kelly’s need for accuracy in his system could do no better than Clemson’s QB. He also runs like Steve Young solving Kelly’s need for a zone read QB

    Deshaun Watson had a 4000 yd season in a shorter, College season, with nearly a 70% accuracy rate


    333 491 4104 67.8 8.36 67 35 13 15 156.3

  25. @AdamSchefter @NinersNation

    Jim Harbaugh’s deal was 5 years $25 million and Tomsula’s was 4 years, $14 million. With the 49ers still paying all of Tomsula’s contract, guess the Yorks aren’t that cheap after all.

  26.  Ann Killion Retweeted

     Ann Killion Retweeted

    Eric Branch ‏@Eric_Branch · Jan 14

    Eric Branch Retweeted Mindi Bach
    Chip, I’d like you meet to meet Vilma at the Front Desk … You’re going to love Joan From …

    Chip’s interview will occur next week because he is currently meeting 49er office personnel

    Joan From Payroll ‏@Joanfrompayroll · Jan 3

    Joan From Payroll


    Hi, my name is Joan and I work in payroll for the Santa Clara 49ers – Graduated from Trolling Green University – Interning in the Scouting Department.

    I’ll see you tomorrow Jim Tomsula, we’ll get your 401k all squared away. I’ll cherish our final moment together

  27. On PFT:

    “The Mercury News’ Cam Inman reports the 49ers did not inform Colin Kaepernick about their decision to hire Chip Kelly as head coach.
    Neither Kelly nor the organization has reached out to Kaepernick, and Inman reports the quarterback is “unsure whether Kelly sees him in the 49ers’ future.” Kelly’s hire has been widely lauded as a good move for Kaepernick, but that is only if he is viewed as the starter. The 49ers have until April 1 to decide on Kaepernick’s status for 2016. There is still a long way to go in this saga.”

    1. It’s not his ability as it is his cap hit and the risk of the regression in his play the 49ers have to consider.
      What if he has reached his potential? What if he is a one hit wonder? Two coaching staffs tried to get the most out of him, is Kelly different? Possibly but it’s 12.5 million dollar risk and what if he loses the job in training camp? That’s a lot of money to pay your back up!

      1. I tend to agree, Prime. The point you make about paying him his $11 million base in April and then having him potentially fail as a starter in training camp is a good one. It’s precisely that point which would lead me to trade (if possible) or cut Kap. Now if he were only on the books for a few million, that would be another story.

        I thought Jed made it clear in his mea culpa press conference that he expects Baalke and the new HC to work together in assembling a good team. I think Chip will have the final say as Baalke has shown little to no competence on the offensive side of the ball. Chip’s a risk taker, but, if I were him, I wouldn’t take this one.

        1. Cubus, my fear is they won’t draft a QB till the 3rd maybe 4th round in the draft. That might be too late if.
          What if Goff is there at #7. Would you take him?

          1. Yes, I would, especially if the OL and defensive free agents that were targeted were in fact acquired. I know everyone says you build through the draft and fill holes in FA, but with the kind of money we have this year, I think there could be serious overlap between the two.

            But I don’t think Goff will be there. I like what I saw from Carson Wentz in the one game I watched last Saturday. I’m looking forward to seeing him in the Senior Bowl and plan to do some review of available film. I think Wentz has the added dimension of being more mobile than Goff (although it might just be that Cal didn’t ask Goff to be very mobile), which Kelly would like. Goff would need to gain some weight, I think, to play in the NFL.

            1. So who do you like in free agency? I like an upgrade on the edge with Bruce Irvin, who doesn’t like Irvin instead of jump offsides Brooks?
              Id also like some money thrown at Alshon Jeffrey as well as Doug Martin.

              1. I don’t think Kelly is going to go with Kaep. All his flaws are now in full display. It was up to him to figure it out and he didn’t. You can call him a bust. That delivery is just to wanky.

                He may be better off with Gabbert, since he’s a more mobile version of Bradford. There’s not a sure fire can’t miss QB so don’t risk it. The big splash was hiring Kelly. He’s going to do to Gabbert with Harbaugh did with Alex, which was make him serviceable. Draft a massive mountain of a man to be a DT or DL.

              2. I think the team needs to re-sign Ian Williams and possibly make a push for Boone. Boone’s a known commodity, but I admit I’m not familiar with the type of OL that fit Kelly’s system; so maybe he isn’t a good fit. Also, I’m not sure if Boone will take to a Kelly TC. In fact, we may find that a number of veterans are dissatisfied with a Kelly TC especially after the Tomsula TCs.

                I haven’t really reviewed the FA list, but of the big names available, I like Wilkerson, Jeffrey, Fleener and Irvin. I guess Wilkerson will probably get franchised but with the injury he had I’m not sure. Tamba Hali might be worth picking up although we’d probably only get a few years out of him. Von Miller probably won’t be available.

              3. Good points Fan. This has nothing to do with my lack of confidence in #7. It’s a simple best for everyone football decision. Kaepernick’s body of work is now 4 seasons. Some good a lot bad but what more is there? Kelly is not a magician. Why would he put that undue stress upon himself in a job he needs badly. That’s if he wants to stay in the NFL.

              4. Mo Williams if he’s available, Malik Jackson if he’s not. Irvin or Hali. And re-sign Ian Williams and draft an athletic ILB. On offense, Lamar Miller, Fleener, an OG or OT, Marvin Jones, and RGIII. Try to re-sign Boone.

          2. Dateline March 30, 2016 – The San Francisco 49ers have traded Anthony Davis, their 1rst, 4th, 5th round picks and *conditional 2017 pick for the Tennessee Titans first overall selection.

            * If Anthony Davis gets cut before the end of the 2016 season, the 49ers relinquish their 2017 3rd round choice to Tennessee. If he remains on the squad, it drops to a 4th round choice.

              1. Wilber Orsten – Long Snapper from East New Hampshire Taxidermy Academy. An outside chance they might grab that Goff kid from Novato.

              1. At least. I’m hoping that at the top of the draft, charts go out the window.

                Lets say the Titans get no offers… they want Tunsil because they need an OT. It boils down to Value.

                Laremy Tunsil vs Ronnie Stanley+Anthony Davis+4th+5th+4th(2017).

                AD comes cheap. The 49ers have already eaten his pro-rated signing bonus. He’d be one of the right best tackles in football.

              2. The more I think about it, the more I think the #1 pick would be traded. The Titans have their QB. They need bodies. The Browns could be spooked into trading up to #1 of they think the 49ers or Cowboys might be trading up.

