Carlos Hyde: “I’m trying to hit 1,500 yards.”

SANTA CLARA – Carlos Hyde spoke in the media work room Saturday afternoon. Here’s a transcript.

Q: What do you weigh?

HYDE: Between 225 and 230 is where I’m going to stay. Try to stay.

ME: Some running backs struggle running from the shotgun. You seem especially successful running from the shotgun. Why are you so comfortable in those formations?

HYDE: I kind of got used to it playing at Ohio State. Got used to it there. Even at Ohio State, I wasn’t expecting to get comfortable with that type of offense, but I did. You just buy into the system and you learn it. It also gives you an opportunity to see everything. It’s like you’re playing quarterback, but you’re the running back. It’s just easier. To me it is.

ME: You see the holes better from that spot?

HYDE: Yeah. I just feel like you get a better feel for your linemen, you see how the linebackers are flowing – you’re right there up on them. And to me, it allows you to hit the hole a lot quicker. You’re already downhill. You’re right there up on them.

Q: What is your personal goal for this season?

HYDE: My No. 1 goal is stay healthy. Whatever I have to do to make sure my body is A1 come Sunday. After that, I’m trying to hit 1,500 yards. I do that, the hats off to my offensive line and tight ends and receivers, because that means they did a hell of a job blocking.

Q: Is it exciting for you to be getting Anthony Davis back?

HYDE: It’s good to have him back, definitely. He’s a guy that’s going to be able to come in and help our offensive line out a lot. But we’ve also got young guys that are going to be competing for that spot too though. I don’t think anything is going to be given to him. Definitely going to have to come in and work for it just like everybody else has to come in here and work for their spots. I’m really looking forward to training camp when you get to really see what you have, definitely with the offensive line.

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  1. Coach “Flats” will have some shiny new toys to develop on the O-Line. I’m looking forward to the season.

  2. Mr. Hyde sounds excited to not only be in this offense, but to have a vastly superior line over last year, on paper. If he reaches 1500 yards, it’ll mean this offense probably ends up ranking in the top half….

      1. I wonder if Luck being ranked 32nd in passing yards had any effect on their run game last year? If it did it’s hard to tell because Gore was only 23 yards short of 1000 yards and still ran for 2 more TD’s then the year before. At 33 years old he was carrying that offense last year.

        Are you still trying to run with the big dogs? Welcome back, nice to see you still talk out of your backside.

        1. 967 yards 3.7 yards a carry playing in one of the most talented offenses in football. Supposedly the best young QB in the NFL…Like I said you really nailed that one.. Big Dog! Lol… Keep making your weak ass predictions year in and year out. It’s a good laugh..

          1. “Supposedly the best young QB in the NFL”

            Come on pup, Luck only played in 7 games last year. I’m sure that Matt Hasslebeck and Josh Freeman put the fear of God in defenses in the other 9.

            1. Ya and he played very well in those games… He was atrocious cause he had a 33 year old back who couldn’t carry the load anymore. A 33 year old Andre Johnson who fell off a cliff. That GM should be sh*t canned.

              1. Gore averaged 4.6 yards per carry in the games in which Luck played.

                As Coffee already said, keep talking out of your backside.

              2. Must be a fluke that Luck was having his worst year as a pro once Gore got there. 967 yards 3.7 a carry. I’m not surprised your impressed with pedestrian stats. I mean you suck off Gabbert on the daily. I will admitt I’m a kaepolgist at times but man at least he has accomplished something. Your guy has done nothing. I guess some people’s standards are different. Keep up the good work Big Dog… Just be more friendly to those little Dogs like myself.. Lol.. Good times. Can’t wait until tommorow so we can focus on the Niners.

      2. Your comment on Gore is ridiculous RAW. Getting close to 1,000 yards on the ground in an offense that was hampered by inconsistency and an injured QB while being over the age of 30 is an example of Gore being great for the Colts.

        1. Not siding with raw but I don’t think 1000 yrds means much anymore. Now it just means you averaged 62 yrs a game… It was a big deal in the days of Jim Brown when players had to average 100 yards per game.
          Personally I think a bell cow back should get about 1200 yrs in a season.

          1. I think it means even more in this the era of platoon backfields in the NFL.

            There were only 7, s-e-v-e-n, 1000 yard rushers in the NFL last season, Gore was top 10 in rushing yards (9th overall). Thats says a lot about a lot of things, so yeah, it sure means a lot now to break 1000.

