Carlos Hyde: “I feel like I fit the scheme very well.”

49ers running back Carlos Hyde answers questions during the first day of training camp


Running back Carlos Hyde answered questions in the 49ers media auditorium Thursday. Here’s a transcript.

Q: What’s the focus for you as you enter training camp?

HYDE: Get ready to go. I’m still learning the playbook. I’ve got a good grasp of the playbook, but taking it to the next level with the playbook. This offseason, I was more focused on the passing game because the running back is involved in the passing game, so I was trying to get that part down. Now it’s understanding the running game, understanding how certain runs are blocked and what I should be looking at.

Q: What they ask the running backs to do, how do you think that fits into your style of running?

HYDE: It’s downhill. It’s outside zone, but it’s downhill. I’m a downhill back. I feel like I fit the scheme very well with my ability to get down. I have the opportunity to go out and play receiver and show my hands off.

Q: John Lynch said you’re in tremendous shape. Do you feel you’re in better shape than you were in past years?

HYDE: Yeah. I weighed in today at 228 lbs. This whole summer I was in between 225 lbs. – the lowest I got was 224 lbs. to 228 lbs. This is the lighted I’ve played at since high school. Even in college, I wasn’t this light. I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life right now. I feel like I’m ready to go. I can’t wait to get on the field and show off some speed.

Q: Why did you want to get lighter?

HYDE: Just going into this season I wanted to do things different, do something different that I haven’t done. I’ve always played at 230 lbs. and above. I’ve had success playing at that weight before, but I just wanted to do something different. I wanted this whole season to be different.

Q: Are you learning new aspects of your position that maybe you weren’t aware of before?

HYDE: There are a couple things that I’ve learned from the new staff that I didn’t know too much about, and that’s catching the ball and getting up the field immediately. Little stuff like splitting two. Just the whole finishing parting of the game. I think if I would have done a better job of finishing, I would have hit 1,000 yards a lot sooner than waiting until the second-to-last game. I would have been hit 1,000 yards if I would have finished better.

Q: John Lynch said earlier this offseason that you still have some potential the team wants to pull out of you. Have you had conversations with either John or Kyle about you not fully realizing your potential yet?

HYDE: No, I haven’t had any conversations along those lines.

Q: Have you ever sat down with Bobby Turner and either looked at or talked about other backs he has coached in the past? Have you looked at any of those guys and seen aspects of your game in those other runners?

HYDE: No, I haven’t watched any of those guys. The way they played the game is different than how I play the game even though we’re in the same system. The way I run the ball is different than how they ran the ball and how they approached the game is different. So, I haven’t watched any of those guys. I just worry about me.

Q: What are you goals for this season?

HYDE: My goal is to be the No. 1 running back in this league. I feel like I have the best opportunity to do that now with this new staff. That’s my mindset going into this season – to be No. 1 at the end of this season.

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  1. Gotta at least love the fact he’s coming in in great shape and a confident mindset. Carlos def has potential and I hope he goes HAM this year. Joe Williams can take over in a year or two

      1. True Razor, if Williams , Hightower & Breida show up strong this season it’s going to be hard to justify a lucrative new contract for Carlos, unless he’s absolutely tearing up the league.

        But I like that he’s coming into camp in optimum shape: John Lynch was asked an open-ended question: “Has any player stood out who is in great shape?” The San Francisco 49ers general manager name-dropped Carlos Hyde. “Carlos Hyde looks tremendous,” Lynch said. “He’s really dedicated himself.”

        The unprompted praise came during a press conference featuring Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan. Hyde met with media shortly after and confirmed that his summer has been spent preparing for training camp. Players officially reported to the SAP Performance Facility on Thursday, but Hyde had already been at 49ers HQ. Rather than return home to Florida, the running back stayed in the Bay Area for daily workouts with 49ers strength and conditioning coach Ray Wright. “I didn’t feel like I could get the type of training that I got from Ray anywhere else,” Hyde said. “This is the lightest I’ve been since high school,” Hyde said. “I’m in the best shape of my life right now.”

        It will be the first time Carlos starts an NFL season under 230 pounds, and anytime the GM namedrops your name in an impromptu fashion, it’s a good sign!

        1. And yes, I left Bibbs off the list for a reason. I have low expectations for journeyman Kapri Bibbs, although he could fill in as a #4 RB in a pinch.

          1. Yes he was. lol.

            Let’s see, I think you predicted 1,000 yards rushing for Carlos this season. Is that enough for a new 49ers contract?

              1. If he has the kind of year he’s capable of I think they’ll re-sign him. They don’t have a whole lot of depth at RB and most of what they do have is pretty average. Williams has talent but he was a 4th round pick for a reason. After him? Not much to get excited about.