            1. It’s not much of a risk. What’s the downside? Bring him in, let Kaep go, have RGIII and Gabbert compete for the starting role. Draft a QB to develop. Same solution as keeping Kaep and Gabbert, but for less money and you get a QB that is a better natural passer than Kaep.


                If we’re forced to select between the evils I’d keep Kaepernick over bringing in RG3. Both are equally terrible pocket passers but I feel that Colin is working from a more athletically talented base and if either has the ability to improve my money is on it being Kaep.

              2. RGIII not only injury prone but known to be a bad teammate. Cheaper but still a headache.
                People forget Kelly easily got rid of 2 quality players but cancers in MCCoy and DJack.

              3. Try to keep up grandpa. The point was that stealing a wife would be worse then stealing a GF.

    2. Just shows how low class Jed is. Just like firing Tomsula by leaking before his last game, then calling him JimmyT in the PC.
      While I applaud the hiring of Chip, I also feel perfectly fine to keep slamming Jed.
      Jed really needs to grow up. He said he would part with the person who leaks, then says he will keep Marathe. What a rube.
      Listen up Jed. Baalke is the leaker. He was the only other person in the room when you and your parents decided to fire Tomsula. Part with him.

    1. of the choices already on the table ..
      I think Kaep will be Chip’s starter …

      Somehow.. I get the feeling RG3 would
      be the bridesmaid, instead

    2. It’s funny that you mentioned this because I was reading an article about the differences in athletic anatomy between men and women awhile ago and it specifically talked about RG3’s knee. He’s blown out the same knee twice, but he also has bad running mechanics. Basically, the way he runs/walks puts added pressure on his knee ligaments. The writer, who was female and a surgeon, compared the added pressure to that of what many female athletes experience because of the geometry created by having (in general) wider hips, which are obviously needed for giving birth. Women are much more susceptible to ACL tears in general, which most people know, but the comparison of body types in both sexes, the geometry created by them and the injury impact was very interesting. The mechanics aspect was also something I hadn’t thought about with regards to RG3’s running. She showed pictures of his combine drills and pointed things out about his feet, knees and walk that were red flags.

      Getting back to your question, the article talked about how RG3 has a very good chance of tearing his ACL again and that teams would have a hard time investing in him as their starter. His game is completely predicated on his ability to run and he isn’t built to take NFL hits. The risk is higher than the reward, apparently. As an inexpensive read option backup, three years removed from his last surgery? Possible.

    3. Too many other clubs with QB needs for RG III to settle for a backup roll in SF. Besides, SF doesn’t need a backup QB. They have 3.

      1. Wherever he goes it will be to compete for a starting role. He’s unlikely to just be handed a starting job. 49ers would be no different, but would offer an offense suited to his skills.

  28. Many posters are postulating that Chip will not want Kaep and try to trade him or just cut him to save money.
    And they call ME delusional.
    Chip Kelly is jumping for joy because he has TWO big strong mobile QBs. He is like a little 5 year old kid who rips off the wrapping of his Christmas present and finds the one thing in the world that he wanted the most.
    Chip will relish the challenge to resurrect Kaep, because it should be relatively easy and it will make him look like a genius. Even if his experiment fails and Kaep wants to leave because he felt stabbed in the back, he has Gabbert.
    Kaep will not longer be forced to be only a pocket passer. Chip will devise ways to use a mobile pocket. I have been imploring the Niners to run the no huddle with quick snaps for 3 years. Chip is known for his up tempo offense. He will put a man on motion so Kaep can read the defense. Chip will know how to use laterals. He will incorporate the RO to make the offense feared again.
    Chip will shape the defense by spreading them wide, then gashing them up the middle. He will use swing passes to the RB, so Hayne will shine. Chip will recognize the threat Hayne poses as a punt returner.
    As some other posters have speculated about, the choice of OC and DC will be critical for success. Hope Chip can attract smart and competent coaches, instead of scraping the bottom of the barrel like last year.
    Free Agency and the draft are also crucial, and I have little faith in Baalke. I hope Gamble will have more say in the process, and Baalke loses his power to micromanage and cut players on the team bus like he did with Hayne.

  29. All of Kaepernick’s flaws could be forgiven if he threw long passes with accuracy and consistency.

    Can’t throw short timing passes and screens? That’s partially mitigated by the fact that Colin’s legs are his own check down passes. They draw defenders in, so he can gouge them with accurate long passes. Colin’s legs + long passes puts enormous pressure on defenses.

    Look what Wilson does in Seattle. Those late game scramble bombs are a killer. And just when defenses are hypnotized by defending the scramble+bomb combo, they run a big back right up the middle, Lynch or no Lynch.

    But Kaepernick doesn’t throw long passes with accuracy and consistency. I think he’s off the squad in 2016. 2017 if he flunks the physical.

    1. Well, I could call you a heel, question your sole, lace into you and tell you to bite your tongue. but will not.
      I will just wish you to have a nice day.

  30. Since this is the offseason, and now we can idly speculate on trades and draft choices, I wish to propose a multi player draft trade.
    Niners should offer Anthony Davis, Ahmad Brooks, Quinton Patton and Vance MacDonald to Tennessee for their first pick. They need bodies. Those players have skills and value. They might get 3 starters out of that group. I know it is unlikely, but if they could pull that deal off. the Niners could have 2 first rounders and get both Tunsil and Buckner.

    1. Davis and Brooks combined would be worth a third round pick at best (and I doubt anyone wants a hot-headed OLB that is just average), Patton hasn’t done anything to even be considered for a seventh round pick, and – even if McDonald was a better TE – the Tians already have a solid TE in Walker.

        1. I think Tennessee with their 3-13 record will want to upgrade lots of positions.
          B2W mentioned they need bodies. ADavis would be an instant starter. Mariota needs protection. Brooks does have skills. Patton flashes at times, and Titans need someone for Mariota to throw to. Frankly, I just want Vance gone, that is why I threw him in. He would compliment Walker with his blocking skills, and showed he has potential with those late season TD catches.
          This plan could be flexible and vary the players and draft pick. Maybe only their second. That would still be like a late first.
          i would also only do it if both sides think that it is fair.

    1. JJ is an expensive backup when you have Gabbert already making 2 million. He isn’t much of an upgrade over Thompson in my opinion. Also, Harbaugh passed on Johnson/ Kelly has been compared to Harbaugh with an offensive game plan. That being said, I think he will pass on Johnson as well.
      I think the 49ers passed on Hue Jackson because he intends to be the HC and the OC in Cleveland. He hasn’t given up on his demand for power.