            In 2014 and 2013 there were 13 1000 yard backs, in 2012 it was 16, 2011 it was 14, 2010 it was 17…we can sort of see a pattern here can’t we?

    1. Hyde has to stay healthy if this offense has any hope of being effective. I really don’t want another season of street FA’s and underperforming youngsters.

  3. If Hyde wants to stay healthy, he should play smarter. He needs to run out of bounds so he is not hit. He needs to stop struggling while in the grasp, so he is not gang tackled and injured.Too bad if he is taunted. The best way to shut them up is to score TDs. That means playing to stay healthy with as few hits on him as possible.

    Mao, who was an ardent follower of the teachings of Sun Tzu, once said that his forces were the best retreaters in the world. Why was that so important? because by eluding the government forces, they preserved their army, so they could fight another day. Also, by retreating and setting up ambushes, they could defeat a numerically superior and better equipped opponent.The screen pass is a good example of drawing the pass rush too far, and burning them.

    Niners should learn from those experiences, and stop running into the teeth of the defense. That war of attrition leaves the main RB on the side lines in a cast. Ideally, the Niners should use deception so the defense cannot defend the entire field, and sometimes may have a RB running through a hole in the defense untouched.

    I am glad that Hyde mentioned his blockers. It takes a team, working together, to win. Struggling to get that extra yard in bounds, and having 4 defenders hitting him is counter productive, and may lead to injury.

    1. I think Tomsula employed too much of a Fabian strategy last year. Maybe we should attack more and actually move the chains for a change.

      1. East, you know I want the Niners to go bold. Inside the opponents 10 yard line, they should go for it, and not settle for a field goal.

        If fortunate to be in second and short, I hope they go bold and take a strike down field after faking the run into the teeth of the defense.

    1. UC,

      Yeah, and it was funny to see Bethea bring up the early practices helping with the 10am kick offs like we mentioned.

  4. Great article about Chip. Making adjustments, been lacking for a good many years.

    “Rutgers led 24-14 at halftime, and New Hampshire was having trouble handling the edge blitz. Its young offensive coordinator didn’t respond conventionally, which would have been to add an extra blocker. Instead, he snapped the cap off a black marker, approached the white board and drew up a play – a tunnel screen – in which the outside receiver would run back toward the quarterback and catch a pass in the area vacated by Rutgers’ blitzing linebacker.”

    It worked.

    1. Hmm, is that like inviting the blitz and targeting the area the blitzer left? Good call. Steelers and Cards did that to the Niners last year.

    1. I don’t have a dog in that fight (competition); whoever can move the chains and cash-in from the redzone. Corvette? Cobra? Who cares? If we can win with a MiniCooper, I’m good. I want to see the Referee’s chain gang gasping for breath.
      Now then, my actual expectations are more muted than that…but it is summer…why not ignore the deficiencies until they’re exposed? Orale!

      1. Heck, I’m with you fellas! I’ll Take a Yugo as long as it runs and gets me to my destination without breaking down at this point. A Mini Cooper seems like a luxury.

      1. That tank needs to work on its targeting system first. Last year there were too many friendly fire incidents. Additionally it looks like whatever countermeasures the opposition is employing is forcing the tank into minefields. Maybe it’s time for a new model?

  5. This mornings comments and quotes from the reporter pool

    Barrows – Colin Kaepernick seems bigger, Anthony Davis decidedly slimmer than when last viewed on practice field

    Sakamoto – Chip Kelly said that Anthony Davis will start on the bottom of the depth chart. Says he has a lot to learn. Cites Pears/Brown.

    Barrows – Kelly said Tartt (minor muscle pull) is only 49er who won’t practice. Team will be cautious with Glenn Dorsey, LJ McCray and Will Redmond.

    Lynch – Davis has Been training according to Kelly did well on his conditioning test

    Lynch – Kelly said it is a clean slate with Anthony Davis

    Sakamoto – Chip Kelly said that DE Glenn Dorsey won’t be a full go for today’s practice.

    Inman – QBs Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert will equally split today’s 24 first-team reps in camp Chip Kelly says

    B2W notes:
    – Tartt is on Active/NFI list.
    – Tarrt’s condition said ot be minor muscle tweak, Should be ready soon.
    – Redmond and Dorsey are not full go, but are also not on the Active/NFI list. I’ll take this as good news, even though (I think) they can be moved to NFI or PUP before the start of the season.
    – Would not read too much into Davis getting third team reps. So did top draft pick Buckner during OTAs. Davis has to get more familiar with playbook. Lots of catching up to do. Very good sign he did well with conditioning test.