  2. I hope you are successful, we all know when you decide to run you do a really good job. Squaring your shoulders and making that decision to run downhill without hesitation will go a long way towards being an excellent back. You are too inconsistent and there is the problem.

    1. I haven’t seen much inconsistancy with Carlos, undercenter. But I have seen a guy prone to injuries, which I attribute to his relentless running style.

    2. I think the bigger problem was getting hit in the backfield before having a chance to get started. Happened a lot and certainly wasn’t Hyde’s fault.

      1. “I think the bigger problem was getting hit in the backfield before having a chance to get started.”

        Yes, that also led to a lot of his fumbles.

  3. Hoping Hyde has a strong and injury free year. Hoping the OL steps up and allows for decent offensive execution across the board.

    1. Thanks for pointing out the OL Cassie. That’s usually where the rubber hits the road. I’ll be especially tuned into watching how well big Trent Brown can handle run blocking in this scheme.

  4. Grant,
    Hypothetical question. If Hyde has his best year and stays healthy and Joe Williams also shows a lot of promise and plays well. Can you envision a situation like in Atlanta with Freeman and Coleman? Extend Hyde and keep a dual-headed attack for the nest 3-4 years.

  5. Shanahan will use Hyde as the weapon the 49ers never had.

    Baalke , and I quote, “ran players into a brick wall 100 times a practice/game.”
    Philadelphia Eagle players….

    Shanahan has more smoke and mirrors to protect Hyde–more cohesion–weapons in the passing game so players can’t key on the run and injure Hyde….Having a deeper stable of quality RB’s will also keep Hyde healthy the entire season !

  6. Two things stand out to me:

    1) He’s lighter. I have to wonder if this will help him or make him more injury prone. Did he seem quicker Grant?

    2) “The way I run the ball is different than how they ran the ball and how they approached the game is different. ” Well, that points to one of He reasons why the team might look elsewhere.

    Grant any insights to share?

    1. EastCoaster,

      It will make him less injury prone because he’s not running a 2option inside zone–cut right or left; he’s not taking on 300 Lb D-Linemen in that I-Smash run game.

      As long as Backs ran up the middle 90% of the time Baalke was happy. Hyde’s losing weight to get to the outside and get to the 2nd level where he’ll take on LB’s or DB’s instead of freight trains every carry.

      1. Good points Tom but anyone have any data on where his injuries occurred? Defensive line level, LBs, or secondary; inside or outside. This would make a difference in that assessment, right?

  7. * Also, Shanahan’s run game is designed more to get the back to the 2nd level more than GM, Baalke’s (who hand picked coaches in his image) ground and pounding the 300 pounders on the DL—less punishment absorbed by backs than DB’s hitting you on a swingpass.

    1. Yes, Shanny pounded the table for Joe Williams, and he’s a dynamic talent. However, Matt Breida does intrigue.

  8. Doing the right things, saying the right things. Let’s see if Hyde is able to put it all together. He has earned the benefit of doubt.

  9. #49ers RB Carlos Hyde said this offense is “Way” different than Chip Kelly’s

    12:28 PM – 14 Jun 2017 from Santa Clara, CA

  10. Jed York‏Verified account @JedYork · 54m54 minutes ago

    Anyone ready for a conditioning test? @49ers Football is back!

  11. “This offseason, I was more focused on the passing game because the running back is involved in the passing game”

    And it showed. If I remember correctly, Hyde led all HBs in receptions during the OTA’s. This gives him a leg up on Williams. Ok, so some might say that this makes Hyde just a 3rd down back. Hardly, Shanny will be calling plenty of passing plays on 1st and 2nd down.

    1. Interesting that he emphasized passing first as Grant was watching his runs. Wonder if things will be different. Perhaps a follow up article?

  12. Joe Fann‏Verified account @Joe_Fann · 3h3 hours ago

    #49ers won’t have a single player start camp on PUP, per Shanahan.

    Well, Lets root for one former PUP Baalke player, WR, DeAndre Smelter.

    1. # 80,

      Pick up any FF mag in the land–Hyde’ s ranked anywhere from # 12 to # 18.
      The Niner’s aren’t giving that weapon away anytime soon.

      Hyde was almost a 1,000 yd back in ’16 (988 Yds) even though he missed the last 3 games of the year.

      1. Agreed, They will keep Hyde. Williams will be the change of pace HB, assuming he doesn’t get beat out by Breida or Bibbs.

  13. Why didn’t anyone ask about the little birdy that said Hyde could be cut? Does most of the local press think that the story was BS?

    1. Yah, I think that story is hogwash! Unless Carlos really struggles to adapt to this scheme in camp, and “the Retiree” Joe Willams struggles early, Hyde’s not going anywhere this year, IMO. We’ll see. I think Kapri Bibbs & Raheem Mostert are likely the odd men out.