        1. I think Kelly will hire a puppet and control the offense from the shadows. Hue Jackson is opening demanding power which is what may have turned Baalke off.
          Chip was damaged goods. He will have to cower to Baalke’s demands and power flexing until (when and if) the team wins 10 games in the first year.

  31. Kelly reviving Kap sounds good on the surface, but I don’t believe that Chip has the time it may take to bring positive and consistent results.

    I believe that Kelly’ 4 year contract come laden with numerous conditions, one that may include Chip being dismissed at the first sign of discord that involves him and his players.

    With such a short leash Kelly will not put all his proverbial eggs in one basket better known as Colin Kaepernick.
    Also, if Foles found success in Kelly’ offense, I believe that Blaine “the Bridge” Gabbert can as well.

    1. Chip was called in the week before the College Championship game and helped install the uptempo offense, which helped Alabama win. Did not take him long, and it was pretty effective.

      1. “Chip was called in the week before the College Championship game and helped install the uptempo offense, which helped Alabama win.”
        ~ Seb

        Seb, that’s quite a strong statement. Can you substantiate your story?
        It’s hard to believe that anyone (no matter who the coach) can install an offense one week before a major game.
        Not sure that Lane Kiffin would have agreed to this as well.

        1. AES, I just watched that game, and saw that Alabama used the hurry up, no huddle with quick snaps, and it caught Clemson off balance.
          Maybe Chip worked with Kiffin on a new salsa recipe, but I surmise he did something related to a football.

  32. Kaepernick will be the QB whether you guys like it or not. There not going to cut him cause they already have 53+ mil in cap space. There will be a competition between Gabbert and Kaep. In this system Kaep beats him out. They will draft a QB no earlier then the 3rd rnd..

            1. Here is another. How about Mike Davis, Quinton Patton and Ahmad Brooks for Frank Gore. Then he can retire as a Niner.
              Frank Gore would be the perfect Back for Chip’s system and Hyde seems fragile or injury prone.

              1. Actually The Seb is disrespecting Frank because he doesn’t seem to know that Frank is only happy running from an I formation with a full back. The Chipper may not even have a fullback on his roster.

              2. I beg to differ. Chip is smart enough to utilize Frank in various ways that would give him another 1000 yard season.

    1. Rebuild,
      I don’t know if anyone here has been a bigger supporter of CK7 as I have been. I strongly argued in defense of Kap when his football IQ and his obvious lack of pocket presence was questioned.
      But after a season and a half of inconsistencies and regression it became apparent that any defense and support of CK was futile because his continues flaws were on full view.

      The only way I see the FO giving Kap a chance is if they were thoroughly convinced that his injuries were the reason for his poor play and feel that he can play at his 2012-2013 level when fully healed.
      I don’t happen to hold that belief and I don’t believe that Kap could recapture his early dynamic as well.
      Hate to bring this up, but if CK makes the team he will be following the Alex Smith pattern of having several HC in his short career which doesn’t bode well.

      Chip will get his Blue Chip QB in the draft and that’s when the Chip Kelly story as a 49er HC truly begins.
      I would like to see CK here for TC, but have a sense that he will not fit in the Kelly story.
      I would be

  33. 49ers Coaching Staff

    Chip Kelly, HC
    John DeFilippo, OC
    Ryan Day, QB
    Tom Rathman, RB
    Eric Mangini, DC/Asst.
    Jason Tarver, LB
    Mike Nolan, ?

    1. I don’t know why people keep thinking there is any possibility of Nolan returning to the team in any capacity.

  34. I’ve been under the assumption the Mangini is safe as the DC. If that’s not true and it isn’t Billy Davis then I wonder if they won’t promote Tarver.

    1. Austin would be a great hire for the secondary, but given he’s not far removed from being considered a HC candidate I think he would probably have a few suitors as a DC.

      1. This late in the hiring process if he does get his walking papers we would probably have a chance of getting him with most DC positions locked up. However your point is felicitous and even if we did get him as our DB coach it’s likely only for a single season.

      1. I agree. He hit a defenseless player in the neck area with the crown of his helmet. It should have been an instant ejection.

        1. I remember you and I really liked John Brown. I knew he had a chance to be a good player, but I didn’t know he’d be as good as he is. I remember posting a video of his back story, and knew he had an intangible. I think too, he ended up on the perfect team, with a mentor in Fitzgerald, Palmer and Coach Arians system….

    1. Well, I am glad Kaep is off social media, and he was off in Colorado doing rehab, so no biggy. However, maybe Jed should have at least had the courtesy of keeping him abreast of the situation once it was finalized. Just another example of the lack of class at the top.

  35. Don’t understand all Goff love out there. How many sure fire QB prospects (Ryan Leaf, Heath Shuler, Jeff George etc) who did not quite work out as advertised. Heck the Niners have had a few as I remember…

  36. The Seb has a new place of worship — at the feet of The Chipper.

    It’s going to be a long time until the 49ers ninth 2016 game when some actual information might be available. Stay cool.

    Will we see changes from his Eagles time by then? Let us pray we do.

    1. Sir, This is the best piece of news in a long time. I am grasping at straws. I think Chip has gained wisdom from his experience in Philly, and I expect him to not make those mistakes again. Kaep is a perfect fit with Chip, and he will finally have a coach who will accentuate his strengths.
      You may not know it, but a lot of what I write is profoundly influenced by Chip. I liked those FishDuck series and learned a lot. I hope you see a connection between me advocating running the no huddle with quick snaps with his uptempo offense. I am sure you can find a -spread them wide then gash them up the middle- video in their archives, just like you could find it on the chalkboard with Bill Walsh.

  37. I won’t be shocked if Kaep gets cut. I won’t be shocked to see him as a ALL PRO and I won’t be shocked if he is out of football in 2 or 3 years.

    1. Now that the Chips are down, will they rise to the occasion and form a 2K-Gun offense, or is Kaepernick an empty shell?

  38. It’s an ugly reality that I’m a Panthers/Packers fan this weekend. Can’t stomach an NFCW team playing in our Stadium in the SB.

    1. Coffee ..

      if it comes down to either the Cards
      or the SeaChickens … I’d rather see
      Palmer there …

      (I can’t stand Sherm)

        1. Arizona has only beaten 4 teams all season with a winning record. One of those teams wasn’t .500 when they beat them. They aren’t getting past the next round.
          Green Bay deserved this loss. Dropping an easy INT, conservative play calling, terrible game all around.