    1. “Very good sign he did well with conditioning test.”

      I take it that he came in to camp in good physical shape now he must get into football shape. That is a good thing. Starting out with the third team is a nothing deal. I suspect he will move up the charts toward the end of camp.

      1. Agreed. I don’t know what the timetable is to go from good shape to football shape. But he’s done it before. Its not like a track athlete making a conversion.

    2. Brodie-
      I too take AD conditioning as a positive sign. It suggests something good in his head that he showed up ready. I recall when Chip was hired AD tweeted jokingly that he better get in shape to be ready for the pace Kelly runs.
      Sounds like Dorsey is closer to ready than I expected at this point.
      Mild weather for the first workout.

      1. This is a case where I’m quite happy to be 100% wrong. I thought AD was done with football, especially done with the 49ers.

  6. I am very happy. AD is back, and I do not care if he is getting third team reps. It is the first day of practice, and he has all TC and the preseason to get his starting job back.

    I am also mildly surprised at Dorsey being back. Maybe he can be the NT, so the front could look like- Brooks, Armstead, Dorsey, Buckner and Harold.

  7. Seb,

    You are a walking football miracle. Never, in my long years in the industry have I encountered a football mind such as yours.

    Just to clue you in on how coaches think, our coach informed us if he caught us headed toward the sideline, we’d be benched.

    Never did I see Joe Montana head for the sideline when he was headed for the goal line either. Joe went over the goal line to score touchdowns–Against Cinci in the Superbowl, vs. Washington on Mon. Nite Footbal, and vs. Miami in the Superbowl, etc., etc.

    And, your CTC compassion rings hollow. This isn’t my first rodeo. Been around this site long enough to appreciate your brand of humor, especially ridiculing me as having head injuries after serious discussions on the CTC NFL Protocol…

    Spare us all your Crocodile tears regarding CTC, and you cowardice of what you would do in the Superbowl–we all know—if near the goal line you would run out of bounds and let down your coaching staff and team mates.

    Perhaps you should find a bad minton website to converse on.

    1. Seb, And please,

      No more quotes from Sun Tzu–he hated cowards also and probably would have beheaded them if caught running from the battle field for the comfort of the sideline where the Seb’s are found…TomD would be picking up your slack.

      1. TrollD, obviously, you have never read The Art of War. One of Sun Tzu’s paramount dictates was to preserve his fighting force. If that meant withdrawing from engagement, so be it. They would live to fight another day, under different and more favorable circumstances.

    2. TrollD, I see you really are a glutton for punishment.

      Unless the other posters beg me to stop, I will be happy to engage you in a contest of insults.

      I do not think you have played a down of football above the Pee Wee level. Most football players have at least a smidge of common sense. You are so totally clueless and lack basic football knowledge, I am surprised you know how to cut and paste. You bring nothing to this site. Go back to cheering for the Raiders on the Raiders site.

      You may post ad nauseum, but you do not say much, and what you say is drivel. Calling me a coward just defines you as a wannabe irrelevant pos ster. I bet you whine and cry about me being mean to you, AGAIN.

      1. Joe Montana scoring touchdowns as he headed toward the goal line in SuperBowls defines him.

        You recommending that you would head for the safety of the side line rather than try to score, defines you, Seb and I’ll quote you:

        July 30, 2016 at 6:39 pm

        “If Hyde wants to stay healthy, he should play smarter. He needs to run out of bounds… ”

        Badminton is more your style, Seb.

  8. Seb,

    We’re not even asking for logic from you…Just a little common sense.

    Could you Imagine Ronnie Lott , Lawrence Taylor, or Ray Lewis running for the sideline rather than making a tackle…C’mon, man, talk about a move that would be caught as the coaches review game film with the whole team 2 days later …Seb , or whoever pulled this out-of-bounds move would lose respect in the locker room and become the Johnathan Martin vs. Richie Ingognito Round 2.

    1. TrollD, I see you doubling down. Go ahead, bloviate your nonsense. Running out of bounds will help Hyde stay healthy. Hyde himself said that staying healthy is his number one goal.

      Your take on the concept of running out of bounds has about as much merit as your Kaep for Tebow trade.

      1. If you were on my team and I saw you do this I would be Richie Ingognito and you would be the Johnathan Martin.

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