      4 – halfbacks: Hyde, Williams, Hightower, Breida
      1 – fullback: The Jusz

      1. Now, maybe J. Lynch is name-dropping Carlos Hyde in order to drum up some trade interest, but I doubt it. We’ve got to see how well Carlos plays once the pads go on (Saturday).

        I can hardly believe this marathon offseason has finally come to an end! Somebody pinch me. I’m almost overwhelmed with excitement!

        NINER FOOTBALL is back, baby!

  14. Grant, why isn’t the BIG NEWS the fact that Reuben Foster passed his physical today and has been cleared for takeoff? That’s huge news! Booyah!!! Can’t wait to watch this kid fly around the field, punishing ball carriers and receivers! And as good as Malcom Smith has looked in OTA’s, and how good Ray Ray looked before he got hurt last year, this team is once again LOADED at ILB! Glorious!

    I am bummed about Solomon though. I think he’s getting bad advice.

    1. Yup, Foster’s recovery went as expected. The stuff about his surgery not taking could have been pre draft smoke, a similar smear campaign was ran against John Ross. I said all along that Foster should be the pick if OUR medical staff gave him the thumbs up.

      Get your azz to camp Solomon.

      1. Yah, Solomon Thomas has definitely put a little bit of a damper on what is otherwise a very exciting day for 49ers fans!

        Come on dude, why is this such a big deal. Nobody’s asking you to take a pay cut, and fans cannot relate to the need for “double dipping”. You missed almost all of OTA’s. Your teammates hardly know you bro. Tank Carradine has impressed so far this offseason, and if he hadn’t injured his ACL, he might have been a top 10 pick in 2013 . Get your A_s to camp brother Thomas, the team needs you. Your teammates and fans deserve better!

  15. So he hasn’t watched film of any other backs that have played this system because he is a different type of back from all of them, but he is a good fit for the system… okie dokie.

    1. Sounds familiar…Kaepernick on his mechanics, “You have to be able to change arm angles, especially on underneath throws to throw around linemen, to throw into windows,” Kaepernick said. “I don’t look at film that closely about mechanics of where my elbow is at.”

      1. Kaepernick: “Ultimately, whether the receiver catches the ball and the ball’s in the right position is the only thing that matters,” Kaepernick said via ESPN. “Mechanics are — I’m not huge on them.”

        UGGH! How about studying the playbook Colin? How “huge” were you on that topic? lol.

    2. He’s watched film. Smart backs don’t let you see it coming in the cutback lanes.

      Nothing to prepare for (watch film over and over before you play the 49ers) if you don’t mention the type of back you resemble.

      1. I know who Carlos reminds me of. A 1,500 yard running back, that’s who. I love me some Joe Williams though, so I hope the 49ers split carries, which should be a good thing for the Niners.

        Grant, what’s your take on the Solomon Thomas holdout? Have you heard anything? Could this thing drag on for a while in your opion?

  16. When it comes to the 49ers players health, they are in exceptionally good hands. Lead 49ers team physician is a world renowned Orthopedic expert and surgeon. McAdams has cleared reuben Foster for full contact on Wednesday, 7/26/17, to the delight of coaches and fans!.

    Dr. Tim McAdams – Clinical Professor, Orthopaedic Surgery:

    Teacher of the Year Award, Stanford Orthopaedic Surgery (June 2002)
    Magna Cum Laude, Georgetown University School of Medicine (1995)
    Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society, Georgetown University School of Medicine (1994)
    Certificate of Added Qualification (CAQ), Sports Medicine (2007)

    This year, The NFL Physicians Society awarded San Francisco 49ers head physician Dr. Timothy McAdams with the Arthur C. Rettig Award for his academic excellence in research in advancing the health and safety of players in the NFL. Dr. McAdams presented his research at the NFLPS scientific meeting during the combine.

  17. You guys are reading way too much into inocuous statements. If the Coaches had asked him to watch another RB he would have done it. He’s just pointing out he’s his own man and will be fine in this system.

    The kid worked his butt off at 9er headquarters the entire offseason. Give him a freaking break already…

  18. The only question in regards to Hyde is whether he can stay healthy for an entire season. He’s proved he can produce when he’s on the field and behind a terrible oline as well. If he can stay off the training table he will have a great season imo.

    1. I agree. My question is that will he be more prone to injury or less so given he’s lost weight. Anyone know of the statistics on players who lose weight and their injury history? Moses?

  19. I am glad Hyde slimmed down. He will be even faster, and it will help him in this scheme.
    Still think Bibbs will make the team, with Breida hopefully making it to the PS.
    Hyde is 228 lbs. Hightower is 220. Williams is 210. Bibbs is 203. Breida is only 181 lbs.
    I wonder during TC, will we see how each player catches the ball.

  20. When it comes to watching other running backs, I hope Hyde would watch Gale Sayers and Barry Sanders, so he could pick up tips to get better.

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