  39. QB7 is shot with the other players. I don’t see how he garners support from the team after his reported “act” became tiresome. It is clear the players prefer Gabbert to QB7. Aside from all of QB7’s failings which are legion, why would a smart HC start a second rounder over a generally superior top ten pick? If QB7 has any measureable grit he will quietly take a seat behind Gabbert to begin his reputation reclamation project. Kelly may well decide QB7 is dead weight and cut ties immediately. QB7 may have sealed his fate with his documented off field issues which are a liability with a strait liner like Kelly. I say odds strongly lean toward QB7’s less than acrimonious departure. Dylan Thompson is next up for second seat.

    1. Chip has good memory retention and will remember Kaep in the Super Bowl and all those playoff games.
      A number 1 pick is no guarantee to start over a second or third rounder. Remember Jamarcus Russel. Joe was a third rounder, and he did pretty well.

      1. Seb,
        Chip will also see Kap running out of bounds at the most inopportune moments, and remember CK running from the pocket chased by ghost.
        How about Chipper watching Kap throw bounce passes at a receiver standing 5 yrds away from him. Or CK holding the ball to long in the pocket waiting for his receivers to break open rather than anticipating where he receiver should be before quickly releasing the pass.

        Again, I’m a Kap supporter, but CK may have fallen on his own sword by regressing at his craft in the last two seasons.
        Worse is the fact that Kap is more of a project today than the day he was drafted.

        I would be the first person to jump for joy if CK made the team and found his groove and became the indisputable starter in 2016, but I’d be chasing a pipe dream if I really believe that will happen.

        1. AES, you know me, I am going to blame the O line and the injuries suffered because of them. Even the 2014 season had 52 sacks.
          Get ready to jump…..

    1. I don’t remember a pro game like that. It’s bad that Palmer had an off night. Its a good sign Palmer had an off night, but still won. I’m glad for Palmer.

        1. With my proxy team KC eliminated, I’m rooting for the least irritating NFC West team to take it all… The Cards.

      1. That Pats/Chiefs game was sickening. We would play back the plays and watch the Pats commit foul after foul, but the refs swallowed their whistles. Then if the Chiefs did anything slightly wrong there were 4 flags thrown. The fix was on.

  40. Tweeted 12 minutes ago, deleted 2 minutes ago.

    “when are you making your comeback official?”

    BamDavis “April. Before the draft.”

    1. Our ol’ friend “alex for president” is probably sleeping and having nightmares of Jim Harbaugh in khakis pointing a finger in his face screaming; “now you know why I let Alex go!”

        1. Did younger his throws over 15? I think he made two. How to beat an Alex smith offense?
          1 go up by two td’s
          2 tackle his checkdowns and force him to throw deeper.
          No way in the world that guy gets more than 5 wins with the 49ers this season. The only way he wins a superbowl is with an 85 bears or 2000 Ravens defense. I will say KC is pretty close to possessing that lights out one year defense.
          Wouldn’t have bothered me to see the Chiefs win yesterday though.

          1. Part of the reason AS had a low yard per average was that Belechick figured out how to snuff out that quick screen and tackled all those wr for no gain. Andy Reid called a piss poor game too. He should have run more. It’s like he freaked out because they lost Maclin and two O-Line.
            That said, by now he’s shown enough that he’s a pretty good QB, but not a great one, and he’s getting old and not going to get many more chances. He’s going to slow down some. KC has a window, but they need they one more speed WR, and they get Charles next year. The D is only going to get better.
            They also need Andy Reid to not choke when he gets his chance.

            1. Alex Smith was Alex Smith yesterday and the game unfolded exactly how most people expected it to. If you have an extremely loaded team around him and he has a once in a lifetime performance, it would be technically possible to win a championship with Smith at the helm. I’ll keep banging the drums for a franchise QB, which this team hasn’t had since Young.

              A sobering reminder of why a franchise QB is extended important:

              “For the 13th time in 15 years, the starting quarterback for the AFC Super Bowl team will be Ben Roethlisberger, Peyton Manning or Tom Brady.”

              – from PFT

              1. If you try to look at it objectively, Smith is probably the closest QB next to Luck to break through the Manning, Brady, Roth circle. I stated earlier that I don’t think he’s a great QB, but he is shaping up into one that’s not that bad. He didn’t throw for alot of yards but for the most part the team moved the ball, they just couldn’t score in the red zone. When you consider that there were down to two back-up OL, a gimpy Maclin, and no Jamal Charles, and oh year Andy Reid, they are pretty close. Alex Smith made a few good plays and some surprisedly deep throws. He completed a few 4th downs, to Avant of all people.

                They lost to a HOF coach and QB on their home field. They didn’t make the plays when they had a chance, and made crucial mistakes, which is a sign of a bad coaching They lost to the better team. But you take out Gronk or Edelman, and a couple of OL, then maybe Brady doesn’t look so sharp. In fact he should have thrown two picks.

                Again, not saying Alex is great, and he would not be my first pick for a QB, but you gotta give the guy he due. He seems to be a better winner then Rivers, Dalton, or Flaaco right now. Although Flaaco had an amazing stretch of games during the SB run, and now he’s disappeared. Who else would you take in the AFC? Maybe Luck, but the rest of the QBs in the AFC are iffy. It’s crazy to imagine……

              2. “If you try to look at it objectively, Smith is probably the closest QB next to Luck to break through the Manning, Brady, Roth circle.”

                Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! That’s not thinking objectively, that’s looking through milky blue colored glasses. That comment alone was crazier than cat sh#%! Yet still very, very, very far away from the Manning, Brady and Roethlisberger circle! Smith is so far away from the circle that he thinks he sees a square. C’mon man.

              3. I didn’t say he was on their level, I’m saying in the AFC in that 2nd tier, he’s right there. I don’t think Dalton has won in the playoffs, and he has a premiere WR. Rivers? Flaaco broke through. Steve Young didn’t win his first SB until he was 31 or 32.

                You just wanna hate on the dude because he’s white!

                Just joking man.

                I’m curious to see the Kaep/Kelly combo, if that were to happen. What’s your take on that? I hope Kelly modifies his offensive philosophy, take what the Pats do so well and tweak it.

                From what I hear, the kelly offensive requires alot of smart decision making before the snap, so this could either help Kaep, or just set him back again. I don’t care who starts, Kaep or Gabbert, I just want a more interesting offensive philosophy going forward. If Kelly keeps Mangini, we would have two attacking philosophies on both sides, so there may not be any close games! Niners either crush teams, or get crushed.

                I don’t think the team has the talent drain, the had a brain and heart drain. The team was soft.

                Who you got? Panthers or Cards?

              4. Fan,
                I like Smith, I just think there is a huge gap between the first and second tiers. I’m just being honest. As far as Kaep is concerned, it’s kind of a weird situation. I thought he would definitely leave after the season and I thought his best chance at being successful was with Kelly in Philly. I didn’t anticipate Kelly being hired as the 49ers HC, nor did I think he would be fired in Philly this year. I feel like the best thing to do would be to draft and develop a future franchise QB. I have said that consistently.

                I thought that Baalke would hire Shanahan and draft a rookie as a method of self preservation. You know, buy some time while ‘developing’ the ‘future’. With the Kelly hire, Baalke seems to be on the clock. His self preservation might be dependent on Kaepernick, at least for a season or two. Gabbert is fine when you have a future stud (Goff) waiting in the wings to appease the fans. I think Kelly could produce a more dramatic turnaround with CK running one of his schemes. He didn’t come here to coach Gabbert. I think this approach could be somewhat successful in the short term, but it won’t deliver a championship.

                I wish they would invest in the QB position like it’s the key to winning championships, because it is. Brady’s going to his 10th AFCCG this weekend. This is why I said that I believe Harbaugh wanted Manning over Smith and Kaepernick, even though it was just an ‘evaluation’. If you look back at that championship window, it’s easy to see at least one SB victory with Manning at the helm. A great QB (Manning) probably would have made a few more plays (Smith) and a few less mistakes (Kaepernick). I just don’t agree with the philosophy of having a loaded team and a question mark at QB. I don’t think Harbaugh did, either. I know it’s not easy to find franchise QB’s, but if winning championships is your only measuring stick you had better start looking for one, and quickly.

                *Thanks for not taking my ribbing seriously. We’ve had enough conversations to enjoy the back and forth. It’s always fun.

              5. Fan,
                To answer that last question, I’d have to say Panthers. They look really good. I feel like it could be a Panther-Broncos SB, with the Panthers emerging victorious. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised by any outcome this weekend, outside of blowout games. It really is the final four with the top teams.

  41. I’m already sick of Anthony Davis trying to dangle the “I’m coming back” carrot in front of fans and the team.

    Stay retired. Why do we want a half-committed cry baby who might just up and retire again if a coach says something he doesn’t like. By the time he steps back onto the practice field again it’ll be 18+ months since doing so. What are the chances that a) he’s even remotely in football shape and b) that after spending that much time not practicing or playing that he still can perform not just at a similar level as before but perform high enough to compete with professionals? Not likely. Let’s not forget, we’re not talking about a pro-bowl tackle here. We’re talking about a 26 year old who decided he wanted to spend the last year on his couch. If you think any of that had anything to do with concussion or health, I’ve got a shiny bridge or sale for ya.

    At this point the team is better served moving on and putting their energy and time into a younger more dedicated player.

    1. Not oppposed to moving on from him; but I’d like to try to get something for him. He would probably need to be in TC before other teams would consider him. By then FA is over with draft very near.

    2. I beg to differ. Davis suffered greatly from concussion symptoms. He said he felt like he was in a fog, and had recurring migraines. I will never fault a player for looking after his health, especially after the movie-Concussion.
      The Niners say that they were blindsided by his decision, but they should have been in constant communication to ascertain his intentions before free agency and the draft.

        1. I would use my visual sensory organs and evaluate the salient criteria.
          You however, would watch him being bludgeoned to the ground, then call him a wuss for not being able to stand up and keep playing.

          1. If he got beaten to the ground I would call him a wuss for being that size and getting beaten like that. You’re partly right.

  42. The Packers defense just can’t seem to make open field tackles. The key to beating them is to simply get the ball into the hands of a tall fast runner in the open field and its pretty much a 50+ yard run and/or TD.

  43. Yes!! Go Carolina!!

    I want Seattle to not just lose but be blown out. The luckiest team ever. Blair Walsh probably makes that FG 99 times out of 100. Time for their luck to run out today.

  44. Does anyone else remember the 2011 draft where Todd Mcshay kept saying Blaine Gabbert would be the best quarterback in the draft? Mcshay has been more suspect than Kiper and Grant combined.

    1. I read earlier that the 49ers tried to hire Bicknell for the OC position last season under Tomsula but he chose to stay in Philly.

  45. The funniest damn thing I read on here all last week was how Cam Newton and Colin Kaepernick are so similar.

    Give me an F—ing break. Newton is on a different level this season.

    1. Last season the entire league was saying how Cam was done like Kaepernick and RGIII. The style didn’t work. Now, he is back to being a hero.
      When NE shuts down that style, the league will copy and it will ultimately hurt SF and Chip Kelly.

      1. I don’t think people were saying he was done. I think what they were saying was he needed to mature and be a leader. He’s done that this year and it helps when your defense can score points as well.

      2. Beg to differ on that sir. The way Carolina is playing on both sides of the ball, no team will stop them from their 1st Super bowl

        1. I am glad. Both Carolina and Cards deserve to be in the NFCCG. With Greg Olsen hurting, wonder if Carolina has enough weapons to defeat the Cards.
          Fitzgerald makes me want to pull for the Cards, but that Carolina squad went 15- 1 for a reason.

    2. Jack,
      They are similar players. Cam Newton has had an excellent year on a great team. They have the top scoring offense and are top 6 on defense. That’s a SB winning combination. Those hits will take their toll, eventually. I don’t know why you’re arguing the point that they are similar players. Does the comparison bother you? The funniest thing I heard all year was your constant ‘perfect Parcell’s QB’ b.s. when discussing Gabbert, as if that expert analysis instantly justified your faith in him. The bottom line is we don’t have a franchise QB and we need one. Dissing the guy that actually did something for the team is kind of low hanging fruit at this point, especially when he is likely to be gone. I would expect someone with your NFL scouting background to be studying prospects at this point of the year. When does your draft guide come out? Who is this years perfect ‘Baalke QB’? These are the important issues. We look forward to your non-monetizable analysis in the coming months….

      1. Cam’s having a good year no doubt. He’s certainly coming up clutch but his numbers aren’t great. He’s carrying his team’s offense for sure. Now take away Cam’s defense and have him coached by Tomsula, Logan and Chryst and see how he does? Cam’s showing some development this year. It was a crucial year for CK’s development, he failed as did his coaching staff. How much did Shula make a difference in Cam’s career? They are similar but not the same. Certainly headed in two different directions as are their franchises.

        The funniest thing I heard this year is how Gabbert is basically a rookie since he was injured and people making all the same excuses for him that they called others for making for CK. I am looking forward to see what Kelly brings next year. After the reports that neither Kelly or the FO has talked to CK kinda makes all of this moot.

      2. They may be similar, but it’s the differences that sets Newton apart. He plays much better from the pocket, and his ability to accelerate quickly helps with the read-option stuff. Yes Kaepernick is fast but it takes him a bit to get going.

        1. CK is a big dude, but Cam is huge. He seems to take hits better. CK certainly seemed to have a lot of little injuries this season. He took a lot of hits the past 2 seasons, many were his own fault. .

  46. I don’t know if Shula is quite ready, but if I’m the Titans and I miss out on McDaniels, I’d strongly consider him….

    1. As much as I’d love to pile on Seattle, I think it is actually boring to watch. I would much rather watch a good game between two good teams rather than a blow out. Looks like NE gets another ring.

    1. This is an excellent video to watch! Thanks for posting. If you aren’t really familiar with Chip’s system, this is a must watch video. I expected to only see breakdowns of offensive plays. But the video is a compilation of offensive and defensive plays at about equal amounts. Kelly seems as knowledgable about defense as he is offense. I’ve been thinking that he’s just going to hire a good DC and focus primarily on offense, but after watching this video, I’m not so sure. His mantra is “4 to 6 seconds of relentless effort on every play!”

      Agree that we are going to have to significantly improve the OL play.

      I kept thinking while watching the video what it would be like if Tomsula was the one explaining these plays. In terms of knowledge and communication alone, Chip definitely seems like a major upgrade.

    2. Yes, a great clip of analysis ( Thanks

      Indeed, Chip sounds like Herr Professor lecturing on Football Wissenschaft:

      ‘Depends on how (the wide receiver) expresses himself “(what route he runs).
      Or, a particular alignment will “unveil the defense’s scheme.” Wonderfully articulate and thoughtful. I worry, though, that it won’t translate into real effects with less than perfect students.

      Note too how he praises a player -the guy ‘bought into what we are trying to do’- and then mentions his good physical conditioning. I see a theme here and it both excites and worries me.

    3. I heard a lot of talk when Chip was hired by the NFL network how Chip’s offense was simple because it allowed half field reads. I didn’t see any of that in this video. Seems like he identifies 4 reads in almost every play save for one of the screen plays. What do you smart football guys say?

      1. That’s what I saw in the clips that were reviewed. I’m not sure Kap would do well in Kelly’s system. As someone pointed out earlier, the fact that Kelly “traded” for Bradford would strongly suggest that QB mobility is not a prime factor. If I recall correctly, he only mentioned QB mobility during one play that was reviewed during about 15 to 18 minutes of review of offensive plays.

        1. The reads seem clear though based on motion or early commitment by defensive players. The QB does have to read the defense though.

          1. “The QB does have to read the defense though.”

            Yep. On a number of plays Baldinger asked Kelly explicitly if Foles had to or did read the safety. The answer was always yes.

        2. He does at one point make it clear as to how important having a mobile QB is when Vick throws to Cooper and Vick commands a spy. I think as we’ve seen his personnel moves were awful. Jackson, McCoy, Avant, Maclin, Matthews all traded away. The Foles trade was just dumb.

          1. Wilson, I agree that the trade was not logical, but at that point, Chip was desperate for an accurate QB who could run his system. Obviously, Chip had seen enough of Foles to determine he was not the answer.
            Bradford, even with his gimp knees, was his best bet to succeed. I think his worst mistake was the Murray signing.

      2. I’m re-watching it Wilson to answer your question but one thing I wanted to stop and point out was that the 3rd & 16 play that they break down against the Raiders is a perfect, perfect example of what I saw this season with Gabbert. The play in question is talked about at around the 8:19 point. If that play had been run by Gabbert, without doubt I’m 100% certain that he never would have attempted the pass to Maehl, probably never would have even looked for it. He would have dropped back and immediately fired it to Shady coming out of the backfield and everyone and their mother would blame Chryst for calling a short distance play. That situation existed on every 3rd and long play I went back and looked at. There was always a deeper option that was never looked at or waited for. Besides, Gabbert never could have fired that pass that accurately.

        1. Not everyone, I blamed Gabbert when there were receivers clearly open downfield. I have no love for Gabbert.

          Thanks for looking. I did see one play where they threw a TD to the left side outside the numbers and all the reads were on that side of the field. It really does look like there are 3-4 reads on every play and a lot of the time over the whole field.

          1. I don’t think Kaep is going to stay but it would be interesting to see what Chip does with either of those QBs, or a new rookie QB. I hope they draft a O-Line, and a game-breaking WR over a QB. There’s not sure thing this year.

            I always said that it would take an innovative coach to get the most out of Kaep.

            1. You all are going to look silly, dissing Kaep so strenuously, then seeing Chip stand up in his presser and declaring that he can resurrect Kaep.
              Good thing that Chip is so innovative.
              Bellotti said that Chip would focus on their strengths while masking their weaknesses. I am just saying it in a different way when I say that Chip will accentuate their strengths while camouflaging their weaknesses.

              1. Make sure you are around when he doesn’t take your advice. You are the kinda guy who deserves I told you so’s!

              2. You are the onelame of the kaepernick fan club.
                Excuses.. Check
                Blaming a shoulder injury… Check
                Blaming coaching…. Check…
                I can only hope he’s gone faster than smith was. I can’t take another onelame pounding the excuse button for bad qb play.

              3. md, You forgot the putrid O line. Gabbert only had better stats because he had more than a nanosecond to throw, because they finally sat Devey.

              4. Seb… Good point. I thought I mentioned the o-line. Lol
                Gabbert read defenses better, was more accurate on short and quick throws (some way to short and quick IMO) it’s obvious ck doesn’t have the mental ability to think quick enough when being pressured, except to run. He’s not fast or elusive enough to scramble and make the play Wilson can. He’s a long stride qb who if gets an open straight lane can burn defenses. He’s made some great plays with his legs and arms, but those plays aren’t every down plays. You can’t hope he pulls magic out of his cap to continue drives. At some point you have to be able to read and react. He simply can’t do that at this point and I don’t see a gimmick style coach teaching him those things. Watched Wilson this year and noticed his pocket qb ability. He lit up defenses in the pocket, and scrambled when his horrible o-line broke down. Again ck format have those skills and that’s why he’s sitting on the bench wondering about his future. And for the first time in Wilsons career he had no Lynch and took games over with his ability. Ck is the same as smith, got far because his defense and running game masked his short comings and with Kelly’s history of defenses he won’t have that luxury anymore. 14 mill is a lot of money to gamble on a 4th year project.

              5. md, you may be right, but I am the supreme optimist. Guess I want the 2012 Kaep who stormed into the playoffs and almost won it all.

      3. I’ll answer the question by sticking with my original statement; the system reminds me of Martz’s. It relies heavily on two things; the QB correctly reads the defense and that the offensive line is able to block long enough for the routes to develop. In reference to the first part, reading the defense that is where your comment about working half field reads comes from. The plays have an initial set of routes that are confined to one half or quarter of the field. These are the QB’s primary reads and if the defense allows him to he’s going to drop back and focus on those reads. If the defense forces him away from those easy reads like it does on the Riley Cooper touchdown against the Raiders then the QB needs to be savvy enough to recognize what the defense is taking away and also giving him and go to the right alternative routes. Foles does that perfectly on the Cooper TD.

        Kelly’s system requires a QB that is as smart as it’s coach. There are many reads and routes on each play. The QB just needs to know which is the right one to start with.

        If any of the QB prospects have question marks about their ability to learn an NFL system you can pretty much take them off the list.

            1. I know he had a bad playoff game but interms of being pro ready, he and Goff and maybe Wentz are most capable to start week one.

              1. Cook had bad games against Nebraska, Iowa, and Alabama. Add on a low completion percentage plus questionable character and leadership concerns and you have a bust in the making.

              2. We probably would have had 3 straight SB appearances and at least two of them wins from 2011-2013 if we had Matt Ryan as our QB but you go ahead and continue not liking him. :)

              3. Receivers are the only thing that they’ve had. They’ve had a lousy defense(although a bit better this year) and almost equally absent running game but Ryan has made that team competitive each season.

  47. Looks like Cam just admitted he is losing his freakin cool. He also is bouncing passes. Maybe he should just follow my advice.
    I said that they should not worry about the score. When they are concerned if they are winning or losing, they lose their focus and composure.
    Cam should not look at the score board. He should just concentrate on scoring 7 TDs. If he scores enough, winning follows

      1. No, no, I swear to God they totally ignored my advice. I would have told them to plow into the line of scrimmage during the last 2 minutes of the Giants game, and not cross the goal line. It would have made them burn their time outs. Then once the Niners scored, the Giants would have had less time with no time outs.

  48. Maybe everyone should follow your advice…for football, diet, love, life in general. Do we need to stand in line?

    1. I remember that 2014 draft. I wanted Roby, but Baalke chose Ward 1 pick previous. I did not see Ward on the radar, but Roby was talked up on all the draft boards.

  49. Cam Newton and the Panthers coaching staff disagree with Grant. All the QB’s you mentioned in Philly are hobbits compared to Kaep. Improvements on the O-line and another RB to work with Hyde is the ticket.

        1. I’ll never understand the hate for the Pats. All they do is consistently play smart great football and win. I hope this isn’t about cheating because c’mon. The only difference between the Pats and the other 31 teams is that the Pats keep getting caught. Trust me, if you had an older sibling growing up you can empathize with always getting caught.

          Fans of the sport should appreciate and respect what that organization has been able to accomplish for well over a decade now.

          1. For me, it’s about the Super Bowls in the Trophy Case. I’d like to see the 49ers getting numbers 6 & 7 before the Steelers & Patriots add anymore to theirs….

          2. My reason is partly razors reason too, and the fact they have been caught “working the system” in every one of their wins. They made a rule up for Brady that softened the game up more. And yes I understand taking out a qb knees but you can’t even fall that way anymore. It’s ridiculous!
            They flat out deny any cheating going on and to their credit and default are winning in a watered down league. And the main reason I can’t stand them like the raiders is their whiny bandwagon idiot fans!

  50. Round 1 Pick 7: Laremy Tunsil, OT, Ole Miss (A+)
    Round 2 Pick 6: Carson Wentz, QB, North Dakota State (A-)
    Round 3 Pick 5: Joshua Garnett, OG, Stanford (B-)
    Round 4 Pick 7: C.J. Prosise, RB, Notre Dame (A+)
    Round 5 Pick 3: Blake Martinez, ILB, Stanford (A-)
    Round 5 Pick 6: Sheldon Day, DT, Notre Dame (A+)
    Round 6 Pick 3: Kamalei Correa, OLB, Boise State (A+)
    Round 6 Pick 30: Kolby Listenbee, WR, TCU (A+)

      1. MidWest …

        Me neither … but, all you need to know
        is in the headline …
        click-bait just to rile Niner Faithful !

        Thanx, Razor, for posting it ..
        We all needed the laff !

        1. True, and all I can say is that I’d rather deal with another year of Tomsula coaching our team rather than having a nutcase from the Browns QB stall.

      2. Chip Kelly, some say, is cold as a stone. When Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie fired his head coach last month, he implied that Kelly lacks “emotional intelligence.”

        But there was a time when Kelly had his heart broken.


        Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly leaves a news conference Monday, Dec. 28, 2015, in Philadelphia. Less than 48 hours after quarterback Sam Bradford said he wanted to be back with the Eagles, Kelly said he wanted his quarterback to return. (Michael Bryant/The Philadelphia Inquirer via AP) 49ers’ 4 alpha males at crisis stage of their careers San Francisco 49ers’ Blaine Gabbert leaves the field after Niners’ 19-16 win in overtime over St. Louis Rams in NFL game at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif., on Sunday, January 3, 2016. 49ers QB Blaine Gabbert vows to hold onto starting job San Francisco 49ers’ head coach Jim Tomsula waves to the crowd after Niners’ 19-16 win in overtime over St. Louis Rams in NFL game at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif., on Sunday, January 3, 2016. Jim Tomsula’s firing turns up the turbulence for 49ers
        The romance — or bromance, or coachmance — began in 2010 at an Oregon football camp for high schoolers. Johnny Manziel, already a Texas legend, attended and loved everything he saw.

        Johnny Football, as he already was known, relished the idea of playing quarterback for head coach Chip Kelly, whose dynamic, warp-speed offense was the shiny new toy of college football.

        Manziel committed to the Ducks. Kelly also recruited and landed a lesser-known prep quarterback, Marcus Mariota, and envisioned using both QBs to goose the Oregon attack into the stratosphere.

        Ah, but Manziel was lured away by Texas A&M.

        “He broke my heart,” Kelly said before the 2014 NFL draft. “I love the kid. I think he’s a hell of a football player.”

        Well, according to at least one song, love is lovelier the second time around.

        Could Kelly and Manziel have another shot at making beautiful music together?

        Crazy things can happen in football, as I was just saying to my pizza-delivery man, Jim Tomsula.

        For the 49ers right now, everything is on the table and, who knows, they might entertain the idea of trading for Manziel. Sounds nutty, but stay with me.

        We know Kelly likes Manziel’s skills and his swashbuckling style.

        “When I coached at Oregon,” Kelly said in 2014, “he was tailor-made for the offense.”

        We know that Kelly, while coaching the Eagles, showed interest in Colin Kaepernick. Kelly’s offense works best with a mobile quarterback, and he evidently believes he could utilize Kaepernick’s unconventional skills, coach him up and bring out his potential.

        There’s probably a little conceit working here. I can see what other coaches can’t.

        If this is the case, and if Kelly is telling the 49ers he wants to keep Kaepernick and make him leader of a Kelly-style offense, the 49ers will need a suitable backup.

        Blaine Gabbert? Gabbert is conservative. Last season, he was Captain Checkdown, master of the 6-yard pass on 3rd-and-8.

        A Kelly quarterback, ideally, is a gambler, an improviser, a thinker on the run. Manziel fits that bill even better than Kaepernick does. I don’t know how smart Manziel is, but Stanford recruited him.

        Also working in favor of a Manziel-to-the-49ers scenario: The Browns recently fired offensive coordinator John DeFilippo, who has been friends with Kelly for more than a decade. DeFilippo reportedly is a candidate for the 49ers’ OC job. Continuity for Manziel?

        But what about the character question? Kaepernick, whatever you think of him, seems to be an upstanding citizen and crazy-hard worker. Manziel … not so much.

        Kelly does not abide knuckleheads. At Oregon, he suspended, at different times, his starting quarterback and his starting running back for foolish behavior. The 49ers probably can go ahead and fire their staff bail bondsman.

        Kelly, though, also believes in second chances. He kept the suspended running back, LeGarrette Blount, close to the program and reinstated him after 10 games.

        It’s clear that Kelly believes that people can learn from their mistakes, change their basic selves and evolve. Otherwise, why would he be willing to take a gamble by working for Jed York and Trent Baalke?

        Most football people have given up on Champagne Johnny Manziel. He has had several second chances and has not given convincing evidence that he’s willing to treat football as more than something to pass the time between parties.

        Worse, Manziel has not dazzled as a quarterback. He’s looking like a Heisman winner whose college skills didn’t translate to the NFL. An un-sober Tim Tebow.

        But another thing we know about Kelly is that he doesn’t give a whit what anyone thinks.

        If the 49ers are indeed a collection of last-chance desperadoes — York, Baalke, Kelly, Kaepernick — then Champagne Johnny would be a good fit.

        Kelly and Manziel: Each could help the other revive his career and restore his reputation.

        Manziel has two seasons left on his contract, at about $2.5 million per. The Browns are fed up, and the 49ers could get him for a song.

        The song might be a twist on the Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen classic, “The Second Time Around.”

        Love is lovelier, the second time around

        Just as beautiful, with two dudes on rebound …

        1. Manziel is an idiot. He is the exact opposite of what you want in a franchise QB. If trouble found him in Cleveland, he will find trouble in the Bay Area. That dude has serious substance abuse issues. Let him sign with Dallas so we can watch that sh#% show play out from a distance. He’s a perfect JJ signing.

        2. If Chip likes gambling qbs, let’s not forget about Dylan Thompson. He’s also a gambler. Watch some of his games on youtube. This young man was relatively unheralded but in his senior year led the SEC in passing yards. That was also his only year as a starter.

    1. George …

      I wasn’t aware both Tarvaris Jackson and
      Scott Tolzien were still in the NFL …

      I bet they both would come cheap !!


  51. I have heard some on here saying Ellington would be a good fit for Kelly’s system. Doesn’t seem like he or Patton are a fit according to what he likes in players physically. For those suggesting Ellington is a good fit what makes you think he’s a good fit? Here’s some quotes from an article that would suggest he prefers taller and longer players with the same skill sets.

    In Philadelphia, Kelly often offered a variation of this quote: “We want taller, longer people because bigger people beat up little people.”

    And the Eagles’ moves during Kelly’s tenure reflected that mind-set.
    In 2014, for example, they released wide receiver DeSean Jackson (5-foot-10, 178 pounds), drafted wide receiver Jordan Matthews (6-3, 212) in the second round and signed wide receiver Riley Cooper (6-4, 230) to a five-year contract extension. In 2015, Kelly signed running backs DeMarco Murray (6-0, 217) and Ryan Mathews (6-0, 220), both of whom are bigger than LeSean McCoy (5-11, 208), who was traded to the Bills.

    1. I suggested it after watching the video. The first play they break down with Celek seemed like a play that would be perfect for Ellington with his quickness. In regards to size, I’m 100% on board with Kelly’s thinking on the subject. I don’t like small receivers for the same reason mentioned. With that said I don’t think the team is ready to move on from him and if they try and use him in some of the plays that I saw in that video I think he can be a real asset in this system.

          1. Yeah, would seem to me he’d be a good fit for that role, though he’s going to need to learn some of the intricacies of the RB position.

              1. A few times, but he’ll want to get more comfortable in running between the tackles and pass protection if he wants to play that same role Sproles does. Its part of what that role entails.

    2. Wilson, there is also another perspective to consider. Bigger means more powerful, but bigger may mean slower. Some smaller quicker players are OK for his system. For instance, LMJ.
      I think Chip also covets speed. Chip likes linemen who are not behemoths, but can move and adjust quickly. Versatility may be another trait he likes. Decision making, adaptability and accuracy in the QB are factors he emphasizes, which make Kaep such a daunting challenge.

  52. I was thinking kaep was a cancer on the team and to hear some of his teammates comments, I would be surprised they keep him. He doesn’t do well on short passes. He doesn’t read defenses well. He’s not accurate and seemed to regress in the read option part of his game when given the opportunity. Maybe chip can resurrect his career?

  53. Can Chip Kelley save CK’s career??? Hmm…….No…true, the offense that Kelley runs, is better with a mobile QB…but it also requires an accurate QB, which #7 hasn’t been…besides that, does anyone here honestly believe that the 49ers are put out 8 figures for an “I (Kelley) think I can work with this guy (#7)”, QB…that kind of money would be better spent in FA and signing RFA vets…..I say trade him for a couple of picks….he’s as good as he’s gonna be here in SF, and that ain’t good enough

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